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Career Studies

GLC2O Name: _Michelle :D_

1. OSSD & Requirements (Sec. 3.1)

1 OSSD is short for: _ontario secondary school diploma
credits 18_ compulsory, 12 elective)
must pass the literacy test
40 hours of volunteering

2. Community Involvement Activities (Sec. 3.1.3)

2 when it may be completed: __anytime during high school
3 encourages students to develop awareness and understanding of civic
responsibility and of the role they can play in supporting and strengthening
their communities.
4 may take place in a variety of settings, including: _businesses, non for
profit organization, public sector institutions (including hospitals), and
informal settings.
5 Students may not fulfill the requirement through activities that are counted
towards a credit
3. Provincial Secondary School Literacy Test (Sec. 3.1.4)
7 Required for all grade 10 students
8 May repeat test in following years.
Based on writing & reading up to grade 9

4. Substitutions for Compulsory Credits (Sec. 3.2)

The principal of substitute can substitute up to 3 compulsory courses for a
Allows for flexibility for individual students program

5. Ontario Secondary School Certificate (Sec. 3.3)

9 Students who do not qualify for OSSD.
Complete 14 credits ( 7 compulsory, 7 elective)

6. Certificate of Accomplishment (Sec. 3.4)

Students who leave before earning an OSSD or Ontario Secondary School
May be useful for students who plan to take certain vocational or other training or
who plan to find employment after leaving school.

7. Types of CoursesGrade 9 and 10 (Sec. 4.2 4.2.2)

10 Applied (P)
11 academic (D)
12 open (O)

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Career Studies
GLC2O Name: _Michelle :D_

8.Types of CoursesGrade 11 and 12 (Sec. 4.3 4.3.4)

Uni (U)
University/College (M)
workplace (E)

9. School Course Calendar (Sec. 5.3.1)

Created by the school board Provides students & parents with detailed & accurate,
up-to-date information about diploma requirements and the programs and courses
offered by the school

10. IEP (Sec. 5.4.1)

IEP stands for individual educational plan
Developed by parents, students, and teachers under direction of principals for gifted
or exceptional students.
Includes information about the students strengths and needs, about the
modifications in curriculum expectations that have worked well for students in the

11. Credit System (Sec. 6.1)

Every time you successfully complete a course of 110 hours you will earn a credit.

12. OST (Sec.

Stands for ontario student transcript
Provides a comprehensive record of a students overall achievement in high
Includes classes repeated and the marks.
Includes classes dropped more than 4 days after midterm and the marks
at that time.

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