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CNG tanks manufactured

using glass fibre
GREENES GROUP of the installed under the vehicle. Up
Netherlands is retrofitting to 4 cylinders can be installed
vehicles with compressed in most cars.
natural gas (CNG) tanks
HiPer-tex fibre can withstand
manufactured using HiPer-tex
immense impacts, has
high performance glass fibre
extremely long-term durability
from 3B.
and considerably greater
Greenes retrofits petrol fuelled resistance to fatigue than steel,
cars and commercial vehicles claims Eric Debondue, Business
with CNG tanks. Development Leader at glass
reinforcements producer 3B,
The CNG tanks manufactured
with glass fibre composite
weigh less than tanks made Combined with the high
from steel. corrosion resistance of
HiPer-tex fibre these unique
A typical 32 litre capacity CNG
properties enabled the tanks
cylinder manufactured from
(manufactured by GASTANK
HiPer-tex glass fibre is 57%
Sweden AB) to meet the very
lighter than an equivalent steel
stringent ECE R110 regulation
cylinder and switching to this
governing the use of Type IV
solution provides our
pressure cylinders storing
customers several important
compressed natural gas for
practical advantages and in
motor vehicles, he adds.
addition has a very positive
impact on the environment,
Greenes Group;
reports Marc Dirkse, CEO of the
Greenes Group.
Commercial vans can be fitted
with up to 10 glass fibre 3B;
cylinders of which 8 are

Installation of CNG cylinders made using HiPer-tex glass fibre on a commercial van.
(Picture courtesy of Greenes.) MAY/JUNE 2011 REINFORCEDplastics