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HOW DEMONSTRATED (write your notes

here and bring this to your interview )

1-the school was nice and big In the

class that I was observing the boys
more than the girls,16 boys and 11
girls. The class was bigger and
organizes. umm al Quwain.
-the children study math- English
Arabic- science.

Professionalism and Understanding 2- I enjoy my time to studying the

children and helping the children to
1-Please give a brief description of the school, i.e. boys/girls,
size, location. Curriculum and texts used 3-i face one challenge that girl most
What different subjects are taught? the time she cries without any
1 problem if anyone tell here something
2-What did you enjoy most about your practicum?
she cry.

3-What challenges did you face?

4- I was brought in time to school and
4-What did you do to show your commitment to your job as a my MST made me explain to the children
teacher in the school? and count the children every day.

5-How did you collaborate with your MST and other teachers in 5- I help the other teacher to organize
the school? their classes also I do prepare for the
6-Describe a typical day in your school.

6- last day in the was a wonderful

day with children I bought gift for
each child also we play with
children then we say goodbye I
feel sad because its last day with

v. 2015-02-16 1
1- I should prepare a lesson plan
before start the lesson.
Planning for Learning

1-W hat did you learn about planning during the 2- In first two day, I can't control
the classroom it was hard for
2-W hat challenges did you face when preparing your two me but I use different ways
activities? with children to control the
3-Explain how you used Learning Outcomes to guide
your planning. 3- I see the children if they
understand the lesson Its
make the lesson plan become

Implementing and Managing Learning

1- My MST use different kind of

1-W hat strategies did you see your MST use to manage strategies with children, for
the children?
example she used the bell if the
children make noise.
2-W hich were the most effective strategies you
2- The effective strategies when
the teacher sing a song for
3-Describe a activity you taught and what you learned
moving from place to another.
about managing student behavior and learning while

3- I learned from my MST that the

teacher should respect the
children and dont scream and
punishing children for no
reason because children learn
more from school than home
and the teacher is a good role
model for children.

v. 2015-02-16 2
Monitoring, Assessment and Evaluation

1-How did your teacher monitoring students when they 1- When the children sit in areas
were working in pair/small groups? the teacher see each group
what doing and help them.

2-Did you ever see a student having trouble with her/his

work? W hat did the teacher do to help? 2- The teacher observes the child
4 if he dont know how to solve
the problem in her work, she
help them and ask make him to
try and ask them question to
remember and complete the

Critical Reflection

1-W hat was the most important professional feedback 1- When my mentor teacher tells
you received from your mentor teachers? me that I am good when I teach
the children and its the first
time for me she was proud of
2-W hat would you like to improvement based on
reflections of school-based activities?

2- I want to improve one thing

3-W hat are you most proud of from your teaching there that bring different kind
practice experience? of activities for the children.

4-W ere you able to make links between what you did at
college and what you observed or experienced during 3- I proud of myself because I do
TP? Give an example. my best to teach the children in
5 a professional way so I do it.

5-W hat do you think are important things to study at

college to ensure that you are well prepared for TP? 4- something that I study at the
college I link it with TP for
example some theory for
Erikson when the children want
to explore about different thing
and play.

5- The college should train the

students more than make
them study and require
students to apply lessons at
the college before going to
the TP.

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