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Scheme for Providing Support for

Entrepreneurial and Managerial Development of SMEs through Incubators

Ministry of MSME India
Application of Entrepreneur/ Incubatee
1 Applicant Information
a Applicant (entrepreneur) name PRAVEEN JAIN
b Age 32 YRS
c Educational Qualifications B.Com (Hons) CA(Inter), MBA (Int Fin)

Kushal Bhawan, Hem Sing Ji Ka Katla Mahamandir

d Postal Address Jodhpur Rajasthan 342006
e Telephone/mobile 91-9784530353
f Fax: NA
g Email:
h Website (if any) NA
i Current professional /employment status Business and Startup Project

2 Company Information
a Have you registered a company, give details Yes Private Limited
b Name of applicant company/firm M/S Godhead Beverages P Ltd
c DIPP Ministry of Commerce Startup Action Policy 2016 DIPP1595 Startup
d Location from which company is operating Jodhpur Rajasthan India
e Relationship with the Business Incubator/ Host Institute Not Relation
f Company sector Agro_Food_Processing ( Beverage Industry)
g Investment in plant and machinery Rs 1 Lacs Approx
h Company type Micro

3 Project Information
A Details of proposed idea/ innovation
a Title of the technology/innovation Nutra_Fruit_Drinks
b Category of technology/ innovation New Product
If the idea involves use of existing intellectual property, give details of the owner of
the same and arrangements of sourcing the innovation and terms of its
c commercialization Not Applicable
Age Group 12 to 80 All Male and Females as our
d Specify the potential areas of application in industry/market Proposed Customers
e Specify newness/ uniqueness of the innovation 1. One Stop Solution for Beverages Lovers
2. Complete Nutra Elements.
3. Based on 100% Fruit Juices.
4. Thunder of Fizz
5. Instant Energy of Glucose D.
6. Fruit Fizz Drink
7. On Vision of Honble PM To Develop Fruit
Fizz Drinks to Reduce Fruit Wastages and
uplift farmers income.
8. More As per Benefits Sheet.
9. Silver Ion for Metabolisim and Antibacterials
What is already available in market? What is the market potential? . What value it 1. At present there is no Nutra_Fruit_Drink which
f would add in market comparable to our standard
2. However Pepsi, Coke, Redbull, Appy Fizz
Fiesta of Spain, Minon of Malasiya are drinks
available in the Market.
3. Dabur India had just lauched Real Volo in
Oct 2016, Fruit Fizzz Drinks.
4. Market have Great potential since our
drink focus on Health and Nutra elements
and is based of 100% juices.
5. Today Soft Drink lovers are health oriented
they prefer juices and Nutra Diet hence it
would be One Stop Solutions for All.
6. The Best Quality at Cheaper Rates.
B Current Development Status of innovation
What is the current development status of the innovation / product or service Idea converted into prototypes with Development
a offerings with M/S Wild Flavours Mumbai (MNC)

More Development 2-3 Required to make the

Product Final we want to do development with
M/S Dohler India Pune and some Reputed MNC, for
which we seek Incubation Support.
After Many R & D final 2-3 Prototype done with
b Idea readiness level M/S Wild Flavour Mumbai MNC

2-3 Field Testing Done, with Good Response.

Specify the time period in months required for innovation to be completely Maximum 1 Month with Dohler India, CFTRI and
c developed for field testing / ready for intended enduser? Lab Testings
C Financial requirements

Yes, We Want to Start 100% Export Oriented Unit

at Green Tech Mega Food Park Kisangarh Jaipur
Rajasthan India, We have Foreign Collaborator in
a Do you have a business plan for taking innovation from lab to market? UAE, We will make exports to UAE.

b What level of funding is required for making innovation market ready? Rs. 10 Lacs Approx
Requested under the MoMSME scheme

Please give activity wise break-up (Activities include design/prototype

development/lab/bench scale production /professional services/hiring staff/
c trials/test marketing/ miscellaneous)(use annexure if space is not sufficient) 1. Design Done-Refer Ingridient Sheet

2. Prototype Development-Done M/S Wild Flavours

( Report Attached) taken on Hire Contract.

3. Lab- Govt or Fssai Lab to be used on hire basis

4. Bench Scale Production- On Final Development
with M/S Dohler India they will Develop 100 Litre
packed in Aluminium Canes.
5. Professional Services- Food Technisician

M/S Dohler India Pune for Final Development

M/S CFTRI Mysore for Testings
NABL Labs for Product Testings.
6. Hiring Staff - 3-4 Staff Already Hired
7. Trials - 2-3 Trials of Prototype Done
8. Final Developments : With
M/S Dohler India Pune
M/S CFTRI Mysore for Testings
M/S Wild Flavours
M/S Firmniche
M/S Kp Manish
M/S Kawa Technology Austrilia - Silver Ion
9. 2-3 Trials of Marketing Test done now
we will do marketing test of our Final
product by sending samples to UAE and
some Trials Runs at Jaipur and Delhi Metro
as Samplings.
10. Our Moto is to make our Development
Final so that we will go for our project start
we will launch either 60 Bpm or 120 Bpm
plant project as 100% EOU at Jaipur.
11. Our 60 Bpm Project Cost will be approx
7 Cr and 120 Bpm will be 17.50 Cr
12. We have Following Funding Schemes.

A. Nabard Funding for Units in Agro Food Park

B. Union Bank of India Startup Scheme upto 5Cr.

C. Startup Funds since we are DIPP Startups.

D. FVCI Venture Capital as we are DIPP Startups.

E. FPI Investors since we are DIPP Startups.

F. ECB Rbi permits 3 Mn USD to DIPP Startups.

G. Funds of Funds SIDBI for DIPP Startups.
We have already started for funding apprisals with
4 Other Related Information

Are there any team members/partner and mentors/guides in your innovative 1. Smt Saroj Devi - My Mother email
a project. If so give name and complete contact address with phone and e-mail)
2. We have 2-3 Hired Staffs.
3. Self Mentor Lead by Mr Praveen Jain
4. Conducted R & D Self and with help of
Market experts and Friends.
b Information on Patents filed/granted We want to File Patients, in 10 Days.
c Any awards or recognition related to the innovation We are DIPP Recognised Startup under

Honble Prime Minister Startup Action Plan 2016.

Please include any further information that you wish to communicate to us to help 1. Our Company is Registered with MSME and
d us in judging your application obtained Udhyog Aadhar.
2. Our Company PAN : AAGCG5170Q
3. We have lots of Benefit of Funding once
we will lauch our project at Jaipur under
Startup Action 2016 Please visit
4. Our Project Falls under Other Possible Area1 (i)
Fruit Processings.
5. Our Upcoming Project will benefit to Farmer of
Rajasthan since we will buy Kinnu, Pomegranates
from Rajasthan Farmers.
6. We will develop 3 Drinks based of 1. Apples 2.
Kinnu 3. Pomegranates.
7. We have our Foreign Collaborator in UAE please
check details
8. Ministry of Food Processing is Launching
Sampada Scheme which will grant us 35% Subsidy
in our project.
9. Since our project is 100% Export Oriented Unit
we will get Subsidy from APEDA
10. On Project Stage we will apply for Rs1 Cr
Funding Support to MSME Under ASPIRE Fund
Managed by SIDBI.
5 Other

I,Praveen Jain, here by certify that the information furnished in the application form from Item 1-4 is
is true, complete and best to my knowledge.

Date 30/1/2017 Praveen Jain

Place Jodhpur Signature
Godhead Beverages P Ltd
DIPP 1595

6 Recommendations of the forwarding organization:

Has the application been screened and evaluated at local level. Give details.

Place Signature of the Head of organization with seal