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Scisense Electrophysiology
Minimally Invasive Intracardiac Biopotential Measurements
for Rodent Models

• Eight electrodes (octopolar) for measuring up to four simultaneous
intracardiac biopotentials
• Stimulate and record from the same Catheter
• Compatible with most biopotential amplifiers and stimulators

RL-200-fly Rev. C 11/16

P Widths used that terminates in 2 mm pins relating to electrodes 1-8: QTD QT Dispersion this is particularly convenient if the bioamplifier or stimulator HR Instantaneous Heart Rate has 2 mm pin receptacles (FC-EPPIN8-4). In addition. however. Scisense EP Catheters offer a minimally invasive means for a more in-depth analysis of biopotential propagation through the heart. allowing you to complete the connection as *Please contact Transonic for a more complete list desired (FC-EP-OPEN-5).Intracardiac Biopotential Measurements Traditional surface ECG measurements provide total cardiac electrical signal but lack the precision for detailed signal propagation studies or regional measurements. Considering these options. an Interface Cable can be QRS QRS. any data acquisition system which is compatible with the stimulator/bioamplifier may be used to collect and analyze data. It is possible to use epicardial surface electrodes to measure regional electrical potentials. The Interface Box (FI893B) allows RR-I RR Interval connection to any bioamplifier or stimulator via 2 mm pin PR-I PR Interval receptacles. Alternatively. For those researchers R-H R Wave Height with proprietary connections or a unique interface on their P-H P Wave Height bioamplifier or stimulator we offer an Interface Cable with T-H T Wave Height striped ends. . it is an invasive procedure. of parameters based upon specific analysis software package being used. Likewise. This provides the researcher complete control ST-I ST Interval over which electrodes are used for recording or stimulation (pacing). reference pins are provided to achieve an ERP Effective Refractory Periods appropriate ground. ELECTROPHYSIOLOGY PARAMETERS Principles of Operation VARIABLE DESCRIPTION Each of the 8 electrodes on a Scisense EP Catheter are QR-I QR Interval controlled independently by either an Interface Box or QT-I QT Interval unique Interface Cable. any commercially available stimulator or biopotential amplifier can be used in conjunction with a Scisense EP Catheter. Please Contact Transonic® or your nearest Sales Representative for suggested third party systems.

Electrophysiology (EP) Catheters Transonic Scisense offers a 1.0 mm. SMOOTH PROFILE: • Reduces potential damage to endothelial lining during catheterization • Allows for easy passage through valves (can be inserted and withdrawn repeatedly) • Ability to pass through remodeled arteries TUBING MATERIAL: • Provides ideal balance of flexibility and rigidity. resulting in more physiologic data APPLICATIONS • Bundle of His characterization • SA node characterization • General signal propagation • Comparison between basal.5 mm and 1. ensuring easy insertion and maneuverability • Will not fray like many other Catheter materials which. respectively. will irritate vascular lining and valves • Small diameter of tubing minimizes impact on aortic flow.6F octapolar Catheter for use in rats. but can be customized to suit any specific application. medial and apical regions in the left ventricle • Endocardial ECG assessment Endocardial Electrogram recording from right ventricle • Regional atrial assessment (bipolar measurement from electrodes 7 and 8 at the apex) • Conduction studies • Qualification of cardiac insult INSERTION & PLACEMENT • Right Jugular Vein insertion for placement within the RA or RV • Right Carotid Artery insertion for placement within the LV • Esophageal insertion for placement beside the heart Endocardial Electrogram recording from right atrium (bipolar measurement from electrodes 7 and 8 at the valve) . The same Catheter can be used to pace the heart as well as record electrical activity. Up to 4 intracardiac electrograms can be recorded simultaneously.1F octapolar (8 electrode) Catheter for use in mice and a 1. Our octapolar EP Catheters offer advantages over traditional surface ECG in that you can gain detailed information about the propagation and timing of atrial and ventricular electrical signals. These Catheters come with a standard ring spacing of 0. over time.

Founded in 1983. 359-0038 Japan Tel: +1 607-257-5300 Tel: +31 43-407-7200 Tel: +886 3399-5806 Tel: +81 04-2946-8541 Fax: +1 607-257-7256 Fax: +31 43-407-7201 Fax: +886 3399-5805 Fax: +81 04-2946-8542 support@transonic.025” or 0. AMERICAS EUROPE ASIA/PACIFIC JAPAN Transonic Systems Inc. pediatric critical care.Scisense Extension Cable for Octapolar a simple device designed to connect a Scisense EP EP Catheter (Redel-Redel) Catheter to any bioamplifier and/or stimulator. europe@transonic. Transonic Europe B. interventional radiology and research applications.010” or 0.S. Pin 1= electrode 1 Transonic Systems Inc. In addition.A. Transonic® carries a selection of third party stimulators and amplifiers along with acquisition hardware/software solutions to create a fully functional cardiac biopotential setup for your research lab.014” or 0. is a global manufacturer of innovative biomedical measurement equipment. Transonic Asia support@transonicasia. laser Doppler flowmeters and telemetry . Electrophysiology Electrophysiology Control Unit & Cables ELECTROPHYSIOLOGY CATHETER INTERFACE BOX INTERFACE CABLE The Scisense FI893B EP Catheter Interface Box is • FC-EPEC-4 . Transonic Japan Inc. info@transonic.37 mm diameter 0.010” or .com pressure and pressure volume systems.254 mm wide Electrode Dimensions (Rat) 0. perfusion.O.635 mm diameter Electrode Material 80/20 Platinum/Iridium Catheter Material Polyimide single lumen Catheter Color Black Catheter Length 18” or 457 mm Connector Redel 8 pin.V. NY 14850 6181 MB Elsloo Dayuan. pair. or multiple electrodes for recording/stimulating. A cable from the bioamplifier and/or stimulator which terminates in a 3 mm pin connection is then used to connect any single. The Netherlands 33747 Taiwan.transonic. 34 Dutch Mill Rd Business Park Stein 205 6F-3 No 5 Hangsiang Rd KS Bldg 201. Taoyuan County Tokorozawa Saitama U. Transonic sells “gold standard” transit-time ultrasound flowmeters and monitors for surgical. The Interface Box has eight pin receptacles which correspond to one of eight electrodes positioned on the Catheter.254 mm wide Electrode Dimensions (Mouse) 0.C. OCTAPOLAR CATHETER SPECIFICATIONS PARAMETER VALUE 0. Transonic provides www. 735-4 Kita-Akitsu Ithaca.