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Cody Wangler

223 Juniper Drive

Davison, MI 48423
(810) 701- 7559


I have a desire help students explore the field of mathematics in a high school classroom with a focus on
student-led instruction. In order to create this space, I place a premium on the relationships between the
students and myself so that the students feel comfortable enough to inform me how to best act as an aide
in their learning, not an omniscient figure.


Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI

College of Education, Teacher Certification Sept. 2016-Present
Fifth year internship program
College of Natural Science, Bachelor of Arts Sept. 2012-May 2016

Major: Mathematics Minor: Chemistry

Davison High School, Davison, MI Sept. 2008-June 2012


Michigan Test for Teacher Certification (MTTC) passed for:

Grades 6-12: (022) Mathematics (Secondary) & (018) Chemistry (Secondary)
Michigan Provisional Teaching Certificate, Expected date of completion: May 2017
Math (EX) and Chemistry (DC)


Grand Blanc High School, Grand Blanc, MI Aug. 2016-Present

Student Teacher: Trigonometry, Algebra 2A, and Intro to Calculus
Evaluated student learning using summative and formative assessments
Collaborated in lesson planning with mentor teacher and other teachers of mathematical
Implemented lessons that allowed for individual and group work and helped students
learn how to collaborate through mathematics
Assistant coach for Freshman Baseball at Grand Blanc
Chaperoned Sadie Hawkins dance, referee for powder puff football game, played in the
Staff vs. GB Special Olympics game, held class study sessions after school
Attended Mathematics Field Day at University of Michigan-Flint as a chaperone,
administered testing, and represented Grand Blanc when receiving an award for attending
this field day for 50 straight years
Active participant in professional learning community meetings with a focus on algebra
2a, trigonometry, and calculus

Lansing Eastern High School Lansing, MI Fall 2015- Spring 2016

Led instruction during various warm-up activities and completed a student interview.
Learned how to use the computer system for attendance/grades, how to facilitate
engagement in classroom discussion, and how to connect mathematics to a diverse

Lansing Sexton High School Lansing, MI Spring 2015

Learned strategies of classroom management, dealing with disruptive students, and how
to motivate the students

Lansing Everett High School Lansing, MI Spring 2013

Placement included four hours a week after school for high school math students.
Became mentor for a student who came to meet after school with me two times a week.

Intramural Sports Official October 2014- March 2015
This job gave me a plethora of experience in dealing with people who were upset and taught me
how to diffuse difficult situations quickly and efficiently where all parties involved were satisfied
This job has helped prepare me for classroom management and relationship building as a teacher

Tutor August 2015- December 2015

I was hired by a local business owner of the Hannah Convenience Store to tutor his children in
high school mathematics varying from algebra to calculus.

Whiffle Ball Jamboree Manager/Chairman May 2007-Present

For ten years I have organized a whiffle ball jamboree for charity with up to 56 different teams
attending (this year we are projected to raise over $1500 for a family in need)
I am responsible for creating the schedules and rules, collecting money, setting up fields, and
responsible for dealing with any problems that arise that would be detrimental to the success of
the tournament
This type of organization has helped prepare me for duties the teaching profession demands.


Adult and Pediatric First Aid/CPR/AED Certification August 2016

AESOP certified substitute teacher September 2016

5D/Jupiter training August 2016

High School Summit August 2016

ALICE Training August 2016

Professional Learning Community August 2016-May 2017