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VoL. XXIV, No. 25 BIcoL, the PhILIPPINes jaNuary 8-14, 2017 P5.


'Nina' inicts Bicol farmers

with P4.8B losses in crops

The total losses in the pro-
duction of rice, corn and
high-value crops, includ-
ing vegetables and fruit
trees, that cover a total of
around 80,000 hectares of
farmlands, due to typhoon
Nina have reached Php
4.8 billion, said the Office
of Civil Defense in (OCD)
The Department of Ag-
riculture (DA) (in its report
to OCD) has estimated the
value of production losses
at Php4.8 billion, said
Bernardo Rafael Alejandro,
head of OCD-Bicol and Re-
gional Disaster Risk Reduc-
tion Management Council
He said there was a to-
tal of 80,087 hectares of
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Business one stop shop eyes P500M collection

NAGA CITY The the LGUs 2017 budget to al-
18-day operations of the low the city government to
Business One Stop Shop respond to more demands for
(BOSS) here needs to public services and develop-
achieve a collection of ment.
more than P500M to be Payments for business
able to hit the city gov- and real property taxes go to
ernments P1-B annual the General Fund to finance
budget for year 2017. the citys various economic
This was revealed by and social services, as well
Phil Rodriguez, local rev- as development projects that
enue collection officer IV contribute to the economic
of the City Treasurers growth.
Office, who said that the Rodriguez said the other
BOSS should not fail to half or the remaining 50%
collect from the business can be generated from the BUSINESS ONE-STOP-SHOP
The Business one-stop-shop (Boss) conducted from January 3-20 at the Naga City Peoples hall which aims to facilitate
owners more than 50% of (Turn to page 7)
easy renewal and securing of business permits with its 3-way procedure within a 30-minute time process.

Barangay san Felipe, Naga City 473-8888

3rd floor, GeRONiMO blDG., bARliN sT., NAGA CiTY TelePHONe: (054) 884-93-76 CP 0921-3183720 / 0929-245-7353 / 0920-5337766
2 bikol reporter opinion january 8-14, 2017

editorial Early Eco-Financial Trends

2016 Best Year (Atty. APA chairs Acyatan & Co.,
CPAs-DFK International is past chair
to 5% growth for 2016 - amid favorable
weather conditions and re-opening of

for PRRD in Asia opinions

of ASEAN Federation of CPAs, PICPA major markets. Agriculture picked up
past president and Hall-of-Famer, pace in the 3rd quarter, rising nearly
and ACPAPP Lifetime Achievement 3%. Farm output went up 2.98% but
Awardee). the sector tallied only 1.53% cumu-
A Palace official on Thursday, January 5,
welcomed the Japan Times article carrying
extended by three months the dead-
unlimited lative for 9-months. Then Typhoon
Nina came at year-end, a disaster
the CNN story stating Asias Best Year goes line for the replacement of old design that will surely disrupt agri-statistics.
banknotes due to public clamor. The Nature and Gods mercy are our real
to President Rodrigo Duterte.
Monetary Board issued Res. No. 2331, keys to production growth.
which extends the demonetization and AMLA AMENDMENT: The Philip-
Its heartening to know that certain replacement of old banknotes from De- Atty. TONY (APA) ACYATAN pines is risking possible blacklisting
media agencies are able to notice the good cember 2016 up to March 2017. This will from the inter-governmental body Fi-
things the President is doing, Presidential give the public more time to exchange nancial Action Task Force (FATF) if
their old bills (with banks) and the head On the other hand, the 28-day term de- the proposed bill insulating the Bang-
spokesperson Ernesto Abella said. posits remained unsubscribed last week
and regional offices of the BSP. ko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) from the
After the new deadline, old bills as bids amounted to P111B only for the activities of the Anti-Money Launder-
Japan Times is the most widely read will lose value and may no longer be P150B offering. The auction committee ing Council (AMLC) is passed into
English language newspaper in Japan. exchanged. BSP reminded banks made a partial award of P110B only to law. Sources warned that the Philip-
that they should replace old design cap the increase in the yield at 3.4646% pines could again be included in the
It will be recalled that CNN had named banknotes from both their clients and (from previous weeks 3.4317%). The blacklist of non-cooperative countries
non-clients. Erring banks stand to be interest rate trend appears to be going if the bill strips the BSP of the AMLC
President Duterte as Asias Big Winner in up which favors conservative fund hold-
penalized! Old banknotes were no lon- chairmanship.
2016. ger accepted in day-to-day transactions ers. The BSP also factored the move of The FATF - an international body
since January 1, 2016 but these could banks to purchase using pesos - dollars promoting policies to combat mon-
For now, the Philippine leaders still be exchanged in banks and BSP of- from the market to service the higher FX ey laundering and terrorist financ-
unconventional moves seem a harbinger of fices. BSP data show that about 8.86% demand by their clients. ing upgraded the Philippines to its
or 295.7 million pieces of banknotes in 2016 AGRI-GROWTH: Secretary grey list in June 2012 when Philip-
things to come. This is no pivot to China, but Emmanuel Pinol has trimmed his own
circulation are old bills! pine transparency and accountability
a disruption of the old normal, the article INTEREST RATES: Term deposits growth outlook for the agriculture indus- mechanisms were installed. The up-
read. continue to fetch higher yields due to try following the recent typhoon that hit grade also came about with the pas-
uncertainties brought about by the deci- the country. The adjustment takes up sage of the Anti-Money Laundering
Rodrigo Duterte ended 2016 seeking sion of the US Federal Reverse to hike the damages wrought by Typhoon Nina Law, and the Terrorism Financing
interest rates and to adopt a hawkish in Bicol and Calabarzon regions. The Prevention and Suppression Act. We
to rebalance his nation's ties, improve the
stance in 2017. In attention thereto, new estimate reduction pares down the were criticized after the money laun-
life of the average Filipino and make the the BSP Auction Committee decided to DA target by 2% - 3% for year 2016. For dering scandal involving $81M funds
Philippines -- a one-time economic and cap the increase in the rates of 28-day the 4th quarter of 2016, the agri chief re- from Bangladesh (through RCBC).
trade powerhouse -- great again. And for that term deposit facility (TDF) auction last duced his target to 6% from 8% consid-
week. Auction for shorter-dated seven- ering Typhoon Nina. PRAYER: Our faith in the Lord
Asias Best Year goes to Duterte, it added. binds us closer with our Creator
day term deposits was oversubscribed, In 2015, the farm sector posted flat
with bids reaching P37.8B for the P30B growth in volume growing by a measly thereby entitling us to receive His
Just very recently, President Duterte was issuance. 0.11%. Before Nina, Pinol targeted 3.5% graces.
also named Person of the Year for 2016 by
the Chinese Magazine Yazhou Zhoukan, the
equivalent of Time magazine in the Chinese- CASURECO IIs Turtle-like Restoration and Watch the
speaking world.
movie ORO to know why it was given FPJ for Excellence
What a way to begin the New Year 2017! *****
The Palace welcomes the latest Pulse Asia We have no electricity and no water. Super It was reported in the Bicol Mail dated
approval and trust ratings of the President
which stand at 83%.
typhoon Nina visited our province and cities
and caused much destruction on December
25, 2016. It is now January 9, 2017 and
from December 29, 2016 to Jan. 5, 2017
that Cong. L-Ray Villafuerte is calling
for a Congressional Investigation into
We are grateful for this continued
show of public support and confidence
we still do not have electricity when Naga
City was not badly hit like the 4th district my the blatant and fallacious portrayal of
small scale mining and pro-environment
(Partido) and 5th district (Rinconada). Our

to the President. The high approval activities in CamSur in 2014 presented
electric post here in Maria Cristina Street is to the public thru\ the movie Oro in the
and big trust speak volumes about our standing and we have not seen any lineman MMFF. Villafuerte said it never happened
peoples appreciation of the Presidents of the CASURECO II checking our place. in Caramoan.
achievements, especially in his campaign to According toCASURECO IIs I like this congressional investigation
rid society of drugs, crime and corruption. spokesman RollyPante, on his interview nenita fuentebella-peones to happen for the sake of justice it
at DWNX, CASURECO is not prepared happened. The Chief of Police of
People are now beginning to feel secure in for restoration work. They lack linemen.
Manila Film Festival won the best actress Caramoan was suspended because of
their homes, in the streets, day and night as We learned many linemen already retired. this. The NBI director Enrile immediately
award which was given to Irma Adlawan,
incidents of homicide, physical injury, rape, So why were they not replaced? Where
Best Ensemble and the FPJ for Excellence went to Caramoan to investigate the
robbery, theft, and carnapping went down, is the fund of CASURECO II so that they incident. Same with the PNP regional
award. But on the last week of the festival,
can hire those retired linemen for this director of Region V, many media people
according to PNP data. restoration job.
the MMFF Executive Committee decided
to withdraw the FPJ Excellence award immediately went to Gata and talked
The local government should help to witnesses, they have video shots
This new year the Administration because someone who is not even a
CASURECO restoration work because about this incident. I recall, I wrote in
member of the committee noticed there
resolves to deliver his promise of safe and it affects the security of the people, their this column excerpts of the privilege
was a scene of slaughtering a dog. But
comfortable lives for all. everyday work and livelihood.
they claim the act against cruelty to speech of Cong. Felix William Wimpy
I learned that Secretary Wimpy Fuentebella about the Gatamassasacre
animals. The committee decided to pull
Fuentebella sent three Task Force in Congress.
out the film. The story of Oro is about
Kapatiran in our province and city to help Watch the movie Oro to see why
the miners who were massacred in Gata,
in restoration work of electric cooperatives it was given the FPJ Excellence Award
Caramoan, Camarines Sur and not about
02082606 with manpower and equipments. They were which was later withdrawn. Ill not
a dog. The MMFF Executive committee
from Samar, Mindanao and MERALCO. The be surprised if this film will be shown
disregarded the whole story and only
rehabilitation of the 4th district of Partido is internationally. Former Speaker Arnulfo
considered a dog which is a delicacy in
moving fast because of MERALCO and the Noli Fuentebella he had nothing to do
many rural areas.
management of CASURECO IV which can with the movie Oro, It was purposely
I believe and I hope I am wrong that
easily get materials needed on credit kept from him to surprise him.
the Executive committee was influenced
due to its good credit standing. Now, lets talk about the law against
by Senator Grace Poes negative opinion
Anyway, I want to begin the New Year by violence and cruelty to animals. Why
about the dogs scene. It is not surprising
thanking God I am alive and for my family. is it against dogs only when it is also a
for Senator Poe to give that opinion
I also thank God for giving us Bicolanos delicacy in some places. Why does the
because Oro is about the miners who
Mike Padua, a weather specialist, who law show slaughtering of pigs for lechon
were murdered by men masquerading as
gave much of his time informing the public or adobo, chicken for fried chicken,
environmentalists close to a politico who is
Tel. No. (054) 884-7376 about typhoon Nina and for radio station cows for roast beef and steak, carabaos
her friend. A murder case was filed by the for carabeef, goats for caldereta, etc,
DWNX and their broadcasters and staff
families of the miners in the Department Arent these animals too? The MMFF
in continuing their broadcasts during the
of Justice when Leila de Lima was the Executive Committee disregarded the
typhoon. Thank you so much.
Secretary of Justice in 2014, but nothing 5th Commandment of God Thou shalt
***** happened. Maybe, the miners can secure not kill. And the Revised Penal Code on
The movie Oro shown in the Metro justice under the Duterte administration. murder of human beings.
ed g. yu

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Lee G. Dullesco II
Head, Advertising Associates
january 8-14, 2017 bikol reporter 3
Power restored in 1-M households
Power transmission
By Juzel L. Dangalan

MANILA -- Power was

now ready - NGCP
hold affected by Typhoon the province of Camarines down due to flood water,
restored to 1 million house- Nina, he added. Sur has to energize 296,219 while 5.7 MW were already
holds, representing 57 per- The department cited the households over the province. restored.
cent of Typhoon Nina-hit NGCP deployed 600 per- For Quezon, 50 percent Occidental Mindoro was By Ana-Liza S. Macatangay
areas, in South Luzon on sonnel to work 24 hours to of the affected areas were restored at 99 percent of NAGA CITY - Nation-
Wednesday. reach 100-percent restora- restored with power through households, while Oriental al Grid Corporation of
Energy Secretary Alfonso tion of transmission lines on the Quezon 1 Electric Coop- Mindoro was energized at the Philippines (NGCP)
Cusi said in a statement that Wednesday. Three more facil- erative. 68 percent or 120,682 house- Regional Communica-
the National Electrification ities are undergoing repairs: For Batangas, Batan- holds. tions Division Head Nel-
Administration through Task Tabaco 20 megavolt ampere gas Electric Cooperative 2 In Marinduque, the Marin- son S. Bautista confirmed
Force Kapatid, tapped 982 load-end substation, Malinao reached 100-percent energi- duque Electric Cooperative before the presence of the
personnel from 52 energy 5 MVA, Albay Agro-Industri- zation, while BATELEC 1 is still restoring power to members of Camarines
companies and distribution al Development Corp. reached 90-percent restora- 43,200 households affected Sur tri-media that power
firms to restore power in 99 In Sorsogon, the depart- tion with 16,000 households by the typhoon. transmission is ready be-
municipalities and 7 cities. ment said power was re- left to energize. Other off-grid areas were fore the onset of New Year.
He said the department's stored in 46,366 households In Catanduanes, 48,000 restored with their diesel Bautista made the an-
ground personnel were work- under the franchise area of households were affected by power plants, but are await- nouncement during the
ing round the clock to restore Sorsogon II Electric Coop- the typhoon and is undergo- ing the energization of dis- Camarines Energy Press
power to affected households erative (SORECO 2), while ing restoration. tribution facilities. The areas Corps Year-end meeting bautista
in Southern Luzon and Bicol SORECO 1 is repairing their State-owned National are: Masbate, Batangas, Ca- and simple Christmas get transmission lines are situ-
regions. distribution facilities. Power Corp. also reported marines Sur, Marinduque. together, held December ated, also suffered wide dev-
"We are exhausting all Albay, on the other hand, that its power plants, which Weve already added 28, 2016 at Villa Caceres astation after Ninas strong
possible remedies to bring energized 31 percent of areas, has a capacity of 7.8 mega- personnel and augmented as- Hotel here. winds lashed out its wrath
back the power in the af- which totals 68,668 house- watts, in the province are op- sets through private institu- All 34 towers toppled to the towers and NGCP
fected areas the soonest pos- holds. erational. tions and we are continuously by Super typhoon Nina facilities, not to mention
sible. We cannot leave our Camarines Norte was fully Napocor further said the monitoring the progress of covering the Naga-Daraga the thousand of houses and
kababayans until we have restored with power, includ- 2.8-MW Sun West hydro- power restoration, Cusi ex- and Daraga-Tiwi 230kV properties it destroyed.
lighted each and every house- ing its power facilities, while electric power plant was still plained. -PNA lines, the main lines trans- Some of NGCPs trans-
mitting power to Albay and mission lines in South
Sorsogon are expected to Luzon affected by the su-
be restored on December per typhoon include the
31 as per commitment of Naga-Lagonoy 69kV line
NGCP. We have deployed covering CASURECO 2
around 500 personnel com- and 4 consumers; the Na-
ing from NGCPs North Lu- ga-Tinambac 69 kV line
zon, South Luzon, Visayas, serving CAS2 consumers;
Mindanao Operations and Naga-Libmanan 69kV line
Maintenance groups to aid affecting CAS 1 consum-
and expedite the post-ty- ers and NagaIriga 69kV
phoon Nina restoration ac- line covering CAS2 electric
tivities, Bautista added. consumers.
Camarines Sur area The Dara-Ligao 69kV
where most of NGCPs (Turn to page 6)


Documentation of the ongoing restoration of NGCP's damaged 500 personnel coming from North Luzon, South Luzon, Visayas, and
transmission lines brought about by Typhoon Nina at San Agustin, Mindanao Operations and Maintenance groups to aid and expedite the
Pili, Camarines Sur, January 6, 2017. NGCP has deployed around post-typhoon Nina restoration activities.
4 bikol reporter halo - halo january 8-14, 2017

By jojo maharlika

Mga New Years resolution na walang solusyun...

1. Hindi na ako mangangako, PROMISE!
2. Hindi na ako mag-iingles. Never Again!
3. Di na ako magsusugal. Pustahan pa tayo!
4. At hindi na ako magsasalita ng tapos. Period!
Noong ikinasal si Minyong at Minyang, sa halip na I WRATH OF NINA ALEX BUSTAMANTE
The flooded area of the Gabaldon building of Bula Central School, Bula, Camarines Sur devastated by Typhoon Nina last
Do, pinayagan ni Padre Damaso na mag-bulungan ng Christmas day.
sweet nothings ang dalawa.
Minyang: Ikaw ang apple of my eye. Ang pag-ibig ko
sa iyo ay walang hanggan at habang buhay!
Minyong: Ang mga pisngi mo ay kasimpula ng Cherries
Classes resume for 1.5M students in Bicol
at labi mo naman ay kasintamis ng Strawberries.
Padre Damaso: "I now pronounce you...FRUIT
despite damaged school buildings
SALAD. By Jorge Hallare typhoon. Most classes in Catan- Php14.82 million.
*** It is our mandate to re- duanes, Camarines Sur and He said Camarines Sur re-
Para maiba naman, kumain sa isang French LEGAZPI CITY -- A sume classes as it was sched- some parts of Albay were corded the biggest number of
restaurant si Minyong at si Dyunyor ranking official of the De- uled long before the Yuletide scheduled to open on January totally damaged classrooms
Minyong: Magpa-VA-LET na lang tayo, napakahirap partment of Education vacation, he said. 9. that are in need of major re-
ng parking!!! (DepEd) in Bicol said classes Baas, however, said even Baas said reports received pairs at 301, estimated cost of
Dyunyor: Tay Minyong, VA-LEY parking po! of around 1.5 million stu- if classes have resumed on by DepEd-Bicol showed that which is Php361.2 million.
Minyong: Ayan, meron palang BUFF-ET...mag-BUFF- dents in public elementary Tuesday DepEd Regional as of January 1, there were Albay has 186 totally dam-
ET na lang tayo: and high schools in the re- Director Ramon Fiel Abcede 625 classrooms which were aged classrooms whose cost
Dyunyor: Tay..BUFF-EY po! gion have resumed despite gave leeway to all local Disas- reported totally damaged or in of major repairs will reach
(Tapos ng kumain at bayaran na.) the heavy damage suffered ter Risk Reduction Manage- need of replacement in 3,827 Php223.2 million; Ligao City
Minyong: Naku, Dyunyor...nakalimutan ko sa kotse by schoolbuildings in major ment Councils for localized public schools from elementa- Division35 at Php42 mil-
ang aking WALL-EY! parts of Bicol due to the on- suspension of classes. ry to senior high school in the lion; Sorsogon City-26 at
*** slaught of typhoon Nina. This is to give more time Bicol region. The damage was Php27.6 million; Iriga City
Galit na galit si Minyong ng pumunta siya para mag- Roy Baas, informa- to the community to clean and estimated at Php750 million. Division-23 at Php26.4 mil-
kape sa Starbaks. Sinigawan ang waiter tion officer of DepEd-Bicol, have minor repairs in their He said there were 1,082 lion; and Tabaco City Divi-
Minyong: Lasang putik itong kape nyo! said classes have resumed schools, Abcede said. classrooms in the region, sion-22 at Php26.4 million.
Waiter: Bakt nagagalit kayo? HIndi ba ang inorder for 1,576,345 students from He ordered all DepEd per- which were partially damaged Baas said DepEd Secre-
nyo GROUND COFFEE? kindergarten to senior high sonnel in the affected areas and in need of major repairs, tary Leonor M. Briones has
*** schools despite the havoc to conduct emergency school estimated cost of which is ordered construction of TLS
Nag-aaway at nagsi-sigawan si Minyong at Minyang wrought by typhoon Nina on maintenance or an early Php378 million. or temporary learning spaces
tungkol sa PASSWORD... their school buildings, espe- Brigada Eskwela, the clean- Baas added that there made of light materials in all
Minyang: Anong password mo sa FACEBOOK? cially in Catanduanes, Ca- up campaign involving mem- were 988 classrooms, which affected areas so the school-
Minyong: goofymickeymousedonaldduck!!! marines Sur, Albay and some bers of the community that is were partially damaged and children could go back to their
Minyang: Bakit ang haba naman!? other parts of the Bicol region usually held before the start of in need of minor repairs, the normal lives in schools.
Minyong: Mahaba? Kulang pa nga yan e! Sabi nga which were badly hit by the the schoolyear. cost of which will amount to
nila at least 4 characters e!
Bagong-bago pa lang sa bayan ni Minyong ang
dayuhang Pari. Hindi pa nakakapagsalita o nakakaintindi
PIA- CamSur provl head elected anew
ng Tagalog si Father Foreigner kaya palaging may
hawak na English-Tagalog dictionary. Nangumpisal si as Camarines Energy Press Corps prexy
Minyong: Forgive me Father for I have sinned. It has
been years since....
Father Foreigner: What is it that you want to confess,
my son?
Minyong: Errrr, ughhh Father I, I, have two... Kulasisi!
Father Foreigner What? Two? (habang mabilis na
hinahanap ang translation ng Kulasisi (bird) sa English-
Tagalog dictionary.
Minyong: (Takot at nahihiya) Opo, Father! Two
Kulasisi po!
Father Foreigner: Ahhh! (he found the translation!) If
you are so guilty about it, I could ease that guilt if you
give me the other one! Or both!
Nagtatalo si Minyong at ang Kumpare sa mainit na By Jam Madrid Kabikolan and VP for Print munications Division Head cessfully conducted 2 major
balita tungkol sa ROBOTSEX Sarah Imperial; Secretary- Nelson S. Bautista who has activities ; the Bicol project
Minyong: Okay itong na-imbento para magparaos. NAGA CITY- Philippine Adonis Aguilar of GNN TV been the steady and long- orientation and familiariza-
Kumpare: Anong ikinaganda niyan eh makina lang Information Agency (PIA) 48; Treasurer-Melvin Macha- time ally of the members of tion tour at Tayabas Sub sta-
yan?! Camarines Sur InfoCenter do of FBN DZGE; and PRO the media here acknowledged tion and Regional Command
Minyong: Di mo na kelangan mag-hanap pa o pumik- Manager Ana-Liza S. Kate Delovieres of ABS-CBN. the journalists role in effect- Center at Binan, Laguna in
up kung saan-saan. Iwas H-I-V pa! Macatangay was given a Bikol Reporter publisher ing real change in terms of August 2015 and the Power
Kumpare: Gago ka pala eh! Mas delikado nga yan fresh mandate to fulfill Ruben Babar, GNN TV 48 information dissemination, 101 and Energy Journalism
kesa H-I-V. another term as President Anchorman and TV host Er- particularly in reaching areas Seminar in October 2016 at
Minyong: Bakit naman? of Camarines Energy Press nie Verdadero and KBP Ca- that only relies on radio, tele- Villa Caceres Hotel, here.
Kumpare: Eh... kung magka glitch at di gumana ang Corps (CSEPC) after its marines Sur Chairman Romar vision and newsprints as their CSEPC members have
robot, di mo na mabubunot at baka putulin pa si MANOY members representing Vasquez was also handpicked sources of information. also been an active partici-
mo!!! various tri-media outlets as CSEPCs advisers. We raise our hat to our pants in various activities
*** unanimously voted for her National Grid Corporation media friends who had been launched and spearheaded by
Why Ilocanos & Ilonggos don't get along well. re-assumption as head of of the Philippines (NGCP) helping the NGCP in moni- NGCP here in the province.
An Ilonggo was looking for his missing Carabao when the said organization. Corporate Affairs Division- toring our work, particularly The fresh mandate given
he chanced upon his Ilocano neighbor. In the election of the en- Bicol Chief Nilda Somera in reminding our consumers to the newly installed set of
Ilonggo: To... nakita mo ba ang kabaw ko? (Toto... ergy press corps held last said that the officers and regarding safety precautions officers is expected to bring
Have you seen my carabao?) Dec. 28, 2016 at Villa Caceres members of the Energy press and reiterating the role of the in more collaboration from
Ilocano: Wen lakay, nagpacasta didiay. (Yes man, it Hotel, members of the me- corps will be the NGCPs al- community as stakeholders local government units where
went that way) dia also elected the following lies in disseminating pertinent of power and caretakers of Power 101 confab will be
Ilonggo: Tonto ka gid! Anhon to mapacasta nga Torio set of officers: Vice President information that the consum- our energy facilities, Bautista held and other corporate en-
ang kabaw ko! (Stupid! Why will it get STUD it was a for Broadcast Alex Parfan ers need to know. added. deavors in the service of the
young male) of DZLW, Radyo Agila ng NGCP Regional Com- The CSEPC have suc- energy community.
january 8-14, 2017 bikol reporter 5
GSIS activates emergency loans
By Julius Embile

announced earlier, the Gov-
ernment Service Insurance
Systems (GSIS) office in the
Bicol region is now inviting
government employees at
the storm-struck provinces
of Albay, Catanduanes and
Camarines Sur to apply for
emergency loan. The said
loans will be made available
by GSIS in support of gov-
ernment employees affected
by the recently passed tropi-
cal storm Nina.
Roallos, GSIS spokesperson GSIS Naga branch manager Joselito Roldan briefs GSIS members availing of emergency loans, which started January 3 and will last on February 2, 2017.
and head of their Legazpi City
office, the emergency loan of- receive to up to Php 40,000. would like to avail are encour- ply for this loan to avoid the application, the money may be calamity, namely Albay and
fered by GSIS would be open On a regular payment basis, aged to do so on the soonest line, said Roallos during a received by the GSIS member. Catanduanes, are unified un-
to all government employees, the emergency loan would be possible time. radio interview. It is, however, important to der the jurisdiction of GSIS-
whether theyre working or payable to up to 36 months. We (GSIS) invite our fel- As of last week, GSIS has have the application must first Legazpi Branch, with an
residing at the provinces of Roallos further explained low government employees to readied their g-map kiosks be forwarded to the employ- estimated 27,000 and 6,000
Albay, Catanduanes and Sor- that the application for the avail of this emergency loan, ATM-like servicing units that ing offices AAO (authorized members respectively. Cama-
sogon. loan, beginning today, would especially those who were af- connect to GSISs mainframe approving officer), reminded rines Sur, on the other hand,
The availability of the only be available for one fected by the recent typhoon. designed to process real-time Reallos. is under GSIS-Naga Branch,
emergency loan, accoding to month. Application closes They can just go to a g-map loan applications. The two of the three prov- which caters to around 33,000
GSIS, is activated whenever on February 2, so those who kiosk closest to them and ap- In one to three days after inces placed under state of members.
a province is in a state of ca-

LGU-Sorsogon wins P1M in Be Riceponsible campaign

lamity. The purpose of the
loan is to financially assist
government personnel in the
event of any natural calamity
or disturbance. With the dec- The provincial govern- The search for RICEpon- the Academe Category and half-rice servings. Regional Agriculture and
laration of state of calamity ment of Sorsogon, Bicols sible champions is an initia- 25 Local Government Units Also seen as vital factor Fisheries Information Sec-
in the aforementioned prov- lone entry to the DA-Phil- tive of the Department of (LGUs) competed under the in the campaign of the LGU tion (RAFIS) of the Depart-
inces last week, GSIS imme- ippine Rice Research Insti- Agriculture to encourage LGU category. Winners in Sorsogon was the forging ment of Agriculture Bicol,
diately readied their funding tute (PhilRice) nationwide the farmers, consumers and the two categories were given of partnership with more the province conducted the
and loan application system BeRiceponsible Search for policy makers to promote or cash prizes: P1 million for the than 30 public and private Run4Rice year 4 in Novem-
for the said emergency loan. Best Advocacy Campaign advocate non-wastage of rice first prize; P500,000 for the schools, government and ber 2016 which was well at-
Unlike other service loans was adjudged as champion and consumption of healthier second prize; and P300,000 non-government organiza- tended by more than 700 run-
released by GSIS, the emer- under the Provincial Gov- forms of rice in their com- for the third prize. All win- tions in advocating respon- ners.
gency loan does not require ernment category and won munities. Launched in Au- ners also received plaques of sible rice consumption. With Taking off from the Na-
any specific duration of ser- P1 Million cash prize. gust 2015, the BeRicepon- appreciation. funding support from the tional Year of Rice 2013, the
vice. Roallos explained that, Hazel V. Antonio, direc- sible search was opened to Antonio added that the DA regional office and other Be RICEponsible campaign
as long as the applicant is a tor of the Be RICEponsible all LGUs, government offices Sorsogon LGU through the partners, several thousand tapped the RAFIS in all re-
government employee, the campaign led the awarding and public and private Higher Office of the Provincial Ag- copies of leaflets, flyers and gions to engage all Filipinos
applicant is qualified, regard- ceremony which was held at Education Institutions (HEIs) riculturist which bested all stickers about the campaign to do their part in achieving
less of employment status. In PhilRice in Nueva Ecija on aggressively promoting and other LGU entries, has im- were printed and distributed rice self-sufficiency in the
addition, pensioners may also December 27, 2016. Members advocating responsible rice plemented the best strategies to schools, offices and res- country through elimina-
avail of the emergency loan. of the Sorsogon BeRiceponsi- consumption and reduction and created the most impact taurants, and intensified use tion of rice wastage; eating
For new loan applicants ble team and staff of the Office of wastage and appreciation on their campaign capped of social media and special brown rice; mixing rice with
and for pensioners, GSIS stat- of the Provincial Agriculturist of rice farmers using multi- with the enactment of a Rice events like brown rice feed- other staples such as corn;
ed that they may release to up Levy Barcelon, Engr. Hiroshi media approaches. Conservation Ordinance re- ing and simple fora greatly and showing appreciation for
to Php 20,000 under the emer- De Vera, Annavi Layco and A total of 35 public schools quiring all food establish- helped in the campaign. our rice farmers. -Lovella P.
gency loan. Those who have Debbie Ferwelo received the nationwide competed under ments in Sorsogon to offer In cooperation with the Guarin
existing loans with GSIS may award in behalf of the LGU.

BSP extends deadline All the glitz with sm accessories

for exchanging old PH
banknotes to March 31
By Mike Dela Rama ber 2016 to end of March
2017 is a response to the
LEGAZPI CITY - The publics clamor to extend the
Bangko Sentral ng Pilipi- deadline in replacing their
nas (BSP) here announced old banknote series.
the extension of the dead- She said after March 31,
line for the exchange or re- the NDS banknotes which
placement of the old Phil- have not been exchanged
ippine banknote series, shall cease to be a liability of
also known as the New the BSP and shall de demon-
Design series banknotes etized.
or NDS to March 31, 2017. Meanwhile, the BSP also
Marlyn Paje, BSP depu- warned business establish-
ty director in Bicol, said ments and market vendors
NDS is at par with the who refuse to accept coins
New Generation Curren- that they would face the nec-
cy (NGC) banknotes and essary sanctions.
can be exchanged without The BSP has received re-
charge. ports that there were stores,
The NDS banknotes especially market vendors, With the New Year fast approaching, nows defi- There are exquisite with beaded and embellished
may be exchanged with who refuse to accept the 5-, nitely the season to add some glitz to your accessoriz- clutches, stunning statement necklaces and even
BSPs its authorized agent 10- and 25-centavo coins.
ing game. Its that perfect time to add accessories that bedazzled stackable bangles perfect for a night out.
banks, she said. It urged the public to file
Paje said the recent deci- necessary complaint to their sparkle, shimmer and shine from day to night. There are also trendy chokers and dangling earrings
sion of the Monetary Board office against erring business SM Accessories has pieces that not only celebrate for that right amount of flair.
to extend the period of ex- establishments or market the festive mood of the season, but also elevate your Choose SM Accessories available at all SM Stores
change from end of Decem- vendors. style for the coming year ahead. nationwide. @smaccessories
6 bikol reporter january 8-14, 2017

Caravan to promote the importance

of microinsurance launched
The CARD Mutual Ben-
efit Association (CARD
ance Agency (CaMIA),
and CARD Pioneer Mi-
croinsurance Inc. (CPMI)
launched a Microinsur-
ance Caravan, which will
serve as an awareness cam-
paign on the importance of
The member-savers of the
three banking institutions
of CARD Mutually Rein-
forcing Institutions (CARD
MRI), the CARD Bank, Inc.,
CARD SME Bank, Inc., and According to GM Dawat, member-savers from La- CARD MBA provides
Rizal Bank, Inc., as well as clients of CARD MRI are guna, Marinduque, Makati, microinsurance products
their beneficiaries will ben- automatically insured in and Quezon Province. for the members of the As-
efit from the said campaign. CARD MBAs life insurance These identified areas sociation and their families;
These member-savers product once recognized as are the top list with most CaMIA is the insurance
are those who have not member. These individu- number of member-savers, agency of non-life insurance
availed any loan products als, however, need to also be GM Dawat said, adding that products of CARD MRI;
and are not attending center covered with non-life insur- the generation of data is and, CPMI is the first non-
meeting, said May Dawat, ance, which are not covered through CARD MRIs Data life microinsurance compa-
ADN H.S. 56 CHILDREN CHRISTMAS TREAT general manager of CARD by CARD MBA to be pre- Control Center (DCC). ny in the Philippines.
Over 200 children of Barangay Odicon, Pasacao, Cam Sur
were recipients of a Feeding Christmas treat by the Ateneo de MBA. She added that the pared in times of uncertain- GM Dawat disclosed that These three organizations
Naga HS Class 56 last December 29 at Margando Farm, here, campaign calls for the cli- ties, she added. at least nine areas in Davao are the microinsurance arms
owned by classmate Jimmy and Annie Marquez. ents to avail products and The first leg of the cara- City, Oriental Mindoro, Al- of CARD MRI, a social de-
A community outreach program, the activity was part of services offered by CARD van was held in Mandaluy- bay, Capiz, and La Union or velopment organization that
the Class Homecoming gathering the same day. MBA, CaMIA, and CPMI ong City, where at least 400 more than 2,700 member- provides financial and com-
Shown in upper photo are some of the children posing for
other than the regular insur- member-savers attended. To savers will be reached by munity development servic-
a souvenir (from left) with hosts Marquez couple, treasurer Ed
Dayao and secretary Tony Amparado. ance they avail as member of date, the campaign already the caravan before the year es to poor women and their
In lower photo shows Jimmy Marquez and Bert Bombase the institution. reached more than 1,500 ends. families.
serving hot food to the children.
Odicon P/Brgy Melinda Sambahon was the special guest Catanduanes is deemed
during the Christmas dinner that followed, attended by Class 'Nina' inflicts Bicol farmers with P4.8B . . .
the biggest single producer of
members and their spouses. Ms. Sambahon was the one farmlands affected: rice ar- DA-Bicol has also com- provide 1,000 units of farm abaca in the world today with
who administered the Oath of Office of the incumbent class eas-56,593 hectares, corn ar- mitted to augment the budget tools and additional tractors. It
officers last September.
farmers earning around P100
eas-11,235 hectares, and high release of the national govern- also earmarked funds for the million from the natural fiber.
value crops, including veg- ment for the rehabilitation of repair of small-scale irrigation Meanwhile, the Depart-
ADDENDUM OF EXTRAJUDICIAL etables and fruit trees-12,259 affected farmers with funds facilities and flatbed dryers, ment of Education-Bicol
SETTLEMENT AMONG HEIRS hectares. derived from the available vaccines and animal feeds. reported to OCD that five
Alejandro said the total calamity funds of the region, OCD-Bicol said an initial schools in Catanduanes suf-
WITH WAIVER OF RIGHTS number of affected farmers in added Alejandro. Php500 million has been ear- fered heavy damage from ty-
the region were 82,793, most He said DA-Bicol has buf- marked by the national gov- phoon Nina.
Notice is hereby given that Deomedes G. de of them from Camarines Sur, fer stocks of around 6,000 ernment for the rehabilitation
Guzman, at the time of his death, left another real The Albay Provincial Vet-
Catanduanes and Albay. Of bags of palay seeds. Aside of the fishery sector. erinary Services reported that
property of which he is the absolute owner covered
this number, 72,766 were rice from this, it will buy 5,000 He said some Php55 mil- the initial damage to livestock
by TCT No. 6155, with no known debts or obligation
farmers, 6,962-corn farmers bags of certified palay seeds, lion of the fund will be used and poultry has amounted to
due against the estate of the decedent; and to the best
interest of the parties divide, partition and adjudicate and 3,065-high value crop 6,000 bags of hybrid palay for the immediate rehabilita- Php 1.2 million.
among themselves the real propery described farmers. seeds, 3,000 bags of hybrid tion of the abaca industry in Dr. Florencio Adonay, pro-
extrajudicially; the parties being all Filipino citizen, of He said the national gov- corn seeds, 1,000 kilograms Catanduanes, release of rice vincial veterinary officer, said
legal age and with full capacity to contract, agree to ernment has announced the of vegetable seeds, 50,000 seeds and fertilizers for an es- most of the livestock drowned
divide and adjudicate among themselves the described release of P50 million in the pieces of fruit trees and timated 5,000 hectares of rice during the typhoon while
property in favor of RHODERICK F. DE GUZMAN form of palay seeds to help 30,000 kgs of urea fertilizers land and repair of fisheries poultry suffered due to hypo-
and REAGAN F. DE GUZMAN, with the other parties farmers recoup their losses by for rice and corn farmers. infrastructures damaged by thermia.
waiving their rights thereto; as acknowledged before planting anew. In its report to OCD-Bicol, the typhoon. He said the affected farm-
Notary Public Atty. Carlo C. Villanueva Jr., Doc. No. Bicol region is expecting DA Bicol said it will also pro- Alejandro said 85 percent ers and livestock owners will
332, Page No. 67, Book No. 218, Series of 2017. another P50 million based on vide 40 heads of carabaos, or 27,936 hectares of the be given technical assistance
the recommendation of DA 5,000 ducks, 5,000 native 33,000 hectares planted to by the provincial government
BIKOL REPORTER Secretary Emmanuel Piol to chickens and 10 units of incu- standing abaca plants in Cat- and DA, including replen-
Published: January 8, 15 and 22, 2016 President Rodrigo Duterte, bators. anduanes suffered heavy dam- ishment of their livestock.
said Alejandro. DA-Bicol said it soon also age due to the typhoon. -PNA

Power transmission NOW ready - NGCP . . .

line affecting APEC consum- Pawa-Tabaco 69kV line. to restore the transmission
ers was also damaged along Sorsogon and Ligao switch- lines, please also note that the
with the Daraga Substation ing stations also suffered set- loss of power maybe caused
affecting APEC, SORECO 1 backs. by affected transmission fa-
and 2 consumers and Tiwi- While NGCP committed cilities of NGCP or distribu-
tion utilities or our local elec-
VACATION LOTS FOR SALE tric cooperatives.
NCGP Corporate Affairs
Division-Bicol Chief Nilda
HOMES ARE NOW ON SALE. LOCATED doing its best to help not only
ALONG PAVED NATIONAL ROAD TO to restore the transmission
CAROLINA, NAGA CITY TOWARD MT. lines but also to assist local
ISAROG. ONLY FIVE KMS. FROM CITY power distributors expedite
PROPER. the repair of damaged facili-
LOTS MEASURE 700 SQ.M. EACH. YOU Aside from the deployed
FLOWER/VEGETABLE GARDEN OR sought the assistance of line
BACKYARD POULTRY. crews and engineers coming
from other regions, to speed
CALL TONY ACYATAN (CP 0917 852 7391) up the restoration of dam-
FOR DETAILS & DISCOUNTS. aged facilities and transmis-
sion lines.
january 8-14, 2017 bikol reporter 7


After launching "Tabang Bicol" as a response to the devastation caused by Typhoon Nina on December 28, 2016, the Asia-
Pacific Alliance for Disaster Management (A-PAD) Metro Naga immediately conducted its first relief distribution operation on
December 29, 2016 in Barangay Catanusan, Minalabac, Camarines Sur. Non-food items composed of 1 tarpaulin sheet, 1 plastic
mat, and 1 blanket were distributed to 207 families of the said barangay whose houses were totally damaged by the typhoon.

285 barangays affected . . . only 10 villages have been of the clandestine shabu lab in
six-month anti-illegal drug cam- deemed cleared, he said. Barangay Palta Small in Virac,
barangays deemed affected by
paign of the Philippine National Chief Insp. Arthur Gomez, Catanduanes on Nov. 26.
the drug problem constituted 17
Police (PNP). investigation chief and spokes- He added the police also re-
percent of the total of 3,471 ba-
Chief Supt. Melvin Ramon person of Albay PPO, said that covered 18 bricks or 12.17 kilo-
rangays in the Bicol region.
Buenafe, PRO5 director, said even as Albay PPO was the grams of cocaine off the shores
He said Sorsogon PPO
the six-month campaign covered least performing in the baran- of Barangay Sogod in Tiwi, Al-
topped the PPOs in the re-
the period from July 1 to Octo- gay clearing operations, there bay on Dec. 19 last year.
gion with the most number of
ber 25, when Project Double were other parameters where Buenafe said the police op-
cleared barangays at 98.77
Barrel was enforced; and from Albay PPO was able to perform erations in Virac and Tiwi had
percent; followed by Naga City,
Oct. 26 to Jan. 4 when Project well. contributed to the high perfor-
PPO-93.33 percent, Camarines
Double Barrel Alpha was being He said Albay PPO was mance rating of PRO5 compared
BOOK LAUNCH Norte PPO-87.65 percent, Mas-
enforced by the PNP against the second in the implementation to all regional police offices in
Poet and fictionist Estelito Jacob turns over to Naga City
bate PPO-88.20 percent, Catan-
drug scourge. of Operation Tokhang (door-to- the country in the anti-illegal
Librarian Rico Vinluan a copy of his new poetry collection,
duanes PPO-58 percent.
Project Double Barrel had door campaign) under Project drug campaign as assessed by
He said the PPOs with the
Matalasay na Dila. Double Barrel Alpha campaign. PNPs general headquarters in
targeted both the street-level least number of cleared baran-
drug personalities and the high- From July 1 to Jan. 4, Albay Camp Crame.
gays were Camarines Sur PPO-
profile personalities while Proj- PPO has 25,974 surrenderees "Aside from the continuous
20.61 percent and Albay PPO-
ect Double Barrel Alpha inten- (2,083 pushers; 23,891 users), police operation under project
9.52 percent.
sified the campaign by setting a 154 drug personalities arrested Double Barrel Alpha we are
Buenafe said their records
target number of drug person- and 30 drug suspects killed, now concentrating on barangay
showed that in Albay, 108 ba-
alities to be arrested each day by Gomez said. clearing operations," he said.
rangays out of a total of 720
the six Provincial Police Offices PRO5 records showed Ca- Buenafe said he is very
barangays were deemed affected
or PPOs. marines Sur PPO topped the six hopeful that in the coming
by the drug problem.
Buenafe cited that the 568 PPOs with 26,302 surrenderers, months, the Bicol region will be
Out of the 108 barangays,
226 drug personalities arrested declared drug-free."
and 18 killed. He recently launched the
Business One Stop Shop . . . Buenafe said under Proj- Bicol Region Ayaw sa Droga
ects Double Barrel and Double or BRAD program in the six
LGUs other services of funds most of the business taxpayer as Barrel Alpha, PRO5 record- Bicol provinces as a way of
like the internal revenue allot- they experienced slower pace in ed 85,705 drug personalities saturating all 3,471 barangays
ment (IRA), taxes on land, and securing a mayors permit com- (79,836 users; 5,869 pushers) in the region.
other real properties, other li- pared to that of last year.
who have surrendered to police BRAD is an organization
cences, and the citys economic During last years first day of
and local authorities, 861 drug composed of different sectors
enterprises. operation, the BOSS has accom-
personalities arrested and 82 from the academe, students, re-
The BOSS first day of op- modated, processed and given
killed in police operations. ligious, business and non-gov-
eration last January 3, this year, mayors permit to 83 applicants,
while this year, during the first There were 1,119,114 ernment groups, barangay offi-
turned out to be unimpressive for
day, it was able to accommodate houses visited under Operation cials and residents, media, PNP
only 52 applicants but was able Tokhang while 151 firearms and and other government and law
to tender mayors permit to only 50 vehicles were recovered, he enforcement agencies, who are
21 taxpayers said. working together in the informa-
During debriefing, Allen Buenafe said PRO5 had tion and education campaigns in
Reondanga who heads the City scored its biggest perfor- the communities to curb abuse
Events, Protocol and Public In- mance compared to the other of illegal drugs and other dan-
formation Office (CEPPIO) re- regions because of the discovery gerous substances.
lated the experience of a taxpayer
who began to process her papers NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC
at 8:35 in the morning and ended AUCTION SALE/SUBASTA
up at 4:48 in the afternoon.
He said the experience of a All unredeemed items/articles pawned at R. M. ASPE
lady taxpayer was not in accor- PAWNSHOP, Cor. Panganiban & Elias Angeles Street, Naga
dance with what Mayor John City, pawned from AUGUST 1-31, 2016 whose terms have
Bongat wanted to give to the expired will be sold to public auction sale on FEBRUARY 02,
public an individual transaction 2017 from 9:00 A.M.-12:00 NOON.
that will not to beyond 30 min- Redemption/Renewals of all pledges covered by the
utes. The glitch was traced from above-mentioned date will be honored until JANUARY 31,
2017 only.
the transaction area manned by
the personnel of the Bureau of BIKOL REPORTER
Fire and Protection where most Published: JANUARY 8, 2017
of the taxpayers paying for the
fire safety inspection fee cannot
present the fire certificate. NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC
The problem, which created a AUCTION SALE/SUBASTA
domino effect on other taxpayers
that caused hours-long delay was All unredeemed items/articles pawned at ASPE EXPLOR-
eventually resolved by requiring ER PAWNSHOP, Ground Floor, Bichara Complex, Abella St.,
all taxpayers or the applicant for Igualdad, Naga City, pawned from AUGUST 1-31, 2016 whose
mayors permit to present their terms have expired will be sold to public auction sale on
Fire Certificates right at the start FEBRUARY 02, 2017 from 9:00 A.M.-12:00 NOON.
of the transaction at the docu- Redemption/Renewals of all pledges covered by the
ment audit section. above-mentioned date will be honored until JANUARY 31,
2017 only.
Meanwhile, City Treasurer THE MANAGEMENT
Gregoria Nilda B. Abonal said BIKOL REPORTER
they are planning to formally Published: JANUARY 8, 2017
request the Sangguniang Pan-
lungsod to allow the BOSS to
extend its last day of operation NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC
from January 20, this year, until AUCTION SALE/SUBASTA
the end of January 2017. The city
councils approval is required as All unredeemed items/articles pawned at ROWENA ASPE
the proposed extension obliged PAWNSHOP, P. Burgos St., corner J. Hernandez Avenue, Naga
the penalty on the part of the City, pawned from AUGUST 1-31, 2016 whose terms have
businessmen. expired will be sold to public auction sale on FEBRUARY 02,
The proposition is made to 2017 from 9:00 A.M.-12:00 NOON.
give taxpayers ample time to at- Redemption/Renewals of all pledges covered by the
tend to their tax concerns after above-mentioned date will be honored until JANUARY 31,
typhoon Nina hit the province of 2017 only.
Camarines Sur in the evening of BIKOL REPORTER
December 25, last year. jbn Published: JANUARY 8, 2017
285 barangays affected
by drugs in Bicol cleared By Jorge Hallare

say no to drugs!
top official of the Police Re-
gional Office in Bicol (PRO-
5) reports that 285 barangays
(villages) or 50.18 percent of
the 568 barangays affected by
the drug problem in the Bicol
region have been cleared of
the problem of proliferation
of illegal drugs during the
page 8 Bicol, the philippines JANUARY 8-14, 2017 P5.00 (Turn to page 7)