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The author John B Minor and Mary Green Minor in the book Personnel and
Industrial Relations and Managerial Approach. In this book he has explained that
the major feature of safety management is the development of various
committees to encourage prevention. Another feature is a provision for accident
reports whereby companies can identify particular problems and problem areas,
in addition to satisfying government reporting requirements. Prevention is done
by safety training, publicity contests and control of the work environment, safety
inspections order and an improved safety environment. The later trends to be
found where there

is a diversified safety program in process and considerable top management

involvement in it.

The author P. Subba Rao in his book Personnel and Human Resource
Management the author has explained that every organization must put
together and implement a safety policy. Since large number of workers spend a
great part of their time in an industries, their environment is not usually prone to
healthy life. Likewise, malnutrition, sanitary, psychological conditions and the
strains and stresses come under condition which-they live. The environment
exposes them to hazards. That is the reason why industrial health programs are
introduced both for employers and workers benefit. It reduces absenteeism,
labor turnover, accidents and diseases. The other benefits, which cannot be
easily measured, include reduced spoilage, improved

morale, increased productivity per employee and a longer working period of an


The author Rustom S Davar says that, irrespective of legal provisions, every
progressive management is concerned with the employees health and providing
safety even as they are at work. It is really the duty of the personnel department,
or the personnel officer concerned, to ensure that provisions in this regard are
properly observed. Due to agreement with such provisions, they are expected to
promote good employee health and safety which would result in

better employee efficiency and productivity as well as enhance the employee

morale and loyalty.

Mr.P. Tamilvanan Chairman of NMPT says, in safety manual book, in general

safety aspects are generally ignored by majority of Indian workers in spite of
safety aids, instructions, memories of accidents and dangerous occurrences
residing in the minds of individual workers. They overlook safety precautions and
quite often come to grief. The situation can only be

improved by corrections and repeated reminders by supervisory staff. A safety

manual like this