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July/August 2009 $5.


The Voice of the On-Site Power Generating Industry

Clean Diesel Funding

Helping Industry
and the Environment

Is it Right for Your Facility?

Coren Scholarships
2009-2010 Academic Year Banking
Winners Announced Best Practices



Through the years, Enercon has developed a reputation for meeting these power requirements
with high quality custom engineered power generation products.
With over 36,000 projects in 85 countries around the world, Enercon is a leader in the power
generation industry.
Our low and medium voltage switchgear, engine-generator controls, power generation packages
and enclosures, and mobile power modules are custom engineered to meet the toughest
requirements and your specific needs.
For more information on Enercon, our products, and services please give us a call or log on to
our website at


1.800.218.8831 WWW.ENERCON-ENG.COM
2 Powerline July/August 2009

Volume 44, No. 4 July/August 2009

From the Top . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7
Membership Has Its Privileges.
Education . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10
Coren Scholarship Winners Announced
Codes & Standards . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12
EPA Regulations Tighten Controls.

Clean Diesel Funding Helps Industry and Environment . . . . 16
Under the Diesel Emissions Reduction Act
Load Banking Best Practices . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 (DERA), diesel is getting cleaner and more
Evaluating Cogeneration for Your Facility . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24 efcient every day. Page 16.

Opportunities Calendar . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4
Association and industry events.
Index of Advertisers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6
Whos who in this issue of Powerline.
EGSA Membership Application . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29
It pays to be a member of EGSA! Use load banking to verify system opera-
tion, commissioning, maintenance and to
Industry News. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31 certify system capacity. Page 20.
The latest reports.
New EGSA Members . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 33
On page 22 of the July/
See whos just joined EGSA. August 2009 issue of Pow-
Job Bank . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34 erline, the feature story
Looking for a new job? IBC Seismic and Wind
Requirements for Power Aniruddha Natekar
Generation Equipment
contained a misspelling in the authors
name. The author was Aniruddha Natekar,
Sales Application Engineer, Cummins Pow-
er Generation Inc.
We apologize for the error.

Powerline July/August 2009 3

Industry Trade Shows EGSA 2010 Annual Spring Convention
POWER-GEN International 2009 March 14-16, 2010, St. Petersburg, FL
December 8-10, 2009; Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, NV The Associations Annual Convention of Members. Speakers will
The worlds biggest show for power generation, featuring the cover business and technical aspects of On-Site Power Genera-
EGSA On-Site Power Pavilion. For exhibit information, contact tion and current industry trends. For additional information, visit
EGSA at (561) 750-5575, ext. 205 or e-mail Jalane Kellough at or call (561) 750-5575.

Renewable Energy World Schools

North America Conference & Exposition
February 23-25, 2010; Austin, TX EGSA On-Site Power Generation Basic Schools
Technical sessions relate to technology, markets, business strate- Portland, OR ............................................................. August 4-6, 2009
gies and policy covering the wind, solar, biomass, hydro, geother- Memphis, TN...................................................... October 13-15, 2009
mal, ocean/tidal/wave, bio-power, bio-fuels hydrogen and energy EGSA On-Site Power Generation Advanced Schools
sectors. The Photovoltaics World Conference & Exposition will Las Vegas, NV* ................................................................ December 7-10, 2009
be co-located with Renewable Energy World North America
*To be held concurrently with POWER-GEN International
2010. For more information, visit
The most complete overview of an On-Site Electric Power Genera-
tion System available anywhere today. Now offering Continuing
Conferences Education Units (CEUs)! For information, visit or
EGSA 2009 Fall Technical & Marketing Conference call (561) 750-5575.
September 13-15, 2009; Colorado Springs, CO
Speakers will cover business and technical aspects of On-Site Pow-
er Generation and current industry trends. Registration informa-
tion is available online at or call (561) 750-5575. Look for more industry events in our up-to-date calendar on
the web at EGSA Members: To list your meetings
here, fax your information to (561) 395-8557.



Remember Chillicothe Metal when seeking superior design and resources, innovation, and willingness to design around your specific
fabrication services. Chillicothe Metal, a name worth remembering. needs-even on the most challenging specifications-are why we are tops
Take a load off your mind with Chillicothe Metal's total service approach in the generator packaging industry. From start to finish, it's Chillicothe
to power systems integration and equipment protection. Our experience, Metal Co., Inc. Call 309.274.5421 or visit us at

4507 EAST ROME ROAD | CHILLICOTHE, IL 61523 USA | 309.274.5421 | W W W. C M C O U S A . C O M

4 Powerline July/August 2009

When it comes to emergency backup power, redundancy is key.
No other generator control switchgear offers as much control
exibility and redundancy as Russelectric.
All Russelectric systems feature fully redundant PLCs. If the primary
fails, the secondary PLC automatically takes over system-wide control.
Manual start and paralleling controls allow operation of the system
in the event that automatic control is lost.
A touchscreen operator interface permits system monitoring and
parameter selection on site. Automatic and manual load controls
ensure proper system operation under all conditions even if the
touchscreen fails.
In addition to on-site controls, custom SCADA allows remote
monitoring and control of any Russelectric system, new or old.
Automatic and manual control With Russelectric, you are always in control.


Powerline July/August 2009 5


Anna, Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .10 Greg Linton, JRS Custom Fabrications, Inc.

President Elect
ASCO Power Technologies . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .36 Ron Hartzel, Eaton Corporation
Avtron Mfg. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .10 Vice President
John Kelly, Jr., Kelly Generator & Equipment, Inc.
Baldor Electric Company. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .35
Chillicothe Metal Co., Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .4 Michael Pope, Sd-Chemie, Inc.

ComRent International . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .8 Immediate Past President

Warner Bauer, Kickham Boiler & Engineering, Inc.
Davidson Sales . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9, 32 Vaporphase Div.

DEIF . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .11
Diesel Gas & Turbine Publications . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .19 Vaughn Beasley, Ring Power Corporation

Enercon Engineering, Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .2 David Brown, Kohler Company

Charles Habic, Gillette Generators, Inc.
Flight Systems . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .33 Joe Hach, Emergency Systems Service Company
Generator Solutions. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .31 Bobby McDonald, Generator Service Company, Inc.
Al Prosser, MTU Onsite Energy
Global Cable & Electronics . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .23
Dennis Roundtree, Onsite Power Inc.
JRS Custom Fabrication, Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .22 Greg Walters, Kim HotStart Company

Mid-America Engine . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .23 Mike Witkowski, Pritchard Brown

Miratech . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .7
MTS Power Products. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .12 Jalane Kellough, Executive Director

Power Products, Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .32 Donald Ferreira, Dir. Communications & Publications
Cara Collins, Manager, Conventions & Meetings
Pritchard Brown, LLC . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .8 George W. Rowley, Director of Education
Ring Power . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .28 Liz Bustamante, Membership Manager
Herbert V. Whittall, Technical Advisor
Robinson Custom Enclosures . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .32
Russelectric, Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .5 SERVICE INFORMATION
Taylor Power Systems, Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .18 FOR SUBSCRIBER ORDERS, CHANGE OF ADDRESS, REPRINTS,

Wabash Power Equipment Co. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .23 Editor, Powerline magazine

1650 S. Dixie Hwy, Suite 400 Boca Raton, FL 33432
Wexler CSD Ltd. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .33 Ph 561/750-5575 F 561/395-8557

Powerline is published six times per year on a bi-

monthly basis. Articles and information submitted for
publication should be forwarded to the attention of the
Editor at the address above 30 days prior to publica-
tion. Technical articles and articles of general interest
Disclaimer to the electrical generation industry are actively sought
Powerline magazine is wholly owned and operated by the Electrical Generating Systems Association and encouraged. Powerline reserves the right to limit
(EGSA), and includes advertising, press releases, editorials, and other materials and information submitted by information appearing in its pages to that which, in its
third parties, and gathered by EGSA, its publisher, and its agents, and from contributors. This information is sole discretion, will reect positively on EGSA and the
passed along by EGSA for the interest of its members only. With regard to products, services, and information industry which it serves.
mentioned, advertised, or printed, EGSA, its publisher, and its agents, do not investigate the merit, accuracy,
or value of the material or information, and make no representations, warranties, or endorsements of any Throughout every issue of Powerline, trademark names
are used. Rather than place a trademark symbol at every
kind, and hereby disclaim any responsibility to parties using such products, services, or information. Readers
single such occurrence, we aver here that we are using
activities are at their own risk. the names in an editorial fashion only. EGSA has no
With regard to editorials, letters to the editor, columns, and any other opinions expressed herein, EGSA, intention of infringing on these trademarks.
its publisher, and its agents, do not ratify, adopt, endorse, or verify such opinions, and hereby state that any
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and reliance thereon and accuracy of statements is hereby disclaimed. 1650 S. Dixie Highway, Suite 400
With regard to information contained herein generally, EGSA, its publisher, and its agents, do not guar- Boca Raton, FL 33432
antee, represent, or verify the accuracy of any information. EGSA, its publisher, and its agents, endeavor to 561/750-5575 Fax 561/395-8557
provide accurate information, but cannot guarantee the accuracy and hereby disclaim liability for any reliance
on the information contained herein.
EGSA, its publisher, and its agents, make no representations, warranties, or endorsements of any kind of
the information, opinions, and advertisements contained herein, do not assert the accuracy of any statements,
and all reliance thereon is hereby disclaimed.

6 Powerline July/August 2009


Membership Has Its Privileges

A ccording to American Express, member-
shipthat elusive and exclusive stamp of
statushas its privileges. What about member-
While attendance at POWER-GEN is not exclu-
sive to EGSA membership, member-exhibitors
enjoy rst choice of space in the EGSA Power
ship in EGSA, does it have privileges? Lets explore Pavilion, based on previous exhibition space us-
and see. age history. The Power Pavilion neighborhood is
First, are you aware that EGSA has a Member- replete with exhibitors representing similar and
ship Committee designed to attract and retain new complimentary products and services attracting
members? They meet during each conference and potential customers to come and discover the
discuss possible methods of increasing member- benets of doing business with your company. In
ship and attracting new members to our asso- many cases you are being exposed to the coveted
Greg Linton ciation. They establish goals, assign tasks, compile decisionmakers of our industry.
2009 EGSA President to-do lists and set deadlines to accomplish the Advertising in Powerline and listing within
mission of membership retention and growth. the EGSA Buying Guide provide additional
Between conferences, they communicate their member privileges. The Buying Guide is refreshed
successes and progress with regular email updates. and published annually and provides member
In reecting on the work they do as a group, they companies a place to list and advertise their prod-
certainly believe that EGSA membership has its ucts and services. It is distributed to over 29,000
privilegesbut what are they? interested industry professionals. While the publi-
cation is reproduced annually, coveted back issues
The Privileges of EGSA Membership are hoarded and kept close at hand in ofces and
An opportunity to meet, interact and get to on desktops for years. Powerline magazine is pub-
know a wide variety of key industry profession- lished 6 times per year and offers a reduced rate
als. These opportunities occur during the Spring structure for member companies. In a word, it is
and Fall conferences as well as during the annual CHEAP advertising. Cheap targeted advertising.
POWER-GEN show. EGSA conferences offer a Cheap targeted advertising to the people you are
number of receptions, dinners and other social trying to reach to get your message understood
events as well as committee meetings that facilitate and accepteda very effective way to create a
this privilege and further develop the association brand name for your company.
with your involvement. Each conference affords EGSAs educational tools, schools, and pro-
you the unique opportunity to have a captive grams are available to everyonemembers and
audience comprised of approximately 200 of the non-members alike. But (I have been told it is
most inuential people in our industry. important to be on the right side of the but)

Powerline July/August 2009 7


members receive EGSA products and to keep the pulse of the industry and so Its a self-funding model. You join and par-
services at a reduced rate and notice much more. ticipate; money is collected; at the direction
of their availability in a more timely I started this column by discussing the of the membership, that money is rein-
fashion through email blasts, committee Membership Committee, which is present- vested in products, services and programs
communications, during conferences, etc. ly led by Bob Hach. Ten years ago when that benet you. Neat concept!
Some of the educational tools create privi- I joined EGSA during my rst conference, If youre not a member of EGSA, why
lege simply by association. Over the past I attended the Membership Committee; wait? There is an application on page 29
several years, EGSA has awarded 10 to 12 at the time, it was led by Steve Stoyanac. towards the back of this magazine designed
scholarships per year to qualied students There were 447 members. Steve Stoyanac with you in mind. Today would be a great
under the auspices of the David I. Coren begat Randall Nunmaker who begat Charlie day to begin realizing the value of member-
Memorial Scholarship Program. Indeed, it Habic who begat Bob Hach and ten years ship personally.
is a privilege to be a member of an associa- later we have just eclipsed 700 members. If you are currently a member of EGSA,
tion that is giving back and investing in the Congratulations to the present membership plan on making the most of your member-
future leaders of our association and our team and to those who led and served be- ship by joining us in Colorado Springs,
industry. fore. Your efforts have yielded great results. September 13-15. This years Fall Techni-
Consider these additional privileges Whats more, those results were achieved cal & Marketing Conference is designed
of membership: marketing data; confer- during nancial downturns in 2000, 2008 with you in mind; it reaches its maximum
ence educational programs; the oppor- and now in 2009. Great work!! value when you come and participate. Ill
tunity to inuence the industry through So, EGSA membership does indeed have see you then.
your involvement; the opportunity to be privileges. Amazingly enough, it is through
recognized for your contributions to the and because of those members that we are
industry and our association; a mechanism able to provide the privileges we all enjoy.


RENTALS Medium Voltage Load Banks
5000kV/3750kVAR @ 13.8kV

Low Voltage Load Banks

4kW5000kW Models
43750kVAR Reactive
100kW Suitcase Load Banks
UPS and FedEx Ready
600VAC up to 4000kW

ComRent International, LLC

13 Locations, Nationwide Coverage
International Shipping Available
Inventory Center in Canada Opening Soon


8 Powerline July/August 2009

Powerline July/August 2009 9

David I. Coren Scholarship

Program Winners Announced
T his is the seventh (2009-2010) academic year
in which EGSA will award scholarships to
deserving students who plan to seek employment
Renewal Applicant
Clifford G. Milner (Clemson University; BS Me-
chanical Engineering GPA: 3.96)
in our industry after completing their studies.
This year, up to 12, $2,500 scholarships will First Time Applicants
be awarded and the funds will be distributed to John J. Albany (Penn. College of Tech; AAS
recipients in August. The scholarship program is EPG; GPA: 3.68)
George Rowley named to honor David I. Coren*. The competition Dwayne E. Aquino (Universal Tech Institute;
EGSA Director for scholarships is keen and they are awarded on EPG Cummins Certicate; GPA: 3.56)
of Education the basis of merit. In addition to having a mini- George D. Bopst (Penn. College of Tech.; AAS
mum 2.8 (A=4) Grade Point Average, applicants EPG; GPA: 3.78)
must be full-time students seeking a degree that Christopher T. Davidson (Linn St. Tech Coll;
is relevant to our industry. Typically, scholarship AAS EPG; GPA: 3.94)
recipients have demonstrated a very high level of Thomas R. Geib (Ohio Technical College; EPG;
commitment to on-site power generation and to GPA: 3.35)
seeking employment in the industry, are involved Jason M. Hirtzel (Penn. College of Technology;
in several extra-curricular activities, and have a AAS EPG; GPA: 4.0)
high GPA. Chase M. McDonald (Okla. State Okmulgee;
Twenty-one students applied for a scholarship AAS Diesel Technology; GPA: 4.0)
this year and that equals the all-time high in terms Kyle J. Norek (Penn College of Tech; AAS
of the number of applicants. The applicants were EPG; GPA: 3.48)
from the following schools: Pennsylvania College Robert A. Petersen (Universal Tech Institute;
of Technology (6 applications); Linn State Tech- EPG Cummins Certicate; GPA: 4.0)
nical College, Missouri (5); Universal Technical Nathan L. Shepherd (Linn St. Tech College;
Institute, Arizona (5); Ohio Technical College (2); AAS EPG; GPA: 3.86)
Central Community College, Nebraska (1); and Christopher R. Smith (Linn St. Tech College;
Clemson University (1). AAS EPG; GPA: 3.74)
We are pleased to present the David I. Coren
Scholars for Academic Year 2009-2010. (Please Certication Program Update
check the next issue of Powerline where we will As of the end of May, 267 techs had passed the
present photographs and biographical sketches of certication test and have become EGSA Certi-
the recipients.) ed Generator Systems Technicians. The number

load bank
Ultra-Compact - Only 65 lbs!
100 kW Suitcase Style
Continuously Rated
Legendary Avtron Quality
(216) 573-7600 Fax: (216)-573-5953

10 Powerline July/August 2009


of certied techs working outside of the United States also

continues to grow and now totals 22; there are 13 Certied About David I. Coren
Technicians in Canada, 8 in Trinidad, and 1 in Guam. Since David I. Coren received his Bachelor Degree from the Univer-
program launch, the overall pass rate is 83%. Congratula- sity of Illinois while earning his CPA license. After working in the
tions to all that have passed the test and good luck to those nancial sector for nearly a decade, he began his career in On-Site
that are preparing to take it. Power at Zenith Controls, headed by his father and 1978-79 EGSA
President Arthur Coren. David became active in Zeniths business
Reference Book Update development group, strategic planning and marketing. He worked
Work continues on preparing the new edition for publi- closely with Executive Vice-President and 1998 EGSA President
cation and we are making progress although at a slower pace Ron Seftick and was eventually named President of Zenith Con-
than we initially planned. That said, we have received the trols. At the same time, David became highly active in EGSA by
rst draft of one chapter and expect two or three more within serving as a Conference Presenter, serving on the Convention
the next several weeks. The Author Selection Committee Planning Committee and chairing the committee in 1998. Sadly,
continues the process of approving authors. This process is in April of 1999, he was diagnosed with a brain tumor; in Septem-
slow because a number of prospective authors have not yet ber of 2000, we lost him.
submitted their credentials and chapter visions for commit- David is best remembered by his strong desire to succeed, his
tee review. We continue to attempt to identify authors for a potential for leadership within EGSA and his ability to motivate
few chapters and topics within chapters. We will soon begin his fellow Association Members in serving the industry. EGSA
a process to select a professional style editor to edit each established the David I. Coren Memorial Scholarship Fund as
chapter. It is premature to anticipate when the book will be a means to help those wanting to contribute and work in the
ready to print. On-Site Power Industry. Since its inception, EGSA has provided
If you have questions or comments about EGSA Educa- scholarships to over 60 deserving students and has enabled them
tion programs, please contact George Rowley, EGSA Director to pursue meaningful On-Site Power careers.
of Education at or 561-237-5557.

Advanced gen-set control

easy as AGC

Your PC tool visualizes it New advanced AGC

the AGC realizes it. Multiple standard

Change your controller
Advanced Power
design with just a few Management
modications using only Engine control center
Flexible controller
one PC conguration tool.
No compromises on CANbus Engine communication
quality and reliability. (ADEC and 11 different J1939 protocols)

The DEIF Group Head ofce in Denmark with subsidiaries in Norway, Germany, UK, France, China, Brazil, USA and India

DEIF, Inc. 2057 Vermont Drive Fort Collins, CO 80525 Tel.: (970) 530-2261 Fax: (970) 530-2557

Distributors in the United States: Generators of Houston and Leitor, Inc.

Powerline July/August 2009 11


EPA Regulations Tighten Controls

E GSA recently sent out an Action Alert concern-
ing upcoming EPA regulations that will impact
our industry by tightening controls on emissions.
The proposed nding, which now moves to a
public comment period, identied six greenhouse
gases that pose a potential threat: CO2, methane,
I expect even more such legislation under the cur- nitrous oxide, hydrouorocarbons, peruorocar-
rent administration. I hope EGSA members and bons and sulfur hexauoride. The analysis also
Powerline readers took the time to comment. found that climate change has serious implications
The Proposed Air Toxics Standard for Recipro- for national security. No regulations were pro-
cating Internal Combustion Engines covers RICE posed, but the House of Representatives has re-
engines not already covered by earlier EPA Regula- cently passed new legislationthe American Clean
Herb Whittall tions. Specically, engines that have a rating of 500 Energy and Security Act (ACES) H.R. 2454to
EGSA Technical Advisor horsepower or less, located at major sources of air address the issue. Meanwhile, I hope that you have
pollution and built or rebuilt before June 12, 2006 already submitted your comments.
and engines rated at 500 horsepower or more at I voted on four ISO documents and as of May
such sites and built or rebuilt before December 21, I was the only eligible voter among 12 in
19, 2002. the U.S. who had voted. They were ISO 3046-3
These engines may be in standby operation for Reciprocating Internal Combustion Engines (RICE)
electricity generation, re pumps or ood control. Performance Test Measurement; ISO 7967-9 ICE
These engines must now be tted with aftertreat- Vocabulary Control and Monitoring Systems; ISO
ment to control emissions of formaldehyde, ben- 8178-11 ICE Exhaust Emission Measuring non-road
zene acrolein and others. The EPA mentions the mobile machinery under transient conditions and ISO
need for oxidation catalyst and particulate lters. 21006 ICE Engine Weight (mass) Declaration.
The aftertreatment must reduce these toxics by 90 I also voted to allow UL 1012 Standard for
percent, including particulates. Power Units other than Class 2, to become an ANSI
The EPA estimates the rule will cost between Standard.
$930 million to $2 billion through full implemen- I voted for a proposed NFPA Tentative Interim
tation in 2013 and $345 million per year after. Amendment (TIA) to the 2010 version of NFPA
Comments on the rule were due June 3. 110 Standard for Emergency and Standby Power
After a thorough scientic review ordered in Systems. The TIA brings Sections
2007 by the U.S. Supreme Court, the EPA issued a and in line with the change to section
proposed nding that greenhouse gases contribute which changed the required on-site
to air pollution that may endanger public health installation test from 2 hours to 1 hours.
or welfare.

12 Powerline July/August 2009

Powerline July/August 2009 13

EGSA offers you a big advantage: For the sharpen your competitive edge. Employing
rst time in our industry, we have an certied technicians will promote customer
objective and accurate way to determine satisfaction and you wont have to be shy
generator technician prociency. That about offering assurance that your techni-
means that the same standards will be cians are qualied. Certication can also
used to measure the skills and knowledge help you select potential new hires, analyze
of technicians from Maine to Manitoba job performance, evaluate employees and
and Mexico. Yes, Manitoba and Mexico! motivate technicians to enhance their skills
EGSA has determined that there is no and knowledge.
reason why the test could not be fairly
Think about the message that certica-
applied to any NAFTA technician.
tion sends to those with whom you do
business. Why would anyone want a
technician who isnt certied performing
Think things move pretty fast in todays
For the Employer, certication helps ensure critical maintenance or repair tasks?
business world? Think how fast theyll be
that your technicians have the critical Employing certied technicians gives you
moving one, ve or even 10 years down
knowledge and skills to succeed in their an added tool with which to market your
the road. Thats why you need every
jobs. And everyone will be comfortable business.
advantage to stay on top.
knowing that your certied technicians
As our members have said, Weve seen
Its no secret that technology is becoming expertise has been conrmed by the
too many backyard mechanics damage
more complexnot lessand that makes industry organization through a program
expensive equipment. This program will
todays On-Site Power Generation System that was developed by a university. Encour-
provide credibility for my company and
a lot more expensive. End-usersyour aging and helping your technicians become
will help build pride and a commitment
customersdont want just anybody certied signies your commitment to the
from technicians to be the best.
with a basic knowledge of mechanics to highest of standards. Plus, it lends an added
install and maintain their equipment. They level of credibility to your rm and can
want to be condent that all work has
been performed by qualied personnel. Certicate holders benet too. Certi-
Suppliers want assurance that skilled cation shows employers, clients, and
technicians are performing maintenance associates that you are committed as a
and repairs to guard against unnecessary professional. It provides recognition of
returns or warranty repairs. your knowledge and skill, shows your
commitment to your profession and can
help with job advancement. Certication

is a mark of excellence that you carry
In the past, your word was the only assur-
with you everywhere you go.
ance that your technicians are skilled and
knowledgeable. But now, through EGSAs Acquiring certication indicates that
Electrical Generator Systems Technician you have the knowledge and prociency
Certication Program, there is a way required to perform as an Electrical
that you can back up those words with Generating Systems Technician profes-
objective evidence of your technicians sional. Becoming certied can increase
prociency. your salary, enhance your skills, and make
your job more satisfying.

Certication helps ensure that your technicians have the

critical knowledge and skills to succeed in their jobs.

14 Powerline July/August 2009

EGSA collaborated with Ferris State
University to develop the certication
test and program. Through a scientic
process, our panel of technical experts
identied 12 duty areas (such as Basic
Electricity) and 61 tasks (such as demon-
strate knowledge of AC electrical theory)
within the duty areas. The duty areas and
tasks were ranked and rated in terms of
their relative importance, the frequency
with which a task is performed, and skill
level (i.e. Senior/Expert; Intermediate; and
Entry Level.) All this data was combined
to develop the certication test that was
then statistically validated through a pilot
test taken by generator technicians from
across the United States.

Automatic Transfer Switches Basic Electricity
Communication & Documentation Prime Movers
There are no pre-qualications for Engine Generator Instrumentation & Controls Governors
taking the EGSA Certication test. We Multiple Generator Switchgear & Controls Voltage Regulators
recommend three or four years of eld Troubleshooting System Problems Generators/Alternators
experience before taking the test. Techni- Auxiliary Support Systems
cians who have had formal education in
On-Site Power Generation (a degree or
certicate from a technical school or
community college) may need less eld
experience. Those who pass the test will Use of the programs Study Guide is an Guide also identies resource material
have a comprehensive knowledge of basic excellent way to help technicians prepare where technicians can get additional or
electricity, the functions of a gen-sets for the test and should clearly indicate more in-depth information about a given
mechanical and electrical components, if they are ready to take (and pass) the topic.
the interactions and relationships among certication exam. In addition to useful
Need more information? Visit us online
components and an understanding of formula pages, the guide contains almost
at to nd extensive and
various elements of the installation, 200 multiple choice practice questions
detailed information about the certica-
service, maintenance, and repair of gen- that cover all parts of the certication
tion program. Or contact EGSA Director
sets and On-Site Power Generation test. In addition to identifying the correct
of Education George Rowley via e-mail at
Systems. answer, the guide also indicates in most
cases why a particular choice is correct
and why the others are incorrect. The

Certied status is an indication that an individual The Electrical Generating Systems Association Systems Association is not undertaking to render
has completed a combination of dened education, disclaims liability for any personal injury, property professional or other services for or on behalf of
experience or examination requirements. However, or other damages of any nature whatsoever, any person or entity, nor is the Electrical Generating
Certication is not a guarantee or assurance whether special, indirect, consequential or Systems Association undertaking to perform any
of the competence or ability of any particular compensatory, directly or indirectly resulting duty owed by any person or entity to someone else.
individual. Further, given the rapid changes from the Certication Program or the acts or Anyone using the services of a person who has been
in the eld, the Electrical Generating Systems omissions of any person who has been Certied Certied should rely on his or her own independent
Association cannot warrant that the Examination by the Electrical Generating Systems Association. judgment or, as appropriate, seek the advice of a
and other Certication materials will at all times In conducting the Certication Program, including competent professional in determining the exercise
reect the most current state of the art. issuing Certications, the Electrical Generating of reasonable care in any given circumstances.

1650 S. Dixie Hwy, Suite 400 Boca Raton FL 33432
561-750-5575 Fax: 561-395-8557

Powerline July/August 2009 15


Clean Diesel Funding Helps Industry and Environment

By Dawn Fenton, Director, Policy, Diesel Technology Forum

L ast month EPA Administrator Lisa Jack-

son visited Columbus, Ohio to recog-
nize the Ohio Department of Development
as the rst winner of stimulus funds for
the Diesel Emissions Reduction program
under the American Reinvestment and Re-
covery Act. Some folks might wonder why
a President who talks about clean, green
energy is funding diesel power rather than
wind and landll gas to energy projects.
However as EGSA members and others
in the diesel world know, diesel powers
unique characteristics make it an important
bridge technology. Not only does clean
diesel provide the opportunity for greater
use of renewable fuels and hybrid technol-
ogy, but it is used to implement seemingly
unrelated environmental projects such as
those providing clean water, landll gas
to energy and recycling. Thanks to the
diesel industrys efforts and the develop- EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson visited Columbus, Ohio to recognize the Ohio Department
ment of the Diesel Emissions Reduction Act of Development as the rst winner of stimulus funds for the Diesel Emissions Reduction pro-
(DERA), diesel is getting cleaner and more gram under the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act (ARRA).
efcient every day.
to reduce the emissions of older diesel ve- the remaining 30 percent allocated to state
The Diesel Emissions Reduction Act hicles and equipment which still had many governments20 percent is divided evenly
DERA was created to improve air qual- good years of work ahead of them. among those who establish their own retro-
ity, particularly in those counties that are in DERA was proposed by Senators Voi- t programs; the nal 10 percent is divided
non-attainment with the EPAs particulate novich (R-OH) and Carper (D-DE) and among states that provide matching funds
matter and ozone standards. Although the with the help of this unusual coalition, for their portion of that 20 percent.
EPAs regulatory program was bringing the Diesel Emissions Reduction Program Several studies have proven diesel ret-
the cleanest diesel vehicles and equipment was created as part of the Energy Policy rots to be among the most cost-effective
to market, the durability and longevity of Act of 2005 as a voluntary, national and ways to reduce PM and NOx emissions.
diesel engines meant that 30 years could state-level grant and loan program autho- The term retrot can be dened narrowly
pass before an entire eet turnover would rizing $200 million a year for ve years ($1 to describe the application of an exhaust
bring the cleanest diesels into operation. As billion) for retrotting diesel vehicles and stream emissions control device such as a
a result, diesel power producers, users, en- equipment. Seventy percent of the funds lter or catalyst (see graphic at top of opposite
vironmental groups and government agen- would be dedicated to a national competi- page). However, it can also be dened more
cies worked together to develop a program tive program administered by the EPA with broadly to include repowering (engine re-

The Diesel Technology Forum

The Diesel Technology Foruma new EGSA memberis a leading information source on clean diesel and energy issues,
non-prot educational organization dedicated to raising aware- and its leadership regularly participates in legislative and regu-
ness about the economic importance and essential uses of diesel latory deliberations, technology demonstrations, and industry
engines, highlighting the continuous improvements in fuel and media events. The Forum brings together a broad range of
efciency and emissions reductions, continuous progress to diesel stakeholders including diesel users, public and environ-
reduce the environmental impact of the existing eet of diesel mental interest groups, and government regulators to encour-
engines, and leading the way for future clean diesel technology age the exchange of information, ndings and ideas about the
in all applications. It represents the leaders of the diesel indus- current and future use of diesel technology. Elected ofcials,
try including engine and equipment makers, key component regulators, members of the media and other opinion leaders
manufacturers, fuel producers and emissions control technol- count on the Forum for data, insight and expert commentary.
ogy manufacturers. The Forums web site serves as a
Since it was founded in 2000, the Forum has served as a one-stop gateway for information and sources on clean diesel.

16 Powerline July/August 2009


were manufactured before June 2006 and

engines greater than 500hp manufactured
before 2002 must be retrotted with an
All ve types of exhaust control device. While the nal rule
diesel retrots may be modied to reect concerns raised
in several hundred comments submitted to
are covered the EPA, there is little doubt that stationary
diesel engine users will escape the retrot
under the pressure faced by all other diesel engine
Diesel users.
To date most diesel generator owners
Emissions have not pursued funding for engine ret-
rots since their infrequent use as back-up
Reduction or emergency power sources account for
Act (DERA) an extremely small percentage of over-
all emissions compared to on-road and
other off-road diesel engine applications.
Nevertheless, the EPA is eager to see all
placement); repair (engine upgrades); refu- lion for California); however the real boost sectors take advantage of the program and
eling (using cleaner fuels) and replacement came thanks to President Obamas stimulus has tried to reach out to diesel generator
(retiring a vehicle/equipment and replacing program, including an additional $300 users. While DERA funds cannot be used
it with a new model). As a result, every die- million dedicated to DERA. The availability to fund retrots that are required by law,
sel vehicle or piece of equipment is a ret- of substantial funds during the recession they can be used for early compliance. As
rot candidate if for no other reason than led to erce competition among applicants a result, EGSA members would be wise to
it can be retired and replaced with a new, far beyond the traditional bus, truck and take a serious look at the potential business
more efcient model. Nevertheless, not all construction equipment sectors, resulting opportunities that can be advanced with
options are available for every application, in approximately 600 national clean diesel DERA funds. As communities increasingly
nor do they all improve fuel economy. As a competition applications requesting $1.7 evaluate all sources of emissions, particu-
result vehicle and equipment owners must billion with matches totaling $2 billion. larly in urban and suburban settings, diesel
consider a number of factors in pursuing a Fierce competition among applicants engines and equipmentincluding gen-
retrot project including age, duty cycle, across geographic regions and industry eratorsare viewed as opportunities for
fuel availability, vehicle design and cost, sectors will cause many good applications reducing localized emissions.
just to name a few. to remain unfunded. These applicants, to-
gether with those who were unable to
Funding Availability compile complete applications during the
Although the DERA program is au- brief 45 day application window, still have
thorized to provide $200 million annu- a chance to compete for funding either
ally for diesel retrots, the rst funds did through their state program (each state
not become available until FY08 due to received $1.7 million in stimulus funds
Washingtons convoluted funding process for diesel retrots under the state portion
and growing budget demands. In that year, of the DERA program) or through EPAs
DERA received $49.2 million, which ac- FY09 DERA solicitation which is expected
cording to the programs 70/30 split struc- to open this fall. Companies interested
ture, left $14.8 million for division among in applying should monitor the EPA Na-
the 50 states, with the remaining $34.4 tional Clean Diesel Campaign website or
million available through the EPAs nation- their local diesel collaborative website for
al competitive programs ($27.6 million for solicitation information and application
the clean diesel funding assistance program deadlines.
along with $3.4 million for the EPA Smart-
way clean nancing program and $3.4 for A Source of Funds to
emerging technologies). Altogether more Help Meet New Regulations?
than 230 applications were received for the By 2013, it is expected that stationary
primary $27.6 million, requesting more reciprocating internal combustion engines
than $144 million. that are not already covered by earlier EPA
The programs initial success helped regulations will be required to meet new The Diesel Technology Forum is a resource
attract a slight funding increase in FY09, emissions standards. According to the pro- for diesel vehicle and equipment owners
($60 million with an additional $15 mil- posed rule, all engines of 500hp or less that looking to learn more about diesel retrots.
Powerline July/August 2009 17

technology, the DERA program (as well as other grant opportuni-

ties), and tips for writing a competitive grant application. We work
closely with the EPA, equipment manufacturers and non-prot
organizations, and can answer many questions you might have or
refer them on to others with more specic expertise.
The other most important resource for learning about the DERA
program is your EPA regional diesel collaborative. These groups
exist in every EPA region across the country and are made up of
a variety of stakeholders who all have a common interest in diesel
power. Diesel generator users have been less engaged in these
groups than other users, however some large generator OEMs
such as Caterpillar and Cummins are actively involved in many
regions. You can register for most diesel collaborative email lists
which will keep you informed about grant solicitations, conference
calls and meetings. You should also email the EPA staff person in
the collaborative so they can potentially help you establish contact
with others having similar interests. A link to each collaborative is
Since 2000, the EPA has awarded more than 300 grants for diesel available at
emission reduction projects nationwide through the National Clean If youre based in California, you know that the Air Resources
Diesel Campaign. Board has veried a range of technologies for reducing particulate
matter and some other emissions. Currently the ARB has veried
at least six specic devices for stationary prime and emergency
Where to start? standby power, along with a number of other veried technologies
There are plenty of resources to help EGSA members learn depending on the engine hp and age. The number of generators
more about the DERA program and provide a competitive applica- and other equipment was estimated by the ARB during its rule-
tion for funds. As a fellow member of EGSA, I would encourage making process in 2003. At the time, California estimated that
you to visit the Diesel Technology Forums website at www.diesel- there were over 18,000 diesel generators operating in the state, where you can nd a wealth of information about retrot with two-thirds of those estimated to be back-up only.

18 Powerline July/August 2009


Looking Ahead
Now that awareness about the DERA program has grown, the
challenge will be to keep the programs funding consistent with
the level of interest. Earlier this year more than 360 industry, non-
prot and governmental organizations signed a letter to the House
and Senate Appropriations Committees asking that the full $200
million in authorized funding be provided. Representatives Mat-
sui (D-CA) and Shimkus (R-IL) authored a similar letter cosigned
by 41 Colleagues encouraging full funding to the Appropriations
committee chairmen. A similar effort is expected in the Senate,
although todays economic climate and growing budget decit
will make it difcult to reach this level. Whatever funding level is
nally approved will likely be combined with the FY09 levels to
allow for a more sizable allocation of funds to EPA regional ofces
and states, masking the actual lower annual appropriations levels.
While interested parties should continue to communicate
their interest in higher DERA funding levels to their Members of Regional Diesel Collaboratives are public-private voluntary organi-
Congress, the bigger imperative will be to get the DERA program zations which correspond to EPA regional ofces providing education
extended beyond 2011 when the original program authorization and networking for governmental, private and non-prot stakehold-
expires. Interested parties must begin advocating with Members of ers who are interested in reducing diesel emissions.
Congress for an extension of the program, with the most effective
messengers being grant winners who can document the economic provide power for on and off-road vehicles and equipment that
and environmental benets of the funding they received and the touch virtually every industry. Our nation faces economic and
constituents who were uninformed about or unsuccessful in the environmental challenges and an upgrading of our diesel power
previous competitions and can argue that these benets can be infrastructure could go a long way in simultaneously providing
multiplied and provide local benets through the programs con- jobs and security, conserving energy and improving our environ-
tinuation. ment, providing a win-win-win solution. Wouldnt it be nice if we
Diesel engines are the workhorse of our economy. They could get always bet on those odds?

Powerline July/August 2009 19


Load Banking Best Practices

By Lyndon B. Risser, CEO, DynaTech Power

Photo 1: Load banking can verify system operation, commissioning and maintenance as well as certify system capacity. Here a load testing
mobile unit is used to test a portable generator.

B ecause real-world facility load is often

dispersed, unpredictable and random,
load bank testing is essential. Load banking
Since emergency generators must be sized
to accommodate the full startup load of a
facility, they are generally sized above the
avoid wet stacking (see Photo 2). With the
increasing awareness of exhaust pollution,
regular loadbanking is an important con-
is a technique used to determine maximum entitys normal operating load if a load tribution on the generator owners part to
back-up power system performance and management system is not in place. minimize exhaust pollution in their com-
should be performed regularly. A load Generators are commonly sized as munities.
bank is a self-contained unit that applies much as 30 percent over the kW rating of Wet stacking is common when diesel en-
controlled load on a power system. It con- a facility to accommodate the surge of the gines operate for extended periods of time
sists of load elements with controls that building and equipment startup load. This with little or no load applied. To operate at
allow an operator to incrementally step situation creates a challenge with diesel peak efciency, the engine must be able to
and vary the load. For total peace of mind, powered generators. Conditions such as provide the proper ratio of fuel and air and
load banking is the method of choice to wet stacking and carbon buildup in com- maintain the right temperature to burn that
verify system operation, commissioning bustion chambers, injector nozzles, piston fuel completely. EPA requirements have re-
and maintenance as well as certify system rings, turbo chargers, exhaust piping and sulted in dramatic improvements in engine
capacity (see Photo 1 above). silencers can develop. design while the use of electronic controls
Wet stacking is best described as un- has resulted in increased performance.
Why Load Bank Test? burned fuel that accumulates in diesel ex- Every client should require load bank
Load banking is a critical requirement haust. It can be detected by black seepage testing when commissioning an emergency
to ensure that generator owners enjoy the around exhaust connections or continuous power system to ensure proper installation,
full potential of their emergency backup black exhaust from the stack after warm adequate cooling at ambient temperature,
power equipment and that it will perform up. Exhaust gas temperature of 275 de- sufcient fuel delivery, and proper load
as expected when pressed into service. grees Fahrenheit must be maintained to transfer.
20 Powerline July/August 2009

The Loadbanking Process

1. Logistics are important. Be conscious of the load banks proximity to any-
thing that could be affected by heat. The heat leaving a load bank can de-
stroy plants, trees and discolor the paint on objects that are too close to or
in the direct path of exhaust air. It is also important that the load bank is
situated in free air space for adequate cooling.

2. The emergency switchgear should be disabled to avoid accidental transfer

to facility load.
Photo 2: Record temperature at turbo and
3. Ideally, the load bank should be connected to the load side of the generator
after turbo during load test.
breaker. When connecting the transfer switch, conrm that the cable size
is rated to carry the full amp load encountered between the transfer switch
The American Society of Heating, Re- and the generator breaker.
frigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers
(ASHRAE)1 guideline 1-1996 denes com- 4. Cable rated to carry 100 percent of the rated load should be used to con-
missioning as the process of ensuring nect the load bank to the generator. For every additional 100 feet of cable
that the systems are designed, installed, required, cable size should be increased to the next largest cable size.
functionally tested and capable of being
5. Notify the facility manager of start time and estimated completion time.
operated and maintained to perform in
conformity with the design intent 6. Verify that all cables point-to-point have secure termination, proper insula-
To test performance, load bank testing tion, and correct phasing. All cables should be color coded prior to installa-
should be performed annually (for a mini- tion to simplify verication.
mum of two hours) for standby applica-
tions. During weekly exercises, the engine 7. Start generator and allow a 5 to 10 minute warm-up period.
will not reach manufacturers recommend-
ed operating temperatures. The National 8. Apply load in steps allowing 15 to 30 minutes between steps.
Fire Protection Association (NFPA 110)2
9. Closely monitor the engine for leaks, oil pressure and temperature.
has established the standards for monthly
Be prepared to quickly remove load if
maintenance and operation for standby
problems arise.
generators that states, Generators should
be exercised monthly at 30 percent of the 10. Block load (switch the existing load
nameplate rating or loaded to the minimum including last step by switching master
engine exhaust temperature recommended switch) each step to record the genera-
by the engine manufacturer. tors ability to pickup the load in one
step (see Photo 3). Measure the exhaust
Planning temperature and compare to manufac-
Load banking can create unexpected turer recommendation for engine and Photo 3: Use the master switch to
results. In many cases, the engine has exhaust lter if installed. Recent emis- block load as you increase load.
not been tested to its capacity since the sions requirements call for the instal-
manufacturers testing at the factory. If lation of particulate lters creating the
regular load banking was not instituted as need to raise exhaust temperatures to 400-800 degrees Fahrenheit to meet
part of a preventive maintenance plan, then the manufacturers requirement for effective regeneration.
the older the engine, the greater the risk
of operational breakdown during testing. 11. Allow a 30-minute cool down period at the end of the test with no load.
As a surgeon would review the potential
consequences with his patient prior to an
operation, it is important that you review
the worst case events with your client prior The facility should be disconnected a blackout. Backup generators should be
to subjecting their facility to the potential from the generator while testing to prevent recommended where a blackout is not an
risks of generator failure during a test. Test overloading the generator. For this reason, option for the facility. Testing should be
results will reect the level of neglect or life support and mission critical clients scheduled during the most favorable time
underutilization experienced by the power need to be advised of the load bank test, of the day, week and month when inter-
system. and staff must be notied in the event of ruption would be most manageable.
Powerline July/August 2009 21

Load Bank Test Log Photo 4: A sample load test report.

Date 7.2.2009
Job / Location
Harrisburg, PA
Be aware of any local Environmental Protection regulations. For
Brand Shindawa example, the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protec-
Ambient Temperature F 78
Serial 247864 Parameters and Measurements tion (NJDEP) requires you to log onto their website (www.state.
kW 100
Battery Voltage (running)13.5 1. Ideal operating temperature 165 - 190 to check the air quality conditions and
Hz 60 2. Ideal operating exhaust temperature @ turbo 600 - 1200 forecasts BEFORE testing a generator to avoid heavy nes.
Hour reading at end 797 3. Increase load @ 5-10 min intervals
Hour reading at start 801.5
Total test time 4 hrs 30 min
Water Temp
Time Volts Amps Hz Oil Psi kW %
Temp F Exhaust F There are two methods for load banking generators: resistive
13:00 480 120 60.0 60 189 462 0 0%
13:10 480 120 60.0 60 200 520 25 25% testing and reactive testing, with resistive load banking being the
13:20 484 119 59.9 52 200 630 52 52%
13:30 489 119 59.8 49 210 728 77 77%
most common. The resistive method, which measures kW, but not
14:00 487 119 59.5 49 210 842 101 101% kVA at the rated power factor, is ideal for testing the engine cool-
14:15 487 119 59.5 49 210 862 101 101%
14:30 486 119 59.5 48 210 861 101 101% ing system, exhaust system and the fuel delivery system. Reactive
14:45 486 119 59.5 48 210 861 101 101%
15:00 486 119 59.5 48 210 861 101 101%
testing is a generator specic kVA test typically performed at the
15:45 486 119 59.5 48 210 861 101 101%
16:00 486 119 59.5 48 210 861 101 101%
16:15 486 119 59.5 48 210 861 101 101% Observations
119 59.5
1. If the exhaust has not cleared (smoke-free) during the test
17:00 484 119 59.5 48 210 780 77 77% period, engine repair will be required. Extensive smoke is
17:30 480 120 60.0 48 200 538 0 0%
Technician Remarks: most often caused by rings that have never seated properly, a
1. kW Output performance down from last test by 3% fuel pump that needs to be rebuilt or bad fuel.
2. Exhaust temerature within manufacturer's recommendations
3. Engine oil and temp performance within manufactures recommendations.
2. If the temperature is not within the manufacturers recom-
4. Recommend replacing air filter mended range, the cooling system may need to be ushed to
remove any restriction, or there could be a faulty thermostat
or defective water pump.

22 Powerline July/August 2009


3. If the oil pressure drops below the your annual maintenance plan. There is no
manufacturers recommended range, better way to have the peace of mind that
the oil pump may need to be rebuilt you are prepared when the lights go out!
or low pressure may be an indication
of excessive engine wear that could References
signal the need for an engine overhaul. 1
The American Society of Heating, Re-
frigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers
Documentation (ASHRAE)
Ideally a digital recorder should be 2
The National Fire Protection Associa-
connected to chart frequency, voltage and tion (NFPA 110) Standard for emergency
amperage, and document in one-second and standby power systems.
sampling. This information should be
downloaded to graph a detailed perfor- About the author
mance report. Engine oil pressure and Lyndon Risser is the CEO of DynaTech
temperature should be documented at 25, Power located in Lebanon, PA. Their pri-
50, 75 and 100 percent of the nameplate mary focus is Delivering Power and Con-
rating of the generator (see Photo 4). dence through the sale, service and rental
of emergency power equipment. For in-
Conclusion formation, visit Contact
Load bank testing should not be consid- Lyndon at
ered an option, but rather a critical element
of your emergency preparedness plan. If
you are the maintenance provider, con-
sider it your responsibility to recommend
load banking to your client. As a generator
owner, make sure this is included as part of


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Evaluating Cogeneration for Your Facility

A look at the potential energy efciency, economic and environmental benets
By Joel Puncochar, Product Manager, Lean Burn Gas Generator Sets, Cummins Power Generation

C ogeneration, also known as Combined Heat and Power

(CHP), is the on-site production of multiple types of energy
usually electricity, heat and/or cooling from a single source of
On-site cogeneration systems convert 70-90 percent of the
energy in the fuel that is burned into useful electricity or heat. De-
pending on the application, the integration of power and heating/
fuel. Cogeneration often replaces the traditional methods of ac- cooling production into one on-site cogeneration system can often
quiring energy, such as purchasing electricity from the power grid produce savings of up to 35 percent on total energy expenditures.
and separately burning natural gas or oil in a furnace to produce If your facility is a big energy user, those kinds of savings can pay
heat or steam. While the traditional method of purchasing electric for installing a cogeneration system in as little as two to three years
energy from a utility is convenient, it is very inefcient and wastes for some applications.
almost 75 percent of the energy in the original fuel due to produc-
tion and transportation losses. A Technology for TodayAgain
The principles of cogeneration have long been known and
A cogeneration system normally consists put to use in a wide variety of applications from Thomas
Edisons rst electric generating plant in 1882, to modern chemi-
of a prime mover turning an alternator cal processing facilities, to municipal utilities supplying power
to produce electricity and a waste heat and district heating. In the past, economies of scale favored large,
complex projects or special situations. Today, however, advances
recovery system to capture heat from the in lean-burn gas reciprocating engine technology, heat exchangers
exhaust and engine cooling water jacket. and digital system controls make cogeneration both practical and
economical for applications as small as 300 kW. This is causing


California Company Saves Money With Cogeneration

A recent economic analysis for a com-
mercial facility in Southern Cali-
fornia illustrates the energy cost savings
Paid an average of $0.1419 per kWh
for electricity and $0.55 per therm
for natural gas.
gine generator (with selective cata-
lytic reduction aftertreatment) that
produced 1,250 kW of electricity.
that can be realized with a cogeneration To combat the high electricity charges Waste heat from the generator en-
system. from the utility, the facility owners chose gine was sufcient to power a 250-
Before the system was installed, the to install an on-site CHP or cogenera- ton absorption chiller.
facility: tion system to generate 80 percent of Generator set typically operates at a
Consumed 12,400,000 kWh of en- their electrical and thermal needs on an 38.1 percent electrical efciency and
ergy per year with a peak electrical annual basis. Following are the systems a 48.0 percent thermal efciency
demand of 2,656 kW. characteristics: resulting in a net running cost of
Had an average cooling load of 500 Prime mover was Cummins $0.0648 per kWh and a net thermal
tons with a peak of 1000 tons. QSV91G lean-burn natural gas en- output of 4,191,118 Btu/hr.

Cost calculations Environmental savings

Total installed CHP system cost (after state rebate) .. $2,581,982 By displacing power generated by coal-burning utilities, this
cogeneration system delivers signicant reductions in green-
Projected annual electric savings ...........................($1,280,123)
house gas emissions in addition to energy savings.
Generator operating costs
(including fuel and maintenance) ................................... $631,792 Nitrogen oxide (NOx) reduction .........................6.14 tons/year
Net annual cash ow from savings ............................. $648,331 Sulfur dioxide (SO2) reduction .........................14.60 tons/year
Payback period ......................................................... 3.98 years Carbon dioxide (CO2) reduction ......................3,056 tons/year

You can see from the gures above can cut total energy expenditures and tion system will pay for itself in less than
that an on-site generator that produc- greenhouse gas emissions by a signicant four years, and thereafter provide annual
es both electricity and thermal energy amount. In this example, the cogenera- positive cash ow for the facility.

24 Powerline July/August 2009

EGSAs On-Site Power Generation: A Reference Book is widely regarded
by On-Site Power professionals as the bible of the On-Site Power
In fact, EGSAs Reference Book is so highly regarded and widely
recognized that ve of the seven technical schools that offer
On-Site Power Generation Technician training programs have adopted
the Reference Book as their text.
If the educators who helped train your Generator Technicians keep
EGSAs Reference Book on hand, shouldnt you?

EGSA Member Price: $125 (US) Non-Member Price: $225 (US)

0-4 = None
5-10 = 10%
11-20 = 20%
21-50 = 30%

Schools should contact EGSA
for Academic Discounts!

For Shipping within the Continental U.S. (not including Alaska, Hawaii, or Puerto Rico): add $5 per book for shipping costs.
For shipping outside the Continental U.S.: call (561) 750-5575 or fax (561) 395-8557 for a shipping cost quote.

Faxed forms must include credit card numbers or they will not be processed. Please provide a physical street address to avoid delays.
My Check (payable to EGSA in U.S. funds) is enclosed.
Ship to (Name): _____________________________________________
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Exp. Date: _____________ Security Code*: _________________
*VISA/MC: the last 3 digits of the number printed on the back of the card; City/State/Zip: ______________________________________________
AMEX: 4-digit number above the card number on the front of card.
Country: __________________________________________________
Credit Card Billing Address: Phone:____________________________________________________
___________________________________________________ FAX: _____________________________________________________

Email: ____________________________________________________

Fax this form with payment to 561/395-8557

Or mail this form with payment to EGSA 1650 S. Dixie Hwy, Ste. 400 Boca Raton, FL 33432
Powerline July/August 2009 25

many more types of facilities large and The prime mover can be a lean-burn natu- Is Your Facility a
small to take a fresh look at cogenera- ral gas reciprocating engine, diesel recipro- Candidate for Cogeneration?
tion as a way to improve energy efciency, cating engine, gas turbine, microturbine or The rst step in deciding whether a co-
cut greenhouse gas emissions and reduce fuel cell. (See the sidebar below for more generation system is right for your facility is
costs. information on the prime mover options to perform a quick analysis of your energy
A cogeneration system normally con- for cogeneration systems.) While the ratio use. This analysis can be reduced to a few
sists of a prime mover turning an alternator of heat to electricity production differs simple questions. If you answer yes to all
to produce electricity, and a waste heat between reciprocating engine systems and the questions, then you may be a good can-
recovery system to capture heat from the gas turbine systems, as much as 90 percent didate for a more comprehensive analysis.
exhaust and engine cooling water jacket. of the energy in the original fuel is put to 1 Have you taken all reasonable steps to
productive use in a cogeneration system. reduce both electric and heat energy
Cogeneration systems Less than 10 percent of the electricity consumption at your facility? Obvi-
used in the United States today is produced ously, if you can make improvements
can offer energy savings by cogeneration systems, but the Depart- in the way you use energy in your
of up to 35 percent ment of Energy (DOE) has established a facility, these changes will translate
goal of doubling installed cogeneration into lower operating costs and perhaps
while contributing to capacity by 2010. The European Union reduce the size of the cogeneration
building sustainability has established a similar target. Switzer- system needed as well as your invest-
land, where cogeneration accounts for 77 ment.
and protecting the percent of the countrys electricity, and 2 Is the base electrical load at your fa-
environment. Denmark (40 percent), are already well cility greater than 1000 kW? While
ahead of the curve. cogeneration systems incorporating

Cogeneration System Comparisons

The heart of a cogeneration system is are suitable for even the most environmen- cells convert a fuel (usually natural gas)
the prime mover, and each technology tally sensitive areas of the countrysuch directly into electricity and heat without
option reciprocating natural gas engine, as Californias southern coast. going through a typical combustion pro-
gas turbine or fuel cell has characteristics These systems also feature fast availabil- cess. The main byproduct is water. While
that may make one or another better suited ity and installed costs that are about one- fuel cells are very clean and reliable, they
to your particular application. In general, half that of cogeneration systems based are the most expensive to purchase of all
systems based on reciprocating engines on gas turbines. Practical systems range in available cogeneration technologies. Most
offer the greatest electrical output per Btu size from 300 kW to 10 MW or more elec- installations to date have been demonstra-
of input energy and the highest overall trical output, and 1.5 MBtu to 45.2 MBtu tion projects.
efciency. Reciprocating engine cogenera- thermal output.
tion systems represent the largest share, by Gas turbine generator cogeneration Information resources
far, of all installed cogeneration systems. systems: Systems based on microturbines The Association of Energy Engineers:
Both the reliability and availability of most or larger gas turbines have the advantage
cogeneration systems are in the range of of greater thermal output per Btu of input. Buildings Cooling, Heating, and Power
9095 percent. Here are some characteris- Although costing considerably more per (BCHP) Initiative:
tics of typical cogeneration systems. kW of capacity, and having somewhat
Lean-burn gas engine generator co- lower overall efciency than reciprocat- Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI):
generation systems: Recent advances in ing engine-based cogeneration systems,
natural gas engine combustion technology turbine-based systems have slightly higher Midwest Cogeneration Association:
have created a reciprocating engine gen- availability and lower maintenance. Gas
erator system with excellent performance turbines have been favored for very large
U.S. Clean Heat & Power Association:
and very low emissions. Lean-burn engine cogeneration systems where high-quality
generators from Cummins Power Gen- heat or high-pressure steam is a required
eration feature emissions of less than 0.5 output for industrial processing. The size U.S. Department of Energy (DOE): www.
grams of NOx per brake horsepower-hour. of gas turbine systems ranges from 30 kW
Without exhaust aftertreatment, these gen- to hundreds of megawatts. Emissions are LEED Rating System, U.S. Green Building
erators are suitable for high-hour use in similar to that of a lean-burn gas engine Council:
most geographic areas of the United States. generator cogeneration system.
With exhaust aftertreatment, these systems Fuel cell cogeneration systems: Fuel EPA:

26 Powerline July/August 2009


smaller generating systems are avail- the generators, heat-exchangers,

able, facilities with larger energy needs switchgear and control systems. Small
can generate proportionately larger systems can be located outdoors in
Cogeneration offers
savings and a shorter payback period. special packaged enclosures; however, a win-win for businesses
The most cost-effective cogeneration larger systems may need their own
systems operate at full output 24/7. To room or freestanding building. There
and the environment.
make sure your cogeneration system also needs to be a supply of natural
is running at full capacity most of the gas to the facility. Environmental fac-
time, only plan on generating a por- tors should also be considered, such Environmental Factors
tion of your total electric and thermal as state and local air-quality standards Cogeneration is a technology that offers
needs about 5080 percent. Youll and noise ordinances. a win-win for businesses and the envi-
still need a utility connection to sup- 7 Is reliability of electric service a major ronment. Greater use of natural-gas-based
ply the remainder of your load and an economic concern? For many com- cogeneration systems would have the effect
on-site boiler to handle peaks in your mercial and industrial facilities, a of displacing electricity produced by the
thermal demand. power outage can be very costly due nations power grid. Since the lions share
3 Is the thermal load at your facility to lost productivity or revenue. In of this power is produced by older coal-
consistent and equivalent to 1 mil- many areas of the country, utilities are red power plants, a reduction in electric
lion Btu/hr or more? This could take incapable of delivering the kind of re- demand would reduce carbon dioxide,
the form of hot water, an absorption liability that is necessary. In contrast, nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide, particulates
chiller load, low-pressure steam or on-site cogeneration systems when and other noxious emissions. In terms of
a combination of all three. Excess designed with sufcient redundancy, CO2 emissions alone, burning natural gas
electrical power is a salable commod- standby generators and uninterrupt- in an on-site reciprocating engine gen-
ity that can sometimes be fed back ible power supply (UPS) systems of- erator produces less than half of the CO2
into the grid for additional savings if fer signicantly better reliability than produced by an equivalent amount of coal
allowed by your utility. Heat produc- local utilities. On-site power systems burned in a central power plant. In this
tion is necessarily restricted to on-site are less vulnerable to storm damage way, cogeneration is a technology that
or district heating use. Excess heat is and transformer or transmission line reduces pollution overall and helps in the
usually released as waste heat, lower- failures, and, with proper mainte- ght against global warming. In addition,
ing overall efciency. nance, will offer decades of reliable since CO2 production is directly related
4 Is the duration of your simultaneous operation. to amount of fuel burned, cogenerations
need for heating/cooling and electric signicantly greater fuel efciency reduces
power greater than 4,000 hours per Analyzing Costs and Payback CO2 emissions overall while lowering costs
year? While some applications are If your answers to many or all of the and conserving natural resources. Cogen-
feasible when simultaneous electric above questions are afrmative, then your eration systems can also make users eligible
and thermal demand is around 2,000 facility is a likely candidate for a cogenera- for carbon credits for their CO2 reduction.
hours per year, economics favor sys- tion system. The next step in determining If your facility is considering LEED
tems that operate at least half the year. the viability of a cogeneration system for certication (Leadership in Energy and
Thermal processing loads at industrial your facility is to do a simple cost analysis Environmental Design), you may be aware
facilities tend to be rather constant, and calculate the number of years it will that the LEED-NC (New Construction)
whereas space-heating or space-cool- take for such a system to pay for itself. standards now include a requirement for
ing loads are seasonal. Facilities with A cost analysis is best done with the help two energy optimization credits; facilities
substantial space-heating needs in the of a representative from a system manufac- can earn one of these credits by installing
winter and space-cooling needs in the turer or a consulting engineer familiar with a cogeneration system. LEED is a green
summer are generally good candidates cogeneration systems. However, the factors building rating system developed by the
for cogeneration systems. that go into the calculation are: U.S. Green Building Council that provides
5 Are local electric rates high in rela- 1. electricity costs per kWh; a number of standards for environmentally
tion to the local cost and availability 2, electricity demand charges; sustainable construction. In addition to
of natural gas? Known as the spark- 3. cost of natural gas per million Btu; addressing water usage, indoor environ-
spread, the greater the differential be- 4. number of anticipated hours of opera- mental quality and innovative building
tween the price of electricity and the tion per year; design, LEED addresses both energy usage
price of natural gas (on an equivalent 5. utilization of recovered heat; and and the atmosphere. An emerging LEED
Btu basis), the greater the likelihood 6. installed cost of the cogeneration system. standard includes a requirement for reduc-
that a cogeneration system will pro- This information is used to estimate the ing a facilitys carbon footprint, primar-
vide substantial savings. annual savings and payback for your facil- ily emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2). By
6 Is your physical site suitable for the ity. (For a sample payback analysis, see the displacing the energy that would normally
installation of a cogeneration system? Case Study on page 24.) be produced by central power plants that
Youll need sufcient space to house burn fossil fuels, cogeneration systems sig-
Powerline July/August 2009 27

nicantly reduce the amount of carbon and evaluate the environmental and energy-sav- Conclusion
other pollutants that are released into the ing benets of cogeneration. This calculator Cogeneration systems that produce
atmosphere. can be found at both electricity and heat/cooling from the
To help facility managers calculate the uments/chp_emissions_calc_103006.xls same fuel can offer energy savings of up
amount of reduction in greenhouse gases to 35 percent for a wide range of facilities,
and fuel that can be achieved with a co- CHP Candidate Applications while at the same time contributing to
generation system, the U.S. Environmental Advancing technology has made cogen- building sustainability and protecting the
Protection Agency (EPA) has created an eration systems suitable for a much wider environment. The potential for cost sav-
online tool. This interactive tool can help range of applications than in the past, al- ings in energy expenditures is usually the
facility managers or consulting engineers though the simultaneous need for electric motivating reason to consider cogenera-
power and heat or cooling is common to tion, but building sustainability and LEED
all cogeneration applications. Facility types certication are becoming reasons on their
Less than 10 percent that are good candidates for cogeneration own to investigate the potential benets of
of the electricity used today include: cogeneration for your facility.
Hospitals For more information, contact your
in the U.S. today is Greenhouses consulting engineering rm or power sys-
produced by cogeneration, Hotels tem manufacturer.
Industrial/chemical plants
but the Department of Manufacturing
Energy has set a goal Commercial facilities
Government facilities
of doubling installed Colleges and universities
cogeneration capacity Food processing plants
Health clubs/swimming pools
by 2010. Nursing homes

Ring Power sells

Dont be left in and rents a variety of

Caterpillar generators
and other specialty
the dark. power generation
equipment to keep
you up and running,
no matter what!
GENERATORS (up to 16 mW)
LOADBANKS (up to 5000 kW)
UPS (uninterrupted power supply)
For information, contact
our St. Augustine offices 904.494.1269
or visit our website.

28 Powerline July/August 2009

Powerline July/August 2009 29

30 Powerline July/August 2009

Parker Launches EZ Power these two contracts and the opportunity to further our partnership
EGSA Member Steve Parker has announced the launch of EZ with the U.S. Navy by positioning ourselves as a trusted and reli-
Power, a new Distributor/Dealership in Ocala, FL. Parker has been able battery supplier.
an EGSA Member since he worked for Penn DDA from 1980- The two rechargeable Li-ion batteries will support key func-
1994. He remained a member from 1994-2004 with Emergency tions within the IFTP system, which sustains the destroyers Inte-
Systems Service Co., Inc., and at CJs from 2004 to the present. grated Power Systems (IPS) and provides the means to convert and
Ive learned a lot being associated with EGSA, and Ive made a distribute the ships service power to various shipboard weapons
million contacts, said Parker. Im looking forward to being active and sensor systems, as well as various auxiliary systems.
in EGSA with EZ Power. Under the rst contract, Saft will develop 12 batteries using VL
Parker launched EZ Power to provide the industry with a 34P cells for each destroyer with custom electronics, housing and
source for parts and rentals. an integrated charger to support the IFTPs Load Center breakers,
Everyone works on all brands, but they may not have access giving them the ability to shut down electronically, even when
to good parts pricing and quick delivery or rental support. So, EZ there is no power. Under the second contract, Saft will provide 22
power was born, said Parker. Our motto is EZ 2 do business batteries, also based on VL 34P cells, for each ship for the IFTPs
with. Housekeeping Power Supply (HKPS). The batteries will supply
EZ Power currently occupies JRS Custom Fabrications previ- onboard back-up power, carrying the destroyers loads until they
ous location in Ocala, FL; phone 352-368-6000. can be shut down.
The DDG 1000 destroyer is the rst in a class of the U.S. Navys
Saft to Supply Li-ion Batteries to the U.S. Navy multi-mission surface combatants tailored for the littoral, air and
Saft has announced it has signed two contracts totaling more sub-surface warfare. It operates as part of a joint maritime eet,
than $1 million with DRS Technologies to supply its lithium-ion assisting Marine strike forces ashore.
(Li-ion) energy storage systems for the Integrated Fight Through Saft is a leading maker of high-tech batteries for industry. For
Power (IFTP) system for the U.S. Navys DDG 1000 destroyers. more information,
Given the U.S. Navys stringent battery requirements, the in- DRS Technologies, a wholly owned subsidiary of Finmeccanica
troduction of our Li-ion technology into the DDG 1000 platform S.p.A., is a leading supplier of integrated products, services and
marks a huge milestone for Saft, said Thomas Alcide, Saft Spe- support to military forces, intelligence agencies and prime contrac-
cialty Battery Group General Manager. We are excited to receive tors worldwide. For more information visit

he Generator Monitoring System

youve been waiting for.

Not just monitoring,

but a service
management tool!

4Low cost
4Easy to install
4No programming required
4Universal for all generator brands and sizes
4Notications by e-mail and cellular text messaging
43 ways to communicate (cellular, phone, ethernet)
4Automatic monthly e-mail to customer
(generator activity documentation) Sold by GENTRACKER
4Remote starts authorized
4Internet-based only
Generator Solutions, Inc.
533 Hayward Ave. N.
Oakdale, MN 55128
Taking Generator Service to the Next Level

Powerline July/August 2009 31


T. Boone Pickens Shelves Pampa plant. Construction of the oating power- variety of industries through the develop-
Wind Project in Texas Panhandle generating unit has already begun and is ment of highly efcient, environmentally
CNN reports that billionaire oil man T. due to be complete by the second quarter friendly industrial engines which convert
Boone Pickens is shelving plans to build of 2012. Following testing, it is expected both natural gas and bio-gas into electric-
the worlds largest wind farm. to begin operations in Kamchatkas port of ity. MWM opened its service facility in
Set in the Texas Panhandle, the Pampa Viluchinsk by the end of 2012. Salem, OH last year.
Wind Project was the centerpiece of The The 21,500-ton FNPP is 472 feet long MWM creates eco-friendly solutions for
Pickens Plan, Pickens campaign to wean and 98 feet wide and houses two KLT40-S producing clean, renewable energy across
the United States off foreign oil and switch marine reactors with an aggregate power industries and around the globe using a va-
to wind and natural gas. The $12 billion of 70 megawatts. Construction cost has riety of customized solutions ranging from
plan was to be complete in 2014 and been estimated at $274 million. The FNPP the use of methane gas emitted by a landll
provide enough electricity to power 1.3 is designed to be based in coastal areas in Illinois, to natural gas in California, or
million homes. Pickens said he will honor and used to generate electricity and heat; bio-gas in Schleswig-Holstein.
commitments for 667 wind turbines he has waste heat from the reactors will be able to MWM traces its roots to 1871 when it
already ordered. desalinate up to 220 tons of seawater daily. was founded by the famous auto inven-
Design specications project a reactor ser- tor Carl Benz. The name originally stood
Russia Building Worlds First vice life of 38 years, and the plant can be for the former Motoren-Werke Mannheim
Floating Nuclear Power Plant operated for 10-12 years without replacing of Mannheim, Germany. Reclaiming the
Concern Energoatom PLC and Baltiysky its nuclear fuel. MWM name allows the European-based
Zavod PLC, a part of United Industrial company to draw upon its heritage of
Corporation (OPK) have signed an agree- MWM Reclaims Name, Moves over 138 years of experience in preci-
ment to construct and supply the head Into North American Market sion engineering. Today, the company has
oating power-generating unit for the rst MWM, formerly known as Deutz Power more than 1,150 employees with world-
oating nuclear power plant (FNPP). The Systems, has opened new U.S. headquar- wide sales and service subsidiaries in 10
contract covers the construction, launch- ters in Atlanta, Georgia. The company countries. For more information, visit www.
ing, rebuilding and testing of the power provides renewable energy solutions for a

Seeking Manufacturer Principals

Aggressive Mid-South area Manufacturers
Representative rm is seeking quality onsite power

equipment products to complement their lines.

Power Products, Inc.

Attention: Jerry Severin, President

32 Powerline July/August 2009

MF=Manufacturer DD=Distributor/Dealer CI=Contractor/Integrator MR=Manufacturers Rep EM=Energy Management Co.
AA=Trade Publication AB=Trade Association AC=Engineer AD=End-User AE=Service AG=Educational Institution AR=Retiree AF=Student

Air Systems, LLC . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (DD) Electric Controls & Components, Inc.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (MR)
Louisville, KY Coral Springs, FL
(502) 452-6312 Fax: (502) 458-0791 (954) 344-8884 Fax: (954) 827-0588
Contact: Ryan Moorman, General Manager Contact: Mario E. Jones, President
Business: Air Systems is in the air compressor business and the Business: An export management company with over 25 years of
generator business. We have a sales, service and parts department. experience in Latin America. Currently represent Marathon Electric
We rent Doosan equipment. and Thomson Technology.

Aragon, Juan Carlos . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .(AF) Les Entreprises L.M Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (MR)

Port Hueneme, CA Montreal, PQ Canada
(805) 487-9678 (800) 265-2831 Fax: (514) 523-7882
Contact: Juan Carlos Aragon, CE1 CSCWJ Contact: Jean-Charles Rivet, Sales Rep.
Business: Student studying power generation at Univeristy of La Business: L.M Enterprises is an electric motor shop that specializes
Verne, hoping to graduate next year. in custom generator projects and distributes Baldor and Leroy Somer

Arima Engineering Company Limited . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (CI) Wittich, Matthew . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .(AF)

Kingston, Jamaica Allegan, MI
(876) 929-6969 Fax: (876) 920-6039 (760) 521-0742
Contact: Ricardo Hunter, Managing Director Contact: Matthew Wittich, Student
Business: Our company provides electrical contracting services. We Business: Student enrolled in Cummins Power Generation factory
purchase materials and equipment from Distributor/Dealers, training program at Universal Technical Institute in Avondale, AZ.
Manufacturers or retailers, adding value through installation. I will graduate in July of 2009.

Powerline July/August 2009 33



Cummins NPower, the areas exclusive engine & KELLY GENERATOR & EQUIPMENT, INC., the Johnson & Towers, Inc. A leader in the power systems
power generation systems distributor for Cummins mid-Atlantic leader in standby electrical generators is industry is currently accepting applications for an
and Onan products is seeking qualied Field seeking experienced Generator Technicians. We are experienced Generator Field Service Technician.
Service Power Generation Technicians to diagnose, a full service distributor of emergency standby and Immediate opening for an experienced Generator
troubleshoot, & repair electrical generator systems prime power located in the mid-Atlantic region that Technician. Capable of maintenance, repairs and
& related engine mechanical failures, & utility covers Delaware, Maryland, Northern Virginia, West troubleshooting to diesel and gaseous generators
transfer switches & switchgears. Positions are Virginia and Washington, DC. for a variety of commercial and government clients.
available in Illinois, Wisconsin & North Dakota. We offer SALES, SERVICE, PARTS & RENTALS Ideal candidate would possess the following: abilities
To view all open positions visit our website, www. We have an extensive Service & Parts Department to repair, troubleshooting and perform start up of To apply, send a resum via to back up your work. generators and switchgear. Ability to work alone or
email to or fax to 651-286- We offer factory training on the lines we represent in a team environment. The availability and desire
2111. EEO/AA as well as in house training. to take a full-time permanent eld service position.
We offer medical, dental, vision, 401(k), prot A clean driving record, background. Candidate
sharing, short and long term disability, paid must possess at least 3 years experience working
Regional Sales Manager holidays, annual leave, overtime and paid On on Generators and Switch Gear. Benets include
DEIF, a world-class global supplier of controls for Call. health, dental, life, short and long-term disability
power generation, is looking for a RSM to cover the Must have a High School Diploma (Vo-tech or GED), plans, along with a 401k plan. Please submit
central and eastern parts of US/Canada. Technical 3 5 years experience servicing industrial generator resume to
Sales experience in the distributed generation sets and associated equipment. Must be able to
market is required. BS degree preferred; seasoned service, repair and troubleshoot the engine, as well
professional with over 10 years experience related Generator Field Technician
as the alternator end and controls of the equipment. PM Technologies, LLC has several immediate
to electrical power is required. Position is located MILITARY A PLUS! Visit us on our website at
Fort Collins, CO, with a future move to be closer openings for Generator Technicians. We are located Fax RESUMES to 410-257-5227 or and operate in Michigan, Ohio and Northern Indiana.
to customers possible after the rst year. For more e-mail to
details please see complete posting on EGSA website High School diploma or equivalent a must. Military
or contact experience a plus. Must be able to troubleshoot and
repair the engine (diesel and gaseous) as well as the
Generator Set Sales/Service generator end. Customer interaction will be required
Generation Sales Experienced sales/service engineer needed on a daily basis. We need highly motivated, self
Central Power Systems & Services, Inc. Two (2) by southern California company to sell sufcient people to assist in growing our expansion
Generator Sales positions covering Central Kansas. engine generator sets. efforts at new branch locations. Benets include
We offer a strong base wage, incentive program and Please respond to company vehicle, 401k, health, dental and vision
a full benet package (including FREE MEDICAL coverages as well as paid bonuses for new account
insurance, FREE LIFE insurance, paid vacation,
(Reference PLND06JB-1).
procurement. Please Fax resumes to 248.374.6408
prot sharing and 401(k), etc.). Fax a cover letter, or email to
salary requirements and your resume to 816-781-
4518 or e-mail it to EOE RENTAL SALES
mid-Atlantic leader in standby electrical generators Pacic Power Products has an opening for a
Business Builder Seeks Opportunities is seeking an experienced RENTAL SALES person salesperson in our Seattle WA territory. Person
Looking for an experienced business builder and to join our team. We are a full service distributor must be predisposed to outside sales. The position
channel developer for your company? I have years of emergency standby and prime power located has support from dedicated project managers,
of experience in sales, marketing and general in the mid-Atlantic region: Delaware, Maryland, sales coordination and admin. Person should have
management. Acute understanding of goals. Growing Washington DC, Northern Virginia and West working knowledge of power generation equipment
family / lifestyle businesses a specialty. If you want Virginia. but all candidates with applicable skills will be
to get to the next level, contact me. permanent Develop strong relationships with electrical and considered. We are the distributor for MTU-Onsite
or short term. Nationwide. Please respond to general contractors, home builders, event companies, Energy and Waukesha. Compensation includes, (Reference PLMJ09JB-1). industrial and commercial end users and rental base, car allowance, health insurance and 401K.
houses. Focus will be on the rental (and sales) of Forward resumes to
mobile generator sets as well as renting load banks.
We offer a solid base with commission, medical,
Power Services Sales dental, vision, 401(k), prot sharing and more. FAX EGSA Job Bank Guidelines
ElecComm Power Services (EPS) is a company that resumes to 410-257-5227 or e-mail
specializes in the rental and service of emergency
EGSA will advertise (free of charge) EGSA
power. EPS is offering a tremendous opportunity for Member company job openings in the Job
someone looking to join a young company that is EXPERIENCED POWER GENERATION Bank.
on the fast track within the power services market. ASSOCIATES WANTED! Free use of the Job Bank is strictly limited
The right candidate will have the chance to grow as Penn Power Systems, Northeast Energy Systems to companies advertising for positions
the company grows. Candidate must have 3-5 yrs of and Western Energy Systems, leaders in the power
available within their own rms. Compa-
business/ sales experience in distributed generation generation business, are seeking experienced
market. Company is based in Boston, but sales professionals for various positions within our nies who are not members of EGSA and
territory would include all of New England. Send all company. We are actively seeking experienced eld third-party employment service rms
inquires to service technicians in the Northeast and Western who service our industry may utilize the
U.S. markets. Candidates should be familiar with Job Bank for a $300 fee.
natural gas and diesel prime movers with industry Blind box ads using the EGSA Job Bank ad-
Generation Technicians experience and knowledge of systems and controls.
dress are available upon request; company
Due to our continued growth, Central Power We are also seeking business development managers
in several markets. Minimum requirements include a logos may be included for an additional
Systems & Services, Inc. has immediate openings fee. EGSA reserves the right to refuse any
for Generator Technicians at several of our Missouri, 4 year degree and experience in power systems sales.
Penn Power Systems and its divisions, offer industry advertisement it deems inappropriate to the
Kansas and Oklahoma facilities. We offer a strong
base wage and a full benet package (including competitive salaries, medical, 401(k), and vacation publication. Please send your classied ad
FREE MEDICAL insurance). Fax a cover letter, benets. All interested parties should send resumes (limited to about 50 words) to: EGSA Job
salary requirements and your resume to 816-781- and work related history to jobs@pennpowersytems. Bank, 1650 S. Dixie Hwy, Suite 400, Boca
4518 or e-mail it to EOE com or call 1-877-736-4473. EOE M/F/D/V Raton, FL 33432. Or, send it via e-mail it

34 Powerline July/August 2009

for Big Power
Every Baldor generator set,
standard or custom, is designed
and engineered to meet the
individual needs of your application.
Whether its a 2,000 kW genset to
keep your industrial facility up and
running, or a 30 kW generator for
your remote agricultural needs,
Baldor has the right products to
meet your need.

Engineered to the highest

performance standards and built
with unmatched quality, Baldor
gensets give you the power you
need, when you want it.

2008 Baldor Electric Company

Powerline July/August 2009 35

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