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Mira E:S Eco Idle.

Here are the answers for your queries..

1. If you are not wearing seat belt, ECO idle will not work.

2. By default ECO Idle is enabled.. i.e. when you switch on the engine, ECO Idle is enabled

3. If you don't want to use ECO Idle just press the the ECO Idle button and you will see the
ECO Idle OFF indicator in meter.

4. ECO Idle functionality works with battery charge so it wont start working as soon as you start
the car. it will take some time and when battery is charged you will see ECO IDLE (in green)
indicator in the meter.

5. If the ECO Idle light is blinking and is yellow color then you have to get your car checked
through scanning. Please contact Mr. Aziz who is Toyota certified mechanic and has the
His shop is on attock refinary road opposite bio diversity park Morgah, Rawalpindi.

6. ECO idle, ABS, CVT are connected, even if a ABS wheel barring is faulty you can see all
these three alarm indicators on your meter. So best thing is to get your car checked from a
professional. Don't let any mechanic play with your car..Scanning will get you to the real cause.

The Oil Change was due so i got it changed today, Got PSO Carient Ultra 10w-40 for her, the Pick
has amazingly improved, the engine noise has vanished, the Avg has went upto 20-21km/l and it has
regained its power,
Prices were
Rs1710/- 3L Oil
Rs350/- Oil Filter
Got it done From PSO Khe-Ittehad
Also had the air filter changed a month back and that was for 400 i guess

ABS Light. (ABS Fault triggered)

1- If 1 or more wheels move at different speed.
2- Different size of wheel or tyres installed on vehicle.
3- Car is driven with space saver wheel.
How to reset, remove + battery wire from terminal for 1 minute. After this drive the car around if all
the 4 wheel & tyres are of same size the light will go off automatically. If this does not happen go to
Toyota and get it scanned.


Will not work in case of any fault like ABS & CVT.

When you start the car the light will be orange and blinking.
Start driving, with seat belt fastened the light should turn green after driving for few miles.

The max millage you should expect is between 16~18km/ltr.

If you want to turn off Eco Idle function permanently, select the ILL On from the right mode selector
on the speedo meter, keep pressing it will change to ILL Off.

Happy driving.

One more thing; there is no second battery in Mira ES. There is only 1 battery in the engine
compartment and same is used for all practical purposes.

I would also like to stress, that you should not chnage the tyres, type, size & width. The MIRA ES is
equipped with low rolling resistant tyre "Yokohama Blue Earth; A34" changing these tyres will
seriously effect the mileage.