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Storage Array
The following information is provided as a resource to the Field Engineer, and is intended as an
aid in the installation of the SureStore MC256 Storage Array solution. It is not meant as a
replacement for either the service manual or training materials, but rather attempts to capture the
core information needed to prepare a site for installation.

Power Requirements
Each Disk Array Frame (DKU) requires two power connectors. Each connector has a plug that
will need a mating receptacle for power. It is recommended that the pair of connectors for each
DKU frame be supplied by different source panels for maximum redundancy. The Disk
Controller Unit (DKC) draws its power from the R1 DKU, and as such, requires no additional
power. To determine the number of receptacles needed, multiply the total number of DKUs
by two. In a fully configured 4 DKU installation that would be 8 receptacles as listed below.

Power Specifications
208 or 230 VAC +6% -8%
60 hz +/- 0.5 hz
3 Phase 3 Wire plus Ground connections
Additional Requirements
Dedicated analog phone line for HiTrack access.
If Remote Control or Performance Manager software is to be used, a dedicated PC with the
following specs:

Specification Remote Control Performance Manager

Processor Type and Speed 486-33 Mhz Pentium II 300 Mhz
Minimum Ram 8 Meg 64 Meg
Minimum Disc size 10 Meg 4 Gig
Operating System 95/98/NT 95/98/NT
Additional Items 10 base T NIC card 10 Base T NIC card

If the SCSI Mux solution is to be used there is an additional power requirement of (2) L6-20
receptacles needed to provide power for the cabinet.

Physical Specifications


Width 750 750 550
Dimensions Depth 800 800 800
Height 1790 1790 1790
Weight (kg) 427 463 430
Heat Output (kVA) 1.65 2.57 2.46
Power Consumption (kVA) 1.76 2.75 2.64
Air Flow (m3/min.) 24 24 6
Options Included Min. Max. Max.