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HR planning and recruitment at KFC

KFC does both internal and external recruiting. Internal recruiting is done for all management levels
and external recruitment is rarely done for this level. Even Restaurant managers and Shift
Supervisors are never hired externally at the outlets. The internal employees are given training to
develop their skills and knowledge required for these positions. Only Team members and Assistant
Restaurant Managers are hired externally to induce fresh blood in the organization.

Internal recruitment is done in two ways:

Employee referrals Employees are informed about the vacancy so that they can give reference to
the management team about the potential candidate for the position.

Word of mouth E-mails are circulated throughout the organization so that a wide range of
prospective candidates can be reached. Similarly, there is a job opportunities page on the companys
website so that people can send their CVs directly to the HR department. These resumes are stored
in the companys database for future usage purpose when there is vacancy within the organization.

All tests are developed for recruitment and selection on the International level in US so that they are
designed by the experts of the field. There are certain guidelines that the applicants have to be abide
by for attaining successful position within the company. KFC has developed three key tests for the
selection purposes:

Team Member Readiness Inventory these tests are for team members and attitude is given the top
priority in assessing the employees skills.

Hiring Champions Inventory these tests are designed for Assistant Restaurant Managers and they
are updated on yearly basis to take into account the changing requirements of the relevant positions.

IQ Test this test is conducted for the staff to be employed at Support Centre.

Recruitment and Selection process at Support Center

The recruitment for Support Centre is mostly done internally in which the head of the concerned
department who has identified that there is a need of new employee contacts the HR department.
HR department then goes through its database and suggests certain candidates. If an employee is
available with the required skills and fits the vacant position, he/she is suggested for that position and
after approval and joint consensus of the CEO, departmental head and HR head; he/she is given
further training and is groomed for the relevant position.

However, if there is need for the external recruitment, then an advertisement is placed in the
newspaper or employees are informed about the job opening and are encouraged to spread the
word. After a pool of candidates is gathered, HR department is responsible for initial screening. A
shortlist of the qualified candidates is developed and an interview with them is arranged. The first
level interview takes place between the head of the concerned department and the applicants.
Afterwards, entry level tests are conducted to assess the competence level of the candidates.
Later, a further short list of the candidates is developed and second interview of the candidates is
arranged with the CEO, HR head and relevant departmental head. Finally, the qualified candidate is
made a job offer and an employment contract is signed which details all the terms and conditions of
the job. An orientation is carried out at the companys premises so that the new staff member gets
acquainted with the colleagues and key people of the organization.

Recruitment and selection process at Business

At business units, external recruitment is done only for front-end employees whereas back-end
employees are recruited internally. The basic requirement for front-end employees to qualify for the
job is to have minimum high school education. After the resumes of the applicants are short-listed,
an aptitude test is conducted. The results of the test are recorded on the basis of colors i.e. red,
green or yellow.

Red color rating indicates a clear "No", indicating not to hire that employee, whereas, Green color
rating indicates that the candidate is best suited for the job and Yellow color rating indicates that the
candidate can be hired but he/she needs to be watched during work. After the tests results, the
interviews are conducted and final selection is made in the second interview.

Training session of employees

After the selection of the employee, the individual is sent to the companys training center where the
training sessions are provided for one week. In addition to giving proper orientation, he is briefed
about the organization policies and culture. Once the training period is over, the concerned person
has to give a test. After clarification of the test, the person is sent to the concerned job.

Trainee Team Members

The team members that are hired may be serving at KFC on part-time basis, because they are
allowed to continue their education on regular basis. When a Trainee Team member is hired, the
individual is supposed to work at KFC for 3 months (probation period). After completing 3 months on
the job, Trainee Team member becomes a Team member. During that period of 3 months, the
trainee is required to serve at four stations of KFC namely:

Supply (of Burgers, French Fries, etc)

Cash (interaction with customer)


Kitchen (cooking)
After mastering these four levels, the Trainee Team member may be hired as Shift Supervisor
directly. Any employee getting 3 star rating (mastering 3 levels), gains the prerequisite for Shift
supervisor. A Buddy (older employee) is assigned to Fresh employees for their Mentoring. It is an
ongoing process and it is done on regular basis to motivate the employees and help them in
increasing their productivity at the same time boosting their morale because of enhancing their skills.

Succession Planning
Succession planning is also done continuously in which the supervisors are given the authority of
nominating their immediate subordinates. The supervisor then provides required grooming and
training sessions to the specific subordinate so that the person is competent at the time of need. The
module based techniques are also used for coaching employees.

Hence, KFC Corporation has developed an effective HR department for managing its international
operations successfully. The success of the company lies in its policy of developing an efficient, loyal
and committed workforce by allocating adequate resources in its recruitment and selection process.
Even the policies are developed in accordance to the latest market trends so that the gap between
the demand and supply of personnel is appropriately planned out.