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C "^iGlNNAn 0. anc^ ALBANY // ^
The Rice Coil Springs


We havp nroviH'*'' the People.
— IN —

# Rice Coil Springs. ®

The Rice Coil Spring is at the head of all the family of Coil Springs. Its immense success
has been so phenomenal that many imitations have sprung up to get some of the glory, if only by
reflection There are all kinds of springs, but there is only one Eice Coil Spring, and that is sold

by The T T. Haydock Carriage Company, of Cincinnati, O., and Albany, N. Y.

liook at oat^ Unconditional Gaat^antee.
|E guarantee our Rice Coil Spring Vefiicles to be tfie easiest riding and
most durable made in the world.

If after six ^weeks' trial tbe Rice Coil is found not to be tbe
easiest ridinsT springy you ever used, we -will exchanigfe for any
otlier style.

We have taken time to give them a thorough test before placing upon them

our unconditional guarantee, and from results received from all parts of the United

States and foreign countries, feel perfectly safe in giving them our indorsement

and soliciting an order from each and every one.

Very truly yours,




1. They are the easiest riding Springs in the ways on a strain and the bearings are phosphor
world. bronze.
2. They are themost durable Springs ever made. They are very much lighter than any other

3. They have no side-motion. Spring which has any valid claim for ease of motion.
4. They do not dive forward or backward. 9. They ride equally well with one or three persons.

5. They can not be broken by heavy loading or 10. They show less than any other Spring.
fast driving. 11. They will make a buggy last longer, because
6. They do not weaken with prolonged use. their great elasticity relieves the running parts from
7. They are noiseless, because the Springs are al- jars and twisting strains.

They are fully warranted, and we guarantee that The durability of a buggy depends as much on the
they will give much better satisfaction than any elasticity of the springs as on the quality of mate-
Spring you have ever used. rial and workmanship employed in its construction.
A buggy that rides comfortably will always elicit The elasticity of a spring is in direct proportion
more praise from the user and bring more credit to to its length.
the maker than one superior in all other particu- The RiceCoil Spring is nearly three times as long
lars, yet lacking in this. as the longest leaf spring in use.
Thi^ J^
Y\ol! A r^^W Tl^in^

With those who use the " <Rice ,Coil Spring," for by them it is

considered a reliable friend, whose integrity has been tested, and a

sense of restfulness , of security and unalloyed pleasure is experienced
whenever they treat themselves to a ride ; for this Spring is delightfully
easy of miction, and rides perfectly level with one or three persons.
They cannot be broken by heavy loading or fast driving.

' ^//ANDY" is no name for it, because it does not begin to express all its

^ ' merits. To appreciate it, climb into one of the old-fashioned four-bow

top buggies. The exercise is too much for a man, and for a woman a perfect
terror. The Handy Top is perfectly lovely in comparison. Just step in like

walking into a house, standing up straight ; no sailors' antics or gymnastic feats

to go through with ; just sit down with perfect comfort. If you want to be

Read what our Friends say who have sold and used Rice Coil Springs.

As you we were a little skeptical of the Rice Coil Spring when it was first
are aware,
introduced. We
watched the first car load of Rice Coil Spring jobs that we put out very closely,
and gave the spring a very thorough test, selling these buggies especially to livery men, and putting
them into use at our branch houses. The result was entirely satisfactory to us. We have
demonstrated to the trade that the Rice Coil Spring Buggies are the strongest, most durable and
easiest riding springs on the market. Our trade is almost a unit in demanding jobs hung on Rice
Coil Springs, and since you have added the Handy Top, you have made your line the most
desirable of any for a dealer to handle.
The Rice Spring Buggy with Handy Top is quite a favorite in this market, and an excellent
seller. The trade is beginning to call for it quite extensively, and we believe it is going to be one
of the best selling buggies we have ever handled

Please ship me another Rice Coil Spring Buggy, in Bx grade. (The Rice Coil Spring is a
dandy.) J. L. CLARK, Schoolcraft, Mich.
We consider the Kice Coil Spring the most comfortable riding spring that we have ever
handled, and think it is going to be one of the best sellers in the market. It is durable and
serviceable, and upon the whole, a capital good spring.
J. T. ADAMS & SON, Talladega, Ala.

The Rice Coil Spring beats anything I ever used in the way of pleasure riding, and too
much cannot be done in introducing them to the riding public.

Please quote price on cart hung on Rice Coil Springs. have a buggy hung on these
springs, and it is considered by all who have ridden in it to be the easiest riding buggy in town.
There are several here who want one like it. G L SMITH, Prairie View, Kas.

Rice Coil Springs are fine. Sorry I did not buy all Rice Coil vehicles in last order you
shipped me. Send twu more on my order to Charleston, S. C.
H. D A. BIEMAN, Walhalla, S. C.

I can recommend the Rice Coil Springs. Am satisfied they are the most perfect and the

easiest riding springs I ever had. All ct ray customers who have tried them, pronounce them the
best. I expect to sell a large number this season.
N. F. INGRAHAM, Wallingford, Conn.
OUR LKADKR. I have had quite an experience with
Rice Coil Spring Vehicles, and have
been induced to believe there is noth-
ing like them. I sold a large number
during 1889. S. J. EOOT,
Webster City, Iowa.

I have been in the livery busines

for eleven years, have used all kinds
of springs, and can say that I consider
the Kice Coil Spring the easiest riding
and best spring ever put on the market.
I can make a forty-mile drive in a

Rice Coil Spring, and not feel tlie

least tired. I never thought there
was so much superiority in springs
until I purchased a Rice Coil Spring
Side Bar BusTSX Huns: on Rice Coll Springs. Hudson, Wis.
Last spring I purchased one of your
most excellent Rice Coil Spring Bug-
gies, through your agent here, which is
giving entire satisfaction, and is in good
condition yet. However, I want an-
other one this spring of same kind. I
can get better satisfaction out of the
Haydock goods than any other.
Hnntsville, Ohio.
We have sold your Rice Coil Spring
carriage that we bought of you to our
banker, Mr. A. A. Horton, and he thinks
it is the easiest and best riding carriage

he has ever used, and would not use any

other. Any one can refer to him for
any further information, and we will
send you his statement in a day or two.
9io. 30. Corning: Huns on Rice Coil Sprins:s>
Pomeroy, Iowa.
I like the Eice Coil Spring splen-
did. Please change my order and
substitute a Rice Coil Spring in
place ot the end spring buggy.
Bakersville, Pa.

We have both used and sold the

T. T. Haydock Buggies, and find
them satisfactory in every respect.
The Rice Coil Springs are superior
to any we know of.
Arnaudville, La.

Enclosed find check for last buggy

shipped. It was received O K, and
we are well pleased with it. The
„ , Rice Coil Spring cannot be beaten.
Jump-seat Bugr^y Hung on Rice Coil SprinsTS. FRED PUCKHABER,
Jacksonville, Fla.
About two years ago seeing
your Rice Coil Spring vehicles
highly recommended, I sent for
a sample job, without much faith
in it, but lately hearing the
sample job of two years ago so
well spoken of, I have been in-
duced to try them again, and ex-
pect I will have to have a good
many this season.
Oak Grove, N. J.

We are much pleased with the

Rice Coil Spring Buggy, which
arrived a few days ago in good
order. Send us at once a Rice
9io. xoo—Sie'w Rail Surrey Junip*Seat, Hung on Coil Spring Cart.
Rice Coll Sprinsrs. DUSENBURY & SARVIS,
Socastee, S. C
Please find enclosure for
Please ship us at your earl-
iest convenience, one three-
quarter " B " grade buggy on
Rice Coil Springs, with Handy
Top. We have a friend in
the implement business who
wishes us to try a different coil
spring, but we like the " Rice,"
having tried it.


Eddy, Texas.
Will say for the Rice Coil
Spring that every one that I
have sold has given good satis-
faction, and that I think they
are as fine riders as any on the
market. I can sellthem when
it is hard to sell any others.
No. 95.
Extension Xop Surrey Hung: on Rice Coil Springes. B. V. JEWELL,
Mt. Upton, N. Y.


This is not a cheap-built
Cart, but is constructed of
fine material.

We have had excellent success with the Rice Coil Springs for the past two years, rnd during
thistime have not heard of any of the springs breaking. They have proved satisfactory ^ven under
extraordinarily severe tests. The relief given vehicles as well as passengers on the "up\,'ard bound"
in passing over obstructions, is worthy of consideration in selecting an easy riding spring for
vehicles. I consider the Rice Coil Spring the easiest riding spring I have ever used. A trial is

sufficient proof of its inherent superiority. A. B. MILLER, North Manchester, Ind.

In all my experience I have never handled a vehicle that has given me and my trade as
much satisfaction as the Rice Coil Spring Buggy. It rides easy andsmoothoverrough roads, and is,
without a question, the coming spring for the future. I find it quite difficult in my territory to sell
anything but the Rice Coil Springs. Have had this year in the neighborhood of fifty, and
shall certainly want a good many next year. J. E. LAIDLER, Hawkinsville, Ga.

I have handled in the past two years a large number of the Rice Coil Spring Buggies, and
they have given the best of satisfaction in every case. Shall expect to use a very large number
this coming season. GEORGE
C. CRIBB, Milwaukee, Wis.

We have sold several of your Rice Coil Spring Buggies this past season, and find they give
unqualified satisfaction to purchasers. They certainly ride easy, and must in the near future be
the leading springs in the market. GEORGE BOHON, Harrodsburg, Ky.
We have sold your Rice Coil Spring Buggies for the past three seasons, and have yet to hear
of a single jobproving faulty. We have ridden in huggies hung on these springs, and tested them
in every way, but they are ahead of anything in the market for easy riding and durability Our
customers think the same way, and we find them sellers.
CRANE BROS. & CO., Yazoo, City, Miss.

I sold one of your Rice Coil Spring Buggies late last season, and the customer is very much
pleased with it. 1 like it, and will push the sale of the Rice Coil Spring Buggy this season.
A. L. JAMISON, Woodstock, Va.

We bought a car load of 3'our buggies and carriagrs, and in the car we had six Rice Coil
Spring vehicles. We took one of the single-seated Rice Spring jobs for our own UhC, and sold the
other live. Then we had another customer who wanted one, and we had to sell him the Rice Coil
Spring Buggy we were using ourselves. Are very sorry we did not get more of them in the car.
All the springs are giving excellent satisfaction.
HUGGINS & GRIFFITH, Anamosa, Iowa.

We find the Rice Coil Spring Buggy you make growing to be a great favorite. Have never
had one to break, and when sold always makes a demand for more.
S. B. MARTIN COURT & CO., Butler, Pa.
Am very much pleased with the Rice Coil Spring Buggy. It is the easiest riding spring we
ever had, and sells rapidly. B. M. WASHBURN, Montgomery, Ala.

We sold nine of the Rice Coil Spring Buggies this past season, and all the customers are
well pleased with them. One man, who weighs 210 pounds, says: "It is the best spring I ever
rode on, and can't be beat." It is, without a question, the coming spring for side-bar vehicles.
W. V. ZARTMAN, Glenford, O.

I have been handling buggies for the past several years, have sold all kinds of springs I

ever heard of, and am justified in saying that the Rice Coil Spring is far superior to anything we
have ever had in this section. This season I have had fourteen different kinds of buggies in my
wareroom at one time, and the Rice Coil Spring was sure to sell first. They are the easiest and
most durable spring ever invented. Will say further, that they are the best sellers, and give the
best satisfaction of any springs I ever handled. The Rice Coil Springs take the cake Send me
twenty-five more of them. GEORGE E. WALLACE, Westchester, 0.

Everybody is talking of the wonderful superiority of the Rice Coil Spring over other
springs,and those who have others would like to trade same for the Rice Coil. All those that I
have sold are giving good satisfaction, and I expect to sell a great many this season.
— IS-
I duplicate my order for the Rice Coil Spring vehicles because I consider them the easiest
riding springs that have ever been attached to a side-bar carriage for any road, rough or smooth.
On a rough road they do not give that short, sharp jerk that is so common and on a
to others,

smooth, hard road they are exempt from that jar and quiver that all For
other springs are subject to.
these reasons I have been able to place them in the hands of those who were out of hea-lth, and
nervous and fussy people generally, who express much pleasure and satisfaction with the spring,
and say they would not exchange it for any other they have ever seen. I have never heard of a
customer who has purchased the Eice Coil Spring but what was well pleased with it. I am
satisfied that it cannot be broken, for it assumes the character of an old-fashioned thoroughbrace as
soon as it passes the center. H. L. LIBBY, Norway, Me.

Ihave been running one of your buggies for six years, and am so well pleased with it that
I now wanta Rice Coil Spring Buggy. The one I have has made over 12,000 miles over rough
roads, and out in all kinds ot weather. I have spent but very few dollars for repairs.

Rev. Z. W. BEDENBAUGH, Prosperity, S. C.

We are in receipt of your price list. Your buggies have met with entire satisfaction. We
think they are very good for the money, and as soon as we need more, will secure them from you.
Enclosed find check to the amount of last bill.
PAWELSKI & SMITH, Paterson, N. J.
One word more. The buggies are doing remarkably good work, and giving entire
satisfaction. M. C. CORNWALL & SON, Randolph, N Y.

Enclosed find check for buggy shipped me February 27th. I received it March 3d, and sold
it the same day. It was the finest job for the money I ever saw.
O. W. WELCH, North Adams, Mass.

In reply to your inquiry regarding my opinion of your Rice Coil Springs, I will say that I
have sold and hung a number of these springs, besides using them myself, and I consider them to
be unquestionably the easiest riding springs I have ever seen, and can say further that I do not
know ot a man who has used those springs who would use any other.

I wish to say a word in favor of the Rice Coil Springs. We bought a lot of your carriages,
and there was one that had the Rice Coil Springs. My customers did not want to try it, so I took
it for my family, and will say that it is the best
and easiest riding spring I ever saw. My wife
rode with me the first time I ever used the carriage, over as rough a road as can be found in any
part of Maine, and she said she never rode so easy. I will say without hesitation that I would not

be without one. I think we shall have a good sale for that spring
ALBERT ALLEN & SON. Wellington, Me.
Please ship me a No. 95 with the Rice Coil Springs. I would like some buckboardshung on
Coil Springs, and some Concord bodies on the same spring, as 1 think it will stand much better
than the springs usually used. I tried the one sent me, and it is In
just right. It is a dandy.
your book where yon speak of "That Ride" you don't half express it, and I think if you will get
up some buckboards and Concords hung on this spring I can get a big trade on them.
C. W. A. BROWN, Malone, N. Y.

My experience in regard to the Rice Coil Springs is very limited. The few that I have sold
have given perfect satisfaction, also others that have used them speak in the highest terms of them.
C. H. LEWIS, Lovell, Me.

Some time ago I got a sample (Your No. 30, Rice Coil Spring Buggy). I have let several of
my customers ride in it. They all call it the best spring they ever rode on. One doctor thought
so well of it that he has disposed of a fine high-priced carriage, and h;is givenme an order for one.
I am well pleased with my own. W. J. BARON, Geneva, N. Y.

The Rice Coil Spring is just was a little shy of its good
what every physician needs. I
qualities until I tried it ; that carried conviction to me Every one who gives these
of its merit.
springs a good, fair, honest test will soon be convinced that they cannot be outdone for comfort and
durability. JOSIAH HASBROUCK, Jr. M. D., Port Ewen on Hudson, N. Y.
— 21 —
I have been using the Rice Coil Springs for tiie past three years, and so long as I can procure

them, shall use no other. During the twenty years I have been riding over the pavements of
Albany, I have tried a great number of springs, but do not hesitate in saying that the Rice Spring
is superior to them all. It seems to me that if every physician could be made acquainted with the
ease and comfort (in riding) obtained by using the Rice Coil Springs, they would not be long in
securing them. S. H. CARROLL, M. D., Albany, N. Y.

So far as I am able to judge, my customers are well pleased with the Rice Coil Spring
Personally, I prefer them to any spring I ever rode on.
H. H. SIMONS, Oil Mills, N. H.

My customers who have used your springs like them and the way they ride very much. I

like them and they please the customers. WILLIAM E. DANN, Norwalk, Conn.

I have sold a number your Rice Coil Spring vehicles, and every one has given the very
best satisfaction. One man to whom
I sold last year, and who has had his vehicle in constant use,

informed me that he would not have any other kind of spring; that he never pulled up for water
brakes, or anything of that sort, but went right along and rode easily over everything. I con
sider it, without a question, the best vehicle spring made. Have handled your vehicles for a num-
ber of years and have always found them to give excellent satisfaction.
Wm. J. MILENZ, West Sand Lake, N. Y.
Will you kindly inform me what is your price on Kice Coil Spring phaeton body cart? In
reference to the Kice Springs, I have given them a thorough test in the country, and find them the
best springs I have ever used. H. A. HERBERT, M. D., Manasquan, N. J.

I have been using one of your Rice Coil Spring buggies this past year, and it is giving
excellent satisfaction. I have been able to drive forty miles over rough country roads without
having the slightest backache, something I have never been able to do with any other spring.
P'or easy riding, be the roads rough or smooth, the Rice Coil Spring has no equal.

W. C. MARSELIUS, Albany, N. Y.

We have had several carloads of your Rice Coil Spring vehicles, and in every case where
we have them they have given the very best satisfaction. Our customers claim that Ihey are
the easiest riding springs, which induced one of our firm to take one for his own use, and he now
enys he would not dispose of it at any price if he thought he could not get another like it. Our
sales on Rice Springs are more than we anticipated. We intend to push them.
CARITHER3 & BETTS, Athens, Ga.

The Rice Coil Spring Buggies you shipped us are received, and think they are going to be
the best sellers I have in the store. We
like the Rice Coil Spring better the more we use it. I am
going tc build up a large trade on them. C. W. FERRI^^j jNIanchester, Iowa.
-^^^ THE ^ '

Rice coil spring



Superior to any ottier Spring

:-; -

(?e?i<te7w«n— AtourCoumy Fair, last November, I had three pieces of timber, each 20 feet long
and 8 inches square, which I placed in front of the grand stand, about 15 feet apart, and
with a speedy norse hitched to one of your Rice Coil Spring Buggies drove over the
timber at a sweeping trot, without damage to spring or buggy. I sold two of your
Rice Coil Spring Buggies to a
liveryman They are giving
perfect satisfaction.
Yours truly,
W'lODViLLF Miss.

T. T. ^4avdock Hice Com Spirihc

Surreys, Jump-Seats and Carts

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