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Lesson Plan

Grade/Subject: Grade 6 Physed

Unit: Ping Pong
Lesson Duration: 50 minutes


General Learning Expectations:

General Outcome A

- Students will acquire skills through a variety of developmentally appropriate movement

activities; dance, games, types of gymnastics, individual activities and activities in an
alternative environment
General Outcome C

- Students will interact positively with others

General Outcome D

- Students will assume responsibility to lead an active way of life.

Specific Learning Expectations:

A6-5- select, perform and refine more challenging ways to receive, retain and send an object
with control

C6-3- demonstrate etiquette and fair play

D6-1-participate regularly in physical activity to develop components of health-related fitness

and movement skills

Learning Objectives

Students will understand how to properly set up ping pong tables

Students will understand how to cooperate with others and show proper etiquette
Students will learn how to properly serve and hit a ping pong ball in order to start a rally
- 24 rackets
- 24 birdies
- 6 nets

Introduction- (10 min)

Students will sit in rows after getting changed and will do attendance. Once attendance is done. I will have
students meet on the library stairs to talk about ping pong and how to set everything up.
When all students are sitting, and listening I will start by going over how to properly treat the equipment.
Students need to be aware of how to use ping pong equipment and set up and take it down properly. I will
explain how students set up the tables in partners and demonstrate so they can see as well.
Once I am done explaining I will have students help set up tables and nets and then return to the stairs for
further instruction.
After everything is set up I will explain how to properly hold a paddle and show students a few ways they
should not hold it. After this, I will let a few students at a time grab a paddle and a ball and they can work on
keeping it up to themselves using forehand or backhand. If they can do this, they can try alternating to
increase the difficulty.
Once they have done this for a few minutes I will stop them with freeze and have them return the ping pong
balls to the bag but keep their paddles and sit down for the next activity.
Body (35 min)

When all students are paying attention, I will ask students a few questions on how they
think they should hit the ball and serve the ball. I will explain to students the rules and
ask them if they know some of the rules of ping pong. I will just explain simple rules
such as the ball having to hit both sides on serve and then only the opponents side
after that. Also, explain to students what happens when the ball hits the net.
After this, have 3 students go to a table and practice serving to each other. They will
rotate every 3 serves so lots of students get to participate. After students, have done
this for a few minutes. Have them play a game where they must catch the ball after
their partner serves it. Every time they catch the ball they will get a point and they will
take turns serving to each other while rotating every 3 serves. (can have 4 on each
table practicing if there is more kids)
If there is time left I will allow students to rally with each other and play kings court
where the person who stops the rally will switch off. This will allow students to get lots
of play time and practice hitting the ball.
Stop rally play again by using freeze and have students return paddles and balls in
small groups and sit on the stairs for instructions on how to take down.
Conclusion (5 min)

Ask the students what are some of rules in ping pong when it comes to serving and
what techniques worked well for them.
*Depending if tables need to be put away I will instruct students how to properly take
down nets and tables and demonstrate so they get a visual. Make sure students
understand how to do it properly and that they must transport tables in partners and
put away properly against the stairs.
Thank students for their effort today and tell them next class we will be working on
more ping pong and how to make shots harder to return
Let students go and get changed
Observe students to see if they are participating, putting in effort, and cooperating well
with others.
Have students practice rally play
Students will demonstrate how to perform a proper serve in ping pong