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10/20/2016 F3DependentFamilyVisaforKoreaHiexpatKorea

Written by Jemal Hogan

December 23, 2015

F-3 Dependent Family Visa for Korea

F-3 visa is for accompanying spouse or child (under the age of 18) of people who are in
Korea under D-1 (artist) to an E-7 (Specially Designated Profession) visa. 1/6
10/20/2016 F3DependentFamilyVisaforKoreaHiexpatKorea


You are eligible to apply for an F-3 visa If you are an accompanyingmember of family
A spouse or an unmarried minorof a D-1 to an E-7 visa holder.However, depends of
applicants under D-3 (Industrial Trainee) visas are not included.

Maximum Length Of Stay

It is the same as the person whom you are accompanying. In cases where the primary
applicant extends his/her contract, the dependents are allowed to extend their visa as
well. For example, if you are accompanying a spouse who is on an E-2 visa and your
spouse re-signs for another year, you are eligible to get an extension for another year on
your F-3 visa.

Required Documents 2/6
10/20/2016 F3DependentFamilyVisaforKoreaHiexpatKorea

Application for the visa issuance/Visa Application Form

One passport size colored photograph
Application fee

Additional Documents

Documents proving the family relations Marriage Certi cate/Birth Certi cate for
A copy of the front and back of the primary visa holders Alien Card
Proof of the Primary visa holders visa (i.e. Visa Issuance Number or the work
Documents supporting your nancial ability

A single entry visa valid for one year or less will be issued to a spouse or an unmarried
minor (under Korean age 19) of eligible applicants. Accompanying visas(F-3) will be
issued for dependents of D-5 visa, only if the D-5 visa holders have set up a branch o ce
or a local station in the Republic of Korea.

Visa Extension

When applying for an visa extension you will need:

Visa Application Form

Alien Registration Card
Application Fee
Proof of residency (Acceptable documents for proofof residency are Lease
contract, a mail giving the notice of the expiry date of your period of sojourn, a
utility bill etc.)
Alien registration card

Re-entry Permit

On December 1st, 2010 the immigration enacted the Re-entry permission exemption
scheme. So now, If you have completed your alien registration, and you want to re-enter
the Republic of Korea within a year from your initial departure, a re-entry permission will
be exempted. Also, If you have an alien registration card then you are exempted from re-
entry permission within the period of stay that is left on the card. 3/6
10/20/2016 F3DependentFamilyVisaforKoreaHiexpatKorea

I highly recommend that you call your local immigration o ce before your departure and
con rm that you do not need a re-entry permit.

In case you have to apply for re-entry, you will need:

Application Form
Alien Registration Card

You can either apply for it online atwww.hikorea.go.kror go to yournearest immigration

o ce to apply in person.

According to the information available on the immigration website and on the net,
recently the laws regarding the F-3 visa holders were changed. Now F-3 visa holders can
work and change their visa status if they meet the required criteria. However, the
information can be a bit confusing and the nal decision regarding these matters is at
the discretion of the immigration o ce. I advice calling your local immigration o ce and
con rming if you are eligible and what documents are required.

You can visitwww.hikorea.go.kror you can callImmigration Helplineat 1345 which

provides customer service in English, Korean, Japanese and Chinese. The sta is friendly
and can answer most of your questions or can help youto nd out where to get help for
more complex issues.

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10/20/2016 F3DependentFamilyVisaforKoreaHiexpatKorea