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Arudha Lagna Calculation reveals the arudha position in your natal chart and an interpretation of the position of arudha

lagna will let you know the arudha influences on you.

Hello Gv, date of birth entered by you is May 9, 1965 based on which your Arudha Lagna
Reading is as below.

Planetary Details
Sun 25 Ari 48
Moon 12 Leo 01
Mercury 29 Pis 37 Venus
Venus Mercury
02 Tau 58 Jupiter
Sun Rahu
Mars 18 Leo 01
Jupiter 10 Tau 54
Saturn 22 Aqu 27
Rahu 20 Tau 52
Ketu 20 Sco 52
Ascendant 20 Lib 17

Vedic Arudha

Arudha Lagna PresenceKetuSign's Characteristics

Arudha literally means mount. ThisALsignifies the image of a sign falling on another sign. Arudha of the first house is known as Arudha
Lagna. Arudha Lagna shows how one manifests oneself in this world of Maya (Illusion). This shows how you are perceived by others. This
shows us issues related to status and power. This shows what people think of you and your image.
More About Your Arudha Lagna
Saturn (Malefic) present in 3rd House From Arudha Lagna -This will make you courageous and financially successful..
Rahu (Malefic) present in 6th House From Arudha Lagna - This will make you courageous and financially successful..
Jupiter (Benefic) present in 6th House From Arudha Lagna - This will make you timid and restrained.
Venus (Benefic) present in 6th House From Arudha Lagna - This will make you timid and restrained.

Arudha Lagna Interpretation

Vedic Name Arudha Lagna Present In Sign Rulling Planet
Dhanus Sagittarius Jupiter
Your Arudha Lagna is Compatible With Not Compatible With
Malefic (Male) Aquarius, Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra Scorpio, Pisces, Cancer
Symbol Nature Color
The Archer Fire Yellowish brown
Type Of Sign Gender Best Period Of Activity
Mixed Male Night
Barren Caste Position
Semi-Fruitful Kshatriya Garbha
Constituent Character Lucky Days Lucky Numbers
Animal (Jeeva) Sunday, Thursday 3, 5, 6, 8
Best Direction Lucky Colors Lucky Gemstone
East Yellow, Gray, Brown Yellow Sapphire
Part Of The Body Physique EnglishName
Thighs Even Sagittarius
You may be medium to tall and well built. You have a broad face and large teeth. You have a long nose and beautiful eyes. You have a charming
and magnetic personality.
You are very optimistic and spontaneous by nature. You are very sharp thinker and have a clear and analytical mind. You are quick and witty. You achieve
your goals and need not be reminded about them. You love spending money on enjoyable things. Your happy-go-lucky- nature makes others cheerful. You
may be short tempered too. You are intelligentand passionate about your work. You are not frightened by threats. You have a zest for life and want to live
life to the fullest. You are strong willed and courageous.
Career And Finance
You always yearn to learn more in life. You are skilled in arts. You can make a career in public speaking. You may come in possession of
an inheritance and may have rich benefactors. You will do well in teaching, foreign trade and research.
Love And Domestic Life
You may have some problem dealing with other people. This is mainly because you do not take criticism very well. You will have a happy marital life. You
will have a good relationship with people of the opposite sex. You make faithful partners. You make good parents but at times may be dominating.
Your body gives out too much heat, which may create a few problems. Otherwise you enjoy good health. You may put on weight and have some BP related