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The principal amount due tothe consortium of bankers amounted UD Appr Re 105 Crs. The barkers have sen a demand notice under secton 13 of he SARFAESI Ac in respect ofthe Company's Assets ‘Stused at Vadagaon, Pmt ond Vasa for an amount of Rs. 224.09 Crs that nuded interest upto 31st july 2013. The company has made Teprosentations for waiver iferest and grant of tne for repayment ofthese dues. The matters pencing and the company has been legaly vised that since possession cf those uns sil continue vith the company andthe operations are being cad on, eto he aoresad properties contin to remain vith the company. 151 The non-consortum bankers and other unsecured creditors, have oustanding dues for which they have listed legal proceedings ‘hovaing winding up patton in various cous: The company has made representations fr waiver of interest and grat of tne for repayment ot these aves, «in view ofthe fat that proposal fr waiver of interests pending wit he banks, no prouison fr Interest or he period ending 2th Sept 2013 6 ‘made inthe aocounts However under protest and without acknowledging the Seman in respect of interest as intimated by the banks provision for Contingencies made inthe profit and loss accounts tothe extent of Rs. 11.50 Crs is considered adequate fo this purpose, 1 “The company has negoiated wih several realestate developers forthe monetsation ofthe company's ol plant in Vadagaen and Pimp. The grass ‘aus of the seal estate development can actieve realizations in excess of Rs, 200 C's over 3 to 5 years. In ation the company hes denied {Hategic mesior wah whom discussions have reached an edvanood stage The company also i in cscussion wit the bankerslendors fora ‘Compromise formula for setlement ofthe dues. On account ofthese factors the managements cf the vew tat continues fo operate as going once wth an ably to uly meet oblgations. 1) The Bord of Decors ofthe Company ins meeting held on 16th May 2013 has approved the proposal to dea, negatate or dispose of the vuole or pat ofthe Compan/s manufscturng unt located at Bal Dist Solan, Himachal Pradesh, 19) Te caren paiod'sfgures are not comparable wth the pxevous year's figures on account of extension ofthe accountng year by the Company. 10) The above results were subject o Limited Review bythe Statutory Autor of the Company pursuant to Cause 41 ofthe Listing Agreement ‘1)Prevous yeas fowes have been regrouped and rearranged wherever necessary, For TWILIGHT LITAKA PHARIMA LIMITED es Place : Mumbai GOPAL RAMOURT! Date: 14 ‘Managing Director