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Student Name Sophia Salcido Date 4/17/17 Grade 8th

School Wide Learning



Faith Centered Individual As a teenager it is difficult

to stick to the faith. No
who: matter the religious
instruction and going to
Catholic school, it is still
difficult. There is always a
changing perspective on
faith. At this point in my
life I'm in the process of
exploring and choosing
how to live my faith.
1. reads the Bible and lives by Jesus x
2. prays daily x
3. participates in Mass x
4. celebrates the seasons of the church x
5. serves others x
A Responsible Individual who: I am able to finish and turn
in my work on time, but I
don't always use my time
well. Procrastination is
something I need to work
on, but so far I am working
towards having everything
finished ahead of time.
1. is accountable for words and actions x
2. is prepared and organized x
3. is punctual and uses time well x
4. meets daily expectations x
5. works independently and cooperatively x
A Respectful and Merciful It is difficult to forgive. But
I will continue to work
Individual who: towards forgiveness.
1. respects self, others, and the x
2. is kind and accepting x
3. is forgiving x
4. prays for others x
5. helps those in need x
A Life-Long Learner who: I am most definitely more
self motivated than I used

to be, but I still need to

work on motivating myself.
Also I do use technology
effectively but I would like
to better advance my
1. is self-motivated x
2. takes ownership of his/her work x
3. thinks critically and independently x
4. applies knowledge to achieve personal x
and academic goals
5. effectively uses a variety of resources, x
including technology

Beginning Developing Accomplished

Seldom; lacking in Inconsistent; participates Consistent; participates
participation; reluctant sometimes; needs regularly (whole-heartedly);
encouragement takes initiative