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Teachers need to have computer proficiency and using it

6) Recommendation in their teaching.

Embed new media and other teaching methods in the
teaching and learning process
Teacher should be given allowance and encouragement
to improve their teaching methodology and skills.
Not only be dependent on their module.

5.1) Attitude toward English Proven that the undergraduate at this particular tertiary
Most of the student agree that the english is important institution do have positive attitude towards the english
5) Results language course and english language learining.
because of to attain a higher socio-economic standing in
the community, get job in government and private sector 7) Conclusion Constraints such as insufficient time.
and also for their self improvement and betterment. Feed back from small sample group should be noted and
steps taken to improve the teaching and learning process
of the english language courses.
5.2) Self Assessment
1) Abstract
The most highest ranking of language skills is speaking.
The need of competency in english language is one of
the most important requirements expected by the
5.3) Learning of English employers nowsaday.
Questionanaire survey is conducted to see the
Objective of the English Language Course. proficiency of undergraduate to the tertiary level english
Teaching Methadology in the English Language language course offered by university.
Teaching and Learning Activities Undergraduates Perception of the English
Most tertiary level institution in malaysia offer three
Teaching and Learning of English Language Proficiency Courses at Tertiary categories of language courses to the students that is
Material Level malay, english and foreign language and also malay and
Open Ended Question
english is compulsory to ful fill the university graduation
Learning the language through though reading, writing,
speaking, and listening.

2) Introduction
To investigate the undergraduate perception of the
English used as the language of living and earning.
english language courses. 3) Focus of the study
university determining the student capacity to learn, teach
them and use it in communication and networking when
working for earning a life
Describe in detail how the study was conducted. 3) Relevant scholarship
4) Method

4.1) Participant Charactheristics

The participants in the study were 130 students(27 male

and 103 female graduates) who were aged 19-30.

4.2) Sampling Procedures

The numbers of samples with MUET result is less than the

total number of samples as some samples did not indicate
results and some students did not have MUET
4.3) Research Design

The main methodology used in the research was a survey

questionnaire that divided into four section that is personal
details, attitude toward english , self assessment and
learning of english.