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Lun Sian Cing Science UOI: Water

10 Weeks Kindergarten 3

Lesson: Make Water Clean (Water Filter Demonstration)

Unit Overview
Main Idea (Claim) Summative Assessment
Water plays a central role in all living Drawings.

Guiding Questions Objectives (know/understand/do/value)

1. Do you think water can be cleaned The student will . . .
again? 1. See and understand that water can
2. Do you think plants can absorb be cleaned by using nature
muddy water? resources.
2. Be able to do an experiment with
the environment they have.
3. Understand that we cannot always
drink the kind of water the plants
can absorb.

Time Instructional Procedures and Strategies

Beginning the Lesson
Hook: Last week, we have learned about Mister Seahorse who lives
under the sea. But today, we will be learning about plants that exist in
the land. Before we continue, can someone tell me if Mr. Seahorse and
the plants can survive without?
1. Brainstorm: What are the things we cannot do if we do not have water?
2. Brainstorm: What if we do have water but it is dirty?
3. Explain how we are wasting a lot of water and how hard it is to clean
that wasted water again even though it is possible.
4. Show a video of the experiment.

Developing the Lesson

Develop: Today, we are going to do the same exact thing the girl in the
video did and check if we can do it or not.
While preparing the setting, tell the students to pick a worksheet,
attach it to the clipboard and write their names. Also tell them to only
write when the teacher says so.
Do the experiment. After each step, tell the students to fill the
worksheet as well.
When the experiment finishes, show them the original muddy water
and the filtered water.
Let them brainstorm why the result is much cleaner and where all the
dirt go?

Closing the Lesson

Explain them that this water is not for drinking because humans need
to drink much more cleaner water than this or else our stomachs will
be upset and we can get sick.
Lun Sian Cing Science UOI: Water
10 Weeks Kindergarten 3

Explain how hard it is so clean water just to drink or use in daily-life.

Questions: Now that we have learned how hard it is to clean the water,
how can you save water from being wasted?

Formative Assessment Differentiation

Worksheet as their observation report ---------
because if they did not pay attention to
the demonstration, they would not know
what they observe and the results of the
1. Sand
2. Gravel
3. Cotton
4. Muddy water
5. Water bottle
6. Worksheet
7. Clipboards

Evaluation and Reflection

NAME: ________________________

Experiment: Make Water Clean Worksheet

1. First, we put the cotton in the bottle.

2. For the second layer, we pour the soil.

Lun Sian Cing Science UOI: Water
10 Weeks Kindergarten 3

3. For the final layer, we will put the gravel.

4. To begin the experiment, we will pour the

muddy water.
Lun Sian Cing Science UOI: Water
10 Weeks Kindergarten 3

5. As a result, we will see the cleaner water

than the muddy water.