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2. Vendor /Sub-vendor John Zink Hamworthy
Jiangsu process Metal equipment CO.,LTD.
3. Inspector Name Shao Chunwei
4. PO number 020700114
5. Project Name P02070, Modernizacion de la Refineria de Talara
6. Inspection Location Dongping Town,Lishui District,
7. Date of Inspection Fab. 26, 2016
8. Next Inspection date Tomorrow
9. Type of Inspection visual inspection
10. Material Inspected N/A
11.Details and Results of Inspection:
11.1 Dimension inspection
FB2-L-003(15JZ-33-1) carry out final dimension inspection for pressure vessel of skirt
support and attachment , checking the plate thickness & dimension and attachment
assembly position according to drawing and applicable standard, not found any dimension
out of tolerence.
11.2 visual inspection
FB2-L-001(15JZ-36-1)During last time inspection found primer paint was peeling, perform
the visual inspection for surface quality of piece FS-A04 after manufacturer sandblasting
again , no greasy dirt and rust found. Result acceptable according to technical requirement
GP-19-01-01 and painting vendor suggestion instruction.
Checked ambient temperature 16 (manufacture shop), humidity 54%RH, and dew point
temperature can be found: 9.6, equipment surface temperature was more than 10.7.
and surface Roughness about 70um, This condition is suitable for painting according to
GP19-01-01 and paint manufacture provide instruct. Acceptable.
11.3 visual inspection
FB2-Z-001(15JZ-39-1) carry out visual inspection for partial derrick structure after finished
fit-up, checking the weld seam and stamp marking per the applicable standard, and found
some welding defect of spatters and require manufacturer to repair, after reqaired, the
result can acceptable.
FB2-L-003(15JZ-33-1) final dimension inspection for pressure vessel

FB2-L-001(15JZ-36-1) inspection re-sandblasting quality, and applicable for coating

FB2-L-001(15JZ-36-1) inspection re-sandblasting quality, and applicable for coating

FB2-Z-001(15JZ-39-1) visual inspection of welding and stamp mark for partial derrick
12.NCR Raised : Yes No
If Yes, please attach the NCR copy.

14.Inspector Signature: Date: Fab.26,2016