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Lesson Plan

Class being taught: FC Grammar

Teacher: Juan Escalante

Pre-Assessment Materials
As a review for yesterdays class, the students will work in small groups to Whiteboard
complete an exercise which focuses on the topic covered yesterday. As an Textbook
introduction to todays lesson, we will review voiced and voiceless aspects of Markers
pronunciation. We spent a lot of time on this in the past, I expect everyone to Laptop
recall the rules fairly quickly. Mouse story worksheet
Plural verbs worksheet
Course Objective
A student learns and accurately applies the grammatical structures necessary
for basic interpersonal communication, focusing on accurate production in both
speaking and writing.

Lesson Objective(s) The students will be able to

Gain a better understanding about the proper pronunciation for plural
nouns. By the end of the class, the students will be able to accurately
pronounce the final s in plural nouns.

Overview Housekeeping Technology Component

This is the second section of the Pray Projector if available.
chapter. Yesterday was quite a good Take role
day since the students realized that Irregular verb quiz 15
there is more to plural nouns than they PAVL 8
initially thought. This class will Lesson on pronunciation
hopefully open their minds to a new
aspect regarding plural nouns.

Review/Development, and Time

Housekeeping will take 10 minutes.
To begin class, we will do exercise 5 in small groups. This should solidify what we studied yesterday. 5
We will now move on to table 6-2. We will review voiced and voiceless sounds and the pronunciation
needed for plural nouns. 15 minutes.
We will work on our listening skills by doing the listening exercises from the textbook. 15 minutes.
Next, in groups, students will read the Mouse Story and work on changing singular nouns to plural and they
will work on the correct pronunciation. 10 minutes.
To conclude class, the students will be given a handout which summarizes the points we talked about today.
This chart contains some graphs that outline the correct pronunciation for plural nouns.

Assignment/Practice Philosophical Justification

Class exercises I believe that by providing the students will multiple representations of the
topic, they can gain a much better understanding of this topic. Some of them
may feel that they know this well but by having them work on it from
different points of view, I hope to broaden their view of plural nouns.
Summary Self-evaluation

Contingency Plan
If time allows, students will be asked
to work on small groups and recreate
chart 6-2 with examples of their own.