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Utilizing My Plaid

1. Orange (strongest colour)

2. Blue (next strongest colour)

3. Gold

4. Green (colour least like you)

Consider the strengths of each colour (whether it is strong in you or not).

1. In a brief paragraph for each colour, describe the typical times (roles) in your
life you use each colour. In what circumstances would you draw on the skills,
talents, traits and/or qualities from Blue, Gold, Green and Orange.
2. What strengths or skills of that colour are you calling on in that role or
3. Explain what traits in your strongest colour energizes you (have the strongest
connection to) and what traits in your weakest colour exhausts or frustrates you
(traits that are least like you)? [4 paragraphs: 8 marks]

ORANGE - The character traits of an orange personality are usually scattered.

We as people like freedom, and like to do things how and when we want. We are
quick to act and our minds are always running. Personally when I get an idea in
my head, it doesnt stop running until it is fulfilled. Like little projects such as the
boat my boyfriend and I are building. I am always thinking about it, how to make
it better, what colour to paint it, how to make it faster, basically anything until it is
actually finished and its on to something else. The freedom to take risks and
always be open to new things are traits that energize me. The thought of that
something new and different is always around the corner excites me.

BLUE The character traits of a blue personality are more personable in a

sense. Having character traits of a blue personality means you are emotional,
you value relationships and opinions, and some may even call it over sensitive.
My blue qualities are most likely used in my relationships whether it be with my
boyfriend, friends or family. For example I am pretty needy as some may call it
when it comes to my boyfriend. I want all the attention all the time and I get
emotional when things dont go my way.

GOLD The qualities of a gold personality ranges from organized to structured

with a little bit of the blues sensitivity. My gold character traits mostly come into
play during work and school. As the manager at business you have to have some
sort of organization skills. You are running a team that all have to work together
to stay afloat. So with the structured scheduling of when and how things need to
get done it is up to me to keep my time management and organization skill up to
par. Although its not always all work, we dont stress too hard over minor errors
or situations we cannot control, and that is where my orange personality
counteracts with the gold to work together in a world that is safe for me.

GREEN The qualities of a green personality are more independent. They make
the logical move and typically think before they act. The qualities I pick up under
the gold personality are the conscious. I have a very serious conscious and that
sometimes plays with my orange personality. I have a strong impulse to just do
things and not think about it then later my conscious or anxiety kicks in. Little
things like speeding on a tolled road, they have cameras and your license plate
number now. Can you get a ticket after the fact for speeding? I dont actually
know the answer. Im going to guess no, but these are the types of things that set
my conscious off. This is a good example of how the gold personality traits can
be exhausting for me. I spend time thinking about the what ifs

That Really Pushes My Buttons!

4a) Briefly describe the area of your work (present or past) that you enjoy the
most. If youve never had a part-time job, what subjects at school did you most
enjoy? Why? [2 marks]

b) Briefly identify any connections you see between this area of work and the
strengths and preferences of your primary (strongest) colour. Now that you are
preparing for a career as an Office Administrator, what traits or characteristics, of
your primary colour, do you think will help you in this career? [4 marks]

4a) I work at Ardenes clothing company. At work I mostly enjoy the tasks that
involve the most physical energy, such as stock and wall changes. We get stock
every Monday and it is a lot of hard work and keeps you busy moving boxes and
organizing everything so it gets out onto the floor on time. Monthly we get wall
change updates and that is where the whole store changes from top to bottom
side to side. The whole presentation of the store changes. I like this job because
I get the freedom to play with the outlines and present things the way I like them.

b) While doing wall changes it is always fun to get something new into the
environment of the store. I also like the freedom I get to play with the outlines of
the changes and present things the way I like them. They usually come
unexpectedly with an upcoming presentation date. So being fast to act on the
changes thrills me and challenges me. There are qualities in the orange
personality that will benefit me as I prepare to become an office administer. As I
have mentioned I am quick to act on fast paced changes. I am sure that things
are always changing in the medical environment as an office admin and being
able to adapt and welcome changes is a good trait to have. Although I dont want
to just be categorized an orange I think the traits from all the colours will benefit
with this job. Staying organized like a gold, and being empathetic like blue, and
knowing how to get things done independently will all help as I prepare to
become an office administrator in the medical field.

5a) Briefly describe any professional responsibility or situation you dont like.
Why? [2 marks]

b) Briefly identify any connections you see between this situation/responsibility

and your Personality Dimension plaid. (Hint: You might want to consider your
lowest colour.) As well, consider y`our new career as an Office Administrator, in
an interview when an employer asks you to share your strengths or asks you tell
them about you, now that you have completed Personality Dimensions, what
strengths, qualities or characteristics would you share with them? [4 marks]

5a) In some cases professional responsibility includes dealing with conflict.

Conflict in the work place is not my forte. I can handle it, but I do not enjoy it. I
dont like when people yell or get aggressive over things that cannot be changed,
or because they dont agree with the rules/policies/procedures. Personally I dont
think anyone enjoys being yelled at or belittled. Dealing with the conflict as a
professional responsibility gets frustrating sometimes because you cant always
say or act how you would like to. You must keep professional, and sometimes
that can be exhausting.

b) The connections I see between my plaid and this situation would be with my
lower colour Green. One of the potential weaknesses of the green personality is
their impatience towards arguments just like in my example above. I would rather
avoid the situation altogether. When it comes to an interview and an employee
asks me to share my strengths I am confident that I do know what they are after
completing the Personality Dimensions quiz. With character traits from every
colour i believe I have quality strengths all over the map. From being organized,
and structured when needed, being able to adapt and act fast in new situations,
and being able to break down understand all problems I think I would be very fit
for the job.

6a) Briefly describe a situation in which you have experienced conflict with
someone, or experienced difficulty understanding/communicating/relating with
someone. [2 marks]

b) What do you think the primary colour of the person was? [2 marks]

c) Consider your response to 6b) and your own Personality Dimensions primary
colour. Using what you have learned so far about distinct personality and their
needs and values (you may want to refer to the booklet in your package), identify
two or three steps you could take which will help to minimize the conflict between
you and that other person. Include an explanation of why, or how, these steps
will be helpful. If you wish, you may ask for ideas or advice from a peer or
classmate who has identified as the same primary colour as the person you
indicated in 6b. [4 marks]

a) As and orange personality while working on a group project I took the initiative
to try and set up a group meeting to discuss with our team. Although one team
member wanted to do everything themselves.

b) In this situations I think the person has a green personality. I think this
because some characteristics of a green personality is that they prefer to work
independently and value private time.

c) Considering the other persons green personality and my orange personality

there are a few steps we could take to minimize conflict in the group work
environment. One step would be to take their thoughts and opinions into
consideration and involve them all steps of the process. Another step we could
take would be to break up the project and assign small tasks to everyone so that
they could think critically about and work independently on. These steps will be
helpful so everyone feels comfortable working in the group together.

I feel that this submission is a good artifact of my work to prove my interpersonal

skills. I am currently enrolled in the first semester of the Medical Office
Administration program. This submission was created in my Office
Professionalism class to indicate how I work with other personalities and how I
handle difficult situations.

As a result of developing this artifact I have been able to pin point my strengths
and see where there is room for improvement when it comes to working in teams
with others, resolving conflict and respecting differences that may appear in the
work place. There is always a professional way to deal with any situation dealt in
the work place.

From completing this artifact I have been able to put on paper my qualifications
and skills when it comes to managing a team. This is relating to the team work
and management skills under the interpersonal category. I am currently the
manager at a retail store and managing a team of employees and keeping
everyone on task is a good representation of interpersonal skills. Also while
managing a team you must be respectful of everyones views, points and
opinions and be able to communicate professionally which this artifact allows me
to highlight.

The impact this artifact has on my overall values and goals is what I can do to
maintain these positive traits and excel even more. Practicing mindfulness and
being aware of my surroundings is a good way to stay in check with respecting
the people and co-workers around me to always have a positive experience at

1. In what specific ways does this artifact provide evidence of

learning that allows you to perform the numeracy outcome?
2. What new knowledge have you acquired as a result of
developing the artifact or participating in the experiencew?
3. What have you learned about yourself and your skills in
numeracy as a result of this experience?
4. What impact has this learning had on your overall goals and
5. What would you do differently if you were given the opportunity
to do this again? Why?
6. How can what you have learned make a contribution or add
value in a work environment?