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IENG 455 Fall 2015 Name_______________________

Due: August 25th (11pm, Tuesday)

The grading policy for homework:

Homework turned in when due: grading starts at 100%
Homework turned in 1 day late: grading starts at 90%
Homework turned in 2 days late: grading starts at 80%

Homework 1 (40 points)

Review Appendix C of the textbook (or the basic probability and statistics in a
textbook you used before).
Download the excel workbook <Homework1.xlsx>, and put your answers in the
designated worksheets of <Homework1.xlsx>. Email the completed Excel file
<Homework1.xls> to the course email account.

1. (10pts) Complete the quality control exercise in <Homework1.xlsx: Question 1>.

2. (10pts) Complete the exercise on customers interarrival times in <Homework1.xlsx:

Question 2(a) & 2(b)>

3. (8pts) In the file ProcessTime.txt, you will see 100 data items. Each one represents
the processing time (in units of hours) of a wafer lot in semiconductor manufacturing.
Copy the data into an Excel spreadsheet, and compute the following with Excel functions
Sample average of the processing time
Sample standard deviation of the processing time
95th percentile of the processing time
What does the 95th percentile tell you about the processing time of these wafer lots? (Put
your answer on the Excel spreadsheet.)

4. (6pts) What is called a discrete random variable? Give two examples of discrete random
variables (e.g., the outcome of tossing a die). What is called a continuous random
variable? Give two examples of continuous random variables. (Put your answer on the
Excel spreadsheet.)

5. (6pts) Write down the probability mass function (pmf) of the Poisson distribution. Is the
Poisson distribution discrete or continuous? Write down the probability density function
(pdf) of the exponential distribution. Is the exponential distribution discrete or
continuous? (Put your answer on the Excel spreadsheet.)

Electronic Submission: All the electronic assignments are required to be sent to the gmail

Please title your email LastName_AssignmentName.

Eg., Yang_Homework3, Yang_Project2
If technical difficulties are encountered with the gmail account, please use the
instructors email address.
Please CC yourself on all the electronic submissions.