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Chows Come Black Christiansolumbus Metropolitan Library

Amun Hekaa
This is an excerpt from a book called: Hows come Black
Christians Are Workers of Iniquity?

By De'La Mar French

Publicized on: June 26, 2014

Khamem ThuT Em of Student Teacher:....When you become a Student Teacher of the Master
Teacher, one of the most simplified jewels you are given is; when someone ask you a question
right there on the spot, you gottah read from where they're coming. Are they coming from a
Scientific background when they ask me that? Or are they coming from a staunch Christian
background when they ask you that? Or are they coming from Islamic background, a Masonic
background, an Atheist or are they just "Nuts?"................So going back to the point, if I interpret
by way of your question, your coming from a hard Christian background, I can only talk Bible
to you cause you won't hear nothing else I am saying.........So Doc say," We have to identify that
this person is coming from "Hard Religion" and if I don't say God, If I don't say Angels, If I
don't say Heaven, devil and the prophets, they won't hear me when I try to give them Wu-
Nuwaup ............ And then Doc says cause after he explains all of that H.E. says, " Now
Jerusalem claim Abraham, they try to go to the source." H.E. said, " All throughout
Jerusalem they found millions of bones but they would never scientifically say any "One" of
them belonged to anybody of the Scriptures, from Adam to now." H.E. said, "Therefore
there's no scientific proof that any of them existed, but if you ask me and I sense you a
Christian, let's talk Jesus".........

New Outformation Class 5-6-2014

Black ThoTh of Student Teacher: Em Satakh Sanan Atum Rayay; Expounding on the
Lamb's Teachings=Master Teacher= Paa Nabab Yaanuwn.
Wu 7
Throughout this writing, you will hear the titles: Master Teacher, Paa Nabab Yaanuwn, His
Excellency (H.E.) and Lamb to reference an Incarnated Being (Rev. 22:9 kjv) who
exemplifies these titles from the 9th cylindrical=cyclical "Reasoning" of those
Dimensional Degrees: 360 (3+6+0) + 360 (3+6+0) =720 (7+2+0). From this Cyclical wheel of
time, portions or degrees of knowledge H.E. "brings forth" from "within" the Head, Arm, Leg,

Leg, Arm of the "Star" Melanite Being-"Hue" men.

Chows Come Black Christiansolumbus Metropolitan Library
Amun Hekaa
The Art of teaching or education- Latin educere to draw out, verb educe "to draw from within."
You draw water from a well (a well is cylindrical- grk. fr. roll Cycle fr. grk. circle- more at
Wheel) . So education is to "bring forth" that which is from within, but the science or Art ( to
describe in pictures hieroglyph+ pictoglyphs- (The art of dance, to sing, rap, to play
instruments, is to illustrate from within)
- + holograms+ holographic) of this Education is:
Pedagogy- n. the art, science or profession of teaching: esp :Education.

Pedagogy as a Noun-The Study of Methods (Methodologies) and activities of Teaching

(cambridge dictionary).

As an Adjective- pedagogic- adj:of, relating to, or befitting a teacher or education.

Websters New Collegiate Dictionary. A Merriam-Webster ed. 1977. 10

So, this Master Teacher known as H.E. Rev. Malachi Zodok Kobina York exemplifies
the different pedagogical methods where others such as myself have "ascribed" through study
or learning, to exemplify H.E. s' Methodological Art form where others such as, have used
"global plagiarism" and "patchwork plagiarism" but mostly "incremental plagiarism" in using
the 'Actual facts' of the Master Teacher and make no referencing as to where they got their
information (verse 85). Others have, through "personality greed," have plagiarized and further in
evil, plagiarize and then Slander the Beloved Master Teacher:

verse 86. They are the ones with their Famam "mouth" and their accusations victimizing our
true devoted Nuwaup-u "Nuwaupians" by putting the verbal sword to their necks by slander
when they try to convert them to follow after them; it's all about their own worldly personalities.
It must be noted, that so-called "teachers" in the Black-Conscious Community, utilize Reverend
Dr. York's Pedagogical Styles, Paradigms, and Outformation but "trained-wise" fail to mention
Thee Master Teacher as the Author of such. This evil "personality greed" won't let them or being
"trained-wise" are not allowed to mention H.E. In saying or I'm saying that there are agents in
your conscious community who have been "wisely-trained" in and how to get around speaking
about the United Nuwaupian Nation Worldwide; so that the "sheeple" won't seek the fountain
from which living waters flow.

Specifically, the roots or the underpinnings of a True Nubian Nation; and if they (conscious
black community & Black Christians) were to sign the "ledger" and become a "National" of
this Pan-African Nation, Country and Culture, the growth would be so tremendous and
strong that the United Nations would have to recognize the falsely dubbed "African-
American" as Nubian=Nuwaubians= sojourning in a foreign land (Genesis 15:13) but this
Land is not foreign to Us as Indigenous Aborigine Natives which means that that prophecy
does not apply to Us in that we were Originally here. This is just the political side of a
Chows Come Black Christiansolumbus Metropolitan Library
Amun Hekaa
"productivity," not to mention an Economic "One." So One (Black-Christian) has to ask,
"Hows come my Reverend, Minister, Pastor, and Doctor hasn't told me about this Man
declaring Himself and producing Facts to this extent, of Him Being this Lamb?""Hows
come the Brothers in the "Conscious Community" make the wreckless boast that they have
a Master Teacher when they themselves don't even know the prerequisites of being a
"Teacher?" A Teacher (H.E.) for that matter that must instruct and illustrate=exemplify to
a People in a Backward Ethnocentric european Consciousness.

To do this feat, you have to be an Astute Linguist and for that matter a Master
Psycholinguist. (Example being the term H.E. used in the past, "Tricknology"-which is the
study of the "trickery" of the English Language on the Africans Psyche-Mind and the term
"Factology"- the study of facts . I must add that the ones who make these boast are the
biggest plagiarist of Thee Master Teacher's "Work." These simple-minded Nagaru have
just now started using the Title "Master Teacher," after Nuwaupian Nationalist Student
Teachers Rightly appropriated the Title to Paa Nabab Yaanuwn. At any rate of TruTh and
STrengTh of TruTh to manifest itself; I in this writing ascribe to give an exemplification of The
One, of His Mastery of Pedagogy and its Methodology thereof :

(Psyche=Mind and Soul + Ology= Study Of)= (Cycle+Logical=Logistics= Art of

The branch of psychology that deals with the design, administration, and interpretation of quantitative tes
ts for the measurement
of psychological variables such as intelligence, aptitude, and personality traits. Also called psy
Free Dictionary by Farlex

Metric- Measure= Meter- n [ME, fr. OE & MF meter, fr L metrum, fr. Gk metron measure,
meter; MF metre, fr. L metrum-more at MEASURE] 1a: a systematically arranged and measured

rhythm in a verse: (1) : rhythm that continuously repeats a single basic pattern
<iambic~> (2) : rhythm characterized by regular recurrence of a systematic arrangement
b: a measure or unit of
of basic patterns in larger figures <ballad~>
metrical verse- usu. used in combination and
pronounced \ m(eh) tur \ .................................
M(eh)tur- Metu Neter-"Words of Divine Overseers" Mada'aat- words,
MA(Dj) AA(edi)T= Wise Words Of Supreme
Balancement= Scales of Justice, TruTh = Ma'at=Order,
Chows Come Black Christiansolumbus Metropolitan Library
Amun Hekaa
Equality=Equilibrium= . The Quill (feather of TruTh) Pen of
Djedi=Djedtwy=TehuTi- Master Scribe.


You may look at the Language and notice that some of the triple vowels of double words have a
lot of consonants with less vowels and you may think it looks weird but it's English and other
languages that looks weird. If you look at Arabic and Hebrew, which direction are they read in?
Right to left; that is symbolic of the past. The time for those Languages are up. The time for
those Languages is up, just like the Religions they go with there time is up. Nuwaupic is read
from Left to right. Symbolic of the Future and the Future of Our Language is Hieroglyph.
"Glyphs" can actually be read in any direction;which shows how INFINITE they are....

Outformation Class 9-4-12

Read by: Mursaltet Atuntet Merytet Sanantet Atum Rayay
The Words of: Dr. Rev. Malachi Z.K. York 11

culture- n [ME, fr. MF, L cultura, fr cultus, pp] 1: CULTUVATION TILLAGE 2: the act of
developing the intellectual and moral capacities esp. by education. 3: expert care and training
<beauty~> 4a: enlightenment and excellence of taste acquired by intellectual and aesthetic
training b: acquaintance with and taste in fine arts, humanities, and broad aspects as
distinguished from vocational and technical skills 5a: the integrated pattern of
human behavior that includes thought, speech, action, and artifacts
and depends upon man's capacity learning and transmitting
knowledge to succeeding generations, b: the customary beliefs,
social forms, and material traits of a racial, religious, or social group
6: cultivation of living material in prepared nutrient media; also :a product of such cultivation.
[underlining and bold print mine]
Chows Come Black Christiansolumbus Metropolitan Library
Amun Hekaa

Atun TuT Ankh:

....H.E. had mentioned that Yaanuwn had left and the reason HE left is because HE's
disappointed in Our People; because Yaanuwn is Cultural and We not following Our Culture.
We have "a way" of Language- We have a Food. We have types of Food We eat and how We
supposed to things. And "Our Way of Life" is Paa Taraq and its disappointing to Yaanuwn that
We choose not to be, or follow Our Own Culture, so HE left.......

New Outformation Class: 2-8-12

Read by: Mursaltat Bastat Yaa Nafartat Sentat Atum Re
Words of: Dr. Rev. Malachi K.Z. York

KhamemTaT = ThuT Em MursalTaT AtumTaT MeryTaT:

So once again BahhBahh is now addressed as Paa Nabab Yaanuwn. Yaanuwn actually
returned on June 26th of this year. HE's back. Anyone following the updates, We realize what a
"tremendous blessing" that is and what a "Mark in Time" it is..... 11
The kind of Consciousness that inhabits us reflects the kind of Culture that we live-in. The
Nature [Ma'at] of the Culture [Wu-Nuwaup] that we are a part of. Recognize Ladies and
Gentlemen that Culture cannot exist outside of Our Minds and of Our Bodies. Culture does not
exist out there! History does not exist out there! History & Culture can only exist in the Minds
and Bodies of People. If there were no People in the World, there would be no History in the
World. No Culture in the World. Culture does not stand outside and direct us; it is (where)?
Inside of Us and it directs us from the inside. Culture is instilled in Our Bodies and Our Minds;
and we have to keep that in mind because sometimes we tend to see it as something separate

from Ourselves. Culture, it dwells in Us and it inhabits Our Bodies . Our History
dwells in us and it inhabits Our Bodies. We reflect Our History and we reproduce Our History
when that History becomes a part of Us and is One with Us. We tend to see Culture in terms of
Music. In terms of the kind of Dance We have. In terms of the Songs We Sing and that is a part
of Culture; but ultimately Culture is deeper than that. Culture is a "Way of Thinking."
Ultimately Culture is a conspiracy. That is, it is a "means" by which a group of people organize
"The Way" they Think. Organize "The Way" they believe. Organize "The Way" they see the
World. So as to create a Consciousness by which they can cooperate in achieving certain
"ends." So that they can mutually aide each other and gain "ends" that they cannot gain as
separate individuals. So Culture is an Instrument Of Power. The individual through
Culture extends his power and the Culture extends the power of the group. When
we talk
about Music and Song and Dance; what we're talking about here then
is how Culture ultimately comes to be implanted in Our Bodies .
You see, we tend to look at Song and Dance and Music as entertainment and this is Our serious
Chows Come Black Christiansolumbus Metropolitan Library
Amun Hekaa
mistake. We have a lot of Our youth out there looking at Music as mere entertainment. When we
say that we are being Inculturated, inculturated - it means that a spirit is being implanted in us
by the Culture. It means Our Group is instilling in Our Bodies and in Our Minds a possessing
Spirit such that when Our Culture calls Our Name, We respond to it. We then defend it and
support it because we are at One with it......................So a Culture creates its Own possessing
Spirits and inculturates and inculcates these Spirits into the Bodies of its Members. So that those
Members defending their Own Egos, in defending their Own taste, satisfying their Own Values;
satisfies the needs of the Culture. Enrich the Culture, Empower the Culture. Defend the
And how then does the
Culture. Advance the Interest of the Culture.
Culture, implant its Spirit into its Members? It does it in
a very strong and primordial way. It uses vehicles and
one of the major vehicles that's used is Music. Rhythm,
Song, Dance; a Culture involves "moving" (what)?
Together. in Tandem. In Rhythm [Meter=Ma'at]. It
involves them having the same Temporal Sense-the same
kind of "Time Clock." So that they can move
"Synchronity." One with the other and Music is about
Synchronity. Poetry is about Synchronity. Song is about

[.86 Paa Sapzdetu "The Enneads" are conceived as the teeth and lips of Ptah created by his
heart called Sai, personifying the principle of mental , the intellectual energies working with the
tongue of Ptah which is Hu "Creative Force of Will" created by his heart seat of intellect and his
tongue Hu command of action by Heka, the magical power of energy in this cosmology is in
fact music.

Actual Fact #7
Paa Safun Mahyutaat
"Paa GuTuT"

Written by: Paa Munzel Nazdur: Amun Nub Re Akh Ptah (Djedi) ]
Music is about Symbols and you see ultimately it is through Symbols that you evoke behavior
from people. So when a Culture creates Symbols; those Symbolism are designed to evoke
particular types of reactions and feelings and moods in its members. And a Culture establishes
the potency of those Symbols through RITUALS, through SONG, and through DANCE. And
Chows Come Black Christiansolumbus Metropolitan Library
Amun Hekaa
one of the best ways to inculcate, Cultural Values or Cultural Spirits is through entertainment.
It's while the members are being entertained, while they are feeling good; the Song is carrying
the Cultural Values into the Mind and the Body. The Lyrics that represent the Cultural Interest.
The Lyrics that represent Cultural Values are being carried through the vehicle of the Poetry.
Thee togethernes. Thee cooperativeness. Thee mutual movement together and the
Synchronity of the Culture is being entrained through the Music and through the
Rhythm of the Dance............ 2

Zamaltat: Any group of people that are intuned with their "Their Own Frequencies" have been
able to overcome the devil. When Nelson Mandela was incarcerated, many entertainers became
involved, and the Singers of South Africa became known. Example: Lady Smith Black Mabaza.
Do you remember the TONES OF THEIR VOICES when they Sang? Next
thing you know, Nelson Mandela was free. Look at the Aboriginals; they have this instrument
called the Djor [didjerido?]. That when the entertainer Yaani was touring with the "Love is All
Tour," he had many performers from around the world and had the Aboriginie Native
Instrument. There getting their lands back. What about India? They have "Their Own Music,"
Own Cinema, "Own Culture,"and what, "Their Own Music?" And now look at India,
increasing in wealth. They are on "Their Own Frequency." Look at the Chinese, they have
"Their Own" as well and are doing well. They Are Intuned With Their Ancestors.

New Outformation Class 1-8-13

Read by Student Teachers: Zamaltat Natat.tat Sanantat Atum Rayay wu Zamal Mursal
Emsatakh Sanan Atum Rayay
The Words of: Paa Nabab Yaanuwn 12

This is Our type of fight, the fight of Ma'at

Chows Come Black Christiansolumbus Metropolitan Library
Amun Hekaa

Saturday 1/26/2014-6:00Am to 8:00Am. Straight Talk Live: 106.3 My Magic Classic R&B
Columbus, Ohio. Todays' Topic: Are Black People Contributing to the Belief that They Are
Animals (Beast). Are they proving that they are violent, dangerousand uncivilized? Does
the reaction of white americas "rant"from Richard Sherman, elude to white America's
disposition of Africans in America? I am asking, why do "African Americans" in the year
2014, require the acceptance of White America, to feel valid?

Khari En Haro becomes an apologists and he as well as other callers into the show are as Dr.
Claud Anderson places it, exhibiting, inappropriate behavior. They in essence gauged the
tolerance and intoleration of white people and their view of Black America. Khari, an Apt
Scribe with learning in: Education Science & Economics, whose work, Hypnotic Words of
Religion, is awaited for; does not realize the empowerment of 'Racist Supremacy' on the so-
called "American Negro." Khari s' Callers are playing "Sambos" and don't even know it. There
was nothing wrong with Richard Sherman's "rant" in the NFC Championship, 2014, football
game. Football and Basketball as well as many other sports are exciting and exhilarating.
Emotional Energy is displayed on a regular. But Black people began to apologize for his
(Sherman) Energized Vocalization, saying that it was shameful. One Sportscaster expressed
something to the affect of, " Richard Sherman's rant was no different than someone in a 'sports
bar' talking trash about his team." His team that won. This type of rant has been done at
'Superbowl' parties where impressionable children attend. You see, these "ole milqtoast ass, luke
warm ass, nigga Sambo ass niggas," like -(
Thee Master Teacher has Warned, that One
should refrain from pointing out the faults and failures of those of your Race wu (that)
Mukwan pafaf nuk (Ahh)AnAD accepted; H.E. (HU) amma Ai Ghatat, Nuk sawaf Aaqal
Huu ) - would have never said anything if.......... 'Sambo' say, "Massah, we'z sick, Them Coons
down yonder makin' YOUSUS (yous+us=me) sick Massah?

These same Negros wouldn't have said, he's not acting like a man that went to Stanford
if.........These same Negroes wouldn't have said, think about the kids, what example is he setting
Chows Come Black Christiansolumbus Metropolitan Library
Amun Hekaa

They White Master

for the kids if..........

(Massah=Messiah), didn't say anything

about it First!!!!! :
I want each and everyone of you to understand what I'm talking about this morning. You see I'm
very profoundly disturbed. I just left Tuskegee, where black-folks are sufffering and I am very
disturbed when I go across this country and I cannot find the sensitivities and concerns about
black folks in America that I want to see. And the only Minister that I've seen or heard from any
place in this Nation, has been Dr. Price; that is telling you what you should be listening
he is the only Minister I've run into that violates all
the social norms that were exacted on Black Folk. Back into the
1790s as the country began to move into the 'Evangelical Movement.' And they decided in the
1790s that it is now permissible to have a Black preacher or to have Black Folk invest
themselves into the "Religious Experience." And the establishment in this country said, "Yes we
will allow Blacks to have their own separate "Services' but we must pick the Minister, we must
pick a minister that is controllable. And we must tell him exactly what he is supposed to do. We
will license the ministers. So by the 1720s, the entire establishment in this Country set-up a
system saying that any Black Minister in this Country, he has an "Admonishment." He
must teach Black folks Three (3) Things so that Religion will become a "Control Device," to
help us maintain the status quo on Black Folks in this Country. He says every Black Minister
who we select or license, they must teach black folks: First of all when you talk about the

Bible, you talk about the Master and the Slave. You
are talking
about the White Master on Earth and the
Black Slave .
You must secondly teach Black Folk to be humble and obedient and accept their life's lot and to
be respectful and loyal to the white master. And lastly, you must teach Black Folks . You must
teach Black Folk that they will get theirs in the hereafter and Pie In the Sky. And that went
into effect in the 1820s and every Black Minister fell in line and did it. And they stayed like that
until after the Civil War, when a 119 Blacks on Oct. 19th walked into Saint Paul's Baptist
Church in Raleigh, North Carolina and says, we can't take it anymore as Black Folk, the
suffering is too acute. And said, " We must at least have 40 acres and a mule or something. You
cannot just turn us a loose free and say we're free and give us non-economic emancipation:
where we're pennilessly poor, impoverished, sick broken, busted, uneducated, ignorant,
homeless, nothing and say we are now free. And that is the only Minister, Dr. Price, that I've
heard understands that. That you got an obligation in the Ministry to go above and beyond that
"Admonishment" that was put on Black Folk a 150 years ago.....

Dr. Claud Anderson- A Vision Beyond the Dream. Uploaded by: Donnie Mossberg. Published
Chows Come Black Christiansolumbus Metropolitan Library
Amun Hekaa
on: Feb 19, 2013. Youtube.

The NFL could not even fine Sherman for the "emotional outburst." Why? Because he did
nothing wrong, but when your Master YOUSUS say, that it is conduct un-becoming a proper
Nigga, YOU SAH stand up and say," watch your Tone Nigga." Billy Bush, of Access Hollywood
says something to the effect and I paraphrase, "In Richard Sherman's interviews after the game,
he talked like a Man that went to Stanford." MAS SAH don't like that type of Energy in
Motion=Emotion - As taught by Rev. Dr. Malachi Z. York.

Now, I called into the 'Straight Talk Live' show and said, "They (White Racist Slaves (puppets)
of Elites) don't want that type of energy being displayed. The same way, slave Masters, would
send "Tom" down to the slave shacks, to quiet that "drum playing and "noisy" screaming and
AFRIKAN dancing." It comes down to, "what are they doing down there and what are they
saying (in real time) to each other? STOP THEM FROM GAINING AND BUILDING THAT
ENERGY MOTION. Now who ever heard of "excessive celebration? Notice that they (NFL)
forgo "crowd enthusiasm" to keep the Afrikan Nagaru=Negro from dancing in the end zone.
Once the player (football) reaches the 'end' of the 'zoned' in area, he does what the oppressor
can't do. Dance. This dance builds energy from the fans and the "Being" Energized, then
becomes a conduit, representation of Thee All Powerful. Man- ife..... station of God. They
(racist) are not having that ............ I also said something about the Black man having the
"Voice of Many Waters." Nagaru=Negro.
Nagas=pi nyin jiu (Nine)
=Ningas=Ninjas (Black Chinese), Niggarrr!!! When a brother does
something good on a play (in football) another player (brother) says, "I see you Nigga." Or a
Brother exclaims, "I'm that Nigga," when he makes that interception. What the player is saying,
what he is promulgating, is that he is that "Blackness" which birthed light (chaos):

One of the things they found out as Scientist, through different kinds of studies and Astrology and
Astrological studies. They found out that in the heavens right now, that there is a dark hole, a
black hole, in the heavens. The Black hole is so powerful, that its frightening to Astrologers right
now. They know that in the Universe there is a Black Hole that has movement. It has the ability
to attract objects into it and destroy it. It can attract and destroy. And that's one of the biggest
things that's holding Space Exploration back. They're scared of that Black Hole in Space that
has the ability to attract and destroy. They don't know whether that's GOD or not out there
that's Black like that..........

Dr. Claud Anderson, Power of Blackness. Uploaded by: True Black History 101. Published in:
July 26, 2012. Youtube.

So as a consequence and preventive measure, of generating this Energy, the NFL has said that
you can't use the word "Nigger" on the field of play and side lines. Watch your Tone nigger.
Watch your Energized Movement :

13. You are solid, liquid, and space. You are sound, Tahrak "Movement", growth, emotions,
energy in motion ever expanding just as the Kalay Makwan-aat "Omniverse"; Pa'aut' Amma Paa
Paa'ut' "All as the All".
Chows Come Black Christiansolumbus Metropolitan Library
Amun Hekaa

14. Being it was out of Nu-Primordial, space dark material, dark energy that this galaxy was or
took form of, in which your life giving Rayay "Sun" is a member.

28. You Nagar-u "Negroid", and your dark skin, black, are dark matter, dark energy.

Paa Taraq: The Age of Adamites Past

Written By: H.E. Malachi Zodok Kobina York-El 1
So, every player in the NFL that wants to congratulate a team mate should holler, "I See
you Black Man!!!!" I See You Black God!!!!" How long would that be
allowed before the NFL says, "Referring to a teammate's Race in a congratulatory manner,
offends other teammates who are not of the same Race?. Therefore this type of vocalization will
not be permitted in the National Football League.

Once again as loyal subjects to their white Master (Massah), king of kings, lord of Lords,
(Zeus= King of the gods=JeZeus) you (Yousah) must overstand that your mindset
(Consciousness) is formatted into the "Religious Salvational Healing" thought process of your
oppressor. Simply put by Learned Ones, "That's the slave masters book and god being pushed
on you by their so-called "good side, in the ideal, Abolitionist and Quaker, Missionary work."
So, as long as the so-called African American, Honorable Elijah Muhammad call'em- "so-called
Negro," is submerged in the "Religious Spell of Rumination; " Thee Disciple of Thee
Honorable Elijah Muhammad, Thee Minister Of Ministers, Minister Louis Farrakhan should act
as a guide post for the unification of Jesus & Muhammad. Don't none of the other Ministers do it
or has done it except As H.E. Rev. Dr. Malachi Zodok.York (Malachi 4:2, Arise =ATUM
Rayay) in the past and in the present--- Pastor Jeremiah Wright and Pastor Ray Hagin, Rev.
Willie F. Wilson now. For he (Farrakhan) is well-known in the Black Religious Circle, marrying
the concepts of the Bible & Quraan. "Give me your tired, your poor, your Huddled Masses"-
poem on Statue of Liberty starts like this. African Americans are mentally, spiritually and
physically tired:
Within the physiological nerve systematic properties, (Neuro -Endocrine =ductless glands
Science), signals (hormones) from the body (glands) are sent to the the Brain Apparatus. In turn
the minds' multiple organ instruments within the brain (apparatus) secrete (signals) hormones to
regulate, inhibit, and or move forward with environment "interactional" factors. These
physical interactions due to environmental circumstances causes indifferent chemical
consistencies (imbalances) as they are diagnosed; perpetuating an understanding in Psychiatric
Medicine known as Depression. Rumination in fact as recorded by Capella University is - to
go over in the mind repeatedly and often casually, slowly (Capella University 2014). I infer that
the "rumination concept" is in fact a result of the brain to "stabilize" organ and gland response to
bodily discomforts (French 2014).
Chows Come Black Christiansolumbus Metropolitan Library
Amun Hekaa
(Rheum)atoid Arthritis-

a chronic progressive disease causing inflammation in the joints and resulting in painful
deformity and immobility, esp. in the fingers, wrists, feet, and ankles.
Abstract:Rheumatoid arthritis is a common autoimmune disease characterized by inflammation
of the synovial membrane of diarthrodial joints, which often leads to joint damage and disability.
There are known associations between major histocompatibility complex class II alleles and
susceptibility to rheumatoid arthritis and its severity in Caucasians. African Americans, an
admixed population in the United States, has been underrepresented in genetic studies of the
susceptibility and severity of rheumatoid arthritis. With the advent of biologic agents, which
target specific molecules of the immune system (e.g., tumor necrosis factor, interleukin-1),
biologic markers of treatment response in Caucasians and in African Americans would be
clinically useful.
(2002 Hughes, Moreland, Bridges) . Publ, U.S. National Library of Medicine
National institue of Health. Genetic influences on rheumatoid arthritis in African
Within the reigns (binding) of religion, you have to work your way to Jesus. Week after
week you hear your Reverend preach about, "how it feels good to be 'saved,' washed in the
Blood of " Thee Anointed One" (Christ). Your body is of fatigue and you are tired. You are in
pain, where is H.E.=The Lamb? You work all week in sin, go to church on Sunday and pray
that Jesus save the mislead. You work again another week, and your co-workers, "church
members" get on your nerves. So you go to church another Sunday and pray that Jesus save the
mislead. You do this week after week and have become weak:

Take Me To The King

by-Tamela Mann

Take me to the King/ I don't have much to bring/ My heart is torn in pieces/ It's my offering/take
me to the king/ Truth is I'm tired/ options are few/I'm trying to pray/ but where are you?/I'm
all church'd out/ hurt and abused/ I can't fake what's to do/ Truth is I'm
For the People's Pain............
We're desperate, we're chasing after you...............
No rules, no religion, I've made my decision to run to you, the
Healer that I need.
Thee Ancestor Dr. Amos N. Wilson:

Dr. Amos Wilson died in 1995 under mysterious circumstances. Few understand how he died;
yet the method appears similar to Dr. Khalid Muhammads death. Both were warriors for the
Chows Come Black Christiansolumbus Metropolitan Library
Amun Hekaa
African race. -African Blood Siblings:Read,Write, Rally
Coincidentally,( As The Lamb=H.E. has T(h)aughT- there are no such things as
"coincidence,") didn't the Scribe of Black (Supreme Balance) Justice (Maat), Thee Ancestor
Johnny Cochran die of this "Brain Aneurysm?" This "bulge" that burst, falsely called a tumor. At
any rate of events to manifest TruTh, "Babylon has fallen, fallen."

Moving forward, Our Ancestor, Dr. Amos N. Wilson essentially goes on in psycho pathological
detail with the rumination-rheumatoid ailment (diathesis) Consciousness:

.....It goes on to say then, that medical disorders that are found to differ from one sub-
personality to another. In other words, even though these so-called personalities possess the
same so-called body; each personality has a different order of illnesses associated with it. Each
personality is vulnerable to a particular type of ailment one way or the other. So what are we
talking about? We're saying that each Consciousness which is represented by each
personality creates its own body. Creates its own physiology and thereby creates its own
vulnerability to various ailments and so forth......And this is what we talk about when we talk
about the immune system. That Health is not necessarily the absence of the disease but the
capacity of the body to resist the disease. To stand-up against the disease. And so
consequently then, when these bodies are taken over by different
personalities, these personalities apparently change the nature of the
immune system of those bodies. Making them vulnerable to diseases.
Which means
When one personality is present and not so when another is present.
Ladies and Gentlemen then, that we are vulnerable as a
person and as a people. And a lot of the differences: physical
and other diseases that we suffer are mediated by the nature of the
Consciousness that we've permitted to possess us as a
people. So to a great extent, the defeat of disease, the maintaining of Health, must not
only be pursued in terms of discovering new drugs and these kinds of things but must involve
self-discovery and self-knowledge.........Now what are we saying then? That the nature of the
Consciousness and the nature of the experience of the individual physically transforms the Brain
and physically transforms the way the brain operates. And therefore when we talk about
Consciousness, were talking about something that is real. Were talking about something that
transforms both the psyche and the body. One of the things that you note when the individual is
possessed; that the facial muscles change and that the body itself changes in a way that is
literally Incarnates and represents the nature of the behavior that the individual is exhibiting
and the very shape of their very physiological body and their face. In other words
Ladies and Gentlemen, once we get [rid of] these spirits of these
demons that these Europeans have implanted in Our bodies; our faces
and our bodies themselves will be transformed. To a great extent then, a lot of
Chows Come Black Christiansolumbus Metropolitan Library
Amun Hekaa
the way we look and a a lot of the way we organize ourselves physically is a result of the type of
Consciousness that we have ......

Dr Amos Wilson Blueprint for Black Power. Uploaded by: Old Testament Law. Published : Nov.
7,2012. Youtube. 2

115. Do not be fooled! The God of their Bible and Quraan is unknowing, not all knowing.
116. He is only a man pretending to be God. Ezekiel 28:2,9, Revelation 13:18 their God, Allah,
JAH and Yahweh, has no powers.
117. That's why he doesn't stop sin and sinners, wars, killings, rapes, and hate. He just doesn't
know about it.

Paa Taraq: Kalal A'aaruf Awuw Tem A'aaruf

Words Of: H.E. Malachi Zodok Kobina York-El 3

Khamem ThuT Em Student Teacher: Huni Sen Atum Re:

.... This all people do in Religion. They pray to God, "I need a job." The job just doesn't go out
and appear on the doorstep, you go out and fill-out applications. You follow? The thing that they
call "magical" is not really there, they put in work. Now, that's not to say that miracles don't
happen, because there are things that happen that are not just physical in nature. But the
problem is how they attribute what happens, how they define it. That's where the problem comes
in and this is what The Master explains in the Paa Taraq: The Mind's Eye. Your definition of
how things are defined is really laid-out in your mind, subconscious. What happens is human
beings don't really like the "unknown." They don't like to not "know stuff." So because they don't
like that, they'll make it up. You know what I'm saying? And that's really what Religion does.
This is why The Master says, H.E. said, "That man wasn't really created
after the image and likeness of God, god was created in the image and after
likeness of man." Right? H.E. said, "The Biblical and Quraanic concepts
of God was created in the hearts and minds of their authors. As the
authors became authentic, their documents became authentic." H.E. said,
"Within the pages of the documents called 'scriptures,' God was born." So
this character that they call God in all the miraculous things that we
attribute to it, was really created in the hearts and minds of men. But really
if you look at it, no matter what religion people ascribe to, they all have some miraculous
testimony of how their god did whatever. You can go and worship an "ice cream sandwich" and
you thank the "ice cream sandwich" for the food that you are about to receive. You can "thank it"
for the job, you can "thank it" for your health, that doesn't mean the "ice cream sandwich" had
anything to do with it. That's what they call "Faith." It's "Blind Faith." You follow? There's
nothing really tangible that you can attribute to that thing. This is why we as Nuwaubians, we
live by what is called, "Fate."We acknowledge that things happen in this world by
Chows Come Black Christiansolumbus Metropolitan Library
Amun Hekaa

Black ThoTh of Student Teacher: Huni Sen Atum Re

Expounding on the teachings of Thee Master Teacher
Wu-Nuwaupu Questions & Answers Class 01-10-2014 pt.2
Uploaded by: Asaru Nyne Ether. Youtube.

Thee ole western psychological (now: cycle+logical)=(logistics=calculations)X(The Brain is

a Computer)) "perception theory" - Do you see the cup as half-full or half- empty? Yet don't
disregard that all drinking vessels are cylindrical. Even the 'Well ' from which"WATER"is
drawn and from whence - (Knowledge means "to draw out ") -waters run deep are
cylindrical: Genesis 16:13,14

14 Wherefore the well was called Beer (well)-lahai- (of) roi (Ra); behold it was between Kadesh
and Bered.

Temple of Hagar=Hathor, MaaT, Amun to the far right.

......"The word Moses, Musa or Mosheh, be it used by the Latins, The Muslims or the Jews is
from the Egyptian Hieratic word, Mose-'To be Drawn out of the Water.' Simply. He was
'ThuTMose.' That was his Egyptian name. ThuTMose. Because as 'Mose,' he was a Student of
Chows Come Black Christiansolumbus Metropolitan Library
Amun Hekaa
the God "THUT=ThoTh."" ......

Dr. Malachi Z. York Egyptian Mysteries Revealed. Uploaded by: mrmab19.Youtube.

There comes a point (in time) when One becomes "thirsty for Knowledge" and you go to "the
well and draw out the ThuT=Thoughts (water), Wisdom of TehuTi, that quench your thirst.
Don't we say the Brain "soaks" up knowledge like a sponge? (Rev. 21:6, 8 ) :

(6) And H.E. (Djedi=Zodok=Zedek (Righteous) Djadtwy=Dzahuti=TehuTi=

ThuT=ThoTh=ThoughT) Malachi Zodoq= Melchi Zedeq= MelchiZedek= The Lamb) said
unto me, It is done. I am Alpha and Omega (H.E. is said to have no mother or father, nor end of
days (Hebrews 7:1-3) the beginning and the end. I (TehuTi =Al khidr=The Green
One=Michael=Micah= The Lamb) will give unto HuHi (those who's Will (Choice) is that
of Sound Right Reasoning) that is athirst of the fountains of the waters of
Life= freely (publisheth pamphlets of peace).

Tehuti (Thoth)
Tehuti's name is also spelled Djehuti, Zehuti and Thoth from which you get the word thought.
Chows Come Black Christiansolumbus Metropolitan Library
Amun Hekaa
The Greeks call him Hermes. The Recorder of Time. Tehuti was the deity of
Writing,Science, Medicine, and Formulas.
The Mysteries of Tehuti in Egypt Dr. Malachi Z York. Uploaded by: Osiris Mann. Published on
Dec. 10, 2013. Youtube.

8 But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers and whoremongers, and
sorcerers, and idolators, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire
and brimstone. Which is the second death.

Paa Buhhbahh, As H.E. Malachi Zodok Kobina York-El revises this recording verse 8.Rev. 21

kjv for this Day IN Time - ( As H.E. has T(h)aughT- The Past, Present=Future is happening
at the same time. 164. The fact is "time" Waqat does not move forward as the hands of the
clock. 165. Yet, your consciousness does either circular direction future or past called "then"
from now all in the unified field of the time matrix- Paa Taraq: The Dimensional Shift. written

by: H.E. Malachi Zodok Kobina York El 4) - with an act of Love & Compassion no less,

"Verse 90" in Emotions and The Apostates : "Verses"(83-89).

Huni Sen Atum-Re (678) 632-4075
Chows Come Black Christiansolumbus Metropolitan Library
Amun Hekaa

Thee Black-Christians are being denied the teachings of the Lamb. Like Usher and Ricky
Ross say, "The devil is a lie." Isaiah 52:7 How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet
[Rev. 1:15 Kjv] of the One that publisheth salvation, That says YOUR God Reigneth. YOUR
God, not their god "The devil is a lie." Don't Black-Christians say they worship "A living
God?" Well you have those Whose Minds have time traveled a long distance in a short period of

time. From that of a NUBIAN To NUWAUPIAN as you can see it is the same word yet the
latter is the first as NAPHTUHIM (Chron I 1:11 Nile Delta) and the first (NUBIAN) is the same
word, NUWAUBIAN. This Master Teacher relays the Actual Fact that "time" Waqat does not
move forward as the hands of the clock. H.E. records that:

95. Those of you who have stopped to rest and have somewhat lost your way on the path , yet
not in the wrong direction, move quickly to catch up to those ahead of you who are still leading
the way. 5
[Bold italics & underlining mine]

The Way (Paa Taraq) of Mind's Eye (To See) in the right direction, is a Consciousness
moving either circular direction future or past called "then" from now . The Lamb and Our
Nubian Ancestors (by way of Animism) urge you to take that Long Walk on a Short Path
(from then to now =is the same "time"when the Mind travels or perceives as such):

163. So as one moves their consciousness or emotions through a segment of the united field of
particles or mental substance, that gives the illusion of space and time as you know them.

Which brings me back to the Rum- and the Rheum -to flow stream
, , of the words
ruminate and rheumatism. Now "ruminate" means to go over again and again slowly. "Rheum"
is toflow stream
, but both of the prefixes sound the same. So, in fact they are the same.
The point is your "religion" has not grown you any restoring knowledge as others have
transcended consciousness, And a lot of the differences: physical and other
diseases that we suffer are mediated by the nature of the
Consciousness that we've permitted to possess us as a
people 2. The consciousness of the Black-Christian moves, like an old 45 and 33
record thats scratched. Although the record is revolving on the "turntable" that scratch
or groove keeps playing over and over again stagnate,slowly (ruminating), meditating,
bringing on the joint and muscle pain (rheumatism) of Our slave Ancestors. The Mind of the
Black-Christian has taken long walks, although moving forward, never getting to their
Chows Come Black Christiansolumbus Metropolitan Library
Amun Hekaa
destination, rehashing (rheuma) the past pangs and heartfelt misery of the Slave. Thee ole Negro
Spiritual- Wade In The water; how long will thou walk (want) to go wade in the River for The
Waters to be "troubled" when those that athirst are quenched from the fountains
(knowledge) freely (REV. 21:6 Kjv) :

I stepped in the water and the water was cold

Don't you know that God's gonna trouble the water
Said it chilled my body but not my soul
Don't you know that God's gonna trouble the water

Well I went to the water one day to pray
Don't you know that God's gonna trouble the water
And my soul got happy and I stayed all day
Don't you know that God's gonna trouble the water
lyrics to: wade in the water

According to the study, 55 percent of the respondents said that

although they are confident that the Bible is truly the Word of God,
they had difficulty understanding some of its meanings in life.
Nigel Boys(4-19-14). Study: 55 Percent of Christians Admit to
Having Difficulty Understanding the Bible. All Christian News.Com

Khamem ThuT Em: Student Teacher: Em Hatap,

.....As H.E. was explaining in the Update: The "One-Line-Thinking." His (caucasian) "One-
Directional-Thinking." And you can see how from birth we are all trained to think in a "One-
Way-Pattern"........We are always taught in a "linear-fashion." We always taught in "that-
direction." Where's the individual that says, " I want to correct the English language? Why not, I
want to start my own college?......Were not taught to think that. We're taught to think in "One-
Direction." .....We are taught to think in a "One Directional Sense of Mind." So we have to
break from that mode which they have taught us. It was classes before when the Master
explained how that becomes ingrained in Our Mind. Because we all know Our thinking or
thought process starts as a electrical impulse.......When these electrical impulses, which are very
powerful, start to cause grooves within the Brain. And as these grooves are manifested all
throughout Life, they become thicker and harder. So as we grow-older, it is constantly harder
to break from the patterns we've been instructed because these patterns in the Brain, which the
neurons or the electric impulses have been trained to pass through, they cannot break
from these physical patterns. And
just like you have a River
running and the water is constantly flow from that River
and until you create a deviation from the River, that
water is going to go in One path...........
Chows Come Black Christiansolumbus Metropolitan Library
Amun Hekaa
New Outformation Class 5-27-14
Black ThoTh Student Teacher: of Em Hatap expounding on the Learned Wisdom of
Thee Master Teacher: H.E. Malachi Z.K. York-El (The Lamb)

Well, Anyway, those that are still leading the way, have an arsenal of TruTh (Isaiah 52:8 Kjv) to
fight the devil who is a lie:

Khamem ThuT Em Student Teacher: Emsatakh Sanan Atum Rayay .....You got to
remember some of the charges they charged "Doc" with. Two-things primarily: One was the
transporting of minors across state lines and the other was RICO alright. So you got to go back
to the legal aspect of this. If y'all remember the first indictment, that would have fell flat on its
face as well as the state indictment. You had 8 to 9 officers of the court, law enforcement officers,
certified by the State of Georgia ready to battle the State Indictment according to the Laws of
Georgia. They knew the were going to have a hard time with that one. Plus not to mention just
how silly the charges were. How non-corrobrative a lot of the witnesses statements were. You
have one witness that say this party was there and witnessed it but that party didn't mention it in
there statement......But one of the things that they did charged him with once they realized that
first indictment was gone fall on its face even if it was just do to Statue of Limitations or for the
fact that some of the counts they were charging him with, wasn't even illegal, they hurried up
and did a re-indictment. Re-indictment is pretty much illegal, so they said it was a Superseding
Indictment----.................Just to start spinning your wheels in that direction of Innocence. of
Our Master Teacher Paa Nabab Yaanuwn known affectionately to the world as Dr. Malachi
Z.K. York...You can contribute legally. You can contribute through research. You can contribute
however you want but for some of us the best way to contribute, is to go out there into the world
Its just to let them know out there in
with the fact of His Innocence.....
the WORLD too, we still know what's up. We still know
he Innocent. I know we get off into the Reptillian thing. We get off into the Spiritual
thing. We get off into the Esoteric thing but don't think we still don't
know how to get up here and charge you to get on that
end of the table and we stand on this end of the table
and we prove Our position on his INNOCENCE. See
who get KNOCKED OUT. Anyway......
New Outformation Class 5-6-2014
Black ThoTh of Student Teacher: Emsatakh Sanan Atum Rayay
Uploaded by: Wu
Chows Come Black Christiansolumbus Metropolitan Library
Amun Hekaa
And they sung as it were a new song (not that ole-time religion but a new Language, One that
the 24 Elders Know and can Hear) before the throne, and before the four beast, and the Elders:
and no man could learn that song ( that Language) but the hundred and forty and four thousand,
which were redeemed from the earth. (only those with a Consciousness, pre-encoded DNA
(psycho-genetic) that has withstood to the 4th Generation ((X)(X)) )

Revelations 14:3 kjv

17. For the Lamb which is in the midst of the throne shall feed them, and shall lead them unto
living fountains of waters:and God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes
Revelations 17:7


I say that we cannot move forward with this present= future of His Stories Time, in and
within this Western type of thinking, beliefs, and learning. I say that We lay Intellectual Siege to
HBC's (Historically Black Colleges)X (Siege of Black Curriculative programs)= and introduce a
School Of Thought and its Curriculum in an African Centric (Circle) format.

To: Would be Dean: NysutTaT MursalTaT Atun TaT MarayTaT NafarTaT SananTaT
Atum RaYaY (Thee Recorder of DNA Genetic Doctrine).

University Of ATUM

143. Raise the mentally dead mummies back to true Aanakhtwy "Eternal Life."

Paa Taraq: The Age of Adamites Past

Written by: H.E. Malachi Zodok Kobina York-El 1
Chows Come Black Christiansolumbus Metropolitan Library
Amun Hekaa
Update: The "Ankhtwy"is a symbol for "Life After Life"not "Life After Death."

Malachi 4:2

But unto you that fear my name shall the Sun of righteousness arise (ATUM- Rayay) (You
will hear of the Muhammadan and their observation of morning prayer, "Fajr." Twy-Light-
Sunrise, They will observe this prayer at the sighting of the Blue Steel- Twy-Light, Thee
ATUM- Blue) with healing in his wings; and ye shall go forth, and grow up as calves of the

Two Programs: Melanchology & Melankhamiatwy

Melanchology Program Paradigm Featured below:

Temple Of ThuT=School Of Thought:" Melan=Khmology Psyche" - Black-Study of=

(Ology) of Psyche=Mind =(Soul=Emotion).

The usual College "Degree" Programs of other "Universities," as H.E. Dr. Malachi Kobina
"They send you to a University
Zodok York-El has stated that,

where they teach you nothing about the Universe;"

would be replaced by Thee Univer (One's Cyclic) -Sai (mental)= Reality= REASONING Of

Atum-RaYaY (Holy Tablets Chapt. 1Tablet 1 "Verse" 17,) with the


The first two-years commonly known As the Associates Degree would be replaced with the
Chows Come Black Christiansolumbus Metropolitan Library
Amun Hekaa
Degree Of Thee Learned Ones:

In the first two-years, The Learning Ones would learn about European psychology and break it
down and find the faults in "Its" teachings as it pertains to the Cyclichological- "Logistics Of

Cycles" - (.........and verse meaning vertere, to turn, a

spiral, spiraling outward from a single point".
Chapt. 1 Tablet 1 "Verse" 17 H.T. -Dr. York) -in the
existence of African Gene'd-Mukwan-u (Beings), Cyclichological - (Psy-chol=(cycle)+
( logical) ThuT-Process over here in America and World over. Did you know that Scientist say
that for a Universe (Galaxy) to sustain life, or that Universes having the existence of Beings,that
that Galaxy (Universe) has to be formed in a spiral, that the arms of a galaxy Sustaining
Beings Existence as it were, are spiraling :

9 Dark (Khamem) Etheric Energy To Dark (Khamem) 9

Ma'ATTer= Supreme Balancement

108. From the moment of your consciousness, your being or existence was recorded on a time
continuance liner called Paa SaraT;

111. You have been recording your very existence on this filament like a DVD or tape recorded
as spiraled outward.
[bolding and underlined "spiraled outward' mine]

Paa Taraq: The Dimensional Shift

Written by: H.E. Malachi Zodok Kobina York-El 4
Chows Come Black Christiansolumbus Metropolitan Library
Amun Hekaa

27. And you, including your billions of warm cells to make up your 24,000 genomes, are a Wahu
Makwan " Universe" in the Kalay Makwan-aat "Omniverse", your life by day, 24 hours by

cycles 24,00 years.

29. Beyond vision, sight, and light you're a Wahu Makwan "Universe" of unimaginable
magnitude and inconceivable energy;

Yet, Tasu Sabab "9 Reasoning" is above all
except Nagaru "Negroids." Thinking is a Straight-lined Mental Process of the Chemicals of
, whereas "Reasoning" is the CIRCLE
Brain Matter
BRAIN MATTER. The Straight-Line Mental Process is based on a higher-
percentage of negative Makhakh "Brain" matter and positive. In the Sh(ahh)nAn "CIRCLE"
mental process, is mental exercise based on a higher-percentage of positive Brain then negative.
"Reasoning"- employs the mental ability to determine what is Haqaq "Fact" from fiction. What
is SADaq "Truth" from lies and Right from Wrong. 360 degrees of will-power which is self-
choice by the natural rules of your very Own TabaA "Nature." Thinking is a exercise of brain
matter in mental death. Sabab "Reasoning" is the exercise of brain-matter in mental life. When
more Negative brain matter is active then Positive brain-matter, the Mind is mentally dead.
Sabab "Reasoning" is thinking above the animal, beast,savage, heathen levels. Tasu Sabab "9
"Reasoning" is the highest form of Mental Process. Tasu Sabab "9 Reasoning" is AzAaal- the
Sabab "9 Reasoning" is the "Elevator" of the Negroid Mind. Nine TAahhlim "knowledge" or
Right TAahhlim "knowledge" of Paa Taraq "The Way" Wu Paa Madataat "and the words"
which produce 9 Minds. The transformation of your Kahen "Divine Mind." Your Kahen

"Divine" Mind is linked to your ROYAL CROWN, OR

Chows Come Black Christiansolumbus Metropolitan Library
Amun Hekaa


BRAIN. When a Nagar "Negroid" has lost the ability to "Reason" soundly by way of
evolutionary forces, servitude is enevitable to levianite- lawytananu= levianite's seed.

New Outformation Class: 5-27-14

Read by: Em Hatep
The Words of: Paa Nabab Yaanuwn

Learning Ones will learn the aspects in the Theory of Pedagogy & its Methodologies. As you
are told in college that you have to write papers=papyrie in A.P.A (American Psychological
Association) format. In so doing, learning the aspects that is, firstly, the backwards Western
"thought way"directional=paths=patterns".That is their genetic wave of thought which lacks
Intellectual Humility. Studying and then using "Critical Thought," the corrective measures
taken by various Scribes= Scholars and more not listed, like: Priestess (Dr.) Francis Cress-
Wellsing, Priestess (Dr.) Marimba Ani, Priestess Queen Afua, Priestess (Dr.) Jewel
Pookrum, Priestess (Dr.) Deborah Maat Moore, Priestess (Dr.) Yaffah Bey, Priestess (Dr)
Suzar, Priestess (Dr.) Rashidah Ismailli Abubakr. We need text books on the wisdom of:
Yurugu, Isis Papers, Sacred Woman and African Orgins of Mathematics and Blacked Out
Through Whitewash. Thee Ancestor Nobel Dr. Amos N. Wilson and then on to Thee Great
Beloved Master Scribe or Teacher and Warner OF This Day IN Time As H.E. Rev .Dr
Malachi K.Z. York-El. The Late Great Ancestor Dr. Ivan Van Sertima, Author of Ice Man
Inheritance, Thee Ancestor Elder John Henrik Clark, Thee Ancestor Dr. Chancellor
Williams, Dr. Edward Scobie, Dr. John G. Jackson, Lectures of the Honorable Marcus
Garvey, Lectures of Thee Elder Dick Gregory, Lectures and books of Dr. Umar Johnson.
Dr. Wilmer Leon, The Distinguished Dr. Claud Anderson, The Ancestor & Abundantly
Great Steven Coakley. The Late Great Anthropologist, Pysicist, The Noble Ancestor
Cheikh Anta Diop, Dr. Runoko Rashidi, Dr. Molefe Asante, Dr. Maulana Karenga, Dr.
Leonard Jeffries, A Brother in "The Way" of EmHatep Dr. Llaila O. Afrika, Author and
Lecturer- Professor "Yung Griff-Yung Griff,"-Professor Griff, The Beautiful Ancestor-
Ishkamusa Bararshango, Author & Lecturer, Thee Disciple Of Thee Hon. Elijah Poole
Bey- Minister Louis Farrakhan, Note: A Neophyte Scribes Papyrus: "Answer TO Why
Haven't the Nation Of Islam and Moorish Science Temple, Become One?" Authors that belong
to the - Association Of Black Psychologists (ABPsi):

The Association of Black Psychologists sees its mission and

destiny as the liberation of the African mind, empowerment
Chows Come Black Christiansolumbus Metropolitan Library
Amun Hekaa
of the African character, and enlivenment and illumination of
the African spirit. ABPsi, as the first national ethnic psychological association, led the field of
psychology in the area of cultural competence social justice, cultural psychology, racial/ethnic identity and
multicultural competencies.

- Cheryl
N. Grills, PHD
President, Association of Black Psychologists (ABPsi)

(A Chapter would be on Campus)

Remember always Nuwaubians: you are linked by your "kaa" spirit to the two worlds of

Outformation Class Part 2

Read by: Student Teacher: Mursaltat Basttat Yaa Nafartat Sentatt Atum Re
Paa Munzel Naz Darr Amun Nabbab REYaY Re Akh Ptah Zet wii 14
Chows Come Black Christiansolumbus Metropolitan Library
Amun Hekaa

The Learning Ones

The Western (North, Central and South American) Caucasian thought pattern as their European
parents intellectually raised them with ethnocentrism (practiced through and by Imperialism)
and shipped them off, have an egocentric and then sociocentric way of teaching other
civilizations cultures and existence throughout the world:

359. And know this that Paa Heka Khasutu Kefiu Tay-num Khyu, Caucasoids encourage
Negroids and other races to follow his lustful, violent way of life, trying to spread his ways world
over making others replace their own ancient culture and customs with falsehoods. pg.29

(underlining mine)

Actual Fact #109. Genetic Kiss.

by H.E. Malachi Kobina York 8
The Priestess Francis Cress-Welsing, explains that this psyche-disconnect expressed in form of
egocentric vision and then into their socio- "pathic=pathos" (ethnocentrism and sociocentrism)
known in other Cultures or Nations as imperial and colonialism. It must be noted that these
definitions and words thereof are defined by Western thought. This anti-social interaction

(behavior) with other Cultures is due to a Psycho Genetic - inability To = Re connect to

"RE" -exhibited in the recessive melanin trait in Caucasians that is hereditary. They
(Caucasians) hereditarily know that this melanin trait is in the Darker peoples of the world,
and that their psyche-disconnect (psychosis) cannot be helped and is in their (Caucasoids)
genetic-makeup. Exhibited in trying to spread his ways world over making others replace their
own ancient culture and customs with falsehoods. 8 Which is an example of a Ego &
Sociocentric Personality. This next quote is from a College text book by a Caucasian Professor at
the University of Wisconsin:

The oldest known handbook on effective speech was written on papyrus in Egypt some 4,500
years ago. Eloquence was highly prized in ancient India, Africa, and China, as well as among
the Aztecs and other pre-European cultures of North and South America(pg5).

Lucas E.Stephen. (2012). The Art of Public Speaking 11th ed..Univ. of Wisconsin.

Notice right off he says The Egypt." but separates the Country from the Continent,
Africa. He then writes, "highly ancient India, Africa, and China." Well, India and
China our Countries and Africa is the Continent in which Ancient Khamet and other Countries
are in. See how the heredity of hate snows as opposed to shines through? No one would call this
"Professor of Communication Arts and Evjue-Bascom Professor in the Humanities at the
University of Wisconsin-Madison," a hatemonger. I have no doubt that Professor Lucas is not a
consciously, hateful person. One more quote before I summarize. The author writes, "and other
Chows Come Black Christiansolumbus Metropolitan Library
Amun Hekaa
pre-European cultures..." Firstly, sociocentric is defined as- "tending to regard one's own social
group as superior to other." So, why even mention Europe? There is no need to
mention Europe unless you are trying to imply that Europe became the vanguard for "effective
speech." That these other cultures did a "good-job" before "U.S." but that these other cultures
were pre mative, premature in the Art of Oratorship, hence "other pre-European cultures..." So
the psychosis (psyche-disconnect) demonstrated in the ego and sociocentric thinking of
caucasians, is due to this melanin-deficiency which hereditarily (Genetic Thought)-disposes
them into a consequential hate pro-cess of the Darker (Meluminated) People of the World,
specifically Africans.

The Learning Ones ("neophyte Scribe") will have their own library ( Library
Of The Learned Ones) , with all manner or MA'ATTER of Literature concerning
Truth of Thut OF Mind. For example Dr. Naim Akbar, Edward Wilmont Blyden, Paul
Cuffee=Kofi (Ashanti "Twy" word), the work Black Economics by Jawanza
Kunjufu, All matter of works that speak to the "Melanchology of Business: 1865 to
2005." Nice title for a neophyte to undertake. This would include Our Ancestor Thee Honorable
Marcus Mosiah Garvey. Papyrus=Paperrve on Political & Military Science As THUT by Dr.
Umar Johnson. His text-book is needed. ThuT might suggest that quotes from Steven
Coakley's Lectures and Book be used. Plausible deniability. " LOLOs " will also have
ABPsi quarterly newsletter, Psyche Discourse as well as their peer-reviewed Journal Of Black
Psychology. The title of the Universal Temple OF ATUM would be taught to the students in this
Learned Ones programming. Specifically, the use of the word, Melanchology taken from the
racist word Melancholy. Scribes such as Kahari En Haro and his work, Race Code Word as
well as Neophyte Scribe Earth Jallow and En Haros' work, Sex Code Word would be studied; as
well as Dr. Francis Cress Wellsing's work, Isis Papers and The Cress Theory of Color
Confrontation and Racism (White Supremacy)(A Psycho-Genetic Theory and World Outlook.
Dr. Neeley Fuller Jr. work: The United Independent Compensatory Code/ System/ Concept. A
textbook, workbook, for thought. speech, and/or action, for Victims of Racism (non-white
people). Papyrus= Papers will be Scribed by the Learning One, as She partakes in the
Ancient African Art of being a Scribe. The Learning One as a fledgling Neophyte, is needed
to Write Paradigms= Hieroglyph of the "Minds Eye" for those in the "Conscious

The Learning Ones must utilize Tasu Sabab "9 Reasoning" and then proceed to
succeed in Repair (RE pair= (DNA Double Hel-ix-9) through Heal ing Centers=Isis=Aset of
those in the Conscious Community that are divided into stages (of time-limbo=MATRIX ):

27. Force manifests as both particle and wave like the computer operates on a binary code;
DNAs composed of Two- Crystaline Strands and mortals are bi-pedal, utilize two-Brain
Hemispheres and require not the interaction of two-genders to reproduce xx and xy.
39. Purpose, Thought, Intention. Each thought vibrates on different frequencies and creates
Chows Come Black Christiansolumbus Metropolitan Library
Amun Hekaa
different modes and/or manifestation, incarnation, and or materialization.
Paa Taraq: Death After and Etheral Planes
Read by: Hotep Amun Iret
The Words of: Paa nabab Yaanuwn
Let me interject this question to Learning Ones, real "time." We don't say, "a man is raised in
stages or degrees." We say, "a woman is raised by stages and (then) Degrees. The key words
(=metric=measure=meter=Metu(r)=Ma(Dj)AA(edi)T ) "or, and" operative. Is there a difference?
"Yes. Intermediate (limbo, matrix) platforms of "consciousness." Hermes Tri -Megistus (Three
-Triune Times=30+30+30=90 Great):

53. Because Amun-Nabab is the father and son and the soul as Wu-Nupu and Asu-Nupu and
Naba-Nupu, a triune in one Mukwan "being". 5
The name given by the Greeks to the Egyptian Deity Thoth or Tehuti.

Stages are essentially acting in a slow growth (is a Matrix of ="Time"). Like the evolutionary
chart (MATRIX) of the cave or ape man. Evolution- is slow change or in this case growth.
Revolution (Re volve)- is rapid change or growth. Like unto "Quantum Socio-Culturalization

160. This is what creates the illusion of manifested space and time that exists, which has a
substance space and is a fabric not a void. 161. It has a matrix, dark energy to dark matter. 162.
In this realm giving the appearance of individuated identities.163. So as one moves their
consciousness or emotions through a segment of the united field of particles or mental
substance, that gives the illusion of space and time as you know them. 4
[underlining mine]

40. Mortals all vibrate on different levels.

41. The highest vibration is the fastest. Just as the faster: the pigmentation in the skin, the darker
Race or Nagar-u "Negroids" are the highest level of existence, the fastest and the pale race or
cacas-u "caucasian" are the lowest of existence, the slowest.
42. So the Darkest race, or Nagaru "Negroids" are the highest level of existence, the fastest and
the pale race, or cacas-u "caucazoid" are the lowest level of existence, the slowest.
43.The human beast lives in the slowest level of existence as to be expected.
Degrees as in "90 Degrees" in the Trigonometric (also called circular function)
function: Hypotenuse= "stretching" of the Tri Angle or right =90 degree angle, makes
no reference to "time." As Thee Triune Being Paa Nabab Yaanuw has T(h)aughT
Chows Come Black Christiansolumbus Metropolitan Library
Amun Hekaa
(hypercognitive, hypercognition):

104. From a structural point of view DHA is an important building block for the membranes that
surround brain-cells. 105. These membranes include the areas where one brain cell connects to
another, the Synapses.106. This means that DHA is involved in the transmission of outformation
into information and then from one Neuron to the next.

Paa Taraq: The Prism

Written by: Paa Nabab Yaanuwn 15
These axons are cable like projections of the Neuron (Brain-Cell) and carry the electrochemical
impulse through into dendrites- which make connections to other cells (Neurons) through

"spaces" - (.......which has a substance space and is a fabric not a void. 161. It has a matrix,
dark energy to dark matter). 4
- called synapses. Current (=Electricity ("Times" X (Multiplied) by Voltage (the Push-impulse)
= Power of The Mind:

Student Teacher Khamem ThuT Em Hatep: ........ And it was classes before when The
Master explained, "how that becomes in-grained in Our Mind." Because we all know Our
thinking or thought process starts as Electrical Impulses and that Electric Impulse sends
"thought waves" through the Brain or "thought waves" from the Brain to the body. And these
Electrical Impulses which originate in the Brain are actual "physical things" [SumThing]. From
the 'Mental Reservoir' to a physical impulse which is "electricity;" which goes to the Brain
passes through to the nerves and so-forth throughout the body. Well, the Electrical Impulses
which are very Powerful start to cause grooves in the Brain............Because this body that
we occupy or seem to occupy. Or this body that we command or tell things to do is actually not
us. We're actually viewing this body as we would a movie and we're making decisions (will
power) based on Our Will to dictate this body or movie. Alright, now I'll go back to explain
that. We all know the Science of 'Seeing' Sum Thing. Correct? We all familiar how you actually
See Sum Thing and how light hits an object, bounces of the object, reflects back to the Brain.
Through the optic-nerves, go to the Brain; the Brain deciphers what is based on its experiences,
flips the image upside down and projects it, and you See it. Okay, so, the object you actually see
right-side-up is actually not outside of you, its inside your Brain. And the Brain which The
Master explained, is a 'Holographic Computer,' see "quote unquote" these images in 3-
Dimensional Fashion. You overstand that? So, seeing that that image is actually inside your
head; you don't see anything out there. It's a projection inside your head. Who is
viewing the projection? Who is looking at that Movie Screen because it is inside of
here (head)?Now, the Master explained, "That we are Multi-Dimensional Beings from the
Multiverses." So we as a Multi-Dimensional Beings [9=Tasu Sabab Consciousness] is viewing
what we appear to See in this physical realm. And being that the images that we see are mainly
controlled by another Being not of that Dimension [9 =Tasu] it is being controlled to trap us into
Chows Come Black Christiansolumbus Metropolitan Library
Amun Hekaa
this dimension. What we think what we See is a "Reality" and if they can reflect or influence
this so-called reality where they are superior and they control everything they can keep that
Multi-Dimensional being, which We actually are, trapped in this one-dimensional Reality,"
called the Physical Realm. You follow what I'm sayin'? And if that Multi dimensional being
doesn't break free from the ("prism'') of this movie in which we are trapped in the "Prism" of
this movie in which we are trapped in, then when this movie fades away, that "Being" will fade
away as well. 6
77. This is an aspect of the Rules and/or Laws of Existence and that is Paa Mamtat "The
Matrix". All that you see is Virtual Reality. You are now living in a great matrix created by
beings most mistake for god. Wu-Nuwaup can remove you from their un-natural Tapal "World".
Make note of these sounds: World and Whirl. Both are ruled by Aamaat
"Cycles". Moving in Shanan-ata "Circles".

[underlining mine as well as Bold print]

Paa Taraq: The Master's Secret Birth of earth and The Matrix Series No. 1
Portion Read by Student Teacher: Huni Sen Atum Re for Wu-Nuwaupu Question and
Answer Class 5-23-2014. Youtube.
The Words of: Paa Nabab Yaanuwn

We (Nagar-u) have slowed are existence down and allowed this lower and slower time frequency
to project from Our Mind's Eye. Enen (ahh)AnAD paa latent SAKum li create Enen Enen
waqat line (linear- Straight-lined- thinking). We see, hear, smell, taste and physically interact
from this project=projected- projection of lower and slower frequency. You know, I cooked
some butter (cow flesh=fat) and as the butter was melting in the pan, it gave off an acrid odor.
The viscosity was so thick and as it continued to cook (melt) (slowly), the more rancid it
smelled. To the point I had to avert my nose. You see by not eating "red meat" and then studying
and "chanting" Wu-nuwaup, the neurons (neuro peptide transmitters) of my brain had begun
to Stretch. The Dark Matter (fabric) of the Synapses had gotten thicker, My Mind's Eye
could See (smell) the fear of the animal (the spirit is in the blood) (butter) it came from,

77. It has to do with tones or sounds as used in each word.

78. As you sing, chant, pray or speak, the use of grammatic pronunciation of your own language
using your own tongue and given voice box tones and numbers in music.
79. Opens you imagination and access to the other dimensions of your etheric being by your
emotional being or Ba'a "soul",
80.Which activates your subconscious mind to remember when you were divine, now lost under
Nawam "sleep".
81. You can remember those deeply buried powers of your divine mind from your zero time
reference. 4
122. They use T.V. to send evil light and sound waves into your being, right into your mind's eye
to spell bind you.
Chows Come Black Christiansolumbus Metropolitan Library
Amun Hekaa
123. As you watch T.V. cinemas and listen to their tones of music and their voices and look at the
light images of them all, day on big or small screens, computer, Ipads or cell phones.
124. You're taking in their 6 ether images and sound right into your very being becomes a part of
your inner being 2 Corinthinans 11:14, Luke 10:18. It or they their spirits travel on light and
sound waves right into your memory, sub-conscious mind which becomes a part of you.

Paa Taraq: The Ghost

Written by: Paa munzal Nazdar: Amun Nub re Akh Ptah

So Stages vs. a 90 Degree "right-angle=Angel"

Right Tasu sabab=9 Reasoning, Right-Ta(ahh)lim=Knowledge. Stages are- 1A: one of a

the surface
series of positions or stations one above the other : STEP b : the height of the
of a river above an arbitrary zero point. 2 a raised
platform 2a (1) a raised platform: (2) : the part of a
theater between the proscenium and the rear wall
including the acting areas, wings, and storage space.
(3): the acting profession: 10
The Nagaru have their Own Point of Vibratory river of ThoughT (thought wave=
Sine=thinking- image of sine wave) but allow an arbitrary- ( 1: depending on choice or
Chows Come Black Christiansolumbus Metropolitan Library
Amun Hekaa
discretion; specif : determinable by decision of a judge or tribunal 10) -transparent, ghost
type-being, by their (cacas-u) choice at their discretion to project a Consciousness into their
Mind and eventually their Being (DNA): In other words Ladies and Gentlemen,
once we get [rid of] these spirits of these demons that these Europeans
have implanted in Our bodies; our faces and our bodies themselves
will be transformed. 2
36. Nagar-u "Negroids" have their own frequency signature or tone of vibration
37. So Naga-ru "Negroids" are living beings are packets of Quantum energy Paa Pau't "The All
38. It's also called the "Zero point field" and is described as an ocean of microscopic vibration
in space or ether.
39. A huge reservoir of mental to physical energy.
40. So like sub-atomic particles influence all other particle instantaneously over time and space.

50. The very sound of their voice over and over again is not healthy for you Nagar-u
51. The world of form can be changed by lights and sounds coming into your body, and their
dissonant sounds create chaotic forms, beast, demons all from a small white orb of light or white
light or Koriganes "Fairies". 15

Thee linear-fashion-THINKING (straight-lined) is a Zero Reference Point beginning with their

(cacas-u) lower and slower time frequency that We (Nagar-u) are on at this point in time.
You've heard of a time signature (also called a meter signature) is a large fraction written at
the beginning of a musical staff after its clef and key signature. It explains the meter
of a song; the top number shows beats per measure, bottom shows the length of the beat=
vibrate higher and faster.

44. the higher levels in the field are composed of the fastest frequencies
45. Entities that exist within these levels think and act much faster and are intune with the
vibrations and Rhythm.
46. Those of slower levels lack Rhythm and are out of tune with Nature
Chows Come Black Christiansolumbus Metropolitan Library
Amun Hekaa
47. and their Brain Waves are much weaker. Their abilities to reproduce off-spring much slower.
Their seamen is without higher-level "Life Force."
48.They lack melanin which result in their disease-form and unstable mental capacity. point
being: Good moves fast, Evil moves slow.

Now what I mean about the "straight-lined-Thinking" and the Their (Caucasian) Zero Reference
Point can be the exemplified through the onset an canceling of the Arsenio Hall Show. Now it
must be overstood that when I speak of their "zero reference point, I am really technically
speaking about Our Zero Reference Point on the Meter with Our Own time signature. It is that
they (whites) incorporate Our Rhythm of TIME and with linear fashion (thinking) produce this
entertainment called "Late night Talk Shows." Note: the "time-signature" thing is for them. WE
vibrate higher and faster creating many different time "signatures" depending on Mental
Tasu Sabab Reasoning We are on at the TIME. Like Right Now we are in concerted effort
to Free Thee Master Teacher. At any Faster Rate of this Event to happen, Arsenio Hall
came on air broadcasting a powerful energy. His ratings (power) were off the charts. He was
appealing to his Hip Hop view of long past and viewers were loving it. He was booking
underground artist, and energy-filled "Spoken Word Artist. Who spoke to the ills of the African
in American neighborhoods. His ratings were so off the charts that two-other talk show Host:
Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel- had their Producers scrambling to "book" R&B and other
Rap Artist.............................

the ptahites hart an katt williams have spoken on it but keven hart more recently on TJms .
Why Scandal got high black woman rating but Arsenio got brothers and Sisters wathcin
the cacasu do Arsenio, the racism of Brian Williams appea on jimfall. first talk about how
arsenio dint lose ratings jim fallon complained . Jimmy fallon hopped on bill cosby back
Yung Griff gon speak bout dat ritual

Now these stage theories are

Now Nuk thahum (lAYA(ahh) Paa Nabab jAD(ooh)DA tem li Antooq DAkal "theoretical
workings." To Know, To be; "So let it be recorded, so let it be (to be):

......The popularity of stage theories in the 19th century, for example, coincided with the
colonial imperialism of the period. Stage theories provided justification for imposing European
rule around the world, based on the demonstrated superiority of European civilization........

(Matsumoto, Juang 2013). Culture & Psychology 5th ed. Wadsworth Cengage Learning.
Chows Come Black Christiansolumbus Metropolitan Library
Amun Hekaa

.......Stage theorist persisted in evaluating the rationality of non-Westerners in terms of their

magical and religious beliefs, while the rationality of Western beliefs was usually not
questioned......(108) 13
69-70. True nature is not Magas "Magic" or Magasyal "Magical" as magnetic power can
appear magical when it is only natural nature. That is it does things that cannot be naturally
duplicated by Hamam Mukwan-u "human beings" or animals or a combination of the two.

sensori motory stage

When one is awaken as it were by a group of loosely-fitted individuals (conscious
community),she comes out of a stage (limbo) of sleep. In this First "awaken stage (limbo)," he is
exposed to massive amounts of information. How long will he stay in this stage or phase? As
they say, "Oh its just a phase he's going through." Brother Polite said during his debate with
Sara Suten Seti, something to thee effect of, "Every time I think the conscious community has
risen to a new height, y'all disappoint me." In the "awaken stage (limbo)" an individual can
debate the relevance of information, to fact, to proven truth for years. Yet she and he are still in
the first awaken stage (limbo). The Brother from the Nation Of Islam, Khalifah Ali Shabazz, on
Facebook post this necessary quote on the Conscious Community:

Khalifah wrote: "Sister n Family it my humble opinion that these quote on quote concious groups
should remain Black. It is not racist it is racial. It purpose is to galvanize the minds of Black people
who are symbolicaly sleep.However it not the agenda to make us seperate from humanity but to
make us equal contributors in all facets of life. The agenda should be cultural refinement to obtain
independence .Independence is the stepping stone to Interdepence.This is why concious groups are
essential you have to do for home first before you can do for humanity.In order to have a picnic
everyone must pitch in.Black conciousness represents self awareness ,accountability and action.As
soon as we master it we can share our phenomenal philosophies,talents and rich culture with the
world .Peace and Love Beautiful Family "

"As soon as we Master Black Consciousness," and "The agenda should be cultural
refinement; These are grand "assertions" and term(s) but the very Nature of the Conscious
Community's actions -Physics= Nature- to Mechanics, work against it. (pause)
Sahu Sa'Ra Nunnaqi El Consciousness in today's realm is a false state of mind. It is the illusion or brother
to masonry. We all need to have the same Thot. 9mind

So, Learning Ones, what is the second stage (limbo) of the "Conscious Community
Individual?" In the common so-called American Nagaru=Negroid Religious Texts: Bible and
Qur'aan, Thee Extra Terrestrial Beings work in a(n) concerted effort. It says, Eloheem=
These Beings and Al Malaa-ikat= The Angelic Messengers. "These Messengers" work in a
concerted effort and expect "The People" they've charge over to do so, too. As "They= These
Beings = These Messengers," say something to thee effect of, "Go tell the Children Of Israel "
and "We sent a warner to the People Of Thamud ." So, in the second stage (limbo) of the
individual in the Conscious Community, he and she in their own individuality, go off
expressing isolated tangents, participial, of the whole of consciousness. How long will this stage
Chows Come Black Christiansolumbus Metropolitan Library
Amun Hekaa
or phase last? As long as Facebook, My space, and a physical meeting venue where they can
congregate to debate exist. Then in the Third Stage (limbo) a specific list is organized and in the
Fourth Stage (limbo); their is a head or heads of the list formed. To accomplish the expression of
rhetoric, debate, Or stages of wakeful sleep. Here at the University Of Atum, you Learned
Ones will not be curtailed by Stages (sleep=belief), you will rise in Degrees (to know).

Still, within the old-conceptual frame work of=ThuT=ThoughT, Stages and Degrees are the
same thing and the Learning Ones, would have there own conscious community. I mean we all
have ideas, that evolve from what we have learned, believed and practiced as habit. The
"KEYTuiTiveness" ( new Black Conscious Word (LOL))

Key= TehuTi= ive= suffix

meaning- Ankh Djahutwy a tendacy, inclination, ,

disposition, function, connection, character or

quality:,prohibitive, festive, massive.

- The Free dictionary by Fairlex

-So the KEY to the Thought or the connection, is that within the Learned Ones Degree;
massive amounts of information is digested (read) and your peers (Learning Ones) and you
will work (with critical thought) As One, to remedy the dilemma of conflicting ThoughTs.
The "Key To iT" is to "Scribe Towards Excellence" in sharing (enjoin) your Minds' Eye =
Pictured in 'Scribed Papyrus' amongst yourselves, To produce Paradigms, To Mentally Heal
your People...........................