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Codex Arcanus Version 1.

01 August, 2001
Welcome in the first edition of Codex Arcanus. Writing an
introduction is not as easy as some people would think, since
Publisher this sentence followed the first one after ten minutes of
Earthdawn Publishing Trust (EDPT) thinking, so I will better jump into the middle
If you look at the web, you'll probably find many
Robert Braddock
Earthdawn-related sites, with some great material on them.
Luke Davis This material however is quite scattered on the net to be used
Pter Dvnyi and accessed easily and you cannot be even sure that you
Peter Ellvg checked all of the existing homepages. Not to mention those
Exolasher pages which never got any feedback for the work that was
Fletch's Kaer put into them and went down after a while.
Jnos Follth
Zsombor Gspr One of the aims of this netbook is to collect some of this
Jason A. Goode material from the willing owners and promote their efforts.
You can find a list of the contributors in Appendix A - I
Attila Hatvgner
recommend you to check out their sites if you like their work
Melissa Kuhnell here.
Keith Richmond
Scott Rick Completely new material also can be found here and we
Scott Rowswell hope that the future editions of this book will contain even
Sade more previously unreleased stuff But until the next edition
Michael "Mykal" Sawyer comes out you'll have to settle for this one: more than 100
Damian Sharp spells and more than 120 talent knacks as well as a revised
Cecil Starlin Shaman Discipline. Not bad for a start.
So, start reading, keep playing ED and send in some new
Mark Watkins stuff for the next edition
Michael Weber -Attila
Simon Withers
Tim Daly
Attila Hatvgner Table of contents
Scott Rick
Art Introduction 1
Sade Legal Information 2
Special thanks to Elementalist Spells 3
Kathy Czechowski Illusionist Spells 13
Sako Eaton Nethermancer Spells 19
Richard Grady Wizard Spells 26
Talent Knacks 32

The Way of the Shaman 55
Appendix A: Contributor Sites 71
Appendix B: Contributing Your Materials 72
Appendix C: Spell Index 74
Appendix D: Talent Knack Index 79

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PtW Prelude to War
SP Shattered Pattern

Codex Arcanus
Elementalist Spells Duration is Rank hours. A fourth thread may be
Circle: 1 woven to increase the duration of the spell to 12 hours.
Domes can be overlapped to create larger shielded
Dancing Flame
areas for caravans or large parties.
Threads: 1 Weaving Difficulty: 5/9
"Sonny, once I teach you this spell you'll be every
Range: Self Duration: Rank rounds
windling's best friend in a rainstorm. They hate getting wet
Effect: Creates a small flame as much as my wife's cat."
Casting Difficulty: Target's Spell Defense - Regnor, human Elementalist
Author: Peter Ellvg
This spell creates a small flame that appears on Flame Bolt
top of one of the caster's fingers. The flame reaches Threads: 1 Weaving Difficulty: 5/11
roughly four inches in height, is about half an inch Range: 25 yards Duration: 1 round
wide at the base, and gives of light roughly equal to Effect: Willforce + 6
that of a pair of candles. The flame is hot enough to Casting Difficulty: Target's Spell Defense
ignite flammable materials but will only do step 1 Author: Peter Ellvg
damage if used in combat. The flame remains in The Elementalist needs a piece of coal (a piece from
existence for the duration of the spell, or until the a burnt out campfire will do fine) in order to cast this
caster blows it out much like a candle. spell.
As the Elementalist weaves the spell, a small flicker
Dome of Air of a flame begins to swirl in the hand holding the piece
Threads: 3 (or 4) Weaving Difficulty: 5/12 of coal, the flame quickly consumes the piece of coal
Range: Touch Duration: Rank hours (12 and spins itself into a fist-sized ball of fire which the
hours) magician then hurls at his intended target.
Effect: -1 step to Attack and Damage Tests vs. Physical Armor protects against damage from this
ranged attacks spell.
Casting Difficulty: 3
Author: Uzrivoy's Masters Long-Life Candle
The spellcaster shields the end of his foot with Threads: none Weaving Difficulty: NA/7
his hand in a dome shape and sprinkles some water Range: Touch Duration: See text
from above, watching it run off his hand. A dome Effect: See text
composed of a thicker layer of air, which forms in a Casting Difficulty: 2
sphere around the caster with a 10-yard radius. The Author: Attila Hatvgner and Scott Rick
dome shimmers slightly, has the thickness of the This spell was first designed during the Long Night
Elementalist's thumb, is fixed in place at the time of by Elementalists who needed to be able to study, but
casting and emits a faint, buzzing sound. could not waste their mystical resources on such things
The dome will protect the enclosed area from as powerful spells and powerstones. To cast the spell
heavy rain or snow, but not from a large rush of an Elementalist must snuff out a candle with his bear
liquid that a waterfall or large cauldron of oil fingers (taking any damage as normal - torches can be
poured from above might produce. affected with this spell too). He keeps his fingers
The dome is permeable to air and gives a slight around the end of the wick that has been snuffed out,
resistance to physical objects passing through. The weaving the threads. If successful, the candle will re-
shimmering gives ranged attacks passing through light itself when the Elementalist removes his fingers.
lessens Damage Tests of Missile and ranged attacks The flame that is created will burn slowly, lasting five
through the dome by 1 step. Any Perception Test times longer than it normally would. Additionally, the
attempted through the dome also suffers a -1 step Elementalist may put out the flame temporarily and re-
penalty due to the shimmering and muted sound. light it with but a word, chosen at the time of casting.

The Elementalist pours a thin stream of
Running Flamesprite water/liquid out of a waterskin and grabs the end of it.
Threads: none Weaving Difficulty: NA/13 The spell creates Willforce + 4 yards of rope out of the
Range: 20 yards Duration: 1 round water. The rope is composed of braids of water and is
Effect: Step 4 damage and swirling. Treat this as regular rope for the
Casting Difficulty: Target's Spell Defense duration, although it is fire resistant.
Author: Zsombor Gspr
The Elementalist snaps his fingers and points at
the target. If the Spellcasting Test was successful, a Circle: 2
small, 3 inch high humanoid composed entirely
from fire jumps out from the caster's hand and runs Bless of Thorns
Threads: 1 Weaving Difficulty: 10/17
quickly (its movement is 90) to the target. If reaches
Range: 40 yards Duration: Rank hours
it, hugs the target and inflames, causing Step 4 fire
Effect: Alters a plant to have thorns
damage. Physical Armor protects against this effect.
Casting Difficulty: Target's Spell Defense
On the gamemaster's discretion, the sprite can
Author: Pter Dvnyi
set on fire flammable materials on its way.
This is a defensive spell that blood elves use to create
Thunderblast shelters for themselves. This spell creates thorns on
Threads: 1 Weaving Difficulty: 5/12 normal plants forming a natural barrier that most
Range: 10 Yard diameter Duration: 1 round animals will not cross if the can avoid it. Animals
Effect: Step 3 damage which have been Dominated or otherwise controlled
Casting Difficulty: 5 may attempt to break through.
Author: Uzrivoy's Masters
The spellcaster slices through the air with his [Element] Sight
Threads: None Weaving Difficulty: NA/8
hand and then slams his hands over his ears. A very
Range: Self Duration: Rank rounds
loud thunderclap is created as the air rushes back
Effect: Allows the caster to see through (element)
through the slice the spellcaster made.
Casting Difficulty: 2
This loud noise delivers step 3 damage (one roll
Author: Keith Richmond
for everything) to everything in a 5-yard radius
There are different versions of this spell for each
including the spellcaster (although the hands over
element, though Air is very rarely learned and Earth is
the ears count as 3 armor).
most often taught. When using this spell, the caster is
No regular armor counts although ear protection
able to see through up to Willforce yards of [Element]
offsets this damage.
clearly and easily. Wards of any type block vision. The
Affected characters make a Toughness Test
Elementalist reaches up and touches his eyes while
against a Difficulty Number of 5 or suffer from mild
casting the spell.
deafness for an hour. (-2 steps to hearing related
Perception Tests and characters have to speak up to
be heard by those who fail the test.) This spell is
Threads: 1 Weaving Difficulty: 5/10
used (with proper ear protection) for signaling
Range: Touch Duration: Willforce hours
within the Servos Jungle.
Effect: Summons light
Against unintelligent beasts or savages, a check
Casting Difficulty: 2 or Target's Spell Defense
might be made versus their Social Defense to see if
Author: Uzrivoy's Masters
this frightens them.
The Elementalist quickly rubs the target of the spell
with his hand. The target is enveloped in a bright
Water Rope
foxfire (a hazy mist of light) that is as bright as a torch.
Threads: 2 Weaving Difficulty: 10/16
This spell can be cast on people as well as objects but
Range: Variable Duration: Rank + 15 minutes
has no effect other than making them glow with a
Effect: Generates Willforce + 4 yards of water
foxfire aura. If the target enters an area under a spell
effect causing darkness, compare the Spellcasting Test
Casting Difficulty: 6
of Foxfire with the Dispel Difficulty of the "darkness"
Author: Uzrivoy's Masters

Codex Arcanus
spell. If the Spellcasting Test was higher than the Spellcasting Test explodes the snowball into hail-
"darkness", then it is dispelled and vice versa. The blizzard with all within 10 yards taking cold/impact
Elementalist can choose the color of the foxfire, damage equal to the result of the Effect dice roll.
although the darker the color the less light it gives Physical Armor protects against Ice Storm.
Freeze Threads: None Weaving Difficulty: NA/8
Threads: None Weaving Difficulty: NA/14 Range: 5 yards Duration: 1 round
Range: 20 yards Duration: Rank rounds Effect: Ignites flammable objects
Effect: Willforce + 3 Casting Difficulty: 4
Casting Difficulty: Target's Spell Defense Author: Uzrivoy's Masters
Author: Scott Rick The Elementalist snaps his fingers loudly
This spell requires the Elementalist to dip his concentrating on the friction initially generated. Up to
fingers in a liquid and flick it off while casting. If Willforce number of easily flammable objects (torches
successful, the spell freezes some of the liquid in the and candles for example) targeted can be ignited and
target's body, causing the Effect Step in damage then burn normally.
each round for the duration of the spell. Flammable objects that might have difficulty
burning such as damp wood would require all the heat
Frosty Keg energy directed at them, so in this cases a Willforce
Threads: 2 Weaving Difficulty: 7/13 Test is directed against the Difficulty Number
Range: 15 yards Duration: Rank days determined by the gamemaster.
Effect: Willforce This spell cannot be used on animate objects or
Casting Difficulty: 2 or Target's Spell Defense anything in contact with them that they don't want set
Author: Uzrivoy's Masters aflame.
Frosty Keg is a popular spell when the weather If igniting something (a torch, for example) held by
turns hot and dry. Casting this spell enables the a person he must want the item to light (lowering the
Elementalist to cool Willforce containers of liquid to Spell Defense for himself and the item), otherwise the
just above the freezing point of water. Always spell fails.
popular in taverns and is sure to make the patrons "He stepped into the room, snapped his fingers, and
happy. This spell is centered on the container (keg, every candle lit up... they were everywhere in the room so the
wineskin, etc) so liquid removed from the dark room was suddenly lit up by warm candlelight - it was
temporarily enchanted container starts to warm at so romantic." - Terina Elbeth, Archer adept, telling of her
the normal rate and liquid added starts to cool date with the elven Elementalist Loroth.
slowly taking a keg about 2 hours to cool to the "Don't blame it on me when you botch a spell buckko, I
lowest temperature. REALLY wanted the torch to light." - Krag, Ork Warrior, in
response to the Elementalist's Vrenn's explanation on why
he couldn't light the torch when the lightstone broke.
Circle: 3
Makeshift True Element Case
Ice Storm Threads: 4 Weaving Difficulty: 7/15
Threads: 1 Weaving Difficulty: 11/18 Range: Touch Duration: Rank + 1 days
Range: 75 yards Duration: 1 round Effect: Enhances a mundane holder to be able to
Effect: Willforce +6 hold true elements
Casting Difficulty: Target's Spell Defense Casting Difficulty: 2
Author: Michael Sawyer Author: Attila Hatvgner
The caster creates a swirling mass of ice (1 Using this spell, the Elementalist can enchant an
across) similar to a snowball and hurls it at the ordinary container (such as purses, boxes etc) to be
target. As the snowball reaches the point of impact, able to hold elemental kernels, just like an orichalcum
the Elementalist makes a Spellcasting Test against box. Weaving the threads of the spell is a slow process,
the highest Spell Defense of any character within 10 it takes 1 hour/thread, and the caster cannot do
yards of the point of impact. A successful anything else during this time. The maximum number

of kernels that the container can hold is equal to the
caster's Rank in Spellcasting. If the container is Wood Raft
opened, the spell is broken, and needs to be re- Threads: 1 Weaving Difficulty: 7/15
casted, even if the spell was named. The caster Range: 1 yard Duration: Rank + 10 minutes
cannot put opposing types of kernels into one Effect: Creates wooden raft
holder. Casting Difficulty: 4
Author: Scott Rick
Wandering Watersnake This spell was created to allow spellcasters and
Threads: 3 Weaving Difficulty: 10/12 their companions to travel across rivers and other such
Range: See text Duration: 1 hour obstacles without having to find a way around, or
Effect: Willforce + 5 stopping their quests to search for ferries (not to
Casting Difficulty: Target's Spell Defense mention having to pay for them). To use this spell, the
Author: Attila Hatvgner spellcaster must have a piece of wood as long and thick
The spellcaster reaches up to his elbow into the as his forearm, which is tossed into the water to be
water or other liquid of his choice and slowly stirs traversed while casting the spell. If successful, a raft 10
it, while weaving the threads of the spell. When he feet square grows out of the piece of wood. The raft can
casts the spell, the small current he created move at a rate equal to the caster's Willforce talent (or
extroverts and emerges from the surface and Willpower Attribute) per combat round. It will sink if it
follows the slowly luring caster like a poking snake. takes 10 points of damage.
The caster can choose any direction he wants: The raft can carry only a certain amount of weight.
upward, downward, loops in the air etc. and the To determine this amount, consult the Attribute Table
watersnake will follow the given course. When the (p. 52, ED) and compare it to the caster's Willpower
Elementalist reaches the point at which he wants Attribute Value. Treat the magician's Willpower Value
the snake to end, he pats the area. After this, the as his Strength for determining the raft's Carrying
water will travel to this point from the original Capacity. That is, a Willpower Attribute Value of 10
destination until the end of the duration or when would allow the raft to hold up to 70 pounds before
the source of water is emptied. capsizing. The caster may take strain to temporarily
The maximum range the caster can make the increase his Willpower Value for the duration of this
water travel is the result of the Spellcasting Test + spell. For each strain point taken, the Willpower Value
20 yards. The amount of water the snake can of the character is increased by +2 for the remainder of
maximally transport is the result of the Effect Test the spell.
in quarts in each round, although the caster can
choose a lower rate if he desires. The pressure of the
water is low, if the transported amount is high, the
Circle: 4
snake is simply thicker.
Divine Water
With spending 1 point of permanent damage,
Threads: 3 Weaving Difficulty: 11/15
the duration of the spell can be expanded to one
Range: 1 Mile Duration: 10 minutes
Effect: Finds nearest water source
If somebody tries to block the water's way, the
Casting Difficulty: See text
snake will flow around the blockage unless its
Author: Sade and Attila Hatvgner
larger than the diameter of the water - in this case
Using this spell, the Elementalist can determine the
the spell stops immediately and the snake collapses.
direction of the nearest source of water within 1-mile
This spell is most commonly used for pulling up
radius. The spell detects only pure water like streams,
water from deep wells or submerged areas; the
ponds, barrels of water etc, but not any bonded form
Spell Defense of such places or other non-magical
like the water in living things, or other liquids like
materials is usually 2. Other liquid substances, even
wine. The base Casting Difficulty is 8, plus 1 for every
acids or lava can be transported this way, however
100 yards of distance between the source and the
Elementalists trying to do this should be prepared,
caster. If the source is hidden or protected by some sort
since they must reach into the liquid with bare
of spell, then the base Casting Difficulty is equal to the

Codex Arcanus
Sensing Difficulty set by that spell. The Elementalist months during the hottest part of the day. This spell
can exclude known sources from the search. can only cope with a temperature difference of
There are four additional versions of this spell, Willforce + 5 degrees Fahrenheit, so differences larger
which detect Fire, Earth, Air and Wood, but those than that make the temperature in the room heat or
are considerably less common because of their cool slightly. This spell effect doesn't go through walls,
smaller usability. so this spell has to be cast for each room that wants to
be effected, usually only being cast in large common
Great Slayer rooms or hot kitchens.
Threads: 2 Weaving Difficulty: 10/17 Private rooms with this spell cast are sometimes
Range: 15 yards Duration: 3 + Rank rounds found in the better quality inns for a corresponding
Effect: Simmons elemental spirit price.
Casting Difficulty: 6
Author: Scott Rick Thorn Storm
Great Slayer is a slightly more powerful version Threads: 2 Weaving Difficulty: 15/25
of the Circle 2 Elementalist spell Small Slayer. When Range: 60 yards Duration: 1 round
using this spell, the Elementalist must have a Effect: Willforce + 10
handful of dirt, which he spits into to form a ball of Casting Difficulty: Target's Spell Defense
mud. If cast successfully, a minor Earth Elemental Author: Pter Dvnyi
forms on the physical plane, taking the form of a This is a powerful combat spell, used to terrify
large insect, spider, snake, or whatever other form opponents, rather to kill them. The Elementalist must
the caster wishes. roll Spellcasting against the highest Spell Defense
No matter what the physical appearance of the among the targets. When the spell is cast, the targets
creature is, it has Attack and Damage Steps of 12, as suffer a heavy thorn shower and the Elementalist rolls
well as a Death Rating of 15. It is immune to for the Effect Test. This is the total damage; the
Knockdown and Unconsciousness. The Physical Elementalist may decide the exact damage each target
Defense of the creature is 12, and the Social and suffers. For example, if three targets suffer a total of 34
Spell Defenses of the creature are equal to the points of damage, the Elementalist may decide to
spellcaster's rating plus 2. divide the damage equally between them, or
The creature will attack the Elementalist's target concentrate more on one opponent. It should be noted
as many times as it can while it is in existence, using that the Elementalist cannot deal more damage on one
a venom with a Damage Step and Spell Defense of target with this spell than his Spellcasting Step x 3.
12, as well as an Instant onset time. The venom
remains in the victim's blood system for 10 rounds. Triad of Water
Every round decrease the Damage Step of the Threads: 1 Weaving Difficulty: 8/17
venom by 2 steps until it reaches step 2 damage, Range: 30 yards Duration: 1 round
which lasts until the venom is no longer present in Effect: Willforce +4
large enough quantities to damage the target. Casting Difficulty: Target's Spell Defense
Author: Michael Sawyer
Room Temperature Three bolts of water are shot from the palm of the
Threads: 2 Weaving Difficulty: 10/16 caster, they can strike up to 3 different targets within
Range: Touch Duration: Rank weeks 60 of each other (must be in the caster's field of
Effect: Maintains current temperature (See vision). No single target can be struck by more than
below) one bolt. Casting Difficulty is against the highest Spell
Casting Difficulty: 2 Defense of selected targets. Physical Armor protects
Author: Uzrivoy's Masters versus Triad of Water.
The Elementalist stands in the center of the room
to be affected and casts this spell. The spell
maintains the current temperature of the room for
for the duration. So in warmer months this spell is
usually cast in the cool of the night, and in colder
Walls Fall Down When the spells duration expires the weapon
Threads: None Weaving Difficulty: NA/8 dissipates. An air weapon disappears, an earth weapon
Range: 20 yards Duration: 1 round crumbles to dirt, a fire weapon burns out, a water
Effect: Willforce + 5 weapon falls into a small puddle on the ground, and a
Casting Difficulty: Target's Spell Defense wood weapon falls into splinters.
Author: Scott Rick There are five different versions of this spell, one for
Walls Fall Down allows an Elementalist to cause each element, and each spell must be learned
walls to collapse by making the earth within the separately.
walls crumble. When casting Walls Fall Down the Physical Armor protects against damage from an
Elementalist must have a piece of dirt or clay which elemental weapon.
he crumbles to dust in his hand, the casts the spell.
The Casting Difficulty is usually 7, or higher in the Liquefy
case of magically fortified walls. If successful, a ten Threads: 1 Weaving Difficulty: 12/20
foot by ten foot section of wall will be affected by Range: 10 yards Duration: Rank rounds
the spell, which causes Effect damage in the wall's Effect: Liquefies a solid
Barrier Rating (see Barrier Rating Table, p.209, ED). Casting Difficulty: Target's Spell Defense
This spell is not able to bypass the wall's Physical Author: Scott Rick
Armor Rating. Walls Fall Down can only be casted This spell is designed to allow an Elementalist to
on walls, it doesn't affect living targets. temporarily liquefy a non-living object, such as a piece
of metal, a patch of ice, or a stone that stands in his
way. To cast the spell the Elementalist glares at the
Circle: 5 rock angrily. The Casting Difficulty for the spell is
equal to twice the target's Spell Defense, which is
[Elemental] Weapon
usually 2, but may be higher for magical items. Also, if
Threads: 1 Weaving Difficulty: 11/18
the spell is cast on items that are being worn or used by
Range: 40 yards Duration: 2 Rounds
somebody, the base Casting Difficulty is increased by
Effect: See text
the Spell Defense of the wearer.
Casting Difficulty: 4
If successful, the spell slags the item for a number of
Author: Peter Ellvg
rounds equal to his rank in Spellcasting. After this
The Elemental Weapon spell allows the
period of time, the item usually returns to its solid
Elementalist to fashion a weapon from one of the
shape. The exception to this is in the case of items
five elements and use it to strike his opponents in
which are liquid at room temperature ice, mercury,
and so on do not return to solid form after being
The Elementalist needs to touch the element he
liquefied using this spell, but may re-solidify given the
wishes to use in order to cast this spell. For a
right circumstances.
wooden weapon, he must touch a piece of dead
wood (not a live plant). Making a fire weapon
Resist Elements
requires the Elementalist to touch open flames or
Threads: None Weaving Difficulty: NA/10
glowing coals (this will cause damage based on the
Range: Touch Duration: 6 + Rank minutes
size of the flames. See Fire, p.207, ED)
Effect: +3 Armor points against Elemental damage
If the Spellcasting Test is successful, the element
Casting Difficulty: Target's Spell Defense
forms into a (between 3 and 5 foot long) weapon
Author: Keith Richmond
(the sort of weapon is determined by the
The Elementalist conjures forth representations of
Elementalist at the moment of casting) that the
the elements on all five fingers of his hand. He touches
Elementalist can use in combat. Each time the
the target, and all five elements seem to merge into the
Elementalist hits his target with an elemental
subject, then there is a brief metallic glint hinting at
weapon it does Strength+10 steps of damage. Only
Orichalcum. The target has +3 armor vs. elemental
an Elementalist can use an elemental weapon,
attacks, including cold and wooden or stone weapons.
though any Elementalist may have created the

Codex Arcanus
Thorns of Pain This spell creates a circular pillar of fire that erupts
Threads: 2 Weaving Difficulty: 10/17 below the feet of the target, completely engulfing it in
Range: 40 yards Duration: 1 round flames.
Effect: Willforce + 5 As he weaves each thread for the spell, the
Casting Difficulty: Target's Spell Defense Elementalist must recite the following, his voice slowly
Author: Pter Dvnyi increasing in volume with each thread as he comes
The spell can only be cast on a wounded target. closer to completing the spell:
If the Spellcasting Test is successful, the target takes 1st thread: "Flames of wrath who burn in the realm
Willforce + 5 damage for every Wound he has, but of fire, come and gather in my hand"
maximally the casters rank in Spellcasting wounds 2nd thread: "Heed my call and be the weapon that
are affected. Mystic Armor protects against this destroys my enemies"
damage. Casting: "Inferno!"
The last part is almost shouted as the spell is cast.
As he weaves the spell a small amount of fire
Circle: 6 slowly gathers in the Elementalist's open hand and
grows in strength as he weaves each thread. As he
Air Source
recites the last part of the spell he closes his hand and
Threads: 2 Weaving Difficulty: 12/20
moves in a quick motion up over his head, as if
Range: Touch Duration: Rank hours
flinging something straight up into the air.
Effect: Provides breathable air for Willforce + 5
Failure to recite the words (including being
hindered by a spell of silence) or making the gesture
Casting Difficulty: 8
will cause the Spellcasting Test to fail automatically.
Author: Uzrivoy's Masters
Mystic Armor protects against damage from this
A crude version of this spell was first developed
by miners, but during the preparations for the
Scourge the technique was much improved upon
for use in the poorer kaers. Circle: 7
The Elementalist makes a rope hoop one meter
in diameter and holds it open with his hands. The White Heat Way
Elementalist opens a tiny tap into the plane of air Threads: 6 Weaving Difficulty: 14/25
while casting the spell. Fresh air from the tap blows Range: 500 miles Duration: See text
from one side of the rope hoop and stale air is Effect: See text
sucked into the other side, keeping it open. This will Casting Difficulty: 15
provide breathable air for up to Willforce + 5 people Author: Attila Hatvgner
for the duration of the spell. The Elementalist can White Heat Way is a unique, if somewhat painful
spend one point of blood magic to increase the and dangerous method of travel. The spell uses natural
duration to a year and day, or can spend five points fires to anchor an entry to the Plane of Fire, and the
of permanent blood magic to make the effect Elementalist is able to connect two such entry points to
permanent. When casting the permanent versions a travel quickly between them.
hoop of strong metal enchanted with True Air is The spell needs preparation, and it takes long time
usually used to increase the effect. Small kaers to cast. The Elementalist weaves the threads while
would need two of these hoops to provide enough assembles the pile of wood (each thread takes at least
air for the inhabitants to last through the Scourge. 10 minutes to weave), and lights the fire after the
successful Spellcasting Test. After these preparations
Inferno are complete, the fire could be used as entry or
Threads: 2 Weaving Difficulty: 11/21 destination point as long as it is burning. Therefore,
Range: 40 yards Duration: 1 round someone must tend it, if the Elementalist want to use
Effect: Willforce + 8 the fire for a long time after building it. If there is
Casting Difficulty: Target's Spell Defense nobody to help with this, the Elementalist can sacrifice
Author: Peter Ellvg kernels of True Fire while weaving the threads to

prolong the life of fire - one kernel equals one week He sat under his greasy wool blanket, staring into the
of burning time, without the need of combustibles. flames of his campfire. Lost in though, he didn't notice the
If two such fires are made, the Elementalist can flitting insects until there were about a dozen or so, playing
travel between them, and can bring a number of about the light of the fire. At first, he was confused, but as
companions equal to his Rank in Spellcasting. The more of the beautiful butterflies streamed down and around
journey is a short, lasting no more than an instant, him, he found wonder, and laughed aloud. The swarm grew
but a quite unpleasant experience. The travelers feel quickly, until all he could see was flittering yellow. They lit
like they are being pushed through a blinding, upon his clothes and head, and he smiled. The air was filled
white hot, tight tube. The heat is so intense, that with the dust from their fragile wings, both of which tickled
every traveler suffers step 10 burning damage. No his nostrils.
armor or spell protects against this damage, since it A random, speck of wing-dust fell, flared in the heat of
comes from the heat of the Plane of Fire. the fire, and set off the chain reaction. Flame leaped from
Elementalists suffer less and their circle is deducted dust to dust to dust, to butterfly to butterfly.
His laughing ceased.
from the Damage Step.
The explosion could be heard for miles.
If the spell is dispelled in the same round on
either fire as somebody travels between them, all
travelers are lost (and probably die) in the Plane of
Threads: 2 Weaving Difficulty: 15/18
Range: See text Duration: Rank rounds
It is should be mentioned that fire spirits and
Effect: Willforce + 10, see below
elementals are more frequent than usual in the area
Casting Difficulty: Target's Spell Defense
of fires affected by White Heat Way, so the
Author: Exolasher
Difficulty Number of summoning tests next to them
The Hailstorm spell requires cloudy skies to cast.
is lowered by 2.
The spellcaster tosses a handful of pebbles, marbles, or
other hail like substances skyward when casting this
Circle: 9 spell. The clouds darken and the wind howls, thunder
and lightning crack thorough the clouds. The skies
Flitter Flash then split open, showering the area of effect with
Threads: 3 Weaving Difficulty: 15/22 softball size hailstones for the spell's duration. When
Range: 1/2 mile Duration: 1 minute making the Spellcasting Test, compare the result to all
Effect: Willforce + 15 Spell Defenses in a 100 yards in diameter, excluding
Casting Difficulty: Target's Spell Defense the caster who is in the center of the target area. A
Author: Michael Weber result indicates that the target will be hit by the hail.
In order to cast this spell, the Elementalist Physical armor protects against the damage. Any target
requires any 'object' that the victim has handled knocked down by the hailstones suffers double
within the past week. Also, the victim must possess damage that round.
or be near an open source of flame, torch sized or
greater. The Elementalist performs a minor, Water's Embrace
meditation ritual with the 'object', while the Thread Threads: 3 Weaving Difficulty: 15/22
Weaving Tests are made. Each thread takes one Range: Self Duration: Rank minutes
hour to weave. Effect: See text
Once the spell is complete, the Elementalist Casting Difficulty: 2
makes a Spellcasting Test against the target's Spell Author: Keith Richmond
Defense. If successful, the spell "summons" a swarm This spell allows the Elementalist to fully embrace
of large, yellow and orange butterflies, which, over the element of Water, expressing his love for it. While
the course of the spell's duration (1 min.), gather this spell is affecting the Elementalist, all sources of
about the target. The number of butterflies water will be drawn towards him. Rain will bend to hit
summoned is roughly the Effect roll x 25. The him, waves will lap and splash higher, water thrown,
damage of the spell, (see below for explanation) is or Water spells cast, around the Elementalist will strike
Effect + 15. him instead of their intended targets. Rather than being
troubled, hurt, or even drowned by all of this

Codex Arcanus
additional water, the Elementalist is immune to any resist the spell. The lava will harm anyone with an
damage from Water-based spells and attacks while insufficiently high defense. The Elementalist is advised
under the influence of this spell. Further, the to be careful not to harm his friends. Anyone not
Elementalist is able to breathe water freely and affected by the spell is assumed to have managed to get
comfortably. The Elementalist is not hindered while out of the way before the lava hits the ground (and is
trying to move in water and is able to see and hear thus moved, unharmed, to the edge of the effect
perfectly well in it. Being immersed in water while radius)
this spell is on actually feels refreshing and The lava will continue to damage everything within
rejuvenating. the area of effect for the duration of the spell. After the
spell looses it's effect, the lava is considered to have
Waterspout Burst cooled and it is again safe to pass through the affected
Threads: 3 Weaving Difficulty: 18/25 area (which is now reduced to charred patch of land).
Range: 60 yards Duration: 6 + Rank minutes As the Elementalist casts this spell he must slam one
Effect: Willforce + 11 hand into the ground and shout the spell's name aloud.
Casting Difficulty: 4/ Target's Spell Defense Physical Armor protects against damage from this
(See text) spell but it (and any other remotely flammable
Author: Cecil Starlin equipment carried) may catch fire from exposure to the
The Elementalist makes whirling motions with intense heat.
his fingers while weaving the threads of the spell. Moving out of the area of effect does not cancel the
The waterspout spins from the Elementalist hands damage in following rounds (scraping of molten
as the spell is cast, which requires a result of 4 to be rock?).
successful. The next round and each round
thereafter, the Elementalist may move the To Hell and Back
waterspout to strike all characters within a radius of Threads: 10 Weaving Difficulty: 15/18
15 feet. The Elementalist makes a Spellcasting Test Range: 25 yards Duration: 1 round
as the Attack Test and compares the result against Effect: Willforce + 30
the Spell Defense of each of his targets. The Casting Difficulty: Target's Spell Defense + 10
Elementalist makes one Spellcasting Test, but each Author: Exolasher
target is attacked separately. The Elementalist rolls When casting the spell, the caster mimics the
the Effect dice for damage taken by characters hit by motions of opening a door. A gateway to the realm of
the Waterspout Burst spell. The spell requires the fire opens upon the exact spot the target is standing at,
Elementalist to concentrate or else it will dissipate. and the target takes Effect step damage from the
elemental fire they are now surrounded by. At the end
of the round, the gateway slams shut, forcing the target
Circle: 10 back to earth.
Lava Burst
Threads: 4 Weaving Difficulty: 14/24 Circle: 11
Range: 40 yards Duration: 2 rounds
Effect: Willforce + 15 Elemental Hell
Casting Difficulty: Target's Spell Defense Threads: 6 Weaving Difficulty: 22/25
Author: Peter Ellvg Range: 100 yards Duration: Rank rounds
This spell causes a spurt of lava to burst out of Effect: Willforce + 5
the ground, 2 yards in front of the Elementalist, and Casting Difficulty: 10
travel in a high arc through the air. The lava pours Author: Scott Rick
down onto the target, doing horrendous damage to Elemental Hell was created by the Theran
everything within a 10-yard radius. Elementalist Ula Marrin. It was her sole foray into the
The Elementalist makes a Spellcasting Test field of spell creation, and it took nearly her entire life
against the target, that result is then compared to to gather the understanding the elements needed to
the Spell Defense of ALL that are within the area of create this powerful spell. The result, however, is
effect even if the target itself should manage to incredible.

Elemental Hell must be cast out-of-doors, To begin calling upon the power of the Wild Hunt
making it useless in kaers and other places where the Elementalist must decide how much of the Wild
one elemental spirit is clearly dominant. When Hunt he wishes to call forth. The minimum number of
casting the spell, the Elementalist must be touching spirits he may call forth is two Strength 1 spirits, and
two different elements, not including air. It takes requires the weaving of three threads. For each two
one round to cast, during which time the five major spirits beyond the first two, to a maximum of ten
elements -- earth, air, fire, water, and wood -- begin Strength 1 spirits, an additional thread must be woven.
to swirl around. Typically the spell appears in the All Strength 1 spirits conjured appear as fiery hounds
form of a swirling vortex of burning chips of wood with a terrifying howl. Strength 3, 5, and 8 spirits each
and pieces of ice and dirt causing 1 wound in the demand an additional thread be woven to the spell's
first round after the spell's appearance, in addition Pattern. Strength 3 spirits appear as fiery horses, and a
to the Effect step in damage each turn for the maximum of five can be called with the spell. Strength
duration of the spell. If Mystic Armor negates all 5 and Strength 8 spirits appear as Huntsmen, a
damage in the first round, but not in the second maximum of two for each Strength level. Each can cast
round, the subjects of the spell take a wound in the Elementalist spells based in fire with a Circle equal to
second round. This automatic wound only happens their Strength rating.
if the victim takes damage from the spell. Mystic The final member of the Wild Hunt is the Lead
Armor reduces damage, but physical armor has no Huntsman, who takes an additional two threads
effect. woven to the spell to conjure forth, and may only be
This spell effects an area equal to 10 square feet, conjured if all other members of the Wild Hunt have
anywhere within 100 yards of the caster. been called forth. In addition to having access to all
Elementalist fire spells of Circles 1 through 10, the
Lead Huntsman carries a horn with unique properties,
Circle: 15 and has access to the following adept abilities: Charge,
Elemental Hold (fire elementals only), Elemental
Call Forth the Wild Hunt
Tongues (fire elementals only), Evidence Analysis,
Threads: 5-22 Weaving Difficulty: 29/35
Frighten, Second Attack, Second Weapon, Spot Armor
Range: NA Duration: See Text
Flaw, Steely Stare, Sure Mount, Temperature (increase
Effect: Conjures the Spirits of the Wild Hunt
heat only), Tracking, and Wheeling Defense. The Lead
Casting Difficulty: 21
Huntsman appears with a monstrous, burning mare
Author: Scott Rick
that breathes fire. Each thread takes a full hour to
An incredibly rare, powerful spell, Call Forth the
weave, and the size of the hunt summoned must be
Wild Hunt allows an Elementalists to summon a
determined at the beginning of the ritual.
number of fire elementals to hunt down, and
The hunt is called upon to seek out that which the
possibly eliminate, a target. At it's most powerful,
caster wishes to find, and can be used to attack an
Call Forth the Wild Hunt summons ten Strength 1
enemy. Certain legends claim that the hunt has
spirits, five Strength 3 spirits, two Strength 5 spirits,
appeared without being summoned by a Name-giver,
two Strength 8 spirits, and a single Strength 10
but such legends do not have much in the way of
spirit. The Strength 1 Elemental can be found on
p.86, MMS, and the rules for necessary
Banishing or otherwise defeating the Lead
modifications for stronger spirits can also be found
Huntsman, if conjured, banishes the entire Wild Hunt.
there. The Spirits of the Wild Hunt do not have the
If the Lead Huntsman is not somehow defeated, or is
Aid Summoner power, however they do have the
not conjured, the only way to defeat the Hunt is to
Find power. In addition, the Huntsmen (see below)
defeat each and every spirit. The spirits of the Wild
have access to all Elementalist spells dealing with
Hunt gain strength in the same way that normal
the element of fire between Circles 1 and 10 (see
elementals do. The Wild Hunt remains active for a
maximum of 24 hours after the final thread is woven
and the spell is cast.

Codex Arcanus
Illusionist spells tasted before. If attempting to make something taste
Circle: 1 like something the Illusionist has never tasted before, a
Good success is required on the Spellcasting Test. If
Astendar's Vengeful Fire
that roll is unsuccessful, random flavors from anything
Threads: 1 Weaving Difficulty: 8/12
the target has tasted before will be experienced. The
Range: 50 yards Duration: Rank + 1
Illusionist must place any substance whatsoever into
his mouth and taste it, while weaving the thread.
Effect: See text
Casting Difficulty: Target's Spell Defense
Author: Mark Watkins Circle: 2
This spell causes the illusion of painful burning
and itching in the target's crotch. He receives a 3- False Light
step penalty to any test that doesn't involve Threads: 1 Weaving Difficulty: 7/15
scratching and suspicious looks from all current Range: 10 yards Duration: Willpower Test + 5
lovers. minutes
Effect: See text
Mirror Casting Difficulty: 2
Threads: 1 Weaving Difficulty: 6/12 Author: Attila Hatvgner
Range: 10 yards Duration: Rank minutes This spell's effect seems to be the same as the First
Effect: Creates a mirror Circle Illusionist spell Light. Using this spell, however,
Casting Difficulty: 2 the Illusionist has the option to slightly change the
Author: Attila Hatvgner surroundings illuminated by the False Light. Typical
The Illusionist scratches his chin as if he just changes could be writings, marks on the wall, and any
would start to shave (or touches her hair as if she simple 2-dimensional image. The Illusionist must
just would start to combing), then outlines the concentrate on what he wants to change (visualizing
mirror's shape. The 5 foot x 5 foot non-material the writings on the paper, for example), and he can
mirror, created from light, appears where the change only one 10x10-foot area at a time. These
Illusionist wants, and remains hovering in the air. changes remain visible only while the False Light
The position and the angle of the mirror can be illuminates the area. If another source of light (torch,
changed anytime, but the Illusionist must lantern, light quartz...) also illuminates the area, all
concentrate on this (which means an action in a observers are entitled to a free Perception-based
Combat Round) and it cannot be moved farther Sensing Test. Sunlight automatically dispels the spell.
from the caster than 10 yards or the spell breaks.
Otherwise, it works just as an ordinary flat mirror Garble Speech
would work. Threads: 1 Weaving Difficulty: 5/12
Range: 40 yards Duration: Rank minutes
Taste the Infinite Effect: Makes target's speech unintelligible to some
Threads: 1 Weaving Difficulty: 5/12 Casting Difficulty: Target's Spell Defense
Range: 10 yards Duration: Rank minutes Author: Keith Richmond
Effect: Controls what the target tastes The Illusionist whispers nonsensical phrasings
Casting Difficulty: Target's Spell Defense while weaving the thread, such as "The fifth cow
Author: Keith Richmond bowled red herring cavalry charges Throal's Mucker's
This spell allows the Illusionist to make guild". If the spell is successfully cast on someone, their
something taste different from it actually does. The speech is garbled so that people hear them as speaking
Illusionist may make something taste like anything similar nonsensical phrases, usually partially
he has ever tasted, or anything the target has ever containing what they're actually speaking. The

Illusionist may choose up to Rank Name-givers to the tree I promised that learning it will be the first thing I'll
hear the target normally. The person the spell is do when I get back to civilization." - Ilgor, apprentice
being cast on is often one of the targets, so they Illusionist from Urupa.
don't know they're being misheard.

Mynbruje's Hammer Circle: 3

Threads: 1 Weaving Difficulty: 7/12
Range: 20 yards Duration: 3 rounds Askrtruth's Pace
Effect: Willforce + 4 Threads: 2 Weaving Difficulty: 9/12
Casting Difficulty: Target's Spell Defense Range: 10 yards Duration: Rank hours
Author: Mark Watkins Effect: Changes the appearance of the track
While weaving the thread, the Illusionist spits Casting Difficulty: Target's Spell Defense
on his hands, rubs them together, and stretches his Author: Attila Hatvgner
shoulders, as if preparing for labor. Then while This spell mimics one of the abilities of the similarly
making the Spellcasting Test, he begins miming a named creature. The Illusionist casts the spell, points to
swing with a great hammer. As he does so, the the target's feet, and if the Spellcasting Test is
illusion of the hammer forms in his hands. The first successful, he can freely determine what the target's
round, the Spellcasting Test is the Attack Test. The tracks will look like. If the change is great enough (like
attack does illusory crushing damage. In the next bipedal to quadruped or windling to troll, for example)
two rounds the spellcaster may make melee attacks a Good success is required.
with the hammer based on dexterity. The handle During the spell duration, the Illusionist can change
changes its length during the swing to equal the the appearance of the target's track any time, if they are
distance to the target, so the spellcaster doesn't need in the spell's range. Any tracking attempt counts as a
to move to hit any target within 20 yards. The Sensing Test.
Hammer may not be passed to another, and it must "It's a very funny thing, but there seem to be two
be cast in an area large enough to accommodate the animals now. This-whatever-it-was- has been joined by
20-foot swings. After the last round, the Hammer another-whatever-it-is- and the two of them are now
shatters. proceeding in company." - Bear, tracker from Hundred Acre
This is a very flashy spell, and much prized. The Wood
exact appearance of the hammer is up to the
character: gold, crystal, bone and brightly painted Bottom's Head
wood are all common, and typically it strikes with a Threads: 2 Weaving Difficulty: 9/15
loud crash and mighty show of sparks. Range: 50 yards Duration: Rank hours
Effect: Makes target's appearance ridiculous
Suppress Scent Casting Difficulty: Target's Spell Defense
Threads: 2 Weaving Difficulty: 8/14 Author: Mark Watkins
Range: 5 yards Duration: Rank + 2 hours The Illusionist must first acquire a personal, non-
Effect: See text magical possession of the target. While weaving the
Casting Difficulty: 4 or Target's Spell Defense threads he plays with the object, apparently distorting
Author: Attila Hatvgner it as though it was clay. If the Spellcasting Test is
The Illusionist holds his nose while casting this successful, the object is destroyed for the duration of
spell, then points at the target area. If the the entire spell. Anyone who sees or attempts to use
Spellcasting Test was successful, every source of the object is entitled to an automatic Disbelief Test.
smell is suppressed in a 5-yard diameter area. This Success dispels the entire spell.
means, that everybody there loses his sense of smell Meanwhile, the target's appearance is distorted to
until he leaves the affected place, and nobody make him look ridiculous, i.e. growing an ass's ears, an
outside the circle can detect any smell coming from obscenely shaped birthmark, enormous buckteeth or
that area. whatever the Illusionist desires. The illusion will be
"I had doubts about the usability of this spell, until apparent to everyone but the target, even in mirrors.
on our first night in the woods a bear, attracted by the Other people will have a hard time restraining their
smell of the fish over the fire, visited our camp. Sitting on laughter, much less taking the target seriously. In game

Codex Arcanus
terms, subtract 4 steps from any of the target's options using the spell: the first, when he chooses one
Charisma based tests that don't involve playing the target. In this case, the target and the Illusionist can
fool. Other characters will typically take an extra converse with each other with an unintelligibly fast,
few rounds to mock the target or at least laugh a almost chirping speech. The second option, when he
little before following any of his chooses multiple targets (up to his Rank in
suggestions/orders, even if they were inclined to do Spellcasting) rolling against the highest Spell Defense
so anyway. of the group. In this case, the communication is one-
way only, the targets can understand what the caster
Invisibility say, but cannot reply in the same fashion. They can
Threads: None Weaving Difficulty: NA/17 speak in normal tempo, of course.
Range: Touch Duration: Rank + 5 minutes The 20-yard range limitation is for the casting only,
Effect: Willforce + 5 once the spell is in effect, the targets can converse as
Casting Difficulty: Target's Spell Defense long as they are in earshot.
Author: Scott Rick The spell is often used to deliver confidential
This illusory spell was designed to allow the information where unwelcome ears are around as well
Illusionist and companions to avoid notice when as compress long chats into seconds. On average, the
teaching others the nature of truth. When casting, speech speeds up to ten times faster than normal.
the Illusionist touches his eyes and mimics not If somebody want to decipher what is being said, he
being able to see the target. If cast successfully, the must roll a Perception Test against the result of the
result of the Effect Test becomes the Difficulty for Effect Test every round.
spotting the invisible character. Each seeker must
make his own Perception Test for discovering the
invisible character.
Circle: 4
Doubt Attack
Nasty Lookin' Weapon
Threads: None Weaving Difficulty: NA/9
Threads: 1 Weaving Difficulty: 14/21
Range: 10 yards Duration: Rank rounds
Range: Touch Duration: Rank minutes
Effect: Willforce
Effect: + 2 step to intimidation tests
Casting Difficulty: Target's Spell Defense
Casting Difficulty: Target's Spell Defense
Author: Keith Richmond
Author: Attila Hatvgner
This spell allows the Illusionist to play upon the
This spell gives a particularly dangerous
fears and doubts of the target, causing him to misjudge
appearance to the target weapon. The blade of the
an action, scattering his thoughts and effectiveness.
sword seems sharper, the spikes on a mace are start
The Illusionist must target a specific talent or skill to
to glint grimly - the whole weapon seem to grow a
affect and roll Willforce. For the duration of the spell,
bit and looks much more lethal than it is. The
the target will have that number added to Difficulty
Illusionist rolls against the Spell Defense of the
Numbers for that task. For example, an Illusionist uses
weapon or the wielder, whichever is higher. The
Doubt Attack on a Swordmaster's Melee Weapons and
wielder gains a one-time +2 step bonus for an
rolls a 7. The Swordmaster attacks someone with a PD
Intimidation Test, if he threatens his opponent with
8, and actually needs a 15. The talent or skill affected
the weapon. This bonus also applies for talent tests
counts as a Sensing Test when used.
like Battle Shout, Battle Bellow and Frighten.
Identical Faces
Threads: 2 Weaving Difficulty: 9/18
Threads: 2 Weaving Difficulty: 8/15
Range: 40 yards Duration: Rank + 7 rounds
Range: 20 yards Duration: 1 minute
Effect: See text
Effect: Willforce + 3
Casting Difficulty: Target's Spell Defense
Casting Difficulty: Target's Spell Defense
Author: Sade and Attila Hatvgner
Author: Attila Hatvgner
The Illusionist points at the target while weaving
The Illusionist can really speed up conversations
the spell's final thread and concentrates on a specific
using this spell. He starts to mumble while weaving
face. If the Spellcasting Test was successful, the target
the threads, then selects the target(s). He has two

will see the same face on everybody, unable to Slim Fast
distinguish the people around him. The spell forces Threads: 2 Weaving Difficulty: 11/18
the target's attention on the identical faces, so if he Range: 20 yards Duration: Rank minutes
wants to identify people by their clothes, voice etc., Effect: Thins the target
he must roll a Perception Test against the spell's Casting Difficulty: Target's Spell Defense
Sensing Difficulty. These rolls also count as Sensing Author: Mark Watkins
Tests. This spell is a combination of illusion and real
"Leave me alone! LEAVE ME ALONE!" - last warping of space and matter.
reported words of Todra, Warrior of Urupa, when the While weaving the threads for this spell the
city guards stopped his bloody rampage in the South Illusionist sucks in his belly and rises to his full height.
Docks. If the Spellcasting Test is successful, the target becomes
rail-thin and weighs 1/10th his original weight, while
Mystic Armor retaining his full height, strength, and endurance. The
Threads: 1 Weaving Difficulty: 11/15 target gains +2 to his Physical Defense, and +2 steps to
Range: Touch Duration: 20 rounds climbing or leaping tests. Additionally, the character
Effect: +3 to Mystic Armor must achieve 2 success level greater than usual to resist
Casting Difficulty: Target's Spell Defense knockdown, and must be careful of strong winds. If the
Author: Scott Rick effect ends while the target is in motion, his velocity
This spell enables a magician to strengthen the remains the same and his momentum is dramatically
Mystic Armor of a target by weaving thread's in to increased. This is because the lost matter actually
the target's Pattern. While weaving the thread for travels along with the character in what Illusionists
this spell, the magician pats the target down as describe as a curly-cue of realspace, whatever that's
though searching him for hidden weapons. When supposed to mean.
he has done that, he makes a Spellcasting Test
against the target's Spell Defense. The target may
not lower his Spell Defense against this spell. If Circle: 5
successful, the Mystic Armor spell increases the
subject's Mystic Armor rating by +3. Brain Shake
Threads: 2 Weaving Difficulty: 11/21
Siren's Call Range: 40 yards Duration: 1 Round
Threads: 2 Weaving Difficulty: 12/19 Effect: See text
Range: 20 yards Duration: Rank rounds Casting Difficulty: Target's Spell Defense
Effect: See text Author: Attila Hatvgner
Casting Difficulty: Target's Spell Defense The Illusionist emits a high-pitched, croaky scream
Author: Jnos Follth while weaving the threads. As he casts the spell, the
The Illusionist touches the target then rolls the target area (a circle of 10 yards in radius) fills with
Spellcasting Test against everybody in a 20-yard booming roar and blinding flashes of light for an
diameter circle. Everybody, whose Spell Defense is instant. Everybody in the target area, against the
lower than the Spellcasting roll, will be convinced Spellcasting Test was successful are partially deafened
that the target endangers the most important thing and disoriented for three rounds, and have negative
they can think of and will destroy it unless stopped. modifiers for all of their actions depending on the
All those affected by the spell (which includes not success level of the Illusionist's Spellcasting Test. An
only Name-givers but animals too) immediately Average success has a modifier of -2, a Good success
attack the target with blind rage and fight until the has -3, an Excellent -4 and an Extraordinary -5. While
spell expires or somebody from them makes a the spell itself is an illusion, this effect is not, so it can
successful Sensing or Disbelieving test. All Attack be disbelieved only in the round it was cast. It should
and Damage Tests against the target are count as be noted, that the spell is particularly loud and showy,
Sensing Tests. and could be heard sometimes even from miles away.
"All right, hold tight."

Codex Arcanus
Cat's Out of the Bag
Threads: None Weaving Difficulty: NA/11
Circle: 6
Range: 1 yard Duration: Rank rounds
Illusory Wounds
Effect: Willforce
Threads: 2 Weaving Difficulty: 9/16
Casting Difficulty: Target's Spell Defense
Range: 20 yards Duration: 5 minutes
Author: Scott Rick
Effect: Willforce + 5
This spell allows an Illusionist to temporarily
Casting Difficulty: Target's Spell Defense
lower a target's Social Defense by 'convincing' the
Author: Scott Rick
target that any secrets that he has are known to the
Illusory Wounds enables an Illusionist to give a
caster. If, in the opinion of the GM, the target has no
target the sense that he has a number of wounds,
secrets, this spell will have no effect.
thereby reducing his steps. When cast, the target feels
When casting, the Illusionist must speak in a low
as though his body is being torn apart, and may see
voice to the target, telling the target that all of his
illusory wounds opening in his body.
secrets are in plain 'view' of the Illusionist. If
To cast the Illusionist must rub his fingertips across
successful, the target will become nervous and
his body while weaving the threads, and then cast the
jittery, focusing on his secrets, rather than the
spell. If successful, the caster rolls the Effect step
discussion at hand, and will suffer a penalty to his
against the target's Spell Defense. Mystic armor
Social Defense equal to the Illusionist's rank in
reduces the Effect. An Average success gives the target
Willforce. Because of the nature of this spell, the
1 illusory wound, and 1 illusory wound per success
Illusionist may only target a single individual at any
level. Achieving a Good success gives 2 illusory
given time. The spell doesn't affect Horrors,
wounds and causes a -1 step penalty to all actions
Constructs and can produce interesting effects on
(Wound Effects, p.203, ED).
insane targets.
Recovery Tests act as Disbelief Tests for this spell.
The maximum this time will remain active for is 5
Disguise Astral Imprint
minutes, after that, the target realizes that the illusory
Threads: 4 Weaving Difficulty: 14/17
wounds are only illusions. This spell only has game
Range: Touch Duration: Rank+3 hours
effects if the Wound Effects optional rules are used.
Effect: Changes the appearance of target's astral
Casting Difficulty: Target's Spell Defense Circle: 8
Author: Sade and Attila Hatvgner
Disguise Astral Imprint is an illusion created in Wounds Gone
astral space and enables the caster to change the Threads: 5 Weaving Difficulty: 11/21
astral appearance of the target. These changes can Range: Touch Duration: 5 minutes
be radical, but the illusionary imprint must be about Effect: Eases wounds
the same size as the original, so a windling Casting Difficulty: Target's Spell Defense
Illusionist cannot pretend to be a dragon pretending Author: Scott Rick
to be a windling if viewed astrally. The spell can This spell creates the illusion of wellness in a
change the general appearance however, showing target's mind, allowing him to act as though he was not
high-circle adepts' astral imprint looking just like as at all wounded. The spell eases a number of wounds
ordinary people, or a carpenter's as a multi- equal to the Illusionist's Spellcasting rank for 5 minutes
Disciplined adept, or a Horror in the carpenter's before it must be recast. During this time, the wounds
disguise. eased by Wounds Gone do not affect the target's step
The spell doesn't work on non-living targets, and numbers as per the Wound Effects on p.203, ED. The
cannot trick thorough examination. Using any astral caster must touch the wounds on the target while
sensing method to examine the false imprint counts casting Wounds Gone. Successful attacks that cause
as a Sensing Test. new wounds on the target act as Disbelief tests for this
The Illusionist can use blood magic to extend the spell. The target's Spell Defense may not be voluntarily
duration of the spell to 1 year and a day by taking lowered for this spell to work. This spell only has game
two points of permanent damage. effects if the Wound Effects optional rules are used.

Pattern Item. Each thread takes one hour to weave,
Circle: 12 during which time the Illusionist focuses on all the
wounds he has ever suffered. If the spell is cast
False Wounds
successfully against the target's Spell Defense, the spell
Threads: 9 Weaving Difficulty: 14/23
will seek out the target anywhere within 100 miles. The
Range: 100 miles Duration: 1 year and a day
Illusionist then rolls the Effect step, reducing the result
Effect: Willforce + 8
by the target's Mystic Armor. An Average success
Casting Difficulty: Target's Spell Defense
gives the target 1 illusory wound, with an additional
Author: Scott Rick
wound for every success level above Average. Illusory
Like the Sixth Circle spell Illusory Wounds, False
wounds caused by False Wounds count toward the
Wounds creates in the target the feeling that he is
step penalties for wounds (Wound Effects, p.203, ED).
wounded. Although these wounds are only
This spell lasts for a year and a day or until
illusions, all save the most bull-headed individuals
Disbelieved. Each time a Recovery Test is used, the
will succumb to the illusion of pain.
Recovery Test acts as a Disbelief Test. The spell only
Before casting False Wounds, the Illusionist
has game effects if the Wound Effects optional rules are
must obtain a Pattern Item for the target -- even a
Minor Pattern Item is enough, but it must be a

Codex Arcanus
Nethermancer spells
Circle: 1
Circle: 2
Can't Hide In Shadows
Threads: 1 Weaving Difficulty: 6/13 Identify Remains
Range: 20 yards Duration: Rank + 3 Threads: 2 Weaving Difficulty: 5/11
rounds Range: Touch Duration: 1 round
Effect: See text Effect: Identifies a creature or person through their
Casting Difficulty: Target's Spell Defense remains
Author: Scott Rick Casting Difficulty: Target's Spell Defense
This spell allows a Nethermancer to keep Author: Keith Richmond
another creature, Name-giver or otherwise, from This spell requires at least a bone, or a moderate
hiding in shadows. When casting this spell the amount of flesh. It works only on dead targets (it will
Nethermancer outlines a vaguely human shape not work on an amputee, for example). If the
with his two hands, then widens his eyes as though Spellcasting Test is successful, the Nethermancer learns
seeing something for the first time. He points at the the Name of the target's species and personal Name, if
target then, and the target's shadow begins to glow one was given to the target.
hazily. This glow is not bright enough to be able to
see in darkness, but it will keep a person from Infestation
hiding in shadows: reduce the effective Skill or Threads: 2 Weaving Difficulty: 7/15
Talent of the target by 1 for each level of success by Range: 20 yards Duration: Rank + 5 rounds
which the spellcaster succeeded (ie, -1 Step for an Effect: Summons astral insect spirits
Average success, -2 step for a Good success, etc). A Casting Difficulty: 7 or target's Spell Defense,
benefit of the spell is that is causes 1 point of whichever is greater
Damage per turn to creatures made entirely out of Author: Mark Watkins
shadow, as well as illuminating them slightly -- this The Nethermancer stares at an article of clothing,
includes Nethermancers using certain spells and container, or other object while weaving the threads
Shadow Hunters (p.33, AM). and casting the spell, whispering quietly. If the object is
being worn or held by a character, use the character's
No More Shadow for You Spell Defense, otherwise use 7 or the Spell Defense of
Threads: 2 Weaving Difficulty: 7/15 the object, which ever is greater. Then, if the object is
Range: 30 yards Duration: Rank hours moved while the spell is in effect, 40-50 small spirits
Effect: Removes the target's shadow manifest in and on the object every round for 3 rounds.
Casting Difficulty: Target's Spell Defense They manifest as small insects and scurry in every
Author: Scott Rick direction. Anyone holding the object must make a
This is a nethermantic spell designed to remove Willpower Test equal to a Difficulty Number of 12 or
another person's shadow. This spell, aside from fling the object away. If cast on clothing, the character
allowing a Nethermancer to hide without his will stop whatever he s doing in order to squash the
shadow giving him away, has several side benefits. bugs and get out of the clothing. Note: Will not get the
For instance, a Nethermancer who casts this spell target into bed.
on another Nethermancer takes away the target's
ability to use certain spells, such as Shadow's

Whisper (p.29, AM). A Nethermancer who has
used this spell upon himself will not cast a shadow
at all, eliminating the usefulness of spells like
Shadow Tether (p.182, ED).

Radiant Death Casting Difficulty: Target's Spell Defense
Threads: None Weaving Difficulty: NA/2 Author: Mark Watkins
Range: 50 yards Duration: 1 round This spell allows a Nethermancer to control the
Effect: Willforce + 7 consciousness of a subject regardless of its current
Casting Difficulty: Target's Spell Defense damage. The subject must not move at all while the
Author: Cecil Starlin threads are being woven and the spell is cast, or the
The Radiant Death spell is an anti-undead and spell will be disrupted. Consequently, the subject
anti-undead Horror construct spell and only works should be already unconscious or cooperative. Once
on those types of beings. When casting the spell the cast, the spellcaster can control the degree of
caster holds his head back aghast squinting the eyes consciousness of the target from comatose to fully
and holding his hands up as if to block out a bright aware, though the subject will be unable to move or
sunlight. The Spellcasting Test must beat the speak. Changes in the state of consciousness may be
target's Spell Defense to be successful. There must made anytime during the spell s duration, but requires
be a source of light present to cast this spell, though the Nethermancer to touch the subject. If the caster
that source can be as weak as a single candle. As the weaves 2 threads, the duration is measured in minutes.
spell is cast, a brilliant light forms above the target If 4 threads are woven, and the caster takes 3 points of
and rays from the light slash at the target causing strain, the duration is measured in hours.
the damage. Physical Armor protects from this
damage. Detect [Spirit] Magic
Threads: 2 Weaving Difficulty: 9/19
Tai'ler's Rest Range: 60 yards Duration: 10 + rank minutes
Threads: 3 Weaving Difficulty: 10/16 Effect: Willforce + 6
Range: NA Duration: 8 hours Casting Difficulty: 6 (See Astral Sense spell, p183
Effect: Willforce + 5 ED)
Casting Difficulty: Caster's Spell Defense Author: Scott Rick
(cannot be lowered) The Detect [Spirit] Magic spell enables
Author: Mark Watkins Nethermancers to detect magic performed by a certain
Tai'ler, a t'skrang Nethermancer from the type of spirit or elemental as designated by the spell.
Southern Serpent, developed this spell in the years This spell works in the same manner as the Astral
since the Scourge for use with the Bone Circle. The Sense spell (p183, ED).
spellcaster arranges his goods, up to 200 lbs worth,
with in the Bone Circle, lays down for sleep, and Scum of the Earth
casts the spell. If successful, the Nethermancer and Threads: None Weaving Difficulty: NA/18
all his possessions are cloaked in an illusion that Range: Touch Duration: 1, but see below
hides them from sight, scent, and hearing. The Bone Effect: Makes weapons more virulent
Spirit will defend the sleeping Nethermancer, Casting Difficulty: See below
waking him only in cases of emergency (which ends Author: Scott Rick
the spell). The Difficulty Number to detect the This is a fairly deadly spell which is designed to
Nethermancer is equal to the Effect Test. After 8 increase the damage of weapons in the long-term. The
hours, the Nethermancer may make a Recovery Test target of the spell is, surprisingly, not the weapon --
using the Effect Step. No other Name-givers may indeed, the target is actually bacteria that lives in dirt.
benefit from the illusion or healing. To cast this spell, the Nethermancer must wipe dirt
or mud along a bladed weapon (this spell has no affect
on non-bladed weapons). He then summons forth
Circle: 3 astral 'dirt' which clings tightly to the blade until it has
tasted blood, at which point it infects the target.
Control Consciousness
Both the Casting Difficulty and the Effect are
Threads: 2 or 4 Weaving Difficulty: 8/14
directly proportional to the amount of astral pollution
Range: Touch Duration: Rank + 2 min or
in the area where the Nethermancer casts the spell. The
hours (see below)
Casting Difficulty in Safe areas is 5, subtracting 1 for
Effect: Controls consciousness of target
every level of taint in the area (i.e., the Casting

Codex Arcanus
Difficulty in an Open area is 4, while in a Corrupt magician to tough the target, and the Casting Difficulty
region it is 2). is the mother's Spell Defense.
After successfully being cast, the taint remains
on the blade until it has caused at least 1 point of Spirit Spear
damage. The blade immediately becomes cleansed Threads: 1 Weaving Difficulty: 9/14
as the astral 'rot' transfers to the wounded Range: 50 yards Duration: 1 round
individual. The victim must immediately make a Effect: Willforce + 4
Toughness Test against a Difficulty Number equal Casting Difficulty: Target's Spell Defense
to the spellcaster's Rank in Willforce, adding 1 to Author: Fletch's Kaer
the Difficulty Number for each level of corruption The Spirit Spear spell allows the Nethermancer to
in the area the spell was first cast: +1 if the spell was attack targets with a small piece of astral energy,
cast in an Open area, +2 if the spell was cast in a similar to the Spirit Dart spell (p.29, AM). When
Tainted area, and +4 if the spell was cast in a casting the spell, the Nethermancer makes the
Corrupt area. If the test fails, the wounded character symbolic act of throwing a spear at the target. If the
is infected with the astral corruption, and suffers Spellcasting Test succeeds, the target suffers damage
damage each day. The gamemaster may choose to equal to the result of the Effect Test. Mystic Armor
increase the Difficulty Number by adding an protects against this damage.
amount equal to the damage taken by the weapon.
The damage that is caused by this disease is Spirit Taker
equal to the Nethermancer's Willforce Step +1 if the Threads: 2 Weaving Difficulty: 10/13
spell was cast in an open area, +2 if the spell was Range: 2 miles Duration: Rank days
cast in a Tainted area, and +4 if the spell was cast in Effect: Summons a spirit Thief
a corrupt area. Mystic Armor reduces this damage. Casting Difficulty: 8
This damage will only end when the wound is Author: Mark Watkins
healed and normal healing techniques do not work. This spell summons a small kleptomaniac spirit. If
Some magical forms (especially those spells and the spell is successful, the spirit appears in astral space
talents designed specifically to combat diseases) near the Nethermancer, who indicates one object with
will heal, and questors of Garlen have been known dimensions less than two feet in any direction within
to heal individuals plagued by this disease. 20 yards of the Nethermancer. The spirit will then
Finally, individuals suffering from the effects of hover near the object in the astral space.
Scum of the Earth tend to be slightly more prone to Anytime the object is not being watched the spirit
catching other diseases. Reduce such characters' makes a step 13 Spellcasting Test against the object's
Spell or Physical Defense against disease by 1. Spell Defense. If successful, the spirit materializes,
steals the object, and disappears with it into astral
Sense Pregnancy space to give it to the Nethermancer. Each stealing
Threads: 1 Weaving Difficulty: 7/18 attempt takes a full minute. If someone sees it or the
Range: Touch Duration: 1 round spirit thinks someone did, it is frightened back into
Effect: See text astral space without the object. At least an hour must
Casting Difficulty: Target's Spell Defense pass for the Spirit to build up his nerve again, although
Author: Scott Rick it will continue to try to steal the object until the
This spell is known to Wizards and duration is up. If the object is locked up, tied down, or
Nethermancers, but with slight differences. The constantly watched, the spell won't work, since the
Wizard's version of this spell is a ritual spell spirit isn't capable of picking locks, and too nervous to
requiring one hour to weave each thread. Wizards steal something in the front of a witness. When the
usually have the expectant mother lie down, then spirit gives the object to the Nethermancer, it steals
gently touches her stomach. Nethermancers do not 1d12 random coins from him. If the Nethermancer
need that much time, they weave the threads doesn't have the coin, the spirit steals something else of
normally. This spell determines whether a woman value and the Nethermancer cannot cast the spell for a
is pregnant or not, nothing else. It will work within year and a day. If the Nethermancer is more than 2
24 hours of conception. This spell requires the

miles from the object when it is stolen, the spirit Dark Sight grants the target the ability to see
simply disappears with it into the Astral Realms. through darkness as though it were a cloudy day.
While casting the spell, the Nethermancer must rub the
Toke's Ghostly Vestments eyes of the target with his knuckles.
Threads: 2 Weaving Difficulty: 8/19
Range: Self Duration: Rank minutes Mystic Armor
Effect: Adds to Physical Armor Threads: 2 Weaving Difficulty: 11/18
Casting Difficulty: 2 Range: Touch Duration: 20 rounds
Author: Scott Rowswell Effect: +3 to Mystic Armor
To cast this spell the caster must mimic putting Casting Difficulty: Target's Spell Defense
on a small piece of armor, worn by a dead Name- Author: Scott Rick
giver at the time of his death. The piece of armor is This spell enables a magician to strengthen the
not consumed in the casting. The spell creates an Mystic Armor of a target by weaving thread's in to the
insubstantial seeming suit of armor, including a target's Pattern. While weaving the threads for this
helmet and a cloak that sweeps behind the caster. spell, the magician pats the target down as though
The caster's clothes and face are still visible, he is searching him for hidden weapons. When he has done
simply overlayed by a transparent image. The caster that, he makes a Spellcasting Test against the target's
can add his Spellcasting Rank to his Physical Armor Spell Defense. The target may not lower his Spell
Rating. The caster cannot wear other armor while Defense against this spell. If successful, the Mystic
using this spell. Also, attacks against this armor Armor spell increases the subject's Mystic Armor
require only a Good success to be Armor Defeating. Rating by +3.
If an attack causes a Wound on the caster while
wearing this armor, the spell ends.
Circle: 5
Transfer Circle
Call Out That Spirit
Threads: 3 Weaving Difficulty: 6/17
Threads: 1 Weaving Difficulty: 9/17
Range: 5 yards Duration: 3 + Rank months
Range: 20 yards Duration: 4 rounds
Effect: Willforce + 5
Effect: Willforce + 9
Casting Difficulty: Target's Spell Defense
Casting Difficulty: Target's Spell Defense
Author: Keith Richmond
Author: Sade and Attila Hatvgner
This spell creates a new Bone Circle and has all
This particularly cruel spell was designed for use
of the standard requirements and effects of that
against blood elves. Some say it was an abortive
spell (p.176, ED). Further, it requires that the
attempt to reverse the effects of the Ritual of Thorns,
Nethermancer have another Bone Circle created
some say it was designed deliberately in this way.
somewhere else in 200 miles. In casting the spell,
Using this spell, the Nethermancer tries to force out
the other Bone Circle is destroyed. The benefit of
the plant spirit merged into the blood elf's Pattern and
this spell is that weaving the threads for this bone
this isn't a pleasant experience. The elf's thorns
circle does not take any additional time, allowing
suddenly start to grow, and his bleeding intensifies.
the Bone Circle to be rapidly recreated wherever the
Mystic Armor protects against the damage. If the
Nethermancer is currently located.
Nethermancer rolled an Excellent success, the spell
overcomes the blood elf's high pain threshold, and the
Circle: 4 target becomes immobilized, just like with the Pain
spell. If the victim makes a successful Willpower Test
Dark Sight against a Difficulty Number of 10, he dispels the spell.
Threads: 2 Weaving Difficulty: 14/21 This spell is usable against obisidimen too, since it
Range: Touch Duration: Rank minutes affects the elemental part of their body, although not as
Effect: Target can see in the dark seriously as blood elves. Against obsidimen, the Effect
Casting Difficulty: Target's Spell Defense Step is only Willforce + 1 and the spell cannot cause
Author: Simon Withers immobilization.

Codex Arcanus
Dispel [Spirit] Magic Skin Deep
Threads: 3 Weaving Difficulty: 11/21 Threads: 5 Weaving Difficulty: 12/18
Range: 60 yards Duration: 1 round Range: Self Duration: Varies
Effect: Willforce Effect: Removes skin
Casting Difficulty: 2 Casting Difficulty: 2
Author: Scott Rick Author: Mark Watkins
The Dispel [Spirit] Magic enables Nethermancers Skin Deep is a ritual spell that allows a
to dispel only spells cast by a single type of spirit or Nethermancer to literally shed his skin for a time. This
elemental. In all other ways, the spell works in the may be used for purposes of anatomy lectures, medical
same manner as the Dispel Magic spell (p183, ED). procedures, and as an effective if attention grabbing
disguise. While casting the spell, the mage lies in a
Neverparted Limb magical circle (which may incorporate a Bone Circle)
Threads: 3 or 5 Weaving Difficulty: 10/17 surrounded by candles, burning incense and other
Range: 10 miles Duration: Rank hours apparatus intended to soothe and focus. Weaving each
Effect: Preserves limb & remote control thereof thread takes 10 minutes. As the spell takes effect, the
Casting Difficulty: Target's Spell Defense Nethermancer appears to pass into a deep coma. This
Author: Mark Watkins affects his body only-his mind is still alert and he can
This spell allows the Nethermancer to remove hear all that goes on around him. As the last thread is
his own or another's limb or organ. The spellcaster woven, his skin splits open beginning in the center of
sets up an astral link between the limb and its the chest and radiating down each limb in straight
owner, so that as long as they are within 10 miles of lines. The newly exposed Nethermancer sits up,
each other, the limb s blood flow and neural shaking off his skin, then folding it neatly.
circuitry are unimpeded. If an eye or other sensory The spell protects the Nethermancer from disease
organ is removed, the owner continues to get a and all loss of moisture as long as he is without skin.
remote sensory feed from it. If an arm or leg is One point of strain or karma is required every half-
removed, the owner can control its muscles and use hour to maintain the effect. If this effect is dispelled or
its sense of touch. This spell cannot be used for otherwise interrupted, the mage will take 10 minutes to
decapitation. die. It is virtually impossible to sleep without skin (no
To cast this spell, the spellcaster first draws a eyelids) but there is no theoretical limit to the length of
line in blue chalk around the limb to be severed. As time the Nethermancer may remain skinless. In order
he weaves the threads, he slowly traces the line to reattach his skin, the Nethermancer must cast Skin
with his finger, erasing it. If the spell is cast Deep again inversely. Of course, he must have his skin
successfully, the limb or organ pops off (or out). To with him. Any damage to the skin while it is not
reattach it, the Nethermancer must sew it back on attached can reflect poorly on the Nethermancer (so to
(or in) with a needle and thread, which takes 5 speak). He will leak blood out of any cuts or punctures.
rounds. The magic bonds bones and tissue Anyone not a Nethermancer viewing the skinless
instantly, but the thread and puncture wounds from mage must make a Willpower Test against a Difficulty
the needle don't vanish until the spells duration is Number of 14 or be briefly incapacitated by disgust.
up. The limb must be reattached within the This is not a magical effect, but a natural reaction.
duration of the spell or it dies. Identifying the Nethermancer without skin has a
Damage to the detached organ is added to the Difficulty Number of 16.
owner's total Damage Points like normal, but
sensory organs can only absorb 5 Damage Points
before they are completely destroyed, and limbs can

only withstand 20% of the owner's total Death
Rating before being destroyed.
Removing a limb takes 3 threads, a sensory
organ 5 threads. The target can't reduce his Spell
Defense for this spell.

as control the movements of the body, although all
Circle: 6 Difficulty Numbers for the controlled body is raised by
5. If placed out of sight of the body, the body can no
Flame Of Netherworldry Light
longer be controlled, and immediately stops any
Threads: 2 Weaving Difficulty: 15/21
actions. At the end of the spell's duration the head
Range: 10 yards Duration: See text
must be replaced, or else both the head and the body
Effect: See text
die. If either head or body dies while separated, the
Casting Difficulty: 15
other dies upon expiration of the spell (unless a
Author: Attila Hatvgner and Scott Rick
replacement can be found...).
This spell is designed to dispel the shadows that
often plague Horror-tainted places of astral space,
Expose Astral Beings
though it works equally well in other dark regions
Threads: 5 Weaving Difficulty: 16/23
of the netherworlds. When casting the spell (which
Range: 40 yards Duration: Rank rounds
must be made in a Safe Astral region), the
Effect: Makes astral beings visible in the real world
Nethermancer pulls a small piece of astral light as
Casting Difficulty: Target's Spell Defense
the creator of the spell calls it, channeling it into a
Author: Attila Hatvgner
newly made candle. If successful, this spell instills
This spell permits the caster to project the images of
the candle with the ability to temporarily "unwarp"
creatures that exist only in the astral world into the real
astral space in a small area (roughly ten yards
world. The images won't be detailed, just blurry, bluish
surrounding the Nethermancer) until the candle
glowing clouds, vaguely similar to the target's astral
burns out completely. The candle must be lit for the
form, so the spell isn't usable for astral examinations.
spell to work properly, but it does not have to be lit
The magician doesn't have to see into astral space
right away - the Nethermancer can simply pack it
while casting this spell, it will target every living being
up and wait for the time to use it. Although anyone
in astral space in the area of effect (a circle of 40 yards
can use the candle, the user must be able to see into
in diameter, with the caster in the middle), and shows
astral space to use the effect fully. Anyone lighting
every of them which has a lower or equal Spell Defense
the candle but not viewing the astral space will just
than the result of the Spellcasting Test. The spell will
see what a normal person would see with a lit
target not only spirits and Horrors, but other spells as
well and will remain in effect if an affected being
If used, the spell negates the Perception Test
leaves the targeted area. Non-astral beings will be
penalties of the Open/Tainted/Corrupt astral
covered with their astral images too.
spaces (see p.68, MMS). On a drawback however,
The spell makes it possible to target astral beings
the Horrors do their Perception Tests against the
with spells without using astral sensing methods. In
Spell Defense of the user, without the additional +
addition, the astral image of targets hidden or invisible
12 difficulty (see p.69, MMS) if they notice the
with spells like Nobody's Here or Invisibility become
magic use of the adept.

Circle: 7 Spirit Slice

Threads: 4 Weaving Difficulty: 13/20
Decapitate Range: 20 yards Duration: 1 round
Threads: 4 Weaving Difficulty: 9/16 Effect: Willforce + 5
Range: Touch Duration: Rank rounds Casting Difficulty: Target's Spell Defense
Effect: Allows Nethermancer to detach head Author: Scott Rick
Casting Difficulty: Target's Spell Defense Spirit Slice is similar to the spell Astral Slice, except
Author: Scott Rick that it may only be cast on spirits. If cast successfully
Decapitate, as the Name suggests, allows a the spell does the Effect Step damage on the target
Nethermancer to remove the head from a willing spirit.
target. When casting he must grip the target's head,
pulling up gently while weaving the threads to the
spell. The head can still see, hear, and speak, as well

Codex Arcanus
other for the next Rank days. Each Thread Weaving
Circle: 8 attempt takes one hour to make. After all Threads are
woven, the Spellcasting Test is made by the
Circle Connection
Nethermancer by trying to walk through the Bone
Threads: 7 Weaving Difficulty: 15/21
Circle to the other Bone Circle. If the Spellcasting
Range: Touch Duration: Rank days
attempt fails, both Bone Circles are destroyed. If all 1s
Effect: Connects two Bone Circles
are rolled on the roll, both Bone Circles are destroyed,
Casting Difficulty: 9
but the Nethermancer stepped through to the Astral
Author: Keith Richmond
Realm from which the bone spirits come from, and
The Circle Connection spell must be cast within
may be trapped there. The Casting Difficulty for this
a Bone Circle built by the Nethermancer. It is
spell is equal to the highest Casting Difficulty to form a
intended to connect that Bone Circle to another
Bone Circle in both locations. If one of the Bone Circles
Bone Circle also built by the Nethermancer that is
is destroyed during or before the casting of the spell,
located within 500 miles. If successful, the
the remaining Bone Circle is not destroyed by the spell,
Nethermancer and up to Rank other targets will be
but it is not possible for the Nethermancer to walk
able to pass through one circle and end up in the
through the circle.

Wizard spells This spell has two possible effects so the desired
Circle: 1 effect must be selected before the spellcaster's initiative
Air Cushion
First of all, the Magic Missiles spell allows the
Threads: None Weaving Difficulty: -/13
spellcaster to attack a single target with small bits of
Range: Self Duration: 3 rounds
energy. The attack is almost impossible to fail since the
Effect: Willforce + 2
spellcaster only need to see the target to guide the
Casting Difficulty: 5
missile (Casting Difficulty: 2). If the target goes out of
Author: Attila Hatvgner
sight, the spell automatically misses. The number of
The Wizard bulges out his cheeks, then puts his
magic missiles that are thrown equals the characters
hands across his chest and straightens himself up. If
Spellcasting Rank. Each missile does 1d4 damage but
the Spellcasting was successful, air accumulates
the targets Mystic Armor reduces each missiles
around him and creates an about two-foot thick,
damage. An Armor Defeating hit is impossible. This
tight and dense cushion. This cushion doesn't allow
spell is mostly used by low circle Wizards, who do not
any movement or physical action for the caster
have the ability to successfully hit their target.
except awkward jumping, but creates a protective
Second, the spell can be used to attack multiple
layer against physical effects. The result of the Effect
targets with small bits of energy. The number of magic
Test is subtracted from the Falling Damage Step
missiles is again equal to the characters Spellcasting
(see Falling Damage p.206, ED) and works as
Rank. The character splits the missiles among the
Physical Armor too.
targets. A single opponent may be targeted by more
Unfortunately, the physically restrictive nature
than one missile and must stay in line-of-sight for the
of the spell also means that the Wizard rolls his
spell to be effective. The character makes a Spellcasting
Knockdown Tests with the step penalty of the Effect
Test against the highest Spell Defense among all targets
result. If the Wizard is knocked down, he must
plus 1 for each additional target. If successful, all magic
make a Dexterity Test against the Effect result,
missiles hit their target and do 1d4 damage. Mystic
while using the spell to stand up.
Armor reduces the damage of each missile and no
If the caster falls into water the spell keeps him
Armor Defeating Hits are possible.
afloat, but it cannot cast underwater, since Air
"This spell has some kind of warm and nostalgic feeling
Cushion needs air to be condensed around the
for me each time I use it. Beats me why." - from the travel
Wizard. chronicles of Salnan, Wizard of Urupa.
"So, after estimating my chances I cast the spell and
jumped off from the ship instead, leaving the raiders
The Advertency of the Well-Equipped Mind
behind. After emerging from that thorny bush, I had to
Threads: 3 Weaving Difficulty: 5/9
realize that my landing wasn't as elegant as those three
Range: Self Duration: 8 hours
trolls' will be who were following me. It certainly wasn't
Effect: Enhances research ability
the best day of my life." - from the travel chronicles of
Casting Difficulty: Caster's Spell Defense
Salnan, Wizard of Urupa.
Author: Attila Hatvgner
The Wizard massages his eyes and assumes a
Magic Missiles
Threads: 1 Weaving Difficulty: 5/7 pensive expression while weaving the threads of the
Range: 40 yards Duration: 1 round spell. If the Spellcasting Test was successful, he gains
Effect: Rank magic missiles doing 1d4 damage +3 steps to his Research skill rolls while the spell is in
each effect. If he doesn't have the skill, he gains the bonus
Casting Difficulty: 2 or Target's Spell Defense for his Perception rank for Research Tests.
(see text) Since the spell completely focuses the Wizard's
Author: Fletch's Kaer attention on his subject of the research, repeated uses
have the potential to completely engross him in the

Codex Arcanus
work, even neglecting meals or sleep and ignoring Dagger spell). Mystic Armor protects against this
the outside world completely. If the Wizard wants damage.
to stop researching before the spell expires or before
finding the information he was looking for, he must Mind Sword
make a successful Willpower Test against his Spell Threads: 1 Weaving Difficulty: 7/13
Defense or he cannot break away from his work. Range: Self Duration: Rank minutes
Effect: Willforce + 5
Casting Difficulty: 2
Circle: 2 Author: Keith Richmond
A Wizard may use this spell to create a Melee
Mightily Enhanced Sense of Smell
Weapon out of the power of his mind alone. It can not
Threads: 1 Weaving Difficulty: 6/14
be disarmed or dropped. It does require a minor
Range: Touch Duration: Rank minutes
amount of concentration, so casting another spell is not
Effect: See text
possible while using it. It can be dismissed at any time
Casting Difficulty: Target's Spell Defense
by stopping concentration. It does Mystic Damage, and
Author: Scott Rick
requires a Melee Weapons roll to hit with. The
As the Name of this spell suggests, Mightily
appearance of a Mind Sword varies from Wizard to
Enhanced Sense of Smell is designed to enhance the
Wizard, reflecting the mind and mood empowering it.
caster's sense of smell to roughly mimic a wolf's.
While not as powerful as an animal's sense of smell,
Rest in Peace
it will allow a caster to pick up on smells that he
Threads: 1 Weaving Difficulty: 6/14
would have otherwise missed. Individuals affected
Range: 25 yards Duration: Rank rounds
by this spell gain +2 steps to their Tracking skill (not
Effect: Willforce + 3
Talent) and other attempts to catch smells that they
Casting Difficulty: Target's Spell Defense
might otherwise have missed. On the down side,
Author: Attila Hatvgner
individuals affected by this spell suffer a -2 step
This spell is only effective against undead targets.
penalty when attempting to overcome scent-based
The Wizard channels astral energies to the target to re-
assaults -- from Horrors, those using some form of
strengthen the Idea of Death in them. If the
magical scents, etc.
Spellcasting Test is successful, the target automatically
When casting this spell the Wizard touches the
gains a Wound in the first round. Under the effect of
target's nose while wiggling his own. If successful
the spell, the body of the undead starts to decompose
the target's sense of smell quickly evolved to its
rapidly (or in the case of non-corporeal undead, it
peak strength.
fades away). The target can make a Willpower Test
against the Difficulty Number of 9 to stop the effect of

the spell, but this counts as an action. Mystic armor
protects against the damage. If the target is
Unnaturally Alive, then an Excellent success is needed
against him.

The Reassuring Foundation of Collected Thoughts

Threads: 1 Weaving Difficulty: 3/8
Mind Spear Range: Self Duration: 1 hour
Threads: 2 Weaving Difficulty: 7/15 Effect: Controls emotions
Range: 50 yards Duration: 1 round Casting Difficulty: Caster's Spell Defense
Effect: Willforce + 7 Author: Attila Hatvgner
Casting Difficulty: Target's Spell Defense The Wizard exhales deeply as he starts to cast the
Author: Fletch's Kaer spell. He surveys the surrounding area and visualizes
The Mind Spear spell is similar to the Mind in his mind the complex system of the Ideas interacting
Dagger spell. The Wizard needs to concentrate on with each other and shaping the reality around him.
the Astral Energy while weaving the thread to Drawing self-assurance from perceiving the clear
create an increased effect (compared to the Mind patterns, he becomes confident and calm. He starts to

see the world with clear logic, and becomes less And no, the Wizard cannot cast this spell on
influenceable in Interaction tests and against all himself.
kind of talents, skills and magical powers that target "One important thing about this spell is to tell about it to
his Social Defense, which gains a +3 bonus. your companions. Especially if they can tear you apart,
However, if one of such test succeeds it puts out the screaming 'Kill the traitor!' before you can explain your
caster from his calmness and the spell is actions. I speak from experience." - from the travel chronicles
automatically dispelled. of Salnan, Wizard of Urupa.
"Knowing the reasons behind the Sky Raider's
behavior was a big help in calmly measuring his possible Mystic Armor
actions. Things went only ugly after his battle cry, which Threads: 1 Weaving Difficulty: 9/14
made my knees shaking." - from the travel chronicles of Range: Touch Duration: 20 rounds
Salnan, Wizard of Urupa. Effect: +3 to Mystic Armor
Casting Difficulty: Target's Spell Defense
Author: Scott Rick
Circle: 3 This spell enables a magician to strengthen the
Mystic Armor of a target by weaving thread's in to the
Improved Astral Sense
target's Pattern. While weaving the thread for this
Threads: 2 Weaving Difficulty: 7/17
spell, the magician pats the target down as though
Range: 60 yards Duration: 10 + Rank
searching him for hidden weapons. When he has done
that, he makes a Spellcasting Test against the target's
Effect: Willforce + 6
Spell Defense. The target may not lower his Spell
Casting Difficulty: 6
Defense against this spell. If successful, the Mystic
Author: Keith Richmond
Armor spell increases the subject's Mystic Armor rating
This spell allows the Wizard to see into Astral
by +3.
Space as described in the Astral Sense spell. It is
Improved in the sense that all targets that the
Wizard beats the Spell Defense of appear
Threads: 1 Weaving Difficulty: 8/15
immediately in his vision, rather than one per
Range: 40 yards Duration: 1 round
Effect: Willforce
Casting Difficulty: Target's Spell Defense
Life Missile
Author: Attila Hatvgner
Threads: 1 Weaving Difficulty: 10/18
The Wizard takes a big breath while weaving the
Range: 40 yards Duration: 1 round
thread, then puffs it out at the target. If the Spellcasting
Effect: Step 8 healing
Test was successful, a quick, strong, whirling blast of
Casting Difficulty: Target's Spell Defense
air hits the target. The spell itself doesn't cause
Author: Attila Hatvgner
damage, but if the target was flying, he must make an
This spell is quite similar to other combat spells
immediate Knockdown Test against the Effect result, or
with one essential difference: the white, spear-
falls to the ground. Targets standing on the ground (or
formed energy missile heals the target instead of
using the Air Dance talent) are not affected by this
causing harm. If the Spellcasting Test was
successful, the target heals step 8 Damage Points
immediately, without spending a Recovery Test.
The spell has its drawbacks, however, since the Circle: 4
Wizard suffers step 4 damage, which is not reduced
by any armor, each time he casts the spell. Personal Magnetism
Since the effect is not a Recovery Test, it can be Threads: 2 Weaving Difficulty: 9/15
used even in combat. From the same reason, no Range: Touch Duration: 8 hours
other bonus (like a Healing Potion, for example) Effect: See text
applies for the healing. A Desperate Spell charm can Casting Difficulty: Target's Spell Defense
be used to strengthen the effect, but the Wizard Author: Attila Hatvgner and Scott Rick
receives step 10 damage in this case.

Codex Arcanus
Designed by an old elf in exchange for a the sensations of astral space in the target area. The
Troubadour's beautiful song for his wife, Personal effect of this depends on the astral conditions; the
Magnetism effectively strengthens the non- targets receive the following modifiers to all of their
conscious elements that attract members of the actions:
opposite sex, like the natural body odors, attitude Safe Area: +2 step
and body language. If cast successfully, the Open Area: -
intended target of the spell receives a bonus of +3 Tainted Area: -2 step
Steps in attempts to seduce (See Seduction skill Corrupt Area: -4 step
p.132, ED) or otherwise positively affect the If the Wizard rolled an Extraordinary success, then
opposite sex of the same race. all targets automatically receive Warping Damage
The drawback of the effect is that the target is equal to the Damage Step of a raw-casted, 5th circle
often seen by the same sex of the same race as a spell in the first round. This effect however cannot
natural competitor which can mean -2 Steps against cause a Horror Mark.
them in Interaction Tests, at the gamemaster's
discretion. Astral Toughness
Threads: 1 Weaving Difficulty: 8/15
Sense Pregnancy Range: Touch Duration: Rank + 3 rounds
Threads: 3 Weaving Difficulty: 7/14 Effect: +3 to Wound Threshold
Range: Touch Duration: 1 round Casting Difficulty: Target's Spell Defense
Effect: See text Author: Michael Weber
Casting Difficulty: Target's Spell Defense The Wizard crosses his arms, flexes the muscles in
Author: Scott Rick his upper body and then touches the target. If the
This spell is known to Wizards and Spellcasting Test is successful a dozen motes of blue
Nethermancers, but with slight differences. The light appear around the target, then vanish. The
Wizard's version of this spell is a ritual spell target's Wound Threshold increases by 3 points for the
requiring one hour to weave each thread. Wizards duration of the spell. The Wizard may cast this spell
usually have the expectant mother lie down, then upon himself.
gently touches her stomach. Nethermancers do not
need that much time, they weave the threads Aura of Dispelling
normally. This spell determines whether a woman Threads: 1 Weaving Difficulty: 6/13
is pregnant or not, nothing else. It will work within Range: 60 yards Duration: 3 + Rank rounds
24 hours of conception. This spell requires the Effect: Willforce
magician to tough the target, and the Casting Casting Difficulty: 2
Difficulty is the mother's Spell Defense. Author: Keith Richmond
This spell duplicates the effects of Dispel Magic. For
the duration of the spell, the caster may use his action
Circle: 5 in a round to attempt a Dispel Magic at the Effect Step
against anything within 60 yards. This spell is
Astral Overcharge
particularly effective when combating other
Threads: 3 Weaving Difficulty: 12/19
spellcasters, or dispelling multiple things. For the
Range: 70 yards Duration: Rank rounds
entire duration of the spell, a very faint humming noise
Effect: See text
emanates from the caster.
Casting Difficulty: Target's Spell Defense
Author: Attila Hatvgner
The Wizard flings out his arms then twitches
Threads: 2 Weaving Difficulty: 14/21
them together again repeatedly as if he would
Range: Touch Duration: Rank rounds
squeeze something toward the targets while he is
Effect: See below
weaving the threads the spell. When finished, he
Casting Difficulty: Target's Spell Defense
rolls against the target with the highest Spell
Author: Scott Rick
Defense in a 10-yard diameter area. If the spell is
This spell allows a Wizard to cause a limited
successful, it overwhelms everybody's senses with
portion of the target's body to stretch, up to a

maximum number of yards equal to the Wizard's Author: Scott Rick
rank in Spellcasting. When cast, the Wizard must This spell grants a Wizard the ability to borrow a
have putty, clay, or something similar, which can be willing target's Karma and Karma step. The target
stretched as he casts the spell. If cast successfully, must be present and willing, and the maximum karma
the portion of the body (or object) that was touched that may be transferred to the Wizard is equal to the
extends up to a maximum equal to the Wizard's Wizard's rank in Karma Ritual. Each thread takes an
rank in Spellcasting. This process costs 2 strain for entire hour to weave, during which time both
each yards on the target. participants engage in contemplation on the gift of
If cast upon an object, the object remains at the Karma being donated.
same length that the Wizard initially set. If cast When the threads of the spell are woven, the
upon a living creature, however, the creature may Wizard touches the Name-giver donating the Karma,
lengthen or shorten the extremity by willing it to and makes a Spellcasting Test, accepting strain equal to
happen, at the rate of one yard per round. For the number of Karma he is borrowing. This strain will
instance, if a Wizard casts Stretch on a rope, and has never cause a Wound, and can not be healed until the
a Spellcasting Rank of 6, and stretches the rope an Wizard has returned the Karma borrowed by the
additional six yards, that length cannot be altered ritual.
until a later Spellcasting. If, however, the Wizard The Wizard must return the borrowed Karma by
casts Stretch on his own arm, he may alter the completing a Karma Ritual, after which time he may
length of his arm by up to 1 yard per round. heal the strain accumulated by the casting of this spell.
Targets return to their normal size after the spell If the Wizard chooses not to return the Karma during
expires. his next Karma Ritual, he suffers the ill effects
described below.
The Karma borrowed will have the Karma step
Circle: 7 equal to the donator, not the Wizard, and should be
kept track of apart from the Wizard's normal Karma. If
Pattern Surge
the next Karma Ritual is not spent returning the
Threads: 7 Weaving Difficulty: 12/18
borrowed Karma, he suffers the Karmic Sickness. A
Range: Touch Duration: Rank rounds
Wizard suffering from Karmic Sickness must always
Effect: + 5 steps to all talent tests
roll D6 when he uses his own Karma against his Spell
Casting Difficulty: Target's Spell Defense
Defense. A success means that nothing happens, but a
Author: Peter Ellvg
failure results in two points of Karma being spent
The Pattern Surge spell adds 5 steps to all of the
rather than one. If the character does not have two
target's talent tests, but not to Damage or Effect
Karma points to spend, the Karma is lost with no
benefit. In addition, whenever the character uses the
As the Wizard casts the spell, the air around the
borrowed Karma, a Poor result means that the Karma
target "ripples", much like the surface of water into
has seriously backfired, and the Wizard takes damage
which a stone has been thrown.
equal to the Action Dice rather than receiving a bonus
Target takes warping damage (as he had just cast
to whatever test he was making.
a 7th circle spell using raw magic) as appropriate
If the Wizard does not return the Karma within a
for the astral region of the area. The subject runs no
year and a day, he may never heal the strain
risk, however, of becoming horror marked as a
accumulated while casting the spell. In addition, small
result of being targeted by this spell.
blotches cover his body, marking him as an Oath
Circle: 10 The Karma borrowed by this spell remains with the
Wizard until he spends it, loses it, or dies. The Wizard
Karmic Debt uses the borrower's Karma Dice when he uses the
Threads: 7 Weaving Difficulty: 16/20 borrowed Karma.
Range: Touch Duration: see text
Effect: Allows Wizard to "borrow" Karma
Casting Difficulty: 10

Codex Arcanus
casting the spell, the Wizard may do nothing else,
except eat and sleep. The weaving process takes sixteen
Circle: 15 hours of the day, leaving eight hours for rest and
If cast successfully, the clone is a replica of the
Threads: 12 Weaving Difficulty: 25/28
target. The clone has the exact skills, attributes, and
Range: See text Duration: Year and a day
talents of the target cloned. The Spellcasting Difficulty
Effect: Cloned Name-giver
is equal to the target being cloned. The Sense Difficulty
Casting Difficulty: Target's Spell Defense
for determining that the Clone is not the real Name-
Author: Scott Rick
giver cloned is equal to the clone's (and therefore the
Clone is a ritual spell designed to clone a Name-
original Name-giver's) Spell Defense rating. For each
giver, both Physical and True Patterns. To cast, the
level of success above Average, the clone's Spell
Wizard must have a blood broth capable of totally
Defense for this test is increased by one. A Good
submerging the Name-giver being cloned. In
success gives a +1 increase to the clone's Spell Defense
addition, the Wizard must have a single drop of
only when there is an attempt to sense that it is not the
blood from the target to place in the blood broth, so
real Name-giver. Alternately the clone may act in odd
that the True Pattern of the target may be "stolen,"
ways that give those, who familiar with the real Name-
even if only temporarily. Additionally, the spell
giver's actions pause.
requires the caster to sacrifice 1 wound of Blood
This spell was created by House Denairastas to aid
Magic which cannot be healed until the clone's
their Holders of the Trust, and only members of the
duration has expired.
Holders of the Trust have access to it.
Each thread for this spell requires 1 day to
weave, for a total of a twelve-day ritual. While

Talent Knacks
Some of these knacks aren't complying with the rules, since they not based on Discipline talents. These are included
here, because despite this problem they aren't looking out of place for the given Disciplines. To make these knacks
easy to be identifiable, there is an asterisk (*) after their name.
it. The Archer mentally reaches out, following the
Accept Blow thread to the bow and yanks it to him through astral
Discipline: Warrior Talent: Anticipate Blow
space. The bow disappears from its current location
Rank: 5 Cost: 100
and reappears in the Archers waiting hand. The
Strain: 1
distance is irrelevant, but the Archer must make a test
Author: Robert Braddock
versus the Spell Defense of the weapon or it's holder,
After a successful use of Anticipate Blow, the
whichever is higher, achieving a Good or better
adept may choose to reduce his Physical Defense
(with respect to the targeted opponent) with the "To me, my bow." - Osok Vatheriel, Elven Archer
side effect of reducing the Damage Tests of the
targeted opponent by an equal number of steps. The
adept may not reduce his Physical Defense by more Ambush Initiative
than his Rank in Anticipate Blow. Use of this ability Discipline: Thief Talent: Trap Initiative
costs 1 Strain. Rank: 3 Cost: 100
"I won't forget the look on his face when I walked into Strain: 1
his swing, and shrugged it off..." Author: Keith Richmond
A Thief can use this knack to avoid surprise
conditions by rolling Trap Initiative when surprised.
Air Deafen Typically (p.202, ED), when checking for surprise,
Discipline: Elementalist Talent: Air Speaking
Perception is rolled against the attackers Dexterity (or
Rank: 6 Cost: 100
appropriate step). The same number must be defeated
Strain: 3
by the Trap Initiative. In cases of automatic (complete)
Author: Luke Davis
surprise, the Thief can attempt a Trap Initiative roll
The Air Deafen knack allows an Elementalist to
against the surpriser's initiative. If successful, the Thief
emit a screeching blast of air that temporarily
does not suffer the defensive penalties for being
deafens those who hear it. The Elementalist may
surprised, and gets to act at the end of the round.
target a number of characters equal to his Rank in

Air Speaking. The Elementalist takes 3 strain and
makes an Air Speaking Test against the highest
Spell Defense of the targets. If successful, the targets
are completely deafened for a number of minutes
equal to the character's Rank in Air Speaking.
During this time, however they are immune to all Animal Friendship
talents that rely on sound to create their effect, such Discipline: Beastmaster Talent: Animal Bond
as Taunt. Rank: 4 Cost: 100
Strain: None
Author: Melissa Kuhnell, Robert Braddock
Always Ready This knack allows the adept to make an Animal
Discipline: Archer Talent: Call Arrow Bond Test when first encountering an animal. A Good
Rank: 7 Cost: 200 success will improve the animal's attitude from its
Strain: 1 default reaction, an Excellent success will give greater
Author: Jason A. Goode results. This test will not have long term effects greater
This knack allows an Archer to summon his than a single successful use of Animal Bond.
favorite weapon to him, if he has woven a thread to

Codex Arcanus
him, as long as that missile passes within arms reach
Anticipate Counter (such as a missile targeting an adjacent companion.)
Discipline: Warrior Talent: Anticipate Blow
These tests suffer a -2 step penalty due to the increased
Rank: 6 Cost: 100
Strain: 2
Arrow Catching does not involve moving that
Author: Robert Braddock
arrow to the catchers hand, or otherwise controlling
Use of this knack requires spending additional
the arrow in any way. It is not some magically
Strain on an Anticipate Blow Test. If the target of
enhanced dodging ability. Arrow Catching is the result
the knack attempts a Riposte, Avoid Blow, or other
of the Archer developing a deep understanding and
action directed at the Warrior's weapon, the action
awareness of his Discipline, and forging a spiritual
must beat the Anticipate Blow Test, and success
connection with all things missile, arc and target. The
levels for the action are reduced by one level.
Archer senses more than sees the arrow and somehow
"Stupid Swordmaster, with his 'Attack, Riposte.
plucks it from the air. While it may sound easy, it will
Attack, Riposte'. I could predict his moves with my eyes
certainly result in serious or lethal injury if not done
perfectly. Arrow Catching is also unique in that it
cannot be taught. It can be told about, shown and
Arcane Statement demonstrated, but not taught. The Archer must forge
Discipline: Wizard Talent: Arcane Mutterings this understanding and connection for himself. While
Rank: 7 Cost: 100 the Archer must possess Rank 10 in Missile Weapons
Strain: 2 to learn the knack, it is learned as if it were a Rank 5
Author: Keith Richmond knack, i.e., 3 hours a day, 5 days a week, for 5 months
This knack allows Arcane Mutterings to be used (approximately 300 hours of practice.)
by making one Arcane Statement (taking one's The Archer drew and the arrow was gone. The catcher
action for the round), rather than having to mutter did not watch the arrow because he could not, he watched
continually. It functions otherwise in the same way only a furrow in the atmosphere where he knew it flew. He
as Arcane Mutterings, requiring a Good success and did not feel his body turn left thirty degrees because now the
lasting Rank rounds. turning was reflexive, he did not know how he knew to make
his sudden move towards the colored density that was the
arrow because that too was reflex He did not know how he
Arrow Catching plucked the arrow from the air and held it vibrating in his
Discipline: Archer Talent: Missile Weapons astonished hand.
Rank: 10 Cost: 100 - Lewis Nordan, Welcome to the Arrow-Catcher Fair
Strain: 0
Author: Jason A. Goode
Arrow Catching allows an Archer to catch an
Assert Control
arrow, bolt or thrown weapon directed at or within Discipline: Archer Talent: Dominate Arrow
arms reach of him. The Archer must either have Rank: 5 Cost: 300
initiative over the opponent or be aware that he has Strain: 1+
been targeted. The Archer makes a Missile Weapons Author: Jason A. Goode
Test, the result of this Test is compared to his Assert Control alerts an Archer to the fact that his
opponents Missile Weapons or Throwing Weapons missiles are being Dominated and allows him to
Test. On a Good success or better, the missile is attempt assert firm control over the missile. To use the
caught successfully and does no harm. On an knack, the Archer must first activate it. This requires
Average success, the missile is caught, but inflicts 1 the Archer to take 1 point of Strain and lasts for a
point of damage to the catchers palm as the shaft or number of minutes equal to his Rank in Dominate
handle burns the skin (the catcher slightly Arrow. If an attempt is made to Dominate any of the
misjudged the speed or angle.) On a failure, the Archers missiles while the knack is active, the Archer
opponents missile succeeds or fails normally. will sense this and may attempt to stop it. The Archer
Should the Archer roll all 1s, the missile will hit him takes an additional point of Strain to add his
even if it would have otherwise missed. The Archer Willpower Step to the Difficulty Number for his
may also attempt to catch a missile not directed at opponents Dominate Arrow Test. This knack will not

tell the Archer who attempted to Dominate the With this knack, the Beastmaster may fully
missile, only that an attempt is being made. The transform into any beast of approximately the same
Archer may use this knack an unlimited amount of size as him. The Beastmaster makes a Claw Shape Rank
times in a single round, but must take the strain for + Charisma test against the creatures normal Spell
each missile he wishes to control. Control is Defense. If the Beastmaster achieves a Good Success or
asserted on a per missile basis, so defending against better a proper transformation occurs. Adepts
multiple attempts to Dominate the same arrow in attempting this should be warned that a flawed
the same round still only costs 1 strain. transformation could be dangerous! This talent knack
My will be done. - Osok Vatheriel, Elven Archer has no effect on anything worn or carried by the
Beastmaster but threads are still active and the adept
retains normal conscious and may attempt use of any
Avoid Witticism reasonable talents or skills. The creature's instincts are
Discipline: Thief, Warrior Talent: Avoid Blow
felt and excessive use of this knack could result in the
Air Sailor
adept's mind being influenced by the new form to a
Rank: 9/11/7 Cost: 100
large degree, even resulting in the Beastmaster
Strain: 2
forgetting about his true form and consciousness.
Author: Keith Richmond
Adjust the Beastmaster's attributes, damage ratings,
This knack allows its user to avoid the effects of
and Defenses to appropriate levels for the new form.
social attacks, such as Taunt. An Avoid Blow Test is
Lastly, this transformation has no duration, the
made against the Social Attack's Test result as
Beastmaster must use the talent again to return to his
normal. The adept must be taking a specific action
normal form. Use of this knack costs 8 points of Strain
in order to avoid the social attack however. Unlike a
but the Beastmaster may make Recovery Tests using
sword thrust, which is easily sidestepped, a social
the new form.
attack typically requires blocking off the sense of
hearing and/or sight. Usual methods for doing so
include covering one's ears or eyes, and leaving the Blood Boost
room entirely. A Warrior might raise a shield in Discipline: Cavalryman Talent: Blood Share
front of his eyes, a Thief clap his empty hands over Rank: 5 Cost: 100
his ears, or an Air Sailor leap out of a 3rd floor Strain: See below
room, in fear of the dreaded social attack. Author: Attila Hatvgner
When using this knack, the Cavalryman doesn't
heal his mount with the blood he transfers, instead the
Balanced Dodge animal will be filled with ferocious energy and can run
Discipline: Thief, Warrior, Talent: Avoid Blow
much faster than normal. Using this knack doesn't
Outcast Warrior, Air Sailor,
require any test. The Cavalryman simply declares how
many Damage Points he wants to transfer. For every
Rank: 5 Cost: 100
point of Strain, the full movement of the mount is
Strain: None
increased by 20 and the combat movement is increased
Author: Robert Braddock
by 10 for one round, as with the Sprint talent. This
This knack allows the adept to use the Avoid
knack can only be used to make the mount faster and
Blow talent, without the risk of being knocked
not vice versa. The Cavalryman can spend up to his
down on failure; however, a Good success is
Blood Share Rank in Strain per round.
required on the Avoid Blow Test to successfully
dodge the attack.
Boatman's Breakfast
Discipline: Boatman Talent: Cast Net
Beast Transformation Rank: 5 Cost: 100
Discipline: Beastmaster Talent: Claw Shape
Strain: None
Rank: 12 Cost: 100
Author: Attila Hatvgner
Strain: 8
It's may not be a surprise that some Boatmen use
Author: Melissa Kuhnell, Robert Braddock
their net for more conventional tasks, like fishing. With

Codex Arcanus
the aid of magic, quick action and precise timing, types of animals are desired and how strong a call (i.e.
they can be quite successful with their small net. how many should respond) he is making. An Excellent
Using this knack means that the Boatman spends on success indicates all such animals in a ten-yard per
average 1 hour fishing. The character must make a Rank range will immediately make their way towards
Cast Net Test against the Difficulty Number of 10. the caller. This range can be increased by five yards per
The amount of food depends on the success level of Rank for each additional two points of Strain.
the test, just like the Fishing Skill (p.131, ED). Second, this knack allows the Beastmaster to attract
a single or specific animal. Use of the knack in this way
requires several hours, and still has the same range, but
Body Reading allows the Beastmaster to specify a general or specific
Discipline: Thief Talent: Lip Reading
description of the being called. For example, he may
Rank: 5 Cost: 200
call "the greatest bear in the forest", "a griffon who
Strain: 1
wishes to adventure with me", or even "a great beast to
Author: Keith Richmond
fight at my side". Characteristics that are more
Body Reading allows the Lip Reading talent to
restrictive require greater Success Levels. The actual
be used to determine a person's actions and
time required and the availability of the described
intentions. Lip Reading is rolled as normal, if a
animal are decided by the gamemaster.
Normal success is rolled the target's current actions
can be determined, such as 'He's edging his hands
up to try and palm that purse' or 'She's going for a Cathay Lights
concealed weapon'. If a Good success is rolled, then Discipline: Archer Talent: Flame Arrow
the person's intentions can be determined, such as Rank: 5 Cost: 100
'He's starting to glance around and shuffle his feet Strain: 1+
like maybe he's going to make a break for it' or 'Her Author: Jason A. Goode
shoulder's dipped down. She wants easy access to a Cathay Lights is a more advanced version of Signal
concealed weapon on her side'. Failure or all 1s Arrow. Designed after hearing a Troubadour recount a
results in a wrong or opposite diagnosis of the story of the beautiful celebration lights used in Cathay.
action. This knack allows an Archer to take a moment to
visualize the pattern and color of a fireworks display
(starburst, palm tree, etc.) then fire an arrow into the
Burnin' Bright sky to duplicate that pattern. For an additional point of
Discipline: Sky Raider Talent: Fireblood
Strain each, the Archer can add options such as the
Rank: 4 Cost: 100
pattern being composed of multiple colors, or have a
Strain: 0
whistling sound going up, followed by a pop when
Author: Attila Hatvgner
the arrow bursts into the display. Firmly designed for
The use of this knack enables the user to
entertainment purposes, this knack will not work
continue the fight even if his current damage
unless the arrow is fired away from the earth (usually,
exceeds his Unconsciousness Rating. He spends a
thats straight up) and the display doesnt detonate
Recovery Test, but heals no damage. His blood,
until the top of the arc.
flowing from his wounds, actually burns with small Ooh, pretty!-Anonymous windling child
flames. The effect ends when the combat is over, or
he takes more damage than his Death Rating.
Claw Whirlwind
Discipline: Beastmaster Talent: Claw Frenzy
Call Beast Rank: 7 Cost: 200
Discipline: Beastmaster Talent: Dominate Beast Strain: 0
Rank: 5 Cost: 100 Author: Keith Richmond
Strain: See text This knack allows Claw Frenzy to be used on
Author: Melissa Kuhnell, Robert Braddock multiple targets. For each target to be attacked, reduce
This knack has two forms: the Damage Step by 1. Use Claw Frenzy normally
First, this knack allows the Beastmaster to call otherwise.
animals to him. The Beastmaster must specify what

The Coerce Entity knack allows a magician to alter a
Summoning Circle so that the magic of the Circle not
Clean Strike only holds the spirit in place but also tears at it while it
Discipline: Swordmaster Talent: Maneuver
is trapped inside, causing it no damage but
Rank: 5 Cost: 100
tremendous amount of pain. The magician takes an
Strain: 2
additional 2 points of Strain to activate this power. He
Author: Damian Sharp
may now add his Rank in Summoning Circle to any
This knack accelerates the speed at which the
Contest of Wills or any Bargain with Summoned
Swordmaster can pick out the weakness in his
Creature Test as long as the spirit is in the Summoning
opponent's style, at the cost of his own defense. The
Circle. Nethermancers can only use this power against
Swordmaster rolls his Maneuver Step against his
Ally Spirits; Elementalists may only use this power
target's Spell Defense. If successful, he may add his
against Elementals. Spirits of all sorts are deeply
Rank in Maneuver to his Attack Step (but not his
resentful of any magician who uses this power against
Damage Step). Regardless of success, his Physical
them. Any spirit who escapes after having this power
Defense is reduced by his Rank, for the full round,
used on them will go out of their way to harass the
as the Swordmaster is focusing on his opponent's
magician, which could include killing the summoner's
moves for a weakness, as opposed to actively
family and friends, destroying the summoners
maneuvering to avoid being struck. The
property, or any vengeful act the spirit can think of. In
Swordmaster will keep the bonus to his Attack Step,
addition, summoners who repeatedly use this knack
even if he is hit in combat.
gain a bad reputation of sorts and no spirit will deal
"Some like to dance around their targets. Sometimes
with them willingly.
that'll get you killed."

Cloak Weapon Come Glide With Me

Discipline: Warrior Talent: Gliding Stride
Discipline: Swordmaster Talent: Second Weapon
Rank: 6 Cost: 200
Rank: 3 Cost: 200
Strain: 1
Strain: 1
Author: Luke Davis
Author: Scott Rick
The Come Glide With Me knack allows a Warrior to
The Cloak Weapon talent knack gives the
have another person use the effects of his gliding
Swordmaster adept a flashy way to cause his
stride, as long as they hold hands during the time. The
opponents a momentary disadvantage, which may
knack costs the Warrior 1 strain for each round the
be exploited to the utmost during a battle. To use
passenger continues to glide with him. If the Warrior
this knack the Swordmaster must have a cloak,
ever lets go of the passenger, he will immediately stop
cape, or some other non-weapon item that can be
gliding and fall. If they are high above the ground
used to distract. The adept makes the Second
when this happens, the passenger takes the
Weapon Test against his opponent's Physical
appropriate falling damage.
Defense. For each success level the opponent's
Physical Defense rating is reduced by one for the
remainder of the round and the next. Compass Arrow
This knack can be used in conjunction with the Discipline: Archer Talent: Direction Arrow
Second Attack talent. Rank: 3 Cost: 100
(Modified from Cloak Attack talent found at Strain: 1
Cosmotopia) Author: Luke Davis
The Compass Arrow knack allows an Archer to use
his direction arrow as a compass. The arrow appears
Coerce Entity and points whichever way is north. Using Direction
Discipline: Elementalist, Talent: Summoning Circle
arrow in this way costs only 1 point of Strain.
Rank: 6 Cost: 300
Strain: 2
Author: Luke Davis

Codex Arcanus
unusable. Arrow, bolts & blowgun needles will bend,
Consciousness Check warp, or simply fall apart. To use this knack, the
Discipline: Warrior, Talent: Life Check
Archer makes a Create Arrow Test upon any missile or
Horror Stalker
grouping of missiles in sight, taking an additional 2
Rank: 7/5 Cost: 100,200
points of Strain above that required for the Create
Strain: 0
Arrow Test. If the Archer exceeds the Difficulty
Author: Keith Richmond
Number, a number of missiles equal to his Rank in
This knack allows the Life Check talent to be
Create Missile are destroyed. The Difficulty Number is
used upon reaching Unconsciousness Rating,
the owners Spell Defense if they are in close proximity,
instead of Death Rating. A Karma Point is required
or 2, whichever is higher.
when using this knack, but may not be rolled in the "It amazes me how often people forget that that which
test. can be created can also be destroyed. You wont be needing
those any more." - Osok Vatheriel, Elven Archer

Discipline: Warrior Talent: Unarmed Combat Disable Joint
Rank: 6 Cost: 100 Discipline: Warrior Talent: Unarmed Combat
Strain: 1 Rank: 5 Cost: 100
Author: Luke Davis Strain: None
The Deathgrip knack allows a Warrior to inflict Author: Robert Braddock
damage in unarmed combat using strangleholds, Direct use of this knack requires an Excellent
pressure points, and other such tactics. The Warrior success on an Attack Test, but if the adept has
must first have the opponent grappled to use this successfully grappled the target, a Good success is
knack. As long as he keeps his opponent grappled, sufficient. Successful use disables the target joint for a
the opponent takes damage equal to the Warriors number of hours equal to the talent Rank. The Damage
Strength+Rank in Unarmed Combat. Using Step for this attack is the Warrior's Unarmed Combat
Deathgrip costs 1 Strain per round used. Rank, and is not reduced by Physical Armor.

Definitive Creature Analysis Disguise Other

Discipline: Beastmaster, Talent: Creature Analysis Discipline: Illusionist Talent: Disguise Self
Scout Rank: 7 Cost: 100
Rank: 5/5 Cost: 100 Strain: 1
Strain: 5 Author: Keith Richmond
Author: Keith Richmond This knack allows Disguise Self to be used on other
This knack takes ten minutes of careful people.
observation to perform. At the end of that time, a
normal Creature Analysis roll is made against the Dispelling Contract
target. If successful, the creature's normal statistics Discipline: Illusionist Talent: Spellcasting
and general description should be given to the Rank: E8, I7, N8, W5 Cost: 100
character's player. Strain: None
Author: Luke Davis
Destroy Arrow This knack is used in conjunction with Named
Discipline: Archer Talent: Create Arrow spells to create a special event or action that will dispel
Rank: 5 Cost: 300 a spell. The spell may still be dispelled in the normal
Strain: 1 fashion but the target may choose to try to dispel the
Author: Jason A. Goode spell in the additional way as well, as it may be
Destroy Arrow does just that. To be more somewhat easier than trying to find the Key
precise, it does not actually destroy arrows, bolts Knowledges of the spell. (For more about dispelling
and other missile, but instead renders them Named spells see p.37, MMS.)

Strain: 3
Dreadful Banter Author: Luke Davis
Discipline: Troubadour Talent: Engaging Banter
The Echoes of Confusion allows the Beastmaster to
Rank: 5 Cost: 200
make his voice appear to be coming from any or even
Strain: 3
multiple directions. This knack allows the Beastmaster
Author: Keith Richmond
to confuse enemies into attacking each other in the
With this knack, everyone (up to Rank number)
dark. The Beastmaster takes 3 Strain and makes an
within hearing may be 'Engaging Bantered' at once.
Echo Location Test as normal. If the test yields a Good
The Engaging Banter is rolled as usual, and anyone
success the target hears the Beastmaster's voice coming
whose Social Defense is beaten suffers the standard
from all around him and cannot determine where the
effects. This is the often the used by telling
real voice is coming from unless he makes a successful
particularly dreadful tales, bad puns, or ridiculous
Perception Test against the Echo Location roll. On an
Excellent or Extraordinary success the target hears the
Beastmaster's voice coming from the direction of a
Eagle Evaluation comrade and will attack unless he can make a
Discipline: Archer Talent: Eagle Eye successful Perception Test against the Echo Location
Rank: 4 Cost: 200 roll. The effects of Echoes of Confusion last for a
Strain: 1 number of rounds equal to the characters Rank in Echo
Author: Luke Davis Location.
The Eagle Evaluation knack allows an Archer to
use the increased range of sight for purposes other
than aiming. The Archer takes 1 Strain and makes
Emotional Plea
Discipline: Troubadour Talent: Emotion Song
an Eagle Eye Test against the Spell Defense of the
Rank: 4 Cost: 100
target. If the test is successful, the Archer can now
Strain: 1
see the target as if he were standing right next to it,
Author: Scott Rick
though he cannot hear or smell anything. The
This knack allows a Troubadour to rouse targets to
Archer may use sight-related Perception Tests to
emotion, even when he unable to sing. The attitude of
learn about the target as normal.
target audience must be Neutral or better toward the
Troubadour and his goal, or else this knack will have
Earth Merge no effect.
Discipline: Elementalist Talent: Unshakable Earth
Rank: 7
Strain: 2/round
Cost: 200 Enthralling Song
Discipline: Troubadour Talent: Emotion Song
Author: Keith Richmond
Rank: 8 Cost: 200
The Elementalist can use this knack to merge
Strain: See text
with earth and stone, sinking into the ground,
Author: Attila Hatvgner
walking into the sides of hills, or moving through
This knack allows the Troubadour to gain and hold
walls. The Elementalist can move a maximum of
the complete attention of the audience. He must
Rank yards per round. Initiating the use of this
perform for a willing audience, who expects to see a
knack requires an Unshakeable Earth Test against
performance from the Troubadour. He must spend 3
the Spell Defense of the earth to be merged with
points of Strain plus 1 for each 10 people in the
(typically 2), and travelling into different areas
audience (round up) to begin the performance and
requires new rolls if their Spell Defense is higher
must achieve an Excellent success against the highest
than the area the Elementalist is in (for example,
Social Defense in the audience. If successful, everybody
crossing through warded walls).
who listens to the Troubadour is forced to listen
motionlessly, unaware of anything else happening
Echoes of Confusion around him, unless somebody grabs and shakes him. If
Discipline: Beastmaster Talent: Echo Location somebody enters the performance, the Troubadour
Rank: 10 Cost: 500 must make an additional test against him or the

Codex Arcanus
highest Social Defense in the new group, this costs effect. The maximum number of people that can be
no Strain, and an Average success is enough. If the affected by the knack equals the Troubadour's Rank in
Troubadour does not succeed, the newly arrived Bardic Voice. The effects of the knack last for a number
remain unaffected until the next round, when the of rounds equal to the Troubadours Rank in Bardic
Troubadour can try again. The Troubadour can Voice.
prolong his performance for as long as he wants but
he must spend 1 Strain for every hour of the show.
(The first 3 Strain covers the first hour.) He can
Fighting Stance
Discipline: Warrior Talent: Unarmed Combat
spend Strain up to his Death Rating, enabling him
Rank: 5 Cost: 100
to play until his death.
Strain: 1
This knack isn't capable of changing the
Author: Damian Sharp
listener's emotions, in fact the audience will realize
This knack takes advantage of the fluid movements
that they have been charmed after the performance
of the attack, allowing the Warrior to rise from a
and may turn violent. The performance doesn't
Knocked Down position, while making this attack. The
have to be a song, if the Troubadour wants, it can be
attack is made at the knockdown penalty, and can only
a tale or a dance instead. In fact, the first reported
be an unarmed attack.
use of such magic is attributed to Korrencia, the
"For a true master, the ground is just another fighting
famed elven dancer.

Field of Silence
Discipline: Thief Talent: Silent Walk Footprint-Free Tracking
Rank: 9 Cost: 100 Discipline: Beastmaster, Scout Talent: Tracking
Strain: 3 Rank: 7/5 Cost: 100
Author: Keith Richmond Strain: 1
This knack allows the Thief to emit a field of Author: Keith Richmond
silence around himself. This field can extend up to This knack allows tracking a target by the
Rank yards in radius, or be as small as desired. All movement of their center of mass, rather than
hearing checks in the field suffer a penalty equal to following their footprints. A bright blue line will
the Silent Walk Test's result. It is possible to emit a appear where their center of mass was and follow their
field, and still sneak using Silent Walk, Cat's Paw, path wherever it took them (into the air, water, doors,
or other abilities, making it almost impossible to walls, etc). The character still needs a track to use this
hear the Thief. knack, just like with the Tracking talent.

Fight On!, Weary Warriors Forced Manifestation

Discipline: Troubadour Talent: Bardic Voice Discipline: Nethermancer, Talent: Spirit Hold,
Rank: 10 Cost: 300 Elementalist Elemental Hold
Strain: 3 Rank: 6 Cost: 200
Author: Luke Davis Strain: See text
The Fight On!, Weary Warriors knack allows a Author: Luke Davis
Troubadour to inspire his companions to continue The Forced Manifestation knack allows a magician
fighting against all odds. The Troubadour takes 3 to force a Held spirit to manifest. He must have already
strain and makes a Bardic Voice Test against the Held the spirit to use this knack. The magician boldly
highest Social Defense among his companions. If says Come Hither and makes a Spirit Hold or
successful, his companions ignore the effects of all Elemental Hold Test. If the test is successful, the
Wounds and will continue to fight even if they take magician takes a number of Strain equal to the spirits
damage exceeding their Unconsciousness Rating. Strength Rating. The spirit will stay manifested as long
However, while under the effects of this knack, the as it is under the control of the power. Using the Force
targets cannot retreat unless the Troubadour makes Manifestation does not cause the magician to break his
an equally successful Bardic Voice Test to end the

concentration for the purposes of the Spirit Hold
and Elemental Hold talents.
Great Throw
Discipline: Warrior Talent: Unarmed Combat
Rank: 7 Cost: 100
Forward Strike Strain: 1
Discipline: Warrior Talent: Downstrike Author: Keith Richmond
Rank: 8 Cost: 100 This knack can only be used after successfully
Strain: 4 grappling an opponent. The Warrior takes the
Author: Damian Sharp grappled opponent, and throws them forcefully into
This knack allows the Warrior to focus the the ground. The grapple is lost by doing so, but it
increased momentum of a Down Strike in a forward makes the unarmed attack do both standard damage
direction. To use this knack, the Warrior must be and count as an attack to knockdown. The target is
able to run directly towards his opponent, covering thrown anywhere within 5 feet. If this results in the
a distance of at least 12 feet. This distance and the target also falling a distance, or hitting other objects,
additional Strain, allows the Warrior to use Down the GM may wish to assign more additional damage.
Strike as normal, without needing to leave the
Gruesome Death
Discipline: Illusionist Talent: Dead Fall
Gliding Spring Rank: 6 Cost: 100
Discipline: Warrior Talent: Gliding Stride Strain: 2
Rank: 7 Cost: 200 Author: Luke Davis
Strain: 1 The Gruesome Death talent knack allows an
Author: Robert Braddock Illusionist to make the exaggerations of his injury seem
This knack is a focused version of the Gliding so severe that they are repulsive to look at. The
Stride talent, concentrating on supporting the Illusionist makes a Dead Fall Test as usual. If the test
Warrior's weight and granting an upward boost. yields an Average or Good success, Dead Fall has its
Each use of Gliding Stride on this way costs 1 normal effect. On an Excellent success, the Illusionist
Strain, and allows the Warrior to add his Gliding takes 2 Strain and the targets must look away until
Stride Rank to the height in yards of a given jump. they can make a Willpower Test against the result of
the Dead Fall Test. If the Illusionist gets up and walks
or is put into the line of sight of any of the targets, the
Glowing Skin effects are immediately dispelled.
Discipline: Sky Raider Talent: Fireblood
Rank: 5 Cost: 100
Strain: 3 Heat Purify
Author: Attila Hatvgner Discipline: Elementalist Talent: Cold Purify
The Sky Raider's skin becomes red-hot when Rank: 4 Cost: 100
using this knack. Altough it isn't hot enough to Strain: 1
ignite his clothing, the heat is concentrated on Author: Scott Rick
anybody who touches the raider. The effect is too This knack allows an Elementalist to cleanse
slow to react against punches or kicks, but is highly weapons of poisonous residue. When using the knack
effective against grappling attempts. If the knack is the Elementalist must immerse the object to be
used, barehanded attacks will result in Fireblood cleansed in fire, which will cause damage as normal.
Rank heat damage on the attacker as long as he is in After one minute of concentration, the Elementalist
physical contact with the raider. This effect lasts for makes a Heat Purify Test against the poison's Step
Fireblood Rank rounds (although every use counts Number. A successful test removes all of the poison
as the raider's Action in the given round) and can be from the object cleansed. This knack can be used on
used only once per combat round. Physical Armor Name-givers or other living creatures but the fire will
protects against the effect of Glowing Skin. cause damage to them as they must remain
unprotected for the talent knack to work properly. This
use of the talent does not heal damage.

Codex Arcanus
This knack is especially useful against poisons When a Wizard has woven an Effect Pattern thread
found in some ancient, fallen kaers, where weapons for a spell, he can use the Hold Effect Pattern knack to
and other precious discoveries may have been hold the thread just as if it were an ordinary thread, at
covered in poisons by the kaer's living inhabitants the cost of 1 more strain then usual. This can be
before their demise, or else by other, darker combined with other threads in the normal way or by
creatures. While the knack does not cleanse water or using the Hold Multiple Threads knack.
food of impurities, it can be used to cleanse all
manner of other items.
Hold Other's Thread
Discipline: Wizard Talent: Hold Thread
Heavy Hand * Rank: 8 Cost: 200
Discipline: Warrior Talent: Wood Skin Strain: 1
Rank: 6 Cost: 100 Author: Scott Rick
Strain: 2 This knack grants a Wizard the ability to Hold
Author: Robert Braddock another, willing adept's threads for a limited time for
This knack allows the Warrior to make his hands the cost of 1 Strain per attempt. If the spell caster is
(or feet or whatever) heavier, increasing their successful in his Thread Weaving Test, the Wizard may
effectiveness for beating on things. The Warrior attempt a Hold Other's Thread Test to hold the spell in
spends 2 Strain to activate this knack and the effect the caster's matrix. The Difficulty for the Hold Other's
lasts for Rank rounds. The effect allows the Warrior Thread Test is equal to the Weaving Difficulty of the
to increase his Strength Step for Damage Tests by thread being Held. A successful result holds the spell
up to half his Rank, but also slows him and makes for a number of rounds equal to the Wizard's Rank in
him less agile. Add double the bonus (ie, up to the Hold Thread. The Wizard may release the spell during
Wood Skin Rank) to the strength minimum for the any of these rounds (but the caster may not). In the
weapon in use (use 2 for Unarmed Combat), and final round, the Wizard may make another Hold
reduce the adept's Dexterity Step by the amount Other's Thread Test. A successful result will let the
this exceeds his base Strength. For example, if Wizard continue to Hold the caster's spell. A failed
Dregglan has a 19 Strength and uses a Troll Sword Hold Other's Thread Test means that the spell is
(Strength Minimum of 13) and he uses Heavy Hand immediately cast. The Wizard may not weave or cast
to increase his Damage Step by 4, he will have a 2 another spell while using Hold Other's Thread to hold
Step penalty to his Dexterity (13 + 8 - 19 = 2). a spell, but the caster may act as normal, except that he
does not have access to the matrix be used to hold the
held spell.
Hold Casting Pattern This knack is used by bookish Wizards to hold
Discipline: Wizard Talent: Hold Thread
powerful spells for more war-like spellcasters so that
Rank: 11 Cost: 200
they can deliver a one-two punch. Sometimes a Wizard
Strain: 1
and a Nethermancer will work together to trap Horrors
Author: Simon Withers
using a held Horror Call spell until he can cast the
When a Wizard has woven a Casting Pattern
Restrain Horror spell.
thread for a spell, he can use the Hold Casting
Pattern knack to hold the thread just as if it were an
ordinary thread, at the cost of 1 more Strain than Hold Range Pattern
usual. This can be combined with other threads in Discipline: Wizard Talent: Hold Thread
the normal way or by using the Hold Multiple Rank: 9 Cost: 200
Threads knack. Strain: 1
Author: Simon Withers
When a Wizard has woven a Range Pattern thread
Hold Effect Pattern for a spell, he can use the Hold Range Pattern knack to
Discipline: Wizard Talent: Hold Thread
hold the thread just as if it were an ordinary thread, at
Rank: 15 Cost: 200
the cost of 1 more Strain then usual. This can be
Strain: 1
Author: Simon Withers

combined with other threads in the normal way or other actions while maintaining the grapple. Of course,
by using the Hold Multiple Threads knack. some effort is required, but aside from staying with the
target and using a limb or two to maintain the lock, the
Warrior is free to act.
Hold Target
Discipline: Archer Talent: Mystic Aim
Rank: 5 Cost: 100 Implant Thought
Strain: 1 Discipline: Illusionist Talent: Safe Thought
Author: Simon Withers Rank: 9 Cost: 300
Hold Target allows the Archer to maintain the Strain: none
Mystic Aim targeting mark for more then a single Author: Luke Davis
round. Maintaining the mark costs 1 Strain per The Implant Thought knack allows an Illusionist to
round, and the Mystic Aim benefit is reduced by 1 make it appear as if someone is thinking a different
step per round maintained beyond the first. thought than they are. This knack may be used on
someone, who is not willing, though it requires the
Illusionist to touch the target, who will feel an odd chill
Illusionary Race as the thought is implanted. The Illusionist makes a
Discipline: Illusionist Talent: Disguise Self
Safe Thought Test as usual. On an Excellent success or
Rank: 7 (If the race is larger),Cost: 100
better, the thought is implanted. Unless they achieve a
11 (If the race is smaller),
result higher than the Safe Thought Test, any mind
8 (T'skrang)
probe test on the target will make it appear as if the
Strain: none
target is thinking whatever thought the Illusionist put
Author: Luke Davis
there, rather than whatever the target is actually
The Illusionary Race knack allows an Illusionist
to disguise himself as a race he couldn't normally
appear as. It creates an illusionary specimen of the
race that overlaps the Illusionist and that moves in Improve Missiles
time with his movements. In the case of smaller Discipline: Weaponsmith Talent: Improve Blade
races, the illusion makes parts of the Illusionist Rank: 7 Cost: 200
invisible, so the onlookers will believe that he is the Strain: 3
race he appears to be. Using this knack can create Author: Keith Richmond
many problems. For example, someone may try to This knack is used to improve arrows and bolts.
run under a human pretending to be a windling, Improve Blade is used as normally, but on 2 arrows or
and be surprised when he feels himself collide into bolts per Rank for each test.
a body, or a person may accidentally walk right
through an imaginary t'skrang tail. If something
happens that would obviously show that the
Infuse Mount
Discipline: Cavalryman Talent: Spirit Mount
Illusionist is not really of the race he is mimicking,
Rank: 7 Cost: 100
anyone, who viewed the event may make an
Strain: 3
immediate Disbelief Test.
Author: Keith Richmond
By using this knack, a Cavalryman may summon a
Immobilizing Lock spirit and infuse the spirit's essence into his own
Discipline: Warrior Talent: Unarmed Combat mount. For the duration of the Spirit Mount, the
Rank: 6 Cost: 100 Cavalryman's normal mount gains +1 to all of its
Strain: 2 attributes and defenses, with resulting bonuses to
Author: Robert Braddock derived statistics:
Use of this knack requires an Excellent success,
unless the adept has already successfully grappled DEX: +1 STR: +1 TOU: +1
the target, then a Good success is sufficient. Once PER: +1 WIL: +1 CHA: +1
achieved, the opponent character is considered
grappled but the immobilizing Warrior may take Initiative: +1 Physical Defense: +2

Codex Arcanus
Number of Attacks: +0 Spell Defense: +2 The Iron Aura knack allows a Cavalryman to
Attack: +1 Social Defense: +2 increase the Mystic Armor of his mount. The
Damage: +1 Armor: +0 Cavalryman takes 3 Strain and makes an Armor Mount
Number of Spells: +0 Mystic Armor: +0 Test as usual. If successful, he may choose to add some
Spellcasting: +1 Knockdown: +1 or all of his Ranks in Armor Mount to the mount's
Effect: +1 Recovery Tests: +1 Mystic Armor rather than the Physical. Use of this
knack lasts a number of rounds equal to the
Death Rating: +4 Combat Movement: Cavalryman's Rank in Armor Mount.
Wound Threshold: +1 Full Movement: +20
Unconsciousness Rating: +3
Last Check
Discipline: Warrior, Talent: Life Check
Horror Stalker
Ingrained Knowledge Rank: 7 Cost: 200
Discipline: Beastmaster Talent: Animal Training Strain: See text
Rank: 7 Cost: 100 Author: Damian Sharp
Strain: none This knack allows the adept to extend the life-
Author: Luke Davis saving powers of the Life Check talent to another
The Ingrained Knowledge knack allows a dying individual. By spending 1 Strain, the adept is
Beastmaster to help an animal to remember a able to use one of his Life Check tests, in an attempt to
command for a longer period of time. Using this bring another back from the brink of death. The adept
knack doubles the required amount of training rolls his Recovery Test normally and heals the dying
time. The Beastmaster makes an Animal Training individual as though they had just performed Life
Test against the animal as normal. On an Excellent Check themselves. Just like Life Check, the adept may
or Extraordinary success, the animal permanently only attempt to bring some one back once (per near-
remembers the command and will never need to be death), but it doesn't prevent other attempts at
retaught it. restoring the target's life. If this knack is used within
one Combat Round of the individual's death, costs 1
strain for the user. If it is attempted later, it costs 5
Intercept Blow points of strain. The knack cannot be used if an hour is
Discipline: Warrior Talent: Anticipate Blow
passed after the individual's death.
Rank: 5 Cost: 100 "So long as I live, I will not let you die."
Strain: 1

Author: Damian Sharp
This knack allows the user to intercept an attack
directed at another being. While it does not need to
be declared before the attack to be intercepted is
made, an Anticipate Blow check must be made and
it must beat the Initiative of that Attack to be Launch Arrow
successfully Intercepted. The attack cannot be Discipline: Archer Talent: Call Arrow
avoided (as that defeats the purpose), but may be Rank: 5 Cost: 100
parried/blocked. Strain: 1
"Sometimes, a plan revolves around one person. Author: Jason A. Goode
Sometimes, to keep them up, you've got to take a few This knack functions similarly to Call Arrow, except
extra hits." that instead of calling an arrow to the Archers quiver,
the missile is sent hurtling towards a target of the
Iron Aura * Archers choice. As with Call Arrow, the missile must
Discipline: Cavalryman Talent: Armor Mount be within 100 yards and will dislodge itself from a
Rank: 7 Cost: 300 previous target if necessary. Unlike Call Arrow, only
Strain: none one arrow can be affected. The Call Arrow Test is used
Author: Luke Davis to determine whether or not the arrow successfully

strikes the target. Launched arrows have range Strain: 1
and damage as if they were fired from a non- Author: Scott Rick
magical bow of the type the Archer normally uses. This knack is used by Wizards for recalling legends
"Powerless without my bow? Apparently, you do not that were memorized using the Legend Memory talent,
understand what it means to be a master of missiles." - but which have subsequently faded. The Difficulty
Osok Vatheriel, Elven Archer Number for remembering the legend depends on the
number of legends memorized (use the chart on p. 99
Leafy Haven Use of this knack takes 1 round, and costs an
Discipline: Elementalist Talent: Plant Shelter
additional Strain point above and beyond the point
Rank: 5 Cost: 300
required for the Book Recall talent. An Average success
Strain: 3
on the test retrieves one minute worth of information
Author: Luke Davis
from the legend, which each success level above
The Leafy Haven knack allows an Elementalist
Average giving an additional minute.
to create a shelter that wards away beasts and other
The legend can be written as per the normal rules
creatures. This power extends for a range of 10
for the Book Recall talent, and is similarly forgotten
yards for every Rank the Elementalist has in Plant
after 24 hours, or whenever the talent is used again,
Shelter. The Elementalist takes an additional 3
whichever comes first.
Strain and makes a Plant Shelter Test as usual. Any
beast that wishes to enter the affected area must
make a Willpower Test against the result of the Living Embroidery
Plant Shelter Test. This power does not affect Discipline: All magicans Talent: Thread Weaving
Horrors or their constructs, undead, spirits, or Rank: E7, I7, N7, W7 Cost: 100
animals under the control of other entities. Strain: none
Author: Attila Hatvgner
Living Embroidery makes it possible for spellcasters
Legend Memory to create truly impressive robes for themselves. The
Discipline: Wizard Talent: Book Memory
adept not uses only mundane but magical threads to
Rank: 5 Cost: 100
create the pattern on the robe. Additional materials,
Strain: none
like True Element kernels or Living Crystal are often
Author: Scott Rick
used too. The results have been considered works of
This talent knack is used by Wizards to
art; animated motifs about places like the Death's Sea
memorize -- and later write down -- legends that
or changing geometrical patterns are typical designs.
they have heard. To memorize a legend, the Wizard
Creating Living Embroidery isn't a short process; it
must make a Legend Memory Test against a
takes at least a week. The adept must make a Thread
Difficulty Number equal to the speaker's Spell
Weaving Test against the Difficulty Number of 20. If
Defense. A test must be made every five minutes
True Elements, Living Crystal, Orichalcum and such
that the speaker tells his legend.
materials were incorporated, they lower the Difficulty
Like Book Memory, this knack only keeps the
Number as described in the Enchanting Difficulty
legend in the Wizard's memory for a year and a day
Modifiers Table, p.49, MMS. If the test was successful,
before it fades. Legend Recall can be used to recall
Living Embroidery counts as an Artisan Skill use. If the
the exact wording of the legend at a date later than
robe is made into an enchanted item, like a spell matrix
a year and a day later. A Wizard may recall a
object, the magical materials incorporated also lower
number of legends equal to his Rank in Book
the Difficulty Number for the Enchantment Tests too.
Memory, and memorized legends count against the
Living Embroidery can be beneficial for Interaction
total number of books that can be memorized as
Tests, as wearing such masterworks can be quite
impressive in certain situations. The Success Level of
the Thread Weaving Test determines what bonus the
Legend Recall adept get on those tests with his clothing.
Discipline: Wizard Talent: Book Recall Average success +2
Rank: 5 Cost: 100 Good success +3

Codex Arcanus
Excellent success +4 Armor, but are effected by Mystic Armor. Creating
Extraordinary success +5 Magic Arrows costs 1 extra point of Strain.
These bonuses are the maximum values, the GM "It was like his arrows was just bouncing offa da ting.
has the final word if in a given situation the Then, e gets dis real serious look on es face and draws da
character can use all of it or a lower bonus or if string back empty. Im thinking he musta lost it or sumptin,
appearance has any help at all. but dis glowin arrow appears on es bow outta nowhere!
Well, e let da ting rip an it didnt bounce. No siree, it went
right on though dat armor an you could tell dat bastard felt
Loan Sense it!" - Turin Skullcrusher, retired Ork Scorcher
Discipline: Beastmaster Talent: Borrow Sense
Rank: 3 Cost: 100
Strain: 1 Message Arrow
Author: Keith Richmond Discipline: Archer Talent: Direction Arrow
This knack allows the Beastmaster to give one of Rank: 5 Cost: 100
his senses to a beast. The sense will travel with the Strain: 1
beast and the Beastmaster will be able to use that Author: Jason A. Goode
sense through the beast for the normal duration of Message Arrow is a kinder, gentler version of
the talent. He will not be able to use the sense Screaming Arrow designed to get a message to
normally himself until the duration of the talent someone, usually across a crowded and noisy
ends. For example, by giving a hawk his sense of battlefield. For the cost of 1 Strain, the Archer draws an
sight, for the next few minutes the Beastmaster will arrow and speaks a message to it. The message may be
see out of the hawk's eyes with his own sense of no more than 5 words per Rank. The Message Arrow is
sight. Not very effective if the hawk goes to its fired normally towards the intended recipient of the
normal full range, but very effective for Scouting message who must be within the Archers maximum
and other activities. range. Upon arrival at its target, the arrow will circle
the target at a radius of about 2 feet, avoiding obstacles
as necessary. The Message Arrow will repeat the
Locate Horror message up to 3 times, until it is verbally
Discipline: Horror Stalker Talent: Bear Mark acknowledged. It will then fall to the ground.
Rank: 7 Cost: 100
Strain: 5
Author: Keith Richmond Mount Thread
This knack allows the Horror Stalker to sense Discipline: Cavalryman Talent: Thread Weaving
Horrors with the ability to Horror Mark. The Rank: 7 Cost: 200
Horror Stalker must use his Astral Flare ability. Strain: None
After doing so, a Bear Mark Test is made against the Author: Robert Braddock
Spell Defense of all Horrors with Horror Mark This knack requires that the Cavalryman's Animal
within Rank miles. The Horror Stalker learns the Bond is Rank 7 or higher as well as his Thread
direction and general distance to any Horrors Weaving and the adept must have Named his mount.
whose Spell Defense he beats, as the Astral Flare This knack allows a Cavalryman adept to weave a
reveals their ability to mark him, whether they thread on behalf of his mount, allowing the mount to
choose to do so or succeed in doing so. gain any benefits of a thread item or other thread
bonus. Unlike most knacks, learning this knack does
not enable the Cavalryman to use it multiple times:
Magic Arrow learning this knack represents the process of tying or
Discipline: Archer Talent: Create Arrow raising one Thread Rank on behalf of his current
Rank: 5 Cost: 300 mount. The Cavalryman must also pay the Legend
Strain: 1 Point cost for the Thread himself. This does not transfer
Author: Jason A. Goode if the Cavalryman changes mounts, he must buy new
Magic Arrow functions identically to Create Mount Threads for the new mount.
Arrow except that the arrows created are composed
of pure magical energy. The arrows ignore Physical

rounds unless a Toughness Test is made against the
Named Spirit Mount Venom). The victim is immobilized once his Dexterity
Discipline: Cavalryman Talent: Spirit Mount
Step is reduced to zero. Each step loss is reflected in
Rank: 5/9 (See below) Cost: 100
other dexterity based statistics (three Dexterity
Strain: 5
attribute points equal one Step).
Author: Keith Richmond
This knack allows a Cavalryman to summon the
spirit of a Named mount. Most often used to Pitch Fire Arrow
summon the spirits of former mounts, it only Discipline: Archer Talent: Flame Arrow
requires Rank 5 to summon formerly Animal Rank: 8 Cost: 100
Bonded mounts. To summon any other mount Strain: 2
requires Rank 9 in Spirit Mount and a Good success Author: Jason A. Goode
on the roll. If the mount does not want to come, for Pitch Fire Arrow is a rare and particularly nasty
whatever reason, then a Pattern Item that belong to upgrade to Flame Arrow. To create a Pitch Fire Arrow,
it is required as a material link (very hard to come the Archer uses the Flame Arrow talent normally, and
by). takes an additional 2 points of Strain. Instead of the
normal fire associated with Flame Arrow, the missile
will be engulfed in ghostly translucent flames. The

Archer then fires the arrow normally. If the arrow hits,
it ignites the target in the ghostly flames, inflicting
damage using the Archers Willpower Step for the
Damage Test. The damage from these ghostly flames is
unaffected by Physical Armor, but is reduced by
Mystic Armor. The ghostly flames will continue to
burn for a number of rounds equal to the Archers
One-Man Choir Willpower Step.
Discipline: Troubadour Talent: Emotion Song "There we were, fighting hordes of Cadaver Men. I was
Rank: 8 Cost: 100 going through arrows like water and there was just no end to
Strain: 5 them. Flame Arrow worked great, but it just wasnt enough.
Author: Luke Davis It didnt seem to be doing significantly more damage than
The One-Man Choir knack allows a Troubadour my regular arrows. It occurred to me that if I could just
to sing multiple parts to a song at once. The make each arrow more effective, or have the effect last
Troubadour takes 5 Strain and makes an Emotion longer..." - Osok Vatheriel, Elven Archer
Song Test as usual. Because the coordinated voices
are so impressive, the Troubadour treats the result Position
as if it were one level higher than it would normally Discipline: Swordmaster Talent: Maneuver
be, though the character must still get at least an Rank: 3 Cost: 100
Average success. The One-Man Choir may be Strain: none
combined with the Mimic Voice talent to have Author: Scott Rick
multiple voices, or with the imitate music knack to This talent knack allows the Swordmaster adept to
create a symphony effect. Maneuver an enemy into an unfavorable position in
battle. For instance, a Swordmaster may choose to
Paralyzing Venom Maneuver an enemy against a wall, heading backward
down a flight of stairs, or to face the sun. If the
Discipline: Beastmaster Talent: Venom
Maneuver Test is successful, the Swordmaster's
Rank: 5 Cost: 500
opponent reduces his next Attack Test by a number
Strain: None
equal to the Swordmaster's Rank in Maneuver.
Author: Robert Braddock
(Modified from Position talent knack found at
Instead of damaging the target, Paralyzing
Venom reduces the target's Dexterity by one step
each round the Venom is active (that is, Rank

Codex Arcanus
When used on an animal, the Beastmaster
Re-Weaving experiences the last
Discipline: All Talent: Thread Weaving
Rank minutes of what that animal sensed. A
Rank: 7 Cost: 100
particular sense must still be chosen, but this knack
Strain: None
could be used in successive rounds to acquire multiple
Author: Damian Sharp
sense from an animal and remember them all
This knack allows an adept to switch the base
simultaneously. The Beastmaster loses use of his own
Thread Weaving talent a thread is attached to. This
sense while using this knack.
is only useful if the adept has more than one Thread
Weaving talent. Thus, if an adept had a magic
wand, he'd be able to, with some effort, move the Resist Extreme Temperature
thread attached from his Elementalism to his Discipline: Elementalist Talent: Temperature
Wizardry talent. The thread's Rank is retained, and Rank: 5 Cost: 200
it is treated as though originally woven from the Strain: none
new talent. Author: Keith Richmond
This has some small advantages. First, if the The Elementalist uses this knack to surround
adept has failed a Thread Weaving roll, to weave to himself in a comfortable temperature at all times. It
an item with one Thread Weaving, rather than lasts for Temperature Test result hours, and costs 1
increase the Rank of that talent, he may switch it to Recovery Test. While active, the Elementalist is
another in which he hasn't failed. The second, is immune to normal extreme temperatures, such as from
simple thread management, of attaching threads to being on top of a snowy mountain or in a desert during
the Thread Weaving best suited for the threads. the day. Further, the Elementalist gains (Rank/2)
Obviously, the Thread Weaving talent must be points of Armor against extremes of cold and heat,
able to support the thread being moved to it. such as fires or freezing, and all magical cold or fire
Attempts to move threads to a talent that can spells.
support no more threads fail, causing the thread to
be lost. Moving a thread to a talent of lower Rank
(i.e. Moving a Rank 6 thread to a Thread Weaving
Resist Taunter
Discipline: Cavalryman, Talent: Resist Taunt
of 4 Ranks) causes the thread to unweave enough to
be supported by the new talent (i.e. The Rank 6
Rank: 9/7 Cost: 100,200
thread would become a Rank 4 thread).
"All threads are, in essence, the same, but draw from Strain: 5
separate sources. If you exchange the source..." Author: Keith Richmond
This knack allows the Resist Taunt talent to be used
to resist all further social attacks from a person. It
Read Opponent requires that the Resist Taunt Test score an Excellent
Discipline: Swordmaster Talent: Maneuver success against the taunter's Social Defense. If
Rank: 6 Cost: 100 successful, the Resist Taunt Rank is added to the
Strain: 1 adept's Social Defense whenever the taunter makes any
Author: Simon Withers further attempts against him for a year and a day.
After a successful Maneuver the Swordmaster
may spend 1 Strain and make another Maneuver
Test against his opponent's Spell Defense to Reverse Grapple
determine one characteristic of his opponent Discipline: Warrior Talent: Unarmed Combat
following the rules for Creature Analysis. Rank: 5 Cost: 100
Strain: None
Author: Robert Braddock
Remember Sense A Good success against the grappling roll of an
Discipline: Beastmaster Talent: Borrow Sense opponent leaves the opponent knocked down or
Rank: 7 Cost: 100 himself grappled with depending on the Warrior's
Strain: 3 choice. This maneuver may be attempted at the same
Author: Keith Richmond time the opponent attempts the grappling attack but

failure guarantees a successful grapple regardless of of the sought detail. A nearby person's face would be
the attacker's test result. trivial to recall, but the number of hairs in his mustache
might require a Test against a Difficulty of around 20.
Sacrifice Strike
Discipline: Horror Stalker Talent: Deathstrike Scramble the lines of river
Rank: 5 Cost: 100 Discipline: Boatman Talent: Read River
Strain: none Rank: 5 Cost: 100
Author: Keith Richmond Strain: 2
This knack allows a horror stalker to Deathstrike Author: Attila Hatvgner
any Horror that has Marked him and against which An experienced Boatman can use his knowledge of
he has successfully used the Bear Mark talent. This the river and his magic to make more difficult for
counts as his action for the round. Use of this knack others to follow his ship's trail. Using this knack costs 2
constitutes an act of Sacrifice Magic; once used, the Strain and needs an Excellent success against a
horror stalker is permanently dead. Karma is spent Difficulty Number of 7. If these requirements are
on the Deathstrike Test against the Horror until the fulfilled, the potential pursuers have to roll their Read
Horror's Defense has been beaten or the horror River Test against the Base Difficulty plus the
stalker has run out of Karma. Any remaining Karma Boatman's Rank in the Read River if they are after his
is rolled and added to the damage the Horror takes ship. They have to roll a separate test against each
from the Deathstrike. successful use of the knack.
"Five hundred silver! I'll give five hundred silver to the
first man who shows me where the Radzeer gone!"
Sap Attack
Discipline: Thief Talent: Surprise Strike
Rank: 3 Cost: 100 Seeking Arrow
Strain: 1 Discipline: Archer Talent: Direction Arrow
Author: Keith Richmond Rank: 8 Cost: 100
Sap Attack makes a surprise strike into an attack Strain: 2
to stun (p.200, ED) and gives the attack a chance to Author: Jason A. Goode
knock an enemy unconscious. This attack must be The Seeking Arrow knack is a highly refined
made with a blunt weapon (Strength+1 is suggested extension of the Direction Arrow talent. To use, the
for the pommel of a sword or other non-blunt Archer makes a normal Direction Arrow Test and pays
weapon). If the target takes an Excellent success the additional 2 point of Strain for this knack. When
(compared to their Wound Threshold) worth of the arrow returns to earth, however, it will suddenly
damage and fails the Knockdown Test, then they level out at about 4 feet and begin seeking its target.
are unconscious until they spend a Recovery Test. The arrow will move at the Archers Combat
The effect of this knack counts as Stun damage (see Movement rate, avoiding or circumnavigating any
p.200, ED). obstacles in the way. The arrow will take the most
direct route, passing through open doors and windows
as long as it can continue its flight path uninterrupted.
Scene Memory It will not strike anyone or anything even if they
Discipline: Wizard Talent: Book Memory should something deliberately attempt to interpose
Rank: 6 Cost: 100 itself in the missiles path, avoiding it as any other
Strain: None obstacle. The arrow will seek the target to its maximum
Author: Robert Braddock range starting from the moment it assumed a
Using this knack, the Wizard may exactly horizontal flight path. When the arrow reaches its
memorize a single scene he is looking at. Each scene limit, or finds the target, it will slowly descend to the
counts as a memorized book for the Book Memory ground and skid to a stop at the limit or the targets
talent. If the Wizard is looking for a particular detail feet.
of a memorized scene, he should make a Book "Seek." - Osok Vatheriel, Elven Archer
Memory Test against a Difficulty Number
appropriate to the minuteness and innocuousness

Codex Arcanus
this additional damage. Karma may be rolled on the
Sense Disease Toughness Test.
Discipline: Beastmaster Talent: Sense Poison
Rank: 4 Cost: 100
Strain: 1 Shake Your Foundations
Author: Scott Rick Discipline: Warrior, Talent: Downstrike
This talent knack allows a Beastmaster to sense Outcast Warrior
the presence of bacteria and other sickness-causing Rank: 8 Cost: 100, 200
things in food, drink, and the air. The Beastmaster Strain: 4
must be able to sniff the target substance to use the Author: Attila Hatvgner
Sense Disease knack. The Beastmaster takes 1 Strain When using this knack, the adept makes a single
and makes a Sense Disease Test against the Spell attack in the round, a mighty strike against the ground.
Defense of the disease. In the case of a weapon or There is no height requirement for this use of
creature, the Beastmaster rolls against the Spell Downstrike and may even be used while standing.
Defense of the character or creature. A successful Assuming a successful attack against the ground,
Test means that he detects the disease. The disease damage is calculated as normal, then divided evenly
will never be 'a natural part of an animal,' so the (rounding up the result) among every creature within a
Difficulty Number will never be increased by +5, as 5 yard radius. This result is the Difficulty Number for a
per the Sense Poison talent, p.115, ED. Knockdown Test (without the benefit of armor) by all
of these creatures. They take no damage from this
attack. Use of this knack costs 4 Strain. The ground
Set Up attacked takes the undivided damage result as a barrier
Discipline: Swordmaster Talent: Maneuver
(refer to p.209, ED), so using this knack on wooden
Rank: 7 Cost: 100
floors might send all (including the Warrior) to the
Strain: 1
floor below. Falling damage would be taken as usual.
Author: Damian Sharp "Shake it to the floor!"
This knack is a simple variation on Maneuver.
Through careful footwork and swordplay, the adept
is able to set up the opponent for the attack of a Shield Blow
companion, transferring his Maneuver bonus to his Discipline: Sky Raider Talent: Shield Charge
companion, for his next attack, assuming it is on Rank: 6 Cost: 100
this opponent. Strain: 1
"Sometimes, the best way to defeat your foe is to take Author: Luke Davis
him off guard for your friend's attack." The Shield Blow knack allows the Sky Raider to
knock back an opponent. The Sky Raider attacks and
makes a Shield Charge Test as normal. If the target fails
Shadowmant's Tail the Knockdown Test he is thrown back a number of
Discipline: Beastmaster Talent: Claw Shape
feet equal to the difference between the Knockdown
Rank: 7 Cost: 200
Test and the result of the Shield Charge Test. Using the
Strain: See text
Shield Blow knack increases the Strain cost of the talent
Author: Scott Rick
by 1, in addition to the normal Strain cost.
This knack is similar to Tail Claw in that, for 1
Strain the t'skrang (note that only winged t'skrang
can become Beastmasters) may turn the end of his Shield Crush
tail into a wicked-looking stinger. If the tail causes Discipline: Sky Raider Talent: Shield Charge
damage, the t'skrang may accept another point of Rank: 8 Cost: 100
Strain to cause additional damage: the t'skrang rolls Strain: 3
his Toughness Step against the victim's Spell Author: Luke Davis
Defense and, if successful, causes damage equal to The Sky Raider must have the Melee Weapons
the amount by which he succeeded the Toughness talent at Rank 8 to use the Shield Crush knack. The
roll for the next 3 rounds. No armor protects against Shield Crush knack allows the Sky Raider to use his
shield to pin an enemy against the wall. The Sky Raider

takes 3 Strain and makes a Melee Weapons Test as
usual. On a Good success or better the target is
pinned against the wall and can take no action
Spell Trigger
Discipline: All magicans Talent: Spellcasting
requiring him to move his arms or legs. The Sky
Rank: E10, I10, N6, W6 Cost: 100
Raider makes a Shield Charge Test for damage each
Strain: 4
round until the target makes a Strength roll equal to
Author: Luke Davis
the result of the Melee Weapons Test. The
The Spell Trigger knack allows a spell to be saved
gamemaster may disallow use of the Shield Crush
until a specific event happens to trigger it. The Spell
knack if he feels the Sky Raider is using too small a
Trigger knack can only be cast on spells that have
shield to create such an effect.
duration of more than one round. The magician casts
the spell as normal, then takes 4 Strain, declares what
Show Tracks action or event will trigger the spell and makes a
Discipline: Beastmaster, Scout Talent: Tracking second Spellcasting Test against the spell's Weaving
Rank: 5 Cost: 100 Difficulty, or against the Spell Defense of the target, if
Strain: 2 the spell is being cast against someone. If this second
Author: Melissa Kuhnell, Robert Braddock test yields a Good success or better, the spell is now a
Using this knack, the adept can make tracks triggered spell.
visible to others. This requires 2 Strain and lasts a Triggered spells are only set off when certain
number of minutes equal to the Tracking Rank. things are happening. For example, a Wizard may cast
Doom Missiles upon an opponent as a triggered spell
with the trigger of Cast as soon as he attacks me or
Signal Arrow my friends. In this case, the Doom Missiles would
Discipline: Archer Talent: Flame Arrow
only be set off if the target made such an attack within
Rank: 3 Cost: 100
the duration of the Doom Missiles spell. Spell Trigger
Strain: 1
does not increases the duration of a spell.
Author: Jason A. Goode
Spell Trigger can be used in conjunction with
Signal Arrow causes the arrow to be engulfed in
Named Spells. In this case the cost of making the spell
a cool flame of a color chosen by the Archer when
permanent is doubled, or treated as if the spell was one
the Strain is taken. The arrow is then fired straight
Circle higher than it is, if the optional costs rule is
up. At 50 feet above ground, it flares to become very
being used (p.5,AM). In this case the spellcaster may
bright and emits a wispy smoke trail. At the top of
choose if the spell will trigger at it's normal non-
the arc, the Signal Arrow will flare even brighter for
permanent duration every time the trigger is set off, or
a few moments, then fade away. The flare can be
if the effect becomes permanent after the trigger is set
seen for about a mile.
off once. Spell Trigger does NOT allow spells that
could not normally be made permanent to be made so.
Skill Memory
Discipline: Wizard
Rank: 5
Talent: Book Memory
Cost: 100
Spirit Probe
Discipline: Nethermancer, Talent: Orbiting Spy
Strain: 2
Author: Keith Richmond
Rank: 8, 10 Cost: 200
This knack allows Book Memory to be used on
Strain: 1
books about Knowledge Skills to gain Ranks in the
Author: Luke Davis
Knowledge Skill for the period the book is
The Spirit Probe knack allows a magician to make
memorized for. It requires a Good success on the
an Orbiting Spy move in wherever he orders, rather
Book Memory roll. If successful, the Wizard gains 1
than just in a circle. The magician may use this knack
Rank of the relevant Knowledge Skill for as long as
whenever Orbiting Spy is active and taking 3 Strain.
the book is memorized. If the book is particularly
The spirit will then go wherever the magician orders
extensive, an Excellent result will yield +2 Ranks. If
for a number of minutes equal to his rank in Orbiting
the book is a definitive work on the knowledge,
Spy by concentrating and ordering to move. After the
then an Extraordinary success will yield +3 Ranks.

Codex Arcanus
duration expires it will return to its normal orbit. successful, all tests made against the target's Social
The magician may use the spirit as normal to view Defense receive a bonus equal to the Weaponsmith's
anything it sees. Rank in Spot Armor Flaw for a number of rounds
equal to his Rank in Spot Armor Flaw.
Split Sense
Discipline: Beastmaster Talent: Borrow Sense Steel Hand *
Rank: 9 Cost: 100 Discipline: Warrior Talent: Wood Skin
Strain: 3 Rank: 5 Cost: 100
Author: Keith Richmond Strain: 2
This knack allows the Beastmaster to receive a Author: Robert Braddock
copy of any input to a particular sense the animal Using this knack, the adept hardens his skin at
receives, while at the same time using his own specific points making it nearly impervious to damage
senses normally. For example, he could use this on and more effective as a weapon. The adept must spend
a hawk's sight, send the hawk to Scout, and see 2 Strain to use Steel Hand, and it will last for Rank
everything it saw through its own vision. While he rounds, but in any round where the adept needs to
was doing this, he could also see through his own move the hardened skin (to grab with or otherwise flex
eyes and could avoid walking into trees and such. the hands for example), he must pay an additional
Strain. Unarmed Combat attacks with hardened body
parts gain an additional 3 Steps to his Damage Tests. In
Spot Aura Flaw a situation where a hardened body part receives
Discipline: WeaponsmithTalent: Spot Armor Flaw
damage, make a Wood Skin Test and use the result as
Rank: 6 Cost: 200
the Armor Rating (this armor can not be defeated).
Strain: 1
Author: Scott Rick
Spot Aura Flaw allows a Weaponsmith with the Stone Bones *
Astral Sight talent (or comparable windling racial Discipline: Warrior Talent: Earth Skin
ability or Blood Charm, etc) to spot flaws in a Rank: 7 Cost: 200
target's Mystic Armor in the same way that Spot Strain: 3
Armor Flaw allows a Weaponsmith to spot flaws in Author: Damian Sharp
an opponent's Physical Armor. On days that the Warrior uses his Earth Skin talent,
Roll the Spot Armor Flaw Step as normal, but the Stone Bones talent knack allows the Warrior to
add the target's Mystic Armor rating to the increase his Physical Armor by his Rank in Earth Skin
Difficulty Number. If the test is successful, all tests for a number of minutes equal to his Rank in Earth
made against the target's Spell Defense receive a Skin. Starting this effect does not require an action.
bonus equal to the Weaponsmith's Rank in Spot Stone Bones may only be used once per day.
Armor Flaw for a number of rounds equal to his "Just as the dirt covers the stone, so shall you be."
Rank in Spot Armor Flaw.
(Modified from Spot Aura Flaw talent knack found at
Stone Form *
Discipline: Warrior Talent: Earth Skin
Rank: 9 Cost: 200
Spot Emotion Flaw Strain: 6
Discipline: WeaponsmithTalent: Spot Armor Flaw Author: Damian Sharp
Rank: 5 Cost: 200 When a Warrior uses the talent Earth Skin, he may
Strain: 1 also choose to enhance it using the talent knack Stone
Author: Scott Rick Form, gaining a more solid skin. The Warrior may add
This talent knack grants a Weaponsmith the half his Rank in Earth Skin to his Physical Armor for as
ability to spot emotional flaws in an opponent, long as Earth Skin remains active. For example, a
making the enemy more vulnerable to attacks Warrior with a Rank 9 Earth Skin may add 4 to his
against his Social Defense. To use this knack, roll Physical Armor for as long as his Earth Skin remains
the Spot Armor Flaw Step as normal. If the test is active.

"Stone is but another part of the earth. I use it to Rank: 6 Cost: 100
strengthen my base form." Strain: 3
Author: Simon Withers
Immediately before an opponent makes an attack
Stranglehold with a melee weapon against the Swordmaster, he may
Discipline: Warrior Talent: Unarmed Combat
use the Strike with No Thought knack to make a Melee
Rank: 8 Cost: 100
Weapons Attack Test. This costs 3 Strain, and the
Strain: None
Success level obtained is reduced by one level (an
Author: Luke Davis
Excellent success becomes a Good success, an Average
The Stranglehold knack allows a Warrior to
success becomes a Poor success and so on). Riposte,
maintain a grapple hold and still fight. This knack
Avoid Blow and other defensive talents and abilities
can only be used if the target can be held with only
may not be used against the Strike with No Thought
one hand. For this reason this knack is mostly often
nor may they be used by the Swordmaster against the
used by trolls and obsidimen, who are large enough
attack that was preempted. Strike with No Thought
to hold a normal Name-giver by the neck with one
counts as a regular Melee Weapons attack and so uses
hand. Orks, humans, and other such sized Name-
the Swordmaster's action for the round but this does
givers can only use this knack on small animals and
not prevent the Swordmaster from using talents like
windlings. The Warrior makes a grapple attempt
Riposte and Second Attack or Second Weapon later in
normally. He may continue to fight, but must take a
the round.
3 Step penalty to all actions to reflect the difficulty
of maintaining the hold while fighting. This knack
could be used to grapple 2 opponent at once. This Stunning Shot
knack may be used in conjunction with Deathgrip. Discipline: Archer, Talent: Called Shot
Rank: 7 Cost: 200, 300
Strength of the Earth Strain: 2
Discipline: Elementalist Talent: Unshakable Earth
Author: Luke Davis
Rank: 6 Cost: 200
The Stunning Shot allows the adept to make a shot
Strain: 1
so impressive that it paralyzes all who see it with awe.
Author: Damian Sharp
The adept makes a Called Shot Test as usual. On an
This knack increases the range of the Strength
Average or Good success, the talent has its normal
granted by the earth. Using this knack allows you to
effect. If the test yields an Excellent or Extraordinary
increase your Strength by your Rank in Unshakable
success, the character takes 2 strain and the target or
Earth. However, while using this knack, the
targets are unable to move for one round, unless
Elementalist must be both standing on the ground
and must remain stationary. This knack becomes
unusable if the Elementalist moves (including being
knocked down, or using Avoid Blow). Swift Charge
Discipline: Cavalryman Talent: Charge
Rank: 4 Cost: 100
Strike of the Serpent Strain: 1
Discipline: Swordmaster Talent: Maneuver
Author: Keith Richmond
Rank: 5 Cost: 100
This knack allows Charge to be used in a round
Strain: 2
without having spent the previous round building up
Author: Simon Withers
the necessary speed towards the target. It may be used
At a cost of 2 Strain, the Swordmaster can use
to make a Charge attack every round. In order to use
the Maneuver talent to increase his initiative in the
this knack, the Cavalryman must first win initiative
next round rather then increase his Damage Step.
over his target. The Cavalryman must then successfully
execute a Wheeling Attack on the target. The
Strike with No Thought Cavalryman uses the movement from the Wheeling
Discipline: Swordmaster Talent: Melee Weapons

Codex Arcanus
Attack to make the Charge, so the Cavalryman ends Thunder Crusher and achieves an Excellent or better
his move next to the target. success on the Attack Test.

Swirling Cloak Thunderclap Charge

Discipline: Swordmaster Talent: Second Weapon Discipline: Cavalryman Talent: Charge
Rank: 7 Cost: 200 Rank: 7 Cost: 100
Strain: 1 Strain: 3
Author: Simon Withers Author: Keith Richmond
At a cost of 1 additional Strain, a Swordmaster When performing this knack, a black and yellow
may use his Second Weapon talent and a cloak, cloud forms around the tip of the Cavalryman's
cape, long scarf or similar garment in an attempt weapon. Right before the target is hit by the weapon,
entangle his opponent. The Second Weapon Attack there is a thunderclap and the cloud disappears. The
Test becomes a grappling attempt. If the grapple is target is not actually damaged, but is most likely
successful, it may be maintained on successive knocked down (and possibly knocked quite far away)
rounds by repeating the use of this talent knack. and stunned. The knack makes the Charge an attack to
The grappled target may break the grapple by knockdown. If the target took enough knockdown
scoring an Average or better success against the damage to equal or exceed his Wound Threshold, then
Second Weapon Test result in a Unarmed Combat, they are stunned by the thunderclap and at -8 Steps to
Strength or Dexterity Test. all actions until the end of the next round (this includes
"Come over here!" their Knockdown Test). If the target fails the
Knockdown Test, they are flung directly away from the
Cavalryman a distance in feet equal how much they
Tail Claw failed by. They can take damage from resultant falling
Discipline: Beastmaster Talent: Claw Shape
or slamming into objects (Step 5, ignoring armor, is
Rank: 5 Cost: 200
suggested for simply hitting the ground or a normal
Strain: 1
object. Landing on spears or falling off cliffs is
Author: Scott Rick
generally more hazardous to the health).
This knack allows t'skrang Beastmasters (note
that only winged t'skrang can become Beastmasters)
to use their Claw Shape talent to make their tail just Torch Light
as deadly as their hands. For the cost of 1 Strain, the Discipline: Archer Talent: Flame Arrow
t'skrang may turn the end of his tail into a wicked- Rank: 3 Cost: 100
looking stinger. As soon as the tail does damage, Strain: 1
the stinger fades away. The stinger is not poisonous. Author: Jason A. Goode
K'stulaami use this knack frequently for swooping Torch Light causes the head of the arrow to be
attacks. engulfed in flame. The flaming arrow functions in all
ways exactly like a normal torch, including burn time
and area of illumination, as well as igniting
Thunder Crusher combustibles. It should be noted however that just like
Discipline: Sky Raider Talent: Thunder Axe
with magical firestarters, the use of this knack can
Rank: 5 Cost: 300
attract unwelcome attention of certain astral creatures
Strain: 3
in tainted areas.
Author: Luke Davis
"Let there be light! Heh,heh. I dont know why I get such
The Thunder Crusher knack allows the Sky a kick out of saying that." - Osok Vatheriel, Elven Archer
Raider to quickly break through barriers and other
structures. After making a successful Attack Test to
hit a structure, the Sky Raider takes 3 Strain and Torturous Banter
makes a Damage Test adding his rank in Thunder Discipline: Troubadour Talent: Engaging Banter
Axe to the Damage Step. Armor defeating hits are Rank: 7 Cost: 100
possible against structures if the Sky Raider is using Strain: 3
Author: Luke Davis

The Torturous Banter knack allows the Rank: 6 Cost: 100
Troubadour to talk constantly in a hideously Strain: 2
annoying fashion, which can be used to extract Author: Luke Davis
information from an opponent. The Troubadour The Ventriloquism knack allows a Troubadour to
must take 3 Strain for every hour of Torturous make it appear as if a voice is coming from another
Banter is used. Every hour the Troubadour part of the room. The range of this talent is 10 feet per
continues to speak using Torturous Banter he Rank in Mimic Voice. The Troubadour takes 2 Strain
makes an Engaging Banter Test. Every target, who and makes a Mimic Voice Test as usual against the
have been forced to listen to the Troubadour must Spell Defense of the target. If successful, the target
make an immediate Willpower Test against the believes that the voice is coming from wherever the
result or they will tell whatever they know to make Troubadour chooses. If there is strong physical
him quit talking. At the gamemasters discretion, evidence that no one is where the Troubadour is
Torturous Banter may have to be used multiple having the voice appear to come from the target may
times to extract large amounts of information from make a Willpower Test against the result of the Mimic
particularly resilient opponents. Voice Test to Disbelieve the effect.

Trace Not Wall Walking *

Discipline: Archer Talent: Trace Missile Discipline: Thief Talent: Climbing
Rank: 5 Cost: 300 Rank: 5 Cost: 100
Strain: 1+ Strain: 1/round
Author: Jason A. Goode Author: Keith Richmond
Trace Not allows an Archer to avoid being found Using this knack while climbing allows movement
and marked by the Trace Missile talent. The Archer up and down surfaces at speeds far exceeding normal.
makes a Trace Missile Test against his own Spell The Climbing Tests must be successfully made. If they
Defense, which cannot be voluntarily lowered. If are, the Thief can move at up to 10 yards per Rank full
successful, the Archer adds his Trace Missile Rank or 5 yards per Rank Combat, not exceeding their
to his Spell Defense against Trace Missile Tests. The normal maximum speed, literally walking and
effect lasts for Rank minutes. running.
"Now you see me; now you dont." - Osok Vatheriel,
Elven Archer
Waylay Mechanical Trap
Discipline: Thief Talent: Disarm Mechanical Trap
Up Strike Rank: 7 Cost: 200
Discipline: Warrior Talent: Downstrike Strain: None
Rank: 6 Cost: 100 Author: Luke Davis
Strain: 3 The Waylay Mechanical Trap knack allows the
Author: Damian Sharp Thief to temporarily stop a trap from triggering. The
This knack essentially reverses the concept of Thief declares his intention to waylay the trap and
Down Strike, focusing the momentum of the makes a Disarm Mechanical Trap Test as usual. If the
Warrior rising into the target from a distance below test result gives an Average success, nothing happens.
(such as rising from the ground), or reversing the If the result is a Good or better, the trap is waylaid for a
momentum of an opponent dropping down on the number of rounds equal to the Thief's Rank in Disarm
Warrior (such as a winged opponent swooping Mechanical Trap, though he may voluntarily lower this
down). duration if desired. After the duration expires, the trap
will function as normal. If the test fails, the trap is set
off, though the character may make an Initiative Test to
Ventriloquism get out of the way.
Discipline: Troubadour Talent: Mimic Voice

Codex Arcanus
The Way Of The Shaman
The following account came to the Library on an arduous path. The excerpts are parts from the journal of the young dwarf
Elementalist, Mandail Firetamer of Wishon, who died in an ambush against a K'tenshin patrol near Lake Pyros. The Library
wishes to thank his companion, Thylenn from P'shestis who brought Mandail's remains and possessions back to his home. This
account contains remarkably interesting insight into the ways of this often-overlooked Discipline.
- Presented for the edification of the reader by Derrat, Wizard of the City of Yistaine, 1514 TH

I think I can say that the last few months have opened my eyes to certain things; I never thought, for example that so much rain
could exist in the world. I also learned that the tales about the dangers of the jungle weren't exaggerated, only a bit lacking in
imagination when compared to the real experience. It was also valuable to learn that the denizens of this place aren't
bloodthirsty, primitive cannibals, but helpful and hospitable people even by dwarf standards - if you can get over the fact that
they are indeed cannibals.

However, probably the most interesting and beneficial was the meeting with the Shamans of the local jungle t'skrang tribe.
Before this, I always thought about the members of this Discipline as some half-crazed, regressed backwoods magicians still not
able to grasp the concept of astral matrices. After coming to know some of them in person, I realized that this image doesn't
hold up to the truth. T'rrsa, the head Shaman of the tribe turned out to be a good-humored and talkative man, even if he tended
to make fun of my efforts to make notes of our conversations. In fact, the whole concept of writing seemed to amuse him
immensely, as well as my worldview about spirits and magic.

Using the opportunity, I tried to record the most important facts about his Discipline. Good luck seemed to be on my side, since
during my time in the jungle a small group of Cathans visited the tribe. Apart from the welcome fact that the coming of the
Therans seems reduce the hostility between the inhabitants of the jungle tribes, it was interesting to learn another viewpoint
from a Cathan Shaman.

The following is mainly the words of T'rrsa, with some notes with my own.

On The World-Tree
The World-Tree, or as the Cathan call it, the God of the Tree, existed before anything else came into the world. The
ancestors of every living thing were born from its seeds, since all of these seeds are a part of the spirit of the Tree.
The Tree's mighty roots dig into the earth so deep that they reach the spirits of the past. Its trunk is so thick, that it
takes days to walk around and so tall that you can hardly see its lowest branches. Its top supports the sky. There is
a hole in its side, which is larger than most lairs. If you stop at its entrance, and keep your ears open, you can hear
the whispers of the dead. If you are brave enough to enter its mouth, you can travel down to the domain of Death.

Legends say, that in the old times, our people had nothing to protect against the predators of the jungle. We
shuddered helplessly when we heard the howl of a predator. We didn't know which fruits should we eat how to
build a shelter and we couldn't do anything other than run to survive.

One day however, a mother laid an unusual egg. It didn't look unusual at first glance, but that night loud singing
was heard from the hatchery. Nobody knew where does it come from, but everybody was afraid that the singing
would attract nearby predators. Amazingly, the night was quiet, as if no danger lurked behind the bushes.

On the second day, the tribe searched the hatchery and found the egg. No singing could be heard this time but the
egg was shaking from the pounding inside. The surprised people tried to break it open, but the shell was harder
than the bark of the clematha tree. When the dusk came, the offspring hatched with a loud crack. It wasn't exactly an

offspring but a full-grown t'skrang well past the kaissa, who stepped out from the shell. The tribe Named him
S'ahtae, the One Who Sings Aloud.

On the night of the second day, S'ahtae saw that his tribe cringes helplessly in the dark, cold night, waiting for their
doom. He refused to accept this, so leapt to his feet and went out into the darkness in search of something to help
his tribe. Amazingly, wild animals seemed to avoid him and after a long walk, he stumbled upon a mighty tree in
the pre-dawn hours. S'ahtae immediately recognized it as the World-Tree. He went to the hole and listened to the
mutterings of the dead. He found that they knew nothing that would be of use to his tribe - each of them had died
on the same way; ignorant and defenseless.

So, S'ahtae put his ear to the Tree and listened. The Spirit of the Tree told him what could be found in its branches.
Immediately, he started to climb up, using all of his strength. He was about halfway to the lowest branches, when
he saw that the Chief of Snakes was coming down to stop him and force him back into the ground. S'ahtae was
enraged at the jealous behavior of the mighty snake and when it got to him, the t'skrang grabbed the beast's long
claws, tearing them from its body. He hurled it to the ground and the Chief of Snakes vanished in the undergrowth.
Since that day, no snake had long, wicked claws or strong legs and they have had to creep on their stomachs.

S'ahtae continued on his way, climbing twice as fast, using the claws of the snake to help him. Soon he reached the
branches and saw in amazement that the Tree had leaves so large that each one held a world as big as the one he
came from. S'ahtae was tempted to visit at least one of them but he forced his attention back to his task. After a long
and backbreaking journey, he reached the top of the Tree, where it met the sky. He didn't hesitate much, he
searched for a ripping what a branch made on the dome of the sky and when he found one, This tale throws
climbed up trough the hole. new light on our
speculations about
The tribe in the meantime prepared for another night. Some of them half-heartedly expected the beliefs of the
S'ahtae back but the majority were sure he was already dead. They were gaped in jungle tribes. The
astonishment, when in the middle of the night as the hungry predators prepared to take recorded
their prey, S'ahtae appeared holding a torch in his hand. The beasts stood surprised at the assumptions about
sight of the fire that S'ahtae had taken from the sky but soon prepared to attack again. them honoring
S'ahtae pulled out a small drum from his sack and started to beat it. When the animals heard Jaspree as the God
the sound, they stampeded away in and the tribe could sleep in peace for the first time. of the Tree maybe
aren't that close to
In the morning S'ahtae pulled out the other items he had in his sack: weapons for hunting, the truth as we
tools for work, clothes to wear. He taught us how to build huts and canoes, how to catch thought.
fish and how to hunt. Since that day are we have lived as we do now and since that day we - Merrox
have had Shamans among us.

On Wood Spirits
If you look around, you can easily realize that if anything, we definitely aren't short of trees. Those who learn about
them know which of them bears edible food, which are the best to make spears from and which have sap that can
be used to cure quaking fever. There are adepts, who can become one with the jungle by pure instinct; they seem to
breath with the jungle, move among the trees like shadows, read tales from a day old track or show others how to
survive in the most unwelcome conditions.

Those of us, who take the Shamanic path, choose a different way. We don't want to become a part of the jungle, the
way Scout adepts do. We wish to understand its workings by long, intense study, and by contacting its wisest and
most numerous dwellers, the wood spirits. Those, who have learned how to approach them, can acquire their long-
accumulated knowledge too. Wood spirits are eager to talk and the spirits in the Servos often have a lot to talk
about. Their topics are not only limited to the jungle itself - these beings have existed far longer than you or me and

Codex Arcanus
they use this time wisely. Winds and rain travel long distances before arriving in the jungle, whispering gossip of
the events in far lands.

I can testify to this statement. The tribe, while claiming that no member of them had ever left the jungle is surprisingly
informed about the recent events in Barsaive. They know, for example, that a 'great tribe under the rocks' recently lost its
leader, although they don't know where this place is exactly, or what its Name is. I saw with my own eyes, the members of a
Cathan group who came to the small harbor where I lodged to sell furs and rare plants, leaving hurriedly with most of their
goods unsold, telling of a coming storm days before the Triumph arrived. Some of the Shamans practice element reading
masterfully and the trees of the jungle seem to be aware of the happenings of the world. - Mandail

Listening to their talk doesn't give you immediate answers. In fact, most of it doesn't seem to have any sense at first
but I don't think that I need to explain it to you. Even a fellow Name-givers' mentality can be confusing sometimes,
so imagine, when you hear spirits talking about things you've never seen in your life. You have to pick up the
details you understand and build up the bigger picture from the rest of the material. This can often result in
enormous misinterpretations. It is no wonder that Shamans usually keep most of their knowledge to themselves,
unless they know that they have it right in every detail.

Of course, you always have to decide how deep you want to plunge into the understanding of spirit's mindset. You
aren't much use to the tribe, if you spend your entire life far away from your fellow Name-givers murmuring into
the ears of the spirits and you aren't much a Shaman if you stick to seeing the world from the Name-givers'
perspective only.

On Becoming A Shaman
Our path is hard and full of responsibility - not everyone can open himself and learn the secrets of the world from
the hidden clues. There are even fewer who are willing and able to fully commit their life to their tribe. Every
Shaman chooses his initiates with care and it is a custom not to take more than two apprentices in a lifetime. We've
learned from the errors of the past.

It is an old tradition that the Shaman of the tribe visits every infant at the birth, searching for the telltale signs of
eligibility for our path. Different colored eyes, more fingers on the hands or toes on the feet, strangely colored scales
or birthmarks have always shown great promise in the past. This has changed since the Times of Darkness, as such
signs now often reveal a much more dangerous and evil influence and we have to deal with those things with
caution. Most Shamans feel obligated to seek the signs of every infant's future at this time, but if they find
something, they usually keep it to themselves, and reveal it only if necessary. After all, fate can be changed, if
somebody works hard and long enough at it.

During my time at the tribe, I witnessed such a visit. It seemed to me that T'rrsa wasn't only concerned with the hatchling's
future but its health as well. As I learned in a later conversation, Shamans are often the most skilled healers in the tribes. -

Every Shaman looking for potential initiates should keep a close eye on the children during their kaissa. Some
young t'skrang fall frequently into long sleeps that can last for days. During these times, they have vivid dreams:
gifts and tests from the spirits, who see the youths as a likely candidate for the path. Not everybody turns out to be
a suitable choice; most of them wake up early, without any sign of the spirits' acceptance. A very few of them die in
the process, but those who remain, are those who take their first trembling steps on our path.

As I spoke with a Cathan about this, she told me, that some of their people go through this process at adolescence. I've also
learned that nobody remembers about these dreams clearly but they agree that climbing a mighty tree is a reoccurring pattern
in them. - Mandail

Many of us don't give any signs of this aptness at birth or in the kaissa however. The right mindset often comes with
the wisdom of old age and I've seen some who became Shamans after a particularly hard experience.

Speaking with the members of the tribe I've learned that T'rrsa was once a Warrior of the tribe, who barely survived a
particularly nasty tribal war with the Cathans long years ago. It's public belief that the long recovery and the mourning period
for his lost friends were the initial push to his new path. People also told me a tale about an 'ork falling from above'
(presumably an Air Sailor or Sky Raider), who was rescued from the certain death by a tribe, and years later she became also
their Shaman. - Mandail

Your hardships aren't over once you set your feet on the path. The spirits are patient teachers, almost too patient for
those who don't have hundreds of years time to learn. While spending days or weeks alone, far away from any
Name-giver, trying to decipher their messages, assembling the small fragments of knowledge, I often found myself
wishing that I were climbing the World-Tree instead.

On The Role Of A Shaman

The Shaman must be like the tallest tree of the forest. The strongest one, which protects the tribe from the storms of
life with its mighty roots grasping the soils of past. Of course, this is just my point of view. I know others, who
firmly believed that the tallest tree is so tall, because he didn't care for those who were left behind in the dark jungle
below. I also knew a Cathan Shaman who told me that the wisest tree never grows too high, since it is always the
tall ones that are spotted first. Others hold the example of carnivorous plants to follow. One thing is clear to me: our
home is full of danger and one misplaced step is enough to become prey - we survive only if we hold together and
watch out for each other. My role is to protect the tribes' past, present and future and no cost should be too great for
this. Even the tallest tree give it's life willingly to the tribe if needed - why should do I otherwise?

We hold the key to our tribe's past. We help to build the confidence, that people belong to a community. That they
have a history and that their acts will be remembered by their descendants. That they aren't just some kind of prey
like other animals that will be forgotten after they have been digested. The lahala has the memories of generations
but we can give people a chance to talk with their ancestors. The adepts and fighters of the tribe fight well if needed
but we have the final word whether there is a need to go to a war and if yes, how to fight it.

Our knowledge and far-seeing wisdom helped us to survive the Times of Darkness, when even the bravest
Warrior's spear was helpless to stop the storm of Horrors. The spirits warned us about the coming danger and we
barely had the time to prepare. They came like locusts, devouring the world and we had to hide, hoping that they'd
disappear again and we would come up like new a sprit from the roots of the fallen wood.

On The Time Of The Scourge

This subject proved to be a touchy one, something that neither T'rrsa and the other Shamans or the lahala would discuss
willingly. From the pieces of knowledge I could collect, I learned that the tribes in the Servos did indeed survive the Scourge
without the Theran Rites of Protection and Passage. Looking at the other cultures that managed this feat, I must say, they've
done well. True, it must have been a devastating impact on their life and culture but compared to cave trolls or the horrors of
the Blood Wood, it is astonishing that they even survived.

The ancient ruins in the jungle where the t'skrang led me and the other refugees seemed to be part of a pre-Scourge settlement,
long abandoned by it's denizens and empty of life apart from the huge mass of climbing plants which covered the place entirely.
Even wild animals seemed to avoid this place for an unknown reason, so it was a perfect place for us. It is a mystery to me why
no tribe used that place as a home. The answers to my questions about it were vague and evasive.

Codex Arcanus
At any rate, the walls seemed to have been built by craftsmen who could rival those in Throal and according my estimations
they could have existed centuries before the Scourge. I spent many days exploring the place but to my disappointment, I found
almost nothing that could have pointed to the origins of the long-vanished inhabitants. The few small sculptures and images I
restored with my magic showed finely dressed t'skrang, humans and other Name-givers, apparently living together. I doubt
that this civilization lasted up to the time of the Scourge and my - though admittedly limited - historical knowledge doesn't
mention such a place ever being in contact with Throal. In addition, if it had existed in the time just prior to the Scourge, it
would most probably have taken some help from the Therans.

During a small expedition with the other adepts, only half day from our shelter we found the entrance to a large natural cavern,
which in our opinion had probably been used as a kaer, surrounded and hidden by several huge trees. Even the entering
through the cramped and almost vertical entrance was a difficult experience, but the interior of the place was positively
unsettling. Research was not an easy task, since the inpouring rain was waist-high, and even walking was difficult because of
the thick mud. Our Nethermancer, Thylenn from P'shestis claimed that a surprising amount of blood magic was used in the
crude wards that protected the kaer. I can only agree with her, even if I've little experience in that area. The wards seemed to
have been re-strengthened uncountable times and practically burned into the rock. I felt the whole place was pressing on me
and despite spending most of my life underground, I desperately wanted to get out. Surprisingly, some of the wards, on a
tunnel leading further inside, seemed to be still be working.

We decided not to find out what they were protecting or keeping inside. - Mandail

On Preserving the Ancient's Spirit

There is so much to learn, and there is so little time for it. If you do your work
The way of Shamans has well, there will still be a tribe to protect after your time is over and it is a
gotten relatively popular in scrap of comfort that your followers will follow in your footsteps. Shamans
some nomadic tribes,
are headstrong lot; the time of learning and the time of duty is never over for
especially amongst orks. Their
some of us.
approach is a bit different in
certain points from that
Some truly powerful Shamans choose to merge their spirit with a more
described here, which I think
powerful and durable body - the home of a hospitable enough wood spirit.
is natural since life on the
plains has little in common Of course, not all Shamans receive the honor of the gift of such magic from
with that of the jungle dweller, the spirits. Finding and persuading a wood spirit to become a host isn't a
although they seem to stick to small task either. Those few who manage this feat and endure enough to find
certain practices. Ork Shamans the right magic for this step are able to merge with a wood
often create symbolic World- spirit forever. With the possibility to lengthen their life to In my
Trees - tall, richly decorated study and There you, I look at the smile on your face and humble
poles from wood, stone or bone I see you don't believe me. opinion, the
- on the sacred grounds of the t'skrang just
tribe and wander back to these I must confess, I thought this is just another prank of T'rrsa, just played one of
frequently to talk with the like when he told me to listen closely to the drums of the tribe (his his pranks on
spirits supposedly living there. drumbeat in the next second nearly deafened me), or pretended to Mandail.
- Ored from the Souls of the ask advice from a bright-colored bird of the jungle. He didn't - Derrat
Sun. press the subject. The reason I include it is that a day before our
departure he led me to a tall tree, not far from our camp and told
Supposedly living there? Do me to talk with its spirit. To my shock, the spirit answered my
you dare to say this to my face, greetings in typical t'skrang fashion then remained silent.
you ignorant fool? Examining it astrally I saw a glimpse of its Pattern for a moment, which contained a
- Zordak Brokenhand, t'skrang-like figure. T'rrsa just smiled at my questions after that. - Mandail
Nethermancer of the Broken
Fang tribe.

On Shamans And The World Beyond The Jungle
Why would anybody leave this place? For you it is probably a dangerous and alien world. For me, it is my home,
one that I don't want to exchange for a similarly dangerous and alien world that you call home. The temptation is
often high though, after you learn a particularly obscure and fascinating rumor that
you can't fully understand until see it with your own eyes on the other side of the The Tamers from the Liaj
world. Jungle are also worthy of
note, as some of them also
There are some of us who have left our home for the world outside. Some of those follow the way of the
Shaman. When bad luck
do it willingly, some of those were dragged away by slavers. Be their life rich in
forced me to that cursed
experiences or should they find a new home, they keep coming back for a visit or
place, I heard a similar story
two, because there is no place where they can get the guidance of such mighty
to that of the World-Tree
spirits as in the Servos.
from one of the tribesmen.
The main difference was
Sometimes they come back with their own apprentices, who have never before seen the mention of a 'mighty
the jungle and despite this, they despite this, they seem to have a firm lord's camp' on the top of
understanding of our way. I can only admire their determination and skill for being the tree where the hero
able to grasp the weak voices of spirits of those bare lands but they often seem to be must fight for the secrets of
confused at first by the 'cacophony' of the Servos, as one of them called it. survival. Add the fact, that
Usun seem to have a
complete control over that
On the twisted nature of blood elves Passion-forsaken forest
including the local spirits,
Though the spirits only speak about it reluctantly, I've heard about a forest covered and you don't have to be a
with blood and pain. I know a Cathan tribesman, who claimed to have seen it with sage to realize what kind of
her own eyes. Captured and sold there by K'tenshin slavers, she managed to escape whispering those Shamans
and find her way back home. I didn't give her story any credit, until years later keep hearing.
when I encountered two - Gorad, Elementalist from
I don't know about jungle t'skrang, but I saw a elves covered with thorns. Jerris.
couple of Cathan Shamans reacting unusually Their mere existence
violently toward a blood elf companion of mine. seemed so twisted and
Their tribe ambushed us only a day after we such a distorted image of our way that I refused even to
entered the Servos and the trees and bushes all speak with them. We drove them away in the hope that
around came to life to tear poor Therros asunder in they would never come back. I remember many sleepless
a fraction of a second. We could barely escape with nights after that event because I couldn't decide if the
our lives, and I firmly think that we survived only, other parts of tribesman's tales were also true or just
because they let us live. exaggeration. In retrospect I sometimes think, it was a
- Laxay from Urupa hasty act. I wish I could talk with them once to try to
understand why, who did this to them and after finding
Though they don't always react that extreme, I have out their true nature, decide to help or simply kill them.
found that jungle tribes treat blood elves with
distrust and disgust at best. Since Shamans have

strong influence in the tribe, this isn't surprising.
Not that I don't agree with their taste.
- Evryl from Kratas

Most wood spirits have strong aversion toward

blood elves too. I wonder if Shamans adopted this
attitude unknowingly from them.
- Mogal, Elementalist from Bartertown

Codex Arcanus
Game Information
(Note that these rules are not the same as those presented in the Magic: Manual of Mystic Secrets sourcebook. For
this reason the new spells and talent knacks for the Shaman Discipline are presented here instead of the previous
chapter, since, according the original rules, those wouldn't be usable.)

Shaman Discipline
Important Attributes: Perception and Willpower
Racial Restriction: Blood Elf
Karma Ritual: To begin his Karma ritual, the Shaman must be out doors and at least 100 yards from the nearest
buildings or Name-giver-made structure. If possible, a Shaman performs his ritual in the forest or jungle. Before
beginning the ritual, the Shaman picks up a nearby leaf, twig or living insect to serve as a symbol of nature for the
ritual. The Shaman then sits quietly and centers his thoughts. He focuses his introspection on the symbol of nature
he holds in his hands and dwells on the relationship between magic and nature. At half an hour, the Shaman eats
the symbol, thereby symbolically binding himself to nature.
Artisan Skills: Wood Carving, Stone Carving

First Circle Talents

Talents Focused Concentration
Create Fetish * Willforce
Karma Ritual
Learn Spell Pattern * Sixth Circle
Shamanism (Thread Weaving) * Karma: The Shaman may spend a Karma Point on any
Spell Fetish action using Charisma only.
Spell Fetish Talents
Spellcasting * Spell Fetish
Spirit Talk
Second Circle
Talents Seventh Circle
Astral Sight * Social Defense: Increase the Shaman's Social Defense
Durability (5/4) by 1
Spell Fetish Talents
Lifesight *
Third Circle Sense Poison *
Avoid Blow Eight Circle
Melee Weapons Recovery Test: The Shaman gains an additional
Recovery Test per day.
Fourth Circle Talents
Spell Defense: Increase the Shaman's Spell Defense Enhanced Fetish
by 1 Safe Path
Spell Fetish Ninth Circle
Virtuous Plant * Karma: The Shaman may spend a Karma Point on any
action using Perception only.
Fifth Circle Talents
Physical Defense: Increase the Shaman's Physical Spirit Contact
Defense by 1 Enhanced Fetish

Frighten Twelfth Circle
Spirit Tattoo: For a permanent cost of 4 Damage Points
Tenth Circle the Shaman may create a Spirit Tattoo on his own face.
Spell Defense: Increase the Shaman's Spell Defense The tattoo is different at every Shaman, but it usually
by 2 gives the adept an almost menacing expression.
Talents When dealing with astral entities such as spirits or
Enhanced Fetish Horrors, the Shaman may spend 1 point of strain each
Matrix Strike time when making an Interaction Test, earning a 2-step
bonus on the test.
Eleventh Circle On the gamemaster's discretion, this bonus may apply
Karma: The Shaman may spend a Karma Point on on those, who recognize and know what this tattoo
actions using Willpower or Willforce only. means (other shamans, natives of the area, etc).
Armored Fetish Armored Fetish
Life Check Netherwalk

Shamanism is a unique magician Discipline practiced chiefly by members of Barsaive's primitive tribes such as the
Cathan, jungle t'skrang and windlings of the Servos Jungle and the Tamer tribes of the Liaj Jungle. Shaman adepts
learn their spells by studying nature, not from dusty tomes or scrolls. They gain their magical abilities by observing
how the elements of nature and the forces of magic interact. As a result, many Shaman spells and abilities are
closely related to the natural world. Shaman adepts also can use spells traditionally taught in other Disciplines,
most notably the Nethermancer and Wizard Disciplines.
Shamans make frequent use of blood magic when using their abilities.

Roleplaying hints
Shamans are often seen to be a strange mixture of Elementalists, Nethermancers and Wizards. They steadily
communicate with spirits, and feel at least as superior in their knowledge about the world as Wizards. Most of the
Shamans however tend to have a much more practical mindset than the book-magicians, concerning more often
about everyday problems, especially Cathans, whose second-to-none survival instincts define their lives.
Protective behavior toward their tribe is a common trait among Shamans. Ceremonial blood oaths declaring their
commitment is a frequent practice, usually performed at reaching Fourth Circle. Those, who don't live with their
tribe, often substitute their adventuring group with it but tend to be distrustful toward outsiders.
Few Shamans leave the jungle, and those who do find themselves in an alien world. Concepts like money or private
property are sometimes completely unknown them and though they quickly realize their importance in the outside
world, often see them as amusing folly. Unlike other magician Disciplines, Shamans don't need grimoires and if one
of their fetishes is destroyed, they quickly replace it; the 'everything is disposable' principle is common among
them. Some Shamans widen this attitude to Name-givers too, themselves included.

Multiple Discipline Combinations

In the jungle tribes' tradition, multiple Disciplines are not common. Scout/Shaman or Beastmaster/Shaman
combinations are probably the easiest to learn. Warrior adepts seem to pick up the concepts of Shamanism
relatively easy as well. Shamans who wander out from the jungle often find the way of the Troubadour's to be
affinitative to their Discipline in several points.
Because of their different approach to spell magic, the other spellcaster Disciplines and Shamans don't mix well.
Gamemasters should think about the potential game balance - problems as well, before allowing such Discipline
combinations into their game.

Codex Arcanus
Using Half-Magic
Shamans may use Half-Magic for identifying different plants, recognize tracks left by animals or Name-givers in
the wilderness. They can also use it as the Wilderness Survival Skill.
Shamans can use Charisma-based Half-Magic to talk with wood spirits, similar to the Plant Talk spell. This is
taught for every Shaman as part of his initiation. It should be noted that wood spirits are often more open and
willing to talk if a Shaman try to communicate with them as any other Disciplines, including Elementalists. This
means at least 1 degree better attitude toward Shamans in game terms.
At Fourth Circle Shamans learn Perception-based Half-Magic to create Blood Tattoos (see p.68, AM). Rules of
creating blood charms can be found in p. 50, MMS.

Rituals of Advancement
Shamans do not have standard rituals for advancement. Tough it is custom that at least one elder (usually the
adept's mentor) observes and conducts the advancement ritual, the final word is always of the spirits who
ultimately decide if the Shaman has the necessary knowledge to be eligible to the next Circle. For this reason, the
rituals must be held in places where many wood spirits are present and this usually means one of the jungle areas
of Barsaive. These advancement rituals seldom private, especially at Novice and Journeyman Circles, and usually
performed front of the Shaman's tribe.
Ghost Master Ritual: Shamans cannot summon ghost masters to teach them. They not really need them, since
Shamans learn their spells from the nature. However, if it becomes necessary, they must resort on those high-circle
Shamans who used the Final Merge spell on themselves. The Shaman must know the place where such a master
lives, go there and put the orichalcum coin into a seam of the tree, before starting to meditate. The Difficulty
Number of the ritual is not the Spell Defense of the master but 10, and since the Shaman doesn't summon the
master from an other plane, there is no chance that astral entities attack him after an unsuccessful ritual.

Fetish Talents
Shamans keep their spell patterns in fetishes, small items representative of the spells they contain. A Shaman
creates different fetish for each spell, and so a shaman's collected fetishes represent his grimoire. Shamans cannot
cast spells safely without the appropriate fetishes, which they produce using the Create Fetish talent.
A Shaman's Spell Fetish talents enable him to attune a fetish in the same manner as other magicians attune spell
matrices and to cast the spell stored in the attuned fetish. Fetishes attuned with the Enhanced Fetish talent function
in the same way as Enhanced matrices, by allowing Shamans to store a thread in the fetish.

Shaman Spellcasting
Shamans cast spells in the same manner as other magicians, except that they must hold the fetish of the spell they
casting in their hand. If a spell requires the magician to concentrate in order to maintain the spell after casting, the
Shaman must continue to hold the fetish as he concentrates. If he drops the fetish, the spell effect is broken.
If a Shaman loses a spell's fetish or it is destroyed, he must use raw magic to cast a spell or use another fetish,
previously prepared with the Spare Fetish knack. Shamans cannot cast spells from other magician's grimoires.

Learning Shaman Spells
To learn a spell, a Shaman must make a Learn Spell Pattern Test against the Learning Difficulty of the spell he
wishes to learn. If the Shaman learns the spell from a higher-Circle Shaman, the teacher first makes a test against
the spell's Learning Difficulty. If that test succeeds, the Shaman adds his teacher's Thread Weaving rank to the
result of his Learn Spell Pattern Test. Shamans may make only one Learn Spell Pattern Test per day.
If the Shaman's Learn Spell Pattern Test succeeds, he then makes a Create Spell Fetish Test against the same
Difficulty Number. If the Create Spell Fetish Test succeeds, the Shaman has created a fetish that will store the spell's
patterns. Once a Shaman has learned a spell and created a fetish for it, he can cast the spell per standard rules.
Shamans cannot learn spells from magicians of other Disciplines or teach spells to magicians of other Disciplines.
The methods by which Shamans learn spells are unique to allow for any sort of successful crossover. Additionally,
Shamans cannot learn spells of Circles higher than their own Circles. Since their spellcasting method is so different
from other magicians, they cannot use spell matrix objects to store their spells either. Spells from other Disciplines
cast by Shamans usually have different appearance than their original form, usually containing plantlike elements.
These differences are purely cosmetic, but unique for every Shaman.

Ritual Shaman Magic

Several Shaman spells are ritual. These are typically require hours to cast, have long duration, and most Shamans
refuse to use them (at least the beneficial ones) on those, who aren't members of his tribe. These spells often give a
definite advantage in the survival, and Shamans usually don't like if non-tribesmen even assume what kind of
magic they are capable.
These ritual spells are different from other spell magic used by Shamans. They require fetishes to cast, just like
others and some of them, after the spell is cast, infuse ordinary objects, called foci, with power. If the spell has more
than one target, then each target will usually receive his own foci. These are working as simple magic items, but
have magical properties only while the spell is in effect; after the spell's duration is over or if they lose contact with
their user, they revert to ordinary objects. Foci usually gain the same Death and Armor Ratings as fetishes unless
they were already more durable.
Ritual spells are also more durable than normal ones. Their Dispelling Difficulty is increased by 5 compared to
spells of the same Circle. Also, if the spell uses foci, then dispelling it on one target doesn't affect the effect on the
other targets.

Shaman talents
Create Fetish order to cast it. If the spell fails, the Shaman can try
Step Number: Rank + Perception Step again in 24 hours.
Action: Yes Skill Use: No The physical forms of the fetishes are usually
Requires Karma: No Strain: None fashioned to represent the spell or its intention they
Discipline Talent Use: Shaman will contain. For example, a fetish for the Bone Shatter
Discipline Restriction: Shaman only spell might be made from broken bone of some sort. A
The Create Fetish talent enables a Shaman to fetish for the Repel Animal spell is maybe a small
create spell fetishes for spells he has learned. To drum whose sound keeps the targets away. The
create a fetish, a Shaman must first spend at least 1 gamemaster must approve the physical forms for
hour constructing the fetish's physical form. Next, fetishes.
the Shaman embeds the spell pattern into the fetish Shamans usually fashion fetishes from wood, bone,
by making a Create Fetish Test against the spell's leather, feather, and occasionally tree bark, grass and
Learning Difficulty. If the test succeeds, the fetish leaves. Physically, fetishes are quite fragile and have a
holds the spell pattern and the Shaman can then Damage Rating (see Barriers and Structures, p.209,
attune one of his Spell Fetish talents to the spell in ED) against physical attacks equal to their spell Circle

Codex Arcanus
plus 10. For example, a Circle 1 spell fetish has a Requires Karma: No Strain: None
Damage Rating of 11 while a Circle 8 fetish has a Discipline Talent Use: Shaman
Damage Rating of 18. Fetishes have a Physical Discipline Restriction: Shaman only
Armor Rating equal to their spell Circle plus 5. Just The Learn Spell Pattern talent enables Shamans to
like with barriers, this armor cannot be defeated. learn spells by observing nature, conversing with
If a fetish is destroyed, the Shaman cannot cast spirits or their mentors, thereby grasping the patterns
the spell contained in that fetish (except by using from their vast cumulated knowledge about the world.
raw magic) until he has created a new fetish for that To use the talent, a Shaman makes a Learn Spell
spell. To strike a fetish in a Shaman's hand, the Pattern Test against the Learning Difficulty of the spell
attacker must achieve a Good or better success on a he wishes to learn. If the test succeeds, the Shaman
Called Shot (p. 200, ED). learned the spell. A Shaman can make only one Learn
The astral characteristics of a spell pattern held Spell Pattern Test per day.
within a fetish are the same type as those of a spell The Learn Spell Pattern talent may be used only to
matrix of the same type (see Spell Matrix Types, p. learn new spells. It does not enable Shamans to read
153-154, ED). For example, an Enhanced Fetish has magical runes or writings.
a Death Rating of 15. The spell patterns of fetishes

can only be attacked on the astral plane when they
are attuned to one of the Shaman's Spell Fetish
talents. Damaged fetishes don't repair themselves as
spell matrices do.

Focused Concentration
Step Number: Rank
Action: No Skill Use: No
Spirit Contact
Requires Karma: No Strain: 2 (see text)
Step Number: Rank + Willpower Step
Discipline Talent Use: None
Action: Yes Skill Use: No
Discipline Restriction: Shaman only
Requires Karma: Yes Strain: See text
The Focused Concentration talent makes
Discipline Talent Use: None
possible for the Shaman to increase his odds for
Discipline Restriction: Shaman only
success in any test by focusing all of his attention to
The Spirit Contact allows the Shaman to contact any
the given task. This means he can add a bonus,
type of spirits he wishes, including ally spirits,
equal or less than his Focused Concentration Rank,
elemental spirits and even living Name-givers,
to any Test Step in the round they use this talent. It
irrespectively of distance.
is important to note, that this doesn't mean that the
The Shaman can choose the targets in advance. To
Shaman can become proficient in a skill or talent by
do this, he touches the target's forehead (or closest
simply using this talent; the bonus can be used on
equivalent) spends 2 points of Strain and rolls a Spirit
actions that based on the main Attributes only,
Contact Test against the Spell Defense of the target. If
skills or talents known by the character or talents
successful, a link is created between them that makes
that have Default Attributes (see p.94, ED).
communication possible. The maximum number of
Using Focused Concentration also means, that
such active links is equal to the Spirit Contact Rank,
the character has negative modifiers to all of his
although the Shaman can terminate a link any time.
other tests equal the bonus gained by this talent in
The Strain spent on this test is permanent and cannot
the same and in the next round the talent is used,
be healed as long as the link exists.
due to the intensive concentration. If the Shaman
Only the Shaman can initiate a contact with the target.
doesn't want to suffer the penalty for two rounds,
To create it requires a half-hour long meditation and an
he must pay an additional 2 strain in the second
another Spirit Contact Test every time, which costs 3
round to shake himself out of the trance-like state.
Strain. The communication is strictly verbal; it cannot
be used to transmit information to the other senses.
Learn Spell Pattern
The connection lasts as long as the Shaman wants, but
Step Number: Rank + Perception Step
he must spend significant amount of strain for it: after
Action: Yes Skill Use: No

the first minute it costs additional 6 strain, after the The Shaman takes the medicine or remedy in one of his
second minute it costs additional 12 strain and so hand and touches the patient with the other, while
forth. If the Shaman wishes to contact with a Name- concentrating on asking the spirits lived in the plants to
giver, the target must be asleep or the talent doesn't strengthen the healing power they left in their home.
have any effect. If the target is sleeping, the Shaman The Difficulty Number for Virtuous Plant is the same
enters his dreams and starts the conversation there. as it would be for the Physician Skill (p.132, ED) for
Name-givers whose spirit in the astral plane diagnosing the injury or disease to be cured.
(because of using the Netherwalk talent, for Depending on the Success Level, the medicine or
example) count as spirits. That way, for instance, a remedy gains additional steps for the Effect Test: an
Shaman can keep in contact with a person who has Average success means +1, Good means +2, Excellent
entered the spiritual world and offer advice or can means + 4 and an Extraordinary success means +5 step
guide him back if he lost there. bonus. If the test was a Poor failure, the medicine loses
The Shaman can use the talent on targets he its healing power, and in a case of a Critical failure the
never met or hasn't prepared the talent to use. This medicine can become poisonous or dangerous to use
requires a Pattern Item from the target to which the depending the GM's discretion. The affected medicine
Shaman must weave a thread. To establish this type must be used immediately on the target patient or the
of contact the Shaman also needs to roll an effect fades.
Extraordinary success against the Spell Defense of The talent can be used on plants that don't have
the target, although he can add the thread's rank to healing properties. In this case, the Shaman must use
his Spirit Contact Step. the talent on the living plant before he collects it and
creates an extraction, broth, poultice etc. as he would
Virtuous Plant otherwise do with a medicinal plant. This use of the
Step Number: Rank + Willpower Step talent costs the Shaman additional 2 points of Strain,
Action: Yes Skill Use: No and it is harder to summon the deeply hidden healing
Requires Karma: Yes Strain: 2 properties of the plant, so the Difficulty Number is
Discipline Talent Use: Shaman increased by 5. In this case, a Critical failure will
Discipline Restriction: Shaman only always result a harmful medicine. Note, that if the
The Virtuous Plant talent allows the Shaman to plant already has a different medical effect, the talent
increase the effectiveness of any herbal medicines. will strengthen that and not what the Shaman wishes.

Shaman spells
First Circle Second Circle Third Circle
Astral Spear Astral Sense Aura Strike
Divine Aura Boil Water Blend With the Bushes
Dome of Air Bone Dance Combat Fury
Earth Blend Clinging Vines Embracing Shelter
Earth Darts Detect Undead Ethereal Darkness
Flame Flash Dispel Magic Gust
Healing Smoke Gadfly Lightning Bolt
Insect Repellent Heat Food Plant Feast
Moonglow Hunter's Sense Puddle Deep
Purify Earth Life Circle of One Quicken Pace
Purify Water Nourishing Fruits Shield Mist
Spirit Grip Path Home Sky Lattice
Thunderblast Repel Animal Soothe the Savage Beast
Undead Struggle Small Slayer Sunlight
Water Rope Suppress Scent Wandering Watersnake
Thrive Wood Raft

Codex Arcanus
Fourth Circle Stone Cage Eighth Circle
Binding Threads Viewpoint Astral Nightmare
Buoyancy Astral Maw
Circle of Well Being Sixth Circle Control Being
Dust Devil Air Source Earth Wall
Evil Eye Blessed Light Leaping Lizards
Great Sticky Vines Blood Lost Peacebond
Identify Magic Chosen Path Perimeter Alarm
Improved Astral Sense Drastic Temperature Restrain Horror
Lightning Shield Dust to Dust Shadow Tether
Masks of Terror Ease Passage Wall of Bones
Pain Karma Cancel Whirlwind
Root Trap Living Wall
Spear (Element) Recovery Ninth Circle
Thorny Retreat Stench Absorbing Sphere
Uneven Ground Sleep Channel Raw Magic
Weapons of War Tree Merge Dark Sword
Winds of Deflection Tossing Earth Glowing Swarm
Walls of Darkness Shift Skin
Fifth Circle Horror Call
Call Out That Spirit Seventh Circle
Circle of Astral Protection Blood Boil Tenth Circle
Earth Staff Bone Shatter Council of the Forest
Eye of Truth Cloud Summon Dragon's Breath
Foreseeing Constrict Heart Journey to Life
Fireball Foul Vapors Petrify
Invigorate Lightning Cloud Soul Trap
Nutritious Earth Liquid Eyes Weather Change
Relax Mystic Net
Resist Elements Restrain Entity Eleventh Circle
Resist Poison Spirit Bolt Final Merge
Sense Horror Step Through Shadow Spirit Tempest
Slow Thunderclap Tap Horror's Karma
Soundless Drums Wood Blade
Star Shower

New, Shaman-only spells

Circle 1 successful, the target gains a Recovery Test, which he
Healing Smoke must spend right away. If the Spellcasting Test was a
Threads: 3 Weaving Difficulty: 6/13 Good success, he gains a +3 Step bonus for the Test.
Range: Touch Duration: instant Repeated use is possible, but every time the spell is
Effect: See text cast (even unsuccessfully) on the same target on the
Casting Difficulty: Target's Spell Defense same day, add +2 to the Difficulty of the Spellcasting
Healing Smoke is a ritual spell and each of the Test.
spell threads need ten minutes to weave. The
Shaman collects a handful of fresh fruits, berries Circle 2
and twigs before casting. He sets it on fire while Clinging Vines
weaving the spell. The target must inhale the Threads: None Weaving Difficulty: 8/11
peppery smoke. If the Spellcasting Test was Range: 40 yards Duration: 3 rounds

Effect: Willforce + 5 The Shaman needs a large enough bush or tree that
Casting Difficulty: Target's Spell Defense can offer enough shelter for the target in its air-roots,
The Shaman points at his target with the fetish seams or in the foliage. When the Shaman casts the
and in a response the underbrush around the target spell, the plant enshrouds the target in a shelter,
animates and tries to entangle him. The target can offering the perfect place to hide and rest. The target
cut himself free by inflicting damage to them equal can leave the shelter any time but doing this ends the
to the result of the spell's Effect Test. The Physical spell. The Difficulty Number for finding the target is
and Spell Defense of the animated plants is 7. the result of the Effect Test.
While being the subject of this spell, the target
receives -10/-5 for his Full/Combat Movement for Blend With the Bushes
each Spellcasting Rank of the Shaman. Also, every Threads: 2 Weaving Difficulty: 8/17
talent, skill or spell of the target that involves Range: Touch Duration: Rank hours
movement (Air Dance, Charge, Maneuver, Displace Effect: Willforce
Self etc.) receives step penalty equal to the Shaman's Casting Difficulty: Target's Spell Defense
Rank in Spellcasting. This spell makes the target significantly harder to
The target cannot escape from the effect by spot. Add the result of the Effect Test to the Difficulty
moving away, the plants animate around him Number to detect the target using sight or hearing.
everywhere he goes until he inflicts enough damage This bonus only applies if the target is relatively
on them or the spell ends. immobile or moves very slowly, otherwise he gains
only half of the bonus (rounded up). If the target
Nourishing Fruits makes fast movements (like attacking) at the front of
Threads: 2 Weaving Difficulty: 6/10 observers, the effect ends until he gets out of their line
Range: Touch Duration: Rank days of sight and stops moving again.
Effect: See text Despite the name, the spell doesn't need vegetation
Casting Difficulty: 4 to work.
This spell can be used on any edible, freshly
collected vegetable or fruit. If the Spellcasting Test
is successful, the food will remain fresh for the
Circle 4
Masks of Terror
duration of the spell and will have twice the
Threads: 4 Weaving Difficulty: 9/12
nutritional value as normal. This means for example
Range: 20 yards Duration: 4 hours
that if the gathered food (see Hunting and foraging
Effect: Willforce + 4
p.95 ESG) is enough for 3 people for a day, it will be
Casting Difficulty: Target's Spell Defense
enough for 6 people or for 3 people for two days
The tales about the jungle often speak of unknown
after the spell was cast on it.
monsters and untold dangers waiting for the
This spell can be cast only once on any target,
unsuspecting strangers and this spell plays on these
repeated uses (even after the duration has expired
tales. The Shaman meditates in the company of the
or the first casting attempt was unsuccessful) have
targets of the spell while weaving the threads. This
no effect. The maximum amount of food the spell
process lasts at least 40 minutes (10 minutes for each
can affect is equal to Rank people's food for one
thread), while the targets are creating their battle
masks, which will act as the foci of the spell. The
The spell can also be used on dried foods, such
Shaman makes a Spellcasting Test against the largest
as Trail or Dwarf Mine rations. The Casting
Spell Defense of the targets.
Difficulty is increased by 10 in this case.
While the spell is in effect, the battle masks come to
life, causing fear during the combat in anybody the
Circle 3 wearer wishes. This means that the wearer rolls the
Embracing Shelter Effect Test (using the Shaman's steps) against the Social
Threads: 3 Weaving Difficulty: 7/15 Defense of the target. On an Average success, the target
Range: Touch Duration: Rank + 4 hours will be terrified at the sight of the masks, and fights as
Effect: Willforce + 5 he would be Harried. On an Excellent or better success,
Casting Difficulty: Target's Spell Defense

Codex Arcanus
the target tries to flee from the combat at least for If one of the drums is taken from the others to a
Rank rounds. distance larger than the spell range, the spell will fail
All targets are entitled to a Willforce Test against with that instrument, unless they get into range again.
the result of the Effect Test of the spell in every If the duration of the spell is over, each drum becomes
round, which counts as an action. If their test was soundable again.
successful, they become immune to the spell's effect
for the further duration.
Circle 11
Final Merge
Weapons of War
Threads: 7 Weaving Difficulty: 16/22
Threads: 3 Weaving Difficulty: 8/20
Range: Self Duration: See text
Range: Touch Duration: Rank + 4 hours
Effect: Merges the Shaman's mind with a Wood
Effect: + 4 steps to Damage Tests with the
Casting Difficulty: Target's Spell Defense
Casting Difficulty: Target's Spell Defense
As the name implies, casting this spell means an
This spell needs 10 minutes/thread casting time,
ultimate and irreversible decision that allows the
while the Shaman and the maximally Rank number
Shaman to merge his mind with a wood spirit. Few
of targets are ritually preparing themselves for
spirits allows this process and those who do, teach the
combat by dancing, donning their armor and
spell to their chosen Shaman. Since the pattern of Final
weapons. The Shaman casts the spell against the
Merge is always adjusted to the pattern of the Shaman
highest Spell Defense of the targets +1 for each
and the spirit, there is no fixed form of this spell.
additional member. If the Spellcasting Test is
Convincing the spirit to cooperate can take years
successful, every target receives a +4 Step bonus to
and often requires certain tasks to be fulfilled on the
the weapon of their choice for the spell's duration.
Shaman's part. These can include protecting the wood
This bonus applies only for that particular weapon
spirit's area from every harmful force to travel to a far
they used in the ritual (which also becomes also
corner of the world and bring additional information
their focus) only.
about something that the spirit found interesting. Keep
in mind that Shamans who reached this Circle and are
Circle 5 able to cast this spell are rare and even rarer are those
Soundless Drums who actually decide to do it.
Threads: 3 Weaving Difficulty: 11/15 Casting the spell requires one week per thread,
Range: 5 miles Duration: Rank month which the Shaman spends in peaceful meditation near
Effect: See text the chosen spirit. When the Shaman finishes the last
Casting Difficulty: 15 thread and casts the spell, his body merges with the
Jungle tribes communicate each other with tree that holds the spirit.
drums on large distances. This method is quick and Merging himself with the spirit means that the
easy, but has a drawback, since unwelcome ears can character automatically becomes a gamemaster
hear the messages too, and even if they cannot character, mostly because the new creature will be
understand them, the mere fact of messages being more like an elemental (usually a great form elemental
exchanged can be useful information. Shamans spirit) than a Name-giver. The character's Circle in the
solve this problem with this spell. Shaman's Discipline is added to the spirit's Strength
The Shaman casts the spell on two or more rating (see p.78 MMS), as well as his Attribute Values
(maximum of Rank number) drums that must be to the spirit's Attribute Values. The new creature
made from the same tree. If the spell is successful retains all of the abilities, talents and spells of the spirit
the drums became the foci of it, anybody can beat and the Shaman, and unlike normal wood spirits, their
any of they and they won't make any sound. Only body doesn't start to crumble when they manifest and
the other foci will emit the sound of the drum being can revert back into the tree-form any time they wish.
beaten. This sound is quite weak, not much louder There are indications, that just before the Scourge
than normal talking, so unless there is somebody there existed a lower-Circle and more dangerous
nearby to listen, the message can arrive unheard. version of this spell used to create something between
the people trying to hide in the hurriedly created kaers

and the Horrors. Stories, claiming certain jungle exactly successful or brought unexpected
tribes sacrificing Name-givers to some strange, consequences.
flesh-eating trees hinting that these efforts weren't

Shaman Talent Knacks

Poisonous Plant Test against the Effect Step or Spell
Exploding Fetish Defense (whichever is higher) of the poison. If the
Discipline: Shaman Talent: Create Fetish
Shaman achieves a Good success, the Effect Step of the
Rank: 5 Cost: 100
poison is increased by 2 Steps. If the Shaman achieves
Strain: 1
an Excellent success, the Effect Step of the poison is
The Shaman can use the Exploding Fetish knack to
increased by 3 Steps. If the Shaman achieves an
create fetishes that hold certain dangers for
Extraordinary success, the Effect Step of the poison is
attackers who target the fetish directly. This knack
increased by 4 Steps. If the test is a Poor failure, the
must be used instead of the Create Fetish talent and
poison becomes useless.
the Shaman must archive at least a Good success
This knack can only be used on herbal poisons (so, it
against the Learning Difficulty of the spell. While
doesn't effect snake venom, for example) and cannot be
creating the fetish, the Shaman places a small piece
used to make non-poisonous herbs poisonous. The
of live coal into it, which dissolves into the fetish if
affected poison must be used within one hour or it
the Test was successful.
loses all of its potency including its natural strength.
The fetish can be used just like an ordinary one but
each time somebody damages it (even
unintentionally), the Shaman rolls a free, Spare Fetish
unmodified Spellcasting Test against the attacker's Discipline: Shaman Talent: Create Fetish
Spell Defense. If successful, the target receives Step Rank: 4 Cost: 100
5 fire damage. If the attack destroys the fetish, the Strain: 2
target receives an additional Willforce + 5 + Spell's Using the Spare Fetish knack, the Shaman can create
Circle Step damage in the form of a sudden, large additional fetishes for the same spell as a replacement
gout of flame from the fetish. Mystic Armor protects if one of his fragile fetishes is destroyed. The Shaman
against the damage. must construct the extra fetish when the original one is
Spell and missile attacks targeting the fetish do not created, and the Learning Difficulty of the Create
generate this effect, except the final eruption, which Fetish Test is increased by 1 for each additional fetish.
goes into the air without causing any harm. The replacements aren't useable until the original is
working, the Shaman must activate them if he want to
use them. Activation requires a Spare Fetish Test
against the Difficulty Number of 6 plus the number of
Poisonous Plant Combat Rounds (10 seconds) passed since the original
Discipline: Shaman Talent: Virtous Plant was lost or destroyed. If the Test is successful, the
Rank: 5 Cost: 100 spare fetish works as the original attuned to the Spell
Strain: 1 Fetish talent. The Shaman can have a maximum of
This knack can be used to increase the effectiveness Create Fetish Rank number spare fetishes at any one
of herbal poisons. The Shaman must roll a time.

Codex Arcanus
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College of Vine
Aside from the collection of Knacks and Spells Scott's Page o' Earthdawn stuff
located herein, the College of the Vine is an Web site for Scott Rick, one of the assistants on the
excellent source of new items, blood magic, and Codex Arcanus project, Scott's Page o' Earthdawn
GM aides. Luke Davis is the author of the stuff is an excellent source for spells, Horrors,
College of the Vine, and has been awarded the creatures, legends, and so on. There are also
Star of Auryle by Lady Saria, webmistress of the gaming aides for other systems, which Scott plays,
Earthdawn Legends mailing list. as well.
er/1228/index.htm awn.html

Earthdawn Data Cache (EDDC) Tapestry of Legend

Mainly new house rules, spells and knacks can Melissa Kuhnell and Robert Braddock's site
be found here, but there are a couple of new contains tons of talent knacks, house rules and
materials planned, according to the info on the magical items. A great place of resources and well
site. You can maybe quicken this with some worth a check.
positive feedback http://www.concordant-
Earthdawn Publishing Trust (EDPT)
The goal of EDPT to provide a "writer's The Gray Eminence's Earthdawn
workshop" for every ED fans to help in It was last updated very long time ago, but it can
developing their own materials. You can also change if you drop some mail
found our fanzine, called Book of Tomorrow http://www.geocitiescom/TimesSquare/Fortress/351
here. 9/em.htm
Fletch's Kaer Uzrivoy's Masters
New Disciplines, spells, critters and items can be Game journals and other adventure ideas are here and
found here as well as tables and other beneficial new spells as well.
Web Earthdawn Resource Guide (WERG)
Peladon: Earthdawn WERG's most important feature is their excellent
Home for several excellent spells and magical and active forum (which you all go and try out
items, Peladon also has a section for role players now!), but new critters, Disciplines and other source
interested in DUNGEONS & DRAGONS and material can be also found here.
Michael "Mykal" Sawyer is the webmaster.

Thank you folks!

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What can we offer in exchange for your work? Well, you will be in the credits. You will receive warm thanks
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Language and grammar: The preferred language is U.S. English, although if this is a problem for you, we can
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Some more specific information and planned chapters in later editions:

Spells and Talent knacks: Please send in only complete ones with all the details (Weaving Difficulty, Range,
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Elementalist spells and Archer/Warrior knacks, so its would probably be the time for give some push for the other
Disciplines. If you need help in the actual design, you may found useful Tim Olker's ED Spell Generator software,
downloadable at

Magic items: The first update will contain this new chapter, but we can't write all of it alone. Common magic
objects, blood charms, thread items, legendary weapons - everything is welcomed. We aren't expecting just the pure
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history or its uses are needed, but we are the happiest when a complete legend is attached to the statistics. When

Codex Arcanus
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Essays: Any longer pieces that have something to do with Earthdawn and magic are in this category. Let your
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New Disciplines: Generally, we aren't fans of new Disciplines in Barsaive, but if you have a brilliant idea about
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restrictions, Half-Magic uses etc), background information should be added too. We don't expect Adept's Way-style
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And finally, the addresses you can contact us:

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Appendix C: Spell Index
This index contains the list of all officially published Earthdawn spells as well as their location. Note that the
Shaman spells are listed by the official version of the Discipline which can be found in the Magic: a Manual of
Mystic Secrets book.
Absorbing Sphere W9, S9 EDC84 Blind N5 AM32
Afterlife I10 EDC79 Blinding Glare I3, S3 AM21
Air Armor E1, S1 AM6 Blindness I2, S2 AM19
Air Blast E4 ED162 Blizzard Sphere E4 ED162
Air Fortress E10 EDC77 Block Magic W11 AM51
Air Mattress E2 AM6 Blood Boil W7, S7 ED188
Alarm I3 ED169 Blood Lost W6, S6 AM47
Alter Form W12 AM51 Blood Servitor N4 AM31
Alter Life N11 SP75, MMS131 Boil Water E2, S2 ED159
And His Money W2 ED185 Bond of Silence I5 AM23
And Then I Woke Up I3 AM21 Bone Circle N2, S2 ED176
Animate Dead N10 SP75, MMS132 Bone Dance N1, S1 ED174
Animate Guard Zombie PoD76 Bone Pudding N7 AM37
Animate Skeleton N4, S4 ED178 Bone Puppet N6 AM35
Animate Spirit Object N5 ED179 Bone Shatter N6, S6 ED180
Arrow of Night N3, S3 AM29 Bone Walker N6, S6 AM35
Assuring Touch I1 ED167 Bouncing Blaster I6 ED172
Astral Beacon N7 AM36 Buoyancy W4, S4 AM45
Astral Flare N4 ED178 Burning Water E9, S9 AM17
Astral Gift W7, S7 AM48 Call W7, S7 AM48
Astral Horror N5 ED180 Call Forth the Army of Decay
Astral Manifestation I10 EDC80 N14 AM42
Astral Maw N7, S7 AM36 Call Forth the Maelstrom E15 AM18
Astral Mount N5 AM32 Calm Water E7, S7 ED164
Astral Nightmare I8, S8 ED173 Catch Spell W8 AM49
Astral Sense W1, S1 ED183 Cat's Cradle W8, S8 ED189
Astral Sense [Discipline] E3, I3, N3 M132 Catseyes I1, S1 AM19
Astral Shadow I6 AM25 Catwalk W3, S3 AM43
Astral Shield W2, S2 ED185 Channel Raw Magic W9, S9 AM50
Astral Slice N10 AM40 Chilling Circle N1 ED174
Astral Spear N1, S1 AM29 Chosen Path I6 ED172
Astral Whisper N5, S5 AM32 Circle of Astral Protection N5, S5 ED180
Aura I4 AM22 Circle of Well Being I4 ED170
Aura Strike W3, S3 AM43 City in a Bottle W15 AM52
Awaken I5 AM23 Clarion Call I4 ED170
Ball of String W4, S4 ED186 Clean W2 ED185
Balloons of Mist E5 AM11 Cleanese Astral Space W13 AM52
Banquet of Dis N7 AM36 Clothing Gone 5 AM23
Beastform E7, S7 AM14 Cloud Banish E9, S9 EDC75
Bedazzling Display of Logical Analysis Cloud Summon E7, S7 ED164
W1 AM43 Cold Embers E9 AM17
Behind Eye E3 ED160 Cold Storage N7 AM37
Bellow of the Thundras I1, S1 AM19 Combat Fury W3, S3 ED185
Best Face I1 ED167 Command Nightflyer N1 ED174
Billowing Cloak E2 AM6 Compression Bauble W8, S8 ED189
Binding Threads W4, S4 AM45 Conceal Tracks I4, S4 AM22
Blade Fury E8 ED165 Confusing Weave W7, S7 ED188
Blazing Fists of Rage I1 AM19 Constrict Heart N7, S7 ED181
Bleeding Edge I4 AM22 Control Being N8, S8 ED182
Blessed Light N6, S6 ED180 Council of the Forest E14 AM18

Codex Arcanus
Counterspell W5, S5 ED187 Encrypt I2 AM20
Crafty Thought I2 ED168 Engulf [Element] E7, S7 AM14
Create Life N9 EDC81 Enter and Exit I5 AM24
Crop Blight E12 AM18 Ephemeral Bolt I2 ED168
Crunch Climb E1 ED158 Ephemeral Magic I8/W8 MMS133
Crushing Hand of Earth E8, S8 AM16 Erase Horror Mark N13 AM42
Crushing Will W1 ED183 Eternal Day I10, S10 EDC80
Damage Shift N7, S7 AM37 Eternal Youth N13 AM42
Damage Transfer N10, S10 EDC82 Ethereal Darkness N2, S2 ED176
Dampen Karma I3 ED169 Evil Eye N4, S4 ED178
Dancing Disks I6 ED172 Experience Death N1 ED175
Dark Messenger N3 AM29 Eye of Truth I5, S5 AM24
Dark Spy N4 AM31 Eyes Have It I4 ED170
Dark Sword N9, S9 EDC81 Falcon's Cloak E4, S4 AM9
Death Rain E7, S7 ED164 False Aura W3 AM44
Death Spikes ED300 False Enchantment I7 ED172
Death Trance N3 AM30 False Floor I3 ED169
Death Vow W10, S10 EDC85 Fatal Food N4, S4 ED179
Death's Head N3, S3 ED177 Fingers of Wind E3 AM7
Delay Blow W8 ED189 Fire and Water E10, S10 EDC78
Detect [Discipline] Magic E2, I3, N2 MMS132 Fire Hounds E7, S7 AM15
Detect Undead N1, S1 ED175 Fire Wall E9, S9 EDC76
Disaster I2 AM20 Fire Whip E4 AM9
Disguise Metal I1 ED167 Fireball E5, S5 ED163
Dislodge Spell W7 AM48 Fireweave E6, S6 AM13
Dispel [Discipline] Magic E3, I3, N3 MMS132 Flame Darts E7, S7 AM15
Dispel Magic W1, S1 ED183 Flame Flash W1, S1 ED184
Dispel Magic [Discipline] E5, I5, N5 M133 Flame Strike E2 M125
Displace Image I1 ED167 Flameshaw E6 ED163
Displace Self W6 ED188 Flameweapon E1, S1 ED158
Disrupt Magic N9 AM39 Flesh Eater I5, S5 AM24
Divine Aura W1, S1 ED184 Flying Carpet I5, S5 ED171
Do Unto Others I9, S9 AM27 Fog Ghost N2 ED176
Dodge Boost W2 ED185 Fog of Fear N3, S3 ED177
Doom Missile W6 ED187 Foreseeing I6, S6 AM25
Dragon's Breath E9, S9 EDC75 Forge Falsemen N12 AM41
Draining Eye W9, S9 EDC84 Form Exchange I8 ED173
Drastic Temperature E6, S6 ED163 Foul Vapors N6, S6 ED181
Draw and Quarter W10 AM51 Fragile Pattern N10, S10 EDC82
Dream Realm I9/N9 MMS133 Friend or Foe N4 AM31
Dream Sight I7 AM26 Friendly Darkness N6, S6 ED181
Dreamsend I8 AM27 Frozen Harbor E10 AM17
Drunken Stagger I7 AM26 Fuel Flame E3, S3 AM7
Dry and Wet N1 ED175 Fun with Doors I1 AM19
Dust Devil W4, S4 ED186 Gadfly N2, S2 AM29
Dust to Dust N6. S6 AM36 Gateway N10 EDC83
Earth and Air E10, S10 EDC77 Gigant Size W5 AM46
Earth Blend E1, S1 ED158 Gills E2 ED159
Earth Darts E1, S1 ED158 Globe of Silence N8 AM38
Earth Q'wril E7, S7 AM14 Glowing Swarm W9, S9 AM50
Earth Staff E5, S5 ED163 Grasping Hand of Earth E7, S7 AM15
Earth Surfing E7 AM14 Grave Message N3 ED178
Earth Wall E8, S8 ED165 Great Sticky Vines E4, S4 AM9
Ease Passage E6, S6 ED163 Great Weapon I4 AM22
Eclipse I10, S10 EDC80 Grim Reaper I9 EDC78
Elemental Merchant E10 EDC77 Grounding E3 AM7

Hair Frenzy W4 AM45 Makeshift Missile W5 ED187
Haunted Forest E8/N8 MMS134 Makeshift Weapon W6, S6 ED188
Haunted House I10 EDC80 Marathon Run N7 AM37
Healing Sleep W3 AM44 Massive Missiles I8 ED173
Heat Food E1 ED159 Memory Blank I4 AM23
Heat Metal W5 AM46 Memory Scribe I6 AM25
Hold Pattern W10 EDC85 Mental Library W6 AM47
Horror Call N8, S8 ED182 Metal Scream E5 ED163
Hunger I4 AM22 Metal Wings E5 ED163
Hunter's Sense E2, S2 AM7 Mind Dagger W1, S1 ED184
Ice Mace and Chain E3 ED160 Mind Fog I3 ED169
Ice Spear E2 ED159 Monstrous Mantle I2, S2 ED168
Icy Fingers W4, S4 AM45 Moon Shadow E9, S9 EDC76
Icy Surface E2 ED159 Moonglow E1, S1 AM6
Identify Magic W4 AM45 Move On Through W7 ED188
Identify Spell W3 AM44 Multi-Mind Dagger W6 MMS134
Ignite W1 ED184 Multi-Missile I4 ED170
Illusion I5 MMS134 Mystic Net W7, S7 AM48
Illusory Corpse I5 PoD104 Mystic Shock W5 AM46
Illusory Missiles I6 ED172 Mystic Vessel N9 AM39
Illusory Spell I8, S8 AM27 Netherblade N8 AM38
Impossible Knot I2 AM20 Nightflayer's Cloak N4 AM31
Impossible Lock I3 ED169 Nightmare of Foreboding I4 AM23
Improve Karma I5 ED171 Noble Manner I5 ED171
Improved Alarm I4 ED170 Nobody Here I3 ED170
Incessant Talking N5 AM32 Notice Not W3 ED186
Inflame Self E5, S5 AM12 Nutritious Earth E5, S5 AM13
Innocent Activity I2 ED168 Observe Event W9, S9 EDC84
Insect Repellent N1, S1 ED175 One of the Crowd I9 EDC79
Inventory W4 ED186 Onion Blood W10, S10 EDC86
Invigorate W5, S5 ED187 Ork Stoke W3 CF117
Iron Hand W1 ED184 Other Place I8 ED173
Ironwood E5 AM12 Pack Bags N3 ED178
Journey to Life W10, S10 EDC86 Pain N3, S3 ED178
Juggler's Touch W4 AM45 Pass Ward N5 ED180
Kaer Knocking W4 BE81, ESG105 Path Home E2, S2 ED160
Kaer Pictographs W5 ESG105 Pauper's Purse I1 ED167
Karma Cancel W6, S6 ED188 Peacebond W8, S8 AM49
Karmic Connection W4 AM45 Perimeter Alarm E8, S8 ED165
Last Chance N4 AM31 Pervert Emotion N12 AM42
Leaping Lizards I8, S8 ED173 Petrify E10, S10 AM17
Leaps and Bounds W3 ED185 Phantom Fireball I5 AM25
Levitate W3 ED186 Phantom Warrior I3, S3 AM21
Life Circle of One N2, S2 ED176 Plant Feast E3, S3 ED161
Light I1, S1 ED167 Plant Talk E1, S1 ED159
Lighten Road E4 ED162 Pleasant Visions I5, S5 ED171
Lightning Bolt E3, S3 AM8 Pocket Guardian N2 ED177
Lightning Cloud W7, S7 ED188 Porter E3 ED161
Lightning Shield E4, S4 ED162 Preserve N3 AM30
Lightning Step E4 AM10 Preserve Food N3 MMS127
Liquid Arrow E4, S4 AM10 Puddle Deep E3, S3 ED161
Liquid Eyes W7, S7 AM48 Purify Earth E1, S1 AM6
Living Wall E6, S6 AM13 Purify Forest E15 AM18
Loan Spell W6 AM47 Purify Water E1 ED159
Lodestone's Touch E4 AM10 Putrefy N1 ED175
Mage Armor W5 ED187 Quicken Pace W3, S3 ED186

Codex Arcanus
Rampage W6 CF117 Smoke Cloud E3, S3 AM8
Razor Orb W6, S6 ED188 Snuff E3, S3 AM8
Reattach Limb W9 EDC85 Solo Flight W5, S5 ED187
Rebel Limb I7 ED172 Soothe the Savage Beast I3, S3 AM21
Recall the Ancient Spirit N10/W10 SS66 Soul Armor N6 ED181
Recovery N6, S6 ED181 Soul trap N10, S10 AM40
Relax W4, S4 ED186 Spear [Element] E4, S4 AM11
Remove Shadow I2, S2 AM20 Spell Cage W7, S7 ED189
Repair E3 ED161 Spell Fusion W10 AM51
Repel Animal N2 ED177 Spell Snatcher W8 AM49
Resist Cold E1, S1 ED159 Spellstore W6 AM47
Resist Fire E1, S1 ED159 Spirit Bolt N7, S7 AM37
Resist Poison E5, S5 AM13 Spirit Dart N1, S1 AM29
Restore Pattern I13 AM28 Spirit Double N3 ED178
Restrain Entity N7, S7 ED181 Spirit Grip N1, S1 ED175
Restrain Horror N8, S8 ED182 Spirit Portal N7 ED182
Reversal of Passion I7 AM26 Spirit Servant N4 ED179
Reverse Withering N7, S7 ED182 Spirit Tempest N10, S10 AM40
Revulsion I9 EDC79 Spirits of Death's Sea E4 AM11
Ricochet Attack E6 ED164 Spiritual Guidance N5 AM34
Root Trap E4, S4 AM11 Spotlight I6 ED172
Rope Guide I1, S1 ED167 Stampede I7, S7 AM26
Rope Ladder W2 ED185 Star Shower N5, S5 AM34
Rust E3 AM8 Steal Strength N7, S7 AM38
Safe Opening W8 ED189 Stench I6, S6 AM26
Sanctuary W5 AM46 Step through Shadow N7, S7 AM38
Scryshift I3 PtW102 Sterilize Object E2 ED160
Sculpt Darkness N5 AM32 Stick Together E2 ED160
Seal W2 AM43 Stone Cage E5, S5 ED163
See the Unseen I3, S3 AM21 Stone Rain E6, S6 AM13
Seeking Sight W3 ED186 Stop Right There I4 ED171
Sense Horror N5, S5 AM33 Storm Manacles E7 ED165
Shadow Hunter N5, S5 AM33 Strong Pattern N10, S10 EDC83
Shadow Meld N3, S3 AM30 Study Thread W5 AM47
Shadow Palace I14 AM28 Suffocating Paste E4 ED162
Shadow Spell I8, S8 AM27 Suffocation I3 ED170
Shadow Tether N8, S8 ED182 Summon Bone Ghost N3 AM30
Shadow's Whisper N2 AM29 Sunlight E3, S3 AM8
Shatter Lock W3 ED186 Switch I5 AM25
Shatter Pattern N11 SP76, MMS135 Tailor I2 ED169
Shattering Stone E5, S5 AM13 Talent Reaver N12/W12 MMS135
Shield Mist N2, S2 ED177 Talent Shredder N9 EDC82
Shield of Warping E4, S4 AM11 Tap Horror Karma N10, S10 EDC83
Shield Willow E2 AM7 Target Portal N5 ED180
Shift Skin N9, S9 EDC81 Tears of the Scourge N5 AM34
Shift Walls I9 EDC79 Tell Tale W9, S9 EDC85
Silence Metal E8 ED165 Theran Kiss W6 PtW100
Silent Converse W1 AM43 Thorny Retreat W4, S4 ED187
Silent Darkness N9 AM40 Thrive E3, S3 AM9
Silent Stampede I7 CF117 Throne of Air E3 ED161
Silver Shadow E8, S8 ED165 Thunderclap E7, S7 AM15
Sky Lattice E3, S3 ED161 Thundering Walls I9 EDC79
Sleep W6, S6 ED188 Time Flies I7 AM26
Slow W5, S5 ED187 Tossing Earth E6, S6 ED164
Slow Metal Weapon E2 ED160 Translator Spirit N8 ED182
Small Slayer E2, S2 AM7 Tree Merge E6, S6 AM14

Triangulate W1 AM43 Wall of Unfire I5 ED171
True Blazing Fists of Rage I1 AM19 Wall Walker W1 ED184
True Ephemeral Bolt I2 ED169 Warp Astral Space W10, S10 EDC86
Trust W4 ED187 Water Wall E9 EDC76
Twisted Tongues I7 ED173 Water Wings W3, S3 AM44
Undead Struggle N1 ED175 Waterspout E8 AM16
Uneven Ground E4, S4 ED162 Weapon Back E4 ED162
Unmask I4, S4 AM23 Weather Change E10, S10 EDC78
Unnatural Life N11 AM41 Weather Cloak I2, S2 ED169
Unseen Voices I1 ED168 Whirlwind E7, S7 ED165
Vertigo I7, S7 ED173 Whisper through the Night N5, S5 AM34
Viewpoint N4, S4 ED179 Winds of Deflection E3, S3 AM9
Vines W2, S2 ED185 Wit Friend N7 ED182
Visions of Death N4 ED179 Wither Away N8, S8 AM39
Visit Death N8, S8 AM38 Wither Limb N5, S5 ED180
Void Wave N9, S9 AM40 Wizard Mark W3 AM44
Wake-Up Call W2 ED185 Wizard's Cloak W4 AM46
Walk Through I7 ED173 Wood Blade E11 AM17
Walking Dead N9 EDC82 Wound Mask W8 ED189
Wall of Bones N8, S8 AM39 You Got Me I2 AM20
Wall of Darkness N6, S6 AM36

Codex Arcanus
Appendix D: Talent Knack Index
This index contains the list of all officially published Earthdawn talent knacks as well as their location.
Adept's Best Friend AM53 Fire Arrow MMSS21 Rapier Wit AM61
Air Legs AM53 Flaming Wounds AM56 Remember ConversationAM61
Air Mount MMS22 Flourish AM57 Remove Curse MMSS23
Air Whisper AM53 Flying Kick AM57 Second Riposte AM61
Anchored Spell MMSS32 Forced Spellcasting MMSS34 Second Tail AM61
Arcane Curses AM54 Forge Arrow AM57 Sense Curse MMSS23
Armor Beater AM54 Gaping Wound MMSS22 Setup AM61
Arrow Cutting MMSS23 Glide AM57 Shadow Hide MMSS22
Arrow Stop MMSS20 Glint AM57 Share Sense AM61
Assault AM54 Halt Disease MMSS22 Signature Spells AM62
Astral Spy AM54 Hard Glare AM57 Smooth Armor AM62
Astral Tracking AM54 Head Butt AM57 Snag Weapon AM62
Avoid Spell AM54 Heal Others MMSS22 Songs of Inspiration MMSS23
Backbiter MMSS21 Here's the Deal AM58 Spell Design MMSS35
Boarding Action AM54 Hold Multiple Threads AM58 Spell Design MMSS28
Body Armor AM54 Horror Analysis AM58 Spell Riposte MMSS23
Bounce AM55 Improved Missiles AM58 Spell Stacking MMSS35
Braiding Threads MMSS28 Improved Weapons AM58 Spirit Flame MMSS21
By the Fingernails AM55 Increased Spell Difficulty Spirit Shield AM62
Cat's Skill AM55 MMSS34 Sublimal Mutterings AM62
Claw Riposte AM55 Invisible Mark MMSS21 Sword Rattler AM62
Claw Tool MMSS21 Lay of the Land AM58 Swordcrash MMSS23
Covet Item MMSS23 Lightning Throw AM59 Talent Linking MMSS28
Create Mechanical Trap AM55 Maintain Spell Threads MMSS35 Telling the Tale AM62
Creature Remains AM55 Matched Weapons AM59 Thread Masking MMSS29
Deathsight AM55 Mighty Throw AM59 Thread Sight MMSS29
Defuse Mob AM55 Mimic Music AM59 Tracking Direction Arrow
Diagnose MMSS24 More Than Words AM59 AM63
Disassociate AM56 Mountain Hoof CF117 Understudy AM63
Epic AM56 Mystic True Shot AM59 Unraveling MMSS31
Explosive Flame Arrow MMSS21 Name Spell AM60 Vertical Jump AM63
Extend Range AM56 Offguard AM60 Water Mount MMSS22
Far Speaking AM56 Orbiting Watcher AM60 Weapon Scream MMSS22
Faulty Bowyer AM56 Parry AM60 Whittle Weapons AM63
Faulty Goods AM56 Pin AM60 Wound Heal AM63
Feinting Lunge CF119 Pin Down AM60 Wound Share AM63
Feinting Retreat CF119 Placed Shot AM61


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