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Student Activities & Greek Affairs

6511 N Sheridan Rd., Chicago, IL 60626

Suite 127
p (773) 508-8850 | f (773) 508-2144,

March 30th, 2017

To whom it may concern,

It is with great pleasure that I write to you on behalf of Candice Germany an intelligent, serving, and hard
working professional. Please accept this letter of recommendation in full support of Candice. I have
known Candice since fall of 2015 when she began her graduate internship at Loyola University Chicago
within the Department Student Activities & Greek Affairs. I was her main supervisor throughout her
internship within Sorority & Fraternity Life.

Within almost two years of working with Candice, I have seen her grow and develop as a professional.
Candice has a vision to improve the quality of life for students attending a college/university. She does
not shrink from any task put in front of her. Her strengths lie in her ability to do hard work and in building
relationships. She works well with students and staff. Through the years I have seen her genuine care for
students, her acceptance and appreciation for diversity, and her ability to create through work.

From the moment Candice joined the Sorority & Fraternity Life team she had been a contributor to the
team, to the sorority and fraternity students, and made numerous offerings in her time as a graduate
internship. Candice joined the Sorority & Fraternity Life team during a time of numerous transitions
within the area and she was able to learn to be a team player and to assist in any way possible. She was
able to pick up projects that needed attention and she was always willing to help in any project no matter
the size. She assisted in creating electronic chapter development programs within event planning, building
a retreat, budgeting, academics, social media, and many more. She paid attention to details and researched
different trends in order to create the best resources for the community. She took the role of a small group
facilitator for the Greek Leadership Retreat and was fully present and engaged with the students. She
stepped up to different opportunities and made strides to create new initiatives within the Sorority &
Fraternity Life community.

I have witnessed Candice work through some very difficult and stressful situations with more than just a
positive attitude, but with grace and as a true professional.

Candice has been a pleasure to work with as a colleague and is someone I look forward to seeing continue
to grow as a professional. I am excited to see the work she will do for our profession.


Astrid Beltrn
Coordinator for Sorority & Fraternity Life
Student Activities & Greek Affairs
Loyola University Chicago