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Last Edit: 12/20/2016

Winterfell Gods Clan Rules

Important Note: This document will be changed over time and the members will be notified via
clan mail whenever possible. However, make sure to check it every once in a while, so you wont miss
anything. You can use its latest modification date (on the top left corner).

Thank you for choosing our clan. We want to encourage a fun and pleasant atmosphere for everyone and wish to help
each other improve as we progress through the game. This can only be achieved when everyone cooperates and commits
to certain rules which have been carefully designed.
The following is a list of very simple yet important rules that must be followed by all of the clan-mates. Any player who
refuses to follow them will be subject to disciplinary actions including demotion, temporary ban from war and ultimately
being kicked.

C1. English Only. We have a very strict rule regarding the English language for the chats. Speaking in any language other
than English will probably result in immediate kick from the clan.
C2. Keep off topic chats to a minimum. Of course this is a game and people will try to have fun and we will not ignore
the social aspect of the game. However, any off-topic discussions shouldnt be overwhelming and should be kept to a
C3. No swearing: The clan chat should be safe for players of all ages. Watch your language.
C4. Respect each other: You should talk to your clan-mates with absolute respect. Even if you sometimes disagree with

W1. Keep your weight in check. Any member should have a higher offense than defense. If you have a max Town Hall 9
base both defensively and offensively, chances are, you are not going to be accepted to our clan. A base with max Town
Hall 9 defense (with X-Bows, etc.) should at least have max Town Hall 10 troops plus 40/40 heroes to be considered
for our clan. Obviously, you should always keep this balance even after youve been accepted to the clan.
W2. One 3-star is minimum: You should have at least one 3-star attack in order to be in the next war. If not, youll sit out
the next war.
a) If a member has several disappointing wars he/she will ultimately be kicked for poor performance.
b) In case the clan has already achieved the perfect war (all the bases have been cleared) when you are getting ready
for attack, you should pick a base similar to yours and 3-star it.
c) It is possible to miss a war even if you had a very good war. For instance, if you had a 6-star war, there is a slight
chance that you wont be picked for the next war due to rotation system. Sometimes there are not enough
members for a 30 vs 30 war and you might be the 26 th player. In that case, unfortunately you have to miss that
war but you will be featured in the next one for sure.
W3. Attack early: Do your attacks as soon as possible. We usually finish our attacks in less than 4 or 5 hours of the
beginning of the war and if you want to get the war stars, you should do your attacks ASAP.
W4. War result is the most important goal: Your profile stars, the bonus loot, your 3-star requirement, etc. all come after
the fact that we are aiming to win the war. If the number 1 player should attack number 25 in order to win the war,
he/she should do it without any hesitation. Nothing is more important in this clan and the leaders make every decision
with this mentality.
W5. Loot attack: Attacking for loot in war is only allowed if we have a perfect war and you have got your 3-star attack.
Although we would encourage you to use your remaining war attack for practice. Get the loot from farming.
W6. War targets: We dont have a specific method to choose opponents (for example the mirror base). Any player should
choose a base, based on the clan-mates, opponent bases. He/she should be able to comfortably 3-star it. One rule of
thumb is to go for the highest base you can 3-star for sure.
W7. Base calling: We use ClashTrack. You are required to either use the website ( or install an app for it.
Either way you will be given a password to join the clan, go to current war and call the base.
a) IMPORTANT: All of the rules stated in this section (section W7) has an exception for heavy wars. If the war is
difficult, the clan leaders will mail and inform the members that this war wont follow normal rules. In that case,
any member should coordinate with the co leaders before attacking and the fastest perfect war is the main goal.
b) Every member can call 1 base.
c) The first call has 4-hour expiration limit. After that, the base can be called and attacked again.
i. As an exception, the members who have an issue for attacking at the beginning of the war (for instance if their
time zone doesnt match the war) can inform the co leaders and keep their call active for 12 hours. However,
they can only call 1 base per war and they should be more certain than the other players that they can 3-star
the base.
d) If someone does his first attack he can call a base thats not 3-starred and do a cleanup attack immediately after
his first attack or call another uncalled base if the war has started more than 30 minutes ago.
e) The second call expires after 2 hours
f) If a member attacks a called base, he will be demoted and be warned. If he has member status, hell be kicked.
g) Any member who fails to use ClashTrak does so at their own risk.
W8. Attack strategies:
a) Any type of 3-star attack strategy which usually uses Hogs and Balloons, are welcome. Examples are: GoHo,
GoLaLoon, LavaLoon, GoVaHo, GoVaLo, HoLoWiWi, etc.
b) 2-star attack strategies such as GoWiPe, GoWiWi, etc. for Town Hall 9 and below war attacks are absolutely
prohibited, unless you have a valid point behind that strategy and a co-leader has approved it.
c) Dragon attacks for Town Hall 8 are not recommended either but if youre confident about getting the 3-star you
can use it.

D1. Donation ratio: We dont believe in a specific ratio in our clan. We dont want members to fall behind in their game
progress just to fulfill their donation quota. However, any member is required to help with the donations whenever
and as much as he/she can.
D2. Only requested troop: Do not donate wrong troops. Read the requests and donate accordingly. If you have donated
the wrong troops, let the other player know and apologize. Failing to do so, especially in war attacks could get you in
D3. Troops to request for war attacks: All of the members can request for any troop in the game for war attacks and the
clan-mates are required to fill that request as soon as possible. As mentioned earlier, war attacks are top priority in
our clan. Also, the clan members are required to only attack with maxed troops in their CC.
D4. Troops to request for farming: Any member can request for common troops used for farming. These most common
are Wizards, Giants, Barbs, Archers, Minions, Balloons and Hogs. Whenever requested, other clan-mates are required
to fill these requests as soon as possible. However, requesting for troops such as Golem, Valkyrie, Witch Pekka, Dragon,
Bowler, Miner, Lava, etc. is forbidden for farming. These troops can be requested in 2 occasions:
a) For practicing war attacks or challenges
b) Whenever a clan-mates has already cooked them and asks others to request if they need them.
c) Note: You can also add them to request text as an optional request. For instance: Wiz/ or valk if possible
How to use clashtrack
In order to join our clan, as mentioned before, you have to sign up on the website. To do so please visit: and sign up. You can use either user/password or login with your social network accounts:

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After that, you will be asked to enter your player tag and number of builders. To get your player tag, from the game, go to
your profile and tap on the code starting with the letter # under your name and select Copy. Then paste it on the
clashtrack website. You can also type this.

After you enter the required info, select Create or join clan from the next screen and enter the code you get from the clan

After you join the clan, you can call the base you want to attack by going to the sidebar menu and then selecting Clan wars
and Current war respectively.

Page 3
From this page, just click on the green Call button next to the base number you want to call. Feel free to ask clanmates for
more info if you wanted more help.

At the time of writing these rules, clashtrack does not have any official app. We use the website, even on our phones and
tablets. If you find an app, make sure that its indeed using the website and its secure. However, we still
recommend you to use the website.

Request code. As a way to let us know you have read this document before requesting to join our clan (to show your
dedication) please type in the code WFGJN in your join request.

Best Regards,

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