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Annotated Bibliography

Primary Sources

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The article offers information on nuclear energy, including its benefits, its effects on the

environment, and how nuclear accidents happen. Particularly, the section detailing the benefits

and effects on the environment are topics of interest that will most likely be used in this project.

"Energy From The Atom." Monkeyshines On America (1999): 27. Primary Search. Web. 11 Feb.


This source provides information on nuclear energy, produced from the fission or fusion of the

nuclei of atoms and how much energy is produced at a time. This can show how nuclear energy

is reliable since it makes very large quantities of energy.

MacKinnon, Don. "A Secure Energy Future For Ontario Requires More Investment In Nuclear

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The article reports on how developing GHG emission-free base-load nuclear and carbon-neutral

biomass energy can help in achieving Ontario's energy security. This can be generalized for

nuclear energy use around the world. The information pertaining to how the energy source is

reliable, affordable, etc. is very useful.

"Nuclear Power." Energy For The Future (2009): 16. Primary Search. Web. 11 Feb. 2017.
The article states that nuclear energy is a clean energy source made using substances such as

uranium that doesn't give off carbon dioxide or other harmful gases. However, nuclear power

stations are expensive to build and run, and they also produce dangerous wastes that can make

living things sick or even kill them. It really is very helpful in explaining the environmental


"Nuclear Waste." Monkeyshines On America (1999): 13. Primary Search. Web. 11 Feb. 2017.

This source discusses the two ways that the energy from nuclear fission is released. It, also, goes

into deep detail on how nuclear waste can affect an ordinary humans body.

Secondary Sources

Brecha, Bob. "Nuclear Power - The Solution to Future Energy and Climate Challenges?" The

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The source displays a picture that really shows that nuclear isnt that bad. This is perfect for a

picture on a conclusion webpage on a website.

Conca, James. "As The World Warms To Nuclear Power, The Outlook For Uranium Is Up."

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The source discusses how global warming is becoming a greater and greater issue by the day.

The world must move to nuclear energy. This source, also, has a good picture of nuclear power.
Good, Sam. "Nuclear Power: The Good, The Bad, and The Beautiful." Greening Forward.

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This site explains the benefits and the bright side of nuclear energy despite all its faults. It

includes a great image that shows how nuclear energy is probably the best alternative source of

energy to use with it.

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This site displays a picture that shows the viewer what nuclear energy looks like. It is excellent

to use on a page for explain what nuclear energy is.

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The site contains information and pictures showing how dangerous nuclear energy is. It is

definitely a good picture on a webpage about the cons of nuclear energy.

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This source contains a clear picture of nuclear energy in work. It really shows the viewer what

nuclear energy looks like in action.

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This article states the pros and cons of nuclear energy. This set of pros and cons is unique

compared to others since it discusses about thorium.

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This is a very detailed articled about how nuclear energy is efficient. It states how the time to use

it is now or never because of environmental issues such as global warming.

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This site contains a picture that doesnt make nuclear energy seem bad nor good. Its very good

as a starting page to start the viewer off with a clear, unbiased mindset.

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This magazine article compares the pros and cons of nuclear energy. It analyzes the economic

impact of nuclear energy unlike other sources making this very useful.
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It offers information such as the general idea of what exactly nuclear energy is and how it works.

Also, it details how thorium will play a factor in the future of nuclear energy.

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This source explains how nuclear accidents could happen(which they have on some occasions).

They discuss about how nuclear weapons could be made from nuclear energy, as well.

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The sources provides insight on both sides on the argument over nuclear power. It gives a great,

clear photo of nuclear energy as well.

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This site offers statistics on other energy sources compared to nuclear. It shows how nuclear

energy doesnt emit as much carbon dioxide as other sources.

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This source has a very good picture that represents nuclear energy. The picture is very clear and

is perfect for a picture on a website.