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Chapter 2

Water Purifier Equipments

The history of water filters is indelibly tied to the history of water, itself. As
human industry has grown and water has become more contaminated, water
filters have emerged over the centuries in response to the growing recognition
of the need for pure, clean water to drink and the realization that such water
does not occur naturally.

Water has greatly affected humanity and civilization for millennia. Because
water is so absolutely vital to our body systems, we, as living beings, are
entirely dependent upon water. In fact, this simple substance, more than any
other factor, guided the formation of civilization. Early civilizations were
clustered around water sources, and it was water that initiated the first
substantial agriculture in the Fertile Crescent, leading to more complex and
sedentary civilizations. For centuries, water availability guided the type of
foodstuff that could be grown in an area. Water was also the impetus and
guiding force behind the first cross-cultural interactions. Early trade was
completely dependent upon water, for transportation of goods and sustenance of
people and animals.

Throughout the centuries, as technology developed, people have gradually

gained more control of water. They have been able to transport water to arid
lands, stop and redirect rivers, and even determine when, where, and how much
rain will fall. Even with increased control of water resources, water still
continues to dominate the political, economic, and social structure of all
nations. This statement can be verified by looking at political struggles within
the United States over water resources or throughout the Middle East over
access to limited water. Concerning conflict in the Middle East, former World
Bank Vice President Ismail Serageldin stated in 2000, "Many of the wars of this
[20th] century were about oil, but the wars of the next century will be about

In modern times, concerns over water quality remain supreme. Over the years,
scientists have discovered more and more contaminants in fresh water sources,
and these same scientists have noted a strong correlation between drinking
water contamination and many significant health problems. Due to the rampant
impurity of water and the crucial, physiological need for clean, fresh drinking
water, several treatment alternatives have emerged throughout the history of
water treatment. Water filtration, one of the more viable and prominent of these
treatment alternatives, has something of a remarkable past. Historians believe
that the use of water filters began more than 4000 years ago! In the next several
pages, the fascinating history of water filters will be addressed. Read on to
learn more about this interesting history.

City water treatment plants are simply unable to provide pure, chemical-free
water to city residents. Even when water is purified at a municipal water
treatment plant, it often picks up lead and other chemicals when traveling
through a homes plumbing system. While shower filters are a viable solution
for the removal of chlorine from showering water, the best, and most modern,
available water filtration technology lies in whole house filtration systems.
These water filtration systems are installed in individual homes. They filter
water as it reaches a homes plumbing system, removing chlorine byproducts,
tiny organic materials, and any other unwanted chemicals. They provide the
purest form of water available. In fact, water filtered through a whole house
water filter has begun to fulfill Hippocratess vision of great-tasting, clean


KENT is a very renowned company who started its operations in 1999 from Noida,
India. KENT is working from many years and now leading the market by
providing advanced healthcare products which include not only Water purifiers but
Air Purifiers, Vegetable and Fruit Purifier and Water Softeners. This company
gains popularity as it is using advanced technology, innovative designs and day to
day enhance the quality of the product. KENT is manufacturing numerous RO
water purifiers such as Wall Mounted, Under The Counter, inbuilt RO Purifier with
Chiller, Gravity Based UF Purifiers, UV Purifiers and KENT Tap Guard. KENT
main motto is that the people are free from water-related problems and they
provide they wide range of healthcare products that deliver best standards of
quality and service.

Let us talk about Eureka Forbes Company, this company manufactures the high
range of water purifiers and home cleaning products and it is now rapidly
spreading the products to so many dealers in distinct states across India. The
Aquaguard is selling by around 15000 dealers in over 1800 cities and towns all
over India. The main motto of this company is customers satisfaction and they are
constantly working on that what are the needs and aspirations of their customers.
This company also produces high quality produces as to ensure satisfaction and the
well-being of all the families. Eureka Forbes offering a comprehensive range of
products to all the consumers and also uses upgraded technology that simplifies the
tasks, enhance efficiency levels and saves time.

Pureit water purifier is a brand of Hindustan Unilever which is the worlds largest
selling water purifier brand in India. The company is selling the purifiers in more
than 9 countries of the world using the latest UV+RO purification technologies.
The most selling products of Pureit water purifier are Pureit Ultima RO+UV, Pureit
Classic, Pureit Advanced and Pureit Marvella. Pureit serves people the best and
purified water without using gas and electricity which is safe for consumption and
free from all the harmful germs that can cause diseases.

Aquasure is on the 4th position among 10 best water purifiers in India. Aquasure
has a wide range of both electric and non-electric water purifiers and both are
backed by advanced purification technology which destroys all the disease-causing
bacteria, viruses and cysts. It is well designed by keeping in mind the requirements
to give your family pure and safe water. This brand is owned by an Indian
Company named Eureka Forbes which produces best quality healthcare products
and supplies it all over India.

This is another brand which is recognized among the top 10 best water purifiers in
India. This brand is popular not only in India but in numerous countries in the
world such as UK, Japan, Russia, USA and Africa. This water purifier brand is
manufactured by Ion Exchange (India) Ltd. and it is also a leading company which
is selling high-quality products at affordable prices. Zero B offers a complete
solution of water purification through its variants such as eco RO, eco SMART,
Emerald, Intello, Kitchenmate, Pristine, Sapphire, Skid, Ultimate and Wave.

Aquafresh is another well-known brand of water purifier in India. This Delhi based
company is selling RO system products at reasonable and optimum prices so that
all the people can buy it easily. Aquafresh laid down focus on the quality of water
and uses UV technology which destroys microorganisms, bacteria and viruses from
the water. Besides this, it not only bad particles from water but also prevent
essential minerals and nutrients present in water so that your family will get pure
and healthy water.

A brand launched by TATA and it is one of the oldest and largest companies in
India and also outside India. The company manufactures best quality water
purifier uses silver nanotechnology and TSRF technology for purification of
water and provide safe and clean water for drinking. It produces various water
purifiers which include Tata Swach Smart, Tata Swach Platina Silver RO, Tata
Swach Silver Boost and Tata Swach Nova Silver RO.

Next, on this list is Electrolux, which is also a popular brand in India. The
technology used in water purifiers are UF Process, Mineral Controller and Double
Purification Technology. All these advanced technologies keep the water germ free
as well as gives you safe and healthy water to drink. Electrolux introduced many
water purifiers in the market like Vogue, Sterling and Ace.
This is another popular brand in the list of top 10 water purifier brands in India and
this is launched by Luminous Water Technologies Pvt. Ltd. which now a
trustworthy company among the Indian consumers. This company provides a
complete water purification solution to consumers and uses advanced technologies
like UV, RO and UF as to purify the water and make it clean and safe to drink.
Some of the models of water purifiers manufactured by this company are Livpure
Touch 2000 Plus, Livpure Envy Plus, Livpure PEP and Livpure Magna.

Last but not the least, Nasaka is another a best water purifier brand among all the
top 10 brands in India. Earlier, Nasaka is a trusted manufacturer of batteries and
inventors in India and stepped into a water purifier market in 2010. This brand
introduced by Okaya and it uses Japanese technology to purify the water and
render healthy and pure water to all the consumers. The most selling variants of
Nasaka Water purifier are Natura, Ninja, Minjet, Xtra Sure and Nasaka 24X7