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a They are specialized in handling all type of cargo

General cargo berth/ deep draii liquid

Calling of feeder regularly/ mainline container vessels

The harbor mobile cranes with 105 T capacity is operated by private parties 0
The container freight station is near to the port

0 Modern cruise lounge is built

0 The port operations are entirely covered under CCTV.

Details of departments/ sections Civil Engineering Department

All the civil maintenance work related to port operations are maintained by this
department and execute revenue and capital works related to infrastructure
development and management of estate. This department is in charge of
maintenance of dredging and its capital. The chief engineer is one of the
principal officers of NMPT and also head of the department. All the civil

activities are coordinated by the chief engineer. He is in charge for planned and
non planned

works and he is also required to visualize future needs of the port.

Traffic Department

This department handles all cargo handling activities. It takes care of registered
cargo handling

workers, marketing function and management service division. Under this

department the

administrative wing and dock safety units are working.

The main function of the traffic department is as follows:

0 Vessel movement and planning of the vessels to be berthed.

0 Making plans for cargo loading, unloading operation of the ships, transit

receipt and delivery Operations, warehouse storage operations and railway


Some commercial functions like generating and furnishing data for cargo
related charges like weighing charges, demurrage, wharf age equipment related
charges as well as documentation aspects

' The Traffic manager exercises overall control the over the traffic department.