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AP Government

Fantasy Congress

Welcome to Fantasy Congress! In order to understand the political progress in Congress, we will
play Fantasy Congress, where you will draft Congresspeople and track their activity. As a player,
or citizen you will gain or lose points depending on the activities that the Congresspeople on
your team partake in. For example, if a Senator on your team introduces a piece of legislation,
that will earn you points. However, if they are responsible for a filibuster, you will lose points for
stalling the political process.

Here are the websites to research and track members of Congress for this activity:
Be sure to look at daily newspapers and broadcasts to find any media related to anyone
on your team.

4 Members of Congress
2 Representatives
2 Senators

Legislation: If anyone on your team is the primary sponsor a piece of legislation, you will earn
points based on the table below. If anyone on your team has done any of the following actions in
the last 365 days, you may count that on your point total. However, you may only receive points
for the final step of the bill. For example, if a bill was signed into law, you will get 50 points, not
points for everything else. In the course of our tracking exercise however, you may get points for
each step.

A bill is Introduced 5 Points

A bill is sent to and reviewed by a committee 8 Points

A bill is read on the floor of the House or Senate 10 Points

A bill is passed by either the House or Senate 15 Points

A bill is sent to the other chamber 15 Points

AP Government

A bill is debated 20 Points

A bill travels to a conference committee 25 Points

House and Senate approve the bill 35 Points

President signs the bill into law 50 Points

Actions by the Congressperson: Action taken by anyone on your team can earn or lose you
points. These points will ONLY count during the time frame of this activity. Anything done in
the past year will not count. See the table below for specific scoring details.

Vote taken for a bill 5 Points

Vote not taken for a bill -5 Points

Vote against party lines and the bill passes 10 Points

Vote against party lines and the bill does not pass 5 Points

Scandals -45 Points

Quotes from a newspaper that support or go against a bill 5 Points per quote

Task Before Draft Day:

Do your research on different members of Congress. You want to try and find
Congresspeople who will earn you the most points. Think about the following questions
when doing your research:
Does the Congressperson have any sponsored or cosponsored bills?
What have they done in the past year in terms of legislation?
Do they have a history of scandal?
Are they vocal with the media regarding actions in Congress?
Do they have leadership roles in the House or Senate?
Do they have leadership roles on committees?
Come to class with at least 12 members of Congress in case your choices get picked in
other rounds.
AP Government

Draft Day: Friday, March 24

We will have a snake draft. This means that the last pick in each round will get the first pick in
the next round.
Draft order will be randomly generated
Each Citizen has 45 seconds to make their pick since you should already have a list of
who you want.

Task During Tracking:

Each week you will track the activities of each of your members of Congress through the
websites listed at the top of the page.
By Monday morning, you will fill out a Google Form which I will post in the Classroom.
Also by Monday, UPDATE your scored in the Spreadsheet.
The form will ask you to list the activity of your members of Congress for that week in
addition to your total score.
Be sure to provide evidence. For example, if a bill was introduced, include a link
to or the name of the bill.
Make sure the names of your members of Congress correspond with the way in
which they are on the roster spreadsheet.
Senator 1 on the roster spreadsheet should be Senator 1 on the Weekly
tracking form.
Week 1: March 24-March 31
April 1-8
April 9-16
Week 3:
April 9-13 (Only if you tracked during April 1-8)
April 16-April 20

You may request a trade by completing this FORM.
I have veto power over trades
I will email both citizens informing them of my decision to approve or veto the trade
If the trade is approved I will make the changes on the spreadsheet.