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Learning activity 4 / Actividad de aprendizaje 4

1. Evidence: Recognizing body parts / Evidencia: Reconociendo las partes del


Instructions: / Instrucciones:

Do the practical exercises: / Realice los ejercicios prcticos:

a. Look at the following sentences. Choose the correct option to complete them. Note: If
you dont understand a word, please look it up in the dictionary. / Observe las siguientes
oraciones. Escoja la opcin correcta para completarlas. Nota: Si no entiende una
palabra, por favor bsquela en el diccionario.

1. We wear a hat on our ___ head _______.

a. head b. hear c. eyebrow

2. We use our __ hands ________ to write.

a. feet b. hands c. arms

3. We wear a bracelet on our ___wrist_______.

a. neck b. ankle c. wrist

4. We use our ___ mouth _______ to eat.

a. head b. tongue c. mouth

5. We wear earrings in our _____ ears _____.

a. ears b. eyes c. toes.

6. We use our ___ eyes _______ to watch movies.

a. nose b. forehead c. eyes

7. We wear sneakers on our _____ foot _____.

a. legs b. foot c. shoulders

8. We use our ____ nose ______ to breathe.

a. ears b. lips c. nose

9. We wear a backpack on our _____ shoulders ____.

a. back b. shoulders c. hands

2. Look at the image and label the parts of Johns body. / Observe la imagen y etiquete las
partes del cuerpo de John.

1. Forehead
2. eyebrow
3. eye
4. teeth
5. tongue
6. lips
7. chin
8. navel
9. knee
10. nail
11. hair
12. ear
13. nose
14. neck
15. chest
16. ARM
17. elbow
18. ring finger
19. little finger
20. heel
2. Evidence: Street life / Evidencia: Da a da en las calles

Look at the following image and describe the different activities people are doing while
they are walking around the street. Also, describe their outfits. / Observe la siguiente
imagen. Describa las diferentes actividades que las personas estn realizando mientras
circulan por la calle y, tambin, sus atuendos.

Fuente: SENA

Examples / Ejemplos:

1. Lisa:

Shes walking and listening to music. She is having coffee and

a croissant. Shes wearing a black dress and sneakers.

2. Michael:
Michael is walking his dog, his do is chasing a cat. Michael is
wearing boots, black pants and a sport-shirt.

3. Andy:

Andy is sitting next to Louise on the table the restaurant.

Andy is drinking coffee and talking to Louise. Hes wearing
grey pants, a black jacket and black shoes.

4. Louise:

Louise is reading a newspaper and talking to Andy. She is

wearing a brown skirt and red heels.
Louise is wearing a black hat.

3. Evidence: Clothes and weather / Evidencia: Prendas de vestir y clima.

Look at the following images and describe the weather and what people are wearing by
using the present continuous.

Observe las siguientes imgenes. Describa el clima y lo que estn usando las personas
usando el presente continuo (tema trabajado en el material de estudio).


Season: Autumn

Weather: Its cool,

windy and dry.

Clothes: She is
wearing a plaid scarf,
a white blouse, a
wine red purse, blue
jeans, and pink high Season: summer
Weather: Cool, hot

Clothes: The five are wearing shorts and

sunglasses and one is wearing a hat
Season: spring

Weather: It is cool,
windy and dry

Clothes: She wears a

blanket and a white
blouse and a blue jean
has a brown coffee,
she wears a necklace
and in her hand she
wears a glass and

Season: winter

Weather: Cold, wet

Clothes: She has a gray scarf, has a

blue vest and a brown bag


When you finish your work, send the file to your instructor through the platform as follows:

1. Click on the title of this evidence.

2. Click on Examinar mi equipo and look for the file in your computer. Make sure the file is
3. Leave a comment for the instructor (optional).
4. Click Enviar.

Una vez finalice la evidencia enve al instructor el archivo a travs de la plataforma, as:

1. D clic en el ttulo de esta evidencia.

2. D clic en el enlace Examinar mi equipo y busque el archivo en su computador.
Asegrese de adjuntar el archivo.
3. Escriba algn comentario si lo considera pertinente.
4. D clic en Enviar.
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