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Kuber Sadhana The Way To Prosperity

Kuber Sadhana The Way To Prosperity:

Kuber Yantra
Kuber is the lord of all wealth found on earth including hidden treasures in its depths. Sudden
riches, gambling, lottery and other such sources of money making also come under his domain
Lord Vishnu considers him to be the basis of all Lakshmi Sadhanas.

Pleased with his penance, Brahma had granted him extraordinary Siddhis, made him the Lord of
entire riches in the world and presented him the mountain kingdom named Alkapuri, near Mt.
In Purans, more stress is given on the importance of Kuber Sadhana, than Lakshmi Sadhanas.
The three outstanding qualities of this Sadhana are as under:

1. One is able to achieve Kubers blessings, thus becoming successful and wealthy in every
2. One can also achieve a great power known as Bhugarbh Siddhi which enables one to locate
wealth and treasures hidden under the earth.

3. One can gain Akshya Kosh Siddhi too i.e. ones wealth goes on increasing even if spent
lavishly. One is left astonished to see the surplus influx of money.

Experience of One Sadhak:

My father was very spiritual minded. After the death of my mother he became an ascetic. Though
I was his only child he used to wander in the ranges of Himalayas.

Once he met an old ascetic, who helped him accomplish this Sadhana. He told my father that
after that day he wouldnt face any paucity in life. He also presented a small red bag to my father.
It was extraordinary in itself as it could produce anything he desired, from it. He organized 32
feast in his life time and in each he served over a lakh ascetics. One would be left astonished to
see a man clad in a loin cloth introducing all kinds of delicacies from the bag!

During his last few days he returned home. My father has achieved Bhugarbh Siddhi and
through it he was able to help people locate hidden wealth and give them accurate details in this
regard. He would even tell them about the depth at which the treasure was buried and the method
to extract it.

He became very ill during the last period of his life. One day he explained to me about this
Sadhana. It can be accomplished any time, however if done Amavasya (dark moon night) it
produces best results.
I have personally experienced that there is no Sadhana greater that this one for gaining wealth.
Therefore one must accomplish this Sadhana at the very first opportunity.

Bathe in the early morning and sit ( if possible with ones wife ) facing the North on a Yellow
mat. Then place a plate (except one made of iron or steel) before yourself and make a Swastik on
it with saffron. Make a heap of rice grains on it, and place another small plate or bowl on the
heap. Place the Kuber Yantra in it. Place four Mahalakshmi Phals around the Yantra. If
possible also place picture of Kuber before yourself.

Next light a lamp of Ghee (clarified butter). There must be four wicks in the lamp. Then worship
Lord Ganesh briefly, followed by Lakshmi. Pray to Lord Kuber with joined palms.

Manuj Baahya-Vimaanparisthitim Garud Ratan Nibham Nidhi Naaykam. Shiv-Sakhaa

Mukutaadi-Vibhooshitam, Var-gade Daghatam Bhaj Tundilam.

After this take water in the right hand and let it flow onto the floor after reciting the following

Om Asya Shri Kuber Mantrasya Vishrava Rishih Brihati Chhandhi, Kuberah Devataa,
Akshya Nidhi Siddhaye Jape Viniyogah.

After this pray to the Rishi of the Sadhana.

Vishrava Rishaye Namah Shirshi; Brihati Chhand Se Namah Mukhe; Kuber Devataayei
Namah Hridi; Akshaya Nidhi Siddhaye Jape Viniyogaaya Namah Sarwaange.

Next chant the following Mantras for purification of your body.

Om Yakshaaya Angushtthaabhyaam Namah Hridyaay Namah; Om Kuberaay Namah
Tarjinibhyaam Swaahaa, Shirse Swaahaa, Om Veishravannaay Madhyamaabhyaam
Vashat, Shikhaayei Vashat; Om Dhandhaanyaadhipataye Anaamikaabhyaam Hoom
Kavachaay Hoom; Om Akshay Nidhi Samriddhim Me Kanishtthikaabhyaam Voushat
Netratrayaay Voushat; Om Dehi Draapay Kartal Kar Prishtthaabhyaam Phat Astraay

After this recite eight rounds of this secret and extraordinary Kuber Mantra with a sanctified
Sfatik Mala.

Mantra: Om Yakshaay Kuberaay Dhan Dhaanyaadhipataye Akshay Nidhi Samriddhim Me

Dehi Daapay Swaahaa.

After this make 108 Aahutis (offerings) of Ghee in a small fire, while chanting the same Mantra.
Then wear the Rosary and keep the Yantra and the four Mahalakshmi phals wrapped in yellow
cloth in a locker or safe. If possible, offer food to a unmarried girl of a Brahmin. Thus this ritual
is accomplished.

It is said that one who accomplishes this Sadhana on each Amavasya of a year,
secures infinite, surplus wealth, riches and prosperity even for his future