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A) Inventory Management :
1. Planning, implementing and controlling the efficient, effective flow and stor
age of goods and related information from point of origin to point of consumptio
2. Procurement planning, demand forecasting, assuring that all sales needs well
be met.
3. Managing stock control and determine the safety stock, reorder point, minimum
and maximum stock.
4. Processing customers orders, directing the damaged goods, discharge of the go
ods stagnant and return goods handling.
5. Producing regular reports and statistics on a daily, weekly and monthly basis
B) Warehouses Management :
1. Setup layout, space management and work organization chart.
2. Planning future capacity requirements.
3. Making sure that the health and safety requirements are met.
4. Implementing cost reduction principle in all aspects of warehouses transactio
ns and activities.
5. Responsible for the management of 20 warehouses and 60, 000 square meter ware
houses space.
C) Warehouses Staff Management :
1. Recruiting, selecting, orienting, and training employees.
2. Organizing all activities and assigning jobs for staff.
3. Monitoring the performance and progress of staff.
4. Managing the staff )200 personnel( and their evaluation.
5. Follow up and control daily absence and overtime.
D) Transportation Management :
1. Managing the transportation fleet.
2. Negotiation of rates with carrier representatives.
3. Ensuring timely, accurate and efficient shipment of all branches and customer
4. Supervising and coordinating the unloading of inbound shipments.
5. Reduction the cost of transportation as must as possible.