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Celly the Cell

Celly is a cell, she has an important role in the human body.

She and her many friends are the building blocks of all living
things. She and other cells like her provide structure to all living
things. They take in nutrients from food, convert those
nutrients into energy and carry out other specialised functions.

A plant cell has gotten into the body and flowed into Celly, Celly
is confused she has never seen a cell like this before. Hi my
name is Planty, Im a plant cell. I dont know how I got here, can
you help me get out? Celly was a little scared because Planty
was five times bigger than her. Um sure the exit that way
thanks I really appreciate that. Maybe I can come back some
time, but I properly wouldnt find you

Celly and her friends Mel the muscle cell and Nelly the nerve
cell, always hang out together. They do crazy things together,
but this time is the craziest. They had injections and a bit of the
virus went into the place where they hang out and it frightened
them because they have never see a cell like this. This cell
looks like bad news, we need to get it out of here! said Celly
lets eat it said Mel. So they ate the cell, but before they
could finish it a white blood came out of the bone they were
next to and said that cell you are eating in a virus called
chickenpox, Im here to protect you from this virus. After that
the white blood cell flowed away.

More white blood cells came out of the bone and each one had
a different virus to prevent. For example some were for
chickenpox, some were for tetanus and others were for the
common flu and many more. Each one of the white blood cells
explained their job to the three cell girls. On that day they
learnt the function and the structure of so many different virus

The three cells went to the Nervous System to see Nelly Uncle
Norbert, they do this every couple of weeks and same to the
Muscular System to see Mels grandfather Mitchel. They love
going to different systems its one of their favourite things to do

Celly and her friends are very worried because an unknown

virus has infected some of the other cells. The white blood cells
are trying their hardest to keep it at bay but it doesnt seem to
be working it is too strong. Celly and her friends dont know
what to do so they just stand there and watch as the cells
around them get infected. A few cells are infected than that cell
is coping that infected DNA and reproducing an infected cell
that cell then copies the same infected DNA then reproduces
the same infected DNA and so on. After a week or two of the
white cells fighting for their life the virus is fought of virus and
more white blood cells come out of the bone, these white blood
cells are in charge of keeping this new virus at bay.

Celly has reached the end of her life so she and her friends
have a controlled self-destruction together. This is where they
basically kill themselves, cells do this all the time if they dont
the person will not live a healthy life. This is the end of the
friendship trio.