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for confidence in measurements


1 | Zambia Weights & Measures Agency
Zambia Weights & Measures Agency | 2
Glossary 4
Board of Directors 12
Committee Membership 13
The ZWMA Management Team 13
2.1. Type Approval Certification 15
2.2. Instrument Verifications for 2016 15
2.3. Inspections 16
2.4. Renewal of Service Licences for Technicians 20
2.5. Collaborative Regulation 20
2.6. Complaints Handling 21
2.7. Enforcement and Regulation of Dry Measure of Capacity 22
2.8. Procurement of Equipment 23
2.9. Infrastructure Development at the Agency 24
2.10. Status Update on the Draft Metrology Bill and Statutory Instruments (SIs) on Assize Fees, Water and Electricity
Meters and Pre-Packaged Commodities 25
2.11. International and Regional Metrological Activities 25
3.1. Improved Resources 26
3.2 . ICT Infrastructure 26
4.0. 2016 AND BEYOND 26
5.1. Skills Development/Capacity Building 28
5.2. Development of Industrial and Legal Metrology Curriculum 30
5.3. Management Systems 30
5.4. Review of Strategic Plan 2014 - 2016 30
5.5. Public Relations Activities 31
5.6. Information and Communication Technology 35
5.7. End of Year Team Building Activities 35
6.1. Financial Review 36

3 | Zambia Weights & Measures Agency

AFRIMETS Intra-Africa Metrology System

CCPC Competition and Consumer Protection Commission

CIML International Committee on Legal Metrology

ERB Energy Regulation Board
GDP Gross Domestic Product
GRZ Government of the Republic of Zambia
HPO High Performance Organisation
IoD Institute of Directors
LAZ Law Association of Zambia
MCTI Ministry of Commerce, Trade and Industry
MoF Ministry of Finance
NMISA National Metrology Institute of South Africa
NRCS National Regulator for Compulsory Specifications
NTR Non - Tax Revenue
OIML International Organisation of Legal Metrology
RTSA Road Transport and Safety Agency
SANAS South African National Accreditation System

SQAM Standardisation, Quality Assurance, Accreditation and Metrology

STA Standard Temperature Accounting

UNIDO United Nations Industrial Development Organisation
ZIALE Zambia Institute of Advanced Legal Education
ZAAA Zambia Amateur Athletics Association
ZABS Zambia Bureau of Standards
ZAM Zambia Association of Manufacturers
ZCA Zambia Consumer Association
ZICA Zambia Institute of Chartered Accountants
ZPTC Zambia Prevention Treatment and Care
ZNBC Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation
ZNFU Zambia National Farmers Union
ZWMA Zambia Weights and Measures Agency

Zambia Weights & Measures Agency | 4

The Zambia Weights and Measures Agency (ZWMA) is a statutory corporation established by Law, under
the Ministry of Commerce, Trade and Industry (MCTI). Its overarching mandate is to provide regulatory
oversight in Legal Metrology in Zambia. ZWMA was established pursuant to an Act of Parliament, the
Weights and Measures (Amendment) Act No. 12 of 2003, Cap 403 of the Laws of Zambia.

The principle functions of the ZWMA are to protect consumers in relation to pre-packaged commodities,
to approve the use of all types of weighing and measuring instruments used in trade and to verify the
accuracy of these weighing and measuring instruments at prescribed intervals.


ZWMAs operations are guided by a Strategic Business Plan (SBP) which covered the period 2014 2016.
The Vision, Motto, Mission and Values that guide our Agency are as follows:


To become an international centre of excellence and preferred provider of

scientific, industrial and legal metrology


To provide metrology services to industry, research institutions and the public

in order to promote the quality and competitiveness of products and services,
and guarantee fair trade and consumer protection


For confidence in measurements


The Agency actively espouses the following values to guide its staff in the day to day execution of their
Service Accountability Collaboration
Integrity Fairness
Quality Continuous improvement

5 | Zambia Weights & Measures Agency


Personal Assistant (Z5)

Regional Human Resource & Admin Director (Z2) Snr.

Finance Director (Z2) (1) Surveillance &
Manager Director Operations (Z2)
North (Z3) (1) Quality
Officer (1)(Z4)
Senior Accountant
(2) (Z4)
Senior Human
Regional Resources Officer (1)

Zambia Weights & Measures Agency |

-Revenue (1)
Manager -Expenditure & (Z4)
Senior South (Z3) Reporting (1)

Z4)(6) Metrologis
Senior Laboratory Procurement Officer ICT officer (Z5) Human Resources
-Chinsali (1) Accountant (2) (Z5) Admin officer PRO
Metrologist Services (1) Auditor
-Mansa (1) (Z5) Officer (1) (Z5) (1) (Z5) (Z5)(1)
(Z4)(6) Lks/Ndola (Z5) (1) Asst.
-Solwezi (1) -Revenue (1)
(Z5) (2) Surveillance
-Kasama (1) -Choma (1)
-Expenditure (1) & Quality
-Ndola (2) -Lusaka (3) Mktg Assurance
-Chipata (1) ICT Assistant
(M5)(2) Ass- Assistant & Assistant Officer (2)
-Kabwe (1) Officer (Z6) (1)
Metrologist Procurement Officer Sales Internal (Z5)
mongu Laboratory (2) (Z6) Auditor (Z6)
Service Assistant (1)
Accountant (11) Supplies (1)
Metrologist (Z6) Purchasing(1) Head Receptionist/
(Z5) (14) Driver typist (Z7)
clerks (Z7)
-Revenue: (Ndola) (Z7)
--Chinsali (1) (1) (Lusaka) (1)
-Mansa (2) Metrologist Choma (1) Chipata
-Solwezi (2) (Z5) (17) (1),kasama,solwezi,
-Kasama (2) Kabwe,mansa, Drivers
-Ndola (6) -Choma (2) chinsali,mongu (7)(Z8)
-Lusaka -Suppliers & General
(10) Payments (1)
-Chipata (2) -Payroll& Staff Office
-Kabwe (2) Payments (1) Orderlies (Z9)

Accounts Assistant
(1) (Z7)

-Lusaka (1)
verifications in fulfilment of its mandate. This was
five thousand seven hundred twelve (5,712) more
verifications than those undertaken in 2015. The
increased verifications ultimately led to enhanced
consumer protection.

Due to the increased verifications, inspections

and overall Legal Metrology coverage, 2016 saw a
corresponding increase in the revenue collected by
the Agency. This revenue pertains to the Verification
Fees charged by ZWMA for metrological services
rendered. In 2014, the revenue collected was
7.637 whilst the collection in 2015 was K9.541
million. The figure for 2016 was K11.509 million.
Further, this increase in revenue collection can
also be attributed to the increase in the number of
Metrologists in the core Operations Department.
Let me take the opportunity to applaud the young
men and women in this Department for their
unwavering commitment and dedication to the
execution of our mandate.

3. Improvement of Management Systems

2016 also saw the approval of a number of important
Policy documents which were developed for the
improvement of ZWMAs Management Systems.
Examples of these included the following:

am pleased to present to you the Annual Report
for the Zambia Weights and Measures Agency Fixed Assets Management Policy;
(ZWMA) for the 2016 financial year. Financial Management Policy;
Communications Policy;
2016 was a successful year for ZWMA and I shall now Corporate Risk Management Policy; and
highlight some of the notable areas of delivery: Internal Audit Charter.

1. Increased Consumer Protection These Policies shall see the uniform application
The ultimate goal for Legal Metrology is that of systems and procedures in line with best
of Consumer Protection. Consumer protection practice and shall ultimately lead to continuous
continued to be the underlying factor of most, if improvement in the Agency.
not all, the activities that were undertaken by the
Agency. This protection was achieved through 4. Decentralisation of Operations
increased inspections in the area of instruments In its continued quest to support Governments
and pre-packaged commodities. Decentralisation Policy, the Agencys Chirundu
Office was fully operationalised during the course
In 2016, one thousand twenty six (1,026) inspections of 2016. Further, the Agency secured office
of instruments were carried out, whilst in 2015 the accommodation in Solwezi. The Solwezi Office is
Agency carried out one hundred seventy one (171). expected to be operational by the first quarter of
2017. The continuous process of decentralisation
In 2016, inspections of pre-packaged goods were shall undoubtedly result in enhanced consumer
carried out for mealie-meal, bread, stock feed, protection. In order to achieve this vision, ZWMA
sugar, rice, flour to mention but a few. shall and must also continue to invest in its most
valuable asset, its human capital.
2. Increased Legal Metrology Activity
The year 2016, saw the Agency undertake twenty In conclusion, as we reflect on the Agencys
thousand two hundred ninety two (20, 292) performance in 2016 and the anticipated demand

7 | Zambia Weights & Measures Agency

for our services in 2017 and beyond, there is no doubt that the Agency is poised to prove its importance
and relevance through more effective and efficient delivery of its Metrology services.

Finally, I would like to comment the Board, Management and Staff of the Agency for their tireless efforts
which have made the numerous achievements attained thus far, a reality.

Jordon Theu
Board Chairperson

Zambia Weights & Measures Agency | 8

by capturing the verification of more trade scales in
a number of retail outlets and markets across the

Decentralisation of ZWMA operations

During 2016, the Agency operationalised the
Chirundu Office which it had opened at the end
of 2015. This office is earmarked to be the pilot
office for the inspection of imported pre-packaged
commodities. The learning experience from this
office shall be replicated as we open other border

In fulfillment of our pledge to improve our service

delivery, office accommodation was acquired in
Solwezi at the end of 2016. The Solwezi Office shall
be officially opened in the first half of 2017. It shall
bring the total number of ZWMA offices to seven (7)
after Lusaka, Choma, Chipata, Ndola, Kasama and

Construction Works
2016 saw the continuation of construction

works that began in 2014. These works included
n the year 2016, ZWMA had a number of success the construction of additional office space and
stories that can be told all too proudly. In this laboratories at the Agencys Head Office in Lusaka.
regard, I shall share some of the highlights of 2016 In addition, during 2016, the weighbridge works at
the Ndola Office were completed. It is expected that
Inspection and Verification of Instruments and the official commissioning of all these works shall
Pre-packaged Commodities be undertaken in the course of 2017.

With its overarching mandate being to provide ICT systems improvements

regulatory oversight in the field of Legal Metrology During 2016, the Agency unveiled its new-look
in Zambia, the Agency conducted inspections of website which was redesigned to make it more
various weighing and measuring instruments in modern and interactive. Another development
the petroleum, manufacturing, milling and retail that took place in the area of ICT was the design
sectors. These inspections are backed by the and development of our Client and Instrument
Weights and Measures Act Cap 403 of the Laws Database. This Database shall be used for the speedy
of Zambia. In 2015, our inspections were focused generation of our Certificates which are essentially
more on trade instruments whilst our focus in 2016 the licence to operate an instrument. Further, the
shifted to increased inspections of pre-packaged Database shall form an integral tool to be used in
goods. This was a deliberate move to enhance our maintaining and tracking important client and
consumer protection function. instrument data. The Database shall also enable
the publication of accurate information regarding
In relation to one of our other major activities, approved and non-approved instruments.
ZWMA verified a total of twenty thousand two
hundred ninety two (20,292) weighing and Legislative review process
measuring instruments. This was five thousand six A key institutional activity in the year under review,
hundred twelve (5,612) more instruments than the was our participation in the legislative review
number that was verified in 2015 (circa: 14,680). The process for the formulation of a number of Bills that
Agency also increased its Legal Metrology coverage

9 | Zambia Weights & Measures Agency

shall govern the Zambian Quality Infrastructure. approach that is already being employed.
One of the said Bills is the Metrology Bill which
shall transform the existing Zambia Weights and In addition to staffing levels, the Agency undertook
Measures Agency into the Zambia Metrology a review of its Conditions of Service and Grievance
Agency. Whereas in the past, the Agency was only Procedures in line with GRZ Harmonisation and
mandated to provide regulatory oversight in the Rationalisation Strategy. In addition, a review of
field of Legal Metrology, the new Agency shall be its Motor Vehicle Policy was also undertaken in the
responsible for regulating all the three (3) branches year under review.
of Metrology, namely Scientific, Industrial and
Legal. Currently, Scientific and Industrial Metrology Five Metrologists undertook a UNIDO sponsored
are overseen by the Zambia Bureau of Standards training programme in inspection of pre-
(ZABS). packaged commodities. This training is part of
the on-going capacity-building activities that are
Consumer Protection being undertaken by the Agency as part of its
The ultimate goal for Legal Metrology is that preparedness approach towards the imminent
of Consumer Protection. Consumer protection expansion of its metrology mandate.
continued to be the underlying factor of most if
not all the activities that were undertaken by the Further, ten middle management staff were
Agency. This protection was achieved through accorded the opportunity to undergo leadership
increased inspections in the area of pre-packaged training which was facilitated by ESAMI. This is part
commodities. Inspections differ from verifications of the Agencys deliberate succession strategy.
in that they are used to monitor compliance of our
goods and instruments to laid down Weights and Public awareness activities
Measures Regulations. Until the last few years, ZWMA was a little known
government Agency whose mandate and relevance
In 2015, the Agency inspected one thousand was neither understood nor appreciated.
seventy two (1072) instruments and pre-packaged
commodities. In 2016, one thousand twenty six In a bid to overcome this general lack of awareness,
(1026) instruments were inspected and thirteen the Agency has intensified its public awareness
thousand five hundred twenty six (13, 526) pre- activities. In 2016, ZWMA conducted Business
packaged goods were inspected. Enforcement Forums in Lusaka, Chipata, Livingstone and Choma.
action was taken against owners of instruments and Further, a number of interactive engagements were
commodities that were non-complaint. The severity undertaken with marketeers at various markets
of the non-compliance dictated the action to be around the country. The Agency also participated
taken as provided for in the Weights and Measures in a number of agriculture and mining shows, the
Regulations and the institutional standard operating Zambia International Trade Fair and other national
procedures. events where its participation accorded the Agency
a chance to explain its mandate.
Staff Matters
Our commitment to providing effective and Leaflets explaining different aspects of our mandate
efficient service delivery to all our stakeholders, were published and distributed throughout the
requires adequate numbers of qualified technical year. Our bi-annual Newsletter was also published
staff in our Operations Department. In recognition and in addition to the normal distribution channels,
of this requirement, the Agency has recruited a the Newsletter was posted on the ZWMA website
number of engineers or scientists who undergo (
specialised training in Legal Metrology. In 2016,
seven (7) additional Metrologists were recruited,
bringing the total number to its all-time high at Conclusion
twenty nine (29). Though this is the highest number I am proud to be the Chief Executive Officer of the
ever in the history of the institution, it is far from the Zambia Weights and Measures Agency (ZWMA).
required number of eighty nine. The Agency shall Though it has been viewed as a little known and
continue to recruit more Metrologists in the phased small institution for a long time, it is gratifying

Zambia Weights & Measures Agency | 10

to note that it is on a vigorous transformational direction and their unbiased guidance. Lastly, but
path that can only be associated with a growing by no means the least, sincere gratitude to my
organisation. The Agencys importance and Management Team and members of staff for their
relevance to the economic growth of a country is commitment, dedication and hard work, which has
being increasingly appreciated by all stakeholders, undoubtedly been key to the successes of 2016.
notably the Government of the Republic of Zambia
through our line Ministry, the Ministry of Commerce,
Trade and Industry. I am particularly excited to have
been accorded the opportunity to be a part of this
transformational process.

I wish to thank the Government through the

Ministry of Commerce, Trade and Industry for their
unwavering encouragement and support, without
which we would not have been able to score the
successes highlighted.
Himba Cheelo (Ms)
My thanks also go to my Chairperson and Board Chief Executive Officer
of Directors for their sustained and constructive

11 | Zambia Weights & Measures Agency


Board of Directors

Jordon Theu
Board Chairperson (LAZ)

Sajeev Nair Patrick Malindi-Director Lusungu Ndovi Andrew Moffat

Vice Chairperson (ZAM) (Truckers Association of Zambia) Director (ZCA) Director (ZNFU)

Manuel Mutale Percy Musona Georgina Kasapatu Langiwe Lungu

Director (ZABS) Director (MoF) Director (MCTI) Director (ERB)

Eng. Himba Cheelo

Board Secretary (ZWMA)

Zambia Weights & Measures Agency | 12

Committee Membership

Technical Committee Audit, Risk and Compliance Committee

Mr. Lusungu Ndovi - ZCA Mr. Patrick Malindi Truckers Association of Zambia
Mr. Manuel Mutale - ZABS Mr. Levy Mazimba - ZICA
Ms. Langiwe Lungu - ERB Mr. Sajeev Nair - ZAM
Mr. Walubita Luwabelwa - LAZ
Mr. Andrew Sibale - MoF

Board Development and Public Finance and Administration

Affairs Committee Committee

Mr. Sajeev Nair - ZAM Mr. Andrew Moffat - ZNFU

Ms. Langiwe Lungu - ERB Mr. Percy Musona - MoF
Mrs. Georgina Kasapatu - MCTI Ms. Georgina Kasapatu - MCTI
Mr. Ngosa Chisupa - IoD

The ZWMA Management Team

Eng. Himba Cheelo Eng. David Zulu Adrine Muchimba Frank Mulenga
Chief Executive Officer Acting Director - Operations Director - HR & Admin Director - Finance

13 | Zambia Weights & Measures Agency

The Operations Department is the core department ACTIVITIES IN 2016
of the Agency responsible for the verification During the year 2016, various verification and other
of weighing and measuring instruments used Legal Metrological activities were undertaken by
in trade and the assurance of the accuracy of the Agency to ensure compliance with the Weights
these instruments. The Department also ensures and Measures Act and its Regulations. These
that all pre-packaged commodities are correctly activities included the verification of weighing and
labelled and are of the correct quantities as measuring instruments such as:
declared on the packaging material as indicated a) Trade Scales;
b) Fuel Dispensers;
by the manufacturers and retailers. Operations
c) Bulk Flow Meters;
Department also ensures that new models of d) Test Weights;
weighing and measuring instruments imported e) Fixed Storage Tanks;
into the country are type approved before being f ) Weighbridges; and
placed on the market. g) Automatic packers.

Through the activities of this Department, the Compliance monitoring by way of inspection of pre-
consumer receives optimum protection in respect of packaged commodities was also enhanced during
all commercial transactions involving weighing and the year under review. The commodities inspected
included but were not limited to:
measuring. In addition to its institutional consumer
a) mealie meal;
protection activities, the Agency collaborates with b) flour;
other Government Regulatory Agencies who also c) rice;
have an interest in upholding consumer protection. d) cement;
These regulatory authorities include Energy e) fertilizer;
Regulation Board (ERB), Zambia Bureau of Standards f ) stock feed; and
(ZABS) and Competition and Consumer Protection g) bread.
Commission (CCPC), with whom ZWMA undertakes
joint compliance monitoring inspections.

Lusaka based Operations staff led by Acting Director of Operations, Eng. David Zulu (blue suit)

Zambia Weights & Measures Agency | 14

These were inspected for compliance to the 2014 which had four (4) notifications, and fifteen
prescribed labelling requirements. (15) more than the notifications received in 2015
which had three (3).
The following sections detail specific activities of
the Operations Department in 2016. One (1) pattern failed the type approval tests as it
did not meet the metrological requirements.
2.1 Type Approval Certification
Table 1 shows the seventeen (17) successful type
Type Approval evaluation is a control measure in approval applications.
Legal Metrology to check new models or types of
instruments being manufactured or imported into
the country, their suitability for use in trade. 2.2 Instrument Verifications for 2016

During 2016, the Agency received eighteen (18) During the year under review, the Agency verified
notifications for Type Approval Certification for twenty thousand two hundred ninety two (20, 292)
new models of instruments. These notifications instruments compared to the fourteen thousand
translated into seventeen (17) successful type five hundred eighty (14, 580) instruments which
approvals with associated Certificates. This was were verified in 2015, representing an increase of
fourteen (14) more type approval notifications than 39.2% as shown in Table 2.

Table 1: Type Approvals in 2016

Client Instrument Type/Model Date of Approval Certificate No.

Collum Lumn Tian Bulk Flow meter 08/2/2016 16957
Ministry of Local 16616,16617,16618,16619
Government and 10 models of Water Meters 16/5/2016 16620,16621,16622,16623
Housing 16624,16625
Spruce Land
Electronic Scale 08/2/2016 16508,16509

Bi Soft Electronic Scale 21/10/2016 22266

Electronic Scale
Golden Key TCS
25/10/2016 22090
Investments ACS

Table 2: Comparison of Instrument Verifications for 2016 against 2015

Bulk flow Storage Test Trade

YEAR Dispensers Weighbridges Tankers TOTAL
meters Tanks Weights Scales

2016 922 6637 303 8 2324 9702 396 20292

2015 505 3911 250 28 893 8674 347 14580

45.2 41.1 17.5 250.0 61.6 10.6 12.4 39.2
(2016 vs 2015)

The Agency recorded a negative variance in the category of storage tanks as this is a customer driven
activity. During the period under review, there were few requests received for calibration of storage tanks.

15 | Zambia Weights & Measures Agency

Figure 1: Comparison of Instrument Verifications for 2016 against 2015

2.3 Inspections
Inspections were conducted during the year under country mostly in butcheries, bakeries, milling
review, covering various categories of instruments plants, food processing plants, abattoirs, retails
and pre-packaged commodities. These inspections outlets and mobile grain buyers to mention but
were undertaken for compliance monitoring a few. Of the 1026 instruments inspected, five
purposes. hundred fifteen (515) were found to be compliant
and five hundred eleven (511) were non-compliant,
2.3.1 Inspection of Weighing and Measuring representing a non-compliance percentage of
Instruments 50.2% as shown in Table 3.
A total number of one thousand twenty six (1026)
weighing instruments were inspected across the

Table 3: Summary of Instruments Inspected in 2016

Instrument Total Compliant Non-Compliant % Compliance

Weighbridges 39 28 11 71.8
Tankers 74 51 23 68.9
Nozzles 336 184 152 54.8
Trade Scales 549 235 314 42.8
Automatic packers 28 17 11 60.7
Grand Total 1026 515 511 50.2

The majority of these instruments were either not type approved or were being used in an un-verified state.
Some of the instruments were rejected and the owners charged Rejection Fees, whilst other instruments
were seized and forfeited to the State, through the prescribed provisions of Section 29 of the Weights
and Measures Act, CAP 403 of the Laws of Zambia.

Zambia Weights & Measures Agency | 16

2.3.2 Pre-Packaged Goods Inspections

Inspection of pre-packaged goods was undertaken compliance at various trading premises across the
with the main focus being on labelling requirements country.
and net content in accordance with the legal
requirements in Section 15 of the Weights and Inspections conducted on mealie meal are as shown
Measures (Amendment) Act, No. 12 of the Laws in Figure 2.
of Zambia. Different products were inspected for

Figure 2: Mealie Meal Inspection by Count (Bags)

Inspections conducted on bread are as shown in Figure 3.


Figure 3: Bread Inspections by Count

17 | Zambia Weights & Measures Agency

Other inspections conducted by categories are as shown in Table 4.

Table 4: Inspections by Count on Various Products

Inspection by Count
Product Total Compliant Action Taken
Broiler feed 8 4 4 Restraint of sale

Fresh milk 10 1 9 Removal from shelves and fined

Sugar 1kg 30 30 0 Compliant

Brown flour 2.5kg 7 0 7 Follow up inspection on plant was undertaken

Bread flour 1kg 8 7 1 Cautioned

Follow up inspection at the packing plant was
Rice 5kg 56 0 56
Flour 5kg 12 0 12 Follow up inspection at plant was conducted
Follow up inspection at the packing plant was
Rice 1kg 6 0 6
Rice 10kg 8 0 8 Follow up inspection at plant was undertaken

Rice 2kg 17 0 17 Follow up inspection at plant was undertaken

Flour 2kg 1 0 1 Follow up inspection at plant was undertaken

Grand Total 163 42 121

Table 5: Inspection by Batch

Pre-packaged Goods Inspection By Batch

Product Total Compliant Non-Compliant Action Taken

Cement 2337 150 2187 Bags were quarantined

Bread flour 25kg 60 60 0 Compliant

Juice 80 80 0 compliant

Grand Total 2,477 290 2,187

Zambia Weights & Measures Agency | 18

Figures 4 and 5 show the overall compliance and non-compliance contribution of individual products for the year
under review.

Figure 4: Overall Compliance Performance by Product

Figure 5: Overall Non-Compliance Performance by Products

19 | Zambia Weights & Measures Agency

Non-compliant scales - The non-compliant articles were either rejected, seized, removed from the market and/or restrained for sale in accordance
with the provisions of the Weights and Measures Act and its Regulations.

2.4 Renewal of Service Licences for Sheki Road, at Lake Petroleum Service Station along
Technicians Great North Road, at Kabangwe Filling Station along
During 2016, a total of one hundred and nine Great North Road and at Oryx Filling Station along
(109) Service Licences were issued to technicians Great North Road. Most of the cylinders were found
involved in the manufacture, installation, repair to be compliant and all the weighing instruments
or maintenance of weighing and measuring had valid certificates and stickers. Dealers of non-
instruments. This represented an increase of 15 compliant cylinders were advised to undertake the
more technicians than the 2015 number of 94 or necessary corrective action.
A joint inspection of mobile grain buyers was
2.5 Collaborative Regulation conducted in five (5) provinces namely Copperbelt,
During the year under review, joint inspections of Southern, Eastern, North Western and Central
road tank vehicles were conducted with Energy Provinces from 8th to 14th September, 2016. The
Regulation Board (ERB) and Zambia Bureau of inspections were conducted in collaboration with
Standards at the TAZAMA Fuel Terminals in Lusaka Competition and Consumer Protection Commission
and Ndola. Five (5) out of a total of thirty four (34) (CCPC), Zambia National Service (ZNS), Ministry of
road tank vehicles were found to have tampered Local Government and Housing (MLGH), Zambia
seals. The road tank vehicles were re-verified and Police (ZP) and Ministry of Commerce, Trade and
the owners fined. Industry (MCTI). The purpose of these inspections
was to ensure that the scales used by grain buyers
Following a fuel complaint received from Chinsali were verified and of an approved type. The joint
on 26th February, 2016, a joint inspection was inspection team found 134 grain buyers with non-
conducted with ERB and the Agencys Kasama compliant weighing instruments from a total of 231
Office. The instruments at the alleged service station grain buyers inspected. There were also 32 grain
were found to be compliant. buyers found engaging in unconventional methods
of buying farm products from unsuspecting
Compliance monitoring inspections were also farmers, such as the use of buckets, pots and tins
conducted with the ERB, Competition and which were not standard in terms of measurements.
Consumer Protection Commission (CCPC) on 22nd The Agency seized a total number of eighty five (85)
June 2016. These inspections were conducted in scales during this exercise which were forfeited to
Lusaka on Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) cylinders the State as shown in Table 6.
at the Afrox main production plant along Sheki

Zambia Weights & Measures Agency | 20

Table 6: Summary of the 2016 Grain Buyers Compliance Inspection
Total Number of Grain Buyers inspected 234
Total Number of Grain Buyers found to be non-compliant 134
Total Number of Grain Buyers using unconventional methods 32
Total Number of scales seized 85

2.6 Complaints Handling

The Agency received a number of complaints in Cement and Stock Feed complaints - Investigations
the year under review. In all cases, ZWMA carried were conducted following receipt of complaints
out investigative inspections. Dependent on the and the results and actions taken are as shown in
findings, appropriate enforcement action was Table 7.
undertaken in according with the provisions of the
Weights and Measures Regulations.

Table 7: 2016 - Complaints Inspections of Pre-packages Goods

Date Total bags Non-

Location Brand Compliant Action taken
Actioned inspected compliant
4th January Chelstone Supaset & All bags were
337 0 337
2016 ET Blocks Mphamvu quarantined

4th January ET Blocks Supaset & All bags were

600 0 600
2016 Mumbwa Road mphamvu quarantined

4th January Fined for offering for sale

Lafarge Plant Chilanga Mphamvu 1200 0 1200
2016 underweight cement

National Milling
Pig Grower
30th May 2016 Company Malambo 280 0 280 All bag were quarantined
NMC was fined for
National Milling Pig Grower
30th May 2016 883 0 883 offering for sale
Company Cairo Road Pellets
underweight stock feed
Total 3300 0 3300

Eng. Michael Nsefu (blue T-shirt) conducting sensitization campaign to Grain buyers and farmers found trading in Kapiri Mposhi on
the use of verified instruments.

21 | Zambia Weights & Measures Agency

Complaints from the petroleum sector other agricultural produce such as soya beans. It
was discovered that a tare mass of one kilogramme
A number of complaints were received regarding the (1 Kg) had been factored into the software, for
accuracy of fuel dispensers at some filling stations. purposes of weighing cotton. However, the tare
The Agency undertook the necessary inspections had not been removed when the use of the weigh
and re-verified the instruments after the necessary bridge was converted to weigh other produce.
corrective action had been undertaken. NWK Agri-Services was directed to resubmit their
weighbridge for verification, which was undertaken.
On the 4th November 2016, the Agency received a The findings were also communicated to CCPC for
letter of complaint from the Petroleum Transporters their further action.
Association of Zambia (PTAZ) alleging shortages
experienced by their drivers during offloading at 2.7 Enforcement and Regulation of Dry
the TAZAMA Fuel Terminal in Lusaka. In response Measure of Capacity
and in fulfillment of its mandate, ZWMA conducted
a verification exercise from 9th to 12th November, During the course of 2016, the Agency embarked on
2016 using its Reference Master Meter. The findings an exercise to legalise or regulate the use of the dry
of the exercise showed that the bulk flow meters measure or the Meda as it is popularly known, in
at the TAZAMA Lusaka Terminal were outside the line with Section 33 of the Principal Regulations,
acceptable tolerances. The bulk flow meters were the Weights and Measures Regulations No. 22
calibrated and re - verified and left within the of 1998. The Agency commenced the exercise by
acceptable tolerances, sealed and handed over to undertaking investigations and surveys at Lusakas
TAZAMA for continued usage. Soweto Market and markets in Chipata, Monze,
Choma and Katete. The investigations were carried
Complaints related to accuracy of weigh out in order to establish the actual capacity of a Meda
bridges and how it was being used. The results revealed that
different marketeers had varying interpretations of
The Agency received a letter from a member of the the actual measure of the Meda. Most of the Medas
public seeking confirmation of the verification status were made from plastic materials though there were
of a weighbridge belonging to Verino Agro Industry also some metallic ones. Further, it was discovered
and operated by Hybrid Poultry Farm in Lusaka. that there were two different types of Medas on the
The inspection revealed that the weighbridge had Zambian market namely the Wholesale Meda used
not been submitted for verification since 2012. during bulk transactions and the Retail Meda used
The company was charged for using an un-verified when trading in smaller quantities. ZWMA has since
instrument with the fine being backdated to 2012, drawn up a Road Map for the Standardisation of the
after which the equipment was re-verified and left Meda and associated sensitisation. It is envisaged
in an acceptable condition. that roll-out for the Standard Meda shall occur
during the course of 2017.
Following receipt of a complaint from a consumer,
which was channeled through Competition and
Consumer Protection Commission (CCPC), an
inspection was conducted on a weighbridge
belonging to NWK Agri-Services in Kabwe on 19th
August, 2016. Findings of the inspection revealed
that the said weighbridge had previously been
used to weigh cotton after which it was used for

Zambia Weights & Measures Agency | 22

Proposed design of the
Standard Meda

2.8 Procurement of Equipment

During 2016, the Agency acquired more equipment The procurement of additional equipment was in
which is necessary for effective metrology service line with the Agencys continued efforts to overcome
delivery as listed in Table 8. The equipment shall a long standing challenge of inadequate equipment
be used during verifications of mass, length and and working standards for the use in verifications
volume. and inspections.

Table 8: Equipment Procurement

Lead Seals 50 Kg
Dipping Paste 10
Dip Tapes 10
Vernier Calipers S (Manual) 02
Vernier Caliper D (Digital) 03
Micrometer Screw Gauge D (Digital) 03
Micrometer Screw Gauge S (Manual) 02

Digital Micrometer screw gauge used in verification of length

23 | Zambia Weights & Measures Agency

Digital Vernier Caliper used in verification of length

Further, the Agency was also a beneficiary of additional equipment under Phase III
of the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO) Trade Capacity
Building Project. The equipment that was received is shown in Table 9.

Table 9: Equipment donated by UNIDO

Water meter Test Bench 1

100 litres Mini Provers 2

20kg test weights 100

10kg test weights 50

5kg test weights 50

20litres Measuring Cans 5

10litres Measuring Cans 5

Toyota Land cruisers (4X4)
Motor Vehicles

2.9 Infrastructure Development at the Construction works at ZWMA Head Office

Agency in Lusaka
The Agency completed some of its infrastructure
development projects during 2016. These projects This project involved the construction of additional
were funded through Government grants and office space and laboratories at the Agencys Head
included the following: Office. The additional office space was necessitated
by the growing numbers of staff in the Agency. The
only works that were outstanding by year end were
those associated with the construction of a truck
shelter, which were treated as a variation to the
original scope of works.

Zambia Weights & Measures Agency | 24

Ndola Works proposed draft Bills that shall govern the Zambian
Quality Infrastructure. These Bills are the Standards
The year 2016 saw the completion of the Bill, the Compulsory Standards Bill, the National
weighbridge works which were being undertaken Technical Regulations Bill and the Metrology Bill.
at the Ndola Office. This weighbridge shall serve By year end, all the Bills had been subjected to the
as the Agencys reference weighbridge and it shall necessary legislative procedures and were approved
be used mostly for dispute resolution. In addition, by the Cabinet Legislative Committee in readiness
the weighbridge shall be used to determine the for presentation to Parliament. The draft Metrology
weight of containers being shipped outside the Bill shall result in the transformation of ZWMA into
country in fulfillment of the recent International the Zambia Metrology Agency (ZMA).
Maritime Organisation directive on Safety of Life at
Sea (SOLAS). The Agency continued to await the enactment of
the draft Statutory Instruments (SIs) which were
The other works which were being undertaken at submitted to Ministry of Justice (MoJ) through the
the Ndola Office were paving works and installation Ministry of Commerce, Trade and Industry (MCTI).
of a fire suppression system. By year end, 60% of the The delay resulted in the Agency not commencing
fire suppression works and 85% of the paving works some planned activities such as border inspections
had been completed. of pre-packaged commodities and Water and
Electricity Meter testing, as all of these activities
Official commissioning of both the Lusaka and depended on enactment of these Regulations.
Ndola works is expected to be undertaken in 2017.
2.11 International and Regional
2.10 Status Update on the Draft Metrology Metrological Activities
Bill and Statutory Instruments (SIs) on In relation to one of the Agencys functions of
Assize Fees, Water and Electricity Meters International and Regional Collaboration, ZWMA
and Pre-Packaged Commodities was involved in the following programmes:
During the period under review, tremendous
progress was made in the finalisation of the

Additional office space and laboratories at ZWMA Head Office, Lusaka

25 | Zambia Weights & Measures Agency

a) The SADC Standardisation, Quality 3.2 ICT Infrastructure
Assurance, Accreditation and Metrology In addition, the Agency undertook extensive re-
(SQAM) Meetings held in Botswana in March design works on its website which became more
2016; interactive in the course of the year. Improvements
b) 10th Intra-Africa Metrology Systems to the website shall be an ongoing activity.
(AFRIMETS) held in Egypt in July 2016; and
c) 51st International Committee on Legal The Agency also continued to update its Instrument
Metrology (CIML) Meeting and the 51st and Client Database which shall form an integral
International Organisation of Legal Metrology part in improved compliance monitoring and
(OIML) Meeting held in France in October 2016. service delivery. It is expected that this exercise
shall be completed in 2017.
There were less International and Regional
collaborations in 2016 than what was 4.0 2016 AND BEYOND
undertaken in 2015 on account of budgetary With the imminent transformation of the Zambia
constraints faced by the institution. Weights and Measures Agency into the Zambia
Metrology Agency, the institution shall be
3.0 2016 INTERVENTIONS AIMED mandated to provide regulatory oversight in all the
AT IMPROVED SERVICE branches of Metrology namely, Scientific , Industrial
DELIVERY and Legal Metrology by 2017. As a result, the
In 2015, the Agency identified a number of areas Agency shall extend its metrological coverage into
that had an impact on the effective execution of the areas that have not been previously regulated such
Agencys mandate. A number of interventions were as but not limited to regulation of measurements in
identified at the time which were implemented in the health, safety and environment sub-sectors.
The expansion of the Agencys mandate shall require
3.1 Improved Resources
implementation of the Metrology Bill through
MCTI and the necessary capacity building. The
In order to enhance consumer protection and new Metrology Agency shall address the growing
promote fair trade through improved metrological needs of the Zambian citizenry in the monitoring
compliance, the Agency made notable strides in of measurement instruments in hospitals and
improving resource allocation through: measurement instruments in pollution control
devices to mention but a few.
i. Recruitment of seven (7) additional staff
in the core Operations Department; 5.0 HUMAN CAPITAL
ii. Acquisition of two (2) additional vehicles MANAGEMENT
for use in the Operations Department. By the close of 2016, only sixty one (61) out of the
This was through the continued support approved structure of one hundred forty two (142)
and goodwill of UNIDO; or 42.9% of the staff establishment had been filled.
iii. Updating of the Instrument and Client The details are as shown in Table 10.
iv. Construction of additional office
space and installation of a reference
weighbridge in Ndola; and
v. Procurement of state-of-the art
metrology equipment.

Zambia Weights & Measures Agency | 26

Table 10: Staffing Levels

Department Approved Actual Variance

Chief Executives Office 10 03 07
Operations 82 29 53
Human Resources & Administration 33 22 11
Finance 17 7 10

Figure 6: Staffing Levels

Despite what would appear to be low staffing levels, the Agency managed to increase the numbers in
its core Operations Department to twenty nine (29), this being the highest level in the history of the
institution. This number will undoubtedly improve the Agencys service delivery.

27 | Zambia Weights & Measures Agency

Ndola based ZWMA team

Lusaka based Administration team

Choma based ZWMA team

5.1 Skills Development/Capacity Building

The following activities were undertaken as part of continued professional collaborations and skills
development programmes of the Agency:

Zambia Weights & Measures Agency | 28

Table 11: Skill Development

No Programme attended Venue/ Training Institution No of

2016 SADC Standardisation, Quality,
1. 31 Annual SADC Meeting
Accreditation, and Metrology (SQAM) 02
Meetings in Botswana
Control of Pre-packaged goods National Regulator for Compulsory
2. 05
(Labeling and Tolerances) Specifications, South Africa
Zambia Institute of Chartered
3. ZICA AGM Livingstone 03
Accountants (ZICA) AGM
Engineering Institute of Zambia (EIZ)
4. EIZ, Livingstone 04
Zambia Institute of Human Resources
5 ZIHRM, Livingstone 03
Management (ZIHRM) AGM
Safety Health, Environmental and
6. JEHELA SHEQ Consultants, Lusaka 08
Quality (SHEQ) Training
Training Needs Assessment and Eastern and Southern African
7. 01
Evaluation of Training Management Institute (ESAMI) Dubai

8. Annual Business Conference ZICA/ACCA/CIMA, Livingstone 01

Mock Emergency Responsiveness

JEHALA SHEQ Consultants giving safety tips to ZWMA staff

29 | Zambia Weights & Measures Agency

Lusaka City Council Fire Fighters giving safety tips

5.2 Development of Industrial and 5.3 Management Systems

Legal Metrology Curriculum
Institutional Policies developed
The process of developing a Zambian Metrology
In its continued quest to improve its Management
Curriculum was finalised in 2016. This process
Systems, the Agency developed and implemented
commenced in 2014 under the guidance
a number of institutional policies, notably the
of the Technical Education, Vocational and
Entrepreneurship Training Authority (TEVETA). The (a) Corporate Risk Management Policy;
Industrial and Legal Metrology Curriculum has (b) Communication Policy;
translated into the Agency having a domesticated (c) Financial Management Policy;
syllabus which shall form a vital part of structured (d) Fixed Assets Management Policy; and
in-house training. (e) Internal Audit Charter.

Furthermore, this Curriculum has created an The institution also revised its Conditions of Service,
opportunity for Zambian learning institutions to Discipline and Grievances Procedures and the Motor
offer this training course to the citizens of this Vehicle Policy.
country as well as others in the region and further
afield. 5.4 Review of Strategic Plan 2014 -
During the last quarter of 2016, the Agency
commenced the review of its Strategic Plan 2014
- 2016 with the assistance of consultants from
Management Development Division (MDD) of
Cabinet Office. The 2017 2021 Strategic Plan is
expected to be launched in the first half of 2017.

Zambia Weights & Measures Agency | 30

5.5 Public Relations Activities 5.5.2 Radio Programs
In its quest to continually sensitise all its stakeholders
on its core mandate, ZWMA undertook various In addition to sensitisation workshops, the Agency
awareness programmes during the year under also undertook a number of radio community
review. The major highlights included the following: programmes in Northern, Lusaka, Eastern and
Southern Provinces. A number of these programmes
5.5.1 Sensitisation Workshops took the interactive radio phone-in format and
attracted tremendous feedback. One underlying
A number of sensitisation workshops were theme was the need for more sensitization on the
conducted around the country. The sensitisation mandate of the Agency and the need for more
workshops were held in Lusaka at Buseko Market information on consumer protection in relation to
which attracted fifty (50) timber and market the use of dry measures in markets or the Meda as
traders. In Chongwe, cooperatives and traders were it is popularly known.
informed about the mandate of the institution
in collaboration with MCTI and all its statutory 5.5.3 Small and Medium Enterprises Business
bodies as part of the run-up activities to the Forums
2016 International Womens Day. In Livingstone,
participation was drawn from thirty five (35) traders Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) Business
who comprised representatives from market Forums were held in Lusaka at the Government
associations, chambers of commerce, farmers, Complex and in Choma at the District Council Hall.
fishing camps, bakeries, manufacturing companies, Both Forums were held under the theme Trade
lodge owners, oil marketing companies amongst measurements, business sustainability and wealth
others. The workshop in Chipata attracted about creation. Participation in the forums was drawn
thirty (30) traders, the majority of whom were from over five hundred (500) SMEs comprising
representatives of retailers and small scale traders. business associations, businesses in various sectors
such as Agriculture, Construction, Timber Trading,
In all instances, the Agency was supported by the cooperatives, and market traders. The SMEs
offices of the respective Provincial Administration. were oriented on ZWMAs mandate and how the
Agencys services assured the sustainability of their
businesses .

ZWMA PRO, Diana Ngula talking to judges at the 90th Agricultural and Commercial Show when they visited the MCTI stand.

31 | Zambia Weights & Measures Agency

Mr. Sunday Chikoti, Trade and Investment Officer (MCTI) with ZWMA Vice Chairperson, Mr. Sajeev Nair at the Lusaka Business Forum

Hon. Raymond Mpundu, Deputy Minister MCTI, officiating at the Lusaka Business Forum

Zambia Weights & Measures Agency | 32

5.5.4 Newspaper Article Publications 5.5.5 Press Statements
Joint Inspections Grain Buyers
During the year, the Agency ran a number of
In fulfillment of its mandate as laid down in the
publications in the various print and electronic
Weights and Measures (Amendment) Act No. 12
media such as the Zambia Daily Mail, Times of
of 2003 and in response to increased complaints
Zambia, Vision Zambia, Petrol World to mention but
that had been received by the Agency, regarding
a few. The following were some of the articles that
the use of unapproved trade instruments by grain
were published during the period under review: buyers and other fraudulent forms of trade during
the 2016 Crop Marketing Season, ZWMA undertook
i. Use Correct Units of Measure in Trade - joint inspections of Grain Buyers in four (4)
The article emphasised the standard units provinces. These joint inspections were carried out
of measure in the manufacturing and sale between 8th and 15th September 2016 in Southern,
of goods in Zambia. These standard units Central, Eastern and Copperbelt Provinces. The
are metres, centimetres and millimetres and inspections were undertaken in collaboration
for Length; tons, kilogrammes, grammes for with the Competition and Consumer Protection
mass and litres, milliliters for volume; Commission (CCPC), Zambia National Service (ZNS),
ii. The Role of ZWMA in the Petroleum Zambia Police (ZP), Ministry of Local Government
Industry - This article outlined the and Housing (MLGH) and MCTI. Accordingly, a
importance of accurate measurements of press statement was issued on the findings of these
petroleum products and associated benefits inspections on 15th November 2016.
to the stakeholders and consumers. The
Inspection/Reverification of TAZAMA Offloading
article attracted international online media
interest and was published by Petrol World.
Petrol World is a global news provider on ZWMA received a written complaint from the
the latest petrol industry world news; Petroleum Tankers Association of Zambia (PTAZ)
iii. ZWMAs relevance in the fuel distribution on 4th November 2016, where it was alleged that
chain - Its focus was on the benefits that truck drivers were experiencing shortages during
stakeholders in the fuel subsector accrue offloading of petroleum products at the TAZAMA
from having their measuring instruments Lusaka Fuel Terminal.
verified for accuracy;
iv. ZWMAs joint inspections of road tank As the allegation bordered on a dispute in terms
vehicles with Energy Regulation Board of quantities delivered, ZWMA was called upon to
(ERB) and Zambia Bureau of Standards verify the accuracy of the offloading meters at the
(ZABS) - Full details were posted www. Terminal. ZWMA was requested to intervene as; they are the sole regulatory authority mandated
to assure the accuracy of measuring instruments
v. 17000 Trade Instruments Inspected
and equipment in the country. The findings were
This article focused on the Agencys 2015
released in the form of a Press Brief which was
Performance; and
carried by both electronic and print media.
vi. Legal Metrology Key in Business - Its
focus was on the SME and the importance 5.5.6 Participation at the Agriculture Shows, the
of using verified measuring instruments Trade Fair and various National Events
during production and packaging of goods
in the manufacturing sector. In its continued quest to enhance the visibility
of the Agency, ZWMA participated at a number
of agriculture shows and also took part in various
national events. Some of these activities were:

33 | Zambia Weights & Measures Agency

ZWMA/MCTI Statutory bodies scooped 1st Prize for Highly Commended Agency/Ministry at the 2016 Copperbelt
Mining, Agricultural and Commercial Show in Kitwe

Copperbelt Mining, Agricultural and Lusaka Agricultural and Commercial

Commercial Show Show

ZWMA took part in the 2016 Copperbelt Agricultural ZWMA exhibited at the 90th Agricultural and
and Commercial Show (CACS) under MCTI umbrella, Commercial Show from 27th July, 2016 to 3rd August,
which took place from 1st to 5th June, 2016 in Kitwe. 2016. ZWMA/MCTI won the first (1st) Prize in the
The show saw MCTI scoop the first (1st) prize in Best Regulatory Authority Exhibitor category under
the category of Highly Commended Agency/ MCTI and all its Statutory Bodies.
Ministry under the one stop shop of the Ministry of
Commerce, Trade and Industry and all its statutory World Consumer Rights Day
ZWMA joined the rest of the world in commemorating
A number of showgoers expressed interest in
the 2016 World Consumer Rights Day which was
learning about their consumer rights and fair trade
held under the theme, Using Water and Energy
practices. ZWMA had stand coverages on ZNBC TV,
Wisely for Sustainable Development. Activities during
MUVI TV and Radio Phoenix to raise awareness on
this commemoration included Road Shows in
the Agencys mandate.
various townships in Lusaka and a march past from
Lusakas main Post Office to the Freedom Statue
Zambia International Trade Fair (ZITF) where the commemorations were conducted. The
official commemoration was graced by the Minister
ZWMA participated at the ZITF alongside other of Commerce, Trade and industry, Honourable Mrs.
Statutory Bodies under the Ministry of Commerce, Margaret Mwanakatwe, M.P.
Trade and Industry (MCTI) from 29th June, 2016 to 5th
July, 2016. During the Fair, the Agency carried out
sensitisation and awareness programmes through
the use of Radio, Television and Drama Groups.

Zambia Weights & Measures Agency | 34

World Metrology Day 5.6 Information and Communication
ZWMA exhibited at the Arcades Mall in Lusaka as
part of the commemoration of the World Metrology During the course of 2016, ZWMA undertook a
Day which falls on 20th May every year. The event number of interventions as related to Information
was characterised by a march past from Lusaka and Communication Technology (ICT) systems
Show Grounds to Arcades Shopping Mall and an in its continued efforts to improve on its service
address by the Deputy Minister of Commerce, Trade delivery. These interventions included the design
and Industry (MCTI). Participants were drawn from and development of the Client and Instrument
secondary schools, colleges and universities. Others Database that shall play an integral part in certificate
were ZWMA stakeholders such as licensed suppliers generation and production of Management
of scales, business associations, representatives Reports. Another intervention was the installation
from the Deaf Association of Zambia, Oil Marketing of an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) unit for
Companies, Ministry Officials and sister Agency, the server infrastructure to mitigate against the
Zambia Bureau of Standards (ZABS). The event was negative impact of frequent power outages.
interactive and this allowed the students and pupils
to be exposed to the Agencys mandate. In addition, the Agency designed a new-look
Website,, which has continued
Public Service Day Commemoration to undergo review as part of the overall system
ZWMA participated in the exhibition at the 2016
Public Service Day which took place from 20th to 5.7 End of Year Team Building
22nd June, at East Park Mall. This was a Carnival open Activities
to patrons visiting the mall. ZWMA also interacted
with fellow exhibitors who in the end got to know Despite the Agency not having attained its HPO
how ZWMA took care of consumers. The event status in the year under review, it was felt that there
closed with a public address to civil servants by had been notable contributions from identified
the Secretary to Cabinet. In Choma, ZWMA staff staff. Therefore, with guidance from the Champion,
also took part in the District Public Service Day high performing individuals who had exhibited
Commemoration Carnival through display of diligence and commitment in the execution of their
banners bearing its mandate. duties were awarded during the end of year Staff
Team Building Activities. This initiative motivated
all members in attendance to work as a team and
to pledge their commitment towards the Agency
attaining its HPO status in the coming year.

ZWMA CEO with (2nd from right) speaking during the ZWMA ZWMA Staff during Staff Wellness day
End of Year Team Building

35 | Zambia Weights & Measures Agency

ZWMA team during the Team Building cocktail Pastor Choolwe poses for a photo with some Metrologists.


The Department of Finance is responsible for administering the financial and accounting policy of the
Agency in order to ensure the availability of resources for efficient and effective delivery and/or execution
of its mandate.

ZWMA Financial team

6.1 Financial Review amounted to K20.305 million, (2015: K21.305

million). Amortised capital grants amounted to
6.1.1 Operating Results K0.728 million (2015: K0.558 million). Sundry income
The operating surplus (deficit) for the year amounted attributable to non-GRZ revenues amounted to
to K0.269 million (2015: K1.972 million). K0.183 million (2015: K0.154 million).

6.1.2 Income
Total annual operational grants received from
the Government of the Republic of Zambia (GRZ)

Zambia Weights & Measures Agency | 36

6.1.3 Non-Tax Revenue Collections

Non-Tax Revenue (NTR) is revenue collected on (Amendment Act) No. 13 of 2013. The NTR collected
behalf of the Zambian Government by Zambia by ZMWA is remitted to the Ministry of Finance.
Weights and Measures Agency (ZWMA) for
fees charged by the Agency when conducting The total NTR collected in 2016 amounted K11.509
verification, calibration and inspection services. This million (2015: K9.541 million). Figure 7 below shows
is in accordance with the Weights and Measures the NTR collected in 2016 compared to 2015.

Figure 7: Non-Tax Revenue Collections 2015 and 2016

6.1.4 Administrative and Operating Expenditure

Administrative and operating expenditure totalled According to the Bank of Zambia, the Kwacha
K20.947 million (2015: K20.048 million). The closed at ZMW 9.8: USD 1 at 31st December, 2016
main operating costs were costs for personnel (2015: ZMW 10.98: USD 1). Further, the Central Bank
emoluments K12.964 million (2015: K12.245 million) Policy Interest Rate remained at 15.5% throughout
and recurrent expenditures K6.240 million (2015: the year (2015: 15.5%). According to the Central
K6.523 million). Statistics Office (CSO), 2015 Annual Inflation Rate
closed at 7.5% (2015: 21.1%).
6.1.5 Capital Expenditure
The weakened Zambian economy was mainly
Fixed assets amounting to K3.415 million (2015: due to the fall in international commodity prices,
K2.806 million) were acquired during the year electricity deficits, high interest rates and low
under review. No major changes were made to the economic activity in advanced economies2. Further,
accounting policies and use of fixed assets. the Government faced challenges in fully financing
its commitments3. These economic challenges
6.1.6 Impact of 2016 National Economic resulted in delays in receiving grant funding and an
Performance on ZWMA increase in the cost of goods and services in 2016,
which affected ZWMAs ability to manage costs. To
2016 saw the economy stabilise following the mitigate against this, the Agency suspended and/
weakening of the economy in 2015. In 2016, the or postponed some of its planned programmes and
Gross Domestic Product (GDP) was expected activities.
to grow at 3.1% down from 3.2% in 20151.
The detailed 2016 Audited Financial Report is
attached at Appendix 1 of this Annual Report.

1 2016 Budget Address Delivered to the National Assembly on Friday 11th November 2016
2 Refer to footnote 1
3 Refer to footnote 1

37 | Zambia Weights & Measures Agency



for confidence in measurements

Zambia Weights & Measures Agency | 38


Head Office Chirundu Office

Plot No. 2387, Agency Building Room No. 7
Longolongo Road Chirundu Boarder Post
P.O. Box 30989 Mobile: 0969 027446
Lusaka, Zambia
Tel: +260- 211 -222294 Choma Office
Tel/Fax: +260- 211 -222297 P.O. Box 630621
Email: Livingstone Road Choma
Tel/Fax: +260- 213-220160
Ndola Office
P.O. Box 72049 Chipata Office
Airport Road P.O. Box 510390
Ndola Umodzi High Way
Tel/Fax: +260- 212-614438 Chipata
Tel/Fax: +260- 216-222283
Kasama Office
Compensation House Solwezi Office
Room No. 13 -16 P. O. Box 11065
Stand No. 754 Provident House
Zambia Way Suite 208/209
Mobile: 0965 690472 Solwezi
Mobile: 0968 873921 | 0977 338564


for confidence in measurements

Zambia Weights & Measures Agency | 76