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The Strategic Decision-Making Mindset FOR INFORMATION

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Decision making is at the heart of what organizations do. Managers must contend
with high levels of uncertainty, multi-functional teams, and changing competitive
landscapes. Besides making short-term tactical decisions, there is a growing need Visit
for long-term, strategic decision making. for dates and tuition information.

The Strategic Decision-Making Mindset is designed to improve your judgment

and guide you to think rigorously and critically. You will understand the decision
process from start (the cognitive biases that inhibit good decisions) to finish
(strategic execution of your decisions). You will develop your ability to make
individual, group, and organizational decisions. Using a blend of cutting-edge U
 nderstanding Individual
research, behavioral economics, and tested approaches, the program provides Decision Biases
deep and actionable knowledge that will make an immediate impact. Advice Taking and Advice Seeking
 ecision Making with Multiple
This program explores the best practices and behaviors that lead to good
 trategic Agility: Building Adaptability
decision-making habits. You will learn how to effectively use critical thinking and
into Decisions
gain a deeper understanding of the role personal judgment and emotions play in
the decision-making process. This program will help you:
Make decisions under uncertainty
Build adaptability into your decisions
Provide the leadership to mitigate the effects of cognitive biases
Understand the role of emotions and ethics in decision making
Develop tools to improve individual and organizational decision making


The Strategic Decision-Making Mindset is designed for executives who are
moving from tactical to strategic roles and for those involved in cross-functional
decisions. It is of particular benefit to organizations and industries whose decision-
making approaches are shifting due to high levels of uncertainty, including
telecommunications, financial services, and health care.

CP-SD-0116 +1.800.255.3932 (U.S. or Canada) +1.215.898.1776 (worldwide)

EXECUTIVE The Strategic
EDUCATION DecisionMaking Mindset

Maurice Schweitzer, PhD Kathy Pearson, PhD
Academic Director Learning Director
Cecilia Yen Koo Professor, Professor of Operations Adjunct Senior Fellow, Leonard Davis Institute of
and Information Management, The Wharton School Health Economics, University of Pennsylvania;
President, Enterprise Learning Solutions

Maurice Schweitzer is the Cecilia Yen Koo Professor of Operations

and Information Management at the Wharton School at the Kathy Pearson is Founder and President of Enterprise Learning
University of Pennsylvania. His research focuses on emotions, Solutions, a firm focused on executive development. She is a
ethical decision making, and the negotiation process. He has Senior Fellow at the Leonard Davis Institute of Health Economics
published in Management, Psychology, and Economics journals at the University of Pennsylvania and has also served as an
such as the Academy of Management Journal, the Journal adjunct associate professor in the Operations and Information
of Applied Psychology, Management Science, Organizational Management Department at the Wharton School.
Behavior and Human Decision Processes, the Journal of
Kathy teaches on a variety of topics such as Decision Making,
Personality and Social Psychology, Psychological Science, and the
Strategic Agility, Stakeholder Management, Operational Excellence,
American Economic Review.
and Strategic Execution. Many of her clients are in the health
Maurice teaches Negotiations and Advanced Negotiations care and financial services fields, but she has also worked with
in Whartons executive education, MBA, and undergraduate executives from a wide variety of global industries, including
programs. He has won several teaching awards including professional services, the technology field, consumer products,
Whartons Whitney Award for distinguished teaching and Whartons and the manufacturing sector.
Hauck award for excellence in teaching. Maurice Schweitzer has
Kathy received her BS degree in theoretical mathematics
won two best paper awards in the Conflict Management Division
from Auburn University and her PhD in industrial engineering
of the Academy of Management, and he has served as the
(concentration in statistics) from Northwestern University
program chair for both the International Association for Conflict
Management and the Society for Judgment and Decision Making
conferences. He served as an associate editor for Organizational
Behavior and Human Decision Processes and Negotiation and
Conflict Management Research. He is currently an associate editor
at Management Science.

CP-SD-0116 +1.800.255.3932 (U.S. or Canada) +1.215.898.1776 (worldwide)

EDUCATION The Strategic Decision-Making Mindset
Maurice Schweitzer, PhD
Academic Director
Breakfast Cecilia Yen Koo Professor, Professor
of Operations and Information
Program Overview Integration Session Integration Session Management, The Wharton School
& Introduction Kathy Pearson, PhD
Kathy Pearson Kathy Pearson Kathy Pearson Learning Director
Adjunct Senior Fellow, Leonard
Davis Institute of Health Economics,
Decision Biases: Critical Thinking in Strategic Agility:
Understanding Building Adaptability
University of Pennsylvania; President,
Individual Biases into Decisions Enterprise Learning Solutions
Jack Hershey Kathy Pearson Kathy Pearson

Decision Biases: Decision Making with Strategic Agility:

Understanding Multiple Stakeholders Building Adaptability
Individual Biases into Decisions
Jack Hershey Kathy Pearson


Ethics: The Logic of Decision Making with Strategic Execution

the Ethical Choice Multiple Stakeholders

Keith Darcy

Judgment and Advice Taking & Program Wrap Up

Decision Making: Advice Seeking
The Logic of Chance
Cade Massey Maurice Schweitzer

Judgment and Emotions and

Decision Making: Decision Making
The Logic of Chance
Cade Massey Maurice Schweitzer


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