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Westminster Preservice Teacher Evaluation Form

Teacher Candidate:
Methods and Behavior or Student Teaching _____ Observation _____ Mid-Term _____ Final Evaluation____ TWS ______

Date/Time: 11/18 7:55 Grade/Subject: 9th grade Directed Studies School/Mentor:

Highland High/Clinton Completer: Alyssa Hobbs

Performance Indicators: 0 No Evidence 1 Not Yet 2 Emerging 3 Meets Standard 4 Exemplary (NA Not Applicable)
Please see Utah Institutions of Higher Education Preservice Teacher Evaluation Rubric for description of each indicator
Rating Standard 1: Learner Development
The teacher understands cognitive, linguistic, social, emotional and physical areas of student development.
3 The teacher: Comments and Suggestions:
Creates learning experiences Things I liked were using Art to reach ESL different levels of Instruction, walking
that demonstrate an around, checking for understanding
understanding of the
developmental levels of Things for further development Seek out ESL Endorsement for further
learners (i.e., cognitive,
professional development
linguistic, sociocultural,
emotional, and physical)
Collaborates with colleagues
and other professionals to
promote student growth and

Rating Standard 2: Learning Differences

The teacher understands individual learner differences and cultural and linguistic diversity.
2 The teacher: Comments and Suggestions:
Applies understanding of Things I liked You spoke directly to students that are at-risk, and encouraged
learner diversity to encourage participation
all learners to reach their full Had kids consult each other for peer tutoring, checking for understanding
Designs, adapts, and delivers Things for Further Development: Look at long term charting of growth and test
instruction to address data to guide instruction and use formative assessments to guide instruction
students diverse learning
strengths and needs
Allows multiple ways to
demonstrate learning

Rating Standard 3: Learning Environments

The teacher works with learners to create environments that support individual and collaborative learning,
social interactions, active engagement in learning, and self-motivation.
3 The teacher: Comments and Suggestions:
Uses a variety of classroom Things I liked: Moving thru the classroom, checking progress, keeping kids
management strategies to focused, correcting and supporting kids positively
proactively gain and maintain
student attention, facilitate Things to Develop Read (or watch on Youtube) Fred Jones: Positive Classroom
smooth transitions, and to
Discipline to see possibilities for structure in classroom management and
support a positive and
04/15/2017Performance Indicators: 0 No Evidence 1 Not Yet 2 Emerging 3 Meets Standard 4 Exemplary (NA Not Applicable)
respectful learning
Consistently identifies
potentially disruptive
situations and intervenes in an
appropriate and timely
manner to maintain a positive
learning environment
Encourages students to use
speaking, listening, reading,
writing, analysis, synthesis,
and decision-making skills in
collaborative learning
Rating Standard 4: Content Knowledge
The teacher understands the central concepts, tools of inquiry, and structures of the discipline.
2 The teacher: Comments and Suggestions:
Understands and conveys Things I liked Preparation was good, you had read the material, and wanted to
accurate content and process reach this goal
knowledge of the discipline
Connects content to Utah Things to improve: When you get a contract, become more specialized in the
State Core Standards, core of that grade level. Seek out professional development with gen ed
personal schemas, and real colleagues
world contexts
Supports students in learning
and using academic language
accurately and meaningfully
Uses multiple representations
of concepts that capture key
ideas and makes content
Engages students in methods
of inquiry and standards of
evidence used in a specific
Rating Standard 5: Assessment
The teacher uses multiple methods of assessment to engage learners in their own growth, monitor learner
progress, guide planning and instruction, and determine whether the outcomes described in content standards
have been met.
3 The teacher: Comments and Suggestions
Uses multiple methods of Things I liked were you participated in giving formative assessments in reading,
formal and informal looking at behavior, and collecting data
assessments to guide planning
and adapt instruction
Designs or selects appropriate Things for development When you get hired, follow the testing requirements
assessments in a variety of
to the T If your site participates in this, be open in PLC meeting time to
formats to determine whether
learning objectives described share and compare data in a formative way
in state standards have been
Provides ways for learners to
monitor and reflect upon their
own progress

04/15/2017Performance Indicators: 0 No Evidence 1 Not Yet 2 Emerging 3 Meets Standard 4 Exemplary (NA Not Applicable)
Identifies the elements of
quality work and provides
timely feedback
Documents student progress
and provides descriptive
feedback to students and
other stakeholders
Adjusts assessment methods
and makes appropriate
accommodations for students
with special learning needs

Rating Standard 6: Instructional Planning

3 The teacher plans instruction to support students in meeting rigorous learning goals by drawing upon knowledge
of content areas, Utah Core Standards, instructional best practices, and the community context.
The teacher: Comments and Suggestions
Prepares workable,
meaningful and Great job with lesson planning. You were very complete, making sure in lesson
developmentally appropriate planning you identified materials needed, and learner differences
written lesson plans aligned to
state standards Things to improve on: Develop cross-curricular thematic learning units to help
Applies learners sociocultural kids scaffold new information
backgrounds in the design of
instruction to encourage all
learners to reach their full
Adapts pre-determined plans,
materials, and time frames to
create learning experiences
that are relevant to learners
and based on effective
Differentiates, as needed, to
meet individual learner needs
Plans authentic learning
experiences for students to
use thinking skills and create
original work
Plans varied group
configurations that support
objectives and provide
opportunities for learners to
develop communication skills

Rating Standard 7: Instructional Strategies

2 The teacher uses various instructional strategies to ensure that all learners develop a deep understanding of
content areas and their connections, and build skills to apply and extend knowledge in meaningful ways.
The teacher: Comments and Suggestions
Practices a range of
developmentally, culturally, Things I liked Using Art to reach at-risk kids, making lessons reflective of
and linguistically appropriate modern society, having kids practice vocational skills
instructional strategies to
meet the needs of students
diverse cognitive levels and

04/15/2017Performance Indicators: 0 No Evidence 1 Not Yet 2 Emerging 3 Meets Standard 4 Exemplary (NA Not Applicable)
learning styles (i.e, Things to improve on: Look at book on level 1-4 Depth of Knowledge, and
differentiation) ensure you can state what the 4 levels are, and how each assignment addresses
Provides multiple these levels of instruction
opportunities for students to
develop higher order and
metacognitive skills (e. g.,
problem solving, predicting,
organizing, summarizing,
categorizing, evaluating,
questioning, self-monitoring).
Supports and expands
learners communication skills
Uses a variety of effective
technology and resources to
support learning
Develops learners abilities to
find and use information to
solve real world problems
Uses a variety of questioning
strategies to promote
engagement and learning
Rating Standard 8: Reflection and Continuous Growth
3 The teacher is a reflective practitioner who uses evidence to continually evaluate and adapt practice to meet
the needs of each learner.
The teacher: Comments and Suggestions
Participates in a meaningful
lesson reflection with Things I liked: You are very open to feedback, which I appreciate
Accepts suggestions and Things for Improvement: Continue to look for ways to grow professional,
constructive criticism to adapt engage in continued improvement, and once you gain experience help mentor
and improve practice over and train teachers newer than you are
Identifies own background
and experiences that have an
impact on teaching and
learning relationships
Rating Standard 9: Leadership and Collaboration
3 The teacher is a leader who engages collaboratively with learners, families, colleagues, and community
members to build a shared vision and supportive professional culture focused on student growth and success.
The teacher: Comments and Suggestions
Collaborates to develop
cordial professional and Things I liked: I saw you working with me during IEPs, and being positive with
family relationships to fulfill families
required duties and promote
student learning Things for development: Look at PLC by Richard Dafor, and the structure of
how to be open with colleagues to share data
Rating Standard 10: Professional and Ethical Behavior
The teacher demonstrates the highest standard of legal, moral, and ethical conduct in compliance with federal
and state rules and laws.
3 The teacher: Comments and Suggestions
Demonstrates professionalism
including: professional Things I liked: On time, well prepared, ready and positive with students
appearance, punctuality, Things for development Nothing in this area
04/15/2017Performance Indicators: 0 No Evidence 1 Not Yet 2 Emerging 3 Meets Standard 4 Exemplary (NA Not Applicable)
attendance, flexibility,
compliance with federal and
state rules and laws

Read re: Positive Classroom Management, Fred Jones
Read Dafor Professional Learning Communities

General Comments:

Great job. Pleasure working with you. Please let me know if you need a Letter of Recommend

04/15/2017Performance Indicators: 0 No Evidence 1 Not Yet 2 Emerging 3 Meets Standard 4 Exemplary (NA Not Applicable)
04/15/2017Performance Indicators: 0 No Evidence 1 Not Yet 2 Emerging 3 Meets Standard 4 Exemplary (NA Not Applicable)