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NEW COLUMN! Gemstone beads 101 p.

APRIL 2016 Issue 132

Braid & stitch this playful necklace p. 38

Make a beaded
bead with moxie p. 59

Create a oral bracelet

for spring p. 62
2-HOLE BEADS p. 11



Combine two favorite New gallery for beaders p. 82
techniques in this colorful
necklace by Julia Hecht. Make seed of life earrings p. 48 CONTENT P. 4
Embellishing fabric buttons p. 22
Ranger and ICE Resin are pleased to
announce exciting new additions to the ICE
Resin brand. ICE Resin is a jewelers grade,
crystal clear, two-part epoxy resin. Designed
by Susan Lenart Kazmer, ICE Resin offers
a variety of products for jewelry and mixed
media applications.
Throughout 2016 look for new tools and
accessories to complement the existing ICE
Resin line; including tints, ephemera, new
bezel designs and more.
To see the entire line of ICE Resin products,
projects, videos, tips & techniques visit:

April 2016 3
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22 Beaded

by Lori Phillips

by Hannah Rosner

by Cary Bruner

by Julia Hecht

42 Trail of roses
bracelet 48 Seed of life
by Svetlana Chernitsky

by Marie New
by Julie Moore Tanksley

Vernal inspiration Find the

Spring has sprung and if this seasonal reawakening isnt enough to get your creative strand!
juices flowing, I think we can help. Several projects in this issue of Bead&Button put
for your Peyastote

me in a vernal mindset, including Julia Hechts fresh and colorful kumihimo necklace

(p. 38), Julie Moore Tanksley and Stephanie Goffs floral bracelets (p. 42 and 62, Stitc h

respectively), Sveltana Chernitskys Seed of life earrings (p. 48), and Fatima Mensen- to in ! Jewelry
Potters really fun beaded bead (p. 59), which weve noted in the right colors 25 + OR IG

could be mistaken for a sparkly but diminutive Easter egg. And we have lots more
in store for you as well, including a new column on gemstone beads, a quiz to help
you pinpoint your jewelry style, several additional projects, and more!

As always, I hope youll play along with our Find the Bead Strand challenge. Email
me by May 9 with the page the strand is on (put Find the bead strand in the subject Josie Fabre

line). Well pick a winner the following week. Congratulations to Denise Johnson of
Burbank, California, who won our December issue contest!

Editor, Bead&Button
Editor Julia Gerlach
Senior Art Director Lisa A. Bergman

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Contributing Editor Stacy Werkheiser
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59 Ring around the barrel

by Fatima Mensen-Potter
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or products in your store

54Gem of a spiral
by Marcia Balonis
62Flowers in
bloom bracelet
by Stephanie Goff
65Doing donuts
by Justyna Szlezak
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Artistic synergies: Writers who bead NEW COLUMN is registered as trademark. This publication may not be
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by Lori Ann White

tions to: Editor, Bead&Button, P.O. Box 1612, Waukesha,
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Beaded Art Gallery SPECIAL FEATURE Printed in U.S.A.

18 Whats your style? The designs in Bead&Button are for your personal enjoyment.
The designs may not be taught or sold without permission.
by Margie Deeb

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On the Web To-the-point necklace

cr by Cary Bruner


S ub


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B&B Extra
Rippling ruffled
bracelet p. 4 Subscribers can download
Sleek & elegant
necklace p. 8
Sparkling star
flower pendant
the April B&B Extra on April 1
p. 11

at www.BeadAndButton
Darling beaded dragon p. 14

Ruffled bracelet by
Cindy Kamide

Beaded dragon
by Nicola Klaus Sparkling star

flower pendant by
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Cast a Better Light

by Finelite

12" 12"


A portable, dimmable LED task lamp

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Handy Dandy

B&Bs Guide to 2-hole beads

Over the past few years, a flurry of two-hole and multi-hole beads have hit the market. To help
you make sense of it all, here is a roundup of the many beads that have come out so far. Weve organized them
by general shape so you can easily see which ones might have potential for substitutions or combinations.

Oval / pinched oval

SuperDuo MiniDuo Twin Pressed Twin Super8

2.5 x 5 mm oval that 2 x 4 mm oval; 2.5 x 5 mm oval bead 2.5 x 5 mm oval that 2 x 4.7 mm
is slightly pinched at a smaller version with two holes is slightly pinched at oval-ish with
each end of the SuperDuo each end pinched ends

Square / tile

Tila Tile QuadraTile Chexx Silky Crisscross cubes

5 mm tile with two 6 mm tile with two 6 mm tile with four 6 mm tile with two 6 mm tile with two 4 mm cube with offset
parallel holes parallel holes holes through the holes through the holes that go through holes that cross
face of the bead face of the bead opposite corners through the cube

Rectangle Cylinder

Bar Brick Half Tila Rulla Twin roller

2 x 6 mm slim, 3 x 6 mm 2.5 x 5 mm rectangle 3 x 5 mm cylinder 3.5 x 9 mm capsule with
rounded rectangle rectangle with with two holes with two holes two holes
with two holes two holes

April 2016 11


Triangle Kheops Tango eMMA Trinity beads

6 mm equilateral 6 mm equilateral 6 mm right triangle 3 x 6 mm equilateral 6 and 8 mm
triangle with two holes triangle with two holes with holes through triangle with three rounded triangles
on one side running base to tip the point and the base holes through face with three holes

Round / disk

QuadraLentil Lentil Piggy beads RounDuo

6 mm disk with 6 mm disk with 8 mm curved disk with one 5 mm sphere with two
four holes two holes center and one offset hole parallel holes

Other shapes

Chilli Crescent Daggers Half moon Honeycomb

4 x 11 mm cupped, 2 x 10 mm crescent 5 x 16 mm elongated 4 x 8 mm half circle with 6 mm hexagon with
elongated drop with shape with two holes spear / drop with two two holes on flat side two parallel holes
two holes spaced 3 mm apart holes at narrow end

Infinity Pyramid hex Stud Tipp bead Zorro

3 x 6 mm infinity or 12 mm hexagonal pyra- 8 mm and 12 mm square 8 mm cone with flat 6 x 5 mm Z-shaped
figure-eight shape mid with flat bottom pyramid with flat bottom bottom and two holes bead with two holes
with two holes and two holes and two holes

Bead happenings
March is National Craft Month
Looking for a reason to try a new beading or jewelry-making
technique? Look no further! March is National Craft Month
and to celebrate, we will be posting free projects and more
all month to inspire you. Visit or throughout the month
for great projects, tips, and techniques. Or check in with your DOW NTON A BBEY
favorite bead store to find out
what kind of activities they Styles on tour
have planned. A traveling exhibit called Dressing Downton:
Changing Fashions for Changing Times is
currently on tour throughout the United States.
Featuring more than 35 period costumes and
jewelry items from the hit TV series, the exhibit
will inspire you via the styles of the fictional
Crawley family. Find out more about the tour

Carnival Films / Masterpiece. Courtesy of the Richard H. Dreihaus Museum.

at or plan to see
the exhibit at one of these locations:
February May, 2016 Chicago, Illinois;
The Richard H. Driehaus Museum,
July September, 2016 Cincinnati, Ohio;
Taft Museum of Art,
October, 2016 January, 2017 South Bend,
Indiana; The History Museum,
February May, 2017 Anaheim, California;
Muzeo Museum and Cultural Center,
Register now for the

Bead&Button Show! June September, 2017 Nashville, Tennessee;

Cheekwood Art & Gardens,
Weve planned some wonderful new ways to bring October, 2017 January, 2018 St. Augustine,
together beads, jewelry, artists, and teachers under this Florida; The Lightner Museum,
years show theme, Connect, Create, and Celebrate.
With more than 700 classes, there is something for
everyone! Visit to
register for classes.

Color of
the Year
This year, the color experts at Pantone have selected
as the Color of the Year a blending of two colors
rose quartz (a warm pink) and serenity (a cool,
tranquil blue). These colors will be popping up in
interiors soon will they make their way into your
beadwork? Find out more at
April 2016 13

Design challenge
For the challenge this month, we used Eternity Design Frames
by Amoracast ( in a variety of shapes
and sizes. The frames have a fluted outer edge that conceals
the perfectly spaced 1 mm holes around the circumference of
the frame. Frames are available at local and online bead stores.
Here is what our editors and a B&B reader came up with.
(These ideas are for your inspiration; instructions are not available.)

I made earrings using mostly seed beads
and pearls. It was so much fun exploring
ways to add beads while taking advan-
tage of the holes in the frame. I really
appreciate how the frame holes help pave
Jimmie Boatright the way for unique design possibilities.
(B&B reader)
I have been playing with tubular spacers
in my designs lately so I incorporated them
into my frame to give it more dimension
and texture. An assortment of beads, crys-
tals, and seed beads finish off the design.

I decided to embellish the larger
round frame using Rulla beads,
crystals, and seed bead picots
Julia on the outside edge. I used an
The long rectangular frame seemed assortment of seed beads to
like the perfect setting for a small strip do netting in the center.
of stitched beadwork so I worked up
a short piece of square stitch that is
five beads wide and 16 rows long.
I then secured it inside the frame by
sewing through the holes in the frame,
adding seed beads along the edge
as I stitched the beadwork in place.

New on the
Findings bookshelf
Three new shapes
Nano beads have a Explore, Create, Resinate
unique, organic shape Jewelry
from The Beadsmith with a large 3.5 mm hole. by Jen Cushman and Susan
They measure 5 x 10 mm Lenart Kazmer
and are available If you enjoy mixed-media
in 13 colors. jewelry, this comprehensive
book on mixed-media tech-
niques using ICE Resin is the
book for you. The book covers resin basics,
embedding objects, using photographs, open-back
bezels, making resin paper, and casting. The techniques
are easily explained with the aid of many photos, tips,
and tricks, guaranteeing success for any skill level.
The UFO bead is a 7 x 9 mm Ranger Industries ISBN: 978-0-692-29226-6
pressed Czech glass bead
shaped like a slightly The wheel bead is a Beautiful Elements:
elongated saucer. 6 mm circular bead and Creative Components to
BCreeautiful Elem

Available in 13 colors. is available in 21 colors. Personalize Your Jewelry ative Compon
ents to Person ents
alize Your Jew

by Heather Powers
Learn to create custom compo-

If you need a little help nents for your jewelry using

envisioning how your metal, wire, and polymer in this Met
Polymer Clalay
jewelry will look with your new book from Heather Powers. Wire
outfit, try the new Jewelinx, Rich with gorgeous designs in
a jewelry organizer that Heathers signature style and
helps you coordinate your clever ideas, like using emboss-

favorite jewelry pieces ing powder to mimic electro-
and hang them with the forming, this book offers inspi-
clothing they match. The ration and information galore. Heather Pow

Heathers low-tech approach

holder slides over the top
is especially accessible for beaders who
of your hanger, and there are
dont have a lot of specialized tools on hand.
slots to hang necklaces, hoop
Kalmbach Books ISBN: 978-1-62700-205-9
or post earrings, rings, bracelets,
and scarves or anything else you may need.
Made in the USA, Jewelinx is available in three Jewelry Designs with Knitted Wire
Jewelry Desig
colors at knitted cord ns with

by Nealay Patel
Expand your beading horizons
Knitted Wire


From Chikamasa,a family-run company in by combining knitted wire with


Japan, these fabulous scissors have extremely bead stitching. Designer and

sharp cutting author Nealay Patel shows you Exp ies

lo re t h p os s ib il it
edges and precise how in this book of more than
blades made of 30 projects. Frequently incorpo-
high-quality carbon rating wire, leather, chain, and
steel with a fluorine more, Nealays designs have Nealay Patel

coating. They are relatively a youthful and eclectic vibe


small (512 in./14 cm) but and are perfect for anyone
have roomy handles that fit who is looking for something
comfortably, and they come with a little different.
a protective case. Available at Kalmbach Books ISBN: 978-1-62700-235-6

April 2016 15

Loomwork purse
Fully lined and very sturdy, this loomed purse measures
8 x 5 x 2 in. (20 x 13 x 5 cm) and has a 24-in. (61 cm) shoulder
strap. It is made up of 80 seed beads, and I devised both the
pattern and the construction as I created the design.
Susan Andersen
Tucson, Arizona

Your Work submissions:

Were always looking for new works of beaded art from our
readers! To be considered for publication, send a high-resolution
digital image of your work, a description of the piece, and your
contact information to If your piece
is selected, we will ask you to send it to us to photograph.

Garden of fairies
I have always been a creative
person and was drawn to beading
about five years ago when I discovered
beaded beads, which eventually led me to
bead embroidery. This bracelet is designed around
a gorgeous labradorite cabochon and includes
freshwater pearls, seed beads, and gemstones in
golds, mauves, and greens.
Angie Mzes
Budapest, Hungary

quill set
Having long wanted
to work with porcupine
quills, I jumped at the
chance to incorporate
them into my jewelry
when I came across
some. Using them
like really long bugle Gardens of time
beads, I made this I made this necklace to show
necklace and earrings off the beautiful lampwork
set, combining the bead by Jacqueline Parkes
buff-and-black quills (
with silver chain and The herringbone rope features
turquoise-, coral-, and SuperDuos in five hues that
jet-colored beads. echo the colors in the focal
I really enjoyed work- bead. Swarovski crystals and
ing with them, and I pearls accentuate the design
love the dramatic and the bronze findings pro-
drape they produced vide the perfect contrast.
in this set. Betsy Barnhouse
Cricket Eckloff Casa Grande, Arizona
Allouez, Michigan

April 2016 17
Whats your
Pinpoint your preferred look, and get advice

on where to find inspiration for your designs! by Margie Deeb

On a scale of 1 to 5 (5 being a feeling you strongly resonate with), score each of the following
words on how much you want your jewelry to reflect that emotional quality. Total each section,
and then read the corresponding description of your highest-scoring category.

How do I want to feel when I wear this piece of jewelry?

A ______ Glamorous
______ Luxurious
B ______ One-of-a-kind
______ Bold
C ______ Natural
______ Earthy D ______ Feminine
______ Romantic
______ Elegant ______ Flamboyant ______ Smart ______ Soft
______ Alluring ______ Free ______ Strong ______ Delicate
______ Graceful ______ Unique ______ Cerebral ______ Dreamy
______ Sophisticated ______ Wild ______ Grounded ______ Charming
______ TOTAL ______ TOTAL ______ TOTAL ______ TOTAL

Where did you score the highest?

Beautiful Your jewelry style showcases

classical beauty. Formal balance is a Your down-to-earth disposition is reflected
must, and focal points if any are in your jewelry, usually made of natural
centered and sophisticated. Color always makes stones and metals. Signature color palettes
a statement, yet is never garish. Compositional include one or two bright colors, supported
movement is sleek, smooth, and graceful. For design by an array of neutrals, conveying a relaxed tone.
inspiration, look to the jewelry of the Hollywood Use texture in abundance. Consider natural patterns,
glam era, or the drama of Miriam Haskell and Weiss animal prints, and foliage motifs. Study the shapes
costume jewelry. and movement of Stuart Nye jewelry for design inspiration.

Bohemian Romantic
Your uniqueness and sense of flair draws Your jewelry style is all about enhancing
you to the avant garde and the unusual. the feminine. Understated and delicate,
You resonate with asymmetry and the chaos of you avoid over-the-top flamboyance. Signature
freeform. Invite exotic Middle Eastern motifs into your colors are soft and dreamy tints. Stones of amethyst,
designs. Use color and metals in abundance. Be inspired rose quartz, and aquamarine are especially alluring.
by the flair of Ben-Amun jewelry lines like Ibiza and Gypset. Showcase the iridescence of moonstone and abalone
Consider embracing design ideas from Steampunk or Goth shells. Pearls round off this style perfectly. Consider costume
styles and making them your own. jewelry styles of Alice Caviness for design inspiration.

Margie Deeb is author of many bead books, including The Beaders Color Palette (Watson-Guptill, 2008), The Beaders Guide to Color (Watson-Guptill,
2004), and The Beaders Guide to Jewelry Design (Lark Jewelry & Beading, 2014). For more design and color inspiration, visit

Armadilla Cuff featuring
CzechMates 2-Hole Crescent
beads by TrendSetter Carole Ohl.

Dimensional Beading System

Artbeads Bead Unique Just Bead It DAGGER
Auntie's Beads Bello Modo Lima Beads LENTIL
Aura Crystals Bobby Bead Midwest Bead & Supply BAR
Baubles & Beads Eclectica Red Panda Beads QuadraTile
Beadaholique Eureka Crystal Beads QuadraLENTIL
Bead & Glass Boutique Fusion Beads Consistent hole spacing ensures
no warping or bunching.
BEAD STORESRegister as a reseller: 888-683-BEAD [2323]
Thread & Cord

The Bead-Weavers Favorite!

Cuts Close and Clean Every Time.

Ask for Preciosa crystal in your local beadstore.


BEAD & TRIM, Inc. | 212-725-9845 | PRECIOSA Crystal Components

Beads Factory, Inc. | 213-624-2121 |
Northeastern Importing Corp. | 212-242-4075 | Czech Republic, EU
Pulver Importing, Inc. | 800-223-7858 |
John Bead Corp., Ltd. | 888-755-9055 | (Canada)

Beaded fabric
Make a fabric-covered button, and embel-
lish it with beads for a stunning home
accent or focal piece for your jewelry.
by Lori Phillips

1 Following the manufac- ments will be evenly distri- the ring (photo c). Snug 6 Pick up five 110s and a
turers instructions, cover buted. It is better to have the beads to the button 6 mm, sew through the two
the button form with fabric this round of beads be a bit (photo d). Repeat this stitch middle 80s between the next
(photo a). loose than too tight, as cram- around the button, and then pair of spikes, and sew back
2 Thread 2 yd. (1.8 m) of ming in too many beads will sew through the next three through the 6 mm (photo f).
Fireline on your needle, and cause the ring to buckle. Sew 80s to exit the middle pair Pick up five 110s, and sew
tie an overhand knot near through all the beads in the of 80s between two spikes. through the 110 at the tip
the end. Sew through the ring again to snug them up. 5 Pick up a 6 mm fire- of the next spike (photo g).
fabric along the back of the 4 Exiting any 80 in the ring, polished bead and five 7 Repeat step 6 to complete
button, exiting on the edge. work a spike: Pick up a 4 mm 110s, and sew through the the round. After the final
3 Using 80 seed beads, work rondelle, a 4 mm daisy spacer, 110 at the tip of an adjacent repeat, pick up five 110s, and
a round of beaded back- a 10 x 7 mm teardrop (narrow spike (photo e). sew through the first 6 mm
stitch around the perimeter end first), and an 110 seed and the two 80s in the ring
of the button: Pick up two 80s, bead. Skip the 110, sew back give or take below. Sew back through
and line them up along the through the teardrop, spacer, Adjust the number of 110s the 6 mm, the last five 110s
edge of the button. Sew down and rondelle, and then sew you pick up in step 5 as added, and the 110 at the
through the fabric after the through the next four 80s in needed to fill the space. tip of the adjacent spike.
second bead, come back up
through the fabric between
the two beads just added,
and sew through the second
bead again. Repeat this
stitch to create a ring around
the perimeter of the button
(photo b). It is important to
end with a multiple of four a b c
beads so that the embellish-

Difficulty rating

green/brown animal print
d e f button (below)
4 in. (10 cm)
1 size 100 (2 in./6.4 cm) half
ball cover button (with teeth)
cover button kit
4 in. (10 cm) square of
midweight fabric
26 10 x 7 mm teardrop beads
26 6 mm fire-polished beads
g h i (rose gold topaz)
26 4 mm rondelles (copper)
26 4 mm daisy spacers (copper)
3 g 80 seed beads (Miyuki 2013,
make it your own! matte olive)
3 g 110 seed beads
This project can be varied in many
(Toho 221, bronze)
ways. Mix and match these ideas
beading needles, #10
or come up with your own!
Fireline, 10 lb. test
Try different bead shapes
and sizes.
Omit the picots. Basics, p. 70
Omit the seed bead out- beaded backstitch
lines around the spikes. ending and adding thread
Work beaded back- overhand knot
stitch only using fire-
polished beads to
make a modern Lori Phillips is a
bracelet (far left). custom interior
Make short fringe seamstress and
using glass flower uses her beaded
beads instead of tear- buttons in her dcor. Contact her
drop beads (left). at

8 Pick up three 110s, and sew

through the same tip 110 and
cover button sizes
the next three 110s (photo h). SIZE MEASUREMENT
Pick up an 110, and sew through 30 in. (1.9 cm)
the top four 110s to exit the tip
36 in. (2.2 cm)
110 of the next spike (photo i).
45 118 in. (2.9 cm)
Repeat this step to add a
picot to each tip 110. End 60 1 in. (3.8 cm)
the thread. w 75 178 in. (4.8 cm)
100 212 in. (6.4 cm)

Not sure what size cover button to use?

Let this handy chart be your guide.

April 2016 23


Capture a rivoli with a

collection of two-hole
and four-hole beads to
create a radiant pendant.

designed by Hannah Rosner

tight spaces
If you find difficulty sewing through the beadwork,
With the QuadraTile in the it is helpful to use a #12 needle because it has Difficulty rating
position shown (figure 1), a tendency to curve, thus making it easier to
the holes will be referred to sew through the bead holes at an angle. It is
as top left (TL), top right (TR), also helpful to shift the beads with your fingers
bottom left (BL), and bottom when trying to maneuver the needle.
right (BR). Materials
How to pick up triangle lavender/plum/dark green
beads: With the point of the point a). Pick up an 110 seed to complete the round (de), pendant 17 8 in. (4.8 cm)
triangle with no hole facing bead, and sew through the making sure the point of 1 14 mm rivoli (Swarovski,
to the right, pick up the bead closest hole (TL) of the next each triangle faces away light amethyst)
through the top hole (TH) or A (ab). Repeat this stitch 17 from the center of the ring. 6 mm CzechMates four-hole
the bottom hole (BH), per the times to complete the round 4 Working in the reverse direc- QuadraTile beads
instructions. (bc). This will position the tion, sew through the remain- - 18 color A (metallic
For clarity, figures 2, 3, 4, new 110s above the 110s in ing open hole of the same suede plum)
and 6 show the top view step 1. A (BR) (figure 4, point a). - 9 color B (metallic suede
of the beadwork. Figures 5 3 Working in the reverse light green)
and 7 show the side view direction, sew through the 9 6 mm CzechMates two-hole
of the beadwork. adjacent hole of the same 6 mm QuadraTile triangle beads (metallic suede
A (TR) (figure 3, ab). Pick bead, color A light green)
Ring up a 60 seed bead, and -side view 18 4 mm fire-polished beads
1 On a comfortable sew through the next A (TR) (matte purple AB)
length of thread, pick (bc). Pick up a triangle 110 seed bead 27 2.5 x 6 mm mini dagger
up a repeating pattern bead (TH), and sew through beads (tanzanite iris)
of an 110 seed bead and the next A (TR) (cd). Repeat 60 seed bead 1 g 60 seed beads (Toho 166,
a color A QuadraTile bead these two stitches eight times transparent light amethyst)
(BL) 18 times. Tie a square 1 g 110 seed beads (Toho 82F,
6 mm two-hole
knot to form the beads triangle bead metallic blue iris)
into a ring, leaving a 10-in. 1 g 150 seed beads (Toho 702,
-side view
(25 cm) tail. matte soft brown)
2 Sew through the (TL) Fireline, 6 lb. test
hole of the nearest A 6 mm QuadraTile beading needles, #12
QuadraTile (figure 2, bead, color B
topaz/purple/light green
150 seed bead pendant colors
top left top right a 14 mm rivoli (Swarovski,
hole hole 2.5 x 6 mm mini paradise shine)
b dagger bead
bottom left bottom right 6 mm CzechMates four-hole
hole hole 4 mm fire- QuadraTile beads
polished bead - color A (metallic suede purple)
FIGURE 1 FIGURE 2 - color B (matte metallic leather)
6 mm CzechMates two-hole
triangle beads (rosaline celsian)
2.5 x 6 mm rizo beads
d (alabaster pastel olivine; in
place of mini dagger beads)
60 seed beads (Toho Y301,
antique amber hybrid Picasso)
b e
110 seed beads (Miyuki 193,
a a d 24 kt gold light-plated)
150 seed beads (Toho 980,
b dark pink-lined aqua)

c e
Basics, p. 70
ending and adding thread
square knot

April 2016 25
Sew through the open hole through the next A (BR),
of the next triangle (BH) and triangle (BH), A (BR), and 60.
the open hole of the following 2 Repeat step 1 eight
A (BR) (ab). Pick up a 60, times to make a total of
and sew through the open nine picot sets.
hole of the following A (BR) 3 Sew through the adjacent
(bc). This will position the 60 (figure 5, ab). Secure
new 60 to sit below the 60 the picot set to the ring: a b
in the previous round. Repeat Pick up an 110, and sew
these two stitches eight times up through the adjacent
to complete the round (cd), B (TL) (bc). Pick up a 150, A (TR) (figure 6, ab). Con-
and continue through the and sew through the next tinue through the adjacent
next triangle (BH), A (BR),and three daggers in the picot hole of the same A (TL)
60 added in this round (de). set. Pick up a 150, and sew and the following 110 to
down through the same B reverse direction (bc).
Embellishment (BL) (cd). Pick up an 110, 2 Pick up a 150 seed bead,
1 Pick up an 110, a color B and sew through the 60 your and sew through the 110
QuadraTile (BR), a 150 seed thread exited at the start your thread exited at the
bead, three dagger beads, of this step (de). Continue start of this step, going in
and a 150, and sew through through the next A (TL), trian- the same direction (cd).
the adjacent hole of the gle (TH), A (TL), and 60 (ef). 3 Pick up a 4 mm fire- e
same B (BL) (photo a). Pick 4 Work as in step 3 to secure polished bead and a 150. b
up an 110, and sew through the remaining eight picot sets. Skip the next three beads a
the 60 your thread exited at in the inner ring, and make d
the start of this step, going in Rivoli setting a square stitch by sewing
the same direction (photo b) 1 Sew through the next back through the next 110
to form a picot set. Continue A (TR), triangle (TH), and (sitting adjacent to the next FIGURE 5
change the look
f c For an open look, skip adding the
rivoli in step 5 of Rivoli setting.
g d

e c

b a Bail
1 With the tail, sew through
d the beadwork to exit a trian-
gle on the front side of the
pendant (figure 7, point a).
Pick up 20 110s, and sew
FIGURE 6 FIGURE 7 through the adjacent hole
of the same triangle, with the
triangle), going in the oppo- and pull the thread tight thread exiting in the opposite Hannah Rosner is
site direction with the needle to cinch up the beadwork. direction (ab). an award-winning
facing toward the beads 4 Flip your work over, and 2 Pick up three 110s, skip artist and has been
just added. Continue through sew through the beadwork the last three 110s added a beading instructor
the 150 just added, going to exit an 110 that is adjacent in the previous step, and for over 20 years. She has taught
in the same direction (de). to a triangle on the opposite sew through the next 14 classes at the Bead&Button Show,
Pull the thread tight. Repeat surface. 110s (bc). Pick up three bead societies, and bead stores
this stitch seven times (ef). 5 Place a rivoli face-up 110s, and sew through the throughout the U.S. She is also a
Pick up a fire-polished bead, in the center of the ring. adjacent hole of the same Starman TrendSetter. To see more of
and sew through the first 6 To secure the rivoli, work triangle (cd). Retrace the her tutorials, kits, and finished work,
150 added to complete the as in steps 23. End the thread path several times visit
round (fg). Sew through working thread, but not to reinforce the connection, Email Hannah at goodrivergallery@
the ring of beads just added, the tail. and end the thread. w

beads 101
With an abundance of choices and sometimes scant
information, shopping for gemstone beads can be
intimidating. Learn how to buy with confidence with
this new series.
by Kia Resnick

he availability of stone beads has take a lot more skill and were thought
exploded in the last fifteen years. to have appeared eight to twelve
Go to any bead store, gem shop, thousand years ago. Recent archaeo-
or trade show these days, and youll see logical finds in Africa, the Middle East,
them in every shape and color: glittering and Europe contain stone beads
facets, rough crystals, even unpolished apparently dating back to the Upper
chunks of rock. Serious eye candy, but Paleolithic Era, around 45,000 years ago.
you may be asking yourself, What is all Thats ten thousand years before the Evaluating stone beads
this? Where did it come from? How do start of the last Ice Age. Neanderthals So, is there any way for the average
I know if its real? Is that color natural? still populated Europe. beadaholic to tell whats real and
Will it fade away over time? It can be Amazing, right? Its practically in our what isnt?
incredibly difficult to choose, especially DNA to love beads! But that doesnt Well yes, and no: Certain treatments
if you dont feel confident about what help you figure out what to use for your can be spotted by the careful observer,
youre getting. Even if youre already next project. and some things are just common
using stone beads in your designs, With everything from dyed agate to sense if it looks too good to be true,
more knowledge is always a good thing. valuable gems like emerald and ruby it probably is. For example, no, that
to stones that have recently entered the chunky $10$20 turquoise necklace
An affinity for gemstones jewelry market, many beaders feel over- is not real turquoise, even in its dyed
Lets start with a little history. A million whelmed. Unfortunately, theres a lot of or stabilized form.
years ago, our ancestors made simple material that is misidentified, fake, or has New dying methods can be hard
tools by chipping rocks, but stone beads undergone undisclosed enhancement. to detect, but you should still examine

Natural turquoise often has veins of copper and aluminum, which Howlite and magnesite may be dyed to look like turquoise, but a low
contribute to the dramatic look of these beads. price will reveal that its not the real deal.

All photos, with the exception of the one of imitation turquoise, by Kia Resnick.
Stone cutting
Still a powerhouse in the jewel
business, India dominated the
industry for thousands of years.
The local availability of rough
diamonds made it possible for
artisans to work ruby, sapphire,
topaz, and other very hard gems
by hand, using diamond grit.
While new laser drills turn rough
stones into beads, much of the
cutting and polishing is still done
by hand.
Nowadays, China has become
by far the worlds largest producer
of stone beads. Every year, hun-
dreds of thousands of tons of
rough stones from all over the
world are shipped to Chinas
strands carefully deeper color in the factories. But an emphasis on Top: The author selecting kyanite on a
cracks is a sign of enhancement, as price over quality means that any- recent trip to Jaipur.
is splotched color or a powdery feel.
thing that can be cheaply mined
While youre checking for that, run your Bottom: In India, material is still mostly
by the ton, dyed, stabilized, or irra-
fingers down the strand. If your fingers hand-cut someone actually holds
diated to look more valuable, and
can stay in the same orientation easily, each stone with their fingers and drills
thats good. If not, its a sign of poorly- put on a string will find its way to
the beads one at a time. In China, on the
oriented drill holes. a bead show or shop near you. other hand, machine-cut stones are fed
Thats why those brightly-colored into the chute of an ultrasonic drill.
Shopping savvy beads can cost less than two
So whats a beader to do? If color and dollars a strand.
low cost are your primary concerns,
go for whatever catches your eye and
fits your budget. before hitting the show floor or bead you want to create, whatever your
If you are looking to invest in gem- shop, and dont be afraid to ask lots budget, the perfect stone beads are
quality beads, find a reputable, knowl- of questions. The vendor or shop owner out there.
edgeable supplier, and research the should know the origin and proper Have fun out there, but shop around,
stones youre interested in. identification of their stones, and do your homework, and let the beader
And dont forget to have realistic disclose any treatments. If you dont beware! w
expectations! Inexpensive sparkly or feel comfortable with their answers,
opalescent beads with large, smooth head for the next booth or a different Kia Resnick is a jewelry designer and
drill holes are very likely to be man- store. Use reliable internet sources, like world traveler. Shes lived in India, Southeast
made, whether they are pale, brightly- the Gemological Institute of America Asia, Europe, Australia, and North Africa,
colored, or appear to have needle-like (, to learn more about and has been sourcing gems in India since
rutile inclusions. Big colorful translucent precious stones and keep up with 1985. She lives in New Mexico and has a
beads are probably dyed quartz or exciting new finds, and learn more small stone-cutting production making
glass. Good quality natural turquoise about minerals at unusual, hand-cut, and rough natural stone
can cost $7 to $35/gram and a So what do you love? Fun and beads (like those at the top of the page) and
chunky necklace is easily 100 grams. sparkly? A sophisticated color palette? the cut gems for her cast and hand-fabricated
Inexpensive material sold as turquoise Costly natural gems and rare minerals? one-of-a-kind statement pieces. Look for the
is most likely to be dyed magnesite. Chunks of rock, or fine facets? Strands next installment of Kias column in our June
With a mind-boggling array of beads that cost $2 or $2,000? All that and issue. Contact Kia at
at every price level, set your priorities more is waiting to tempt you. Whatever

April 2016 29
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of Antique &
Vintage Folk
& our own
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Silver and

All items cast in the USA Wholesale only 800-995-9188 Native American Designs

Keep your tools from marring & scratching your wire designs!

1 2

Dip tool. Remove slowly.

3 4 5

Peel to remove it.

Dry 2-3 hrs. or overnight. No marring & really grips! Wont damage tools!

Worldwide Patents

No twisting or turning!

1 squeeze makes a perfect crimp!

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April 2016 31
OVER 600,000

The Largest
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path bracelet

Chessboard rhinestone nestle between the flat sides of each sewing up through the last B added
assembly alternate color triangle (photo a). (cd). Pull the thread tight.
Apply a thin coat of E6000 to the back The triangles should naturally posi- 5 Continue working in herringbone
of one of the chessboard rhinestones. tion themselves in this manner after stitch: Pick up a B and an A, sew down
Center another chessboard rhinestone the first two triangles are added. through the next A in the previous row,
on top of the glued area, and allow the Make sure the ladder stays straight and continue up through the following
glue to dry. and doesnt curve. B (figure 4, ab). Make sure the trian-
gles are positioned in the same manner
Bracelet straps 2 To even the tension, zigzag back as before. Repeat this stitch four times to
1 On a comfortable length of thread, through the triangles in the opposite complete the row, ending after sewing
work in ladder stitch in an alternating direction (figure 2). down through the last B in the previous
pattern of a color A triangle bead 3 Pick up an A and a B, sew down row (bc).
and a color B triangle bead to make through the next B in the previous row, 6 Turn to start the next row by picking
a 10-bead ladder, leaving a 12-in. and continue up through the following up two color D 110 seed beads and
(30 cm) tail (figure 1). A (figure 3, ab). Pull the thread tight. sewing up through the last A added
Make sure the sides of the A and B (cd). Pull the thread tight.
note Position the triangles so mirror the positions of their counterparts 7 Work as in steps 36 to complete
that all of the As have their flat side in the ladder. Repeat this stitch four
resting on one side of the ladder times to complete the row, ending after
and all the Bs have their flat side sewing down through the last B in the
resting on the opposite side of the previous row (bc).
ladder, thus making the pointed 4 Turn to start the next row by picking a
edge of the opposite color triangle up two color C 110 seed beads and

Difficulty rating

gray/silver bracelet 71 2 x 1 in.
(19.1 cm x 2.5 cm)
20 mm chessboard circle flat-
back rhinestones (Swarovski 2035)
- 1 silver shade
- 1 golden shadow
22 3 mm fire-polished beads (opaque
green luster)
3 mm bicone crystals (Swarovski)
- 22 color E (crystal metallic light gold 2X)
- 22 color F (crystal golden shadow)
110 sharp triangle beads (Miyuki)
- 3 g color A (F451D, gray mist
matte metallic)
- 3 g color B (F470, galvanized
silver matte)
Use complimentary bead colors to create
110 seed beads (Miyuki)
a cleverly designed reversible bracelet that - 1 g color C (F451D, gray mist
features a chessboard rhinestone bezel setting. matte metallic)
- 1 g color D (PF470, galvanized
designed by Cary Bruner matte silver)
150 seed beads (Miyuki)
- 1 g color G (PF470, galvanized
matte silver)
- 1 g color H (F451D, gray mist
matte metallic)
1 3-strand tube clasp
Fireline, 6 lb. test
110 triangle bead, color A beading needles, #11 or #12
FIGURE 1 E6000 adhesive
-flat side

pink/bronze bracelet colors

110 triangle bead, color B 20 mm chessboard circle flat-
-flat side back rhinestones (Swarovski 2035)
- crystal
FIGURE 2 - golden shadow
110 seed bead, color C
3 mm fire-polished beads (gold)
110 seed bead, color D 3 mm bicone crystals (Swarovski)
d - color E (rose AB)
- color F (light Colorado topaz AB)
a b 3 mm fire-polished bead
110 sharp triangle beads
- color A (Toho 223, metallic
3 mm bicone crystal, color E antique bronze)
- color B (Toho 553F, galvanized matte
d vintage rose)
3 mm bicone crystal, color F 110 seed beads
a - color C (Toho 221, bronze)
150 seed bead, color G - color D (Miyuki 1061L, galvanized rose)
150 seed bead, color H

April 2016 35
one bracelet strap to the desired length,
ending and adding thread as needed.
Do not end the working thread or
tail. For a 712-in. (19.1 cm) bracelet,
the strap should be 234 in. (7 cm)
long. Three rows is approximately e
c b
in. (6 mm) in length. e

note If using a tight tension, e d

the triangles will naturally start
to angle properly after the first
few rows are added. c c
b a
8 Repeat steps 17 to make a second
strap of identical length.


1 On a comfortable length of thread,
pick up a 3 mm fire-polished bead, f
a color E 3 mm bicone crystal, a C,
and an E, and sew through the fire-
polished bead again to form a ring
(figure 5, ab).
2 Pick up a color F 3 mm bicone crystal,
a D, and an F, and sew through the fire-
polished bead again to form a ring to
the left of the previous ring (bc).
3 Pick up a fire-polished bead, an E, e d a
and a C, and sew through the adjacent
E. Continue through the fire-polished c
bead just added, going in the same
direction, to form a ring on the right
side of the fire-polished beads (cd). FIGURE 8
4 Pick up an F and a D, sew through
the adjacent F, and continue through 150 seed bead, and sew through the Assembly
the fire-polished bead again to form a next edge D (ef). Repeat this stitch 1 Position a bracelet strap with the side
ring on the left side of the fire-polished 21 times to complete the round. Insert of flat As facing up next to the bezel
bead (de). the assembled chessboard rhinestones with the rhinestone surrounded by the
5 Repeat steps 34 19 times for a total into the center of the bezel setting, Cs and Hs facing up. Align the strap tail
of 21 fire-polished beads in the strip. and retrace the thread path of the thread along the edge of the bezel.
6 Join the strip into a ring: Pick up a last round to cinch up the beads. 2 Using the tail, pick up a fire-polished
fire-polished bead, and sew through 8 Sew through the beadwork to exit bead, sew through the two correspond-
the end E in the first stitch of the strip a C on the opposite edge. Work as in ing Hs on the bezel, and continue
(figure 6, ab). Pick up a C, sew through step 7 to add color H 150 seed beads through the next E, edge C, E, and the
the end E in the last stitch of the strip, to this side of the bezel setting. following two Hs (figure 8, ab). Pick
and continue through the fire-polished 9 Sew through the adjacent E (figure 7, up a C, and sew through the next A
bead just added (bc). Sew through ab). Pick up two Hs and two Gs, posi- on the end of the strap (bc). Working
the end F in the first stitch of the strip, tion the 150s between the fire-polished toward the opposite edge of the strap,
pick up a D, and sew through the end beads, and sew through the adjacent skip the next B, and sew through the
F in the last stitch of the strip. Continue F on the other side (bc). Sew through following A (cd).
through the fire-polished bead added the next D and the adjacent F (cd). 3 Repeat step 2 except pick up a C
at the beginning of this step and the Pick up two Gs and two Hs, and sew in place of a fire-polished bead (de).
next fire-polished bead (cd). If needed, through the adjacent E and the follow- Pick up a fire-polished bead, sew
pull the tail thread to cinch up any ing C (de). Repeat these stitches 10 through the next two corresponding
loose beads. times to add a total of 22 arched bead Hs on the bezel, and continue through
7 Sew through the beadwork to exit sets. End the working thread and tail. the next E (ef).
an edge D (de). Pick up a color G

150 seed beads
- color G (Miyuki 395, color-lined dusty rose)
- color H (Toho 221, bronze)

Materials for the gray/silver bracelet

d b are available at Bead Haven Las Vegas
at (702) 233-2450 or
e a

FIGURE 9 Basics, p. 70
herringbone stitch: flat strip
4 Sew through the beadwork of the ladder stitch
bezel and the strap to exit an edge end right-angle weave: flat strip, forming a strip
B on the opposite surface of the strap, into a ring
with the needle facing toward the bezel. ending and adding thread
Work as in steps 23, but sew through
the fire-polished beads added in
the previous step and add three Ds Cary Bruner teaches at Bead
(in place of Cs) on this surface of the Haven Las Vegas. She feels
strap. Sew through corresponding pairs she owes her creative ability
of Gs instead of Hs, and Fs instead of Es. to her grandmother because
5 Repeat steps 14 to attach the other of the many craft projects they did
strap to the bezel, making sure to have together when she was young. Contact
six unattached 150 arched bead sets her at or visit
on each open side of the bezel. End to purchase
the tail. more of her tutorials.

1 Check the bracelet fit, and use
the working thread to add or remove and continue back through the fire-
herringbone rows evenly on each strap polished bead just added and the
if necessary, allowing 916 in. (1.4 cm) next triangle in the end row (bc).
for the clasp. Skip the next triangle in the end row,
2 To secure the loose stacks of herring- and sew through the following triangle
bone, zigzag through the end row of (cd). Repeat these stitches with the
a strap in the opposite direction. remaining two loops (de). Retrace
3 Sew through the adjacent triangle in the thread path to reinforce the clasp
the same row with the needle pointing connection, and end the thread.
away from the strap (figure 9, ab). 5 Work as in steps 24 to add the other
4 Pick up a fire-polished bead, sew half of the clasp to the other strap. w
through the end loop of the clasp,

Check out the

reverse side!
April 2016 37


garden necklace
Braid seed beads and two-hole beads within
a kumihimo rope to lay the foundation for
embellishments that resemble nature.

designed by Julia Hecht

Setup 2 Using a Big Eye needle, string 100 After you load a cord, push the beads
1 Cut six 5 ft. (1.5 m) pieces of regular beads on each cord according to the up to within 3 in. (7.6 cm) of the disk,
weight cord (Tex 210) and two 5 ft. bead stringing order (below). This will and wrap the beaded cord around a
(1.5 m) pieces of fine (Tex 135) or micro make a rope of approximately 15 in. bobbin, leaving about 4 in. (10 cm) of
(Tex 70) weight cord. Gather the ends of (38 cm) without the clasp. cord hanging from the edge of the disk.
the cords, and tie them together with an Label the bobbin with the appropriate
overhand knot 112 in. (3.8 cm) from one bead stringing order cord number, and slip the cord into the
end. Feed the knot through the center Each cord should have 100 beads. appropriate slit in the disk.
of the kumihimo disk from front to back. Cords 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, and 7: String 100
color A 80s on regular weight cord. make it longer
note Avoid using a heavy weight Cord 4: String a repeating pattern of To make an 18 in. (46 cm) rope,
to secure the knot when working the a lentil, an A, a SuperDuo, and an A string an additional 15 As on each
braid as it can cause the pattern to 25 times on fine or micro weight cord. end of all eight cords. This will evenly
form an undesirable twist. Consider Cord 8: String a repeating pattern of add 3 in. (7.6 cm) of unembellished
skipping the weight all together for a SuperDuo, an A, a lentil, and an A length to the rope. Add an additional
this project. 25 times on fine or micro weight cord. 12-in. (30 cm) to each cord if making
a rope longer than 18 in. (46 cm).

Difficulty rating

necklace 16 in. (41 cm)
12 12 x 7 mm leaf beads (Czech, auburn
gold inlay)
39 5 x 7 mm Pip beads (jet Vega)
50 3 x 6 mm two-hole lentil beads
(CzechMates, opaque olive)
11 g 2.5 x 5 mm SuperDuos (pastel emerald)
24 4 mm fire-polished beads (matte
metallic lava)
80 seed beads
- 20 g color A (Miyuki 457N, raspberry bronze)
- 2 g color B (Miyuki D4208, Duracoat
copper rose)
1 g 110 seed beads (Miyuki 14, silver-lined
2 6 mm bullet end caps
1 hook-and-eye clasp
24 67 mm jump rings
C-Lon or S-Lon cord in regular weight (Tex 210)
and fine (Tex 135) or micro weight (Tex 70)
Fireline, 6 lb. test
cord 1 cord 2 kumihimo disk with 8 bobbins
FIGURE 1 beading needles, #11 or #12
Big Eye needle
E6000 or 2-part epoxy adhesive
cord 8 2 pairs of chainnose, bentnose, and/or
cord 3 flatnose pliers

Kits are available at
cord 7
cord 4

Basics, p. 70
ending and adding thread
square knot
cord 6 cord 5 overhand knot
opening and closing jump rings

Julia Hecht had a busy life

as a pediatrician. While ill and
on a leave of absence from
Braid work, she discovered the joy
1 Position the kumihimo disk as shown of beading. Several years later
in the pattern with cords 12 at the top. she left her medical practice to pursue bead-
2 Work a section of rope without the ing full-time. She owns and teaches classes
beads: Pick up the top-right cord, and at Poppyfield Bead Company in Albuquerque,
slide it into the slit to the right of the FIGURE 2 New Mexico. She feels that teaching bead-
bottom two cords (figure 1). Pick up work is another form of practicing medicine.
the bottom left cord, and slide it into the Email her at
slit to the left of the top cord (figure 2). or visit

April 2016 39
d c b


a c
b f
h g e


Rotate the disk clockwise one-quarter 5 Unwind the cords from the bobbins, 6 Pick up two SuperDuos, and sew
turn. Repeat this step until you have remove the cords from the disc, and through the open hole of the next
about in. (1.3 cm) of unbeaded rope. gather them together. Tie an overhand SuperDuo and lentil (ef). Continue
Make sure you end with cords 1 and 2 knot close to the braid. Trim the loose through the next fire-polished bead
at the top of the disk and all the cords cords close to the knot, and dab with and the open hole of the following
in numerical order. E6000 if desired. lentil and SuperDuo (fg).
3 Continue braiding with the same 7 Pick up a leaf bead, and sew through
motions as in step 2, but add beads: Embellishment the open hole of the following SuperDuo,
Pick up a cord, slide the next bead up 1 Add a comfortable length of Fireline lentil, fire-polished bead, lentil, and
to the point of the rope, and tuck the to one end of the rope, exiting the inner SuperDuo (gh).
bead under the cord that crosses over hole of the end SuperDuo, with the nee- 8 Repeat steps 67 for the length of
it. Complete the move by sliding the dle facing away from the beadwork the rope, ending with step 6. On the
cord into the appropriate slit. As you (figure 3, point a). Sew through the final repeat of step 6, you will sew
work, make sure the beads dont pop open hole of the same SuperDuo (ab). through only the end SuperDuo and
out from under the crossed cord. If they 2 Pick up an 110 seed bead, a color lentil (figure 5, point a). Sew through
do, carefully unbraid the cords to the B 80 seed bead, and an 110, and sew the other hole of the same lentil (ab).
loose bead (being sure to maintain through the open hole of the next Sew around the closest thread bridge,
the correct cord order), tuck the loose SuperDuo (bc). Repeat this stitch for and sew back through the hole your
bead under the crossing cord, and the length of the rope (cd). End and thread just exited and the other hole
resume braiding. add thread as needed. of the same lentil to position the needle
3 Sew through the beadwork to exit facing toward the beadwork (bc).
note Braiding is most successful the inner hole of the end lentil, with the 9 Continue through the nearest hole
when the cords are stretched taut needle pointing toward the beadwork of the next three SuperDuos (cd). Pick
across the hole in the disk. If the (figure 4, point a). up a Pip bead, and sew back through
point of the rope begins to drop 4 Pick up a SuperDuo, a B, and a the open hole of the same SuperDuo
down below the face of the disk, SuperDuo, and sew through the inner (de). Pick up a Pip bead, and sew
gently pull the opposing sets of hole of the next lentil (ab). Pick up through the open hole of the next
cords tight so the point of the braid a 4 mm fire-polished bead, and sew SuperDuo (ef). Pick up a Pip bead,
rises up to the desired spot. through the inner hole of the next sew through the other hole of the same
lentil (bc). Repeat these stitches SuperDuo, and continue through the
4 When you have braided all of for the length of the rope (cd). following SuperDuo (fg). Sew through
the beads, or when the cord is the 5 Sew through the open hole of the the nearest hole of the next 10 beads
desired length, work in. (1.3 cm) same lentil, and continue through the as shown (gh).
of unbeaded rope. open hole of the next SuperDuo (de).


g h
When it comes to beads, we want them all!
f e And our Monthly Clubs allow you to have it!
Each month youll receive a new assortment
of color coordinated beads from your cho-
FIGURE 5 sen club, delivered right to your door!
Packaged in your favorite Flip Top Tubes,
with FREE storage boxes to hold your
80 seed bead, color A
Crystal Bonus! Sign up for a new club and
receive a special Swarovski Crystal gift FREE
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lentil bead
Choose from these popular
-side view
2-Hole Beads of the Month
2.5 x 5 mm SuperDuo bead a
Swarovski Crystals of the Month

11/0 Seed Beads of the Month

110 seed bead Rotating Club of the Month

Superduos of the Month

7R H0
80 seed bead, color B Delicas of the Month

More Clubs Coming Soon!

4 mm fire-polished bead

For full details,

visit our website

12 x 7 mm leaf bead

5 x 7 mm Pip bead

10 Work as in step 9 for the length of

the rope, ending after sewing through
the end lentil. End the Fireline.

1 Cut a 6-in. (15 cm) piece of regular
weight C-Lon or S-Lon cord, and tie it
tightly with a square knot around the c
unbeaded braid at the starting end of
the rope (photo a). Apply a small drop
of E6000 to the knot, and trim the tails 4 Open a jump ring, and attach half
of this cord. Repeat this step at the other of the clasp to an end cap on the rope.
end of the rope. Allow the glue to dry. Repeat at the other end of the rope.
2 Cut through the braid between the If additional length is desired, attach
overhand knot and the square knot you more than one jump ring to each end
made in the previous step (photo b). cap before adding the clasp. w
Repeat on the other end of the rope.
3 Using E6000 or 2-part epoxy, glue
one end cap to each end of the
rope (photo c).

April 2016 41

Stitch a winding path of

flower components joined
together with pearls,
crystals, and seed beads.

designed by Julie Moore Tanksley

Trail o t
f roses bracele

Difficulty rating
d c
c a
a b
a b Materials
b e d pink bracelet 8 in. (20 cm)
c 12 6 mm glass pearls (dark green)
98 4 mm fire-polished beads (opaque
french rose)
18 3 mm bicone crystals (Swarovski,
FIGURE 1 FIGURE 2 FIGURE 3 110 seed beads
- 1 g color A (Toho PF557, galvanized
110 seed bead, color A
- 5 g color B (Miyuki 1981, nickel
plated AB)
4 mm fire-polished bead 1 clasp
Fireline, 6 lb. test
beading needles, # 11 or #12
110 seed bead, color B
purple bracelet colors
6 mm pearl 6 mm pearls (Swarovski, Scarabaeus
4 mm fire-polished beads (orchid aqua
3 mm bicone crystal polychrome)
FIGURE 4 3 mm bicone crystals (Swarovski, fuchsia)
110 seed beads
Base and sew through the next fire-polished - color A (Toho P470, permanent finish
1 On a comfortable length of thread, bead in the outer ring (figure 2, ab). galvanized silver)
pick up six color A 110 seed beads, and Repeat this stitch six times to complete - color B (Miyuki D4218, dusty orchid)
tie the beads into a ring with a square the round (bc).
knot, leaving a 6-in. (15 cm) tail. Sew 6 Pick up a B, a 6 mm pearl, a B, a
through the next A. fire-polished bead, a B, a pearl, and Basics, p. 70
2 Pick up three 4 mm fire-polished a B, and sew through the fire-polished ending and adding thread
beads, and sew through the A your bead your thread exited at the start square knot
thread exited, going in the same direc- of this step (cd). Continue through
tion. Continue through the next A in the next B, pearl, B, and fire-polished
the ring (figure 1, ab). bead using a tight tension (de). Julie Moore Tanksley started
3 Pick up two fire-polished beads, sew 7 Pick up a fire-polished bead, an A, beading about 10 years ago
through the adjacent fire-polished and a fire-polished bead, and sew and started designing soon
bead, the A your thread exited at the through the fire-polished bead your after. She is a member of
start of this step, and the next A (bc). thread exited at the start of this step the Dallas Bead society and
Repeat this stitch four times using a tight (figure 3, ab). Continue through the teaches locally at bead stores and
tension, but after you add the last stitch, next fire-polished bead and A (bc). retreats. Julie and her husband own
do not sew through the next A (cd). 8 Pick up five As, and sew through a small music store in Huntington, Texas.
4 Sew through the adjacent fire-polished the A your thread exited at the start Julie enjoys being a grandmother and
bead in the first stitch, pick up a fire- of this step to form a ring. Continue spending time with family and friends.
polished bead, and sew through the through the next A (cd). Contact her at
adjacent fire-polished bead in the 9 Repeat steps 35 to complete the or visit
last stitch added, the A your thread next component. Your thread should
exited at the start of this step (de), be exiting the fire-polished bead
and the next two fire-polished beads at the point of the connection. Sew
in the first stitch (ef). You should have through the beadwork to exit the third
a total of seven fire-polished beads in fire-polished bead in the outer ring
the outer ring. from the connection (figure 4), and
5 Pick up two color B 110 seed beads, then repeat steps 68.

April 2016 43
d g
b c f
a b


c b
c a



Print all the materials for
the projects in this issue at

note Because there is an odd 10 Continue working components

and connectors for the desired length
component, and sew through the next
fire-polished bead, B, and pearl (bc).
number of fire-polished beads in the
outer ring of the flower component, bracelet, ending with step 5, and allow- 2 Pick up seven Bs, and sew through
the connections cannot be centered. ing approximately 1-in. (3.2 cm) for the the same pearl, going in the same
The design will alternate between clasp. End and add thread as needed. direction to form a loop around the
having three fire-polished beads pearl (figure 6, ab). Continue through
between the connection on one side Embellishment the next four Bs in the loop (bc). Pick
of the component and two on the 1 With the working thread exiting the up a B, a 3 mm bicone crystal, and
other side to make a slight zigzag fire-polished bead at the tip of the a B, and sew through the B your thread
between the components. last connection, sew through the next is exiting (cd). Continue through the
two Bs. Pick up five Bs, skip the next fire- next three Bs in the loop and the pearl
polished bead in the outer ring, and (de). Retrace the thread path of the
continue through the following two Bs beads added in this step (not shown
(figure 5, ab). Repeat this stitch five in the figure for clarity).
times to add picots all around the 3 Sew through the next B, fire-polished
bead, B, and pearl (ef). Repeat step 2
to add the embellishment to this pearl
(fg), and continue through the next B
and fire-polished bead (gh).
4 Pick up three Bs, a bicone, and three

Meet Creative Claire
Bs, and sew through the corresponding
fire-polished bead in the next compo-
nent (figure 7, ab). Pick up three Bs,
sew back through the bicone just added,
pick up three Bs, and continue through
the fire-polished bead your thread exited
at the start of this step (bc).
5 Sew through the next B, pearl, B, fire-
polished bead, and two Bs (figure 8,
looking to
ab). (The top embellishment added
in the previous step is not shown in the
bring a little
figure for clarity.)
6 Work as in step 1 to add two or three
picots, depending on how many fire-
color to the
polished beads you have on this side
of the flower component in the outer
ring (bc). Sew through the following
fire-polished bead, B, and pearl (cd).

note The other edge of each

Claire, heres a collection
flower component will be embel-
lished after this side of the base
is complete. just for you. T WIST WR AP WE AVE

7 Repeat steps 26 for the remainder Experienced wirework teacher Colorful

Wirework Jewelry
of this edge of the base, ending and
Kim St. Jean ofers 25+ projects 25+
adding thread as needed. projects

8 When you reach the end component, incorporating the new colored
work as in step 6 to add six picots craft wire with traditional of-jig
(figure 9, ab), and continue through
the next fire-polished bead, B, pearl, B, wire wrapping, coiling, and
fire-polished bead, and two Bs (bc). weaving techniques. Youll create Kim St. Jean

(The top embellishment added in the

previous step is not shown in the figure
a collection of colorful pendants, Item #67886
for clarity.) rings, bracelets, and necklaces that
9 Add picots to this side of the base as relect Kims fun and playful style.
before, and then sew through the next
fire-polished bead, B, pearl, B, fire-polished
bead, and two Bs. Repeat these stitches Add a little color to
for the remainder of the base, and end your life. Buy the book.
the working thread and tail.

Add 18 in. (46 cm) of thread to the
beadwork, exiting the center bead
in one of the two picots on the end
on the bracelet, with the needle point-
ing toward the other edge (figure 10,
point a). Pick up four Bs and the loop
of the clasp, and sew back through
the last B added (ab). Pick up three
Bs, and sew through the next six Bs as
shown (bc). Retrace the thread path
of the connection several times, and

end the thread. Repeat this step on Also available at your favorite craft or bead shop.
the other end of the bracelet. w

April 2016 45
ARTIST PROFILE Writers who bead

Beading and writing complement
each other for three American writers.
by Lori Ann White

eet Elizabeth Ann Scarborough, Ann Leckie, and Kathryn Ptacek,

M three women who spend their days creating with words. Theyve
made their names writing and editing science fiction, fantasy,
and horror, three genres collectively known as speculative fiction.
They dream up galaxy-spanning empires, worlds of magic and beauty, and
evil we can only be thankful doesnt truly exist. And they bead.
More than words
Elizabeth Ann Scarborough has
Something about building things with little sparkly stones and glass has completely integrated words and
captured all three writers in a way that complements the ways in which they beads in her life. My grandma had
build their fictional worlds, and all three describe a creative synergy between a beading business in western Kansas,
beading and the hard work of constructing a universe. Scarborough says. After Grandma sold
the business, she had a lot of beads
left over. These and an old typewriter
Math and meaning were my favorite toys when I went to
Ann Leckie, who recently published Ancillary Mercy, visit her, and when Grandma taught
the third novel in her award-winning Imperial Radch me to string beads, she also taught me
trilogy, was already an expert with knitting and cro- about the home keys on a typewriter
chet when she discovered beads. and encouraged me to type.
Over time, beads, and jewelry construction in This long association has found
general, began to insinuate themselves into Leckies expression in her stories: Scarborough
fiction. An important part of the fictional Radch consciously includes beads in her fan-
culture is the wearing of jewelry that can indicate tasy stories, in the form of baby dragons
status, memorialize loved ones, and identify allies. learning to control their fiery breath
And beading appeals to Leckies inner geek. by serving as torches for lampworked
Theres a fair amount of math and even physics beads. She is also the only one of the
involved in making jewelry, she says. There are par- three who sells beaded jewelry and
ticular problems that gravity gives you, that when beading patterns. She has even created
youre designing something you need to think about. a special necklace for herself depicting,
Is the weight unbalanced? Will the piece lay the way appropriately enough, a storyteller figure
you want it to, or flop over, or what? before a rapt audience of cats. I wear
it for my book signings, she says.

Therapy and charity

Kathryn Ptacek is known primarily as a horror writer and editor, and for her,
beading provides an opportunity to relax and recharge. I like working with
my hands. I can shut off my mind when I bead and just enjoy what Im doing.
Beading also gave Ptacek an opportunity to reach out to others through
donations at the rehab facility where her husband (fellow horror writer
Charles Grant) stayed during a long illness. People could donate items that
the patients all on vents could select as gifts at Christmas time for their
friends and family, Ptacek says. I made something like 50 bracelets and
Charlie told me later they flew off the shelves. That made me happy. w

Seed life


Made up of seven interlocking

circles, the seed of life pattern
is often used to symbolize the
building blocks of life. This fun
beaded version is super easy
to make perfect for spring!

designed by Svetlana Chernitsky

d Difficulty rating
b d
b a c
a c

gold/dark purple earrings
13 8 in. (3.5 cm)
2.5 x 5 mm SuperDuo beads
- 32 color A (metallic Aztec gold matte)
FIGURE 1 - 60 color B (luster metallic amethyst)
4 3.4 mm drop beads (Miyuki, metallic
dark bronze)
2 3 mm bicone crystals (Swarovski,
g FIGURE 2 smoky quartz)
d e 1 g 150 seed beads (Toho 332,
gold luster raspberry)
1 pair of earring findings
2.5 x 5 mm Fireline, 6 lb. test
b SuperDuo bead, color A beading needles, #11 or #12
2.5 x 5 mm
SuperDuo bead, color B gold/indigo colors (p. 50)
2.5 x 5 mm Twin seed beads
c 3.4 mm drop bead
(in place of SuperDuos)
3 mm bicone crystal - color A (Preciosa, jet plum pearl)
- color B (Preciosa, silky light gold)
150 seed bead 3.4 mm drop beads (Miyuki, metallic
dark bronze)
3 mm bicone crystals (Swarovski, smoky
150 seed bead (Toho 459, gold luster
FIGURE 3 dark topaz)

1 On 112 yd. (1.4 m) of thread, pick tension tips Basics, p. 70
up six color A SuperDuo beads, tie a If your stitching tension is a little ending and adding thread
square knot, and sew through the first loose, your earrings could end up square knot
A again to form a ring, leaving a 9-in. a little floppy. To avoid this, stitch with
(23 cm) tail. Sew through the open tight tension or retrace your thread
hole of the same A (figure 1, ab). path through each round. Svetlana Chernitsky has
2 Pick up a color B SuperDuo bead, been beading for nine years
sew through the open hole of the same 4 Work in a clockwise direction: Pick and loves working with two-
B, and continue through the open hole up an A and three 150 seed beads, hole beads. Email her at
of the next A (bc). Repeat this stitch sew through the open hole of the, or visit
five times to complete the round, and same A, and continue through the or
step up through the first B added (cd). open hole of the next B in the previous
3 Work in a counterclockwise direction: round (figure 3, ab). Pick up an A and
Pick up three Bs, sew down through
the next B added in the previous round,
and continue up through the other hole did you know?
of the same B (figure 2, ab). Repeat Preciosa Ornela originally introduced the two-hole Twin seed
this stitch five times to complete the bead in late 2011 to early 2012, but the size and thickness of
round (bc). To step up, sew through these beads were somewhat inconsistent. In response, in late
the inner hole of the next B, and 2012 Preciosa released a new version called the pressed Twin
continue through the open hole of bead, which offers a more consistent and uniform size. Both
the same B and the open hole of the types of beads are still available, so read descriptions closely.
following B (cd).

April 2016 49
c b
pretty pendant a
Make a pendant to match your
earrings! Either make it exactly
the same as the earring or
simplify it by working step 4
all the way around and adding
a hanging loop.

three 150s, sew through the open 9 Pick up two 150s and the loop of an
hole of the same A, and continue ear wire, and sew through the open
through the open hole of the following hole of the next B (bc). Sew through
two Bs (bc). Repeat these two stitches the other hole of the two adjacent Bs
to add a total of 10 bead sets, stopping (cd). Retrace the thread path, and FIGURE 4
two stitches before the round is com- end the working thread.
pleted (cd). 10 To embellish the center, thread
5 Pick up two Bs, sew through the open a needle on the tail. If necessary, sew
hole of the next B in the previous round, through the open space between the
pick up two Bs, and sew through the beads to position the tail on the front
outer holes of the following two Bs (de). side of the beadwork. Pick up a 3 mm
6 Work in a counterclockwise direction: bicone crystal, skip the next two As
Pick up two 150s, and sew through the in the inner ring, and sew through the
b c
inner holes of the next two Bs in the inner hole of the following A. Sew back
previous round (ef). Repeat this stitch through the crystal, the inner hole of
once (fg). the opposite A, and the inner hole of
7 Pick up two 150s, and sew clock- the following A (ef). The crystal will a
wise through the beadwork as shown sit slightly elevated in the center. End
(figure 4, ab). the tail.
8 Pick up a drop bead, and sew 11 Repeat steps 110 to make a
through the open hole of the next B second earring. w
(bc). Pick up two Bs, and sew through
the open hole of the following B (cd).
Pick up a drop, and sew through the f
open hole of the next B (de). Sew
through the beadwork as shown
(figure 5, ab).

Svetlana says: You can use
Twin seed beads in place of
SuperDuos. I recommend using
original Twin seed beads for
color A and pressed Twin beads
for color B. If you do this, youll Print all the materials for
also need to adapt steps 67 the projects in this issue at
by picking up one 150 instead
of two.


treasure bracelet

Inspired by the iconic

origami fortune teller
(aka cootie catcher)
beloved by kids every-
where, this textured
bracelet works up easily
with two-hole triangles
and seed beads.

designed by Marie New

Base tail together with a square knot to

How to pick up the triangle beads: With form a ring, leaving a 6-in. (15 cm) tail.
the point of the triangle with no hole Retrace the thread path, and continue d
facing away from you, pick up the bead through the next 80 (figure 1). Make sure a
through the left hole (LH) or the right the triangles point up and the open hole
hole (RH), per the instructions. is on the outside of the ring. c
1 On a comfortable length of thread, 2 Pick up an 110 seed bead and a 150
pick up a repeating pattern of an 80 seed bead, and sew through the open
seed bead and a triangle bead (RH) hole of the next triangle (figure 2, ab).
four times. Tie the working thread and Pick up a 150 and an 110, and sew FIGURE 1 FIGURE 2

April 2016 51
through the following 80 (bc). Repeat
these stitches three times (cd), and note For a single row bracelet, work as in steps 16 of Base and
continue through the next eight beads steps 13 of Edging and clasp. To attach a single strand clasp, work as
as shown (de). in step 5, but sew through the same clasp ring for each loop added. Add
3 Pick up a 150, an 110, an 80, an 110, the edging to the remaining side, and attach the other end of the clasp.
and a 150, and sew through the adja-
cent five beads to form a loop. Continue
through the first 150, 110, and 80 added instead of 17. With your thread exiting through the following 80, 110, and 150
in this step (figure 3, ab). the 150 as shown in figure 6, point a, (bc). Pick up five 150s and the center
4 Pick up a repeating pattern of a trian- sew through the corresponding five loop of the clasp, and sew through the
gle (RH) and an 80 three times, pick up beads in the first row (ab) and the next triangle, two 150s, and triangle (cd).
a triangle (RH), and sew through the 80 following 11 beads in the new unit (bc). 6 Pick up five 150s, sew through the
your thread exited at the start of this step 9 Work as in step 8 for the remainder of center loop of the clasp again, and
(bc). Continue through the next 110, the base, ending and adding thread as continue through the next 150, 110, and
150, and triangle (LH) (cd). needed. End the working thread and tail. 80 (de). Pick up five 150s, and sew
5 Pick up a 150 and an 110, and sew through the remaining loop of the clasp
through the next 80. Pick up an 110 and Edging and clasp and the next 150, triangle, and 150 (ef).
a 150, and sew through the open hole 1 Add a comfortable length of thread Sew through the beadwork, and retrace
of the following triangle (figure 4, ab). to the base, exiting the end 150 on the thread path of the clasp connection.
Repeat these stitches twice (bc), the top edge, with the needle pointing 7 Repeat steps 23 along the other
and sew through the next 17 beads toward the other end (figure 7, point a). edge of the base, ending with step 2,
as shown (cd). 2 Pick up two 150s, an 110, and two 150s, and ending and adding thread as
6 Repeat steps 35 for the desired length, skip the adjacent 110, 80, and 110, and needed. Repeat steps 56 to attach the
allowing 38 in. (1 cm) for the clasp, but in sew through the next 150 and the adja- other half of the clasp. End the thread. w
the last unit, sew through only 11 beads cent hole of the following triangle (ab).
instead of 17 beads (figure 5, point a). 3 Pick up an 110, and sew through the
End and add thread as needed. adjacent hole of the next triangle and
7 To work the first unit of the second the following 150 (bc).
row, repeat steps 35, but at the end of 4 Repeat steps 23 along this edge of
step 5, sew through the next 11 beads the base, ending with step 2 (figure 8,
instead of 17 beads (ab). point a). Sew through the next 150 (ab).
8 For the next unit, work as in step 35, 5 Pick up five 150s and the end loop
but end by sewing through 11 beads of the clasp, skip the next 110, and sew

d a
b a

c b

c d


b c
a a

a b d


Meet Handy Helen
Difficulty rating

Likes to
cream bracelet 71 4 in. (18.4 cm)
120 6 mm CzechMates two-hole
hone her
triangle beads (opaque luster Picasso)
4 g 80 seed beads (Toho 329, gold skills on
lustered African sunset)
3 g 110 seed beads (Toho 508, higher
metallic iris olivine)
small jewelry
2 g 150 seed beads (Toho 2102,
sapphire opal silver-lined) projects.
1 3-strand tube clasp
Fireline, 6 lb. test, or Toho One-G thread
beading needles, #11 or #12

topaz/gold bracelet colors

6 mm CzechMates two-hole triangle
beads (luster rose gold)
Helen, heres the book for you.
80 seed beads (Toho 995, gold-lined
rainbow aqua) Cool Copper Cuffs oers COOL COPPER
110 seed beads (Toho 221, bronze)
150 seed beads (Toho 952, aqua-
25 projects that help you CUFFS
25 metal and wire projects

lined yellow) transform copper wire and

metal into stunning cus.
Basics, p. 70 he book includes many
ending and adding thread interesting wire work and
square knot
metal work techniques, so
Eva Sherman
you can get started quickly
Item #67868
and successfully complete
6 mm two-hole
triangle bead the projects.
-top view

80 seed bead
Learn something new.
110 seed bead
Buy the book.
150 seed bead

Marie New is an award-

winning British beadwork
designer and a member
of the Starman Trendsetters
Team. She loves playing
with color, texture, and form, and when not
playing with seed beads, she is teaching
textile design at a high school. Contact

her at or visit Also available at your favorite craft or bead shop.

April 2016 53

Gem of a

spiral necklace

This unusual spiral

uses an assortment
of beads, including
gemstones, and is
stitched off a right-
angle weave core.

designed by
Marcia Balonis

Difficulty rating

purple necklace 19 in. (48 cm)
a 46 8 mm round faceted gemstones
c b a (amethyst)
e c 47 5 mm bicone crystals (Swarovski, lilac)
d 6 g 50 seed beads (Miyuki 134FR, matte
transparent dark topaz AB)
4 g 60 seed beads (Toho 421, gold-lustered
FIGURE 1 FIGURE 2 transparent pink)
80 seed beads
- 6 g color A (Toho 85F, matte metallic
plum iris)
80 seed bead, color A - 6 g color B (Miyuki 301, rose gold luster)
5 g 110 seed beads (Miyuki 4220,
80 seed bead, color B Duracoat eggplant)
c 1 clasp
50 seed bead Fireline, 10 lb. test
beading needles, #10
110 seed bead
green necklace colors
8 mm round faceted gemstones (green
8 mm gemstone
5 mm bicone crystals (Swarovski, Jet AB)
b 50 seed beads (Miyuki 146FR, matte
d 5 mm bicone crystal
a transparent green AB)
60 seed beads (Miyuki 1255, metallic
e 60 seed bead matte dark bronze)
FIGURE 3 80 seed beads
- color A (Miyuki 2006, matte metallic
Spiral step (bc). Retrace the thread path dark bronze)
1 On a comfortable length of thread, (not shown in the figure for clarity), and - color B (Matsuno 605, green iris)
pick up a color A 80 seed bead, two continue through the next two As (cd). 110 seed beads (Miyuki 4217, Duracoat
color B 80 seed beads, a 50 seed bead, 3 Pick up three As, and sew through the seafoam)
three 110 seed beads, four 8 mm round A your thread exited at the start of this
gemstones, a 5 mm bicone crystal, a 60 step (de). Retrace the thread path
seed bead, two Bs, and three 110s. Sew (not shown in the figure for clarity). Basics, p. 70
through the beads again to form a ring, 4 Work a counterclockwise loop: Pick right-angle weave: flat strip
leaving a 6-in. (15 cm) tail and exiting up three 110s, two Bs, a 60, a crystal, ending and adding thread
the first A (figure 1, ab). and a gemstone, and sew through
the adjacent three gemstones in the
note If your 110s slip inside the previous ring (figure 2, ab). Pick up Marcia Balonis has had a life-
50, add a B between the 110s and three 110s, a 50, and two Bs, and sew long passion for jewelry even
the 50 in the ring just completed and through the A your thread exited at the during her 35-year financial
for the remainder of the beadwork. start of this step (bc), using a tight ten- career. She found teaching
Also, it is very important that you sion. Continue through the next two As beading to be a great way to share her
keep the beadwork in the position as (cd). Make sure this loop is positioned passion. Marcia lives in Florida and enjoys
illustrated and not flip the beadwork on top of the previous loop. teaching locally and nationally. Contact
as the spiral is worked. 5 Work as in step 3 to add three As her at marcia@baublesbybalonis or
(figure 3, ab). visit www. or
2 Working in right-angle weave (RAW), 6 Work a clockwise loop: Pick up two Bs,
pick up three As, and sew through the a 50, and three 110s, and sew through
A your thread exited at the start of this the last three gemstones added (bc).

April 2016 55
Pick up a gemstone, a crystal, a 60, two Pick up five 110s, an A, five 110s, an A,
Bs, and three 110s, and sew through the a B, a 60, a crystal, a 50, a gemstone, c
A your thread exited at the start of this a 50, a crystal, a 60, a B, and an A. Pick b
step (cd). Continue through the next up this same pattern of beads again. a
two As (de). Make sure this loop is Pick up a repeating pattern of five
positioned on top of the previous loop. 110s and an A three times.
7 Repeat steps 36 for approximately Pick up half of the clasp, and sew FIGURE 4
8 in. (20 cm), skipping step 5 before back through the last A added
the last loop of beads is added, and (figure 4, ab).
reserving four gemstones for the neck Pick up five 110s, and sew through Pick up five 110s, an A, and five
straps. Retrace the thread path through the adjacent five 110s, A, and the clasp 110s, sew through the next four gem-
the last loop of beads added, and end (bc). Retrace the thread path of the stones in the last loop of the spiral,
the working thread and tail. connection (not shown in the figure for and end the thread.
clarity), and continue through the five 2 Add 2 ft. (61 cm) of thread to the
Neck strap 110s added in this step and the next other end of the spiral, exiting the three
1 On the just-completed end of the A (cd). 110s before the gemstone in the last
spiral, add 2 ft. (61 cm) of thread, exiting Pick up five 110s, an A, and five loop, with the needle pointing toward
the crystal in the last loop, with the nee- 110s, skip the next 11 beads, and sew the gemstone. Work the second strap
dle pointing toward the gemstone. Work through the following 11 beads. Repeat as in step 1. w
the neck strap as follows: this stitch once more.

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April 2016 57
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Ring around the

barrel bead Create a cleverly constructed beaded bead
using a wood barrel, seed beads, and
fire-polished beads.

designed by Fatima Mensen-Potter

change it up
Alter the look by interchanging
pearls, crystals, and fire-
polished beads of the
same size within
the design.

April 2016 59
variable size
To accommodate slight
Difficulty rating variances in the diameter
of the wood barrel beads
and pearls, the number of
RAW stitches might need
to be adjusted up or down
Materials a b c to fit properly around the
blue/silver bead 1 7 16 in. x 1 in.
3 8
center of the barrel. The
(3.7 x 3.5 cm) blue/silver bead started
1 32 x 22 mm wood barrel bead with a FIGURE 1 with a flat strip of 12 RAW
9 mm hole ( stitches before being
39 4 mm pearls (Swarovski or joined into a ring, and the
Preciosa, white) other two beads started
13 4 mm bicone crystals (Swarovski, with 11 RAW stitches.
crystal AB) a
26 4 mm fire-polished beads (jet) e c
3 mm fire-polished beads
- 52 color A (silver half coat) FIGURE 2
- 26 color B (jet AB)
1 g 80 seed beads (Preciosa,
jet hematite) d
1 g 110 seed beads (Toho 21F, frosted c a
silver-lined crystal)
1 g 150 seed beads (Miyuki 451, metallic
Fireline, 6 lb. test
beading needles, #11 or #12

multi-colored bead colors FIGURE 3

36 4 mm pearls (Preciosa, bronze)
12 4 mm bicone crystals (Swarovski, RAW center ring 4 Sew through the beadwork to exit
fuchsia AB2X) 1 On a comfortable length of thread, a pearl on the opposite edge. Work
24 4 mm fire-polished beads (azurite pick up four 4 mm pearls, leaving as in step 3 to add 80s on this edge
halo fire) a 6in. (15 cm) tail. Sew through the of the ring (photo above), and then
3 mm fire-polished beads first three beads again to form a ring sew through the first 80 added at the
- 48 color A (tanzanite AB) (figure 1, ab). Picking up three pearls start of this step.
- 24 color B (olivine AB) per stitch, work a total of 11 or 12 right- 5 Add an embellishment on top of
80 seed beads (Toho 945, jonquil mint angle weave (RAW) stitches (bc). each RAW stitch: Pick up a 150 seed
julep-lined) 2 Form the strip into a ring: Wrap the bead, an 110 seed bead, a 4 mm
110 seed beads (Toho 377, teal-lined aqua) strip around the center of the wood bicone crystal, an 110, and a 150.
150 seed beads (Toho PF562, galvanized barrel bead, pick up a pearl, and sew Cross the RAW stitch diagonally, and
saffron) through the end bead of the first stitch sew through the corresponding 80
(figure 2, ab). Pick up a pearl, and on the other edge, going in the same
sew through the end pearl of the last direction (figure 3, ab). Sew through
stitch (bc). Test the fit, and make
adjustments if necessary. Its okay if the
get a grip ring fits slightly loosely around the cen-
h i g
For extra stability, slide ter of the barrel as the beadwork will
the barrel onto a pen or cinch up when future rounds of peyote
marker, and use your fingers stitch are added. Retrace the thread e
d c
to grasp the beadwork, path to reinforce the join (not shown b
keeping it centered on in the figure for clarity), and continue
the barrel while working. through the adjacent edge bead
of the same stitch (cd).
3 Pick up an 80 seed bead, and
sew through the next edge pearl
(de). Repeat this stitch to complete
the round. FIGURE 4

pink/gold bead colors
36 4 mm pearls (Swarovski, powder rose)
the adjacent center pearl, and continue this and future rounds are completed. 4 mm bicone crystals (Swarovski)
through the next 80 on the original edge Round 3: With either working thread, - 12 light rose
with the needle facing away from the pick up a 150, an 110, and a 150, and - 24 rosaline (in place of 4 mm
beads just added (bc). sew through the next A in the previous fire-polished beads)
6 Work as in step 5 to add embellish- round (ef). Repeat this stitch to com- 3 mm beads
ment sets on top of each RAW stitch plete the round, and step up through - 48 bicone crystals, color A (Preciosa,
(cd). End and add thread as needed. the first 150 and 110 added (fg). golden flare 2X)
End the tail, but not the working thread. Round 4: With either working thread, - 24 fire-polished beads, color B (gold)
pick up a 4 mm fire-polished bead, 80 seed beads (Toho 221, bronze)
Sides and sew through the next 110 in the 110 seed beads (Toho 221, bronze)
To keep the beadwork tension evenly previous round (gh). Repeat this stitch 150 seed beads (Toho 221, bronze)
distributed around the barrel, you will be to complete the round, and step up
using two working threads to work mirror through the first 4 mm fire-polished
image rounds of tubular netting/peyote bead added (hi). Basics, p. 70
on each side of the RAW center ring. Round 5: With either working thread, peyote stitch: tubular
1 Add a comfortable length of thread pick up a 150, and sew through the next right-angle weave: flat strip, forming a strip
to the beadwork, exiting the edge 80 4 mm fire-polished bead in the previous into a ring
opposite the existing working thread. round (ij). Repeat this stitch to com- ending and adding thread
2 Work in rounds using one thread to plete the round, and step up through square knot
complete the round on one side of the the first 150 added (jk).
RAW center and then using the other Round 6: Pick up five 150s, and sew
working thread to repeat the round through the next 150 in the previous Fatima Mensen-Potter has
on the opposite side of the ring. round (figure 5, ab). Repeat this stitch been an art lover as long as
Round 1: With either working thread, to complete the round, and step up she can remember. Brazilian
pick up an 110, a color A 3 mm through the first three 150s added (bc). by birth, American citizen by
fire-polished bead, and an 110, skip Round 7: Pick up a color B 3 mm fire- choice, she resides in Bradenton, Florida,
the next pearl, and sew through the polished bead, and sew through the and loves to create jewelry following
following 80 (figure 4, ab). Repeat this next center 150 in the previous round European trends. She teaches at several
stitch to compete the round, and step (cd). Repeat this stitch to complete bead shops in Florida and at the To Bead
up through the first 110 and A added the round, and step up through the True Blue show in Tucson, Arizona. Contact
in this round (bc). first B added (de). Fatima at
Round 2: With either working thread, Round 8: Pick up an 110, and sew or visit
pick up an A, and sew through the next through the next B in the previous or
A in the previous round (cd). Pull the round (ef). Repeat this stitch to
thread tight. Repeat this stitch to com- complete the round, and step up
plete the round, and step up through through the first 110 added (fg).
the first A added in this round (de). Round 9: Pick up three 150s, and sew 4 mm pearl
The beadwork will start to cinch after through the next 110 in the previous
round (gh). Repeat this stitch to com-
80 seed bead
plete the round, and step up through
m k the first two 150s added (hi).
l 150 seed bead
Round 10: Pick up an 110, and sew
j h i g
through the next center 150 in the 110 seed bead
e previous round (ij). Repeat this stitch
f d c
to complete the round, and step up
b a 4 mm bicone crystal
through the first 110 added (jk).
Round 11: Pick up a 150, and sew
through the next 110 in the previous 3 mm fire-polished bead, color A
round (kl). Repeat this stitch to
complete the round, and step up 4 mm fire-polished bead
through the first 150 added (lm).
Pull the thread tight, and retrace 3 mm fire-polished bead, color B
the thread path to cinch the beads.
End the working threads. w

April 2016 61


bloom in

A row of tiny Pip bead flowers adorns

your wrist in a base supported with
Kheops beads.

designed by Stephanie Goff

Difficulty rating

b a d
d Materials
b peach bracelet 7 in. (18 cm)
a c 26 6 x 6 mm Kheops beads (jet bronze)
48 5 x 7 mm Pip beads (Preciosa, pink
alabaster travertine)
FIGURE 1 FIGURE 2 5 g 3.8 mm O-beads (matte metallic mix)
pearls (Swarovski)
- 12 4 mm (powder almond)
- 24 3 mm (rose peach)
6 x 6 mm Kheops bead
1 g 110 seed beads (Toho PF552,
sweet blush)
3.8 x 1 mm O-bead 1 g 150 seed beads (Toho PF551,
rose gold)
150 seed bead
1 clasp
Fireline, 6 lb. test
5 x 7 mm Pip bead beading needles, #11 or #12
c a
110 seed bead silver bracelet colors
6 x 6 mm Kheops beads (opaque light
3 mm pearl green luster)
5 x 7 mm Pip beads (Preciosa, silver
4 mm pearl graphite rainbow)
3.8 mm O-beads (graphite rainbow)
FIGURE 3 4 mm Druk beads (opaque luster amethyst;
use in place of pearls)
Strips mately 1 in. (2.5 cm) for the clasp 3 mm pearl (Swarovski, pearl white)
1 On a comfortable length of thread, (depending on the clasp size and 110 seed beads (Toho PF552,
pick up a Kheops bead through the style). End the working thread and tail. sweet blush)
right hole (RH) from bottom to top, 5 Repeat steps 14 to make another 150 seed beads (Miyuki 551, gilt
leaving a 6-in. (15 cm) tail. strip of equal length. white opal)
2 Pick up two O-beads, a 150 seed
bead, a Pip bead, a 150, two O-beads, Joining the strips Materials available at
a Kheops through the left hole (LH) 1 Attach a comfortable length of thread
from top to bottom, a 150, an O-bead, to the beadwork, exiting an end Pip
a 3 mm pearl, an O-bead, and a 150, bead, with the needle pointing toward Basics, p. 70
and sew through the Kheops (RH) the other end of the beadwork (figure 2, ending and adding thread
your thread exited at the start of this point a). Place the other strip next to
step, going from bottom to top (figure 1, the first so they mirror each other.
ab). Continue through the next eight 2 Pick up a Pip bead, and sew down Stephanie Goff owns and
beads to exit the other Kheops (LH) through the corresponding Pip bead operates Beadjoux Bead store
from top to bottom (bc) using a on the other strip (ab). Pick up a in Braselton, Georgia with
tight tension. Pip bead, and sew up through the Pip her mom, Monica. She has
3 Pick up a 150, an 110 seed bead, and bead your thread exited at the start been published in national beading
a 150, and sew through the open hole of this step (bc). Retrace the thread magazines, is a 2015-2016 Starman
of the same Kheops, going from bottom path using a tight tension (cd). TrendSetter, and teaches at the Bead&Button
to top (cd). 3 Pick up a 4 mm pearl, and sew Show. She enjoys using new beads for
4 Repeat steps 23 ending with step 2, through the corresponding Pip bead creative designs and teaching students
for the desired length, allowing approxi- in the other strip (figure 3, ab). Sew how to put a creative spin on her designs.
Contact her at or visit

April 2016 63
back through the 4 mm pearl, and sew through the open hole of the
continue through the Pip bead your corresponding Kheops on the opposite
thread exited at the start of this step side (bc). Pick up a 150, an 110, and e f
(bc). Sew through the beadwork as a 150, and sew through the other hole
shown to exit the next Pip bead on of the same Kheops (cd).
this strip (cd). 2 Sew through the beadwork to exit b c
4 Repeat steps 23 for the length the pearl added in the previous step d
of the strips. End the thread. (point e). Pick up three 110s, the loop
of a clasp, and three 110s, and sew
Clasp through the pearl your thread exited
1 Add 18 in. (46 cm) of thread to your at the start of this step (ef).
beadwork, exiting the end Kheops as 3 Retrace the thread path of steps
shown (figure 4, point a). Pick up a 150, 12 to reinforce, and end the thread.
an 110, and a 150, and sew through the 4 Work as in steps 13 to attach the
open hole of the same Kheops (ab). other half of the clasp to the other FIGURE 4
Pick up two O-Beads, a 150, a 3 mm end of the bracelet. w
pearl, a 150, and two O-Beads, and
Print all the materials for
the projects in this issue at

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with a subscription to Bead&Button magazine!

Meg Mullen
February 2016

Go to

o t


D pe
Craft a cute donut pendant with seed beads
and a handful of fire-polished beads.
designed by Justyna Szlezak

April 2016 65
Difficulty rating

e g
Materials c d f
gold/aqua pendant
a h
17 8 in. (4.8 cm) i
4 mm fire-polished beads
- 20 color E j
(stone blue luster)
- 10 color F
(matte metallic flax)
40 3 mm fire-polished beads
(moondust turquoise)
80 seed beads
- 2 g color B (Toho 4204,
Duracoat galvanized
- 1 g color C (Toho 460G,
steel blue metallic;
110 seed beads
- 3 g color A (Toho Takumi
989, gold-lined crystal)
- 1 g color D
(Toho 920, seafoam)
1 bail
1 4 mm jump ring FIGURE 1
(21- or 22-gauge)
beading needles, #12
Fireline, 6 lb. test Side 1 Rounds 1011: Using color the next 3 mm. Repeat these
cardboard or thread bobbin 1 On 3 yd. (2.7 m) of thread, B 80 seed beads, work 20 stitches nine times to com-
2 pairs of chainnose, flat- pick up 40 color A 110 seed stitches per round (figure 1, plete the round, stepping
nose, and/or bentnose pliers beads. Leaving a 1-yd. (.9 m) ab and bc). up through the first pair of
polyester fiberfill or felt tail, tie the beads into a ring Round 12: Work one stitch As (fg).
(optional) with a square knot. These with a 3 mm fire-polished Round 16: Pick up a color
beads will shift to form the bead and one stitch with E 4 mm fire-polished bead,
first two rounds as the next a B. Repeat these stitches and sew through the next
round is added. Wrap the nine times to complete the pair of As. Pick up two As,
tail around a piece of card- round (cd). and sew through the next
board or a thread bobbin Round 13: Work 20 stitches pair of As. Repeat these
to keep it out of the way using color C 80 seed beads stitches nine times to com-
until needed. (de). plete the round (gh).
2 Work rounds of tubular Round 14: Work one stitch Round 17: Work 20 stitches
peyote stitch as follows, step- with a 3 mm and one stitch with Bs, treating each pair
ping up at the end of each with three color D 110 seed of As as a single bead (hi).
round. Stitch using a tight beads. Repeat these stitches Round 18: Pick up a color F
tension throughout, and end nine times to complete the 4 mm fire-polished bead, and
and add thread if needed. round (ef). sew through the next B. Pick
Rounds 39: Using As, work Round 15: Pick up two As, up four Ds, and sew through
seven rounds (20 stitches and sew through the middle the following B. Repeat these
per round) for a total of D in the next trio of Ds. Pick stitches nine times to com-
nine rounds. up two As, and sew through plete the round (ij). Tie a

bronze/blue pendant colors
4 mm fire-polished beads
- color E (capri blue luster)
- color F (matte metallic flax)
3 mm fire-polished beads
(capri blue luster)
80seed beads
- color B (Toho 509, bronze
plum iris)
- color C (Toho 1207, marbled
opaque turquoise blue)
110 seed beads
- color A (Toho 509, bronze
plum iris)
- color D (Toho 274, color-
lined teal)

Basics, p. 70
peyote stitch: tubular; zipping up
or joining
ending and adding thread
half-hitch knot
square knot
opening and closing jump rings

Justyna Szlezak
FIGURE 2 was a talented
bead artist from
Poland. She
half-hitch knot, but dont trim 4 Join the two sides by zip- passed away in 2015 after a bat-
the working thread. ping up round 17 on side 2 110 seed bead, color A tle with cancer. We first published
with round 18 on side 1. her Blooming flower pendant
Side 2 and finishing 5 Using whichever thread 80 seed bead, color B in June, 2015, and her family is
1 Unwind the tail from the is longest, sew through the generously allowing us to publish
cardboard or bobbin, and beadwork to exit between this pattern. Find more patterns at
80 seed bead, color C
thread a needle on it. the second and third D of a
2 Repeat rounds 1017 on group of four Ds. Pick up a D,
this side of the original nine and sew through the next 110 seed bead, color D
rounds. When you get to seven beads to exit between
round 12 and beyond, be the second and third D in the 3mm fire-polished bead make it
sure to place the beads in
the correct order (if you work
next group of four Ds. Repeat
this stitch nine times to com- 4 mm fire-polished
To create a second
around the ring opposite plete the round (figure 2). bead, color E
look for your pendant,
the direction you worked End the threads.
use different colors for
the first side, you will need 6 Open a 4 mm jump ring, 4 mm fire-polished
bead, color F the fire-polished beads
to reverse the order in which slide it through an 110 added
and color C 80 seed
you pick them up) so this in the previous step and the
beads on side 2 just
side works up as a mirror loop of a bail. Close the
make sure they coordi-
image of side 1. jump ring. String your pen-
nate with the color A
3 If desired, stuff the pendant dant as desired. w
110s and color B 80s.
with polyester fiberfill or a
strip of felt.

April 2016 67
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THREAD AND KNOTS Attaching a stop bead Tubular
Conditioning thread Use a stop bead 1 Work a row of ladder stitch (see Ladder
Use wax (beeswax or microcrystalline wax) to secure beads stitch: Making a ladder) to the desired
or a thread conditioner (like Thread Heaven temporarily when you length using an even number of beads.
or Thread Magic), to condition nylon bead- begin stitching: Pick up Form it into a ring to create the first round
ing thread and Fireline. Wax smooths nylon the stop bead, leaving the desired length (see Ladder stitch: Forming a ring).
fibers and adds tackiness that will stiffen tail. Sew through the stop bead again in Your thread should exit the top of a bead.
your beadwork slightly. Conditioners add the same direction, making sure you dont 2 Pick up two beads, and sew down
a static charge that causes the thread split the thread inside the bead. If desired, through the next bead in the previous
to repel itself, so dont use it with doubled sew through the bead one more time for round (ab). Sew up through the following
thread. All conditioners help thread resist added security. bead. Repeat to complete the round
wear. To condition, stretch nylon thread to (bc), and step up through the next
remove the curl (you dont need to stretch STITCHES bead in the previous
Fireline). Place the thread or Fireline on HERRINGBONE STITCH round and the first d
top of the conditioner, hold it in place with Flat strip bead added in the
your thumb or finger, and pull the thread 1 Work the first row in ladder stitch (see new round (cd). a
through the conditioner. Ladder stitch: Making a ladder) to the 3 Continue adding
desired length using an even number two beads per stitch. b c
Ending and adding thread of beads, and exit the top of the last As you work, snug
To end a thread, sew back through the last bead added. up the beads to form
few rows or rounds of beadwork, following 2 Pick up two beads, and sew down a tube, and step up
the thread path of the stitch and tying two through the next bead in the previous at the end of each
or three half-hitch knots (see Half-hitch row (ab) and up through the following round until your rope
knot) between beads as you go. Sew bead in the previous row. Repeat (bc) is the desired length.
through a few beads after the last knot, across the first row.
and trim the thread. LADDER STITCH
To add a thread, sew into the beadwork Making a ladder
several rows or rounds prior to the point 1 Pick up two beads, and sew through
where the last bead was added, leaving c b them both again, posi- a b
a short tail. Follow the thread path of tioning the beads side
the stitch, tying a few half-hitch knots 3 To turn to start the next row, sew back by side so that their holes
between beads as you go, and exit where through the last bead of the pair just are parallel (ab).
the last stitch ended. Trim the short tail. added (ab). 2 Add subsequent
beads by picking up one bead, sewing
through the previous bead, and then
b c sewing through the new bead (bc).
a Continue for the desired length ladder.
This technique produces
uneven tension, which
4 To work the next row, pick up two beads, you can correct by zig-
Half-hitch knot sew down through the next bead in the zagging back through
Pass the needle under the thread bridge previous row and up through the following the beads in the opposite direction.
between two beads, and pull gently bead (bc). Continue adding pairs of
until a loop forms. Sew through the loop, beads across the row. Forming a ring
and pull gently to draw the knot into To turn without having thread show on With your thread exiting the last bead
the beadwork. the edge, pick up an accent or smaller in the ladder, sew through the first
bead before you sew back through the bead of the ladder, and then sew
Square knot last bead of the pair you just added, or through the last bead again.
1 Cross one end of the work the Concealed turn below.
thread over and under PEYOTE STITCH
the other end. Pull both Concealed turn Flat even-count
ends to tighten the first To hide the thread on the edge without 1 Pick up an even number of beads,
half of the knot. adding a turn bead, sew up through the leaving the desired length tail (ab).
2 Cross the first end second-to-last bead in the previous row, These beads will
of the thread over and and continue through the last bead shift to form the e
under the other end. added (ab). Continue in herringbone first two rows c
Pull both ends to tighten across the row (bc). This turn changes the as the third row a b
the knot. angle of the edge beads, making the edge is added.
stacks look a bit different than the others. 2 To begin row 3, pick up a bead, skip the
Overhand knot last bead added in the previous step, and
Make a loop with sew back through the next bead, working
b c
the thread. Pull the toward the tail (bc). For each stitch, pick
tail through the loop, up a bead, skip a bead in the previous
and tighten. a row, and sew through the next bead until

Meet Bold Brad
you reach the first bead picked up in step 1
(cd). The beads added in this row are
higher than the previous rows and are

Gets fired
referred to as up-beads.
3 For each stitch in subsequent rows, pick
up a bead, and sew through the next up-
bead in the previous row (de). To count
peyote stitch rows, add the total number
of beads along both straight edges.
up about
Work two-drop peyote stitch the same new jewelry
way as basic flat peyote, but treat pairs
of beads as if they were single beads.
1 To work in even-count two-drop peyote,
pick up an even number of beads that is
divisible by four. For odd-count two-drop
peyote, pick up an even number of beads
that is divisible by two and an odd number.
2 To begin row 3, pick up two beads, skip
the last two beads added in step 1, and
Brad, here are 25 ways
sew back through the next two beads.
Repeat this stitch across the row. to fan those lames.
3 For subsequent rows, pick up and sew
through two beads per stitch. Work each
turn the same as in regular flat peyote, Discover Torch Enameling shows you
using the odd-count turn if you are working Discover
an odd-count pattern. how to get sophisticated results from Torch
kitchen-table torch enameling. Enameling
Flat odd-count
Odd-count peyote is the same as even- Steven James fun, engaging style Get Started With
25 Sure-Fire
count peyote, except for the turn on odd- teaches you to make 25 colorful
numbered rows, where the last bead of
the row cant be attached in the usual bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and
way because there is no up-bead to pendants using simple enameling
sew through.
1 Begin as for flat even-count peyote, techniques. Youll learn a few basic Steven James
but pick up an odd number of beads. metalwork skills cutting, punching,
Work row 3 as in even-count, stopping Item #67889
before adding the last bead. dapping, and riveting along with
2 Work a figure-8 turn at the end of applying enamel effects.
row 3: Sew
8 7
through the first
bead picked up
in step 1 (bead
Turn up the heat.
#1). Pick up the 2 Buy the book.
last bead of the 1 3
row youre work-
ing on (bead #8), and sew through beads
#2, #3, #7, #2, #1, and #8.
You can work the figure-8 turn at the
end of each odd-numbered row, but
this will cause this edge to be stiffer than
the other. Instead, in subsequent odd-
numbered rows, pick up the last bead
of the row, sew under the thread bridge
between the last
two edge beads,
and sew back
through the last
bead added to
begin the next row.

Also available at your favorite craft or bead shop.

April 2016 71

Tubular 3 Continue working Tubular

Tubular peyote stitch follows the same as in step 2, adding 1 Work a flat strip of right-angle weave that
stitching pattern as flat peyote, but instead three beads per stitch is one stitch shorter than needed for the
of sewing back and forth, work in rounds. (alternate the direc- desired circumference of the tube. Form the
1 Pick up an even number of beads, and tion of the thread strip into a ring, exiting an edge bead in the
tie them into a ring with a square knot (see path for each one), until connecting stitch.
Square knot), leaving the desired length the first row is the desired length. 2 Add rounds as you would rows, picking
tail. If desired, slide the ring onto a dowel. up three beads in the first stitch, two beads
2 Sew through the Forming a strip into a ring in the subsequent stitches, and one bead
first bead in the ring. Exit the end bead of the last stitch, pick in the final stitch to join the first and last
Pick up a bead, skip up a bead, and sew through the end stitches in the round.
a bead in the ring, bead of the first stitch. Pick up a bead,
and sew through the Knot and sew through the end bead of the Beaded backstitch
next bead. Repeat to last stitch. 1 To stitch a line of beaded backstitch,
complete the round. sew through the fabric from back to front.
3 To step up to start the next Pick up three beads, and lay them on the
round, sew through the first bead fabric as desired.
added in this round (ab).
4 Pick up a bead,
and sew through Adding rows
the next bead in 1 After youve made a strip of right-angle 2 Sew through the fabric from front to
Round 4
round 3 (bc). Round 3 weave (which will be row 1), sew through back right after the third bead. Sew through
Repeat this stitch c the last stitch of row 1, exiting an edge the fabric from back to front between the
to complete the a bead along one side. second and third beads,
round. and sew through the third bead again.
5 Repeat steps Round 1 3 Pick up three more beads, lay them
Round 2
3 and 4 for the on the fabric, and repeat step 2. For a
desired length tighter stitch, pick up only one or two
tube. beads at a time.

Circular 2 Pick up three beads, c STRINGING AND WIREWORK

Circular peyote is also worked in continuous and sew through the Crimping
rounds like tubular peyote, but the rounds edge bead your b Use crimp beads to secure flexible beading
stay flat and radiate outward from the thread exited wire. Slide the crimp bead into place, and
center as a result of increases or using in the previ- squeeze it firmly with chainnose pliers to
larger beads. If the rounds do not increase, ous step flatten it. Or, for a more finished look, use
the edges will curve upward. (ab) and crimping pliers:
the first new bead (bc). 1 Position the crimp bead in
Zipping up 3 Pick up the hole that is closest to the
or joining two beads, handle of the crimping pliers.
To join two pieces of and sew b a 2 Holding the wires apart,
flat peyote invisibly, back through c squeeze the pliers to com-
match up the two the next edge press the crimp bead,
pieces so the end bead in the making sure one wire is
rows fit together. Zip previous row on each side of the dent.
up the pieces by and the bead 3 Place the crimp bead in
zigzagging through your thread the front hole of the pliers,
the up-beads on exited at the start of this step (ab). and position it so the dent
both ends. Continue through the two new beads and is facing the tips of the
the following edge bead in the previous pliers. Squeeze the pliers
RIGHT-ANGLE WEAVE row (bc). to fold the crimp in half.
Flat strip 4 Pick up two beads, and sew through 4 Tug on the wires to
1 Pick up four beads, and the last two beads your thread exited in ensure that the crimp
tie them into a ring with a the previous stitch and the first new bead. bead is secure.
square knot (see Square 5 Work as in steps 3 and 4 for the rest
knot), leaving the desired of the row. Add more rows as desired. Opening and
length tail. Sew through the first three closing loops and jump rings
beads again. This is the first stitch of the strip. 1 Hold a loop or a jump ring with two
2 Pick up three beads. Sew through the pairs of pliers, such as chainnose, flatnose,
last bead in the previ- or bentnose pliers.
ous stitch (ab), and 2 To open the loop or jump
con-tinue through the b ring, bring the tips of one
first two beads picked a pair of pliers toward you,
up in this stitch (bc). and push the tips of the
other pair away from you.
Feathery dagger-
bead collar
in the Bead these
JUNE summer styles
and more!
Delicate PLUS
dangles Kumihimo with 2-hole beads
earrings Jewelry photography tips
Winning contest designs

Fun & feminine bracelet

3 Reverse step 2 to
close the open loop
or jump ring.

Wrapped loop
1 Using chainnose
pliers, make a right-
angle bend in the wire
about 2 mm above a
bead or other compo-
nent or at least 1 in.
(3.2 cm) from the end
of a piece of wire.
2 Position the jaws
of the roundnose
pliers in the bend.
The closer to the tip
of the pliers that you
work, the smaller the
loop will be.
3 Curve the short
end of the wire over
the top jaw of the
roundnose pliers.
4 Reposition the pliers
so the lower jaw fits
snugly in the loop.
Curve the wire down-
ward around the bot-
tom jaw of the pliers.
This is the first half of
a wrapped loop.
5 To complete the
wraps, grasp the top
of the loop with one
pair of pliers.
6 With another pair
of pliers, wrap the wire
around the stem two
or three times. Trim the
excess wire, and gently
press the cut end close
to the wraps with chain-
nose pliers. w

April 2016 73

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for supporting
the fine businesses If you would attain to what you
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in the Galleria. walking, keep advancing.
Happy Shopping! St Augustine of Hippo

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Glass seed beads 11 to 24

exclusive Czech molded beads
books, videos & innovative supplies

Wholesale with credentials

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Leslee Frumin We have
copy of my new book.


The Galleria

beads, metals & Swarovski Elements

Artists & Teachers:

over 4,000
high quality 2YHU%HDGZRUN'HVLJQV
Free shipping on
orders over $25.

Custom Charms
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Custom Engraved
Jewelry Tags
Made in
the USA

Wynwoods Gallery
& Bead Studio
Charms in sterling, bronze & pewter

By Lois
Religious charms, medals and crosses

360-385-6131 Retail & Wholesale

Meet Trudy the Trendsetter

Loves to
on them.

Trudy, youll love these brand-new

chain mail projects.
In New Connections,
Kat Wisniewski shows jewelry connections
in chain mail jewelry with
The new, improved Paragon
makers how to enhance traditional rubber and glass rings
SC-2 Pro fires glass and chain mail weaves with exible
silver clay and anneals beads rubber rings and sparkling glass
Paragons SC-2 Pro also fires
enameling and decals. Sleek
stainless steel door and 9 handle; rings. he 25 projects include
silent operation. Optional bead door
and glass window available. Fires colorful bracelets, necklaces, KAT WISNIEWSKI

rapidly up to 2000F on 120 volts. Item #67872

Includes top vent hole and plug. 8 earrings, and pendants, each made
wide, 7 deep, 5 high interior.
Precision electronic controller. In- using Kats own custom patterns.
cluded are 2 printed instruction
manuals totaling 44 pages. Kiln
ships by UPS. Made in USA. Certified by TUV to CSA and UL
safety standards. Call or email for a free catalog.
Paragon Industries, L.P. / 2011 S. Town East Link traditional techniques
Mesquite, Texas 75149
800-876-4328 / Fax 972-222-0646 /
to trendsetting materials.

WITH US! Stitch an easy bracelet in under 2 hours!

from the Tucson
bead shows
p. 13

New designs
using classic
Make this radiant
pendant and more!

Explore a
new twist on Two layers of
beads give this
pendant extra

Cellini stitch p. 74
dimension, p. 28.

Learn an easy way to

start bead crochet p. 48

Discover tubular
St. Petersburg chain p. 68

Our guide to flexible beading wire p. 11
Meet bead entrepreneur Beki Haley p. 46
Create structure with 2-hole beads p. 62

To place your ad in Bead&Button -

Call Today! Also available at your favorite craft or bead shop.
888-558-1544 ext. 546
April 2016 75
We welcome beginners! We offer classes in stringing, wire wrapping,
To advertise in the Bead&Button Class Directory, please
Metal Clay, cold connections, fiber crafts and more for beginner through call 888-558-1544.

advanced beaders. We also offer private lessons that can be scheduled
at your convenience, just call for details! Contact Lori Schneider ext. 546 for more information about
DATES: Classes ongoing at Beading Dreams year-round this great advertising opportunity.
5629 W. Lovers Ln Dallas, TX 75209 (214)366-1112


Manufactures of: Wire Looper Machines, automaticormanual Discount and Bulk Prices: Toho & Miyuki beads - 11/0 & 10/0, Fresh new beads every week for unique designs.
cubes, drops, bugles, hex, 3-cuts, more! Also an unusual blend
Wire Jump ring machines, Tack Welders, Pulse Arc Welders
of older, hard to find, and out of the ordinary beads, cabochons,
Use coupon BEADS71 for 10% off most regular
and Fusion welders for the Jewelry making industries. E-mail price items!, Voice 888-494-2663, Fax 706-625-6624. and findings.


Chain Mail, knitted mesh, unusual and vintage chains in custom The premier source for vintage style jewelry components plated Wholesale pricing to the public. Large selection of Czech & Chinese
finishes you will find nowhere else. Large selection of matching with rich antique patinas, lockets, cameos, intaglios, unique Glass, Artistic Wire, Sterling & 14KGF Beads Wire & Findings,
findings, metal beads, original designed clasps, some using glass jewelry stones, bead caps, tools, display cards, settings, Polymer Clay and more. Authorized Swarovski Reseller. We welcome
vintage buttons. ONE STOP SHOPPING! chain and beads. Free lessons and ideas! Guilds, Large Groups and Individual Artists. International Shipping
available. 248-544-1590
Website Directory


No lousy beads! The best assortment of beads and supplies, Hand cut for designers and those desiring unique, natural, Specializing in CzechMates 2-hole beads. Free shipping US
customer-reviewed for quality, shipped lighting-fast. The home unusual and classic gemstones. Specializing in cabochons; orders over $25. See our exclusive Gallery of Color Suggestions
of SmartBeadShopping member discounts and free shipping focal beads; pendant stones. DiWolf jewelry from casual to for design and color ideas. 20% off one time coupon:
with Beaders Advantage, Name Your Price Jewelry and more. designer, all unique. BBAPR2016


Thousands of Beads for Hundreds of Projects. Quality beads 1000s of 16" strings for $1! Overstock beads cheaper than Serving the on-line community for more than 14 years. A huge
in many sizes, made of glass, bone, metals, shell and stone. wholesale. Pressed Glass, Shells, Glass Pearls, Cats Eye, stock of seed beads & Czech pressed glass beads. More items
Specializing in a large variety of seed beads and cut beads both Turquoise and more... New items added daily. Sales in US only. available in-store. Cant find it on our website? Email us we
Czech and Japanese. No minimum order. $5.95 flat-rate shipping. probably have it.


Specializing in all things old, antique, and rare. Antique A huge assortment of gorgeous African Beads, Trade Beads, Unique, high quality thread conditioner and protectant
Venetian seed beads, lampwork and pressed glass, and vintage Recycled Glass Beads and more. Imported directly from the prevents tangling, knotting and fraying, AND protects against
cabochons. African trade beads, ancient stone, antique amber, amazing bead markets of West Africa. Visit us once and you mold, mildew and UV damage! Usage tips, health and safety
are sure to return again! information, worldwide distributor list, wholesale purchasing
coral, bronze, and silver from around the world. and much more at:


Free Raffle prize every month. Featuring the largest selection Your online destination for an inspiring selection, exceptional The premier source for vintage style jewelry components plated
of findings, beads, fine & custom jewelry, semi-precious stone, quality, guaranteed service and volume discount pricing. New with rich antique patinas, lockets, cameos, intaglios, unique
crystal & phone accessories. We also do mass production jewelry designs with step-by-step instructions every week on our glass jewelry stones, bead caps, tools, display cards, settings,
(custom design) for jewelry and phone case. inspiration page. Free Shipping Option! chain and beads. Free lessons and ideas!

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Issue 131

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p. 11 TS Pay Give
Change of your bill Renew your a gift
beads! address subscription
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Craft 3-D
with bugl shapes
Make this
color gradacool ombr
e beads tion p. 20

p. 26

PMalu s!
ke snazzy

Business peyote ea
Easy bea
or hobby?
Tips for tax rrings p. 40
d-embroid time p. 24
ered pen
dant p. 54

Make a
p. 30

Society Directory
Meets 7PM on 2nd Thursday. Chevy Chase Community Center,
Connecticut Ave. & McKinley St. NW, WDC 20015.
Semi-Annual Bead Bazaar: April 16-17, 2016 at Bohrer Park,
A yearly membership offers you access to monthly meetings with
guest speakers, field trips, and semiannual Bead Bazaars! We offer
grants for bead research twice a year. Visit

Directory Gaithersburg, MD. Discount Tickets:

PO Box 42519, Washington, DC 20015
202-624-4500 or
for more info. Meeting:1st Wed. of every month except July and Aug.
BSLA, PO Box 1456, Culver City, CA 90232-1456

10th Annual Winter Bead and Jewelry Show January 9-10, 2016 Meets 6:30pm on 3rd Tuesdays (Jan - Nov), First Presbyterian Monthly meetings held September to June.
Doubletree Hilton - Pikesville, MD Church, 1669 W. Maple, Birmingham, MI. Sponsors numerous Ryerson University - Jorgenson Hall, 380 Victoria St.,
Saturday 10:00am - 5:00pm, Sunday 10:00am - 4:00pm workshops & programs annually. BEAD BONANZA SALE with 50 Toronto, Canada. Classes, lectures, displays. Bead & Jewellery
vendors twice a year. Contact: Great Lakes Beadworkers Guild Fairs held Spring and Fall. Please check website for schedules.
Howard County Center for the Arts All are welcome!
8510 High Ridge Rd., Ellicott City, MD 21043 PO Box 1639, Royal Oak, MI 48068

Shop ARKANSASFayetteville
Nestled in the Ozarks in beautiful downtown Fayetteville
Since 1991 NWAs largest full service bead store,
crystals, gemstones, import clothing & unique gifts.
Largest selection of Japanese seed beads. Over 900 colors.
Delicas, stone, pearls, crystals, lampwork, trade beads,
Everything for the Bead Weavers needs! Friendly, helpful
staff here 7 days a week. Czech & Japanese seed beads,
semi-precious, Swarovski, metal beads & charms, findings,

Directory Tues - Fri 10-5; Sat 9-5; Closed Sun & Mon charms, wood, bone and more. See our full size ad. Classes. chain, tools & much more! Catalog, map & more info online.
Like us on Facebook Follow us on Instagram
106 N. Block Ave. 479-443-2323 2525 Yorktown Ave. 916-488-2323 5712 West 38th Avenue 303-567-2222
SHOP DIRECTORY ads are $354 for six consecutive
issues, payable in advance, or $65 per issue (billed to CALIFORNIAArroyo Grande CALIFORNIASan Diego CONNECTICUTCheshire
established accounts for one year minimum). Color Full service bead store. Large selection of seed beads and A great San Diego bead store by the beach. We have a unique We specialize in hard to find gemstones in natural state. Rare
available for $10 per issue. Street address must be listed
in the ad. No mention of mail order or wholesale business Swarovski crystals and pearls. We also offer a great selection and complete collection of everything for the bead enthusiast focal beads, 2 hole beads, druzy, crystal points, agates, gem-
permitted. of classes. Open Tues-Sat 10:00am-5:00pm, Closed Sun and at any level. All varieties of beads, chain, wire, findings, stone nuggets geodes, African trade beads, Tibetan & Indian
Mon. books, tools & more. Wed - Sat 10:30-7, Sun 11-6 Mala. Classes, open studio.Coupon BeadandButton10
Send your ad to: Bead&Button Shop Directory
or call 1-888-558-1544, Ext. 815. 1054 E. Grand Ave., Suite A 805-489-6544 5003 Newport Ave. 619-222-2115 116 Elm St. 203-439-8689


Located on the Eastern Shore of Mobile Bay. Lots of Japanese Purveyor of unique beads, buttons, trims & treasures, Fabulous gemstones, pearls & lampwork at full-service store
seeds, Czech glass, shaped 2-hole, Swarovski, gemstones, Beads to thread, wire & just admire worldly offerings to beginners, inspired, & collectors. with parties, inspiring classes & special events. The newest
pearls, tools, findings and more. Sail in, get inispired. All for beading to your hearts desire Workshops-parties-gifts-supplies. Beadworks, becoming known for its studio space & creative
Classes anytime. Open daily 10-6, Sunday 11-4 Family owned since 2003 Tu, W, F & Sat. 10-6; Th 10-8; Sun 11-4. parties. Proud resource for beginner & expert beaders alike.
Find us on Facebook
27955 US Hwy. 98, Ste. M 251-210-6679 2051 Harrison Street, Ste. C 925-682-6493 1068 Lincoln Ave. 408-293-2232 1700 Post Rd. 203-955-1550

ALABAMAHelena (min. from Birmingham) CALIFORNIAEl Segundo (near LAX) CALIFORNIASan Marino CONNECTICUTMontville
Escape the stresses of everyday life & create at The Bead Biz. Stop in & experience Bead Heaven on Earth. Friendly service A cozy shop in a village setting. Natures Art Village has over 5 million BEADS and counting!

Shop Directory
Japanese seed beads, Delicas and Tohos. Austrian crystals & all the newest beading trends at the best prices. New Delica We carry a nice selection of beads of all kinds, tools, Plus semi-precious stones, crystals, Miyuki Seeds, complete
and great prices on gemstones. Supplies for all your bead selection. Conveniently located just south of LAX. Classes and findings, supplies, and classes for all levels. wire wrapping supplies, hot new classes & Expert Staff!
needs. Tues-Fri 11-6, Sat 10-6, Sun 1:30-5:30, closed Mon. parties. M, Tu & F 11-5; W & Th 11-7; Sat 10-4. Closed Sun. Come visit us! Open 7 days, 10am-6pm.
3745 Helena Rd., Ste. 100 205-621-2426 319 Richmond St. 310-322-0077 2566 Mission St. 626-219-6633 1650 Route 85 860-443-4367


Visit our beautiful showroom! We specialize in Swarovski crys- Located in the Pavilion West shopping center. Formerly Kandras Beads Family owned and operated. Beads, findings & stringing
tals & pearls, naturals & Delicas. Best seed bead selection in Featuring unique beads, crystals, gemstones, A full service bead store. Incredible selection of Japanese seed material of all kinds. Birthday/private parties and events.
the state. Known for original kits & classes. Events include Sterling silver, tools, books and a lot more. beads! Lots of wonderful beads and great classes. Classes, free open studio, consignment art and gifts.
guest teachers, trunk shows, Beadathon & Savvy Sunday. We have everything to bring out the bead artist in you. Open 7 days a week. Mon- Sat 10-6, Thurs 10-8, Sun 11-5
1660 S. Alma School Rd, Ste. 108 480-755-4367 2059 W. Bullard 559-435-6605 1539 Misison Dr., Suite A 805-686-8804 55 Pennsylvania Ave. 860-739-6552

ARIZONAPhoenix & Scottsdale CALIFORNIAGrover Beach CALIFORNIAStockton CONNECTICUTNorwalk (Historic Sono)

Best selection of quality gemstones, Tierra Cast, Youll love our huge Swarovski selection; stone, pearls, Globetrotting buyers provide unparalleled selection of Precious
seed beads, chain, metals, SS, GF, Swarovski, pearls, Glass beads, semi-precious stone, Swarovski crystal, seed pressed glass and seed beads all sizes. Czech & Japanese & Semi-precious Gemstones, Pearls, Swarovski, Czech, Lamp-
leather, jewelry making kits and more. Classes daily. beads, findings, silver, tools, wire, lampworking classes & including Delicas. Instruction available; beginner to advanced. work, 14K & 18K, Basics & Findings galore. Landmark for the supplies, direct importer. Check us out at: bead enthusiast & novice alike. Parties & Inspiring Classes!
6068 North 16th St. 602-240-BEAD (2323) JEWELL'S BEADS BEAD DREAMS (around the corner on Dorris Place) BEADWORKS
8764 E. Shea Blvd. 480-948-BEAD (2323) 1443 W. Grand Ave. 805-473-1541 2103 Pacific Ave. 209-464-2323 139 Washington St. 203-852-9194


Arizonas oldest bead store featuring Antique Beads, Wide selection of beads & supplies. One stop bead store from basics to exotic & extraordinary.
American Dichroic glass, Arizona made beads, Zuni fetishes, Full-service bead store with an amazing selection of glass Raku & lampwork beads made on site. Gemstones, organics, all metals, crystals, seed beads, glass.
original Southwest pendants & beads & one-of-a-kind bead and Semi-precious beads. Come see our wall of beads. Daily 9:00am to 5:00pm. Vendors Wanted for Show. Stringing materials, findings, wire, chain, tools, books, classes.
kits. Creekside: 928-282-2144 Great prices. Quality beads. Friendly, helpful staff. Fairplay Bead & Fiber Show, August 8 & 9, 2015 Friendly staff in an organized and inspiring environment.
In Tlaquepaque Village, Ste. C101 928-282-4928 1766 Clark Ave. 562-433-9393 417 Front Street 719-836-2698 1507 Connecticut Ave. NW 202-265-2323


Tools & supplies for the bead artist! Ventura Countys largest selection of beads & beading books; Wide selection of beads & supplies. Our beautiful showroom is well stocked with the latest trends
Sedonas largest selection of beads and findings. Seed, Delica, vintage glass, Czech glass, Swarovski crystal, Raku & lampwork beads made on site. in beads, crystals, gemstones, findings, styles and colors.
Classes & private lessons. Pearls & gemstones, charms, findings, Sterling & gold-filled. Daily 9:00am to 5:00pm. Vendors Wanted for Show. Small classes make for more individual attention. Conveniently
Mon. - Sat. 10-5; Sun. closed. Classes with nationally known teachers. Open Tues - Sun. Fairplay Bead & Fiber Show, August 8 & 9, 2015 located in Central Boca Raton. Open Mon-Sat 10am-6pm or
3150 W. SR. 89A 928-282-7334 2321 Michael Dr. 805-499-1377 417 Front Street 719-836-2698 21073 Powerline Rd., Ste. 35 561-477-8760


Huge Showroom! Everything you need to bead: Semi, vintage Total sensory overload! Largest bead shop in Northern CA. From beading classes to unique gifts and fabulous fashion Unique Bead Store with complimentary coffee & soothing
beads & buttons & crystal, copper, seed beads, findings, Japanese & Czech seed beads, Czech glass, hemp & macrame jewelry, we have something for everyone. One of the largest music. Miyuki seed beads, Swarovski crystals, Czech glass,
fabulous twiddeleydoos, single beads to bulk quantities. Close supplies. Findings, semi-precious, TierraCast, bone, feathers, bead stores in Denver metro area! 10% of every sale donated semi-precious stones, Tagua beads, Greek leather, tools &
to I-10, RV Parking. Call for directions. Mon. - Sat. 10-5. leather. Huge selection of chain, tools, wire, classes & more. to a charity you choose. Tues - Sat 10:00am-6:00pm findings. Handcrafted jewelry/gifts. Classes & birthday parties.
Coupon Code: MAGAZINE for 20% off most items
3301 E Pennsylvania St. Toll Free 877-696-9490 2619 Park Marina Dr. 530-243-8808 1700 West Belleview Ave. 303-761-6100 130 Del Prado Blvd., Ste. 7 239-673-6096

April 2016 77
FLORIDAClearwater (Indian Rocks Beach) FLORIDASarasota ILLINOISBloomington ILLINOISPeoria
Full service bead store offering a unique selection of beads, Largest selection of watch faces, Swarovski crystals & Where beads are always blooming! The only full-service bead store in the Peoria area.
findings, wire, tools, buttons, books and seaside gifts. gemstone beads from around the world. Incl. Bali & gold-filled Offering the largest selection of natural stones, We offer pearls, semi-precious, silver, crystal, seed beads
Classes/Parties/Workspace. Custom torch-fired enamels. silver findings, books, tools, beadalon. All level beaders & Swarovski crystal and seed beads in the area. and much more. Tell us what you need and we'll get it!
beadshops welcome. Mon - Sat 10-7, Sun 11-6 We encourage all beaders with classes and on-site beading. Mon-Sat 10am-6pm. Check our website for class schedule.
1519 Gulf Blvd., Ste. 4 727-510-1657 5537 Palmer Crossing Circle 941-933-1938 901 S. Eldorado Road 309-664-6000 3301 N. Prospect Rd. 309-682-BEAD (2323)

FLORIDADavie (Ft. Lauderdale area) FLORIDASarasota ILLINOISChicago ILLINOISPeoria

Voted the best bead store in So. FL. Largest selection of Offering a great selection Swarovski Crystals & Pearls, Seed Seed Bead & AIKO Specialists! Nationally renowned teachers. Central Illinois oldest & largest full-service bead & artisan
natural stones, freshwater pearls, Bali & Thai silver, crystals, Beads,Firepolish, Preciosa, Gem Stones, and Findings. We are Gary Wilson cabochons. Huge selection of Czech glass. jewelry store. Best prices & largest selection in lampwork,
Czech glass & seed beads. Extensive classes with patient full-service with great prices & the friendliest gals in town. Swarovski crystal in 2XAB & special coats. DISCOUNT PRICES! crystal, firepolish, natural stone, sterling silver, pewter, copper,
teachers. Centrally located. New 3,200 sq. ft. facility. Take one of our many classes or sit and bead with us. Open Tues. noon-5:00pm, Sat. 11:00am-4:00pm, or by appt. brass, etc. Lots of jewelry making kits and classes. Junction City Shopping Ctr
5735 S. University Drive 954-880-0880 2717 Beneva Road 941-444-7457 3928 N Rockwell Street 312-316-1910 5901 N. Prospect Road., Ste. 4 309-966-3495


South FLs newest full service, friendly bead store & con- KNOWN FOR THE LARGEST SEED BEAD COLLECTION IN THE Large selection of semi-precious beads, Swarovski crystal, Largest selection of beads, findings, wire and chain
signment. Classes in beading, metalsmithing, Dichroic glass & TAMPA BAY AREA! Over 950 Delica colors, 107 Tila colors, Venetian glass beads, seed beads, pearls, Thai silver, Bali in the area. 1,000+ charms. Mon - Fri 10-6, Sat 10-5,
much more. Full line of Miyuki seed beads, Swarovski crystals, SuperDuos & more! Huge selection of gemstones, freshwater silver, findings, chain, tools, classes, jewelry, gifts & more! call for Sun hours. GIA gemologist owner, engraving in store.
semi-precious stones, Czech glass, etc. Open Tuesday-Saturday pearls & Swarovski crystals. Visit website for hours & classes. Open 7 days a week. Walking distance from downtown. Bring in ad for $5.00 off a $25.00 purchase. 2nd location: 3446 N S 4th
2247 West Hillsboro Blvd. 954-573-7797 12807 W. Hillsborough Ave., Ste. H 813-258-3900 1361 N. Wells Street 312-335-1930 341 W. State St. (Rt. 64) 815-895-3011

FLORIDAFt. Myers FLORIDATitusville ILLINOISCobden INDIANAIndianapolis

We honor your creativity! Large selection of beads & findings & jewelry making For all your beading needs. Ceramic, Czech glass, findings, 2000+ Sq. Ft. Bead and Jewelry Store, with staff willing to
From beginner to full blown artist, we are S.W. Floridas supplies - Crystal, gemstones, seed, hand-made glass, wire, hemp, yarn, seed beads, gemstones and more! serve. Beads, findings, classes, tools, & more. 1.5 miles from
bead paradise! Classes and parties available. Sterling silver, charms, wire & more. Classes and workshops. Classes available. Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 12-6, Downtown. Free Parking. Open Mon - Fri 11-7 and Sat 11-5.
Volume buying welcome. Check out our eye candy. Now located in Sears Town Mall. Saturday 10-5 or by appointment. Closed Sundays. Where Beads Become Jewelry
16205 S. Tamiami Trail, #4 239-432-1778 3550 S. Washington Ave., Ste. 15 321-383-1556 203 East Ash St. 618-893-6170 1311 E. Prospect St. 317-495-1102

FLORIDAHudson FLORIDAWest Palm Beach ILLINOISDeerfield INDIANAValparaiso

With a warm and inviting atmosphere, Lauras Beads is a One of S. FLs oldest bead stores. Wholesale to the public. Welcome to our creative atmosphere and see the extensive Largest selection for seed beads & Swarovski crystals
place to gather, learn and create. Specializing in bead Large selection of Swarovski crystal, flat backs, S/S, G/F, selection of Delicas, seed beads, crystals, stone beads, in the area. Classes always available.
weaving, we offer a wide range of classes and are stocked pewter, gemstones, pearls, wire, tools, hand-blown glass & findings & much, much more. We offer many classes and Mon, Tues, Thur 10-5; Weds & Fri 10-6; Sat 10-4
with a gorgeous selection of beads, findings and supplies. seed beads. Over 150 beading classes. Open 7 days a week. workshops and have a friendly, knowledgeable staff. Drop by to learn and share!
8143 State Road 52 727-495-0803 4603 Okeechobee Blvd., #117 561-687-3663 816 Waukegan Road 847-607-8702 103 E. Morthland Dr., Ste. 1 219-299-2270

FLORIDALighthouse Point (Pompano) GEORGIAAlpharetta ILLINOISDes Plaines (Near OHare) INDIANAWinona Lake
South Floridas friendliest bead store. Tons of semi-precious, Weve got it! Crystals, glass, lampwork, Dichroic glass, Best selection & prices! Swarovski, stone, pearls. Best selection of stone beads in N. Indiana. Glass and seed
pearls, Czech, Swarovski, sterling, tools and supplies. seed beads, Delicas, silver, gold, fine pewter, copper, local Czech glass & 2-hole beads. Japanese, Czech seeds. beads, findings and tools, custom jewelry and repair, classes
Shop Directory

Original lampwork beads. Classes and kits. artists, tools, materials and inspiration! Make it here or take GF, SS, base metal findings, beads & 200+ chains. and parties year round. A hidden gem in a cozy lakeside town.
Check out our website for store location and class schedules. it home. Classes and parties a specialty. Come see us! Leather, tools, friendly help. Mon - Sat 10-6; Tues til 8. Find us on Facebook. Open Mon - Sat 10-6
5034 N. Federal Hwy. 954-418-3390 5155 Highway 9 North 770-667-1233 1942 River Road 847-699-7959 805 East Canal St. 574-371-2777

FLORIDAOcala GEORGIAAtlanta area ILLINOISDowners Grove IOWAIowa City

New 3,000 Sq. Ft. Location in Market Street. Macrame Shamballa, paves beads, large hole beads, Largest selection of Swarovski in Illinois! 5,000 sq. ft. of
Offering the areas best selection of Miyuki & Toho seed Swarovski crystal, natural gemstones, freshwater pearl, Bali gemstone, findings, chain, leather, Bali, pearls, porcelain, Since 1987. Broad range of stone, glass, seed beads,
beads, Swarovski, Czech glass, GS, findings & more. Indian silver & Thai Hill Tribe silver, wires, charms, brass, silver enamel, Chinese crystal, bone, pewter, Beadalon, TierraCast, Swarovski, pearls, metal & organics. Proven instruction-
See our class & events schedule online. & gold-filled chains & beading classes. classes & more! Beaders Welcome. Mon - Fri 10-5, Sat 12-4 creative environment. Monthly specials. Open 7 days a week. THE COLORSTONES
THE BEAD STRAND 2350 Cheshire Bridge Rd., Ste. 204 404-389-0817 J.B.C. BEADS BEADOLOGY IOWA
4414 SW College Rd., Ste. 1510 352-620-2323 10800 Alpharetta Hwy., Ste. 184 770-993-9921 1035 Havens Ct. 630-963-0460 220 E. Washington St. 319-338-1566


Largest selection of watch faces, Swarovski crystals & Satisfy your need to bead! Bali silver, crystals, chain maille supplies, Kumihimo Largest bead selection in KS with thousands of bead strands.
gemstone beads from around the world. Incl. Bali & gold-filled Delightful selection of beads, findings, tools, supplies & supplies, charms & more. Many project ideas available. A beading BAZAAR of wire, chain, findings & supplies.
silver findings, books, tools, beadalon. All level beaders & classes. Unique art glass from local artists. Studio work Individual attention is our specialty! Classes available. Same owners since 1975. Open Mon - Sat 9:30 - 5:30
beadshops welcome. Mon - Sat 10-7, Sun 11-6 space with a helpful staff. Check us out at: Open Tues - Sat 10-5. Closed Sun & Mon. Unique beads from around the world.
8335 S. John Young Pkwy. 407-226-3151 781 E. Main St. 706-276-1215 7220 W. Benton Dr. 815-464-7161 615 Commercial Street 620-342-6607

FLORIDAOrlando (College Park) GEORGIABraselton ILLINOISGalena KENTUCKYLouisville

Bead Bar - Full Service Bead Stores - Central Floridas
favorite since 1991. Huge inventory, talented staff, great New full service bead store northeast of Atlanta! Rustic River is a collection of handcrafted jewelry, Bead variety! Glass, gemstone, crystal, metals, wood, bone,
customer service, very competitive prices. A Beaders Delight. Swarovski, Czech, seed beads and vintage crystal and glass Vintaj Natural Brass, specialty beads & unique finds. seed, Delicas, findings, books, minerals, wire, tools, supplies.
A must see in Orlando. Online catalog. Newsletter. beads. Exit 129 on I-85. Check out our website for classes. Our shop is inspired by nature. Open 7 days a week. Classes. Tuesday - Saturday 10-6; Monday by appointment
1319 Edgewater Dr. 407-426-8826 6750 Hwy. 53, Suite 103 706-658-0007 109 N. Main St. 815-776-0043 3816 Shelbyville Road 502-893-6060

FLORIDAOrlando (Maitland) GEORGIAWatkinsville (Athens) ILLINOISHighland Park LOUISIANABaton Rouge

Orlandos premier teaching center and full service bead store. Artisan & focal beads, Czech beads & buttons, vintage beads, Large selection of 500+ chains, semi-precious stones, Large full-service bead store. Specializing in glass, stone, Ster-
Japanese seed beads, Swarovski products, gemstones, pearls, Swarovski, TierraCast, WireLace, WireKnitz & SilverSilk, pearls, seed beads, lucite, Swarovski crystals, bali & sterling ling, pearl and seed beads. Classes galore, parties & individual
thunder polished crystals, fine metals and mixed metal Miyuki, Venetian beads, Hill Tribe, Kazuri, trade beads, parts, tools & essentials. Great place for parties & classes! help from knowledgeable beaders. Open 6 days a week,
findings and chain. Kits and a special order catalog available. pearls & stone. Classes. Check the website for shop hours. Hours: Mon-Fri 10-5:30; Sat 11-5; Sun Closed. closed Sun. Intersection of Coursey & Sherwood Forest Blvds.
110 N Orlando Ave. (2323) 16 N. Main St. (entrance at back) 706-769-2012 1799 St. Johns Ave. 847-433-3451 11943 Coursey Blvd, Ste. A 225-292-3633

FLORIDAPalm Harbor IDAHOIdaho Falls ILLINOISPalatine LOUISIANANew Orleans

More than just a bead store. Beads, Czech glass, Chinese & Areas best & largest selection of quality gemstones, German A culturally-diverse selection of beads, jewelry and French Quarters Bead Store, Pearls, Semi-precious & Glass
Swarovski crystals, pearls. Tools & findings. Classes with Vintage, Tibetan, Bali, Thai & Turkish silver beads & findings, gift items from around the world, specializing in Beads, Bali, Thai, Silver Findings, Tools, Lamp worked Glass
great artist. Beading, Polymer, resin, lampwork, leather & Czech glass, seed beads, trade beads, classes & more. ancient and new Indonesian beads. Jewelry repair - Beads by Local Artists. The Artist Market has 2 entrances, 85
metalworking. Offering classes & parties for all ages & skills. Mon - Fri 11:00-5:30 and Sat 12:00-5:30 books - findings - body jewelry - classes - piercings. French Market Pl. (across from Flea Market), the other below.
3422 Tampa Road 727-781-1377 440 Park Avenue 208-529-3696 8 S. Brockway 847-776-BEAD (2323) 1228 Decatur St. 504-561-0046

FLORIDAPort Charlotte ILLINOISAurora ILLINOISPalatine MAINEAugusta

Largest selection of Gemstones in Southwest Florida. Huge Fulfill your need to bead at Auroras only bead store. We Beads+Baubles+Boutique... Beautiful selection of Sterling Our customers say we are the Best Little Bead Shop in ME.
selection of Miyuki Seed Beads. Over 600 colors of Delicas. offer many classes in stitching, wire wrapping & Chain Maille. Silver Findings, Swarovski crystals, Czech Fire Polished, Friendly, helpful atmosphere. Large selection of silver,
Czech Glass, Swarovski, Bone, Shell, Tools, Sterling silver, Located behind Rush Copley Hosp. on Montgomery Rd. German, Vintage & natural Gemstone beads. BeadSmith Swarovski, glass, bone, stones, seed beads, tools & supplies.
Copper and Gold-filled findings. Tues - Sat 10-5pm. Open 6 days a week. Closed Mon. Come & stay for awhile! authorized dist. Parties, classes, artist demos, trunk shows. Classes & parties. Bridal & repairs. Tue-Fri 10-5; Sat 10-3.
24600 Sandhill Blvd. 941-764-6222 1649 Montgomery Road 630-236-5913 225 N. Northwest Hwy. 847-705-6614 333 Water St. 207-622-1666

MARYLANDAnnapolis (Edgewater) MINNESOTASt. Paul NEW HAMPSHIREEpping NEW YORKNew York City
We offer a diverse selection of gemstones, freshwater pearls, Huge selection of top quality beads, beading supplies, and From Beads to Crystals to Trimmings and more. Beads World
Swarovski crystals, seed beads, Czech, vintage & Venetian Seed beads (Czech & Japanese), Delicas, Swarovski, art glass chain. Miyuki & Toho seed beads, Swarovski, Preciosa, Czech, is your one stop shop for all beading supplies. Quality
glass, chain, findings, Hill Tribe, wire, tools, supplies.Classes, a beaders paradise! Bone, stone, pearls, leather, books, Pearls, Lampwork, Gemstones & more. Classes & Parties. selections in the heart of NYCs fashion district. Were on 38th
studio space & parties. Tues - Fri 10-6, Wed 10-7, Sat 9-5 findings & tools. Mon-Fri 10-6, Sat 10-5, or by appt. Plenty of parking. Handicap accessible. Awesome Staff!! St., between 5th & 6th Ave. Mon - Fri 9-7, Sat - Sun 10-6
9 Lee Airpark Dr., Suite B3 410-956-5529 725 Snelling Ave. N. 651-645-0343 275 Calef Highway (Rte 125) 603-734-4322 57 West 38th St. 212-302-1199


Sterling, gold, glass, wood, shell, pearls, stones, crystals, Huge selection of semi-precious & precious gemstone beads. Largest selection outside Manhattan. Classes. Swarovski,
Glass and African beads, jewelry findings, custom stamps, findings, tools, and stringing materials. Classes Parties Swarovski, Czech & Kazuri beads. Wide selection of seed Precisoa, pearls, thunder & fire polish, 1000s of semi-prec
tools, cording, Polymer Clay paints, powders, videos. Open Mon - Fri 10-6, Sat 10-4 beads from top manufacturers. Diverse choice of findings, strands, Myuki, Delicas, Toho, hanks, pendants, cabs, donuts,
Also offer classes and studio workspace. Email: chain and wire. Custom cutting & drilling. Classes. findings, chain all mtls & finishes. Tools, books. Open 7 Days (Belt Pkwy, Exit 17)
105 W. Main St. 800-844-0138 398 Highway 51, Ste. 30 601-853-3299 42 Water St. 603-773-9393 137-20 Crossbay Blvd. 718-835-7651


Cental Massachusetts Premier Bead Store Since 2003 Be PLUM overwhelmed by our thousands of bead Gemstone beads and cabochons. Full color spectrum of Czech Bangles, baubles & bright shinny beads for any bead &
Incredible Selection Amazing Prices & Quality Classes strands in historic downtown Branson. A beading BAZAAR glass. Japanese seed beads. S-Lon cord. jewelry lover! Friendly, warm, creative atmosphere. Extensive
In-Store Work Table Parties Friendly Knowledgeable Staff of bead wire, findings, chain, and supplies. Open 7 Custom Kumihimo jewelry kits. Anitas Daily Bracelet kits. selection of semi precious, pearls, seed beads, Hill Tribe Silver,
Girl Scout Projects Ladies Night Out Beading Bee days/week year round, 9:30-5:30. One mile off Route 16. Watch for blue highway sign. tools & findings. New items weekly. Classes & parties. (Easy access from Rte 590)
43 Main Street 978-840-1155 123 E. Main St. 417-337-PLUM (7586) 2517 Wakefield Road (Rte. 153) 603-522-6529 2314 Monroe Avenue 585-271-2340


Full service shop with a fine, upscale selection of beads, find- Inspire yourself with a creative environment created by Beautiful quality beads to inspire your creativity & accentuate Ashevilles premier full-service bead store of 25+ years.
ings, wire & tools. Original lampwork beads. Classes, work- artist and bead enthusiasts alike. Explore our 2,500 sq. ft. your style. Emphasis on European beads, Czech-pressed glass, Largest selection of seed beads, ancient trade & vintage
space & artistic support. Bulk prices on precious metal beads selection of irresistible stones, crystals, seed beads and crystal, seed, pearls, semi-precious. Artisan created jewelry for beads in the region. Pearls, gemstones, crystals, etc.
& Swarovski crystals. Tribal textiles & lampworking classes. everything else you could desire. fine gift giving. Ample parking. Thurs-Sat 9-5:30, Sun 11-4 plus all the supplies you need. Classes/parties/workspace.
457 N. Main St. 508-339-3330 1463 S Glenstone 417-881-0223 29 Howard Street 603-654-2805 40 N. Lexington Ave. 828-236-2323

MASSACHUSETTSSturbridge MISSOURISt. Louis NEW JERSEYBergenfield (Only miles from NYC) NORTH CAROLINADurham
Semi-precious beads, Swarovski crystal, Czech & vintage Voted #1 Bead Shop in America! Find all of your favorites Visit East Coasts premier bead shop. 3,000+ colors/styles Express your creative energies without exhausting your pocket.
glass, jewelry & craft supplies, unique centerpieces for with friendly service. IN-STORE REWARDS PROGRAM, FREE of Japanese seed beads, glass, crystal, semi-precious, A Bead Show every day! Durhams largest & affordable
beading, freshwater pearls, wire wrapping material. workshops, classes, parties & so much MORE! Mon - Sat 9am lampwork & more. Classes by local & nationally known selection of quality beads & findings.
Stop in and see our wide variety of beads & supplies. -7pm. artists. Extensive inventory for unlimited possibilities! Visit our famous $5 a strand wall.

Shop Directory
320 Main Street 508-347-9085 770 N. New Ballas Rd. 800-221-9032 106 N. Washington Ave. 201-385-6225 2706 Durham-Chapel Hill Blvd. 919-342-5966


Great Prices & Discounts. Swarovski, Czech, pearls, wood, Voted 1 of the top shops in the US. 4000+ seed beads, Czech Beaders Ecstasy! Huge inventory Miyuki seed beads, Delicas,
bone, glass, metal, acrylics, Sterling Silver, Silver & Gold Filled Glass, Swarovski, TierraCast Pewter, Semi-Precious stones, Swarovski, Hill Tribe, Vintage, Fibers. Fabulous flamework/ We are a full service bead shop that offers a unique variety of
beads, findings & wire. Artistic Wire, Polymer Clay, Beadalon, base metal chains & findings. Gold & Silver. Over 3000 sq ft. metal smithing studio w/classes & rental. Loom weaving, beads, Swarovski, tools, findings, stringing supplies, books,
craft supplies, books, tools, beading supplies & much more. Classes listed online. Ask us about FREE classes. wire wrapping, PMC. Classes, supplies, parties, repairs. magazines, etc. Mon. - Fri. 10-6, Sat. 10-4.
3954 12 Mile Rd. 248-544-1590 7616 Big Bend Blvd. 1-888-30BEADS 713 Haddon Ave. 856-858-7844 2270 US Hwy. 74A 828-245-0306

MICHIGANFarmington MONTANABillings NEW JERSEYLambertville NORTH CAROLINAMooresville

Seed beads-oh so many seed beads. Billings largest bead store and getting bigger. Semi-precious, Great selection of f/w pearls, Swarovski crystals, semi- Full service. Classes, handmade jewelry & supplies. Parties,
6, 8, 11, 15, cut beads, Delicas, crystals. pearls, Swarovski crystals, Delicas, Czech glass, shell & metal precious stones; our own Sterling silver box clasps set with Girls Night Out, BYOB Socials (bring your own beads), seed
Free stitching classes. beads. Silver & gold findings, tools, books and supplies. Free unusual & vintage elements; unique sterling, vermeil, find- beads, gemstones, Vintage jewelry & components, Swarovski,
Tues - Fri 10:30-6; Sat 10:30-4; Closed Sun & Mon. basic classes. Weekly workshops. Open 10-6 daily. ings, Czech beads. 11AM-6PM, Friday until 9PM seasonally sterling, gold filled & Vermeil findings. Mon - Sat 10am-6pm
22836 Orchard Lake Rd. 248-471-BEAD (2323) 670 King Park Drive 406-651-8831 26 Bridge Street 609-397-8849 138 N. Main St. 704-746-9278

MICHIGANFarmington (Downtown) MONTANAHelena NEW JERSEYPoint Pleasant OHIOCincinnati (Harrison)

Low prices Friendly service Unique selection. Full service bead store, findings, Swarovski crystal, stone, Visit our beautiful bead store for a huge selection of The West sides original Bead Shop. Create your own
A wide variety of beads & components including semiprecious precious and semi-precious, quality beads, tools, wire, Swarovski, semi-precious, Czech crystal, seed beads, jewelry from our ever-growing selection of Swarovski crystal,
stones & Czech glass to artist pieces, seed beads, designer classes, parties, repairs, in-store work tables, friendly service. and many unique items. semi-precious strands, glass, metals, pendants, lampwork, clay
brass lines & more. Ask for your free Bead Addiction card! Monday - Saturday 10-6, Sunday 12-6 We offer many classes in a warm and friendly atmosphere. beads & tools. 1-on-1 project assistance, classes & parties too. E-mail:
33321 Grand River Ave. 248-474-9264 1442 Euclid Ave. 406-513-1064 2319 Bridge Avenue 732-295-6679 1151 Stone Drive, #E-5 513-202-1706

MICHIGANGrand Haven NEVADAHenderson (Las Vegas) NEW JERSEYPOINT PLEASANT OHIOCleveland (Oberlin)
The largest bead store on the lakeshore offering an extensive Serving the Las Vegas community with the largest variety Classes, Kits, Open Beading! Miyuki, Toho, Czech, Swarovski, Truly amazing selection! New and vintage glass, gemstones,
selection of beading and jewelry-making supplies including of beads & findings. Classes, parties, volume discounts & & much more. Join Fri Nite Bead Club, Sunday Funday, or Swarovski, metal beads and findings. African Trade Beads,
silver clay, metalsmithing and lampworking supplies. workshops. Minutes from the strip. Team Build. Plus, we ship anywhere! ancient, antique and collectible beads in store and online.
Classes, parties & open workstations. Open daily. For store hours check our website: JOIN US AT OUR HAPPY PLACE! Just off the Ohio turnpike. Open every day.
210 Washington Ave. 616-296-0020 1590 W. Horizon Ridge Pkwy. #160 3241 ROUTE 88 848-232-3690 29 West College St. 440-775-2233

MICHIGANRoyal Oak NEVADALas Vegas NEW MEXICOBosque Farms OHIOColumbus (Dublin)

Nevadas Most Comprehensive Bead Store. Catering to all Just minutes South of Albuquerque. New location, spacious, Columbus premier bead store. Studio tables. 90+ classes per
Specializing in beading & jewelry making supplies. Swarovski beading disciplines. Huge selection of findings, pressed glass, friendly and fun! Large array of beads and findings. Huge quarter - beadweaving, wire, lampwork, metals, Kumihimo &
Crystals, Semi-Precious, Czech, Metal, Bone, Wood, Seed, seed beads. Full line of Swarovski. Free Classes Daily. selection of seed beads and Delicas. Great variety of classes, more. Czech glass, 2,000+ seed beads - Japanese & Czech.
Acrylic Beads, Findings. For more Info, visit our website. Hours: Mon - Sat 10am-6pm; Sun closed. daytime, evenings and weekends. Come bead with us! Swarovski, semi-precious & more! Shop our website.
28056 Woodward Ave. 248-554-1330 7575 W. Washington Ave. #131 702-233-2450 1400 Bosque Farms Blvd. 505-869-2333 6347 Sawmill (Trader Joes Ctr.) 614-573-6452

MICHIGANTraverse City NEVADALas Vegas NEW YORKNanuet OHIOColumbus (Gahanna)

Your Up North bead store. A myriad of beads, from worldwide Visiting Las Vegas? Were the store youre looking for! Exclusive bead boutique! Huge selection of quality semi- Artisan focals, uncommon findings, fair trade beads and all the
antiquities to local artists. One of the largest selections of States largest bead shop, carrying the biggest inventory of precious; Czech & Fire Polish; SS beads, charms/findings; usual suspects await you at central Ohios most unique bead
beads, Swarovski, Sterling, gold, gemstones, findings. quality beads and findings, all priced right. Volume discounts Miyuki & Toho seed beads; Delica; tools & supplies. Expert shop. Knowledgeable and friendly staff stand ready to help, or
See our Legacy Bead Museum - 5000 years of beads. available. Open seven days, 10 to 6. Call for travel directions. Staff. Beading Classes. Closed Sunday. 40 min. north NYC. take one of our classes to jump start your creativity.
925 E. Front St. 231-932-9514 4266 S. Durango Drive, Suite G/H 702-360-4266 136 Main St. 845-501-8295 1028 N. Hamilton Rd. 614-933-8948

MICHIGANYpsilanti Twp. NEW HAMPSHIREConcord NEW YORKNew York City OHIOColumbus (Powell)
Supporting the artist inside of you! Huge collection of Seed & Bead therapy! A plethora of beautiful, unique beads - New Yorks leading supplier & importer of crafts, beads & Full service bead store & more: Jewelry making , Knitting,
Czech Beads. Pearls, stones, Swarovski. Lampwork & Polymer stone, pearl, Swarovski crystal, glass, sterling, gold-filled, jewelry supplies since 1971. Lowest prices & best selection Classes & Event Center. The largest selection of Swarovski
Clay by MI & National Artists. Classes, kits, books & so much Japanese seeds, and so much more. Classes, parties, of all beads, findings, sterling silver, gold-filled, Swarovski, Crystals & Pearls in Central Ohio, Tierra Cast Findings, Gem
more. Tue - Fri 10-6; Sat 10-5, Closed Sun & Mon worktables. Open Tues - Sun. Online shop now open. semi-precious gemstones, crafts, apparel & accessory supplies. Stones, Local & Natl. Teacher Kits, and Knitting Supplies. for directions
2060 Whittaker Rd. 734-544-0904 146 N. Main St. 603-223-0146 1231 Broadway (@ 30th St.) 212-532-6820 4040 Presidential Parkway 740-917-9008

April 2016 79
Beads to Beat the Band! Beads take center stage in our Enormous selection of vintage beads, stones, chain and We offer beginning to advanced classes and offer membership Visit the largest bead store in Seattle!
showroom and classroom. Whether you are looking for a findings. Swarovski, Czec and German beads and stones. hours. Learn to fabricate cast, form and finish metal jewelry. With hundreds of classes, an amazing bead selection
rock star centerpiece or some great back-up beads, our Glass, metal, plastic and semi-precious. Boxes and displays. We have all the equipment and tools you need. & friendly staff, we are where your jewelry begins!
selection and service are sure to make you twist and shout. Closeout Prices. Open M-F 8:30-5:00pm Monday - Sunday 10-6, Tuesday 10-7 - Note: NOT .com
114 W. Dallas St. 918-806-8945 46 Aleppo Street 401-331-2921 19412 FM 1093, Suite 5 281-647-2442 3830 Stone Way N. 206-782-4595


Specializing in vintage stones & findings. Wide range of Treasures from pearls, beads & findings found around the Largest selection of beads and jewelry. Tribal & ethnic beads, 3,400 sq. ft. of the finest bead selection and supplies in the
costume jewelry supplies. Presses for riveting vintage globe, to lampwork beads made right here in the Lowcountry! jewelry, and findings. Wide variety of beads, pendants, bone, area. Friendly atmosphere and staff. Beyond Beads with
components on site. Private classroom available. Located near Delica, Swarovski, Softflex & many trusted brands. Owner precious, gold, silver, metal, brass. Open 7 days/week 11-6. unique clothes, accessories and unique gifts. Offering 3
the fairgrounds. Open Tues - Sat 12-5:30. Come have fun! Steve Mardell teaches wirework, beading, lampwork & more. Also in Lake Forest Mall, Gaithersburg, MD, 301-990-1668 classes per week. Open daily. Always your true north.
3623 NW 10th St. 405-600-3043 32 Palmetto Bay Road, Ste. A7 843-686-4367 7120 Little River Turnpike 703-642-8260 7452 N. Division St. 509-482-0674

OREGONBend (downtown) SOUTH CAROLINAMt. Pleasant VIRGINIACharlottesville WASHINGTONSpokane

6 mi. from Charleston. Yall will love our prices & selection of Full service bead store with a huge selection of Delicas,
semi-preciouus gemstones, Swarovski, Sterling, Czech glass, seed beads, glass, semi-precious, pearls & more. World class bead collection. We feature a huge selection of
More Beads Than You Can Imagine! gemstone, Czech, pearl, unusual ethnic, antique, seed &
Open 7 days a week. Call for hours and directions. shell, freshwater pearls, books, metals and more. Beginners Friendly, knowledgeable staff.
assisted. Designers thrilled. Volume discounts. Visit us on FB. Visit website for class schedule and hours. Delica beads and beading supplies. An amazing array.
910 NW Harriman St., #100 541-617-8854 918-C Lansing Dr. 843-884-8808 1933 Commonwealth Dr. 434-244-2905 621 W. Mallon Ave. 509-325-2867


Specializing in Quality glass beads from the Czech Republic One stop bead store from basics to exotic & extraordinary. Specializing in Austrian crystals, unusual stone beads,
and Japan in many sizes. We also offer a variety of authentic For happy thoughts discover The Mercantile. Gemstones, organics, all metals, crystals, seed beads, glass. exquisite pearls, CZs & PMC related products, vintage
trade beads, Delicas & hex. Mon.-Sat. 10-5. Czech glass beads, seed beads, craft wire, larger stones. Stringing materials, findings, wire, chain, tools, books, classes. reproduction beads. PMC certification, wire work, beading &
E-mail: Offering over 250 classes and so much more. Friendly staff in an organized & inspiring environment. specialty classes. Mon-Thu 10-8, Fri 10-6, Sat 10-5, Sun 12-4
35655 Shoreview Dr. 541-942-3941 149 East Queen St. 864-646-9431 444 W. Broad St. 703-848-2323 18900 W. Bluemound Rd. 262-641-0910

OREGONPortland SOUTH CAROLINASurfside Beach VIRGINIAFredericksburg WISCONSINBrookfield

We offer classes on demand for all levels. We have an in Just getting started or a pro, come be inspired by our huge New Location! Tremendous selection. Swarovski crystal,
Retail/wholesale: Sterling, Gold Filled, Brass, Pewter, store glass studio & specialize in Kumihimo, Aluminum Wire & selection of Czech glass, seed beads, silver, pewter, pearls, Bali Silver, Pearls, gemstones, Czech glass & lampwork
Chain, Beads and Findings. Beading FUN. We have lots of unique beads & beading kits for semi-precious stone and Swarovski. Great prices and the beads, Delica & seed beads, findings, tools, books & more.
your beading pleasure! LEARN CREATE INSPIRE friendliest staff in town. Classes ongoing. Open 7 days a week.
2121 NE BRoadway 877-962-3282 1918 Highway 17 North 843-839-9808 10013 Jefferson Davis Hwy., Ste. 105 540-710-0705 19115 W. Capitol Dr., Suite 118 262-781-7670


We have the jewelry-making supplies you need for your Your home for beads in the Lynchburg area. We have a great Create the jewelry you want to wear!
Located in Historic Multnomah Village. next project and those must haves for your stash! selection of semi-precious stones, Japanese seed beads, Limited Edition Designer Jewelry kits. Free assistance from our
Shop Directory

Unique pearls, crystals, glass, stone, shells & more! Visit us in our new Knoxville (Bearden) store or online. Swarovski & Chinese crystals, pearls, Czech glass, tools, knowledgeable staff. Well lit design area to create in.
Come visit our friendly staff for all your beading needs. Seed Beads! Vintage! Czech Glass! Soutache! findings and classes too. Open Tuesday - Saturday 10-5 Mon - Thur 10-8, Fri 10-6, Sat 10-5, Sun 12-4
7807 SW Capitol Highway 503-244-1821 5111 Homberg Drive 865-980-0237 101-A Hexham Drive 434-237-1261 18900 W. Bluemound Rd. 262-641-0910

PENNSYLVANIAAllentown TEXASArlington (close to Six Flags) VIRGINIARichmond WISCONSINFond du Lac

Biggest Little Bead Shop in PA. Arlingtons largest bead store. Delicas, 15s, seed beads,
Full selection of crystals, seed beads, findings, crystals, vintage beads, pearls, gemstones & findings. Inspiring, fun, full-supply bead store. Come in for a little color therapy at a fun place to bead!
tools, make-it take-it projects. Tools, books & wire. Custom & repair work. Classes. Glass, stones, sterling, gold filled, charms & findings. Lots of Swarovski, Miyuki, stone & specialties.
Classes by local and nationally known teachers. Open 7 days a week. If you cant find it, ask. We probably have it! See you soon! Hours: Tues - Fri 11-5, Sat 10-3.
725 North 19th St. 610-432-7545 2833 Galleria Dr. 817-652-3232 3322 W. Cary St. 804-355-6118 19 W. Scott St. 920-322-1885


Let your creativity blossom in our cozy country setting. SERIOUSLY UNIQUE BEADS: Gemstone beads (inc. diamond, A friendly bead store offering affordable beads & findings. Beads and Jewelry as unique as the old church building
Classes, parties, oh-so-pretty sparkly things, and most of all, ruby, sapphire, opal), pearls, art-glass beads, seed beads, Youll find a great selection of glass, gemstones, were in. Beads from all over the world. Featured Artists.
fun! One-stop shopping. Open workshop environment. silver, vermeil, chain, wire, findings, tools, private lessons, wood & seed beads, charms, precious metal & non-tarnish Swarovski. Venetian. Classes. Parties. Custom Designs. Bridal.
Artisan/bead addict, owned & operated. classes. parties & more. wire, Swarovski, stringing supplies, tools & more! Mon, Wed & Fri 10-5; Tues & Thurs 10-6; Sat 10-2
1123 Pawlings Rd. 484-524-8231 5629 W. Lovers Lane 214-366-1112 2262 Seashore Shoppes 757-333-7235 405 St. John Street 920-845-1755


Full-service bead store. Friendly, knowledgable staff. Buy One Stop Bead Shop Located in Smokey Point Center just off I-5 at Exit 206. Come see Madisons premier west-side bead store. Our
to-go or create in-store. Classes, parties, group outings. We have huge variety of gemstone beads, findings, pewter, Best selection north of Seattle with generous supply of both friendly staff and great selection are what make us the
Tues & Thur 12-7, Wed & Fri 10-6, Sat 10-5, Sun 11-3, Chinese crystal, agates, chains & sterling silver jewelry. Czech and Japanese seed beads, lampwork, findings, pearls, favorite! Lots of seed beads, gemstones, Czech glass, classes
Closed Mon. Wholesale & Retail stones, free classes. Open Mon - Sat 10-6, Sun 11-4 galore & more! Mon 11-5, Tue-Fri 11-7, Sat 11-5, Sun 11-3 Fax: 214-749-0446
2122 Darby Road 610-449-2699 2454 Royal Lane 214-749-0444 3131 Smokey Point Dr. Suite 5A 360-913-4995 515 S. Midvale Blvd., Ste. 2 608-274-0104


Your Imaginations the limit - The largest variety of beads in A great bead shop with experienced teacher. Classes, birthday
An artistic venue that prides itself on a vast selection Watauga. More than 500 colors of Delicas, over 400 colors of The worlds largest selection of beads! Czech pressed glass, parties, good selection of beads, stone, Czech glass, seed
of beads and findings to encourage your creativity. seeds, Czech glass & Austrian crystal. Classes for all ages. All seed beads, Preciosa crystal, findings, sterling, charms, books beads and interesting focal pieces. Open beading when classes
Customers always come first and always return. your beading needs. Tue 1-8, W-Sat 1-6:30, closed Su & Mon and more! Open 9am to 6pm 7 days a week! are not in session. Mon - Fri 10-6, Sat 10-5, Sun 11-4
1165 W. Baltimore Pike 610-892-2740 6900 Denton Hwy. (377 Hwy.) 817-281-2002 8560 Commerce Pl Dr NE 360-754-2323 210 W. Cook St. 608-742-5900


Specializing in a vast array of Gemstones, this complete Bead room treasures! We carry a variety of Czech glass, Bali, A great selection of beads, books, charms, findings, tools The latest styles & colors. Japanese seed beads, Swarovski
resource has Pearls, Swarovski, Glass, Chain, 14K and 18K, trade, Vintage, wood & pearl beads, plus unique chain, and more. Everything you need or desire plus charms crystals & pearls, sterling silver, freshwater pearls, kits & semi-
Basics and Findings Galore. A haven for the bead enthusiast buttons & interesting findings - Great classes too! designed by Lois! Open daily. Extraordinary Service by precious. Helpful, fun staff. Extensive classes. Were between
and novice alike. Parties & Inspiring Classes! Extraordinary Beaders. Milwaukee & Chicago in a charming historic area. 7 days/wk. - Note: NOT .com
619 E. Passyunk Ave. 215-413-2323 1306 Avenue A 832-437-2442 940 Water St 360-385-6131 324 Main Street 262-634-6088

PENNSYLVANIAPittsburgh TEXASPearland (So. of Houston) WASHINGTONPuyallup WISCONSINStoughton (Madison Area)

Global marketplace of beads and findings. Swarovski crystal, Unique beads, charms & findings. Locally-made clay beads,
Venetian, Czech, Bali & Hill Tribe Silver, Tibetan, Japanese Excellent selection Swarovski crystal, semi-precious stones A wide selection of beads, charms, Delicas, books, ancient & large-hole beads. Tons of leather & chain! Wide
Seed and Delicas, Semi-precious and Freshwater Pearls, & silver, gold-filled & copper findings. Beading classes with seed beads, supplies, classes and more. selection of fun kits. DIY creative space. Metal stamping.
classes. Mon - Sat 10-6, Thur 10-9, Sun 12-5 helpful, friendly instructors. Special orders welcome. Monday - Saturday 10-6, Sunday 12-4 Classes too! Only 15 minutes from Madison or I-90. E-mail:
4521 Butler St. 412-687-1513 2517 Broadway St. 281-997-3600 410 N. Meridian 253-848-3880 187 E. Main Street 608-873-0210

WISCONSINSun Prairie (Madison) CANADABCVancouver CANADAONParis
Full-service bead shop. Featuring classes, large selection
Now open on Granville Island! Discover our incredible selection
at amazing prices of semi-precious stone beads, findings, tools
Over 400 colors of delicas; Miyuki seeds in size 15, 11, 8, 6;
crystals; fringe & decorative beads; wire; tools; pattern books;
Run your

Shop Directory
of beads, books, tools, etc. Specializing in PMC and and more. Wholesale & Retail. Get started with our beading needles; thread; Swarovski; classes & findings. Central to
semi-precious stone. Mon - Fri 10-8, Sat 10-5, Sun 12-4 classes. Come in today for an unique beading experience. London, Hamilton, Kitchener & Brantford. Call for store hours. Shop Directory ad
1264 W. Main Street 608-837-5900 103-1551 Johnston Street 604-683-6323 51 Ball St. 519-442-7454

WISCONSINWausau CANADAONCobourg CANADAONToronto Bead&Button!

Large selection of semi-precious stones, unique pearls, Lucite, Toho and Czech seed beads, Swarovski, Semi-precious Torontos best kept beading secret! The John Bead & Craft
yarn, silk ribbon. metal, chain, sterling silver & pewter. and HyperLynks chain maille. Jewellery boutique, classes, Outlet is HUGE! Over 6,000 square feet of beads, crystals,
Classes available. parties, repairs, bead clubs and friendly service. pearls, components, craft supplies, native craft, finished
Wed, Fri & Sat 11-5; Tue & Thur 11-6. Closed Sun & Mon
Google me at: Beads Wausau
Just off 401 between Toronto and Kingston.
jewelry and so much more. Open Tuesday through Sunday.
Call 888-558-1544,
221 Scott St. 715-298-0862 73 King Street West 905-372-5111 20 Bertrand Avenue 416-757-9554 ext. 815 for more
CANADABCAbbotsford CANADAONNewmarket CANADAONToronto information.
Come in & enjoy our relaxed atmosphere. Call for hours. Over Bead store with more! Everything you need, everything you
300 colours of Delicas, 58 colours of 15/0, & we have also Full assortment Japanese seeds & Delicas, Swarovskis & want. Stone, Crystal, Glass, Pearls, all the Metals. Nymo,
started a line of charlottes in 13/0. Visit our web, its under more. Notions, kits, tons of books, classes, friendly service. Sono, C-Lon. Miyuki, Toho. New products every week. Latest
construction but growing daily. Shopping cart coming soon. 45 minutes north of Toronto. trends & all the classics. Local lampwork & studio.
33735 Essendene Ave. 604-852-8677 390 Davis Dr. 905-954-1327 19 Waterman Ave., Unit 2 877-473-2323
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April 2016 81

A gallery
When bead artist Juanita Finger
couldnt find the right venue to
showcase her beaded artwork, she
decided to open her own gallery
the first of its kind in the country.
Day in the Park by Lois Wilson

Q: Why did you decide to open Tokay Beaded Art? Q: How long have you been a bead artist?
When I started to bead art pieces, I looked for a way to sell I have been beading since 1992, when I got a book with
my work other than online, where I didnt feel the true artistry beading projects after breaking a pair of earrings that my
of a piece could be conveyed. I tried exhibiting at bead shops, cousin had given me. I was drawn to Native American-style
art galleries, and art and craft shows, but none were right for jewelry but once I saw beaded tapestries and sculptures,
my work and many of those venues tend to lean more I quickly turned to that. By the late 90s, I had won my first
toward inexpensive beadwork. So, when I had the award in the First International Delica Challenge for
opportunity, I decided to open an art gallery just my beaded sculpture Lost Pearl. Since then, I
for displaying and selling beaded art, the first have competed in national and international
of its kind in this country, as far as I know. beading and fine art competitions, have
had my work published in magazines and
Q: What type of work is on exhibit books, and published my own book, titled
at Tokay? Beaded Inspirations.
Each piece on display has been juried
by a review board of four artists from Q: What did you do before becoming
around the country two of them are a bead artist?
bead artists and the other two are Before moving to New Mexico, I retired
artists in other media. The criteria include as an insurance executive after 45 years
creativity, originality, and salability. At any in corporate America. I had always done
given time, we hope to have 30 to 35 pieces handiwork like knitting, so beadwork came
on display, including jewelry, bead embroidery, easily. Once I retired I was able to bead full time,
sculptures, tapestries, and wall hangings. and am mostly self-taught, using Bead&Button
magazine as my text book.
Q: Why is it called Tokay?
When I moved from Chicago to Roswell, New Mexico, I bought Q: What is your hope for Tokay?
some land outside of a small town called San Antonio. Part of I feel strongly about this project. Id like to think that Tokay will
the land included a ghost town called Tokay, which I thought be a destination point for both beaders and art lovers. Roswell
sounded like a great name for a studio. has a very large art community and there are several art
museums and galleries around town. I hope to bring talented
beaders to the gallery to provide classes for the beading com-
munity here in Roswell and the surrounding area. Eventually,
I hope to offer online classes. w

Tokay Beaded Art is located at 1407 W. 2nd St., Roswell, New Mexico
88203. Visit ThursdayMonday, 10 a.m.6 p.m., or by appointment. Visit
the gallery online at

Above center: All Eyes on You by Juanita Finger

Left: Finca de Bernie al Atardecer (Bernies Estate at Sunset)
by Juanita Finger
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