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The Best Way to Internationalize

Flag Theory is the modernized 50 year old method for entrepreneurs who
want to find the best countries in the world for freedom, privacy and wealth.

Incorporate your company Citizenship & Residency International Bank Account options

Data Security Invest in Crypto-Currencies

Flag Theory is a strategic internationalization process achieved by planting flags in
different countries. Each flag represents a specific element of your personal finances or
business which is designed to impact and increase your freedom, privacy, and wealth.
What are the Seven Flags?








Second Passport is the Starting Flag

2nd Passport Benefits:

Ability to travel visa free Freedom and hedge against any one government Land ownership

Financial Possibilities Broadening Business opportunities Worse case scenario insurance

How to Get a 2nd Passport?

Got Parents? Jus Sanguinis citizenship as Italian, Hungarian, Irish, Polish, and many more
Got Time? Have time but not a lot of money? Paraguay, Uruguay, Brazil, Ecuador, Argentinaetc
Got Money? Saint Kitts & Nevis, Malta, Turkey, Antigua, Bulgaria and many more
Got Business skills? You are in high demand. New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Ireland

Free tool to examine worldwide options

for residency and 2nd citizenship: Get for free The Flag Theory
80/20 Guide To Passports
Tax Residency is the Second Flag

The second flag of Flag Theory is Tax Residency, an ultra important flag to plant, as it is the basis
for determining your personal taxation. Most countries tax their citizens on a residential basis.
However, there are important exceptions, the United States and Eritrea are the only countries
that tax their citizens regardless of where in the world they live.

Some articles on tax residency:

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Where can I immigrate with a family
How can I become a HK resident
Im a location independent entrepreneur (digital nomad) where should I plant a
company flag?
How many days do I need to spend per year to become a permanent resident or
Bali Indonesia
Offshore Company is the Third Flag

Some of the benefits: Some starting options:

Ability to open a corporate bank account Wyoming
No tax at a corporate level BVI
Privacy (for both directors and shareholders) Nevis
Strong asset protection Belize
Professional appearance
Debts, assets, licenses, contracts can be made or Some places with special benefits:
held by the legal entity
Liability is limited, and you are distanced from the Thailand
actions of your business Singapore
Banking/investment opportunities otherwise not New Zealand
available China
Planting a flag in a strategic location Cambodia
Mitigation of sovereign risk Myanmar
Protection from bankruptcy, lawsuits, divorce, civil
unrest, and other worst case scenarios Free tool to examine worldwide options for
Access to higher risk merchant accounts incorporation:
Access to funding or investment capital

Get for Free

The Flag Theory 80/20 Guide To Incorporation
Offshore Banking is the Fourth Flag

An offshore bank account is a foreign bank account located in another country. There is nothing
inherently illegal about owning an offshore account and they are not shady or unprofessional in any
way. Oftentimes the beneficial owners of offshore bank accounts create problems because they dont
properly report the accounts, because they are trying to hide something. Offshore banking is powerful,
and thus it can be abused. You must make sure to file the correct forms with your relevant government
agencies. This is why a professional approach is always helpful.

Why open an offshore bank account: Some articles on offshore banking:

Currency risk What is the best jurisdiction to set up a banking
Sovereign risk flag?
Asset seizure How do merchant accounts and payment
Different investments processors work?
Ease of money transfer Can I set up a bank account in Singapore with
Merchant Accounts an Offshore company?
How can I get a corporate debit card from a
Hong Kong bank?
Free tool to examine worldwide options for
Can I get a gold backed bank account with a
bank account opening:
debit card?
Physical Assets is the Fifth Flag

Physical Assets can be gold, other precious metals, but most commonly it is land. Wed like to believe
that the country in which we live is infallible, but the truth is that governments are fragile, and inept.
They can, and do topple. Thats why it is important to allocate a portion of your wealth or assets in a safe

Why buy productive land?

Appreciating asset Productive land is one of the most valuable appreciating assets in the
Tangible world. There is a limited amount and it can be strongly held with a
Food and Water freehold deed. If the land is arable or has potable water, the price will
Last bastion of Freedom increase accordingly.

Some articles on Physical Assets:

Where are the best countries to invest in physical land or gold?
Guide to Gold
How can I move Gold overseas?
Can I get a gold backed bank account with a debit card?
How should I think about investing in land overseas?
Digital Security is the Sixth Flag

The Sixth Flag is focused on protecting your online privacy, and communicating securely without having
compromises. The Snowden revelations have given new birth to the importance of this flag.
All of us are frequent users of the internet, and programs are frequently capturing huge amounts of
data on us, and exerting a process over our data called data mining.
What this means is that an algorithm is combing the internet looking for certain phrases, combinations
of words and others for market research, surveillance and god knows what else.
Especially for internet entrepreneurs, or people who make money on the internet, this is a very
important flag and deals with important aspects of your business or life you might not otherwise
consider, such as server country or email hosting providers.

Digital Security/Internet Security Guide for the truly paranoid

Free tool to examine worldwide Some articles on internet security.

options for Virtual Private Networks: Girl Refuses tracking device, expelled.
Do You post on Facebook?
Kim Dotcom
Drug Sniffing Lasers (say what?)
Digital Assets is the Seventh Flag

Encrypted Currencies or Cryptocurrencies have seen serious development and iteration within the
last 8 years, starting with bitcoin in 2008. Bitcoin started as a thread on an email list from a mysterious
creator who suggested a white paper on digital cash. From this point, it went from relative obscurity to a
force in the economic world with a multiple billion dollar market cap.
The underlying technology of bitcoin, the BlockChain is essentially a shared ledger that makes it easier
to achieve consensus. There are many different projects that utilize blockchain technology, both with
and without a native currency. The blockchain as been called the internet of value because of the
unique ability to transfer and track data, assets (either on chain or off) in a way that is more cost
effective and efficient when compared to traditional industries like escrow, clearing houses or other
forms of middle men.

Some Articles on Digital Assets:

Bitcoin Free tool to compare cryptocurrencies,
KYC Blockchain exchanges and wallets:
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