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Course Blueprint for SPS 102 Blended Course

Assignment 1:
Demonstrate Testing your Career
knowledge of who Savvy
you are including
your likes and Assignment 2:
Course Description: dislikes Building your career
The course Complete a self- success profile
examines individual appraisal of your
behavior in the needs, interestes Assignment 3:
social contexts of and skills Clarifying/Defining
personal, family, your values
work, and group
knowledge of your
backgrounds. Using Assignment 4: Express
core values and
extensive career your Real Self
strengthen your
development and
S P S 1 0 2 B le n d e d

theories from a wide Assignment 5:
range of research, Evaluate your skills
the course assists Demonstrate
the individual to knowledge of the
Assignment 6:
determine World of Work by Occupational and
Explore career researching and
successful methods Labor Trends
resources and genterating career
of self-assessment
examine decision options
and exploration, making techniques
resulting in the Assignment 7:
achievement of a Demonstrate
broad perspective knowledge of the
Career Paths and
of the world of Decision Making
Strategize your
work. Social factors Proess
Game Plan
such as job market
volatility, industry Assignment 8:
trends and Developing a
environmental and strategic job search
technological needs campaign
are reviewed for Demonstrate Assignment 9:
Develop strategies
successful career knowledge of Crafting a winning
for a successful job
exploration and essential job search resume and
decision making. strategies portfolio

Assignment 10:
Interview Strategies