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On the Contact of Extraterrestrial Life via Intuition

Michael C Ellis

May 26, 2010

I am writing this to document my success in establishing contact with an extraterrestrial

intelligence aboard an unusual aircraft on the evening of May 22, 2010. The reason I feel this
nowadays usual feat elicits reporting is due to the unusual (to most western civilization) nature
in which this contact took place.

Abstract – The experiment was to test the feasibility of contact with extraterrestrial life
through the very language of life itself – telepathy. It was a success. I am proud to report that
contact was made with an aircraft in the area, that relocated to viewing distance at my request to
establish contact. The aircraft flashed a rainbow of colors throughout the viewing (which was
photographed), moved in an unusual manner to initiate visibility, and responded to visual stimuli I
had initiated. Photographs were obtained that documented this occurrence. Contact was maintained
until cloud cover inhibited viewing.


The purpose behind my experiment was to find a means of communication with extraterrestrial
life that did not include the use of old or unnatural technology. My assumption that any advanced
civilization would possess keen mental function, which would naturally include advanced technology
and concurrently the awareness of intuitive ability, was based on many reports of past abduction
phenomena and the fact that SETI and other radio-contact programs have failed to demonstrate
anything impressive beyond naturally occurring noise since their inception.

If any advanced civilization were to use a means of communication, low-tech human radio-
communication would be next to impossible at great distances and through naturally occurring
elements in space (as we are discovering in our own space programs), including our own weather.
Something more advanced would have to be used, that could communicate thoughts and instruction
instantly, and without interference. Sound, radio, light and other EM emissions are next to impossible
to relay great distances without great delays – the necessary space-exploration condition.

The only naturally occurring means of communication that humans know of are vocalizations, body
language, and telepathy (or intuitive communication). Nearly every life form on Earth seems to posses
at least one of these abilities. Sound and body language obviously do not work over a distance, so it
only seems natural that an advanced race would enhance their telepathic ability in order to relay
information to their colleagues, as well as any civilizations they would happen upon in space. This has
occurred on Earth under experimental conditions in Japan, eliciting the discovery of the 'Hundredth
Monkey Effect,' in which a group of monkeys were taught to clean food, a skill their neighbors on a
remote island later learned spontaneously. Since telepathy can include emotions, information, and
pictures, it would be unnecessary to learn a language or set of mathematics to initiate communication –
this is ideal. Many abductees report images and emotions being communicated to them within the
vessels of these life-forms, so it is obviously natural to them. When in at a closer distance, as humans
have discovered with their own aerial technology, then can other signaling forms be used.

The ideal time to initiate a conversation would appear to be at night, when most UFO sightings occur.
Another factor, as discovered by military and amateur intuitives, would be to take advantage of the
sidereal-time effect (to enhance intuitive ability), in which the galactic center is not visible from Earth.
This is approximately 13:30 on the 29.3 hour cycle. In the case of the experiment, this also occurred at
late night (approx 10:30PM CST).


The experiment was to proceed as follows:

Since I was taking vacation over the week, the location was to be the panhandle coast of
Florida, facing the Gulf of Mexico. This is an area with some naturally stronger UFO activity, which
was ideal. There was also a large oil spill nearby, which could also have worked in my favor by
eliciting attention of nearby observational ET craft -it was large enough to be easily visible from space,
and new enough to be actively observed.

The preparation was to entail putting out the intent over a period of time, that humans were aware of
ET existence, and interested in their activity. This, I hoped, would draw their attention to an otherwise
hostile and unwelcoming species. Since I was to be riding in an aircraft, I proceeded to read Erick Von
Daniken's Chariots of the Gods on the arrival flight, hopeful that the intent would be more easily
broadcast from a higher altitude.

The night of the experiment, I had finished the book and was retiring to a balcony chair facing the gulf.
I remembered to try the experiment, and the cloud-cover was minimal enhancing star viewing. I
watched for any already-present UFO's, which there were none, and proceeded to send my intention,
thinking to the stars, “Is there anyone out there who wishes to make contact with me?” Immediately, I
saw what I thought was at first, a near-horizon satellite heading eastward. I then proceeded to stop and
hoover about 20 degrees above the horizon, towards Louisiana. I could not ascertain the distance, as
there appeared to be items moving in front of it that it was dodging, I took it to be in near-space. I was
startled by the immediacy of the arrival, and thought it may have been due to its presence to the west.

To further demonstrate the link, I proceeded to flash the craft with my camera flash. The craft
momentarily, within a minute or so, began dodging back and forth for a minute, and repeated this
maneuver multiple times. My perception indicated that they assumed I was “hailing” them.

After attempting to remote-view the craft, I realized what it was. It was a glowing, segmented,
rainbow-colored wing-disc that cycled through various colors, most likely a function of its propulsion
system (corona or another EM phenomena). What is hilarious, was the fact that this effect most likely
distorted or blocked any incoming radio signals, which would have been on par with my hunch.
Remote perception included the presence of sharp-toothed greys in suits operating equipment. They
spoke English and appeared to be working for the reptilian species. When queried why they did not
come in closer, they demonstrated their knowledge of our military and their aversion to being attacked.
They also thought that the beach-goers at night with flashlights were military patrols. I corrected them,
but I later realized that fighters had been practicing along the coast the days before this event, and it
may have been misconstrued on my part. I asked them why they were working with the reptilians, and
they commented on “their possessions they had access to.” I indicated that they reptilians probably
thought of them as slave workers as they did humans. The greys had obviously not considered this.

I decided to listen to some music in order to send out more information to any nearby craft, as well as
the one I was in contact with. I ended up playing some Evanescence, Lacuna Coil, and Halestorm,
which happened to be on my MP3 player at the time. “Loud and scary Terran music,” to them.

After attempting a few long-exposure shots, I accidentally verified and recorded the color-changing
phenomena, as the exposure streaked and recorded the light across the image. The actual craft visibly
appeared as wide as three wide aircraft lights, moving at right angles and stopping suddenly (nothing a
helicopter could easily do). It also accelerated to the left and right quickly to avoid space debris,
satellites, or unlit craft. It was obvious this was not a typical human aircraft.

Within an hour the cloud cover had moved across my viewing angle and the craft was no longer visible.
Happy with my experiment, I was forced to call it a night.


Illustration 1: Blurred Image of Craft Shows Color Cycles

Illustration 2: Blurred Image of Craft Shows Position Relative to the Horizon
Illustration 3: Greys in Near-Astral on Railing (Center of Photo)

Drawing 1: External Craft View - Via Remote Viewing

Drawing 2: Internal Craft View - Via Remote Viewing


As a natural intuitive, I had always possessed some telepathic ability. As a child I could
communicate with animals and perceive the emotions and unspoken comments of others. As an adult, I
undertook remote-viewing self-study and these abilities unexpectedly exploded. I believe that this is a
function of the human brain that my personal nature had actively engaged, and I believe that any
human being is able to learn how to properly utilize this ability if instructed to do so.

As a new direction for our search for contact with extraterrestrial life, I propose that we continue to
refine our abilities to control human intuition, and utilize these to initiate and receive messages from
our extraterrestrial sources. I think this is the only way that they are willing to participate, and upon
flying, I have realized how hard it is to perceive human settlements from above. If we are to make
contact, we must invest in what is necessary to attract and direct their attention, as they probably
already know we exist, have studied us in the past, and simply need an invitation for establishing
contact and determining that we are ready for it.

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