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There are different infinite forms of goddess kali. I am going to tell you some important forms
and mantras with their meaning.

1 )   ( The mantra of bhadrakali):

The word bhadrakali means one who does good to all or the one who brings fortune to all.(

 (contemplation) :


---"$ ( )

/ 2

"/ . 5"8 "

Meaning: I bow to three eyed kali who is dark like clouds seated on the neck of ghost (vetal),
wearing garland of severed human heads, holding sword, shield, head of the demon (darika) and
skull in her four hands( 2 left and 2 right), surrounded by ghosts and dead-bodies who is
interested in destroying evil people and diseases. The picturisation is as follows:


; : = >

(om aim kleem sauh hreem bhadrakalyei namah)

Meaning: I bow down to she who does good to all

2)  (The mantra of baalakali):

The word balakali means kali who is in the form of a young lady.

 (contemplation) :

"A AB ".   C

F $$ 

 $$ H "

Meaning: I contemplate that ferociously laughing three eyed kali with projecting canine teeth
who is covered all over with blood wearing red dress and garland of severed heads, standing
ready to slay enemies, having two hands- one with sword and other with skull, with crescent
moon on her crown, surrounded by ghosts and dead bodies.


; : $ $ I


F ,  ( (

(om aim kleem sauh kaalike kaalike devee sarvakanthi pradayinee papasanthim dukkhasanthim
sarvasanthim dadathume.

hoom fatt kali, satrudoshaprasamani nithyam nithyam nithyam namonamah)

Meaning: (oh goddess kali I bow to you everyday. With your mercy alone, grant me all kind of
virtues, remove my sins and sorrows and slay my enemies down.)

3)K  (The mantra of smasanakali):

The word smasanakali means kali who resides in the cremation ground or grave yard.

 (contemplation) :

"/ K$

 A M5


E ( $ O  $
; I->

N R S "

Meaning: I always bows to smiling three red-eyed black kali who resides naked in grave-yard,
with all kinds of ornaments, with 4 hands(2 right and 2 left) holding human skull cup filled with
wine in one of the left hands, holding severed human head in one of the right hands and playing
with human flesh holding the rest two hands together, intoxicated with wine and with her untied
hair flying in the wind.


TU TU = =, K$ $ , VI ,

5-5, O F, TU TU TU = = F

(om hoom hoom kreem kreem hreem hreem smasanavasini mamsashini madakhoornithalochane
sathroon sthambhaya sthambhaya mam raksha hoom fatt, kreem kreem kreem hreem hreem hum

Meaning: Oh the one who resides in grave-yard who like to play with human flesh, protect me,
stun my enemies and all their deeds which are intended to harm me.

4)  (The mantra of the mahakali)

The word mahakali means the great kali because of her giant body size.

 (contemplation) :

"W   X.


>K ."

I A C X.

F-  I /5

X    "

Meaning: I always think of that giant blue bodied, three eyed kali who has infinite forms,whose
face is shining like moon, seated naked on corpse, with her projecting canine teeth and long
wagging tongue, wearing garland of severed human-heads, with 4 hands( 2 right and 2 left)
holding severed human head, sword, lotus and varamudra, laughing ferociously killing and
slaying enemies, with streams of blood draining from her mouth.


\4$  . ,

 I ( I / = TU 

(om uchchishtachandalini sumukhee devee mahakalee kalabhairavapriyamkaree mahakalee

mahabalay vedantargathe nithye sarva papasamanam dehi dadapaya hreem kreem namah swaha)

Meaning: Oh giant bodied kali who is everlasting, with shining face, who is the essence of vedas,
the sweetheart of Lord Kalabhairava, purify me by burning my sins down and grand me peace
and happiness.

Note: It is said that this mantra can be chanted by both vegetarians and non-vegetarians

5) E  (The mantra of the adyakali):

The word adyakali means the kali who is the first, denoting that she appeared first before the
creation and she who started all. This form of kali does not wear garland of severed heads, has no
severed human head in hand, no terrifying projecting canine teeth and tongue is not sticking out.

 (contemplation) :

"$I-O- - -_ I $.4


K . .
E OB / $  $E"

Meaning: I bow to that sweetly smiling blue coloured kali with three eyes, who is the mother of
the universe, first of all gods, praised by all gods, doing good to all, with ten hands-5 right hands
holding tarjanee mudra( index finger pointing upwards rest all fingers folded, indicating that the
goddess leads the worshiper to moksha),trident, axe, damaru(a two headed small drum), sword
and 5 left hands holding rope, bell, snake, skull and vadamudra, wearing red dress and garland of
red flowers with golden ornaments and crown decorated with shining crescent moon.


TU =    ( I

8  X. `X.

= =  (

(om kreem hreem kaalee kaalee bhadrakaalee nithye nirmale devee saswathey prasanna vadane
saanthiroopineem gyanaroopineem hreem hreem aim aim kaleem paraathmikey namah)

Meaning: Oh the everlasting kali who is parabrahma having slightly smiling innocent face, who
does good to all, and she who has taken the form of peace and knowledge I meditate on
you.(give me knowledge that leads to peace).

6)aO  (The mantra of the dakshinakali)

The meaning of the name is complicated, some says the name indicates kali stands, with her
dakshin pada(right leg) on shiva's chest. There are anyway more than that because some says the
name dakshinakali denotes the one who is worshiped by dakshin marga(right path-the satwik
marga) of tantric tradition. The kali who is worshiped by vama marga( left path-the worship
using toddy,meat, a kind of bean called mudra, sexual intercourse and fish)of tantric tradition is
called vamakali. It is also a tradition that a bride should enter the bridegroom's house with right
feet (dakshin pada) first in. This is supposed to bring fortune. And if she steps in with left
feet(vama pada) firstly, it is believed to bring disasters and misfortune. To sum up dakshinakali
is the kali who brings prosperity and vamakali is the seat of disaster. It is also to be noted that
vamakali is not normally worshiped by all. The meaning of dakshinakali is endless and her true
essence can only be understood by meditating upon her.

 (contemplation) :

"_ C

I  $

5 Z /5

5  K-$ "

Meaning: I meditate on kali who has projecting terrifying canine teeth and delicate/beautiful
tongue standing naked on corpse(lord shiva in the form of corpse)smiling and wearing garland of
severed heads with her 4 hands holding severed head, sword, varamudra and abhaya mudra.


TU TU TU = = aO $ TU TU TU = =

(kreem kreem kreem hoom hoom hreem hreem dakshine kalike kreem kreem kreem hoom hoom
hreem hreem)

(4 $.d  e -This dakshinakali mantra is believed to bestow the

8 supernatural powers )

  ( A variant of the mantra):

TU TU TU = = aO $ TU TU TU = =

(kreem kreem kreem hreem hreem hoom hoom dakshine kalike kreem kreem kreem hreem
hreem hoom hoom)

(  $A I -This dakshinakali mantra is believed to attract celestial

beings or gods)

  ( Another variant of the mantra):


(kreem kalike kreem)

(  g )) hA - This mantra is believed to grant powers to bless and


All the three mantras are the same. And also, there are a number of variants for the mantra apart
from these. I just mentioned three of them.The meaning of these mantras cannot be described in
words. They have infinite meanings. Only meditation can convey the essence of these mantras.
Usually om is added in the front to reduce the intense effects of these mantras and
suffixes(-swaha, -namah, F- fatt or -vashat) are added depending up on the use
and purpose. Read agnipurana for details.

Note: The above descriptions of dakshinakali mantras are only for informative purposes. These
mantras are not supposed to be chanted in houses. Don't invite havoc into life by
chanting,testifying or testing these mantras. Chant only with guidance from a learned teacher
who knows about this. Cremation ground or graveyard and temple of goddess kali or lord
bhairava are the best places to chant these mantras.

7)M  (The mantra of krishnakali):

The word krishnakali means the black kali.(The kali herself is black and this name indicates
ferocious destructive nature of this form)

 (contemplation) :

"  $  i

j M- $ "

Meaning: I always bow to the black kali with terrifying and projecting canine teeth, who smashes
the hearts of large groups of enemies in to pieces in a single blow with sword, skull, trident and
vajrayudh(lightning or a weapon that produces lightning which looks like the skeleton of a fish).


= = =

(om aim hreem hreem hreem aim bham namah)

Meaning: It is a humble request to goddess to slay down enemies when one is troubled by large
groups of enemies.