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Kundan Ravi
Phone: +91- 9990448380


I am an IT professional with regular degree course B. Tech from PTU. I have overall experience of 1 year. I
worked on a Government project where I worked as a Software Developer and responsible for managing the
Database and extensively in MIS.

Professional Experience

Company : Med Save Pvt .Ltd

Designation : Software Developer
Company Profile : Third Party Service Provider for multiple Insurance companies across the country
Duration : Feb 2009 to Feb. 2010

Key Responsibility areas

• Responsible for backing up and restoring SQL 2000, 2005 databases.

• Wrote TSQL queries to diagnose data problems and fix scripts to correct the data problems. Fix scripts
included update, delete, insert, etc.
• Responsible for installing new equipment, software, repairing and terminating wiring, and secure a
consistent Windows work environment.
• Responsible for small (20) network environment.
• Collating and managing entire data in the Database to register Indian Citizens who are (BPL) Below
Poverty Level provided by Central Govt. of India.
• Receive entire data from all sites and uploading the data in the database.
• Distributing required data to different onsite centers where operations team are extensively involved in
registering Indian citizens who are BPL.
• Supplying required reports to the management to analyze the business and operations.
• Once the onsite registration gets completed uploading entire information on an MIC (Management
Information Card) which later distributed to the bureau of Central Govt.
• Extensively involved in dealing with Data base related work and all kinds of reporting internally and to
the client.
• As additional responsibility providing various demonstrations about the plan and actions of the program
to the local Bureau of Central Government all across the country.

Software Exposure

Operating system : Windows 98/2000/XP/window 7 and Linux (Basics)

Desktop Application Packages : Microsoft Office, Mozilla Firefox
Database : SQL Server 2000/2005/2008
Graphics : Adobe Photoshop
Other Technologies : Remote desktop, SQL Profiler, File Sharing.
IT- Expertise

• Experience in installing and configuring switches, and hubs.

• Knowledgeable of creating, importing, exporting, running queries with SQL Server.
• Ability to configure networks including TCP/IP, VPN, DNS, and desktop configurations.
• Database Engine Tuning Advisor (DTA)
• Snapshot replication environments and Log Shipping.

Educational Qualification

• B. Tech(IT) from Punjab Technical University .

Personal Details:

Father’s Name : Mr. S. K. Madhu

Date of Birth : 03TH Dec 1986
Languages Known : English, Hindi
Hobbies : sketching.

Place: New delhi KUNDAN RAVI