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Master Tung Zones

Chris Dewey
Fall 2015
Master Tung Zones
Number Body Zone
11 Fingers
22 Hand
33 Forearm
44 Upper Arm
55 Bottom of Foot
66 Top of Foot
77 Lower Leg
88 Thigh
99 Ear
1010 Head and face
Number of
Number Name Location Indications Needling Notes

palmar & ulnar side, D line, 2nd digit,

LV qi yu, PMS (esp psycho-emotnl), perpendicular, btwn combine w. Fuke for
11.17 Wood Anger 2 points divide proximal phalanx into 1/3's. L
itchy, dry or teary eyes, hand skin dz tendon & bone PMS
hand ONLY

Pain in hands, feet, fingers & toes,

palmar & radial side of thumb, where
peripheral neuralgia in fingers & perpendicular, tap the
11.27 Five Tigers 5 points pink & white skin meet on LU channel
toes. # 1 & 2 treat fingers, # 4 & 5 bone
(distal = 1, proximal = 5
treat toes, #3 either

1 perpendicular, scrape
11.01 Big Distance
point the bone
palmar & radial side, B line, 2nd digit,
proximal phalanx, divide phalanx into

1 perpendicular, scrape
1102 Small Distance
point the bone

1 set Dao
Inguinal hernia

1 perpendicular, scrape
11.03 Floating Distance
point the bone
palmar & radial side, B line, 2nd digit,
middle phalanx, divide phalanx into

1 perpendicular, scrape
11.04 Outer Distance
point the bone
11.01 through 11.04 Big Distance,
11.27 Five Tigers Small Distance, Floating Distance,
(5 points) Outer Distance
(4 points)

11.17 Wood Anger

(2 points)
Number of
Number Name Location Indications Needling Notes

ulnar side, mid point of middle phalanx on Stabilize & normalize UT, infertility, perpendicular, tap the combine w. Fuke for
11.06 Return to Nest 1 point
4th digit, where pink & white skin meet UT pain or inflamm, miscarriage bone miscarr.

Fuke dorsal, ulnar side of thumb, proximal

Homeostatic pt for all OBGYN,
11.24 (Gynecological 2 points phalanx, where pink & white skin meet on oblique insertion
menopause, infert, menses
Dept) LU channel, divide phalanx into 1/3s

dorsal side, middle phalanx of 3rd digit, old, tired, worn out knees (pain on
perpendicular, scrape
11.09 Heart Knee 2 points mid point of phalanx on either side of stairs), may be hot or inflamm, fatigue
the bone
phalangeal bone or aged

dorsal side, middle phalanx of 3rd digit, Varicose veins (HT delivers xue, LU perpendicular, tap the
11.11 Heart Lung 2 points
mid line of phalanx divide phalanx into 1/3s recovers xue) bone

dorsal side, proximal phalanx of 3rd digit,

Dan perpendicular, scrape
11.13 2 points mid point of phalanx on either side of Gallbladder issues, knee pain
(Gallbladder) the bone
phalangeal bone

Xiaojie Palmar side of the thenar eminence on the perpendicular, scrape

n/a 1 Point Ankle sprains, pain
(Small Joint) ulnar side of the head of 1st metacarpal the bone

Homeostatic pt to normalize HT
palmar & ulnar side, D line, 3rd digit, perpendicular, scrape
11.19 Heart Normal 2 points function, HT dz, tachycardia,
proximal phalanx, divide phalanx into 1/3's the bone

palmar side, 3rd digit, mid-line of middle SP swelling, peripheral neuralgia due perpendicular, tap the works really well w. Five
11.18 Spleen Swelling 2 points
phalanx, divide phalanx into 1/3's to DM, Chemo, trauma bone Tigers

Wood palmar & ulnar side, D line, 4th digit, divide LV dz of any etiology, LV pain, perpendicular, btwn
11.20 2 points
Inflammation middle phalanx into 1/3's cirrhosis tendon & bone
11.09 Heart Knee
(2 points)

11.13 Dan (Gallbladder)

(2 points)
11.06 Return to Nest
(1 point)

11.xx Heart Lung

(2 points)

11.24 Fuke
(2 points)
Xiaojie (Small Joint)

11.18 Spleen Swelling

(2 points)

11.19 Heart Normal

(2 points)

11.20 Wood Inflammation

(2 points)
Number of
Number Name Location Indications Needling Notes

on thenar eminence of palmar side, where scapular & mid-back pain, tx LU issues
22.01 Double Son 1 point C line of 2nd digit meets line from MCP of e.g. cough, asthma, activates LU perpendicular
1st digit channel

often combined,
(needle opposite side for
unilateral pain)

on thenar eminence of palmar side, at same as DS, and tx BL on back, & LI

22.02 Double Fairy 1 point perpendicular
jnctn of 1st & 2nd metacarpals (see channel corresp)

palmar surface of hand, divide thenar gastritis, ST ulcers, effective for ST &
22.11 Earthwater 3 points eminence of 1st metacarpal where pink & LU related asthma, regulates ST, LU, perpendicular
white skin meet into 1/4's KI

base of palmar side of hand, in depr, 0.5

Mu Guan
n/a 1 point cun distal to pisiform btwn HT & PC perpendicular
(wood gate)

RA, pain & swelling of joints, heel pain often combined

base of palmar side of hand, in depr, 0.5

Gu Guan
n/a 1 point cun distal to scaphoid btwn LU & PC perpendicular
(bone gate)
22.11 Earthwater

Gu Guan

22.01 Double Son

22.02 Double Fairy

Mu Guan
Number of
Number Name Location Indications Needling Notes

lower back pain,

Ling Gu dorsum of hand, on LI channel, junctn of sciatica, LJ, perpendicular, scrape
22.04 1 point
(miraculous bone) 1st & 2nd metacarpals migraines, If these points the bone
menses, KI xu work well, there is often used together,
a LU xu combine with LI 4 as Dao
component so Ma
upper back & neck needle LU 9
Da Bai dorsum of hand, on LI channel, proximal perpendicular, scrape
22.05 1 point pain, sciatica , UJ,
(big white) to head of 2nd metacarpal the bone

dorsum of the hand on LU channel perpendicular, scrape works well w. Ling Gu &
n/a Fan Hou Jue 1 point back pain and BL
midway point of thumb metacarpal the bone Da Bai

dorsal web of hand btwn MCP joints of

n/a San Cha One 1 point LU qi xu, shoulder, neck & back pain
2nd & 3rd digits

thread under ext. dig.

dorsal web of hand btwn MCP joints of
n/a San Cha Two 1 point Regulate HT, knee & lumbar pain comm. tendon parallel
3rd & 4th digits
to hand surface

dorsal web of hand btwn MCP joints of regulates SJ & head, common cold,
n/a San Cha Three 1 point
4th & 5th digits at SJ 2 on SJ channel sore throat, fatigue, tonifies SP & KI

Same as SI 3 on ulnar border of hand,

22.08 Wrist Flow One 1 point proximal to head of 5th metacarpal on perpendicular
transverse palmar crease combine with SI 5 to
h.ache, neck pain, back pain, cover entire neck and
treats BL into upper back as Dao
22.09 Wrist Flow Two 1 point 1/2 cun proximal to WFO perpendicular
22.08 Wrist Flow One
= SI-3
22.09 Wrist Flow Two

San Cha 3

22.04 Ling Gu (prox) & San Cha 2

22.05 Da Bai (dist)

San Cha 1

Fan Hou Jue

Number of
Number Name Location Indications Needling Notes

1 At SI 5 on the wrist crease, in the depr

point btwn the hd of the ulna & triquetral bone
Thread under flex carpi
ulnaris to HT channel
1 set Sciatic pain esp in buttocks, LBP, BL & Needle opposite side to
n/a Three Arrows Dao Mid-way between Arrow 1 & Arrow 3 GB channels in lower body (SI treats the pain. Needle order is
Ma BL, HT treats GB) Arrow 1, 3, 2

On the lateral border of the ulna, flexor

1 Thread under the FCU to
side of forearm, close to HT 5 about 1 to 2
point HT 5
cun from HT 7 (palpate for qi response).

1 2 cun prox to wrist crease, lateral side of

33.01 This Door
point radial bone on LI channel
Needle one side only.
Works really well and quickly for Pinch skin, lay needle
1 set
1 hemorrhoids, anal prolapse, diarrhea, flat and thread along
33.02 This Corner Dao 2 cun prox to This Door
point stubborn constipation, abdominal gas radius, twd elbow or
& bloating wrist (depending uppn
tonify or reduce)
33.03 This Uprightness 2 cun prox to This Corner

way btwn wrist crease and elbow crease

1 Perpendicular, shave the
33.08 Hand 5 Gold plus cun prox on extensor side of arm =
point radial side of the ulna
1 set 6.5cun, btwn SI & SJ meridian
Sciatica , calf pain, lwr abdominal pain Can be very sensitive
and numbness. (SJ treats GB) points
1 Perpendicular, shave the
33.09 Hand 1000 Gold 2 cun prox to Hand 5 Gold
point radial side of the ulna

On the SI channel 3 cun prox to pisiform,

33.10 Intestine Gate 1 point Colitis, gastritis, diarrhea, IBS
btwn flexor side of ulna & tendons

Perpendicular, on
3 cun prox to Intestine Gate on SI channel, LV Dz, LV pain, hepatitis, cirrhosis,
33.11 Liver Gate 1 point medial side of ulnar
6 cun from SI 5 fatty LV
under the tendons

on SI channel, ~1.5 dist to medial HT Dz, inner knee pain, inguinal pain, Can be tender point
33.12 Heart Gate 1 point
epicondyle coccyx & sacral pain (palpate for qi response)
3 Arrows,
Flexor View

Arrow 2

SI Channel

Arrow 1 = SI 5 Arrow 3
3 Arrows,
Lateral View

Arrow 2

SI Channel

Arrow 3 Arrow 1 = SI 5
33.02 This

33.03 This

33.01 This Door

33.08 Hand Five 33.09 Hand One
Gold Thousand Gold
P SI Channel
SI 5

33.10 Intestine

33.11 LV Gate

33.12 HT Gate
Number of
Number Name Location Indications Needling Notes

Btwn LU & PC channels, flexor side of

33.13 Human Scholar forearm, 4 cun prox to wrist crease, on
ulnar side of radius

Asthma, cough, common cold,

1 set LU 6, 7 cun prox to wrist crease, on flexor bronchitis (treat LU through ST via
33.14 Earth Scholar Dao side of forearm, 3 cun prox to Human PC to ST assoc). Perpendicular
Ma Scholar Heaven Scholar also add frozen
shoulder, UBP

1 10 cun prox to wrist crease on flexor side of

33.15 Heaven Scholar
point forearm, 3 cun prox to Earth Scholar

In cubital fossa, radial side of biceps brachii Cough, common cold, asthma,
33.16 Curved Mound 1 point
tendon at LU 5 muscle spasms, palpitations

n/a Japanese LU-5 1 point 1.5 cun radial to LU 5 Cough, common cold, asthma

Perpendicular Form a 1.5 cun square

n/a Ding Ke 1 point 1.5 prox to Japanese LU 5 Cough

Common cold, cough, laryngitis,

44.01 Separate Metal 1 point 1.5 prox to LU 5
rhinitis, allergies

0.8 cun distal to LI 11, plus two extra points Stubborn / severe cold, severe /
n/a Fu Ge San 3 points Perpendicular
0.8 cun L & R of first point chronic LU issues, stronger w LI 4
33.14 Earth

33.13 Human
33.15 Heaven Scholar
Left Forearm

Ding Ke Japanese LU 5

44.01 Separate 33.16 Curved

Metal Mound = LU 5
Right Elbow

Fu Ge San
LI 11
Number of
Number Name Location Indications Needling Notes

44.02 Back Vertebra 2.5 cun prox to olecranon on SJ channel

1 set
1 2 cun prox to Back Vertebra (4.5 cun prox General LBP, spinal pain, subluxation, Perpendicular, tap the
44.03 Head Wisdom Dao
point to olecranon) on SJ channel dislocation, nephritis (SJ treats KI) bone

1 2.5 cun prox to Head Wisdom (7 cun prox

44.04 Wealth Apex
point to olecranon) on SJ channel

Can be needled as an
1 point
Midpoint of deltoid muscle, ~2.5cun dist equilateral triangle with
44.06 Shoulder Center (optional Shoulder, knee and foot pain Perpendicular
to LI 15 1cun sides Shoulder
Center at apex
SJ Channel

44.04 Wealth

44.03 Head

44.02 Back
44.06 Center
Number of
Number Name Location Indications Needling Notes

Center of the distal crease on the plantar Facilitates prolonged or diff labor,
55.01 Fire Bag 1 point Perpendicular
side of the 2nd toe induces labor, retained placenta

On sole of foot, between 1st & 2nd toes.

Point #1 lies 0.5 cun proximal to the web
Eye Dz of any etiology, h.ache, loss of Perpendicular, thread to
55.02 Flower Bone One 4 points of the toes, #3 & #4 lie at the proximal
hearing LV channel
and distal ends of the tarso-phalangeal
joint, Point #2 is equidistant btwn #1 & #3

Spread bones from

On the sole of the foot, 2 cun posterior to
55.04 Flower Bone Three 1 point Perpendicular dorsal side with fingers
the web of the 3rd & 4th toes
to facilitate needling
Sacral pain, spinal pain, sciatica
On the sole of the foot, 1.5 cun posterior
55.05 Flower Bone Four 1 point to the web of the 4th & 5th toes Perpendicular

Occipital pain, cranial nerve pain,

Mid point of the calcaneus, where soft
55.06 Upper Tumor 1 point h.ache, edema of brain, encephalitis, Perpendicular
tissue begins on sole of foot
brain tumor

mid-point of middle phalanx on the Menstrual irregularity, dysmenorrhea, Combine with Fuke,
Perpendicular, scrape
66.02 Wood Wife 1 point lateral side of the bone, dorsal surface of amenorrhea, infertility, UT inflammn Return to Nest &/or
nd the bone
2 toe Wood Anger

Dorsum of foot 1.5 cun proximal to web of

66.06 Wood Keep 1 point
3rd & 4th toes
LV Dz of any etiology, LV>SP, GB Dz, Often needled together,
indigestion, h.ache but do not have to be so
Dorsum of foot 0.5 cun proximal to web of
66.07 Wood Scoop 1 point
3rd & 4th toes
55.06 Upper
Tumor 55.01 Fire Bag

55.04 Flower
Bone Three

55.05 Flower
Bone Four

55.02 Flower
Bone One
66.02 Wood

66.07 Wood

66.06 Wood
Number of
Number Name Location Indications Needling Notes
Find point: finger and
Severe neck pain (most effective thumb in depressions
1 3.5 cun prox to base of heel. Midway
77.01 Correct Tendons point), whiplash, UBP & LBP post to malleoli and pull
point btwn KI 3 & BL 60
vertebrae, h.ache & brain swelling up to the Achilles tendon,
this is the point
1 set Perpendicular,
1 Dao Same as 77.01 plus sciatica and tap the bone,
77.02 Upright Ancestor 2 cun prox to 77.01
point Ma shoulder pain use a long needle

1 2 cun prox to 77.02

77.03 Upright Master Same as 77.02

3 cun prox to lat

1 malleolus, level of
77.05 First Weight
point GB 39. 1 cun
anterior to fibula Throat issues, tonsillitis, goiter,
Btwn GB & ST
thyroid issues, brain tumors, brain
1 set 2 cun from 77.05, 1 channels
1 injury, one-sided migraine, facial
77.06 Second Weight Dao cun anterior to Btwn peronaeus Shave the bone
point paralysis e.g. Bells palsy, stroke.
Ma fibula brevis & extensor
Pain in ball & socket joint of hip.
digit. long.
All breast dz.
2 cun from 77.06, 1
77.07 Third Weight cun anterior to
Asthma, esp. during acute attack,
Upper Flower For gasping Asthma
1 cun lateral from distal end of tibial intestinal disorders, acute ST & Use 2.5 cun needle
77.08 (Tans ST 36 AKA 1 point combine w. Three
tuberosity intestinal pain. Palpitations. Dizziness. and go deep
Three Miles) Scholars
For HTN, add lateral
Same as 77.08 plus HT conds, CAD,
77.09 Middle Flower 1 point 4.5 cun distal to 77.08 Perpendicular Flower (1.5 lat), bleed
both unilaterally
Same as 77.08 & 77.09 plus inflam
intestines, incl. IBS, digestive issues,
77.11 Lower Flower 1 point 5.0 cun distal to 77.09 Perpendicular
edema, abdominal issues, gastritis,
chest distention & dyspnea Often combined, but do
not have to use as a set
77.12 Bowel Intestine 1 point 1.5 cun prox to 77.11 Inflam intestines, colitis Perpendicular
77.01 Correct 77.03 Upright
Tendons Master

77.02 Upright
77.06 Second

77.07 Third
77.05 First
77.12 Bowel

77.08 Upper 77.09 Middle 77.11 Lower

Flower Flower Flower
Number of
Number Name Location Indications Needling Notes

Distal lateral edge of patella at point of

77.15 Upper Lip 1 point
tendon attachment

Bleed both points

Genital herpes, oral herpes, thrush,
bilaterally, do not Bilateral group of 4
toxic D-H in LJ

1 cun distal to 77.15, in depression at end

77.16 Lower Lip 1 point
of tendon

In the depression immediately distal to Diabetes, KI dz, HTN,

77.17 Heaven Emperor 1 point Perpendicular
medial epicondyle of the tibia. SP-9 arm & shoulder pain

Activates SP & KI
channels, major tonifier
KI Gate for KI xu of all etiologies.
77.18 (Unofficial Heaven 1 point 1.5 cun distal to 77.17 Arm & shoulder pain, Shave the bone
Emperor) treats all meridians in
shoulder except SI, Tonify SP & Often needled
dizziness, diabetes KI, decrease as a group
damp or a set of 3

Mid point between Heaven Emperor or KI KI tonification point, lwr

77.19 Earth Emperor 1 point
Gate and Human Emperor body edema, diabetes


SP 6 functions plus KI dz
Located @ SP-6, 3 cun prox to medial
77.21 Human Emperor 1 point and xu, lwr body edema,
Right Knee

77.15 Upper

77.16 Lower
77.19 Earth
77.21 Human Emperor
Emperor 77.18 KI Gate
= SP 6

77.17 Heaven
= SP 9
Number of
Number Name Location Indications Needling Notes

Midway btwn 77.08 (Upper Flower)

77.22 Beside Three Miles 1 point & GB-34
Btwn ST & GB channels

Shoulder, elbow & wrist pain,

Needle as a pair
toothache, facial paralysis, Bells Perpendicular
palsy, stroke

Below Beside Three

77.23 1 point 2 cun below 77.22

0.5 cun lateral & 2 cun distal from 77.23,

77.24 Leg 1000 Gold 1 point or 4 cun from 77.22 btwn GB & BL
Shoulder and upper back, dz of
throat, laryngitis, tonsillitis,
Perpendicular Needle as a pair
pharyngitis, intestinal inflam, colitis

77.25 Leg 5 Gold 1 point 2 cun distal from 77.24

Sternal, clavicular, a-c & scapular pain

Anterior to Achilles tendon
(clavicular pain = LU & KI, scapula pain
1st needle = 2 cun prox to lat malleolus Shave the Achilles
77.26 Seven Tigers 3 points = SI & BL, sternal pain = KI) good for Stronger than 5 Tigers
2nd needle = 4 cun prox to lat malleolus tendon
open HT surgery post op, ribs &
3rd needle = 6 cun prox to lat malleolus
77.23 Below
Beside Three
77.24 Leg
1000 Gold

77.22 Beside
Three Miles 77.25 Leg 5
77.26 Seven
Tigers #2

77.26 Seven 77.26 Seven

Tigers #3 Tigers #1
Number of
Number Name Location Indications Needling Notes

Btwn TCM LV 8 & SP 9. Palpate along the

Activates LV, SP & KI
n/a Tans LV 8 1 point distal edge of the bone towards SP 9 to Normal LV 8 indications Shave the Bone
find a tender point.

Perpendicular for SP 9 &

Tans Magic TCM SP 9 plus Tans LV 8 and form an triangulation point.
n/a 3 points Intercostal pain
Triangle equilateral triangle with a distal point Shave the bone for Tans
LV 8

Needle through the

At the attachment point of the tendon on
n/a Tans GB 34 1 point Normal GB 34 indications tendon and shave the
the proximal end of the fibular head

Perpendicular for TCM

TCM LV 8 plus Tans LV 8 plus Toya Hari
Harry & the Two Homeostatic point for shi & xu LV 8 & Toya Hari. Shave
n/a 3 points = Japanese point ~1.5 cun distal to TCM
Eights (H28) hormone issues the bone for Tans LV 8
LV 8, forms a scalene triangle
Number of
Number Name Location Indications Needling Notes

5 cun proximal from the middle point of

88.01 Passing Gate the top of the patella (Heding) on the mid
line of the thigh

1 set HT Dz, palpitations, dizziness, vertigo,

1 Works well with
88.02 Passing Mountain Dao 2 cun proximal to 88.01 Knee pain, Perpendicular
point HT Gate & HT Normal
Ma lower leg edema

88.03 Passing Heaven 2 cun proximal to 88.02

Penetrating 1
88.09 Proximal medial corner of patella Shave the Bone
KD point

Work well with Ling Gu

& Da Bai
LBP d/t KI xu, achy and deep pain.
Use KI 3 & KI 7 on
DM, impotence and premature
Penetrating 1 opposite legs as guide
88.10 1 Set 2 cun from 88.09 ejaculation, nephritis.
ST point points.
Note: 88.10 also good for acid reflux.
Can be needled
as a Dao Ma

Penetrating 1
88.11 2 cun from 88.10
Back point
88.01 Passing 88.02 Passing 88.03 Passing
Gate Mountain Heaven

88.09 88.10 88.11 Penetrating

Penetrating KI Penetrating ST Back
Number of
Number Name Location Indications Needling Notes

1 10 cun proximal to upper border of

88.07 Common Cold 1
point patella, 1 cun medial to 88.05
Common cold, high fever and cold,
1 set Perpendicular
1 1 cun medial to 88.06,
88.08 Common Cold 2
point 2 cun proximal to 88.07

Bright 1
88.12 On LV channel, level w GB 31
Yellow point

Can use 88.12 on its

1 set LV qi yu, LV xue xu. Extremely good
Heaven 1 3 cun proximal to 88.12 on LV own, or can use Three
88.13 Three Yellows Dao for Inner Wind (stroke); Menieres, Perpendicular
Yellow point channel Yellows w 4 Gates,
Ma Parkinsons, Leukemia, MS
Wood Anger

This 1
88.14 3 cun distal to 88.12 on LV channel
Yellow point

1 1 cun medial and 1 cun distal to 88.03

point (88.03 is 9 cun proximal to Heding)

Big muscle so builds xue.

1 set Irregular menses, UT tumors, Works well with
88.05 Three Sisters Dao 2 cun proximal to 88.04 fibroids, inflammation of UT Perpendicular Return to Nest,
Ma or vagina Wood Wife,

88.06 2 cun proximal to 88.05
88.04 Sister 88.05 Sister 88.06 Sister
One Two Three

88.08 Common
Cold Two

88.07 Common
Cold One

88.14 This 88.12 Bright 88.13 Heaven

Yellow Yellow Yellow
Number of
Number Name Location Indications Needling Notes

88.17 2 cun anterior to GB 31 on ST channel

1 1 Set LU Dz, allergies, flank & UBP, facial Needle 88.17 last to
88.18 Four Horses 2 cun proximal to 88.17 on ST channel Perpendicular
point Dao Ma paralysis focus treatment to point

88.19 2 cun distal to 88.17 on ST channel

1 On GB Channel, 2.5 cun prox to center of

88.20 Lower Spring
point knee joint

1 set
Add 88.25 Center Nine
1 Dao Ma On GB Channel, 2.0 cun prox to 88.20 Facial Paralysis, deviation of eye &
88.21 Center Spring Perpendicular Miles for the complete
point with mouth
set on the GB channel

On GB Channel, 2.0 cun prox to 88.21, 2.5

88.22 Upper Spring cun distal to GB 31

GB 31 (where the middle finger of hand
1 belongs
88.25 Center Nine Miles touches thigh, or 7 cun prox to sup margin
point to both
of patella)

Activates ST, GB & BL

Upper arm pain, deltoid muscle
Upper/Anterior 1 1.5 cun anterior to Center Nine Miles, btwn channels. Needle 88.25
88.26 1 set pain, LBP & UBP, neck pain, (center Perpendicular
Nine Miles point GB & ST channels last to focus treatment
Dao Ma 9 miles = leg & knee pain).
to point
Lower/Posterior 1 1.5 cun posterior to Center Nine Miles ,
Nine Miles point btwn GB & BL channels
88.18 Four 88.17 Four 88.19 Four
Horses Horses Horses

88.26 Upper
Nine Miles

88.20 Lower Spring

88.21 Center
88.25 Center 88.27 Lower Nine
Nine Miles Miles
88.22 Upper Spring
Number of
Number Name Location Indications Needling Notes

Lower border of zygomatic arch in line KI stones, nephritis, LBP, chest pain
1010.13 Horse Metal Water 1 point
with outer canthus of eye on inspiration

Perpendicular Can be considered a set

KI & BL stones, cystitis, incontinence

1010.14 Horse Fast Water 1 point 0.5 cun inf to Horse Metal Water
& freq urination. Mjr pt for BL issues

1 0.5 cun inf to corner of mouth on ST

1010.19 Water Through
point channel

Push down on handle of

Do both sides. Shallow
Asthma, SoB esp on inspiration, LBP, needle and put shaft flat
1 set thread to mandibular
fatigue, helps KI grasp LU qi to skin, aim for
mandibular angle

1010.20 Water Metal/Gold At end of curve of the chin
1010.13 Horse
Metal Water

1010.14 Horse
Fast Water

1010.19 Water

1010.20 Water
Major Grouping Indications Master Tung Points

LU Dz Four Horses

Earthwater, Curved Mound, Double Son & Fairy, 3 Scholars, Water Through & Metal, Upper, Middle &
Lower Flowers

Dyspnea Lower Flower

Common Cold San Cha Three, Curved Mound, Separate Metal, Fu Ge San, Common Cold 1 & 2
Cough Curved Mound, Separate Metal, Double Son & Fairy, 3 Scholars, Ding Ke

Rhinitis / Allergies Separate Metal, Four Horses

Bronchitis / Laryngitis / Tonsillitis /

Separate Metal, 3 Scholars, Leg 1000 & Leg 5 Gold, Three Weights

Thyroid Three Weights, Leg 1000 & Leg 5 Gold

Tachycardia / Arrhythmias /
Heart Normal, Heart Gate, Passing Gates
Hypertension Heaven Emperor, Middle & Lower Flowers

Constipation This Door, Corner & Uprightness

Diarrhea This Door, Corner & Uprightness, Intestine Gate

Hemorrhoids This Door, Corner & Uprightness

ST, SP, Intestines
ST Ulcers / Gastritis / Colitis / IBS Earthwater, Intestine Gate, Leg 1000 & Leg 5 Gold, Upper, Middle & Lower Flowers, Bowel Intestine

Acid Reflux ST Gate

Prolapse This Door, Corner & Uprightness

Major Grouping Indications Master Tung Points

LV Qi YU Wood Anger, Three Yellows

LV Dz / Cirrhosis / Hepatitis Wood Inflammation, LV Gate, Wood Keep, Wood Scoop

LV / GB GB Channel Three Arrows, Hand 5 Gold & Hand 1000 Gold

GB issues Dan

Parkinsons, Menieres, Leukemia Three Yellows

Heaven, Earth & Human Emperors, KI Gate

KI Xu and KI Dz of any etiology

KI / BL Stones Horse Metal Water, Horse Fast Water

Cystitis Horse Fast Water


Nephritis Back Vertebra Head Wisdom Wealth Apex, Horse Metal Water

Incontinence Horse Fast Water

BL channel / organ Fan Hou Jue, Double Son & Fairy, Wrist Flow One & Two, Three Arrows, Horse Fast Water
Major Grouping Indications Master Tung Points

Ling Gu, Da Bai, Fan Hou Jue, Wrist Flow One & Two, Double Son & Fairy, Flower Bone Three & Four,
Back / Neck Pain Water Through & Metal. Back Vertebra Head Wisdom Wealth Apex,
Whiplash, severe neck pain Leg 1000 & Leg 5 Gold, Correct Tendon & Upright Ancestor, Penetrating KI ST - Back (LBP d/t KI xu),
Four Horses (upper back), Nine Miles

Sternal & Clavicular, AC joint Seven Tigers

Ling Gu & Da Bai, Flower Bone Three & Four, Three Arrows, Hand 5 Gold, Hand 1000 Gold,
Upright Ancestor & Master

Coccigeal & Sacral Pain Heart Gate, Flower Bone Three & Four

Musculo-skeletal Legs & Hip joint Hand 5 Gold, Hand 1000 Gold, Three Weights

Knees Dan, Heart Knee, Heart Gate, Shoulder Center

Feet Five Tigers, Mu Guan, Gu Guan, Shoulder Center

Shoulder Center, Beside Three Miles & Below Beside Three Miles, Leg 1000 & Leg 5 Gold,
Arms / Elbow / Shoulder Heaven, Earth & Human Emperors, KI Gate, Upright Ancestor & Upright Master, Nine Miles (deltoid m.

Wrists, Ankles, Fingers & Toes Beside Three Miles & Below Beside Three Mile, Five Tigers, Xiaojie
Major Grouping Indications Master Tung Points

Brain (swelling, encephalitis) Upper Tumor, Correct Tendons & Upright Ancestor

Brain Tumor & Injury Upper Tumor, Three weights

Eye Dz Flower Bone One

Neurological / Brain /
Eyes & Ears
Ear Dz / Tinnitis Flower Bone One

One-Sided Migraine Three weights

Headache Wrist Flow One & Two, Wood Keep, Wood Scoop, Flower Bone One, Upper Tumor, Common Cold 1 &2

Inguinal Hernia Big Distance, Small Distance, Floating Distance, Outer Distance

Labor & Delivery Fire Bag

Miscarriage Return to Nest

Infertility Fuke, Return To Nest, Wood Wife

Reproductive / Groin Menses / Menopause Return to Nest, Wood Wife, Fuke, Three Sisters

UT Inflammation / Fibroids Three Sisters

PMS Wood Anger, Three Yellows

Impotence, Premature Ejaculation Penetrating Gates

Genital Herpes, Thrush Upper & Lower Lip

Major Grouping Indications Master Tung Points

Facial Paralysis / Bells Palsy / Beside Three Miles, Below Beside Three Miles, Three Weights, Three Yellows,
Stroke, Inner Wind Four Horses, Three Springs + GB-31

Beside Three Miles & Beside Below Three Miles, Upper, Middle & Lower Flowers

Dizziness Upper, Middle & Lower Flowers, Passing Gates

Peripheral Neuropathy Spleen Swelling, Five Tigers


Edema (lower limb) Lower Flower, Heaven, Earth & Human Emperors, Passing Gates

Diabetes Heaven, Earth & Human Emperors, Penetrating KI ST - Back

Rheumatoid Arthritis Mu Guan & Gu Guan

Fatigue San Cha Three, Water Through & Metal