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RESOLUTION No. 2010-012

D , DEC \ 5 1010

SUB,J'F.CT: Imposit ion and collection of fees for the reproductio n and/or
certification of photocopied decisions, resolutions, case records.
issuances. reports. documents, data, and other official records in
the custody of the Commission

WIU:REAS. Section 7, Article IX-A of the 1987 Philippine Constitution mandates

Ih.; Commi s:;ion on Audit to decide any case or matter brought before it for de<:ision or
rt:solillion ;

WIU :REAS. Section 7, Article 111 of the 1987 Philippine Constitution recognizes
the right of he people to information on matters of public concern, and access to official
records, documents, and papers penaining 10 official acts, transactions or decisions. subject
10 such ii mitll ions as may be provided by law;

WI1ERF.AS, COA Mcmorandum No. 87221: dated August 24, 1987 provides
certain measures to rationalize the exerci se of the right to informat ion and acccss to official
records and documcnts to protect the interest of govenunent. including the production
thereo f at Ih(' expense of the requesting parties;

wnEREAS, eOA Resolution No. 2008010 dated October 10,2008 authorizes the
release of c.!rtified copy of information, documcnts. data, official records or reports, or
Illmishing cupics thereof. to other parties, subject to the approval or prior clearnnce from the
Office of the Chairman, this Commission;

WHEREAS, Executive Order Nos. 159 and 197, dated February 23, 1994 and
January 13, 2000, respectively, authorize ail departments, bureaus, office s, units, and
agencies o r the national government, including govemment-owned or controlled
corporations, to revise and increa<;e their fees and charges by just and rcasontl.ble rates
sufficient to cover the full cost of services rendered, pursuant to Section 54. Chapter 12,
flook IV of Executive Order No. 292. the Admini strative Code of 1987; and

WIIEREAS, the cost or reproduction and/or ccnification of photocopied decisions,

resolutions, case records, issuances, reports, documents. data, and other official records in
tht: c u~tod y of the Commi ssion has been signi ficantly increasing brought about by the
inc rt:<1se in the cost of office supplies, materials, electricity, and other related expenses that
deplete the ~udget for misccll nd OIher operating expenses oflhe office.

NOW, THEREFORE, premises considered, the Conunission PrQper resolves, as it
is hereby resolved, to authorize the proper offices in the Central Office and the Regional
Offi ces to impose and collect fees for the reproduction and/or certification of photocopied
decisions, fI! solutions, case records, issuances, reports, documents, data, and other official
records in tile custody of the Commission at the rate of Five Pesos (Ps.oo) per page, subject
to the folloViing conditions:

I . The request for reproduction and/or certification of documents shall be subject to

the limitations prov ided under COA Memorandum No. 87-22-E and COA
Ilcsolution No. 2008-010;

2. The request shall be made in writing, and shall state the purpose and description
(If the decisions, resolutions, case records, issuances, reports, documents, data,
Hnd other official records sought to be reproduced and certified . Provided,
however, that the request of government oversight bod ies for these documents
'~ :hall be exempted from the payment of said fees:

3. The custody of the original of photocopied decisions, resolutions, case records,

issuAnces, reports, documents, dala, and other offi cial records shall remain with
the concerned Office and shall in no case be relinquished to the requesting party,
~ !x cept upon order of the Court ;

4. The concerned Office shall be responsible for determining the total number of
pa ges to be photocopied and the total fees to be collceted;

s. The fees shall be paid at the TreAsury Services, General Services Office in the
': entral Offi ce or at the Adminislnlti on, Training and Finance Services of the
~egiona l Offices, and shall accrue to the Constitutional Fi scal Autonomy Group
ICf AG) fu nds; and

6. Befo re the release of the reproduction/certification requested,lile original copy of

:he Offi cial Receipt shall be stamped/marked accordingly.

Thi!: Resolution shall take effect after fifteen (1 5) days from the dale ofpublicstion
in a Ilcwspf pcr of general circulation.

Quezon City, Ph ilippines.