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ffitrWem: . r : i : r g v o u r h i s . r h e r h i r d i n s t a l i m e n r \ , V h a t i s F l a m e sO f \ V ' a r ? . . . . . . 2
ot lirr .' i . . r : i i i r l i r r u r c s g r m e. i s r h a n k s W h a t Y o uN e e d. , . . , . . . . . . . . 4
iti r,, .: ...:r.i!i ( r t - \
ourleli and the thousands H o w D o e s i t W o r k ? . . . . . . . . . . 6
OI ( ' i . : : - . : : . i : : r r g l o b . ' . i h i s e d i r i o n r e t a i n sa l i
TankTams. .......8
thc::.t: . . : : : . i r \ h o u r so i e n j o l a b l eh i s t o r i c a l
Motorcycle Reconnaissance. . . 11
r.t!::. , :r:-. ':...1 ,rt-pl.rr .rnclhou the rules are
TiansportTams........... 11
P . . ' -: :: -
GunTams... ...12
Infantry Tems . . . tJ

Command and'Warrior Tams 13

e riefings....... 14

Ph;!.ltty3:, P i c k i n g a F o r c. e. . . . . . . . . . .
Platoons. .........
skilt.... .........18
Cd-t(tt Dnuies
- ,,.,..- r... I rrr Motivation ...... .. .. 19
Peter Sinttutouic/t e sf W ' a r. . . . . . 2 0
P l a y i n g F l a mO
I Jiror R e a d i n g t hReu l e s. . . . . . . . . . 2 l

Jolttt-Paul Bris iqotti

Terrain.. .........22

):.lg;l \iJit):
G r o u n dC o n d i t i o n s . . . . . . . . . 24
( , L , o Ji s on .
Eastern FrontBattle6elds .. . . 26
.I!): l)cs.h.
CityTrrain. ......28
T r r a i n S u m m a r y . . . . . . . . . . .3 0

.i ll:illrrronr
T U R N S .. . . . . 3 1
. ) - : ; : i . r : :. l ) o g M O V E M E N.T. . . . . . . 3 3
:-: ij,'r:r (,air.-rs S e l e c t aP l a t o o n t o M o v e . . . . . 3 5
.:::r. ,li \\ fr
Moye Teams in the Platoon. . . 36
r...:.r .lr \1rdrid
. ",'r \1;Berh) Wheeled Vehicles on Roads . . . 40
Through Rough Trrain..... . 47
MakingBogging Checks... . . 43
BoggedDown Tams... ... . . 44
. \':lirrrr
'::: R e c o v e r y V e h i c l e ' .- .- .-. - . . . 4 5
Tiansports and Passengers. . . , 46
Towing Guns and Portees . . . . 49

' :-::\ :.:. MovingAtthe Double... . ... 50

Diggingln. .......51
M o v i n g i n B u i l d i n g s. . . . . . . . 52
C r o s s i n g f u v e. r. s. . . . . . . . . . 56
Normandy Bocage Hedgerows 58
I5B!{978+9E6/r661-7-5 Leaving the Battleeld. . . . . . . 60
Morrement Special Rules . . . . . 61
M o r r e m e n tS u m m a r y , . . . . . , . 62
r:! sr+
c o M M N D . ' . . . . ...6. .3 s;"";.'.
. ."i''.'.'.'::':::'..'. ranK !scorts

CommandDistance........ 65 Smoke Bombardments. ... .. C a v a l r.y ..... ...202

Command and Movement. . . . 66 R o c k e t l a u n c h e r s. . . . . . . . . A r m o u r etda i n s . . , . . . . . . . 2 0 5 J-
68 Air Obsenation Posts . . . . . .
Artillery Summary
...213 :j

I n d e p e n d e nT
t e a m s .. . . . . . . . 7 0
Fortications....... ,,,2I4
A l l i e d P l a t o o n. s. . . . . . . . . . . 70
ASSAULTS . . .147 Entrenchments..... )15

s H o o T I N.G
.........71 Select the Assaulting Platoon. 143 Bunkers. .,.. .... 217
'Who Assaulting & Non-assaulting.
C Shoot. . ..73 144 Obstacles ........223
Select the Shooting Platoon. . . 73 C h a r g ei n t o C o n t a c t . . . . . . . 145 GappingO b s t a c l e s . . . . .... . 2 2 5
Select the Target Platoon. . . . . 74 Charging into Terrain, . ., .. 148 BarbedTTireEntanglements. 227
Check that te Target is Valid . 75 Assault Abmdoned Positions . 1 5 0 Steet Buricades
CheckYour Line ofSight. . . . . 75 Which Platoons re Defending. 111 Minefields....,
Shooting Near Friendly Tams 80 Conduct Defensirre Fire. . . . . 152 BoobyTiaps .....23A
Check the Rmge ..81 A s s a u l tF a l l s B a c k . . . . . . . . . 154 Aati-tmkObstacles. . . . . . . . 231.
CheckYour Field of Fire . . . . . 82 RolltoHit. ......155 D e m o l i t i o nC u r i e r s . . . . . . . 232
Rotate to Face the Trget. . . . . 84 AllocateHits .....156 Bunl<ers md Fortifi cations
Check if Target is Concealed . . 85 RollArmoured Sales. . . .. .. 1i7 Summary . ..... 234
G o n e t oG r o u n d. . . . . . . . . . . 90 Others do not Roll Sares. . . . ti9
Push Into Enemr-Positions . . 160
RolltoHit. .......91
Has Assaulting Platoon \\bn . 16 I
. ....235
ScoretoHit. ......92
Allocate Hits to Trget Tams. 93 Opponent Tests Motivation 162 MfsstoNs ...253
R o l lS a v e s . .... . . ..97 C o u n t e r a t t a c k i n g ...... . . . . 161 P l a y i n g M i s s i o. .n. s. . . . . . . 255
B a i l e dO u t V e h i c l e s . . . . . . . . 1 0 2 BreakingOff..... .....16i Which Missionto Play . . .. .256
D e s t r o y e d T e a m s . . . . . . . . . ,1 0 3 Victor Consolidates .. ... \67 Deciding Who Attacks. . . . . . 257
Pinned Down Platoons ... . . lO4 W'arriors & Independents . .. 169 M i s s i oO n b j e c t i v e. .s. . . . . . 2 5 8
C o m m a n d C a s u a l t i e s .. . . . . . 1 0 5 AssaultSpeciaR
l ules. . . .... 169 D e p l o y i n g Y o uFr o r c e. . . . . . 2 5 9
'WariorCasualties..... A s s a u l t S u m m a n ' . . . . . . . . . .1 7 0
. ... 106 DeployingFortications .... 262
SmokeAmmunition ... . ... 107 M i s s i o nS p e c i aRl u l e s. . . . . . 2 6 4
MORALE ....177
Buildings ........108 N i g hF t i g h t i n .g. . . . . . . . . . 2 7 2
Platoon Morale Checks. . .. . 172
Snipers.. ........ 110
C o m p a n y V o r a l e C h e c k s. . . l - 5
V e h i c l e ' V e a p o n. .s. . . . . . . . 111 EndingtheBattle... .,..... 27{.:,
Sole Sun'iving Infantry Tam 176
I n f a n t r v W e a p o n .s. . . . . . . . 114 Deciding the Winner. ..... .
M a n - p a c k eC
d uns....... .. 116 AIRCRAFT ...177
LargerGuns. Ai. (,,^-^-, I -,.-l 178 coMBATMISSTONS
Free-for-all. ......276
Shooting Special Rules 118 R o l lf o r A i r S u p p o r t. . . . . . . 179
Encounter )^77
ShootingSummary.. .. . ... 120 Select the Target &
P l a c e A i r c r a. f. t. . . . . . . . . 180
Dust Up. 278
A R T f L L E .R. .Y. . . . . . 1 2 1 Conduct Arti-aircraft Fire. . . 181
No Retreat. 279
Artillery. ........ 122 Roll to Rmge in on the Trget 184
Hold the Line 280
FiringaBombudment ..... 123 P o s i t i o nt h e T m p l a t e . . . . . . 185
Pincer . . 281
Select theAiming Point. . . . . 124 Roll to Hit ......... 185 Surrounded 282
S p o t t i n g T e a m.s. . . . . . . . . . 126 Fighting Withdrawal. . . .. . . 283
Allocate Hits to Teams . .... 186
ObsenerTams........ - L27 Pin DownAll Platoons. .... 187
Hasty Attack 284
StaffTems ......128 RollSaves. .......187
Cauldron 285
Roll to Rmge in on rhe Txget 129 Aircraft Return to Be . .. . . 189
Breakthrough. 286
Positionthe Tmplate... . .. 130 Counterattack )Lf
AirSupportSummary.. .... 190
Bigger and Smaller Batteries . 131 No Man's Lmd 288
Roll to Hit Tams S P E C | A L |.S. .T. .S. . . 1 9 1
U n d e r t h e T m p l a t e. . . . . . 132 R e c o n n a i s s a n. c. .e. . . . . . . . 193
AllocateHitsto Tams ..... 133 Motorcycle Reconnaissance. . 196
-PinDqwe,! P-latoons..... 133 Flme-throwers........,.. 198
A lone jeep clri.,essloivlr- clolrr a descrted roird as rhc Ih...rpr.rin i:rcrs a clilemLne.Shoulcl hc call fbrrvard his
crew scan the rillaqe ahead lr signs of lif. \/irhour r ! \ c r \ ( r i n k l . i f , r o o u. l q r j n s tt h e T i g e r t a n k s ?O r s h o u l c l
rvarning rhc distincriie ripping canvas sound oi .r h c s e n d i r , r r o u n c l r h c o r h e r l l a n k , s e e k i n ga n e a s i e r
, u l l c t sw h i z z i n q
G e r m a n m a c h i n e - g u nt e a r st h e s i l e n c e b roLrtcfnr-ardi
pasr as rhe drirer rhrows the jeep into rcvcrse. CrLns nre capt:rin is vorr. \/hat will you do]
st,rrt berking rs the \\'atching arnoured cars open hre
\X4rat you have just read is a description. nol ot ln
. , , , . r i 1 , r h . ; . . 1 i . . p e e dr c r r e . r r .
actual battlc, but of a miniature warsamc bcing p1alctl.
thc caprrin rvatching the unfolding drama llorr the All of thc action takcs placc on a miniaturc battlchcld.
nrrrct oi his tirnk spoke into his thro:rt mike. John, rvith model tanks and soldiersrhat reprcscnr rhc rcal-life
thcrrre r]rere. Clear'em out. C)r'er'The rearguard is no troops thar f'ought in the decisivebarrlesof rhc Sccond
surprisc. His cornpanv ]r:rsdealt wirh a dozen just like -World -Jilar.You and your opponent ilsslrmethe roles of
it ln rh. Last*eek rrlonc. Likc a urell-oiled rnachine his the comrnanders, pirting vour rvits and cunning against
plaroon: sn i ng inro rrcrlcin.Tanks and arnourc<l infantrv one another to attain victorr and, more importanrlr'. to
a d r r n . i n q o n f l r c r o \ \ i l . r sr h c : r r t i l l e r v ' s r s r s h e l i ss r a r t have iur.
l l l i n q . : r r , n q ' r t F c . : c t . - n J c r s .\ s e c o n c {l r o u p s r v i n g s
J\ l i \' -' l \ THE CHALLENGE oF CoMMND
A n b u s h i T i g . r ' l . r ' i r . : i r . . i . , , i . . i . r r i . r s , r . r rt h c r a c l i o . I'/ruttc: OfWr allows you to re-hght the clecisivc brirtlcs
\/ar. You take charqc oi l'.rrrorrs
princtuarcd b r J c . p . r ! : . i - : : - . r . : r r !i r . . l , : . : r : r 'r , l , c n c . l of rhe SeconclWorld
'Three iperrheacl or Nlontr"s Ilesert Rats. (,an rou our ti,r
fire. T i q e r s i n f 1 ' . .l i r , r : i r , , , , , , . : ' . . r - . r i : : r . r . , ' i . .
c r c h l e si r t h e h e a d p h o n e s .I . c l , r . r r , . , , t . r : r ^ ' . I r . . . i I L o n r r r el . t h c D c s er t F o r ? C . r n r l L i u i r h . r . r r r l t h l L k o r ' r
back oif and trv to tlank rhcrr. ()icr h r r r n r e r t , l , r . ,s i F i t i n e , O . l \ \ ' a r l e t . r o L rr . c r c . r r ch i s t o r r
to hnrl oLif.

This rulebook is lour guide to fighting historical battles The easjestrvay oflearning the rulei
in miniature. \(ith ir you can take commancl of a to visit a store n4rere ahe staif can rn
company of solcliers and pit ,vourself against crurning you rhfough an introductorv game and
opponents on the fieki of battle. You rvili sec f'or introduce vou to other players.If1,ou dont T
vourself r.hat made the Tiger tank so lcarcd b,v orrv have a store near \ou, the Open Fire box and
Allied soldicr. You will {ind out if you har.e the gurs Boot Cianrp on the Fldmes Of lflzrrvebsite provide
to stop a massecl infantry charge, or the cold-biooded a quick-start introduction to tbe core rules, allorvingl
rurhlessnessto launch one! \.ou to strlrr playing inrnediately and learn the details
Fltmes OfWar conbines the joys oipainting and mod- of the rulcs later.
elling vour orm miniature army s'ith the challcnee of
fcine of against )rolir oPPonent across2 gaming rable
Players rvho re tmiliar wirh Flames OJ\Y/ar:vlll hn
in a social settinq, ancl vou'll get to recreatchistor_v-or
the core of the garne much the same, with a number
changc itl
of exciting changes. Ihe assault rules are cleaner and
GEfiING STARTED sirnpler, making getring 1ou up close:rnd personal
Realiw is immenselv conplex and rther me ssl'.This has easier than Massed artillery delivers devastating
the advantage of giving plavers r.irtuallv unlinitccl op- bonbardmcrts, while anti-tank guns go to ground, safe
portunitics to fight ncn'battlcs and collect new armies. until the time comes to strike. Aircraft and their arch-
Unfortulatelt', it also rcquircs a iot of rules ro cover all l l c l l l \ . J,n-l -l i ^
J l:r -L,".f., -l l+ g; l l l l \ . d r e s d \ l e f l O t l \ e d l l d m O r C

of rhe manv aspecrsol something as big as the Second deatllr'. Armouled cars and transports are ster and
Wbrld W'ar, making rhis book rather long. Thc good mucil more el}ctive. Nou', Soviet tankers can conduct
news is that you don't need to kno*' all of the rules to sweeping manoeuvres:rcrossthe Steppes,firing as thev
plav the ganre. You can start rvith thc basics and add advirncc :rt speeci. lb rop this ofi-, thirteen new ancl.
things like aircraft, fortications, and cvcn armourecl revised missions provide a whole new set of challenges.
t r a i n su h e n 1 o u a r e r c a d 1 .

f\e l:/tanas O/ iTlzr rvebsitc (uuuFlamesOJ\ ,r Lor of usclirl n:rreri:rl l'or ne rv ancl crpericnce cl
gamers.It iras informarion on various armies, downloadable plav:ricls,as l'ell as piLesof otheL hobbr.matcrial.
The website also has the FlarnesOJWdr forun rvhcrc pll,ers ciiscussractics. meet ncN qancrs, .qctfccdback on
rhe nerv arnr- they are plannin!!, ask for help rvith rules quesrions,or jusr chat about thc hobbr..


-.:'a I
F/dmes Of V/dr is :r sociai .eirme plarccl bv m,o or rnore T h i s r u l c b o o k c o n t a i n sa l l t h e r u l c s v o u
players,so grab a fiiencl:urd get startecl. nced to pl:rv Flrrur Of Vlar.

The Flanes Of War nnge o1' l5mm (1/100") scale
miniatures is specilicallr,designecllirr thc game and is *
avirilablethrough all qoocl hobbi'srorcs.

#* *

*;e*ii 4

, \ r r i l l c r r a n c lr i r c r l l i : r r c n o t p r e c i s i o nn c l p r o n s . I h e i r
s h c l l su r t l b o n b s b l : r n l i c ra l i r l e r r c r r ,p o s s i b l r* i p i n q
o i r r c l o z e n so 1 r h e c n c r r l r t r r i n r c . l l r r p L r r c rsr r k c i t
c a s l r o s o r l i o L r ln l r o i s h i r . . u r r 1s ] r o i s r ' r .

\\.hcthcr ir'-. dr.- kiLcher reblc or l cusrorr bLrilr
q e m i n g t r b l c . r ' o r r ' l ln e e c ll l r r g c f l r r s L r r l a c . ' r op l r r
r l i c g n n e . A ( r ' r . i ( 1 8 0 c n rr 1l ( l c r r l s h c c ro 1 c u s r o n r
boarcl corcrcclrvirh slrect or pailrtcl.rnd
Hocl<cc1nraliesan ideal lrrttlcficlcl.

Y o d l l n e c < lr s c l ! - c r i o no l t r e r r r i n l i k c h i L 1 s *. o o c l s .
heclqes.builtlinqs, lntl ro,rclsLo cfrrrc l rc,rlistic b:rt-
rl.-lielclfirr \oLLrrroops to llshr orcr.
'& -!

1 h e p r e p a i n r e c lr e r r r i n j n r h . - B a t t l e c l d i n a B o r
rilnqc nrrl(esscrtine up,r b,rttleficlcle,rs,.. :'id*

*=rr ,-
* i.r




.1:". +'. .
*9," -&
; F*r c egf-'

F:. i
*_ -_ e*i

ltLtncs Af \Yii usesorclinarr six-siclcdclic.-.\bu cln personllise rcrLr forcc lith
: r r m * s p e c i h cr l i c e o r a r L e cq{ i t h r r u r c l i l i s i o n : i n s i g n i a .

TOKENS rhough ther are fol solclicrs,rour rroops reacr ro hcarl flrc likc rcal
s o l c l i e r sS. o m c t i n e s t h e r g c t p i n o e d d o r r n o r b a i l o u t o f t h c i r r a n k s .T h c r q c r
stucli in rough terrain rncl go ro qround, hidin.g liorn rlrr encmr Tokens hclp
vou heep rr,rck of the srrtc of vour troops.

Ybu ll nrecl:I t.rpe measureor ruler to measure mo\-cnrcut and sho,.rinq L.rrr1rr.
\bu crn usc metric or lnrperi:rl nrcrsurcmcnts. l,hichever suiLsr ou best.
In Flames Of War the two sides take turns ro move and STEP(SEE
fight rvith troops. Each playcr's turn has four steps: the At thc start ol each turn a plaver checks to sce il rhel'
Starting, Movement, Shooting arc{ Assault Steps. have rvon. If thel' haven't, they rally any of their troops
Once one side hasfinished tlreir turn, thc other sicletakes that are pirrned dowr by encrny llre, and drag bogged
a turn. The m'o sides keep alternating their turns until down tanks out ofthe rnirc. clone, rhey bring their
one side or the other wins by taking rheir objective. reservesonto the [rattleficld.
oFF \H A33AUL1 AV1R.T.

Ge PA6163 AND165) tSec rAoc tvl)
ffi ei@r::1Yj.:i:Y::97

\i/hen things look hopeless, they
No natter what the generals n:rlr want, solcliers don't usuallv fighr to thc dcath.
rerrear to iight again anothef dajy Solcliers in Flames OfVhl are the same. If they take he:rw casualties, the player
needs to roll better than their rroops' morivation rating to stop tlrem le:l'ing the battlefielcl.


': :ri::r'

t h e h e r o i c a . t . o f a e wi n d i v i d u a l sa r e a l w a y s them alive. In F/ames Of War your miniature soldiers

r i f i e d b y r h e m e d i a b a c k h o m e . i n r e a l i r ya s o l d i e r also operate in teams. There are four types of teams:
d o e s a n y r h i n g o n r h e i r o w n . S o l d i e r sa r e r r a i n e d Tank, Transport, Infantry and Gun teams. Tnk and
op.r,. a r e a m ,a n d i r i s * r i s r e m w o r k r h a r k e e p s 'ansport teams are described collectively as vehicles.
Every team has a set ofcharacteristics describing it in the game. Here is a
rypical arsenal entry for an American
. M4A1 Sherman tank. Vehicles and their weapons are described rogerher in Arsenals. The first line describes
; the vehicle. The second line in italics describes its nain weapon. Tnks with more than one main weapon (or
ne that cm fire as utillery) rvill have additional weapons lines. Standard vehicle machine-guns are shown on
, page I 12. Every Intelligence Briefing has an senal that describes the teams found in it.

Nme Mobility Fronr Side Top Equipnent md Notes

Wedpon Range ROF Atuti-tanh Firepower
M4A1 Sherman SrandardTnk 6 4 1 Co-u MG, Hull MG, .50 cal{ MG
M3 75mn gan 32"/80cm 2 l0 J- :mohe,Smbili,e,.

nk teams are vehicles whose primary purpose is to

the enemy.
Tnks, haltracks, and armoured cars are prorecred by
armour plating. The degree of protection is measured
bv an armour rting ranging from values of 0 to 16 or
more, the higher the number the thicker rhe armour.
A vehicle's protecrion is divided into three ares: rhe
Front, Side, and Top armorrr rrings. The fiont armour
ofa tank is usuallv the sffongest parr as that's where the
enemy should be. The side (and rear) armour of tanks
is thinner than the front armour to save weight. The
top armour of a tank protects against infantry assauhs,
artillery, and aircraft bombs.

Armoured vehicles are any vehicles with armour ratings
other than They are further subdivided into Fully,
armoured vehicles and Open-topped vehicles.
o f t h e i m p o r r a n r c h a r a r r e r i s r i ru. I a n 1 r e a m i s h o u FUI.LY-ARMOURED
it moves. This is given by its mobiliry rating. The Armoured vehicles with Top armour 1 or 2 are described
t Mobiliry ratings are described on page 36 as Fuih-armoured vehicles. They have complete protec,
tion on the top ofthe vehicle.
.trackedvehicles have tank tracks giving them good
-country mobility at the cost of road speed. Four
Armoured vehicles with 1bp armour 0 are descril:ed as
radngs are classed as Fully-tracked: Standard Open-ropped vehicles. They either have lar6;eopenings
Light Tnk, SlowTank, and Very SlowTnk in the top of the vehicle or rubber tyres making rhem
vu.lnerable to grenades at short rnge.
In the past,FkmesOf\Y/arshowedthe speedof Fnlly-
tracked vehiclesin the Equipment and Notes rather than UNIRUoURED VEHIcIES
in the Mobiliry column. Aly rrchiclewith Full.vrracked Unarmoured vehicies have no armour protection, and
in is Mobiiiq' column and no speedin che Equipmenr are distinguished by having an armour rating of'-'
and Notes has a Mobility rating of StandardTnk. i n s t e a do f a n u m b e r .
No weapon is perfect and differenr weapons re better Io help de6ne those sengths and wek :
suited to different jobs. For example, a big, high-velocity nesses, each weapon has four characterl
anti-tank gun is very ellective against unks, but its low istics thar describe how it operates in th
rare of fire makes it a poor choice for knocking down game. These are its Rmge, ROF (Rate Of Fire),
large numbers of infantrl'. Anti-tmk. and Firepower rarings.

The range of a weapon tells you rhe muimum disrance Many weapons have the ability to {ire artillerv bomba
over which the weapon n be fired effectively. This is ments. These weapons will have an extra line ofwea
given in both inches and centimerres. c h a r a c t eir. t i . r l o r l i r i n g b o m b a r d m e n t r . T h i s w i l l n o r
list a ROF raring as artillery bombardments plter
ROF (RATEOF FIRE) area with shells rather than firirg individual shots ai
A weapon's ROF (Rate Of Fire) rellects how quicklv s p e ri c r t r g e l \ .
the weapon can deliver rounds on target. The number
given is the mdimum number of dice that rhe ream MULTIPLEWEAPONS
rolls when shoodng this type of rveapon. This ranges Some teams are equipped with a choice of we
fiom 1 for a slow-firing heaw artiilery piece, to 6 fbr a (uch as .ubmachine guns and Panzerrtousranri
rapid-ring belt-fed heary machnc-gun. launchers), or disrinctly different ammunition for
same wepon (like the German 3.7cm PaK36 rvhich:
ANTI-TI,NK can fire normal ammunition or special muzzleloaded
A weapont anti-tark rating rells you how good the gun anti-tank bomb.). lems wirh such choiceshave
is at punching holes in armoured vehicles. Effective extra line of weapon characteristics. Players can choose
weapons usually combine a good heary shell and a long which they will use each time they shoot, but must {ird
b a r r e lr o p r o p e l i r a r a h i g h v e l o c i r u . all of their shots with the same wcapon,

A weapon's firepower rtlng is basically a measure ofhow
big the weapon's explosiye charge is, and therefore how Some vehicies and weapons have spec.ial attributes
likely it is to destroy a protected rrget. The repower r e l l e c r r h e i r . p e c i 6 c a d v a n r a g e sa n d d i s a d v a n t a g e s .
rating shows the score you need to roll to destroy a pro- These are listed afier their normal characteristics. An

tected target like a tank or troops hiding in trenches. special rules thar a vehicle hs are shown in the
the end of the arsenal entry.
To make a Firepower Tst, roll a die. If dre score is at
least equal to your weapont Firepower rating, ,you hve
passed the Firepower Test. Ifthe score is lower, you have
failed rhe Firepower Te'r.
*"@@ T-U/ ogRIgu,A/ ED\W lANk

Unamored vehicles have no armour prorection at all, leaving their crew

exposed to enemy fi.e. They ue distinguished by having an armour rating of

ryb,ii,l"6 6 PW TORTEE BoFoRgs^t r-p?ozELLt ANT|-A|RjRAFT

V.ehicles are not normally mounted on bases in Flnmes OfWar, although
,seme vehicles are cast with a base. You can base other vehicles roo if you
,mnt, but baseson.vehicles have no efi-ect on the game.
Sme selpropelled artillery pieces don't have room on the vehicle for the
entire crew. You can either model these on a large base containing both the
yehicle and crew, or model the loading crew on a

Infanry mounted on fast-moving vehicles like motor- In Flames OJ War, these Motorcvcle
rycles and jeeps re the ideal support for armoured cars. naissmce tems re a tlpe of Tank teaml
They have the speed to keep up, are usually well-armed Motorcycle Recnnaissance teams are unusual iri
to Iight mounted, and can dismount when needed to rhat thev are always based as shown below.
c l e a r. r u b b o r n e n e m l p o i i r i o n s .





Motorcycle Reconnaissance teams wirh a single Motorcycle Reconnaissance teams with two motor-
tnotorcl.cle and sidecar or jeep have a medium base c y c l e .a r r J . i d e c u s o r i e e p sh a r < a l a r g cb a . e a n d f a c e
and face the short edge. These teams dismount as r l r e ' h o r r e d g , c .T h c s c r e a m s d i s m o u n r a ' I n l a n t r y
I n h n r r y r e a m so l t w o o r r h r e em i n i a t u r e s . teams of four or ve miniatures.

Tiansport teams are vehicles whose main rask is

moving other teams around the banlefield, including
armoured half-taclc, trucks, and jeeps. Supply, pioneer
and demolirion carriers, and recovery vehicles are also
lransport tems.
They have the same characteristics as Tank teams,
although few have much in the way of arnament.

3D KFz 9 ?Eca/Ew vEHIct-E.

OPEL BLITZ TR,uck zl3-3 Ptoti'e?euwLYTRuck

Nme iqurpment mo l\orcs

M3 half track Passerger-red .50 cal AA MG.

::i::, .:
, .....:. ..


un.tems re weapons intended to fight the enemy at Each Gun team is mounted on a base to keep the gun
q distance, such as healy machine-guns, morrars, anti- and crew together. The size of the base depends on
guns, antiaircraft guns, rocketE, and artillery. rhe size of the weapon and its crew as shown in the
I n r e l l i g e n c eB r i e n g .
There are three srandard base sizes: TEAMS THAT DoN.T FIT
Small:lV+"l32mmwideby 1"/25mmdeep l a t e a m c a n n o re a s i l ; f i r o n r h e n o r m a l b a . el s , r 1 * h t
.' Medium:2"/50mm wide by IV<"l32mm eep need to rotate the base so they face the short edge or use
a larger base. Some gun teams have particularly large
. .. I 2"/50mm lty 2Yz"l65mm eep.
"rg.' crews, making it easier to mount some of the crew on
:,Nl Flamr OfWar mniaturesare suppliedwith the
an addirional medium base. Any extra baseslike this are
ignored during play.

/ L 3" /AORAR L\L 4.2" IA,TTAR


Man-paekedGun teamssuchasHMG and Mortar Mortars that are not Man-Packed Guns have a large
teamshavea medium baseand facethe long edge. base and face the short edse.

Other Gun teams with four
crew have a medium base
and face the short edge.


tJclv\ 0n 6UN
All Gun teams with ve or more crew have a large base and face the short edge.

6UN lsci sFHlSHottrzeR
Since Gun teams dont have armour their arsenal entries only have weapons lines vsith an extra column
for their mobility, as shou,n in the lbllowing examples.

Wa1ren Mobility Rmge ROF Anri-tmk Firepower Notes

5cm PaK38gun Medium 24"/60cm 3 9 4+ Gun shieid.
t5cmsFHl8howitzer lmmobile 24"160cm 1 13 1+ BunkerbusrcrSmoke.
Firins bombardmenm 80"/200cm - 5 2+ Smokebombardmenr.

. ::r:.i:j*
: i ]i.,'1' " :.i.

Inntry are expected to close wirh rhe enemy, either on ln a Flames Of\Y/arl:att\e, miniature sold
foot or on horseback, and destroy them. The soldiers operate inteams mounted together cin l. ',jS
fight in small, mutuallv-supporting groups and fire common base. The size of the base depends on th, 'i
teams. n u m b e r a n d r u p e o f t r o o p r a n d w e a p o n si n r h e t e m .


Infantry teamsof one to three miniatureshave a I n l a n t r yt e a m "o f l o u r o r 6 v em i n i a r u r ehsa v e
small baseand fcethe long edge. a m e d i u mb a : ea n d l a c er h el o n ge d g e .



Cavalry teams of one or rwo miniatures have
a medium base and face the short edge. These
teans dismount as Infantry teams of two or three


Cavalry teams with three or lour miniatures
have a large base md face the short edge. These
teams dismount as Infantry teams of four or 6ye

Arsenals only define the weponry oflnntrv tenns, as their mobility is the same regardless ofweaponry.

Tem Rmge ROF Anti-rmk Firepower Notes

Rifle team 16"ll\cm 1 2
SMG team 4"/10cm 3 1 Full ROF when moving.

CoutvtlNp Traus the odds or inspiring leadership in desperate situat

these warriors can change the outcome of battles
In Flames Of lYar,leadership is provided by command
rhelr strengrh of will and personal courage.
teams made up of an o{cer, their assistant, md a mes- 'S7arrior"
s e n g e ro r s i g n a l l e r .I n o r d e r o [ r a n k r h e f o u r r l p e s o [ can be any rype of team. While some wil
c o m m a n d r e a m sa r e ; are infantrymen, others are tank commanders, nd
. are even travelling in their transport vehicl,
flrgher Lommand teams.
Each \(/arrior team is unique. There can only be one
. Company Command reams,
e a c h p a r r i c u l a rW a r r i o r i n a n y F o r c e .
. 2iC (Second-in-Command) Command teams, and
. P l a t o o nC o m m a n d r e a m s . INDEPENDENT
Senior commanders and artillery observers follow
WARRIoRTEAMS flow ofthe battle moving where they are needed
\ W a r r i o r sr r e o u r s r a n d i n gs o l d i c r sw h o p e r F o r m m a z i n g These soldier" ue known as Independenr rems and a
!!.rqirecliC4t q,.,bg9i to move at will.


most important thing you need to play Flames Aswell asgme-based material, each Intelligence Briefing
War is a force to lead into battle. There are a wide also contains a wealrh of information on the organisa-
of different forces to choose from as each army t i o n . * e a p o n s . a n J b a t l e l i e l d r r c r i c st h e y u . e d , a w e l l
fought in \Wbrld lWar II had their om way of or- as battle histories, fmous warriors, and lots more.
t h e i r t r o o p sa n d g h r i n gb a r r l e r . [ h e s ee v o h e d The armies of the Second 'Vorld War were consmntly
rhe war continued in response to combat experience, developing new weapons and tactics. Jhe heviest tnks
losses, and the arrival of new weapons and of 1940 would barely have rated as medium tanks by
the end ofthe war, and even the lightest ofbattle tanks
OfWar has an ever-increasing range of Intel- at the end of the war totally outclass an)'thing in service
Briefings covering most of the armies that even three years eadier. As a result Fmes OfWar divres
in the Second lflorld $(ar The core of every the Second \World \7ar into three periods-Early \War

lligence Briefing is the organisational diagrams that {1939-1941), Micl-\7ar (1942-1943) and Late War
the composition of the different combat forces (1944-1945). Every Intelligence Briefing is specific to
r h e a r m i e s d e s , r i b e d . B y l o l l o * i n g r h e s ed i a g r a m t one or another ofrhese periods and should only be used
be able to creare a force that is just like its real-life with other Intelligence Briengs from the same period.
nterpart. Each handbook also contains an arsenal As well publishing Intelligence Briefings in books
ing the game characteristics of every team, weapon, like those shown below there are a wide variew of
uehiclc ut.d by rhe f-orcescovered Intelligence Briefings downloadable from rhe Flames Of
War website (uuu. FlamesOJVar. cont).


OfVaris a milkary simulation, so it's helpful ro know a little bit about milirary organisarion During
r II, every army used a similar structure to organise irs troops as shorvn in this summary.

Coumanding 25 to 50 Soldiers Commawling500 to 1,000 Soldiers
or .3 to 5 Thns or 30 to 9O Tnhs

A lieutenant ('loo-tenant' in the normal lorce you rvill fielcl in A battalion has three or four
l:US Army and in Flames OfWar is a company of two companies plus a hearry wcapons
the British Army!) commands a to four plaroons. Ri{1ecompanies company of heaw machine-guns,
platoon oftwo to lour sections or often have an additional weapons m o r L a r . .a r r d l i g h r g u n s . l r i r r h e
scluads,and a few extra weapons platoon equipped with light biggest force vou will sce on a
like a light mortar or bazooka. machine-guns and mortars. F /am es Of War b attle eld.

Befre fighting a b:rttle, vou need to choosc votLr force. Agrce $'irh \.'our oppone[r ol dre nuimum :'i;t,
lhe most colnmon frrn of lorce selecrion.ancl thc besr points valLrcthat vou nav both spcnd on your ;:'
u r r o f e r r r r r r i r r g .' .i irr g l r rr r r J : n i n r e r < . r i r rgqa r n c .i . armies. 500. 750, or even 1000 points is a good
to select your fbrce bascd on rhe points 11ivenfr e:rch place to start, while 1500 points is :r good size for a two
unir in the Intelliscncc Brielings. The points value is to three hour qrme. 1,atcr,as you becone a morc skilled
caiculateclbasetlupon rhc sizeand 6gbting capabilitl of and experienced commalder you m)r want to build
each unit-thc Jargcrand more powerful a unit is the your arm]'up to 2000-3000 poinrs or even norel
iriqher its points v:rluc.

\bur hc:rcltlurrrers rcprcscnrs vou leacling rour combat

rnd l'eapons pl:rroons on rhc battlellelLi. l)ir-isional
supporr rdds e heaw punch fionr supporriog tanks,
inientrr', hean- anri,ranl< guns, artillcrr'. anci ri rcralt.

Commanding5,000to 25,000SoLdiers
and up to 100 to 300 1nhs

rceiment groups togethcr ttr-o A corps of two to fur divisions

to lbur barralions of the samc is tLsuallytaskedwith a major
tvpc, along rvith supporring arms. operation bv the armv commander.
A brigade is likc a rcgiment, but
An army of up to four corps is the
usually combines ir numbcr o1'
biggest formalon in most battles.
bartalions of dilTrenrn pes.

F/arnes Of War your lbrce is rrsually a companv of Everl, platoon in Flarnes OJ War has nvo characteristics:
; three or more platoons, each of 30 to 60 men, or thrce Skill and Motivarion. \X/hile planning ancl luck plav a
. to six tarks or guns, led bv a lieutenant. In battle a larec part-it is rhe skill and bravery of the soldiers that
p l a lo o n o p e r a t c rr u g . eh{e r d \ a u n i t . t r a n o c u r t i n g a c r o . . n'ins battles. These two ratings reflect the training and
the battlelield and engaging the same foes clerernination of rour lbrce.

platoors (recceplatoons
\{hile most plaroons are straight-lbnvarrl conbat
for shorr) are a commander's'eps and
troops, some units are specialistsrvirh specihc roies ancl
(.r'\ un rhe I'arrlelield. Compr.eJ of
u'avs oflighting.
l i q h r l l - r r m o u r e J ' e h i c l eo' r . I e a l r h v i n l a n l r v .

MULTI-PART PLATOONS rheir task is to push out in front of an advancing

Some platoons, particuiarlv recolnaissalce platoons, army and ascerrainthe strength and disposirion of the

operate as nllnerous cletached patrols rather than as a enerrrr This information allows a comnander to.lirect

single largc entinr This allorvsthem ro spreadout across his attacks against poinrs in the enemy line where the
r l r . t r o n r p r o l ' i n gf o r q e r k t t e . ' e r . opposition is the u'eakesr.In defnce,recceplatoons act
as a screenJkeeping the enemy from learning a forces
Muhi-S'art Platoon is made up oJ seueralplatoons, each
dispositions rvhile gathering information about when
uith their oun Platoon Comtnand team. Each o.f'tlte
and from uhcre iuv attack rvill conre.
pldtoots is a septrate platoon for all pwposes, including
A Reconnaissance Platoon is dtry p/atoon noted as
such in rbe Intelligence Handbooks. All taarns in a
Iu missiotts witb ,Anbushes or Reserues6ee pages 266 to
Reconnaissdru'eP/ttoon dre Reccetedtns. Tamsattacbed
269), each platoon in d Multi-part Pl,ttaon is caunted as
to a Reconndi:sdtlce Platoon are not Recce teams unl.ess
d separntepln.tIoil when tuorhing out hou) mdn)t ?ldt0011s
they are attached Jron anotber ReconnaissancePlatoon.
mq be he/t/ ir Anbush ar Reserues.
Recceteams use he spcia/ ruls on pagr 193 to 195.

\ilhen laced with a clifficult rask and siven time to care-
T}ansport platoors are units of trucks. They have no
lullv preparc an assault, :r commander rnay organise a
combat capabiliw whatsoever and spend most of their
speci:rlrask-oriented platoon rvirh just the right equip-
time carrying supplies to and fio in the rear afes.
nenr lbr rhc job. Perhaps the simplesr example of rhis
Sometimes commanders need to move infantrv faster
is rhe decision as to q,hether assault engineers should
than ther can march and order transport platoons
L , r e " lo, u ' r l r . i r l l . r m e . r h r o t ueeqr r r i p m ne r o r r r o r .
lorrvard to get the infantrv where the-v are needed.
A p/atoon thdt is dn Assau/t Oruup cau change its com-
.4 Tiansport PLatoon is dn),p/dtooil noted as such in tbe
position ft'otn g/lme t0 gd//t(. 7he Intelligence BrieJing
lntelligence Hanllho ok:.
wil/ describe the chdnges tbdt tha Plntlan can make irt
ttt equtPmenL

.oldier gains skill rhrough a combination of basic CoNScRIPT
and battlefield experience. You need the basic Conscript platoons have been hustled into battle with
to suwive your rst lew days ofbartle, bui there little or no training and are ignorant of even the most
mmy important battlefield survival skills that can basic batdefield techniques. They are only used as a last
y be learnt on the front line. If a soldier survives resort bufng their successeswith horrendous casulties.
rst couple of weeks of combat then his chances
survival ger a lot higher. This is because he begins ro TRAINED

n the unwritren rules ofcombat that only his battle- Trained platoons are those who have at least received
red comrades can teach him basic training and are ready fbr batde, but that haven't
had rnany opportuniries to rest their skills in combat.
platoon's Skill rating is arguably the most importanr
aracteristic they possess.Not only are skilful troops VETERAN
tter at moving across treacherous terrain, digging in, Veteran piatoons are battle-tesred troops, hardened
d finishing off the enemy in hand-to-hand combat, undcr fire, or highlv trained professionals.Trel'have
also survive ionger because they klow how to take learnecl all the tricks they need to keep alive on the bar-
and avoid being seen and hit by eneniy shooring rlefleld and are cxceptionally ef1'ectivesoldiers.
i o o p s a r e . l a s s i f i e da . . o r d i n g r o r h e i r p r i o r r r r i n i r r g
experience into three categories: SKrrrTEsrs
The skill and training ofsoldiers can affect horv well they
do all kinds of .jobs-from crossilg a river, to directing
Tiairred ::|:'li... artillerv re, to fighting in an assault.
\(/hen your rroops arrempr a task like this in Flames Of
. :r:: : r-l,i War you may have to make a Skill Tst.
i..r,::l,li:. Tb mabe a Sbill Tst, roll a die and comparc it to il)
platooni Skill rnting on the table below. Ifthe scoreequak
or exceedsthe score needed,1ou hdue pdssedthe Ski/l nsL
IJ the score is lower, you haue failed the Skill Te*.

Teamt Skill Score Needed

Tlained 4+
Veterm )+

One of the tlrings that makes Fla m es Of War tnique as a
game is its use ofthe rargett skill raring as the primary
fctor when working out the score needed to hit a targer
(most games use the skill rating of the shooting re:rm).
rerson for this is simply that it is a better rellection
of nodern corrbat. 'X/hile skilled troops certainly shoot
more accurarely than unskilled rroops, rhis isn't rhe
mosr important factor in hitting the enemy. The most
important fctor is seeing the enemy in the iirst place!
Modern weapons are so accurate and deadly that even
a raw recruit can bring down any krger thev can see.
Given a machine-gun, anyone can morv down hordes of
conscripts charging across an open eld-the casualties
of the First \(/orld War attest ro rhis. However, a unit of
veteran commandos using everv available bit of cover
and re and movemenr tactics will cross the same open
field with few if mv cuakies.

It goes without saying that a batdeeld is a terrif ing CoNFIDENT
place to be. One thing soldiers alwa,vssay about a bat- Faith in both yourself and -vour leaders can b
rleeld is that it is noisy incredibly noisy. Lnagine critical for an armv Believing that you cm trusil
l o u r s e l f i n a m u d d l r r e n c h a s h i g h e x p l o s i v e. h e l l r in the actions of your superiors and your fllows
explode dangerously close, spraying mud and deadiy sustain vou even when all else fails. Most confide
metal fragments through the air, while machine-gun r r o o p sh a v et h a t l a i t h a p J e n r y .
bullets whine overhead like angry wasps. The machine-
gun nexr to you begins blasting back at the enemy, the FEARLEsS
staccato bark deafening as the weapon showers you with In war there are always those who believe that the
hot shell casings.You realiseyour Lieutenant is shouting i s b i g g e r r h m r h e m s e l v e sW
. hether it . because
something above the din, by his gestures you guess that are fanatical zealots or just supremeiy condent, t
he is saying that your platoon is about to attack. rroops are nearly unbreakable. They will fight to r

It is no wonder that in an environment like this the last man, staying in battle until. rhere is absolutely

morivarion of your soldiers is a vitally important part choice but to withdraw. For fearless troops, incredi

ofthe battle. Sometimes they'Il keep it together and do heroism is commonplace md eeing from the

heroic things, and sometimes they'll crack under the unrhinLable.

pressure,just like real people might do.

In Flames OJ WaL the Motivation rating measures th
ln Flames Of War the courage and enthusiasm of you
courage and determination of vour ghting soldiers.
miniarure troop. is checked by making Morivarion
Tioops are classified according to their morivation into
three categories:
T make a Motiuatian'lest, roll a die dnd compar it
. Reluctant
the platoon's Motiuation ldting on the able bel0zu.If
. Confident scoreequak or exceedsthe score needed,you haue
. Fearless the Motiuation Ifthe score is lower, you haue
tlrc Moriuarion Ii'r.
There are mny reasons rhar troops can be reluctant.
T h e r m r y s i m p l yb e u n e n t l r u s i a s tci o
c n r c r i p t .\ e n Li n t o
battle against their will, or they might not care nvo
cents about the cause they're fighting for. Mavbe they're
q,ho have seer too much fighting,
.jusr good soldiers
rvho have had their fill ofbattle and fel that it's about
time someone else started takin$ the risks. Regardless,
reluctant troops are likelv to break under pressurc.
l n s o m e . a s e ' r p l r r o o n r v i l l h a v e t e a m su i t h d i
skill or motivation ratings. This can occur in ad
battlegroups f'ormed lrom bits and pieces of differen
piatoons. It might also happen when a leader ioins
p l a t r o n* u e l l .
If a platoon hasteamsuith dffirent Skill or
ratings,usethe uorst ualuein tbeplatoon.

i9' ;r
IE ROTLS Unlike some games, you are allowed to measure any dis-
tances on the battlefield any time you want to. You can
AJ\Y/ar ssesthe same srandard six-sided dice thar
measure how far your weapons can shoot, how far rhe
l i k e M o n o p o l y a n d Y a h t z e eu s e .
opponent's weapons an shoot, or even whether or not
the rule, .av ro roll a die. rhey gire a number
vou have enough movement to assault at the end ofthe
.t you must equal or exced, for example, 3+ (a roll
turn. Alter all, your soldiers have maps, range-finders,
3, 4, 5, or 6 means success),or 5+ (a roll of 5 or 6 and binoculars to help them work these things out.
success).Any roll lower than the number means
attempt has filed DEcLARATIVE MEASURING
som cses,such sshootitrgat ptrtlyconcealed rrgets, You can make your game {low more easill. by letting
nurnber needed for successwill be modied. your opponent know what your intention is when
+1 to the required score for each ofthe modifiers moving your forces. If you tell them vou are intend-
at apply at the time. For instance, if you normally ing to stav out of range, or thar you think your troops
a 3+ to hit the enem)., but the trget was both (a) are completely out of sight behind a wood, it reduces
long range and (b) concealed in a wood, the required disputes if a model gets bumped later.
on each die would go up to 5+
the score needed ever goes above 6 then the attempt UP TO HALF, AT LESTHAIF
automatically fail. At times Flames Of War allows or requires vou to do
f the rules require you to roll more than one die, trear something with up to halfor at least halfofyour teams.
r4ren dealing with an even number
roll as a sepuate successor failure of teams rhis is
straightforward. \[ith an odd number ofteams, up to
halfmeans that the odd team is excluded, while at least
n some situations, where your rst ro11fails, you may halfrequires the odd team to be included. Either way,
allowed a re-roll. A re-roll is just what the name always use the current strength of the unit.
sys-you get to ignore the first attempr and roll the die
T h e s c o r eo n t h e t e c o n d d i e r o l l i s u h a r c o u n r ' . WYSIWYG
n e v e rg e r m o r e r h a n o n e r e . r o l l p e r s i r u a r i o n . Flames Of War is a rWhat You See Is \What You Get,
o r \ 7 Y S I \ X / Y C . g a m e . O n e m i n i a r u r e r e p r e \ e n r \o n e
EASURING soldier or vehicle. In many cases ).ou can resolve dif"
Of\Yar gives game measurements in both inches Iiculties by remembering this and taking a look at the
) and centimetres (metric). You should agree situation from a modelt-eye view, down on the ground
which system you and vour opponent will use so ro speak, Have a look at what your miniature could
the game begins-you must use one of these rwo see from where they are or rvhere they coulcl go on the
not switch between both. Generall,v, iis a good terrain as modelled.
to use the system you are most familiar with

ir' ,tl
t:: ,

To make the rules easier to read we have distinguishecl SPECIAIRULES

the explanations of the rules lrom the actual rules
To keep things.simile, the main part of the
rhemselves. \X/hile the explanarion may be useful in
F/ames Of War rules only cover the more commoii
understanding and interpreaing the rules, only the rxr
cases.Rules that ue specific to certin weapons, vehicles;i
printed in italics an in the accompanving tables are
platoons or armies re gi\n as special ruls.
actually rules.
T h e s es p e c i a lr u l e . e i r h e r a d d a d d i t i o n a l c a p a b i l i r i e so r
DIAGRAMS AND SUMMARIES allow the teams and platoons that use rhem to break
You'll nd diagrams and summar,rr boxes throughout the normal rules. S(lhen special rule conflicts rvirh
the rules. These make it easier to understand the rules normal rules, apply the special rule.
ancl refresh your memory of them at a glance when vou
are looking rhem up in a game. WHEN THINGS H.appsN
Of necessitl' the diagrams and sumtnary boxes show a Normally turns in Flames Of Var follow a straightfor"
shortened version of rire rules and mv not have all of w a r d s e q u e n c eH
. o w e v e r .s o m e r u l e s .p a r r i c u l a r l ys p e c
the details that apply to your situation. Always 96 1o rules, cause things to happen out of turn. Ar exmple of
the rules themselves ifyou have run into a problem and rhis would be reconnaissance troops disengaging when.
need to clari$' the situation. the enemy starts shooting at them.
-When this happens, interrupt
the normal turn
r e s o l u et h e u n u s u a la c r i r i g . r h e n r e r u r n l o n h e r e ; o u
were and continue the turn.

In a hobby such as wargaming, itt impossible to WoRKINGIT OUT

over-emphasise the importance of being a good sport. Lots of things happen in war, so naturally the
rX/hether you are crushing your
opponenr or you are on OfWar rulebook n)/ not cover everv possible situation
the receiving end of an almighry pummelling, itt alwavs that can occLrr in your batdes. Ifsomething unex
good to remember that whatever the outcome of the happens, talk with the other players and try to come
battle, playing is all about having fun. with a good interpretation ofwhat would happen.
Some good basic rules are to play fair, follow the rules of Ifyou cant come to an agreement quickly just roll a die:
the game, and eat your opponents with courtesy and . Ifyou roll 4, 5, or 6, use your interpretarion of
respect. Oh, that and dont give upl The odds may look
r u l e F o rr h e r e r r o f r h e g a m e .
grim with your army ser ro be beaten, but hmg in there.
. A roll of 1, 2, or 3, means that you have to
Some ofthe best stories are about heroic last stands and
your opponentt interpretation of the rule for
a fw brave individuals turning the tide and holding out
r e s ro I t h e g a m e.
against the odds to iinalll' snatch an unlikelv victory.
After the game, when you have more time for di
Remember that whether you e facing a friend or a
sion without holding up the battle, sit dom and
new opponent tret rhem just the wav you would like
how you ll handle the siruation in the future .
to be treated, and you will get so much more from
the hobbv. If you still aren't sure, you can always check out
forum at wwu.FlzmesOJVarcom and ask other pl
Vorld \(ar II u'as fought over airnost everv type of clutter:rnd pul somerhjng solid benveen rhen and any
terrail. Barrles ranged lron the l'rozen arctic ofnorthern bullers flving around. Other times rhesefatureswill bc
Finland to rhe scorching heat of North African descrts, a hindrance, as they iinpede 1,our movement, slowine
from the grassv steppes of ihe Ukrainc to the dense vour advance ro a crlrvl.
forests of the German Reichs*'alcl, irnd from the hedee-
rows of France to the nounrains of ltah,. CRaPFIELDS
\floods, hedges, bogs, bridges, rivers, lakes. rochs, FIELDS.THesE AREAREAT6RR/IN 1AT caNcEALs
rubble, and buildings all break up the terrajn irnd com- SLOWDANN1A AVAD 4IADENABSTACLCS WHILE
plicate the battlefield. Sometimes this rvill bc to vour cRasstNi lHE^t,.
advanrage,since;'our troops (whethcr riilemen, tanks,
llunners, or rrucks) can hicle rhemselves among thc

H03SA\D ^tL' aRe Lfiea< OBS-aaes. TaEt atA^

]v1an-matle srnlctures
like buildines are diflcrcnt
fi'on natLrraltcrrain. lhel'are solicl,
so troops can't be seen on the other sidc,
but troops can enter them ancl figlrt rh rough their BUILDIN6S
openings, such as cloorsand rvindou,s. TROCPSCANCNLYENRANDSHOC
)CO<3 !.0 4rNt04S. B.trr\i5
Are:r Trrain, such as roads, rir-crs, fbresr.-. rnarshes,
hills, snorv,or mud. occupiesan rrca ofrhe table. Sorre
types of Area Trrain like roacisand hiils can be easilv LINEAROBSTACLES
modelled in a re;rlisticfshion, C)rhcrslike rvoods need S o t n . ' r r r r i r r i . r r L r n .l j k . l r e , l 3 . ' *. . r ' , .
a more rePresentil\'eaPproach. and streiltrrs irrc Line:rr Obstacles frming a linc
runninq from one point to illrothcr. In game rerms the
OPENSPACES chiefcharacteristic ofrhesc terrain laturesis thcir lLrcl<
Oper spaces are the areas of underlving table rop ofdepth. A reiur can be on onc side or thc other of
around the other terrain ieatures them, but never actuailv in or on them.
u|t< (c: -r\c> Ai: tKc A-- =))c-'. dc' -JJ ARg
-r\.4( -D: 4,-l> kcc -,\:: AR: ,,rrl-LLT
cR03a. i+r caNaat TRccPS0N FAP'tDe,
ANDSLtt VEH\CLaSa(CSSINiil,rl trl,/N.

, iiLi
ilrg,f 1HANt]f ilcuLD cecas-cauNlRf.
# r':s..'-' :'r',r:''r11 1-111'i

l:, . ;i'

Tn' Ba AND
SaF 'eCuND LlKi- BaGS INC t|AeSS lR

RAtlSltCALLltN A w3lv,ry6 / ['CiLt
Be zlFFlaUL lC TAC| vCDZLSJN llEiti C(
,r,cvi ie, 4R0uN, 1Ns19t.

.ffi"' lNaitD, tNtS 7wt. c Aea TPeAlNla

,-r.14,-ERRAJN A\, trfl/i lS iNsirf ANt r'/f4T ls
CUl3lDE CF lT, tilTq 1RSPLAaE CN laP iC
tND)aAiaii4e. faa ANc tGtl c !E ,-5RRA]N.
lt: TRE cAu 9E i{cvE r'RciN, or tft6 BAs6
(CF.ZVetrt<c-ittOVeti,loaElrE4 TC AlLtr'i lCrR
eAl' tC tlCve /,rlItslN,-rl9 AP1ACF aaRRAlN,
tsu Aee ASSU,VC.D Ta B5 llNlaeL) ,lSlRl1uED
RCfiAt i AP..A.

K,\)\: \:l c\\4\. K,.=a -<->>,\; A<a:F-a\ 31-l :c
Ac:-' .- - - i t . ' - E 2.L2 a .'c\.
r"- ,9\3c-.r'rt?l
L;NE?HAs a FaAaKgR ALRatviAk6N A BRtxeAaA, aaess e atvee
?Lou6HeDFELD9 /Nt iils JSA aC)\)RA.ACKC ELLT,INATa ile \Rl)eaAr? ?i)ae tua
PLou6HE, Ftat a ARt AREAe /1\. RIV Nt iaaSSJN6a aa1?P|\atr. |l'a A 6CCD lreA iO rAlE At ttsr
\ic ccvR 1 TRac?s aRasslNa eil, MAKAN ASSA!! .RC551\G,

W H A TY O U S E E1 5W H A TY o U C E T
N l o s t t c r r a i t r i c r t u r c s : r r c t c p r e s c n t r d r l r r i r el i t e r r l l r . o n t h e t r b l e t o p . A h r n s e r e p r e s e n t s
o?Ns?Aces e housc. crrctlv as it is shou n. ,\ h il I rcprcsenrs r h ill. exactll' as shotn. A wal I represents
otrLf BtilLJ F0u61 tN NuGa
r rvrll, errcrlv es shorvn.
1I1A ALLC'il|RA?S S?A'E IC this maLcs it casv ro rvorl< ont the to rlucstions lil<e'Can rrv tllnl< see over tlrat
urlli bv lookins ar rhe acrurl rcrnjn iietLrc pl,rccclon Lhc t:rblc. ls rhc wall ralicr th:rn
6UN3 ilti A FtL' CF FtRe.
lourt:rlk?ll-so.thcnitrillprob,rbh harcrqrerrciealofdillcllwseeingoveritlIsrhe
tell tallcr than thc hejsht of rhc gun b,rrrcl? 11-so. Lhc Lank rvili nor bc ,rb1c to shoot
o v e r i r . i l i r s l o * c r r h a t t r h e t . t h e t r n l i s h o r L l i lh a v e n o ; . r o b l e r n ss e e i r g r n c l s h o o t i n g rh.'$-alL.

Onc crceptior tr rhe \\'\'Sl\\iYC, principlc is L-asc's

on Ierrain. A lot ofrrca rcrrin is
bas.-c1iusu,rLh.on a bas.- l,'s',/.lnrrr thicL) lirr rnarrufcturinq reasons. Jhrs rliscs ferr.rin
lilie ro.rds and tiel<1sabove rhe surrounding tcrrain, bur should bc ignortcl drLring plar'.
Thete are four cirtcgoricsofgrouncl conditions Lhatunits CRoss-coUNTRY
can encounter: lLoads, Cross-corrntrr'.Rough TLrrain, -lerrain
that is rateclascross-coultry is basicallylevelarrcl
and Impass:rble.Rough Terr:rin is further dir.jdecl irto
slnootb enough th:rt troops can cross it rvithout much
Slorv going, Difiicult Cloing. irnclVcrv Dilicult Going.
be qrassvor barren {iclcls,expansesof
dilculti.. lr cou1c1
firrnly packecldescrt, oL frmLancl.
\(/heLher concrete,brick. cobble. or dirt, a road pror-ides wooDS
a quicli rorLte fi'on one pl:rce to another. Tiuchs ancl \lacDs AReDtFFtcuLT
halflrracks travelling on a road nor.e much fsrer rhan il\cvt\6 AFCU6NA ilOAD
r l - . r , { o . r . \ \ - , , , r ' r . - r I r , r ' . ' l k . I ' c r r c l tr o r n r i , a d , RlSK30661N6'Cr{N.

since thev briclge or cur throLrgh rnost obstacles.

I- RaotA BuILDtN6s
BtiiLzN6s ,{ioR TNANBou,-
6'/l5cl AcRossscuLDae DtvtDED:,
\ - j P , - C t5 B E - \ E E \ 3 ? . s a v '
A\) 6 tscv a9:ar. TQa'ta-- :



of re:rsons whl. :tn environnrcnL
i , , ' r . . e J 1 . 1 e 1 , . 1 11 p 1 1 ; 1 r1..r r r g i r r gl r o n ANDPOTNi]ALINFANC/A'\BI]SH6S.
grouncl that has becn churnccl to stickv nul
to natural obsrructions srrch as woocls, rocks, or dccp
snorq Jhis terrain l.ill lirrit the specd ar s.hich vehicles PLU^I]" FIELDSAREDIFFICULT I
SLOri 6tNc.
Rouqh tcrrain is li]<eiv to causevehiclcs crossing it to
g c t t i r t " - , r r . i. r' it t h e n , ' r . l" r f . r f I \ \ (ol r . , n
obstructjon. Rough'Irrain is rated r Slorv Going.
Dillicult Goiug, or Ven' L)iffrculL(loine. D I I F I C U L TG o I N G
I l i l l i . r l r g , ' r r i . . r i ' r . g Fr . r - . r i r r h . , r1 . r . . e r u .
stow GorNG a signicant hinclr:rncc ro novemenr. \rehicles at
Slox. going is a n.pc of roueh terrain that siorvsvch iclcs - _r r r_' ri ' : ' _1' 1 ' l_n i' p' -1-1' _
r_e- m - 6_.'1bo' '1r_l1- i . r e r r a i r rD l u ' r J L , \ \ r o . -
clou-n,n irhour anr. risk olt them bogeinq dorn. crirr4 irncL risk gettinq sruck if rhe driver isn't carefut.

NI'IN6 38I,1]ND
TC 'RAgS TIlEil|


..Lt.l #.
luza-4eete rc ALLEIzi
t=..: .: SpectALLy-iRltN9140UN1/tNaRs.

""I \'--
* -"" @
ButLDtN6sApe vaRy DtFFtcuL 6ctN6, gui tNF4 re/
alN ofll-v EN,TER
ANt E\lT Et1t,THPCUG|ICPENtt\)3s
LlkE tocRs ANt t/iNtors. 3lrtl2N6s StvE lp.oc?s

MUL\-STOP=\ BUlt lrl AVoNg CR ,!{CRERCA!\S C\ aAa, L'VL
ilAKltNGtlEt\, IN aFF.a1,atc SulLrlNSSSIAC<DU?CNeACr OttER

O N E - P I E cSEo L I DB U I t D I N G s
lhe idealmodclbuilclings for llarrrs Ollr iraveremor-

)il:H;'':lJ:' eble r:ooli so rhat rroLlels cen be placed inside. Hou,ever,
sonre builclings are m:rde as a solid piecc-s.ith uo roon
for nroclcls insicle.
Vririr bildinqs like this, r'ou can eirhcr place l.our rroops

- VINYARD9ANDORCHARDS aqainst the ourside s-irlls of rhe builcling irdjaccnt ro rhe

AREDIFFICULI opcnin.g thcv irc occupt,ing, atrd inlornt \our oppollcllr
rvhere exacrll ther-are su;rposetl ro be, or drarv:r floor plan
1o AvoID G71N6Ba56EDD)'IN,
ofthe builcling irnd place the rnodels on rh:rt insread. ::r,-'1


going is rou{lr rerrain thar is
Sorne terrain is just so di(iculr that it's inrpossible ro r:..
barclv passable. While soldierson foot can scramble
afound or over nosr otrstnrctions.mosr i'eh iciessimph'
cross, such as deep rilers, fetid swamps, or sheer clifls_ .:. ,.'
Inpirssable tcrrain stops ali movement, forcing rrcu ro
cannor qer rhrough vcn- difTiculr goine. Onlu ranks
look fbr irn alternarive route to the objective unlessyou
rrnd othcr tracked vchicles irrc abie to frce rheir nav
have speci:rl..aining or equipment.
rr fo ugn
Eastern Europe clillirs lr-orr Vcstertt l-uropc in LreirtgI
l o t m o r c o p e n a n c l l e s s c l e n s c l vc u l r i r a t e c l . ' l h c s r e p p c s
::: o1'ccntral Russia,rrc t-i<1eopetr gr,rssl,rnds o1'rolline hills
hroken br. gullies :rncl rlvincs *hete srLcanrrctrt thfouqh 3)LLY IS SLCI| G'IN, T|E 'IDCS ARE
thc soli soil. llol'ing ro s'idc. slrallotv rir-crs.\\irocls atrtl 3t\iRALtralae? ANDveRf DlFFlauLT
6atNG Itli+ CCCAS0N'LDlFFlatJLl
scirttere.lpeasant villaqes linkecl lrl clirt roaclsbrcak Lhe GC\N6 aaaEasa) ,Cr'/\l lNit Ii.
m 0n{tforll.
N,loclcrn Soviet lLussir is ovcrlaicl on tlris tinrclcss
l a r r c l s c , r pnci t h c o n c r c r cc i t i e s o i f i r c t o r i c si r r r l
'1 -

:rpirrtmcnt bloc*s, dcprrfnrcnt :tores atlcl

s c l u a r c sc, o l i e c r i | c f l i l | s . , r u c L r u i l r l r v s
-!. "-**=.-*
l i n k i n . qL h c n a l l t o s c t h c r .

sleeP tlLLS AeE 2|tcDtl 61\.
AS CNtf va?f ?CriRFDt-v.1aL83 ..
.AN lIElR SLCP1S, .'.
"ALE e..i. I

.t't. ._ i;-
+E '*

=*' -*
# \,,....'.J

RweRs ,.ra*"tl-..;;.-,.
'di,-At. R:.9RS-r I 2CC\ .. ft ae .------a '",4r:!!:j:,,;::
.ac. DF,---- 6--\j 7cacl 2 .a?-< { _,*'e.
2tl:a5- t---),(-,\Fr\_? j r \ C" P
.:_ :,,
t\ AssAi)Ll BCA19. elvzRs stlcrL, Ave A1 tl;*.:ir,;
-t t--!,. -?c:a -:
c-aR :2:s3.

Not all terrair irc rh srrrc
Onc o1'thegrcrt things rrbout l /,rrttt O.fVirt
i5 lhltt \!tr cart ittttcttlttce Illof! \llflcr\ lllt() \1)Lll

I;::;:l :l:;lil:ili
:ili;:,1:; :lt: :'ltil:::lt,r;:,.
ijt:it Jr|ft- c l i r Lr s h l l l c , * r i v e r
o n r o r i r t e b l c , r c c o r c l i n g l rl i' o. r c r r r t r p l e .r ' o t rc o L t l d. r c l i u . l g L
t h : r t r . o u l c ln o r r t r e l l tb c \ t c r r i ) i i l i c u l r C o i n g . l r . t s l r o z e t t o v c r m r l . i n ' 1irr.{\rir L',.fo\\
a n c ld n s r a t ec La s o n l v L ) i l l : l c u i (t , oj t r q ( r l r v b c i r t st ea c lo i b o g s j n q . l o u n . t e i r i c i es r i s k f l l i n e
r h r o u g h t h e i c c l ) .O l p c r h a p si r i s r h c s p r i n g m e l r . r l a l i n q r h c r i l c r e n I r r r p a s s r r brL. ct g i n gt o r r e n t l
Battles ught in parLicularpl:rcesrnieht hlvc rcrr.rirrthat is sliehth. tliflerent tlr,rtt troLnt,rltoo. s<r
Gerrlan trcsts coLrl.lbc \lcri DiliiculL ('oing. focrrsing rhe :rction rowarclsrlrc Lrlclis rhrouqh thent
o t h c r e n c lo l : r h c s p e c r r u n r r, v o o t l si n S i c i l v r n i g h r b e s o s p a r s ct h a r t h e v a r c o n l l S l o u C l o i n q .
Don'r ger too carrierl rLr.avthouqh, il'rhe tcrrain is roo clilliculL, the g,rurct'ill slou to,r cr:rl.l as tfooPs spettcltlorc
r i n r c q h t i n q t h e L e r r r r i nt h a n r h c o p p o s i t i o r r l
-. 2o,->,3-- 6ctN6. 6NS ANDVE\\CLS
vEPtcLtS:A\.t:eAt _ -2 as,ae
cAN',l 6aT U7 TAe aUFs. {r',VtNTilRAU6t1A WCD

RA _/.A Lr\ea asa S-: . 6o,\j,3-ot..\i
VElaLtS DO'/1N,
B!1 f//H NC RiSi( CF

FcRDs AaRss sReA,trs

vlcRt ?15( oF DRCTr'N/NG
In tN6lN



Ll5t+-rietGni FENce.sARNtY ..\ goocl Lrble fcpr(sr-rrs rhc rcal-lil tcrrain in rhc erca
SLOrl 601115Aa ,-r.]aY
/QEN' Ll<i!:
IO 'TCP A VE\'L FCR LCN3. bcing iouqLr orcr i1r rhc \\..r\.il corrbines opcn space, lircer
obsteclcs. .rrca tcrrxin, Jnd nrn adc llrtures. 1he most ,'il
i m p o r t e n r f h i l s r o c o n s i d c r i s r h e w a r r c a l - l i l t c r f i n r e n d s
to .lnrp. I lorrses tbm villages surrorrnrlcd Lry cr,rlrs, tr.,es
fornr u,cxrc1s,
rncl bogqr grouncl is forrnct :lr()Lrnd n\'crs.

STReA/A3 In tht sanre \rar'. opcn spaccs ire usuallr lerqe as people
SfPgA,fs t? rc 1l',/lAciv, ,,|DF-aae DFFIaULT clc:1r space f-or crops ancl har vcsr mocL. Thesc open spacrs
6atN5, hA<tNc H6i4 aRossABlt Br 4Ny
IRAC%, IF IHEY DON' 3E STUCK, afenr cnrptv ilDCl:lfe bfoken up br.crop ileicls. or ftncecl oL
hcclqerl grazing. bur rho clo otlcr exrensivc lines of sighr.
As arr example, most rll( barrlcs in firropc rook placc er
rangcs ,rf half,r nrile iE00rn) or mofc (round f,l l60cm on
a Fltnts ttJ \11" bnnlelleld). rvhilc rangcs u,ere cvcn grearcr
on the EasLcrn Fronr.
lhe Bartle of Stalingrad pir.otal ro the outconte of the SeconclWorkl \!hr ancl remains the
stancl:rrdfor urb:rn l.arfirre. Likc all combirt il citics. the lightine l'as brutal. blooclv.
t,7holcbattles rvere fusht over single buildines as
ancl at verv close quarters.
onc side or the other triecl to er.icrrhe cncmr'-otn thcir rvell-prorcctccl
Onl,v poiverful guns lirin{ et pointblank r:rnqc,or i
clesperateassaultsrvi dr h ancl .qrenaclesancl
sharpencd entretrching tools could
clear a buildinq room-br-
room, floor-bt'

BulL9tN63M)RE TtlAt'l A3aui
ROt^.Til) ALSOLl/Alrc l\e

': A e.BBLE-S-?'^\ v53,
W<l\6 -'G.-3eEE)

It is important to cliscnss rhe Lcrrain on the tlblc rvirh vour oPPonerll bcforc votl stert
votr Fhnrs OfVit qlne. Br agrceing on hol c,rch piece of terrain rvill l'ork i n thc qulc. r'ou
rtcluce the possibilitv o1-confusiotr rncl nristurderstanclirtg cluring plal \4ost tcrrain rvill be lirll
obvious frorn looking rt thc nodel :rrrclcornparinq ir *,itli thc crilmplcs in this sccLion. Some tetrain
is less obvious rncl will neerl somc rhought. Ifvoq cani reach rn rgrecmcnt. sirrpll pick Ihe most likclv
cendidates ancl roll a die to choosc bem'eerr theor.
AS A BUILDINC, TC lREAl THEiNIERIORS AN on 6'x4' (18Ocm x t20crn) tables, as this
APENSPACESURROUNDED BY FOURWALL3. gives room for manoeuvre, rvhile stiil being
snall enough f'or conrcnient storage. BattJes
TRAA?SN3IDE, liughr in close terrair like cities and the Bocage
of Normandv arc usually p1a1'edon a half-size 4'x 3'
(120crn x 90cm) tables. This is useful s troops move
morc slorvlv and can only cover shorter frontages due to
restricted iines of sight.
Larger tables, say 12'x6' (360cm x l8Ocm), suit bigger
qames with larger forces or multiple players.



\ '- *;s{r *
-' - -- .{' -%- *'
* -_
- !*J
- -E
- - -.-e


.3:::::, I
u" 1' '


of srepp Open Space Cross-county x x
sand or thin snow Open Space Cross-country x x
sand. snow or mud Open Space SIou,Going x x
snow or mud Open Space Difficult Going x x
oughed held
eld or open scrub
Open Space
Area Trrain
Slow Going
Slorv Going

or vineyard Area Terrain n:c-..1.
uu,ir5 v x
Are a Terrain Difficult Going v x
Area Terrain Very Diflicult Going v x
I inearOb.tacle :low Coing vv x
or line of rrees Linear Obsracle
I-inear Obstacle
Difficult Going
Difficult Going v
t x
r$e Area Terrain Cross-country X* x
tle hill AreaTerrain Slow Going X8 x
hill Area Trrain Dificult Going Xo x
ky hill Area Grrain Very Dificult Going X8 x
y floor Area Terrain S I o wG o i n g x x
ly accesses Area Trrain Dificult Going x, x
ly wall Linear C)bstacle VeryDifficult Going v x
bank, or low sea rvall
Cliff. cutring, or high 'ea u'all
Linear Obstacle
Linear Obstacle
Very Difficult Going
across stfeam AreaTrrain Slou'Cioing X x
am or ford across a river Area Trrain Dilcult Going X x
Area Terrain Ver,v Dificulr Going X x
Area Terrain lmpassable X x
AreaTerrain Di{licuh Going X x
rsh AreaTrrain Vcr;. Difficult Going X x
$wamp or )ake Area Trrain lmpassable X x
Road or airfield Area Terrain Road x x
Track Area'lerrain Cross-country x x
Area Trrain Slorv Going x X
Railway Line
liow railway embankment
Linear Obstacle
Slow Going
Difficult Going ' V
igh railway embanknent Linear Obstacle Very Difficult Going { {

'Rubble, ruin or factorv space
Very Dificult
Facrory wal1s Linear Obstacle Impsable 4

t :li

Like chess, Flames of vl'ar is played wirh each side taking tums to move md fight with thei
troops. In real life soldiers don't move one at a time, so you move md fight with your entire force in
your turn, then your opponent moves md ghts with their entire force.


A Flames Ofwar nrn consists of one side playing their I o k e e p r h i n g ' o r g a n i s e d .e a c h p l a l e r , r u r n i s d i v i d e d
turn, then the other. \fhen ir's a playert turn, they will i n r o f o u r r r e p ' : r h e S r a r n g 5 r e p . L h eM o v e m e n r S r e p .
perform all of the actions available to them, then the the Shooting Step, and the Assault Step.
turn rvill switch to rhe other plal'er. The players keep
At rhe start of each of a player's turn rhev
a l r c r n a r i n rgh c i r r u r r , I i k e r h i , u n t i l r h e g a n r ee n d . .
their troops anci decide what they are going ro do, t
\n Flames OJ War, hoth plal'ers usually roil a die and ther. move all of their platoons. After rhat, thev shoorl
rvhoever rolls the highest has rhe first rurn. Horvevel in r r r h e c r r e m ; .a r r d 6 n a l l y t h e y l a u n . h a s s a u l ros n r h e
some missions the attacker or defender always has the e n e m r .W h e n r h e i rr u r n i r f l n i s h e dr. h eo p p o s i r g p l a y e r
6rst turn. p l a l s r h e i rt u r n i r r r h e s : m e o r d e r .

A. Starting Step Rally your forces, bring up reserves md air support, md spring your ambushs
B . Movement Step Mmoeuvre all of your teams into position
C. Shooting Step Shoot the enemy from a distance
D , Assault Step Charge the enemy defences in fierce hmd-to-hmd combat


During tbe Starting Stelt yu: poge During the Mouement Stry, lou:
l. CheckSoleSunivinglnfantryTems 176 1. Select a Platoon to Moye
2. CheckCompmyMorale 175 2, BringFomrdTimsports
3, CheckVictory Conditions 274 J. Move Tems in rhe Platoon
4, RevealAmtrushes 266 a, Dismomt Psengers
5. Roll forAirSupport 178 b. TkeBoggingChecks
6. Roll for Reserves 268 in Rough Terrain
7. Rally Pinned Dolm Platoons lO4 c. Take Skill Tststo Enter Buildings
8. Remount Bailed OutVehicles lO2 d, Move Trmsports after Mounting
9, FreeBoggedDownVehicles 44 4. Send Emptytmsports to the Re,
10. RemoveFriendly Smoke Markers lO7 5. Retum to 1 md Selectthe Nqt Platoon


During the Shooting Stelt you: DuringtheAssauh Stepyou: ?age
l. Select the Shooting Platoon 1. Selectthe Assaulting Platoon 143
2, Select theTrget Platoons 2. Chage into Contact 145
3. DecideWho will Shoot at each Platoon 74 3. Opponent Conducts DefensiveFire 152
4. Fire Smoke Ammuaition 4. Roll to Hit with AssaultirgTms lS5
5, CheckthattheTrgetisValid 5. Roll Savesfor Armoued Vehicles 175
6. Rotateto FacetheTget 6. MarkorRemoveDestroyedTems f03
7. Check if the Tget is Concealed 7. PushintoBnemyPositions 160
8. Roll to Hit 8 . H A s s a u l t i n gP l a r o o nW o n 16l
9. AllocateHitstoTilgetTems 93 (ifso, Skip ro l0)
10. Roll Saves for Tams that were Hit 97 9, Opponent TestsMorivation and either:
11. RollFirepowerTests 97 . Counterattacks (Return to 2), or 162
12. MakorRemoveDstroyedTems f03 . Breaks O{f 165
13. Return to I and Select the Next Platoon 10. Mctor Consolidates 167
14. Pin Down Platoons if Hit Fiv Times 104 I 1. Retwn to I md Select the Next Platoon
The Stting Step is the administrative step in Flames Of rVar,lt is hete that you check md update the
status of the units under your commmd, rallying your troops and c*rying out vrious other tks depend-
ing upon the course of the batde. Beause each of these tls is just a small put of a bigger topic, for example
Rolling for Air Support is a pt of Air Support, we're left the explmation of them for their relevmt section
of the rule book. As you read on, you'll fiad each tk fully explained in those sections.

-#n i


:f, ;# q
'': . ''



+:r.1 ,:1i.!::::--+
.." -.i.:::

may seem to be all about shooting, m intelligent rirOYement

a crucial component ofvictory. After all, before you cm shoot your enemy you have to put yourselfinto a
position that lets you do so!
movement may seen a simple matter of getting in close md hitting your opponent with werlthing
have, it is often worthwhile to use fire md movement tactia, where one part of your force fires to cover
movement of mothen
to advalrce is mother important considntion. If you pick a place where the terrain is too dense md
rered, your advmce cm be slowed to a crawl tr your troops attempt to cross obstacle after obstacle. On
other hmd, open ground cm eily becone a shooting gallery for your opponentt troops.

l. Select a Platoon to Move

2. Bring Forwrd Trmsports
3. Move Tems in the Platoon
a Dismount Psengers before moving Timsports
b, Move Timsports before or after Mounting Psengers
c. Tiake Bogging Checks in Rough Terrain
d. Tke Skill Tsts to Enter Contsted Buildhgs
4. SendEmptyTransportstotheReu
5. Return to I md Select the Next Platoon to Move

a Platoon to Move 35 MovingAttheDouble.. ..........50

Tems in the Platoon .. . . 36 Diggingln. .....5f
Moving aTem 38 LeavingDuglnPositions., ...., 5f
Moving Ner the Enemy , 38 MovinginBuildings.... .......... 52
Vehicles on Roads 40 E n t e r i n g B u i l d i n g. s. . . . ....... 52
Through Rough Train 4r ExitingBuildings ......53
MovingAcrossAlleyways. ...... 54
Bogging Checks 43 MovingUporDown, ...,......54
Vehiclesin Rough Terrain 43 GmsinBuildings.....,....... 54
Guns in Rough brrain . , . ryl
DrivingThroughBuildings. ..... 55
Infmtry md Mm-packed Guns in
RoughTerain, ..... 44 CrossingRivers. ......... 56
PaddlingAcrossthe River .. .., .. 56
DownTems ,.... 44 SittingDucks. ......,.56
V e h i c l e. s .,..,.. 45 LmdingontheOtherSide ...... 56
imsportsmdPsengers .,,..,.., 46 NormmdyBocageHedgerows, .,.., 58
MountingTransports.., ....,... 46 BocageHedgerows...... ....... 58
Dismomtingtmsports., ...,.. 47 Nrrowl-mes. ........59
TrmspotPlatoons..... ....... 47 Leavingthe
Battlefield ... ,....... , 60
RidingonTn-ks ..,,,.47
MovementSpecialRules. .....,..,, 6f
SendTimsportstotheRer ...,. 48
BringTimsportsFomrd. ...... 48 MovementSummary.,., ......,..62
bwingGunsmdPortees.,....,,,. 49

' ll::::.
#: ;&"

I)uring t'our LLln) \'ou arc :rble to mor'e cach oir voru I)trriug tl,c,)Jorcryrn/ SttV 1,ou nul.y trtot,e
plaroons onc bt onc though vou cion't havc fo mor.c ttth o.f'.yorr1,/,tto07/!.ot/( .tt n tin.. 7/trt' ,1t1,
anl.:lt all. Ifrriu ficl:r pleroon is in r eood position /, .,. ,t...,,,, a
t,,, u . 1 , , , t t t . 1 . ,t . o , t,t

thcre arc adlanr,rgcs to kceping ir srarion:rri. bur i1' bc not,rrl if .youdo nat Lunrr tu notc thcxt.
their Iocirtion isn't icleal ther can bc mnnoeur-rcclirrto
Orttt'),otr Lrtu cbo:et t p/tttoott, Lnot//lt.j)a)t Ltll ttl/ntJ
r b e t t e r p o s i t i o n . l L c ] o e s n i r D a t r e ri n w l r , r r o r d c r t . o u
ftvtu tlnt p/,rtoan out,tt n tltTt(.
nlove \1)uf platoons, or rhc tealls rvithin each platool.
j u s r r e n r e n b c r r o l i n i s h a l l o f v o l r r n r o v e r r c n tr v i r h o r c fftcr 1,pttl,auc rnot,td t/l tuus;t'roru d p/itot)n ltnr yau
uril1t ra no!\', chooselnolher pLtroon lo uot.\. tuld rc!ut.
p l a t o o n b c f o r . -n r o r . i r r go n r o L l r cn e \ r o u e .
\lfl,ot.:,orr l,trc uoutd (t)(r.)t])/itt)or )iau u)isft to rlot)(,
tlt,Ylot'uttL,tt/,\t cp cttl:.

,,r cvi\ ALL youR lRCC?a Al

cNaE ttillrs ycuR ap,'Ltj,l rc
EFFEalVaLf ENOAGE r.t gNE41)
.. .
'*kF qj
DAN'I D: THI'! ^
*fi#-*_ ,,I .i
_ 13
"# j
"f,* .- j
'%,,nrt" i

*';' 4

ll Leavsc\t E.cF 'ctF. j:?- -

{ -?s
ROC75sr-llli\lR! ::
.NCAEETI' i\'\\\, ,
DC T]3! fu.t*,


,,.,lLaalaaRs ,fcva FRC,N\

aCVEpiC aCV.R.
?aaD\ra raa<ra tE iNE,l,.,y
Nxr ir?



l. Hetw r*'txs reNDTo BEsLovER.,
lnovNl a'/70c/v,



I?'/30^ AS A TN'JpARD TAli,[K,

t^ovtN6 l2'/304A AS H\LF-TRD veHta:s.
l\OVe 12'/30C A A3 AF a/ER'/ ARttAv.
H/{J-TRACffi ve\rcL, l^ovtN6 IG"/L10ci^As JWg.

WHEafr veHELEs. ^ ovel0'/25c^ AscAvAlR/. IAAVIN12'/30CtAAs HAIJ-

VEHrcLMAV16'/I^OC/^AS JP3. 6'/l3c^ As t AilirPA&@ AnE.

6" /l11l^
gwttl WHffifr veHrcr-Es. ASLI*T| AT,B.


A3 MOV\N'11"

As,lW9. CANNOT MOVEONTHIPOilN. THl l o/E 1',/20c/A A3 WA,#. :
Jr-'' -'.
Soldiers and vehicles make way for friendly toops, md
you move a platoon, all of the teams in the
resume theif positions once they pass.
are moved separately. You can choose to have a
move in a differenL direcrion lrom rhe rerr of Lhe Teamscan moue through otherfiendly teamL but a team
or to move some teams in a platoon while you cannot end its moument on top of another team.
others in their currenr positions
tcam mal moue in any direcrion and end up facing MOVINGNEARTHEENEMY
way you wish, just as long as tlte distance it couers Movement towards an ob.jective is quite a different ma-
its coffiPlete mouement is no further thau the teami noeuvre than simply rolling your way across n open
a! /owed m ouemen t di'tance Iield. You must take cre to ensure that you dontjeop-

team does not haue to moae in a straight line, and ardise your units or unnecessarily expose them to harm.

d,euiateand zigzag as much as you like. Use the path Infantry and Gun tedms mdl not moue c\oserthan 2"/5cm
to determine the distance moued, rather tban to any uisible enemy team and must stop mouing when an
the distance betueen the stdrting and end points. unseen enem! team within 2"/5cm becomesuisible to it
(except in the Asauh Step).
lrrNc Tplus Whicles can moue uithin 2"/5cm of enemy uehicles (euen
in combat tend to move slowly in 6ts and spurts; passing through their position), but cdftnlt end their
between dashes to look out for enemy re and mouement on top of an eneml uehicle. Howeuer, uehicles
their sprints to avoid getting shot. After each dash may not moue closerthan 2"/5cm to an eneml Infintry or
stop facing the enemy, ready to fight. Gun tadm that is uisible to it (except in theA:sauh Step).
can rotate to face in any direction at an! time
they moue, as long as this does not incredsethe total
nce noued.
Immobile Guns cannot moue an1 distance, they
'dnJtill rotate about t/teir cenile as their mouement

-;:,: i.; ..,r,.'.:.::iri'r']:'

l 1 r e n a l l s o f a b u i l d i n g a l l o r vo p p o n e n t st o : n e a k u p o n
each other. ltoops onlr rnove up ro an enenrroccripiecl
building u'hen rhey :rre reaclvro :lssaulrand clear ir.
A team ma1 moue Jieal nedr du neLil1tlrlntry or
(|un team 0n the other side of the u,a// oJ'd Builrling,
cxce?t thiT it ma1 not moue utithin 2 af dn enern.y
InJann'.y or Gun tedm netsuring through an Opening
uithin Line of .Sight o.f'1our tearn ($c?t, ts nutl, in the
Assault Step).
As there is nothing to block Line of Sight, d teirl tnn.y
not mat)e witbin 2"/5cm a.f dn enerul, IuJut1, py a2
tilm rhlt is iu t/te same Bui/ding (dgain, cxctpt in the
Assdult Step).

' :.

Roirclsallow troops to aroicl obstirclcsirnd nor-c quicklv

.l.i trorn place to place. ll.oirdsare of pirrticular benet tcr
*r rvheclcd r.ehiclcsth:rr havc rclarivclv poor cross-coLrnLn
All Wheeled and Half-tracked rrehicles move one-
perform:rnce. ()nce on ,r roircl, rhc rvhee)ed rransporr
and-a-half times as fast on Roads.
\rn J.I rJll.rr'r tlr.irL, l' .1'cc-
.fccp, Motorc.yclc, Htlf 2r,r1rrr1, \Yl,rchd, 5i/ou, \Yltcclcd,
anrl Wgon ucltic/rs not,c ona tnd t htlf'tlntcs a fust Half-trached, \il/heeled 18"/45crrr
as ruorrualtthcn tbt1,sl,cnd lbalr (/!tlrc Mouon.Ttt S;Tq)
Slou,-Whccled, 'Vagon
on Rotd:.
All othar t.yptsoJ tcaws, irttlullng FuL/.1,-trnchrdt.chiclei,
lnfanx'.y (inc/uding ()ttulr.1) attd (jun tcrtms, nouc tt
th( r1t/netPeedan Roals r tbe.ydo (,rosstourtttl.

:- vEHrcLA^,cvEaNE-AND-A-ALF

dRcss-acuNRvaAN,\cva 12'/3Acr,
cN A RCADtT !,CVE9l8'/u,1a,\t.

c .l

-i,* ,ui. ,. a.; " 'J ,,*-ttr. - . ;.u

tanks arent generally ft, they are almost unstop- MOVINGTHROUCH
pable. Their tracks and powerful engines allow them to To keep things simple, teams can only entei:
plough through terrain that would immobilise a truck. rough terrain if they move at rhe rough
Only troops on foot can match them in rough terrain. s p e e dl o r t h e w h o l e t u r n .
Fully-tracleed,uehiclescannot moue more than 8"/21cm if A team may not entr Rough Tnain if t hn
the! start their mouement in, enter or crossRough nrrdin moue further than lt is,.allowed to in Rough
(seepage 2'tr). Since SIozuuehiclescan on$ moue 8"/20cm Instead the tam must tto? dt the ege of the
and Wry Slou uehicles can only moue 6"/15cm anyway, Terrain and wait until next turn 10 moue into it-
Rough Terrain does not slow them down at all.

Jeep, Motorq,cle, Half-trached, \Yheeled, Slow Wheeled,

andWagon aehicles,and Guns (apartfrom Mnn-pached
Guns) cannot moue more than 4"/1)cm ifthey start their
floueffient in, or enter 0r crossRough Trrain.
All other rypet of teams including Infantry and Man-
packed Gun tdnl moue at tbe same speed in Rough
Terrain as they do normll|b.

Balancing models on top ofhedges is messvl
A team ma1, not end its mluemenT on top oJ Linear
Obstacles, [t must be on one side or the other. If a team
doesnot haue enougb mouement to cro!sa Linear Obstacle,
it stops on reaching it.
Sonetincs the gaps benveen obsraclesafe too narrow
Sincc ir is phvsicallv imfq55i$lg f-or two nroilel rerrain
fbr a vehiclc to passthrourh, l:orcinq the clrir-crro slo*
pit'ces to bc pcrfcctlr. touchinq. rou shoriLd discuss n,ith
clorvn and force their u,av rhrough the obsracles.
lour opponeur rvhich pieces ofterrain arc stpposed ro bc
If the gap bctu)eail tu.,oliercs 0f tctin, nr bctu,eot rt touching end rvhich arc supposecl to har,e a gep. Ir rrav
tetu or wrachcd ueLicle ant/ tcnttlrt, is too .,mtll Ji d bc a goocl idca ro rnove pieces :r lirrle liLrther aparr ri hcrc
7nk, Ttansport, or Ouu tetru bturut, /hc therc is supposerl to bc r gap ro rrake ir clc:rr.

must nrur( througlt ont: or both pieces oJ tiliil to g

tbrough tLe gal.
If t/teir t.'ehicleturl guu noiels thnu,qh rlte yap,
tht tctn does 1nt nrcd ta ?ts! y1ryt11,4h thc Rottgh Tirrain
an either sida, cuan iJ tltt'ir btsc is u,idt thtn tha gt/t.
In/antr.y tetms ciil rn0r( through an.y.{n[) nt /ensr
y't"/5mn u,it/c.

Ignort any baes tLdt uchiclcs. irtJtntry, o gtrlts dr(.

mrnnte d on tnd assumethtt guns clos( tltlr tru)ls to nou(
through gdps uthn dettrmlnlng iJ'tlry can Jit throtrl,.
As well as slowing down, vehicles moving through rough D I F F I C U L TG O I N G
tetrain run rhe risk of breakdown or getting stuck. Dilficult going is the bane of vehicle drivers
No matter how cuefully you proceed there is
YEHICLESIN ROUGHTERRAIN always the chmce that you and your vehicle will
Even tanks, which are specilically designed to cross srranded.
rough terrain, aren't immune ro sinking deep into a Dificulr Going is Rough Trrain and ,cduces the speed
marsh or getting hung up on a tree stump! uehiclescrosing it, and cn causetheru to become
Down. Edch tine a uehicle needs to tahe a Bogging
BoGGINGDowN for croxing Dificub Going roll a die.
Vehicles of all kinds have a habir of getting stuck or . On a roll of 2+ the team continues mouing
down when crossing rough terrain. The worse a ny problcms.
rhe going, the more likely they are to bog down.
. A roll of I means that the team has Boged
Each time a uehicle attempts to ros Dfficub Going or and ma1 not moue any further uil it t freed
Wr1, Dfficuh Going it must par a Bogging Check to cros
safely. Teams tahe a Boging Checb as thE enter Aea VERYDIFFICULT
Terrain, start mouing in Area Trrain. or t1(mpt to crors The only thing worse than crossing through muck rh
a Linear Obacle. Euen if a uehicle'smouement is just might get you stuck is going into stuff that you
rltating on the tpot in Area 7rrain, it still needs to tabe will bogyou down.
a Bogging Chech.
Very Diffcult Go)ng is Rough Trrain and reduces
If a team attemPts t0 crossmuhiple obstaclesin the same speed ofuehicles rossing it, and can cause them to
turn, it takes a Bogging Cbeckfor each orue. Bogged Doun. Each time a Fully+rached or Half-
uehicle needs to take a Bagging Chech for roring
SLow GoING Diffcult Going roll a Skill T (seepage 18).
Slow going forces drivers to slow down, but presents no
. If they pax the Shill Tlst the tem clnttnaes
real risk ofgetdng stuck.
without an1,problems.
SIou Going is Rougb krrain an reuces the speed of
. IJ thel,fail, the team has Bogged Down, and ma1
uehicles crosing it accordingfu, but does not require a
moue any further until it is freed.
Boging Check to cros.
Other 4tpes of uehicles ma)t not dttempt to Uoss

n crews have even more trouble manhandling their GUNSIN ROUGH TERRAIN
acrossrough terrain rhan tanks.
Unlike vehicles, rroops on loot or horseback can go jusr
about an)ryhere. They can cross almost any obstacle
and make their way through all but truly impassable
n s a r e m a n h a n d l e di n r o p o s i r i o n .b u r i F r h e r e r r a i ni s
r e r r ani .
6cult, they might find rhemselves stuck instead.
Infantry teams (including Caualrl and Man-packed
, Medium, or Heauy Gun teams must patt d
Gun teams neuer become Bogged Doun and do not need
Check to cross Dificult Going in the same way
to tabe Bogging Checles regardles oftlte terrain encoun-
tered. They moue at tlte sdme rate on Roads, and through
Crass Countrl and Rough Terrairt.
4rile gunners can moye their guns through some ob-
acles, they simply can't move through really difficult
inq at all.

, Medium, or Heaul Gun teams may not ttempt to

exit, or cross Wry Dfficub Going, including when
to /1 Tiant?ort tdm (seepage 49).
,euer,Gun tearu may beginthegamein Wry Dificub
crew: hauing spcnr the tirue to haul thcm
position before the battle begins. Once there, they
moue, euefl to rotdte on the tpot, siilce it ui// tal<e
t .1srun] hours to haul them out again. Gun teams,
than Man-pacleed Gun teams, may only bepkced on
groundfoor of a Bullding.

a v e h i c l ei . b o g g e dd o * n , r h e . r e u d i . n r o u n r . r o . Ifthe test is successful, the creu manages to Free tlteir

the problem. They may be direcring the driver from uehicle or gun.
ground, trying to wedge rimber under the tread for . If yufail the test, the crew dre sti/J tryting to slrt the
tion, digging the wheels out of holes, or fixing a
?llblm out and remaln Bogged Down. Ro// again to
rrack. \X/hatever measures they are taking, thev
Jiee the team at the start oflour next turn.
t fight until thefre going again
A team that Frees itself can moue, shoot and assault as
a marker bride iehicles or Gun teams that haue normal that turn. Ifthe team wishes to moue t/trough the
Down. They ma)/ not moue or f.ght (including same Rough Terrain again in the turn it Frees itse$ it
fring Artiller1 Bombardments andfghting in must tnke a new Bogging Chech.
until the creufreestheir uehic/eor gun.
Down guns and uehicles end their moremeilt at BoGGEDDowN CoMMANDTANK
point they bad to take the Bogging Chech. A team O1cers clon't have time to wait around while their crew
Bogget! Down entering a wood stops hafua1t into get their tank back into operation after getting ir bogged
woods, while one thdt Boggad Doun within a wood dolvn, they sinply commandeer someone eise'stank.
where it uas. A team that Boged Down on a hedge If one of your Commawl Taruhteams is BoggedDown, you
as it reachesthe hedge, and one that Bogged Down may td/<eouer nnothar tanh uting the Bogged or Balled
a Building stops ts it raaches the Building. Command I)zn/esrule on page 105.
may Dismountfrom a Bogged Down uehicle at
start of their next Mluement Stcp as norma/

problem isn't being stuck, it's getting free before
Ilme funs out.
tbe start of),our turn, in the Starting Step, roll a Ski/l
Tstfor each Bogged Down rcam

Often it is easier, and more expedient, to simply have IMPRoVISED

mother vehicle pull a bogged vehicle our rather than Almost any vehicle can be used ro help a
leave the crew to fend for themselves. This greatly in- vehicle, though i:hey dont always have the propei
creasesthe odds ofgetting the vehicle unstuck and back tools and equipment to get the job done.
on the move, Any uehicle tl)ar i' not Bogged Down or Bailed Our
lf a Rccouerl Vehicle that is nor Boged Down or Bailed drr(mpl to low a lcam a a Rerouery Vchicle.
Out ends the Mouement Step touching a Bogged Down, that tbe model being towed is of the same size or
Bailed OuL or Des*oyed uehicle or Gun team, it can tou rhan rhe nwing nodel.
them instead of shooting. tYhen towing a team with a aehicle that is not a
Moue tlte Recouery Vehicle and the team being toued up Vehiclc rake a skill Tat for the towing rearu.
to 4"/ I0cn. The team being towed is Freed and no longer . ( the Skill Tst succeeds, the rchicle tous the team
Boged Doun. tf it dor this, neitber the RecoueryWhicle ifit were a RecoueryVehicle.
nor the tem it towed ma1 moue further, shoot, or tabe . Otherwi,e Ihe Rom is not towcty'.
part in an assaub this turn.
Aryt attem?t at touing, whether suctessful or not,
If the RecouerytWhicle is in Rough Terrain uhen it starts
the improuised Recouerl Vehicle and the team being
toaing the uehiie, it must tde a Bogging Checle before
unable to mouefurther, s/toot, or assauh this turn.
touing the uehicle.

Recovery vehicles are manned by mechanics whose job
is to keep everyone else moving. When they seea vehicle
i n r r o u b l e ,t h e y h e a d o f f t o 6 r i r .
Recoaery Wbicles are Independent tedms, to are able to
moue whereuer thelt need to go to do their job.

If oneofyour vehicles
a marker next to it to remind you that it
cannot moye or shoot and to try to free
ir ar rhe'urt of)our nexrtrrrn.

oops on foot hye their advantages, in general IGNORE

is much eier, and more effective, to get soljiers to Vhile infantry on foot are well positioned to mbush
&orn the battlefield in transport vehicles a vehicle attempting to drive through them, once
mounted in a vehicle, they have no ability to interfere
.RRYINGCAPACITY with psing vehiclesat all.
squadt vehicle is their home. It carries rheir personal
Vhile mounted, Paxengers do not stop tbeir uehicle from
and spare ammunition, so naturally soldiers
mouing within 2"/5cm ofenemy uehicles,nor do they stop
reluctant to allow others to borrow their transport.
eneml uehiclesmouing uithin 2"/5cm of their uehicle.
course, if another squadt rransporr breal<s down,
give rhem a lifi, but there is no way nother
is going to make offwith their vehiclesl S o m e r a n k s a r e p a r r i c u l a r l yv u l n e r a b l e r o a r r a c k sb y
Tansport teams ma! cdrr] Infantrl and Man-pacbed enemy infantry. They are given dedicated escorting
ru teams as Pasengers and art able to tou lther 4tpeJ infantry to protect them.
Gun teams
Tnh Escorts are part of their Tank team, tlrql are not
teams mal only be used to canl teams from separate teams antl are not Passengers,Tank teams uith
otun platoon. Teams ride in thetr oun sectnn ol Thnk Escorts cannot carr1, Paxengers.
Tiansport teams. If their oun Tidns?ort tedm iJ
,yed, rhcy must be euenly distibured acrz)' rh(ir
\ other autilable Transport teams
\X4ren the time comes to move quickly, oops mounr
Tianspart tedm cdn only carrlt a maximum of six up and move out. If they have to wait for their trans-
a Passengers (including ap to one toued Gun ports to arrive first, things can take a lot longer.
Pioneea SuppQ, Ammo, Demolition Canier and
Unles otheruise stated, teams can onll Mount a Tiansport
uehiclesmay not Mrr! anj Pars(ngers
team in the Mouement Step,
It is importanr to keep track of which team is in what Only reams rhat ,tarred thcir turn Ditmountrrl may
. vehicle. You might do rhis bv marking vehicles for par- Mount teami Teams that moue far enough
ticular squads, or by drawing a box for each vehicle on a to reach /1 Tiansport teami pasenger compartment cdn
piece ofpaper and placing teams in rhe boxes. Mount it as Passengers.
If the Transport team has alreadl' moued uhen the
TEAMSRIDEANYWHERE Pasengers Mount up, it cannot moue an1 further.
ile most of the time squads do their best to keep
If the Tiansport team has not let moued when the
people out of their transports, no one can sy no
'Old Paxengers Mount it, the Tiansport team can nou moae
the Man asks for a ride.
as normal. As long as the Passengersdid not moue At the
and Warrior teams are ab le to rie in any Double (seepage 50) to reach their uehicle, the Transport
Vansport team capable ofcarrying them, from any plntoon. team can moue At tbe Double afer the1,Mount.
DISMOUNTING TRANSPORTS p/atolns as needed. Teamsfrom a Transport Platoon c
neuer be a//ocatetl out to other platoons.
The whole point of transports is ro get someone sone-
where, and then for then to ger out and lightl Tiansport teams Jiom Tiansport Platoons may carry
tou teams fom any other platoons without restriction;
Teams that ttarted their turn Mountetl may Dismount 'lhe1
can euen cany teams from seuenxlplatoons dt
fom Transport teamt dt the stdrt of thdr Mouement Step,
prior to the Transport team moulng. Unles otheruise t necerdr!.
stated, teams can only Dismount lom a liansport tedm Tiansport teamsfrom Tiansport Platoons can eaclt
in the Mouement Step. up ta six Infantry or Man-packed Gun teams.
rudl tou one Gan team in p/ace of one of their
When thel Dismount, Pasengers moae ds though thql
PdJsenger teams.
had begun their mouement in the passengercompartment
of the Transport team.
A'llans?ort team cdnnot moue beforeunloading Passengers
an./ counts as mouirtg, euen if it does not moue afier the Often infantry'hitch a lift' on the engine decking
Parengers Dismount. tanks. It's not a parricularlv safe means ofgetting abot
a n d i t c e r t a i r r l yi s n i r o m l o r r r b l e . b u r i r b e a t sw a l h l n g .
An empty Tiansport team (unless a Pioneer, Supply,
Ammo, Demolition Carrier, or Recouerl Tiansport Tan/t teams can carryt up t0 three Infantry or Mdn
team) mut be Sent to the Rear when tbe last Pasengers Gun teants in tbe same mannr ds Tiantport tea
Dismount. Some German armoare half-tracks are art carrying Pasengers. Teams riding on tdnhs must be sp
excePti7n to thir, remaining on table tuithout ?dfenge\ euenly acrossall tanbs in the platoon
using the Mounted Assault special rule (s page 243). A Tan/z team carrying Pasengers must haue
models, or sone other identtfabk token, placed
PLATooNs the rear decb of the tank to indicdte that it it

Though some platoons have dedicated transporrs to ?attengers.

support their acriviries, ir is much more common ro ask Pasengers on Thnk teains Mount and Dismount in
for a transport platoon when they need it. sary( wdJ as Patsengersin an)/ otber sort of trant?orr.

A Transport Platoon operates dt its own platoott. lt Flamrthrouing tanl<s may not carry ?asengers-no
must operdte together picbing up and drapping of other infanrryman can be ronuinced ro ride on a
TO THE REAR Or* B,lough, Forward iq ,hi, u)1. ,,h" Trorcpor, ,ro^
cdn maunt PdsJengerteam: anr/ rnaue in the normal way,
Because most transport vehicles are so vulnerable-
bat cdnnlt shlot in the Shaoting Step nlr ttssdult in the
lacking both firepower ard armour-thev are rormally
Assdult Step. They rua1 ltoueuer moue in either step tf
sent to the rear when rheir passengersdismount.
thel haue a specia/ rule such ds Audnti or Stonn*oopers
You must remlue emptJ Tiansport teams (unle:s Pioneer,
that a/louts them to do so.
Supply Ammo, Demolition Carrier, or Recouerl Tiansport
Specialist Tiansporr Pldto0/6 may be Brought Foruard to
tear6) f'lm the tttble dt the end ofany Step Tiarusport
load tedmsfom an1,friendly platoon.
leams remaued in this -/ashion do illt (lunt ds Destro.yed.
\Yhen a Bogged Doun (seepage 13) or Brtiled Out (see
page 102) Iiansport team is Sent to tha Raar, it ceasesta
be Bogged l)oun or Bailed Out.
Tbe Mounted Assaub special rule (seepage 24-1) allous
empry German armoured half-tmchs to ranain on ttb/e.

\fhen their charges need rhem :rgain, the trarsports
comelor*rrd and pickrhemrrp.
Befora nauing a platlot1, Jou tldy plltce alL ofits Transport
tearr (other than tho:e that haue brcn Destroyed) that
haue been Sent to the Rear or did not deploy on the table,
back on the table.
Tidnsport tedms must be placed within 1"/l)cm oJ'd
tearn from their p/atoon, dnd mty not be:
. within 16"/40cm ofany enernl team within Line oJ'
Sight, unles Concetled by Jrom it, or
, uithin 1"/))cm of any enelny t?am, or
. utithin 8"/20cm oJ arey enem.y Reccetdn thdt is i7t
Line oJ Sight (apart from Reccetedms thtt ne Boggetl
Down, Bailed Out, or moued at the Double).

Pushing a gun is slow and backbreaking work. It is a lot CRASH
quicker to limber the gun ro a tracror (limbering is rhe Gun crews are trained ro get rheir gr.. i;,;
gunner's term for hooking the gun to the tractor) and action quickly. Ifa gun comes under fire while
tow it to where you want to unlimber. towed, the crew leap out of their vehicle, unlimber
TVansport teatns can carry Gun teams as Paxengers. Vhile gun. and open re.
Man-packed Gun teams are carrie in a uehicle like most A Gun ream is not ontidered n haue moued when
Pasenger teams, Light, Medium, Heauy, and Immobile Unlimbers as long as it des not moue othel than
Gun teams are toued behind the uehicle. on rhe spot.
Toued Gun teams Limber and Unlimber their guns in the
same aa! thdt other teams Mount and Dismount, except DISMoUNTING
that eaclt Tiansport team cdn on/y tow one Gun team. Some guns were carried'en porte'on the load bed of
When a Gun team [,Inlimbers from its Tiansport tedm truck rather than being towed to allow the gun to fi
h starts its mouement in its current location, and moues on tne move.

from there rather than from tlte pasenger compartnenT. A Tanh team with the Portee axribute may Dismount
ueapon b1 Sending the uehicle to the Rear an
TRANsPoRTs it with a Gun team equipped witb rhe same ueapon, as
A towing vehicle and its gun form a single enriw when ir werc Unlimberiugfrom a Transport tearu.
on the move. One is uselesswithout the other until the
A Gun team Dismountetlfrom a Portee m/q Mount
crew dismount, unlimber their gun and go into acrion.
b1 Bringing Foruard the uehicle a ifit were a ?1
lYhen it mouel a Toued Gun team
is placed as though team. Replace the Gun team with the Portee Tanh
they were being towed bebind the Tians?ort team in rather than placing the uehicb near the Gun team.
which it is a Paxenger As Pasengers, tbey d.o not need to
Partee guns may dcplol as Dismounterl Gun tettmJ
take Bogging Checks separateQ from the uehicle.
alreadl Sent their uehicle to the Rear
Ibe model of the Tbwed Gun and the Tiansport team
towing it are both considered to be the Iidnsport team
uhen thot at, bombarded, asaulted and so

Ajeep is barely able to tow a large gun and carry its am-
munition, so it doesn't have room for the crew as well.
s a result, the crew walk alongside, slowing progress.
The British and Americans sometimes used Bantam,
Ford, and \YilQs jeeps to tow gu'ns. 7he Germans used
motorclcles and Kettenhrud tracked motorcycles in the
same role. Any of these lehic/t touing d Gun team can
only moue 8"/20cm on Roads and Cror Coun*y.

:' ":.

s p e e di s m o r e i m p o r r a n r r h a n s a f e r y M
have held a platoon in teserve waiting lor that tX/hen moving at the double there isnt time for slow

ial breakthrough, and you want to move the'm fast r e r r a i n ,c o m b a t o r c l e v e rt a c t i . s .

you know where it is going to happen. Maybe Ifa team mouedAt the Double, it may not tahe anyfurther
surrounded and the only option is a quick retreat. action this turn. It cannot mouefurther, shoot, or assaub.
[ess,a tem can try to moye at the double ro gain Other teams in the platoon can operate as normal.

or all teams in a platoon that is not Pinned Down MOVINCAT THEDOUBLE

page 104) ma1 elect to morc At tbe Double. Those An enemy team moving at the double is not using con-
that moue At the Double may moue twice as far cealment and has thrown caution to the wind.
normal. Ti:amsro/l twice as many dice as normal when sbooting at
mouing At the Double, teams ma)t not tedms that moued At the Double. Artillery bombardments
and air attacks agdinst tedms mouing At the Double are
Pas within 8"/2)cm ofan enemy team (other than an
no more efectiue than normal.
Independent tean thdt is not a Varrior),
Moue through Rough Trrain (seepage 41),

you are moving fast you dont have time For clever
al manoeuvres. You just point in the direction you
to go, ano movei
that moue At rhe Double nutr follow rhc mor direcr
and may only changedirection to auoid Rough Trrain,
coming uitbin 8"/20cm of the enem!, or to follow a
Theymust end.their mouewentfacing in the direction

\fhen riflemen halt, the 6rst thing they do is dig them- DIGGINGIN ANDCoNCEAIMENT
selves burrows in the earth for protection from enemy As well as providing protection for the troops
re. They call their holes by many names; foxholes, slit occupving them, foxholes make their occupants
trenches, slitdes, and ri{le pits. It's impossible to dig a smaller targets. Unfortunately for most gun crews,
proper slit trench in a battle situation, but a shallow weaponis roo big ro quicldy dig a pir for..o it remains
shell scrape is almost as effective when you are desperate. stmding tall giving their position awa)I
Regardless of the name, they all minimise the soldier's
Dug In Infantry and Man-packed Gun teams
exposure to enemy fire.
Concealed and in Bulletproof Couer. As they did ni
Rather than moue, a p/atoon can use their Mouement moue, the! are still Concealed in the Open (seepage
SteP to dttempt to Dig In. Platoons can Dig In while if they failed their anempt to Dig In.
Pinned Doun (seepage 104). To Dig In, the platoon
Dug In Light and Medium Gun teams (other tltan
tabes a Shill Ti:st.
aircraJt guns) are Concealed and in Bulletproof Couer
. Ifthe Shill Testsucceeds,all Irefantry and Gun teams
Dug In Heauy and Immobile Gun teams, and Ligbt
in the platoon immediateQ dig themselues Foxlto/es.
Medium Anti-aircraf Oun teams, are not Concealed, bai.
. IJ the Skill Tx fails, the grourul is too rocley or berd, are in Bulletproof Couer unless Concealecl by I?rrain
0r the! hauen't dug deep enough yet dnd the! remain
Tams that Dug In or attempted to Dig In can Go t.
Ground (seepage 90) ifthey do not sltoot since they
Regardles ofzuhetber thel succeedor not, euery team tbdt not moue.
attempted to Dig In h treated as hauing moue when
determining its ROF ifit shoots(:eepage 9l), but notfor
aryt 0tber purPose.
Though it is a miserable experience to dig a foxh
When a platoon Digs In, a// Infantrl and Gun teams
one minute and leave it the next, sometimes it has
in tbe Platoon that ale not alreadl, in BulletproofCouer
happen. Other troops arriving later are unlikely to t
must Dig In. Tamsalread1 in Bulletproof Couer and all
up exactlv the same positions, or even nd well-con:
uebiclesand Caulry, operate as normal since they do not
c e a l e dl o r h o l e s ., o u i l l h a v e r o d i g n e w p o 5 i r i o n ( .
need to Dig In.
tfa Dug Ix tedm moas in an1 way, other than rottl
on the spot, it immedidteb ceasesto be Dug In.

Show that teams in a plaroon are in Foxholes by placing
As an exception,you may mar the positions of the Dug In
teams of a Defending platoon in an araub (see page ) 5 I )
before mouing them to Counterattack. An1 team
that platoon that enclsthe Asaub Step bach in one of
a marker with the Plaroon Comm3nd ream indicating
marbed positions becomesDug In again. Ifa team
thar rhe whole platoon is Dug In or bv putring Foxhole
reach an unoccupied marked position at the end of
markers in front of the teams.
Asaub Step, it is no longer Dug In. Remoue anJ unoc.
VEHIctES cu?ied markers remaining at the end of the Axaub Step,
Pioneer supply vehicles carry stocks of picks, shovels, It is not necessary for teams to rerurn to the
a n d e x p l o r i u e .r h a r m a k e d i g g i n g i n m u c h e a s i e r . loxholes they began in-onlv for the platoon to retu
A platoon uith a Pioneer Suppl reh;cle within 2"/5cm to the foxholes they collectively dug.
of the Platoon Command team, or dn)t Independent team
uithin 2"/5m oJa Pioneer Supply uehicle, may re-rollfailrd
Skill teststo Dig In.

\While inlntry are very invenrive,
there are some places
thev just cant dig a foxhole-such as under rvater.
7ams that are in aater teffain like streams, riuels,
swamps and lakes, or on bridgu or fords crosing them,
cannot Dig In, so operdte as normlt/.

, i, I

rhe facLrhar we live our lire. in and uound ENTERINGBUILDINGS

, performing militry manoeuvres within them
Entering a builcling in a combat situation isnt just a
be incredibly challenging. Every attempt to move
matter ofwalking up and knocking on the door.
running into obstacles, and roundabout routes
be found to stay away from enemy fire. ENTERING BUITDINGS
It is easy enough to gt into a building held by friends.
They rvill have unbarred the door or help drag the new
i n n o r m a l l i l e . o p e n i n g sl i k e d o o r r a n d w i n d o u s : r e
arrivals in through the window.
ial for entering and exiting buildings. Even the
An lnfantry o, Man-parhed Gun team can ryouc inro
st sergeant cn't s'alk through walls.
a Checbed Building through any ground-f.oor Opening.
are gaps in the walk of Buildings that are big
Measure tlte team's mouement uP to th Opening and
to moue and sltoot through. Windous, doors, and
into the Building just lihe mouing aooss an1,other form
blown in the walls are all Openings

donT just dash into a building without checking An unoccupied building also presents dilficulties. ,ven
rst. They send scouts forward to see whot holding if the door isn't bolted or barricaded by the owners
building, then they either dh inside or plan an hoping to protect their possessions, approaching
It to push the enemy out infanty need to be prepared just in case it does turn
BaiMing is a Checked Building if it either contained out to be occupied-by the enemy!

fiend$ team, or a friendly tedm was touching an When a mouing Infuntrl or Man-packed Gun tedm
ing into the Building dt the start ofthe current Step. dttempti to nter a Contetted Building through an
that a Building can be Checked euen if there is an Opening that they uere n7t t|uching at the start oftheir
team inside moemenL roll a Skill Tst.
. If it passes the Skill Tst, the team enters the Building
D BUILDINGS through the Opening and the Building is nou Checked
only stay alive by being cautious. Any building
Jr the rest ofthe Step.
known to be clear of the enemy has to be assumed . Otheruise it failed the Skill T and the team ends its
be occupied by the enemy until checked out
mouement for the Step ouxide tbe Building toucbing
Building that is not Checlied is Contested. A Contested the Opening it attempted to enter This blochsfurther
ran be eirher empty or oecupied by the enery)t.
:: tF TH'YFA|L,rHEf sloP y.+,
OP6NIN;fc FCLLctllN3
TEAMS. ii.'
* r,q16 -.' r.- .---.:,f

'-"T * i- :
,' t .,.
i -,,- , * ,,j;

e\.\ 1-a-3- a\E o'5\'\3 ,5 a, ,..
tr -,
BLa-K1D. 3--Ee
-a\ ,sl
o--arr- -O C-EC<a\) er,-f< t"S
B-l-tr\3 a' )Fc-?t\- Oo6\l\i5.

troops./roru utirt,< !/tc sarnc Opcning /his nrrn. Other

tcnru! nn.Jt still tttcrnpr to ctrer ntr/ Ohccl< the
L)ncc a builtling has bccn chcckcd our, rroops can
t ' t t , i lI , r . r / 0 . . . , / , , t h c t ) J . t . . j t t ? . l)ass
throLrgh it at rvill as thc occupving troops guiclc rhem
( d rnodtllcd Optrting is u,)tlrr thtr tl,c Llrctkino tetm\
t l r r i ' t t l ltrl , r t r / r , ' r i r o 1 r r. , ' I r c . r l \ l \ r 1 ,lpl (r i\ . \ i r .
ba:c. ir oul1, b/ocLsits ht:c u,itltl, o.l'lr Opaning lf
htJntry or lVIdt pachcd ('urt tcdrtLstLttt uot,t through and
it: 5il<ill Test, tLl7u,ing,untha t(.nfil rc tttef|ryt o (rtrar
our o.f CLtckrrl BtLlirtgi tuiug a grout14 oor Oputittg.
t/trough tha rcurlnlng pttrr oJ'ilr ()pertirt3 f

va -L\ i, ,- t C-EC<I) B. -DI\e Bl
/v,CVlN"3/i5 NCRITAL6" /l5clt\ ttVi. Ct)T
::::":+!,:,.:.-:n :: -='
,::= .

, , .- ; *

hjtttr1 tnd klan-packed (itrtt tcttw: ut morc rlP or

down b.y a tott/ o.f tun foor: dt nny titne lurin3 rhcir
Soldiers in one buil<ling can easilt'check out a buildine 'lhis
tt|t)o1?stt. is adt/itiortal to the ilorn\dl hlotvuent
across nrrow allew'av v'ithout exposing themselves
I)istanw, t0 d tedm ctn nuue tts.fl/ Mot,etncnt [)istttut'e
too much. If the other builcling rurns out to be unoc-
tnd still mouc up or doun tuo.floors.
cupied, they can quicklv nip across the allev ancl inro
If .tour [3ttil.ling, don't lnuc tny Openings notlclled
the other building.
between foon, rimpfi, a*ume that tbcre is t /at/der or
IJ nao Buildings de sc?nrut?d by an dllaywa.y that is toa
sulJicienr rubb/e to clinb up to tn Opcning in the ceilin,<
ildrrltu to ft n te/tru, tredt the two Btilc/ings as being
of eacb roon.
adjdcenr when oossing the al/e1u,dJ. If an lttJntr1 or
Man-pacleed Gun tedm.fails to enter,t Corttested.Bttildiug
acrosssuch an alleyuttl, it remdins at the Opening in its
(ietring small. tean-carrieclguns into a building is fairlv
oun Bui/ding since it carmoT ba plrtced in tfu a//e1un.y.
easy,but it rakesa huge amount of elort to eet a bigger

MOVING UP OR DOWN grLn insicle.

Mdu-y,atbel (lun tetrn: cutet itntl ttit Bui/c/ittgs likt
Mani. builclings have nvo oL ntore flooLsot levels.Stairs
htfantrj' tedms.
run benveel the fioors. allolving troops to rrloye uP
ancl dov'n. lf the stairs har-ecollapsed,soldiers rvill use Otbar Gun t(dm.s m.d! tioT cntcr, cxit, or ttot t' itt ,t
rubble and ladclersto move up irncldorvn instead. Building duriug t gdntt, but thc.yctu bc depla_iLtlott tl't
,4roLrntl.floor o.f,t Btti/ding nt the stdft of tlt (nr!(.
A tank rvill never lit through a door, but that c{oesn't
mattef at all-it sirnplv makes irs own opening. Tanks
can go almost anpvhere, until they fall into a cellar or
h:l.e the whole house collapseon top of theml
|\\/1-arnoured uehic/esare the only tlpe oJ'uehiclesthdt
ctn enter Bui/dings. Other rypesofueltic/es umnot entar a
Building or be dep/oyed in otta at the start ofthe game.
'ully-armoured uehic/es do not need an Opening (attt/
cnnnot use Opening:) to ents d Building, thel siupll
drire rtraight through. As Buildings are Wry Dificub
Goirug, thel xi// need to pas t S/eill Tstto enter, exit, 0r
rnoue witbin or thrlugh a Bttildiug.
The debris fom fnllbtg walls an7 ccilings immediatel1
claseso.f the hole smashedby the tank, /eauing no
far inJantrl or other uehiclesto fo//ow.
river crossing was,expected, spcil equipment SITTINGDUCKS
moved fomard to sist the effort. Boats, rafts md
Sitting in a boat is not the best place to be in a fight.
t floatation devices helped the men get across.lX4ren
There is nowhere to grab cover or dodge incoming fire.
ngwas unexpected, the unit would use any ineans
l-eams Mnnot be Loneealed )n rhe Oprn ftee page 89)
able to hastily crossthe rivel This would include local
or Gone to Ground (seepage 90) uhih in a Rirer. lhe
rafts, or even stringing a rope acrossthe river.
exception to this is thl1t Smoke marl<ershaue their normal

ADDTINGACROSSTHE RIVER ffict of making teams seen through them Concealezland

Gone to Ground (seepages I 07 and 137)
the infantry set out across rhe river, each was
Tbamscrosing a Riuer do not ltaue tlteir normal [nfantry
a landing point on the opposite bnk.
or Gun Saue. Instead, roll a die for each hit:
uide Riuer or canal is norma/ly Impasab/e. Hozueuer
. If the resub is 5+, the team managet to aaoid an1
(including Caualry) and Man-packed Gun
casuabiesdespite their exposedposition.
canpaddle acrossImpatsableRiursup to 8"/20cm
. Otheruise, the team has been cut down during the
To do so tn lffin*y or Man-pachedGun team
begin itsMouemrntStep,quareagainstrhe cdgeof uossing and is I)estroyed.

the Mouement Step the team moues directly across the
Pioneers have trained extensively on crossing rivers and
to touch the opposite bank. h is placed in the Riuer
may have assault boats with outboard engines, allowing
show that it is still croxing.
r h e m r o c r o s , q u i c k J ya n d * i r h I i L r l ed i l l c u l r l .
crossing the Riuer would put the team within 2"/5cm
Pioneer Infantry teams ignore the Sitting Ducks rule, and
an enem) rcam, the lca (annot crossthe Riuer. lhe
retain their normal 3+ Infantry Saue.
mutt either mouefurther along the bank and cros
n a subsequent tuln, or wait until the enemy is cleared
As soon as the soldiers got to the other side they moved
SHooTINGORASSAULTING quicklv to clear the bank for the follow-up troops.
paddling their assault boats across the river, the In the turn aJter entering the Riuer a tedm thdt began the
have one goal in mind-get to the other side as fast rurn in rhc Riucrcomplete: its tro*ing.
. hey are too busy making rheir way acro\\
p o s s i b l eT Tbe team moues as normal mouement from ix landing
do anything else! p o i n r o n r h e R i te r b a n k .
crosing the Riuer, teams ma! not shoot, moue,
or be assauhed, and tahe no part in any assauh :';
around them

-..-- f
- i,:
;];as-si*L;:::*:*;*;' i TEA^4S
.ANNOIBCANCEALED : 2'/5cA/, oF THER exff potNT.



, f


,,. *Jh

Slnce rou canor enter thc rir-er if there arc cnenrr
rvithin 2"/5cm of vour intcnded landing poinr.
have to usc frreprxver to mirke a gap before lou can cross
the river.

lfvorLr opponcnr moves aroops up to cotesf vour cr()ss

ing after 1'ou have enteretl rhe river, rhev stiLl clr'r sto;r
rou crossing as thcv crn't comc uithin 2"/5cm ol- the
crossing te:rm and cannor ass:rult into the river. On the
other irant]. r'our reans can assault our ofthc river as rhev
l " t r r . , t < i . q t \ . s . t o r o r h e ' r r o . r n . . J t e . ) ,1 r .

in the Bocage is essentially the sme fighting anlvhere else. However, the ratricted fields of fire
the difficulty of mmoeuvre require crerl tactics to oyercome,

Bocageis an xea covering the southern and western BocAGE HEDGEROWS

o f N o r m a n d y . l L i s m a d e u p o f m a n y s m a l Ji r r e g u l a r
Hedgerows are the defining feature ofthe bocage.lhey
bordered by the hedgerows that give the area its
make cross-country movement a nightmare and give
Bocagehedgerowshave thick stone banks, formed
the enemy plenry of cover and concealment.
the elds were cleared in antiquity, ropped by
hedges oftrees and bushes. Vhile the hedgerows CRoSSING
excellent for keeping cttle f-rom straying, they ue The banks of bocage hedgerows re stone walls 6 fet !
impassable to vehicles and even to troops on foot (1.8m) or more tall and up to twice as thick. The roots l
present a major obstacle. of the trees growing on the banks bind them together r
area is rural, so most roads are small lanes designed i n r o a n i m p e n e r r a b l em a . s .
horse-drawn carts, barely wide enough for a mo- Bocage Hedgerous are Wry Dfficuh Going, but only
ised vehicle. The main roads between the towns Infantry and Man-packed Gun teams on foot, and Fully-
wider and more modetn. but few and far between. tracked uehiclescan crossthem at all.
are usually banked up on both sides and lined
In addition, the hedgerous are so luergrown that
ees that often meet overhead
teams must stop their mouement on reaching a Bocage
farm buildings are usually made of the sme grey Hedgerow, ready to cross next turn. A team mutt stdrt
as the hedserow banks. The tile-roofed houses are their mouement touching a Bocage Hedgerow to crossit.
rather plain with little in the way ofdecoration to break This can resuh in disjointed mouement uith a platoon
their square lines. tahing seueral turnt to crzssa hedgerou as each echelon
fumers of the area mostly raise cartle ro make mouc: up tu the hedgrrow and rro'scsin turn.
famous cheeses of the region and grow apples to Like any Linear Obstdcl, tedms cannot end a Step sittittg
.ke into potent Calvados brandy. Crops like corn on a Bocage Hedgerou. They must be on one side or the
wheat are mainly restricted to the fltter open areas other and clearly either touching the Hedgerow or back
Jlom it.


Bocage extended 60 miles (100 km) from north to \While gates are much easier to travel through, they are
sourh. and over half of that eastto ue.L. Apart from narrow and overgrown, making negotiating them slow
mhouses, small vlllages, enclosed orchards, and oc- and tricky.
al woods, the entire area of a battle fought in the
Gates in Bocage Hedgerous are Dif;cult Going. Lihe
shoulcl be coverd in bocagehedgerows. Bocage
the Bocage Hedgerows, teams must stdrt their mouement
ing requires far more troops to defend the smre
t7uchiilg d Gate to use it, and must st|P tbeir mauement
a n d s l o w t d o w n f o r w a r d m o u e m e n td r a m a t i -
upon reachiruga Gate in a BocageHedgerow.
ally. As a result, you will need to fight over a half-sized
(4'x3'l120cmx 90cmor 4'x4'l120cmx120cm).
fieldsrypicallyscaleout to be 6-12"/15-30cm Tanks stuck on bocagehedgerows usually found them-
by 8-16"/20-4Ocm long. They are usually entirely selvesstranded with their nose pointing to the s$ and
ndedby bocagehedgerows with ferv gates through their belly pointing to the enemy!
the banks. Some fields do not have a gate at all, jusr an
Any Armoured uehicle Bogged Doun on a Bocage
ing barely wide enough to allow a wheelbarrow
Hedgerow usesits Side armour rdting is its Front drmour
cow to pass through
rdting uhen hitfrom thefiont. 7he hit still counts as being
ing small patches of bocage terrain on a normal 0n the Frlnt drmour, just with a lower armour rating.
ing table does not tend to lvork well as it essentiallv
i m p a . s a b l er e r r a i n l o r t a n k f o r c e sa n d ' l o w '
infantry battles. In this situarion, it is better to
bocagehedgerows as tall normal hedgerows as this
be anpvhere in Europe

:,t.. l.:.:::ilJ
''i:, i,ii:aai:*:
- a;.:



Thc narrorv lancs otien 1und in arzgc countrl, are e:rsier
goinq than the hedgero*.s,but are d:rlgerous since any
advance [lust be on a onc re:rnt lirontage.TLc1'present
additional problerrs fbr vehiclesas rhey can neirher pirss
nor turn in them.
A Narrou Lme is a Rotd ulth soruc ddditiond/ ru/ei to
re.flccttL( prdcticd/ need to noc/el a Narrou, Itnc utidl
thdn it redlly :ltoulrl be to antble rhiug: like artil/er7,
Pi{e: ruauilted on /arge bosesto ft clotun lt.
A tadm in n Ntrau, [.ant is cansidercd to b( toucLing tb(
BocdgeHadgeratuson both sidts oJ'the rltzd. Yehiclct must
lce along d Na.rrou.'Ldne aud cannot turn their hu/l to
the side witltout tt'osslng tha I3ocageHetlgerau, into the
dt/jacent f e/d. Vebiclesdnd ()ttn teams Mnuo/ pt)lt lthc
Gtrn teans tnd uebic/eslil t Ntt.rrcu Lnn. Thc-jthtu,a to
dctour i nta the neigh bouri ng Jield.

There are times u.hen discretiorr is nrost dchnitclv the . lJ thcyJ)til tlte Shill Test,the cntira phtoon i: Desrrol,ed
better p:rrt of valour and troops must le:rveLhe battle- n! The rc\lrtiiliLtg t/tn| thiilk tbe1,lnrc bcot tbtu-
fielcl. lt might bc becausethel'are so badly battered that rloned aud Jo/10u,Thadc?niilg tn%.
tbe)'can no loneer cfectivell'contribute to the iight. IJ'tba phtoou remrins on tabk, thel,da ilot (aLtqt tenms
It might be bec:ruscthcv rrclthetnsclvesso birdlv out- that Le.ftthrough their oun Deplolment Ared or tha tiblc
gun.ed and outnumbcrccl that retreat is rhe onlv viablc edge u,here their Rc:crucsttrriLte tts Destralad, they arc
option. C)r iL could bc tirat ther' have iust perfbrnrccl
:imply rta longtr part of their pldnton. Titns thttt cxit
their nission:rncl arc ro krnger reqrrirecl.
.lnn a tthle erlgc otltcr than their Deplo,ltnent Aret tra
Virhdr:rrving is ahvavs a risk rhouqh. Inexperiencecl a/ud.1,s[)estroyed, euen ifthe rcst oJ the p/atoon reudin:
troops seeing lriendlv troops leaving the battlefleld are on thr tdble.
all too likely to take drat as a sign thar thev should lcave
too. Onlv rvell-hanclie.lveter?nscan pull it off rvithout
L o n l r \ i n , , n d p " t c r t i . r lr l . ' r . r c r .
Afl! tedLilth/tt mouesofi'one oJ'thanblc cdges(eitba'partial\,
or entirel) is retnouer/t'tnt tbe ganc tnd utnnot rehrrn.
Any time thdt trnn: fon t Pldtoon noue ofi tht trtble
edge, thc pltttoon muit tnke n Skill lst.
. ( thq pds the SLll/'lcst, thI, understand tb( tiltical
signiJicante o.f the withdrtwal mtl trt unnfJcted.




".^doe' Je- i
%," --
.,* t:a@l!::t", !if14i,l:t;.

f: }trl.

The following rules represenr rh bartlelield performance Ifthey succeed, the team t'rossest/te
ofteams with unusual characteristics and supersede the hahing at the top or bottom ofthe clilf
normal movement rules for these tems. The Arsenals . Iftheyfail, tlte team remains ultere it is.
list which attributes apply ro a particular ream.
A ream thot arrcmpts to erors on lrupassqbk

AMPHIBIoUS eannot shoot this turn, although it can usault.

Amphibious vehicles are designed to swim, carrving

their psengers across rivers or lakes.
Super-healy tnks and heavilyJaden assault guns
Amphibious uehicles treat all [mpassable w/1ter terdin ds
overload their engines and suspensions, making
Dfficuh Going instead of Impasable. ( Passengersare very poor at crossing obsacles.
forred to Dismount for an1 redsotr while in Impasable
\Y/ben reqaired to take a Bogging Chech to cross
udter, theJt droun and count Destroyed.
Going, an Ouerloaded uehicle becomes Boged Down

FASTTANK d roll of 1 or 2, rather than the usual l.

Tnlc based on Christie's design are built around excep- An Ouerloadeduehiclemust re-roll succasfulSkill T*s
tionally powerful engines and llexible suspensions and cros:Wry Difiiculr Going.
can really move when the throrle's opened up.
Fast tanles c.1n mtre up to 32"/80cm At the Double.
Whether poorly designed, unsuitable for the condit
Howeuer, they, still only go 12"/30cm during normal
or requiring more maintenance thn current
considerations will alloq these vehicles have a sisnj

MOUNTAINEERS c a n r c h a n c eo f b r e a k J o w n w h e n p u . h e d r o o h a r d .

Some infantt/ are trained as mountaineers,'Ihev can (an Unreliable uehicle attempts to moue At the Double;
scale cliffs that are impassable ro normal infanrry. roll a die. On a roll of I the uehicle becomes

Mountaineers treat tteep hil/s as norma/ Cross,country Dotutt.

Terrain (the1 can moue At the DoubJe dcrl$ them) and

rocky hills as Dfficult Going.
Some excellent tank designs have successfully utiiised
Mountaineers can cros Impassdble clifs and similar ob-
wider tracla, allowing them ro cross almost any terr
stacles (but not Impassable terrain in general). To do s0
If a uehicle withWitle 7aclesbecomesBoggeDotun
the), must ttart tbe Mluement Step touching the obstade
dttemPting to cros Rough 7rrain, ro/l again. On a
and not be Pinned Down (seepage 101).
of '/+ the uehicle immediatelyfrees itself and
Roll a Shill Tstfor each team instead of mouing in the
Mouewen t Srcp.

Mav 32'/g1ca lNTo caveR auT
.. 1

SELECT Teams mouing in or across Rough Trrain may need to
tahe a Bogging Checl<.
a platoon to Moue.
7lams must pas a ShillTest to Enter a ContestedBuilding,
BRING FORWARD TRANSPORTS but mal ?nter a Checbcd Buildingfreely.
a Platoon's em?ry Transport teams back on the table,
to mlant up and maue out. The Transport teams
not sJtootor nssaul, All enpty Tiansport tearns must be remoued and Sent to
the Rear.
each team up to its Mouement Dist/lnce.
mouing across mubiple terrain lPes, use the slowest
un Dismount belorc they or th(ir TrantPort
Pas a Slzill Test in the Starting Step to Free a Boged
iansport teams can mo?e before or afer Mounting
Down rchicle.

Stmdard Thk 12" l3cm 12"l3cm 8"l20cm
Light Tnk 16" l40cm 16"l4cm 8"/20cm
Slow Tnk 8"/20cm 8"l2cm 8" l20cm
Very Slow Tmk o /I)cm 6" ll5cm 6" I l5cm

Jeep, Motorcycle 16"l40cm 24" l60cm 4"/lOcm*

Half-tracked 12" l3cm 18"l45cm 4" ll0cm

\il/heeled 12" l30cm 18"l45cm 4"/1Ocm*

Slowwheeled, V'agon 8"/20cm 12"l30cm 4" Il0cm*

Cavalry 10"l25cm 10" l25cm 10"/25cm"*
Infmtry o /l)cm 6" ll5cm 6" ll5cm*.

Man-packed Guns 6" I l5cm 6" tr5cm 6 " / I 5 c m" -
Light Guns b / l)cm 6" ll5cm 4" ll}cn*
Medium md Heary Guns 4" ll0cm 4" l l0cm 4" llDcm*
Immobile Guns Cmnot Move

r..l:: r,.

without leadership re like mts without a queen. Without orders and dircction, they will tend to
wait around doing clos to nothing as possible. As soon they are properly led, they become a deadly
fighting unit. In a Flames Of War battle it is important for teams to remain close enough together to be able
to receive orders from their ofcers.

CommandDistance.... .......... 65

CommmdmdMoYement ......... 66
Movingwhileln Commmd............. 66
Moving'*/hen Out of Commmd, ...., ... 66
StayTother. ........67

WmiorTems. .......... 68
JoiningPlatoons......,....... 68
V/ho'slnCharge. .....69
WmiorSpecialRules.. .,...... 69


AlliedPlatoons ..........7O


The ability of a platoon to spread out effectively will IN CoMMAND
depend on its training and experience. Battle-hardened In a Flames Ofwar battle, a team may be eithei
veterans have learned to spread out without losing in command or ut of command.
their cohesion. Less experienced troops need to be A team is In Command if it is either:
closer together so their oficers can supervise them . wirhin Command Ditanre of its I'latoon
more closely.
tegm, or .:i
7he Commant{ Distance table giues the maximum
. within Command Distance of another team from thd,.
distance a team mal be Ji'om another to be uithin
phtoon that is itself In Command, therefu forming
Command Distance of it. If two teams haue dffirent
chain back to the Platoon Command team.
Command Distances, tahe the /ower Command Distance
to determine if they are uithin Command Distance of Ifneither ofthese applies to a team, then that team is
each other. of Command.

b / I)cm
A platoon moves together as a group. A1l of the soldiers It is sometimes uselirl to leave a team to guard a Ilank or
stay close enough to receive new orders. If necessary, provide covering 6re for your advance. Once the teamt
the platoon commander can orcler individual teams or r \ k i \ ! o m p l ( l e . i r m u s t r e t u r n I o i r \ u n i r t o r e c e i v cn e w
vehicles to halt and provide covering fire while the rest orders. Once they sce where the rest of the platoon is
of the platoon advances. going, thev hasten to catch up.
\ilhen mouing, a team may eitlter: Mouement by teams that staft the Mouement Step Out
Moue so as to be In Command at the end of the oJ'Command tabesp/ace aJier alL teams in their platoon
Mouemerut Step, or thit stafted Ift Command. haue mouec/.
\ilhen a team that was Out of Command moues,it must do
Remain in place uithout mong.
so as to be In Command, or ds c/oseto being In Command
This allows you to leaue teams in place t0 shoot uhile
aspoxib/e, at the entl of the Moueruent Step. lhis doesnot
othersmoue of under their protecrion.
rquire a team to moueAt the Double, ahhough it ma1 c/o
s0 if the ouningplayer wishes it to.
If the p/atoon does not haue a Commant/ team, lts tetms
cdnnot moue to be In Command. so cannot moue at d/1.


An olllcer's job is to lcad his unit, not ro run o11on they wish) so as to bring at lea:t halfofthe tearns in their
his on'n leavJng then rvondcring rvhar to do. tWhilc a p/dtoan (not clunting Tidnsport teanr) In Command or
good ofiicer will sometines order a team or t$'o ro sir as c/oseto In Comnzanc/ts porib/e.
back and co\rerrhe resr, rheljll quickly regroup nith the
platoon if their os'n party takes roo manv c:rsualties.
Should an officer nd themselves crLt off lrom their
surviving troops, rhet'will u'ork their:way back to their
unit to take rhem under cornmancl oncc again.
A Platoon Comnand tetn th/lt tnoues ruust end the
Mouement Step with at least La( oJ tlte teams in their
p/atoon (not counting Tinnsport teatns) In Command.
If this L not possible, the mouing ?/tttoon Command
tedm must ntoue directly towards.teams that dre Out of
Command (auoiding eneml tetns and J?ough Terrain if

Some soldiers stand out from the rest. Their outstand JoININGOTHERW^A.RRIORS
ing performance in combat and strong leadership marks Sometimes a leader finds themselves with no friendly
out as warriors. Most warriors operate independ- platoons to call upon fot assistance. In that case they
ndy, roving the battle6eld, while others ae part of a gather any nearby troops and form an ad hoc platoon.
atoon, fighting their batde with their comrades. AWarrior team can Join any fiendly Independent teams
Ahhough the\ are not a platoon, Warrior teams that are andWarrior teams within Command Distance insteai oJ
not permdnentb ?art of a platoon mou l1sd Platoon on Joining a platoon Ifthey do so, thel beclme the Platoon
r own. They do not ned t0 remain witbin Command Command team ofa temporary platoon that exkts until
Distance of any otber teams the end of the Step. Other Wanior teams can thn Jlin
Warriors that areliansplrtteams dre neuerSent to TheRear the temPoraryiPldtlon in the same aal thql wluld Join a
ior remouedfrom the tab/e unlev thel are Destroyed. normal platoon.
Company, and Higher Command teams are aluays
Warrior teams. 'Silhile
captains and majors lead their own compny,
Varrior teams are not Independent teams (seepage 70). colonels and generals command the whole battle,
welding their commands into a single seamlesswhole.
OINING PLATOONS Most Warrior teams can onl Join pktoons fom tbeir
lX4rile mostly free to operate on their own, a warrior 7wn c7mp!1ft], but cannot Join an Allied platoon (see
will often want to join one of their platoons to lead it page 70) supporting their compdnl. As 4n exception,
through a critical part of the battle. Higher Command teams can Join platoons from any
WarriorsmayJoinfriendly platoonsat aryt time in either friendly compaq,, again excePtingAllied platoons.
4er's turn. A \Yarrior team can Join one friendly
within Command Distance in each Step. Once WARRIOR'S TR,NSPORT ALSO JOINS

tbey Joire, they remain Joined until the end of the Step, A warrior's vehicle is essential for rhem to do their .job.

at which point they dutlmaticallJ ledue the platlon. The! They stay with their leader come hell or high water.

Join the same or a dffirent platoon in the next Step. A Tidnsport tedm belonging to a Warrior always Joins the

A Warrior team thdt is a permanent palt 0f a Pldtoon sameplatoon as theWarrior, but remains dedicated to that

cannot Join dnother pll1to7n or tedm. Warrior. It cannot carry teamsfrom the Joined platoon.

'.;. :.'':ll.'l;::.':,'


\Iy'hile the Man may be able to inspire troops
Company commanders can order anyone in their
ght harder, the main factor in whether a platoon will
company to do whatever is needed ar the time. They
stand or fall in a crisis is rheir own beliefin tieir abiliti
simply walk over, give the order, and leave again.
and rheir quse.
When a Warrior Command team Joins platlon that
Pl.atoons aluay use their oun Motiutttion rating,
doesnot ltaue a Pktoon Command teatn, they becomethe
than the Warrior', Motiuation rating. when
platoon's Command team leading the pldtoon in ptace of
Motiuarion fest,. un/es, the Warrior's ,pecial rules srate
the normal Platoon Commantl team.
Man', has the experience to know just how WARRIoRSPECIAL
critical the situation is and the leadership to encourage are by their very nature extraordinary,
his troops to hold out for just a little longer. of feats barely considered by common soldiers.
A Company or Higher Command team alway re-rtlk Warriors haue their own specia/ rules, and unles ot/tet-
failed Motiuation Tests that it is required to take, except wi'e spccifcd in rhe sperial ru/e. Warrior t(ams are
when tahing ComPany Morale Cltecks, unless the team is afected by the special rules of a platoon that thelt
Bailed Out (seepage 102). and conuerselythe platoon is not afected by the Warrio
A platoon or /1 tem, unlessAllied, fom a platoon Joined reams special rulet
by a Company or Higher Command team may re-ro//
any Motiuation nsh it ^ required to tahe, unless the
Company or Higher Command team is Bailed Out.


A Varrior team canJoin a platoonat any time. This
means that it can Join a platoon that has just failed a
Motivation Test before that failure takes effect, and allow
it ro re-roll the failed test. Since it is now part of the
platoon (until the end of the Step), it will be afi'ecred by
the outcome ofthe success or failurc.

Howeve! no matter when a\farrior teamJoins a platoon,

neither it nor rhe plaroon can benet from a roll made
previously by rhe other. So, the Company Command
team could not Join a platoon that had passed irs test
to make a Stormtroopers move (see page 241) and rhen
make a Stormtroopers mole with rhes.

t' ::: Independelt teanls are reams iike compan]'com- )fthe Independent tedm ls Destrol'ed, the Tnnsport tearn
manders and artillerr. observersthat do not operate as is tlso Destroyd, but thc l)estructian of tLe Transport
permanent menbers of anv platoon. Instead their roles tedrn lt/tt no efct ox the hilepeudertt tedm itse/J
require them to move benveen platoons as the barde A Traxsport team be/ouging to tn Indepandctt rearn
progresses,or eyen to head o1Ton their own. ctnnot cdrry au1 Passengers
otber than lndepend(ilt Tunxt.
A/though they are ilot d ?/dtoail, [ndependent tearnsrnoue If itt Independant tedm Disntount5 al/ other PaserLgers
as d ?/atoon on their au,n. Thcl do xot need to remain nutt dlso l)ismottnt, tnl tl,e 1)un:port tenm lilust be
within Command Distdnce of an.1,otlter tentns. Sent to thc Rear. [t un he Brought ];orwnd again kter iJ
rl', I'td' p, qJ. q, ,il'q tcel, ir tg,,iq.
Commanders often hirrretheir orvn personal tr,rnsport
in order to move around the battlefield quickl1.. This
vehiclc is rheirs and theirs alone.
If an Independent teitn hit a Transport team, the
Tinnsport ledm operatesa: ptrt oJ the sameplatoon as its
Independent tenm.

Sometimes-in situations s'here this occurrcd hist-

orically-forces n'iil contain platoons ron allied
armies fighting alongsidc 1'our main force. Vhile allied
platoons have to obey vour orders, thev onlv ansrverro
their own commande rs.
An Allied platoon is one of a difirenr ndtionality from
the Companl HQhr d diJferent hrdnch o.fsaruice under
the German Reich Diuided special rule on page 242).
Warrior teamsand Independentteamsmal not rc/untdr-
il1, Join an AIIied platoon, and tannot Spot for A\lied
Artiller1, Batteries (seepage 126)
The exception to th^ is that US dnr) Britisb teaus can Spot
for each otheri Artil/ery Bombardments, dnd
tedmt can Spot Jr ()erman Artillery Bombardments,
regardles: of brancb.

;;;i;;';;'Ji';;"; g";".'rh.'",ti;,;t ;i;;"p;;; ;q;ippt"s;;';;; ;" ;; J;;; .
md win the day for yout side. Once you have frnished all of your movement, it's time to shoot.

Select the Shooting Platoon 7. Roll to Hit

Select the Trget Platoons 8. Allocate Hits to Trget Teams
Decide'(/,ho will Shoot at each Platoon 9. Roll Savs forTams thatwere FIit
Check that the Target is Valid 10. Roll Firepower Tests for Amoured Teams md
a. Checkline ofSight Teams in Bulletproof Cover
tr. Check Range ll. Mark or Remove Destroyed Teams
c. CheckFieldofFire
12. Return to 1 md Select the next Shooting
Rotate to Face the Target
Check if the Trget is Concealed
13. Pin Down Platoons that were Hit Five Times

Cm Shoot .. , . ..... 73 R o l l S a v e sf o r T e m s t h a t w e r e H i t . . . . . . , . . . . 97

theShootingPlatoon...,.,.. A r m o u r e d V e h i c l e S a v e s ., . .. .... 97
FrontorSideArmour.... ...... 98
t h e T g e t P l a t o o.n. . . . . .........,,. 74 UnrmouredVehicleSaves,,,... 99
SplittingYourFire...... .......74 InfantrySaves ...,....99
Shooting at Isolated Groups . . . .. 74 GunSaves. ....,......99
W a r r i o r s& I n d e p e n d e n t T e m s . . ..., . . , , , 7 4 NoSavesfromBigGuns ....... 100
CheckthattheTirgetisvalid. ...... 75 BulletproofCover...... ..... . f00

Y o u rL i n eo f S i g h.t ......... 75 Psengersintmsports .....,. fOl

lnteroeningTerrain..... .......76 Psengero

snTnks . ,....., .. l0l

..... 80 Bailed OutVehicles. ..,. . . . . . . . . . 102

C h e c k t h eR m g e . . ....... 81 DestroyedTems ...,.... 103

CheckYourFieldofFire.. ......... 82 PinnedDownPlatoons. ...,...... 104

Wrriors mdlndependentTems.. ...... f04
t o F a c e t h e T g e. t. . . . . . . . . . . . , . , . . 84
RallyingFrom PinnedDown ........... lO4
i f t h e T r g e t i s C o n c e a l e d. . . . . . . . . . . . 85
CommmdCualties... .,....,.. f05
C o n c e a l e db y L i n e r Obstacles........... 86
AppointingNewCommmders.. ..,.,... f05
ConcealedbyHills..... ....... 87
ConcealedbyAreaTerrain ...,.. 88 WrriorCualties..... ......... 106
. ConcealedwhenDugln ........89 SmokeAmmunition.... ....,..,. 107
ConcealedintheOpen ...,..... 89 Buildings. .... . 108
, L o o k i n g t h r o u g h M u l t i p l eF e a t u r s . . . . . , . 8 9
S n i p e r s. ...... flO
G o n e t oG r o u n d . ........ 90
VehicleVeapons ... .. .,. lll
RolltoHit. .....91 MainGuns. ...,.,...111
. HowMmyDice?,... .,.......,91 Machine-guns ..,...,ll2
Machine-gunMountings. ...... ff3
HitstorgetTems.............., 93 InfmtryVeapons,..,,.. ....,,..ll4
Overkill ..... 93
Mm-packedGms...... ......,.f16
ShootingatMixedPlatoons ..... 94
HitVeakestArmourFirst. Lrger Gms . ..... ., ... ll7
...... 95
GunTanks ..,.......,96 GunTeamscm Fire fufes. .. ......... ll7

B u n k e r B u t e r sa g a i n s t T m k s . . . . . . . . . . . . 9 6 ShootingSpecialRules... ...,.,.. ll8

ShootingSummary..,., .........120

' :1.:,:.
.,j.:i ,::r.:,:t.::
Shooting is nor as simplc as just ordering vour soldiers Some teans nav also havc:r linc listing
to'Firel'It i s a b o u t m a i m i s i n g t h e e l } c r i v e n e sosf dreir char:rcteristicsfor firing bombardments.
every wepon at vour disposal. Pick vour targets cirrc- Alrhough rhi. wpe oi tire i. ,ondu.r.d during
fu1lr.-not every enernt,solclieris worth expendirg your rhe Shooring Step. it is distinct f'rom normal shooting
repon-erupon. Choose lout moncnt well-sometimes ancl must be conducted using the Artillerl. rules (see
holding 1.our fire u'ill pav divjdends. p a g e 12 1 ) .


Unsurprisinelv, almost all ofthe soldierson a battlefield \ilhen troops mo\re at the double, reaching their new
are capableofshooting:rt the enenl'. The ferv cxceprions position is their onlv concern, leaving no time to shoot
to this re troops with a specialistjob, fr ex:rmpletruck accurateh-.
drivers, or rveaponsu'hicb have bccn dcvclopccl ro use If a tedm nouad At tlta Doub/e, it ma1 nat shoot.
a verv specific metlrod of attack, like rocket launchers
rvhich cannot shoot dircctlv at thc cnemr'. but can only
llrc bombardncnrs.
Any tean wltb tuedl,onsli:ted in their Arsendl is eligible
ta shoot at the enem1,durlru" the Shooting Stap.


Although to the untraincd observer iire on a battlelleld Tire inporrant rhing to remember is that _you rnust
r n r r l o o l <t h . r o t i .r n d u l L o n l r o l l e ( 1. .r i . i r r L r ,r u . u . L l l ) finish shooting rviLh rhe rvhole plaroon before noving
well-coordinated and timed to achievenruimum eflct. on to shoot t'ith other plaroons.
No soldier has the luxun'of an rLrrlimiredirmmo supplv Not cvcrl'plaroon nusr shoor. Sometimes it is better
a n d t l r . f l e e d , ' mt o \ l - u , , r. r Lr r r i t l r i n g t h r t m o v r r l to bold rrcur rc and go to ground rather than make
In the Sltooting Step, yott shoot utith an.y or a// ofl,our voursell a trget br shooting.
platoons one b1 orte. rYhen n p/dtoon sboots, each teant
that uauts to sboat in the p/atoott sltoots its
the enemy.
Once yoube fnished shooting with one oJ'.yourplatoons,
moue on a tht next until all ofthe p/ataons tl)dt !0u adnt
to sboot with haae shot.

I :li:;'

ihe excitement md confusion of batde, itt not usually WARRIOR& INDEPENDENT
ble for your troops to pick out specic targets. They
Commmdrs arent stupid. lfhen moving around the
at whatever they cn see. To reflect this,.teams
b a r r l e f i e l dt h e y r r y r o m e s u r e t h e y d o n ' r b e c o m e
at enemy platoons rther thn at specific tems.
s i r t i n g d u c k s f o r e n e m y l i r e . B y s t a y i n gc l o s e r o r h e i r
must selectan enem! Pla.toon or Independent team to men they make it difficult to be picked out from the
at uith the platoon tbat is shooting. ordinary soldiers and any shooting will have to tilget
the whole group.
PLITTINGYOUR PLATOON'SFIR.E \Yhen t Warrior team rhat has not already Joined a
vour trooos will usuallv concentrate their fire platoon this Step is selected as the target for the enemy's
the most dangerous enemy platoon, you may oc- shooting. it must, if possible, immediately Join a friendl,
want to split the Iire of one platoon across platoon (seepage 68). It must Join a ?latoon uith a team
enemy Platoons ofthe same type (Thnk, Tiansport, Infantry, Gun) ifone
platoon may s?lit its fre to shoot dt more tban one is auailable, otherwise it Joins any friendly platoon.
pktoon. Tb do so you nust declarc uhich ofyour When an lndeprndent rilry ('uch os an artil/ery obseruer
will sh0ot dt edch enem] ?latoon beforeyour platoon or recoury uehicle) is se/ected as the tllrget for the enemy's
shooting. shooting, it must Join a platoon (f it can) as if the1,uere
team must shoot dll of its ueapons dt tl)e same enemj a W'arrior team.
so a tan/efring its main gun and machine-guns Shooting is then resoluedagainst the combined platoon,
thoot them all at the same enemy platoon. If some including the \X/arrior and Independent teams.
a teami ueapons ran| amage the rarget or are our of
tben you usualQ uon't shoot with them. SHARING
Sometimes a cornmander needs ro take a lew risks ro be
G AT ISOLATEDGROUPS a n e f f e c t i r el e a d e r .

your opponent will split their platoons As well as being furced to Join a platoon when targeted
to several groups, each covering a different avenue of by enemy shooting, a W'arrior team that h not Joined
ach. V/hen they do this, you can direct your fire at a platoon thls Step and is uithin Command Distance
most dangerous group md ignore the rest of a fiendlJ platoln that is selected as the target for the
enemy| shooting may Join the platoon if the owning
an enem1p/dtoon is suffcientQ spread out that a part
player wishes.
it is not uithinCommand Distance of the rest, then the
is brohen into two 0r more Isolated Groups (one
which has the Platoon Command tean).
may chooseto shoot at an Isllated Group rather than
whole platoon. Ifyou do so, treat the Isolated Group
if it were d separate enem! platlon. You must declare
you are onl, targetingthe IsolatedGroup before,ou
the dice.
Before you shoot, you need to make sure your rroops Ar lcast one team from thc rargetplatoon
a c t u a l l l h a v es o m e c h a n c eo f h i r t i n g r h e t a r g e r . fulfl all ofthese criteria for the platoon to be a
For each team in the shooting platoon checb that the ualid target. Iftltere are no ?alid targea in the targit
target platoon is within: platoon, se/ectanother platoon for that team to shoot /1t.
. Lin( ofSighr.
ldeally, all of the teams in your platoon will be able to
. Range, antl fire their weaponsat the iarget platoon, If some cannor,
. Field of Fire. e i r l r e r l e c rr d i l l r e n r a r g efro r r h o s er e a m ro r d o n L f i r e
w i t h t h e mt h i r r u r n .

Put yourself in the place of your soldiers lying flat [ooKING To /A.ND
on your belly trying to be as inconspicuous as possible. I n l a n rr y a n d g u n n e r so p e r r l e p a r t o f a c l o s e - k nri r e r m
You cmt see much of what is in front of you, and you Individual solcliers arent as important as the team as
definitely cant seewhat is beyond rhe nexr hill or in rhe whole. The specific location of the individuals doesnt:
middle of those woods over there. matter as much as the location of the whole rem.
A Line of Sigbt is the imaginarl line along uhicb your Trace tbe Line ofSight ofan Infantry or Gun team to
tedm tees the enemy. If the Line of Sight is blocked b1 fron any fgurc or wcapln in the team. ln addition, L
terrdin, the tdrget is not aalid. ofSight can be traced to andfrom the space that would
1ccapied b)t a srandingfgure anyuhere on tbe base (m
WHAT YOU SEEISWHAT YOU GET the fgures on the basestooclup and moued around).
easiest way of deciding whether a miniarure can
lgnore prorrudinggun barels, extra basesho/dingloadi
see another is to physically gcr down to the level of the
miniature and tal<e a look at what the miniarure could
crews, and the lib. Tiedt teams modelled with
see from its current position. So il while looking from terrain ds ifthe fgures uere standing ox the base.
directly behind one ofyour tanls, you are unable to see
solte enemy tanks because some miniature houses on LooKINGTo A,NDFRoMVEHICLES
your tabletop are in the way, then it is safe to sume thar Vehicles ght as individuals, each standing alone, r
your tank commander could not see rhem either. than as teams occupying a general area.
Ifyou are still not sure after getting down and looking, Tiace the Line of Sight of a uehicle's ueapon from
ask your opponent to have a look and get their opinion. uel1poni mounting point on the miniature. Tiace Line
Ifyou can't come to a quick agreement, itt obviously too
Sight to ary point on a uehicle model, ignoring
close to call, so roll a die-l,2,3 yu have Line of Sight,
inggun barreh, bases,Ioaing creus, and other
4.),b you don t.
excePt trailers and nued Gun tedms.


lfthe opponent is tal1enough, they can be seensticking
The world is not flat like a billiard table. Ilills, gullics,
out above lredgesand standing crops.
woods, hcdges, crops, and buildings abound, breaking
up the line ofsight ofyour troops. Terraln rl.oesnot bloch Line oJ'Sight ifeither the shooting
t,ary or j/, tarTtr dE raller than it.
Terrain tbat is taller tlnn both the:hooting tetm and its
target blocks the Line OJ Sight oJ'tearnslooLing acro:s it.
T E A M S o N H I G H G R O U N D S E EM O R E
A tean occrLpvinga hill or sinilar high ground (such as
a church tower) has a much better field of vierv thal a
No matter how tall a hedge is, troops thar come right up
grutrt hugging the ground bcJou'.
to it rvill be able to hnd gaps and seewhlt's on the other
side. In doing so, thev sive the enemv the opportunitv A teant on higher grotrnd runy be able to seeatross Trrain
to spot thern roo. t/tat uould nornafu blotk lts Line of Sight. lhe only ua.y
to check uhether thcl ltdue a Line rfSight is to looh Jtom
A tedm placed utith a base edge or fdce of tlte model
the mi.niaturei position dntl see if it cdu seethe enem1,.
tquare agdinsT d Linear Obstdcle that would norma/ly
block Line oJ Sight, cau seetnltbing on the other side oJ
tbe Obstdc/e, euen iJ'the encmy is aho touching the sdme
Obxacle further along it.
A tedn the iutersection of twa Linmr Obstaclescdn sea
acrox eitber oJ'them, including acrox tht conter inta the
feld dinqounll.vt, tu" fi,'n ir,,lI




'tAvS j?J-\) -?+r\
J\ - iite --r'\ aa a\) ), S;E\ j,;F
78Ail3 IN OR CN lHE E%E TAtAslNstz ARA '.
*oh' 7A A)LLC\ER 1TAM3, :
>cc i fraK iaAr\> u.
---.-ii:r!.i i::.:.,.-:- -. -
:i... tk ic 6',/15ail AttAf.


=5 c"
r1 ,

,;T -{ t -aa
\' -<-'--;Da A?ea
;, ^, -EavS
1 4 ar'\ -'\-' SeE l\al)E


\boclsdon'r jusr block visitrilin to troops orr rhe hr \\'lillc'r s o l c l i e rr r i q l r t q e t a g l i r r p s e o l r l r c c n e n r ,
s i c l e ,t i t o , a l s o h i c l et r o o p s u i t L r i t rt h e r r e sl ' c l l . t h r o t r q he s n i e l lq a p i n r h e r e rr e i n . i r u o n t b r e n o u g h r o
-llrrtin p o s i t i r c h l c l c n t i h t h c r a f q c ti l s e l ) r n i \ . ldtt th,zt snLrrlr/lts tlt crlgt ol rct u;t bc
seeu b-1,111sp.;
ott tl,t s,trut silt o-ftltt,'1tu Ttnnin, Lut Iitr tittrr l\!t( t! :<t!l o.f,rr ltrsr l i,l.ltitt i,Lrti',t'i :ir l
is out a.l'Litrc ol'5iglr ro t(/.trt! o]t rltc .fr :ilt o.l tl,L ltct/rrc: rti tnr. Liil( a.l'Si.<l'til,ittt.!i, ir. l,tt
Area Terrtiu. ilrlli'0il' .,4tp rttlttirL: .),au la !f( tltrotgi, oi Oic, il,,
'letns 'lirtrltt t(ivtit iltrlanil.
u'lthirt lrcr
contS,Lctcl.l, rlurt i: r,tlkr tluu
borl, tbc shaotin:<tcnnt in11 ilt( 1lIt::d L'lti1ror!cL'0i b( .\
bl,ttt;tLs ittort'thut 6"/l jctit turtl,. ;Ltl ttttu lt.tnttr/ thl:
B O C A G EH E D G E R o w S
Iti Lhc Bor,l,:,'cvcn tirc gatrs rrc nrrssivelr'o\arqr(r\\'r.
di'nutt ii orr o.fI.itt ol .\igLt
mlling L h c r n j u s r e s c l i l l i c r L l rr o \ c c f h r o l r q h .

Ilottgr Hrrl.g;r't,. ,iitl .,!.,rtt, ,titri oti,c, t;,11,, 1it1ltlait

ti,citt. ,tit t)i.i,a!.)ailitl.itttti (),l,ttl,, ,titri i,l,,,i: I t,tL

ol 5i.<i,r.


KltsN!L/ ts4vl: L K :K<AIN tstsA i r<ts>
c --at t?t. t- -aa'- I 2.5Cv pte- {r;

f /2.5ct\^

*. :i9+
-.,t ,t:t. -

\ !,', "l
'1.J ":t f,-r
, '-*
,;-,$ n* *
sAsEls l'/2.5a,r, ?,rriEfir'KrN6




oF A TEAMTo sHoar A1,THN rsNi ENaulHFaRrr r sgoor gAcKeHeR!

are quite often tirnes when you look to see if IJ only d smt/l part oJ the enerny team, sucL as t ttnk's
lou have line of sight to rn enelny teanr and can only gun bdrrel or mudgl{drd, or part oJ dn inJ)mtry Jigure, is
see tinl part of rhe te:rm- This isn't enough to sitoot in Line oJ Sight, then it b not a ualid target dnd cdnnot
at, as even if you did shoot at it, you wouldn'r hit be shot t. Cortterse/y, it cannot shoot back either.
arlything cfitisal.


Because terrain and scenerl. arc one of the mosr variable
things in m iniarurc wargam ing rve can't give hard and fst
rules aborLt rvhat your troops ctl ancl crnnot see. Thcse
pges conrain somc guidelines bur in the end ir is goins
to come down to voLrr imagination and comnon sense.
Be reasonable in this. For cxample, if a r:rnk is almosr
completell hidden by a building, ancl onlv has a bit of
its track or gun barrel shorving, it's not rcally enough to
shooL ar. If in doubr, rcll your opporcnr wherher you
rh'n\ ).ur rrrr. ir \iJJc- or rr'' \'o|il\( :r irro
position. Lil<ervise,it is a sood ide:r to rell your opponent

Iour i[tention wher] you position a vehiclc hull dolvn

behincl a hill or a lorv rise.


i is not enough to be able to see the enemy, you need to A team may only shoot betueen tuo Jriendly teams or a
able to shoorrhem withour hirring friendll troops. Trrain Feature and a friendly team if thel are at least
| /2.)(m apart.
can always shoot through the position ofm enemy INFANTRY
ro hit another behind it. Your soldiers dont care if Shooring rhrough your own rroops is too risky, bur
accidentally hit enemy soldiers they werent aiming ' h o o r i n g o \ e r t h e m i s o k a y i f r h e y h a v eh i t r h e d i r r .
and the team in the way quickly gets out ofthe line of Whic/es, Gun teamt and Bunkers can shoot ouerfriendly
re, rhankful that youre not shooting at them instead. Infantrl (but not Caualry) teams that did not moue.
tedm mal shoot through dnl enem! tdm 4t another Infantry teams shooting dt uehiclrs can shoot ouerfiendly
beyondit Infantry (but not Caualry) tearus that did not moue.


it is possible to see through your own The narrow lanes often found in bocage corntry are dan-
they don't interfere with visibiliry like a hill or a gerous any advance must be on a one-team frontage.
does-it would be foolish to try firing through
A team in a Nanow Lane is considered to be square up
asrhe ritk ofhirring rhem i. too great.
against tlte Bocage Hedgerows on both sides ofthe Lane,
team may not shoot through a friendly team. If you sofriendly teams cannot shootpast it doun the Lane.
draw a Line ofSight to tbe eneml te4m without
A uehicle in a Narrou Lane can fre turret-mountecl
tbrough afriendf tedm, lou ma! nlt shoot dt the
ueapons freely, but can only fre hull-mounted weapons
team, abhough yu can still see it to Spot Jr an
dt tdrgets in the Lane or touching the Lane's Hedgerous.
Bombardment (seepage 126)
leam may ouerfriendlj, trooPs at targets on higher
lower ground, prouided that the Line of Slght ckarlt
aboue rhe heads ofrhefriendly rcam

the same reason, soldiers are reluctant to fire through
ps between friendly units unless the gap is su{ficiently
wide to quarantee ther. won't hit their own men.

Although modcrn rveirpons havc thc potcntial to lire tVetstrre thc mngc to or f'an the neircst Paint ail d
oler verl' long clist,rnces,on rhe battlefielcl anidst all uablclc nodaL igtaring protrudiilg luil birrck. bniet,
the noise ancl coniusion, the ellecrive clistancc of ir /oddiug creu,:, tnd other accessoricsexcept tni/ert iud
rvcapon is usually rruch shorter. llle kev is nor hou, lr lbuct! (jun tcttts.
thev can shoot, bur hos' f:rr ,rrv:rv rhev c:ur acrually see Mctsurc the rntga to or Jiont tn lt.flntr.), or Gun tettLil to
their rarger. Your rroops will nor rvaste their precious or f'om txy paint on thc tatn\ bne. Ignora protruding
mmunitioll slrootinq:rt targers they have almost no gut birrcl!, ir.l,extri basesho/diug loading leur, ntd
c h a n c co f h i t t i n s . D o i n s s o n o u l d p r o b a b l v o n l v r c s u l r tltt likt.
in clraning unrvanteclenemr,fire ilpon thensclvesl
Cherb the r.lugefroLn etcb tearn in tLe sLootirtg pltoort
! , , r / t , ! 4 , n j i , , r h . 1 , 1 , g1,1 , / a 1 " a . ,
cdrnot hit enem1, tetns bq,ond thc rytxirnunt
nnge of tlteir u)il?oilt Sir(t ir Rttgc cl,nrtr:teri:Tit'
iu thelr Ar:end/ /istittg.

/AuslBEiltTHlN, 211'/6Ac/v'
TeAMs & I
ANll-i-/NK 6UN. 5
11 l1c\^

r +- : E Er*'r
t * dt

WITH A RANGEaF 11,/IA)^A, i-*
']i'-+ I
]NFANIRv 1Alr4S. THEHMG l1Alv\HAsA RANEoF 2q,/6Ac/A

luRR-,{4cui\ite,irNs aN aEa<P?ElS a/NNCl SirCal
sHcc tN r'NvilReai-tcN. HRCDalltllR Cr'iN\"/t1iaL.

=*- ' --
'i ri-

i ''.:l'


HNLL-,\\CniiED NNS a/N CNrv s,tCC

AT iAR3aiS C ll.llR l\l... Rr' -/l/,cu\Ttt.

Your rloops nirrsL bc PoinLing Llrcir t.-;r;rons lr rh. TANK TURRET5
fneJll t o b c r b l t - L o s h c , o r e r r l r c n r . \ l o s t l l r h . t Ls n o L e N l o s Lt r u r k\ \ e r p l r r s i l c n r o r u r t e ci n
l tLrrcr'I ,, , ,,r'
problcnr. but ifsonriorc s r r c . L i . -L* L p f r o n r b i h i n r l . rou r h c t l i o i r c l , r o r r q h tr o b c a r r r l r c , r r r q t r . i r , r r ,:r..
cottLcl bc in Lroublt. I L s r . r s v c n L r L r g l rt o s r i i n q r r r i 1 1 . ,i.'ii.i.
rttounrl Lo shooL eL sorreonr bclrinrl rou. brLr ir's e lor | r ' l , j ti t i t t :i t , r :i , , i i ' L, r , t l i ; t t j t ,o t t t l , t i r l ; t i r i r i i ' ,
hrrrlcr lirh ln rltl-Lrin]. qurr *cighin.g o\'.i .r fon.

,1 r,t,tVoit': liiL/tl ol I:irt it tl,r,t;r tl,trtr!1, LLititit ir tt,t.t DECK TURRT5

c,til.1,Jitt ,rr tl,r ,ttLrtt '. I r l h ! I L ) . l i:r. , r r r u n r b c or i c l c s i q n c r s c r r r i s i o nr c. rLrll . , . t ,
(.ltccl< ti,L Fitli o/ itL f)r u;i, tc,i;t ;;t ri,t ii,o,,rtir.,:
l . r L r l , ' : l r l t , . , rLr . r r L l , : n .t o
] \ e r . ( ] t h ! - n li r r t r t r c l r i n rg L r n
p l t t o o i t . , 7 r ! i t a n t , i t l r l t i i r . t , , r . r l , , t tt ! ) i t t i i r t t ! t l i ! r t i ) l r r r r t r ' p . 1 1 . , ., 1r ' r i l r . t o P . l c c ko i t h e r r n l i .
tl /, . .. 1 (tt!it! i;j/i , t t i,;;r" trrt; )launt(:l irt Dcil: ]j',:,r' i,,ri,
, t r , i i i t t ' r , , , r l i t t r i r , t l i n , t . t t L 1 , ti r L c t r t l , c i l o r t r j t , , , ' ,
I N F A N T R YW E A P o N S i,iorl:t,i i,.t :i,L r.i,tiir', t!/lriitrt!atria.
l n l : u r L rnr c r p o n sr r c l i g h t , r n ,hl . r r d rc r r o u g h
ere r1ui.k ro firc at en.'nrl rrrrcl.rng lr-orr .Lnr clire.rion.

JttJ)urttl tttn; l,,ttt ra lirtii, oit ii,ci, l-i,lrl tt/ li,t l1,t,
ilu fit tT (t(ntl' tttlt: itt Jnnt 0.t'tltLitt. ltLl,ittrl ri,titt. or
to tlt si/a sJ yllrtrt.


lNANrRv tI,1/s a/\ 6rN 9A1.15

it\ cN-Lvsrcri
Sfacl i\r ANYDiREariaN. a r-r5lReCNi.
A 14R34,15


...:;i r, ::...,

w *'ffi
3lDt-ilt,CUltED rNS aA a\lLY irR\agLE 6rN"5 a,4\'
a\cc'i '; IAQeEs Tc rNatR stDE 5r'CCr 1\ 4trY tiRtdi-lrN.

S o n r c r a t r k s n l ( ) L u r t \ \ e J l ) o n s i n t h r ' f r - L r n to i t ] r c h u l l \ l o s r q r r n s h a r c r l i n r i t e c lf l r l t l o f f l r e u n l c s s r h c c r e r v
i n s L e a c lo l i r r r t r L r r c r r r . r r r c ncighr ol ro nrrl'e thcnr p r i c kL r p Lr h c L r r i l sr n r L r n , r l c f h c u h o l c q u n t o l a c e : r
crrsier ro procluct. 'ir,r.''

I l,rrll-ilorrirtcr! rt,tt![)(it]ittit!itL'.! ;j! rl,t ljott a.f,t t'cl,t;ic ( i rt' r r,,i i i t' I j It | | u.!i Itg,\l t Ir r t I ci (, tt tt tt,,tt rt: I i ltt H,\'t G
I us,i | 80- lt,atr t l' i r ir/ o.i l :I r, ; n 1 ; 1i, 13, 1 i t ; r l, i i t g i i t.t')'oi t i rt,r;tt:) i,tt L ,i Fitlr! o.fl lr cotcritt,! tt'ctt,rl,itt.<ir.f)ont of
,,t't liitt /rttt tt ii.ioi! !l)(.t)oit o-l ri,t ttl,ttlt. r !i,tt l;tu,r ,tcn.,.'/l,t l)oli b,t:t.
l-l tltt u,c,tlott l! iroililTt'/l,rf ll'1,\',r ot' tl,c t,cl,iclt, tl:t
l:lcld oJ liitc cor trs tt.ct.1il,iitp, To rht rttt
of'r li,t,,dr,tu tt
ttnt:: 1/t, rt,tr al tltL t cltitlt.
S o r n r g L r n s .n r o s r ] r ' r r n r i - r r i r c r rqr lui r r . . : r r c n r o u n t c c lo n
L t r r n r r r b l er sl l o r i n q r h c m t o t r r r n i n a n r d i r c c t i o n .
SIDE-MoUNTED CUNs O r r t t t c , t i t t :o t l t t i t i l b l t . 1 1 n r t ] r i i t i t t l , 7 1 1 i , , ' r 1 u ' , .
H r l f - t r l c ] <sso n r c r i n r rn-rso u n r r c\lv e a p o l rosn r h c s i r l e s
r s . t c l lr s t h c f i o n to i r h cc r . r rc o n r l ) r l r n r c n r .
) :,1,1c-;itotrittcc/ ilrttloit 0t),i ttl,itlt ht,,t Ifi0-rl(trtL
I itlr! of' l:ir,' coi tritta,, cr tt.)tltit1,q itt.lo;trl ti liitc lr,tti it
rlot,l rl,t :irlL 0.t'' tltc t'cltclL .l).o;,t .,ruiKl,i rl,crr/ n
:tr'r){tt hLirttl.

they re, ail ofyour weapons must be brought to NO ROOMTO ROTATE

on the enemy. Your gunners traverse their weapons, You may not be able to rotate models in close terrain, so
.L-,, ---^i- ^-,L-., ^--
, and fire
drteminingyour Field of Fire, but beforetheyshoot, If a team is square against a uall or similar item of
llur lums n poinr direcrly at any team in the eneml terrain, Dug In, or in a Building or Entrenchnents (see
thel are shooting at. Rltdting a team within its page 2 I 5), it does not need to, and ma1 not, rotaTeto face
of Fire like this doa not count as mouement, so tedms the target. 7he team remains zuhereit h without rotating,
Rough Tirrain donl need to take Bog Chrcks to do this. but can still shoor.
If a team is touching a wall or similar item of tenain, or
ANK TURRETS the table edge, it may need to be moaed slightly to allow it
whole point of a tank turret is that it cm rotate
to rotdte, but thould remain toaching the terrdin or table
thout the whole vehicle needine to move. Sometimes
edge. If there is still not room for it to rotate, it cannot
it is better to turn the whole vehicle to face the
shoot at that target.
bringing thicker front armour to bear.
A Gun team (unless a Man-pacbed Gun team) in Wry
fring weapons mounte in tunets may either
Diffcub Going does not need to, and may not, rltAte
rotate jutt the turret to point at the target, 0r to face the tl1rget. The team remains uhere it is uithout
treat the turret weapon as a hull-mounted. weapon rotating, but cdn still shoot.
antl Rotate the uhole uehicle (uith the turret pointing
straigbt ahead) to point dt a target within the feld of
Fire of a hull-mounted weapon.

Tre abiliqv to conceal vour troops from the enemy is An eneml tettm that is uithin Line of Sight,
critical to victory. The deadlv accuracy, long range and but at least halfhidden b1 terraln, is Concealed.
fireporver of modern weapons force soldiers to adopt Teamssufer d + 1 penaby to thoot dt or Range In an
ingenious camouflage schcmes and to make use of all Artillerl Rombardment on tdrgtt tltat are Concealed.
a v a i l a b l cc o v e ro n r h e I t a r r l c 6 e l d .
You may loow that the enemy is shooring at you fiorn DON'T LEAYETEAMSHANGINGOUT TO DRY
lf there isn'I enough concealed firing positions fr the
the edge of the woods, that doesn't mean that you can
entire platoon, itt olien a good idea Io leave sorne of
actually 6nd the individual guns and hit them. Even
the platoon in resene out of sight to the rear. I)oing so
quite large guns can be diitrcult to locate when firing
cnsures that anyone attempting to shoot at your platoon
from concealment. wili sufier a penalry to hit them because the only teams
Concea/ing'farrain is any terrui/l fedture on the tabletop they can see are all concealed, whereas even a single team
that prot,ides Concea/ment to troops bebind or zuithin it. sirting out irr the open gives away the positions of the
whole platooo.









throughout the world are bounded by lines of Hills are probably the most significant terrain features
, hedges, and stone walls. Although these are of o n a n y b a r r l e f i e l da. n d a r e c e r t a i n l yr h e l a r g e . t .
ng dimensions, in general they obstruct the view Hilh prouide Concealment in the same way as Linear
anyone trying to see beyond rhem Ob'tacles. lf the hill is just a low rite, t(amt rcn s( ou(r
seen through or across Linear Obstacles are gener- it and wil/ be Concealed.
Concealed. As usual, the best method of confrming 'hull-down'positioil
Tams can usuafu adopt a on a hill
is to looh from a ruodcli-eyc perspcctiue. where they are Concealed to teams on thefar side, but can
mdin excEtion to this is that a team Placed uith /1 seeclearl, our the hil/.
edge or face of the model squ/1redgainst a Linear The easiest way to determine ifthis is so is to lookfom the
cdn seeanJthing on the other side ofthe Obstacle uiewpoint ofeach model and checb uhat it can see.
The team itself will be concealed, but teams seen
the Linear Obstacle uill not be.


A EAAT ALF.IDDENBy (cR HI]LL ,0,{N tsEI.1IN')A I|ILL Is C)N..ALE, a ftIMs aN fH ofHER

a _5r3r _


Unlike solid ob.jects like walls and hills that completely Tbants at leax ha('in Area but straddling the
block line ofsight, trees,bushes,and standing crops are edge, are Concea/ed, but can seeotrt oJ the Area Terrain
harder to seejnto the further rhe target is inside them. If without hindrance. 7ttmt lessthdn halfin Area Tirrain,
rve made a model wood with a re:rlisticnumbe r of rrees nre not Concealed fu it. If thel tre erttirely within
and a lifelike amount of scrub and undergrowth, there the Area Tirrain, then bath they and the enawl will
:woulcl be no room for our nodels, so the usualvisibilitv be Concea/ed,
rule of looking from rhe nodel's position doesn't work
well wirh a miniature wood or
Peopleoftenthink that it wouldbea lot saferfor infantry to hide behind the tank, they doni have
to advance behind ranks than to spread out around tankl armour to stop most of dreseshots, :
them. Ifrhis isn't enough for the poor infantry, theyruti
-Mrile ir sounds good in theory, theLeare a loc -x
of reasons a seriou' rirk of being run over by rhe ruk. Tanls
why it doesn'twork in reality.The biggesrproblem is rhat cm'r see infantry close to them and change direoiixi
infantry can't reallv stay closeenough ro the tank to actu- or even go into reversewithout warning, squashirigany.,
ally get any prorection from enemy machine-gunsspread i n f t n t r y ' r n n J i n gt o o c l o , e .
out crossthe banieeld. Even if they did, they would be In gractice, infantry aie much safer advancing
a prime target, being bunched up and easy to hir with a order with the tanks. Tha! way they are spread our, and
singleburst. if shor at caa hit tbe din and take cover The experienced.
On top of tlis, tanls are bullet magnets.They are big and Canadians tried to tell the Highland Division this ar rhe
obvious and attract a lot of lre, r more than infmtry ad- Battle of Cambrai in 19i7. The Highlanders refused to
vancing in open order.Unforrunarely for the infantry trying listen and learnedthe lessonthe hard lvay.

CoNCEITTp wHEN DUG IN ably be seen and is more than half hiden by the

O n e o f t h e r e a s o n sl o r d i g g i r r gf o r h o l e . i s r o p u r a l o r features it is Concealed. Additional interuening

of clirt between you and the enemy's bullets. Another features, sucb as seueral ualls betueen the shooting teai
and the target, ?rouidt no additional beneft.
reson is simply to get out ofsight so they dont even
shoot you! Unfortunately, solne guns are just so big
that there is no way of hiding them short of digging a
full-on gun pit as part ofa fortied position.
Dug In Infantry teams and Man-packed, Light, and
Medium Gun teams (other than Anti-airraf guns) are
Dug In Heauy and Immobile Gun teams and all
Anti-aircraf guns are not Concealed unley Concealed
by Terrain.


Infantry and small infantry support weapons like heaw
machine-guns make use of every little c{ip and hollow,
bush and shrub ro conceal themselves from the enemy.
Most of these features are too small to be shown on the
tabletop but they are still there and can be ofbenefit to
your tfooPs.
Infdntryt teams and Man-packed Gun teams are
Concea/edin thefollouing enemy turn if they don't moue
or assaub in their oun turn, eaen ifthey are in the open
and aren't bidden fom enemy uieu by ary Concealing
Theseteams remain Concealed ifthey shoot,
as long as they don\ moue or axaub.

In lanuy
Man-Packed Gm
\7hat matters is whether or nor you can
see th trget. It does not matter if the Light Gun
terrain rhat the target is hiding behind is Medium Gun
i r r e l F h i d d e nb y o r h e r .c l o s e rr e r r a i n .y o u
Heavy Gun
cm still either see the target or you cant.
lmmOOlle (rlln
It does not marter how man)t trdin
Jatures lie betueen the shootingteam and Vehicle

iR tdr4et. As long as tlte nrpet can rc6on-

j .
Infantry go to ground by stopping shooting and
hugging rhe dirt. Vehicles and guns use trec branches
and camouflage nets ro hide themselves, as rvell as
simply remaining immobile in the shrdorvs.
tilr:rIril "ffi
Tams tltdt did not moae, shoot,0r assault in their
otun turn Gone to (lround. In ddditlon, a/l tuws
art Gone to Ground nt the stdrt oJ'the gtme un/ess
otherwise speciJi.ed.
Tamssulfer a +1 pertaLty to shoot at ar bombdrd enemy
troops t/tdt are both Concealed and Gone to Ground in
ddition to the + 1 penalry Jr the target being Concealed,
(]one to Gtound,
for a totdl penal4, of +2. Ifa tean is
but is not Concealed, the onLy beneJit it receit,esis a better
Gun Sarc (seepage 99).

Having selected your rarget and checked thar it is in PASSENGERS
range and that you can see it, r'ou need to roll to see Shootingaccuratelvfrom the back of..towded, "
if you can hit it. The roll to hir not only includcs rhe swaying truck is impossible, a soldier needs solid
actual firing of your rroops' weapons af rhe enemv s ground beneath his feet to fire ellectively.
vou'd expect, bur also considers such things as visibiliry
Passengerteams cdnillt shoot uhile Mounted in or on
communications and plain old luck. That is, a missed
uehicles, but can fre Passenger-fretl MGI (seepage I I 9).
roll to hit may mean rhr your troops didnt see the
target clearly enough to get a good shot, or they ma1'be PASSENGERS CANNOT BE T,ARGETED
didnt seethe target at ll and never even shot! Or maybe l r a n r p o r rv e h i c l cisr r em u c h b i g g e rr a r g e r r l r a n
their machine-gun .jammed on rhem and it took mosr passengers, so it makessnseto shoot at the vehicle
ofthe turn ro ger ir cleared.Alything can happen on a simply catch the passengersin the same burst offire
Parenger teams c/1nnlt be the tdrget of shooting.
\Yhen rolling to hit the frst stepsare to: must shoot at tbe uehicle caffying tl:em rather thail at
. work out how many dice each tedmi wedplns giue tbe Passengers themselaes. Pasengers can be hit if tbeii
to shoot uith, dnd then uehiclci' hir 0r Dc:ttqted tse(pag( I0l ).
. uork out the scoreyou need to hit with each die. Remember the Gun team towetl by a Tiansport team
Then you: be ,hot ar as Tart ofrhe frurrpori,ro, rsrcpdg( 4g)
. roll the dice and count up lour hits.
Different teams in a platoon may need di$erent scores ro An enemy team moving at the double is not using con-
hit depending on the targers available to thern. Work out cealment and has thrown caution ro the wind, makin$
the score ro hit for each shooring team clepending on its , r a n d a n y f r i e n d l y r r o o p ' n e a r b ; a n e J 5 yr d r g e r .
D,'uble the number ef 611a yau roll Th Hir if ary ualid
tdrget in the enemJtp/atoon moued At the Double
A weapont rate offire (ROF) rting reflecrs the number
ofrounds a weapon can shoot in a turn,
r/hen a leam shoots, roll one
die for each point oJ ROF,
There are some exce?tionsto this ru/e, such as that wbich
reducesthe ROF of uehicle MGI when fring uith other
weapons (seepage I l2).

lWhen moving, troops
have less time ro shoor accurarely.
\While thev can fire from a
quick halt, rhe number of
shots they can get offis dramrically reduced.
A team that moued reduces the ROF of all of its weapons
by half a: shown in the ROF when Mouing table.

Ifsome ofthe teamsin your platoon did not move, then

those teams still shoot at their full rare of re, even if
otnI teamsmoved.
single biggeit determining how many MoVING WITHROF 1
altis a platoon takes is battlefield experiene. Less taketimeto load,limitingtheirabiliry
nced troops havent lerned how to use ierrain ro take snap shors on the move.
tireii advantage md often don't recognise the dmger If the shooting weapon team ltas a ROF of I and moued
are in uritiL it is too late. It only takes one soldier earlier in the turn, add +l to th score required to hit.
ng about at the wrong time to give the whole unit's
on away, TARGETS
scorerequiredfor Tour tean to hit the eneml depends The hardest prt is finding the enemy. Once you have
the targeted te/tm's Skill rating modifed as shown in fouird one of them, you know where to look for the rest.
Roll to Hit table. Ifthe targ* platoon has teams that uould require difer'
A successful roll means tltat tlte shooting team located ent sc7resto hit, select the e/lsiesttedm to hit (out ofthe
the target (not alway ea:y to do) and managed to hit ualid targets) to calculate the score that a team needs to
it and. its platoon uith one or more roun*. hit. Remember, each shooting team calculates its sclre to
hit separately. Once you haue calculated the sclre to hit
Afailed roll neans either that the shooting team could
the eiest team, all ofthat team's rolh to hit require the
noTfnd the target or were unable to hit it.
same score, but ma1 hit any ualid target in the platoon

Remembetif the scorerequiredto hir is morethan 6,
then the shooting team cannot score any hits.

Add +l to the score to hit for each ofthe following:

. The mge to the tugeted tem is over 16"/40cm.
. Targettemis Concealed'

I Taget team is Gone to Gromd while Concealed.

' , Shooting weapon has ROF I md moved.



, t...,::i,r:
:, it::1,;:r:,:;
an important soldier like a bazooka gunner is ALTOCATING
hit, the platoon commmder will attempt to keep the The enemy arent stupid, they spread theii'17
weapon in action by ordering another soldier to take heary firepower around, seeking out those valuable
over the weapon. This is reflected by the targeted player targets rther than pounding the sme spot oyer
allocating the hits to the more expendable elements of over again.
their platoon rst. However, ifthere is enough incoming
If you are allocating hix with dffirent Anti-tanh
fire, the valuable weaponry will be at risk too.
Firepower ratings, lou milst alllcate tbe hits ofeach typ
Y1ur oP?onent allocates the hits you scored on their euenly as posible, sufiect ro the normal hit allocarion
platoon to the teams in that platoon. rules. This meanstltat no team tabesa secondhit
Thereare some restrictions though: thesametypeofweaponuntil all hauetakenonehit
. Only teams that are ualid targets-within Line
that ueapon.
of Sight, Range, lxnd Field of Fire of the sbooting
If you were shooting with weapons thar have diferent
team-can be allocated hits. Firepower or Anti-tank ratings, it is important to keep
. Hits must be allocated euenly acros all ofthe eligible rrack of which hits were scored by which weapons as
teams so as to maximise tbe number of teams that thesewill have different effectson the teams rhey hit.
haue hits allocated to them.
. Hits muit be allocated to other teams before teams
that are Gone to Ground. Somerimes a well-armed platoon will score more hirs
. than there re targts available.
Hits must be allocated to operational teams and
other teams (including Gone to Ground teams) before If a ptatoon sclr(t morc hir, rhan it hat ualid
Bogged Down or Bailed Out teams. allocare one hit to each team, then apply rhe hir allocation
procedure again to allocate the remaining hits.
Your opponent allocates all of the hits fom your platooni
shooting before anl rolh to seethe ffict of ltour hits.
If afiu applying all of the aboue rules, there is still a Most armies equip their soldiers with smoke grenades
cboice ofteams to allocate the hit to, then teams closer and dischargers.As a company commander, irt not your
than 16"/40cm to tbe shooting tedm must be allocated job to teli a private when to throw a smoke grenade,it's
hits before those beyond 16"/40cm. just part oftheir rraining, In parr rhat'swhy the targett
skill is the biggest factor in hirring the enemy. Veteran
troops make full useoftricks like smoke grenades,while
conscriotsmav not even know how to use them.
14\<S, l\FaN-e', u\5, JR T<a\9rAsf. Hr13 ALLOCATE;
\\q3T BE tc"OCa'ED Cr'OSEN Fle-<'

'!A\r.:a t!?:l_
S '\':::::"--:i:
-;*- : 6ur't rclus, gur ls
f *{ ' .: ruep FR1?aNER
'-'.. : EONLy6,THEf

) THEgAzAaKA,s
. etlt
v u > ) BE
5E -
;-::'.):.)--- f

, ,,
cF q+, so tr .aN rAR*ErrE
THEz\t!Ai\^6uN HAsA FtRpo',^/eR MAN-,A,KED

\ \ I ' i l . i r , . < . r \ \ 1 , ,\ l ' , , r. r L r r e .g r r n. i r . n F , . r n . o r r :, . 'r
Some pl:ltoons combine troops of vehicles o1'diilr
infantrv platoon. machirre-guns:rnc1:rnri-t:rnk rilles lre
ent types such,rs an amouted ri{1eplatoon with both
h . . r J r o I ' i . 1 .o L t tr , j r l ' r i H < .r r J n r r . l t i r t . q r r ' . r l r .r r r l \
infantry :rnd thcir hirlfltracks. Tloops liring at these
on rolrrnrc of lirc rather than ,rccurecvlr el]ecr.
plaroons have iittle di{ficuln in picking out the best
rarger fr their wcapon, firing anti tank *,eapons :rt Lhe WLcn d/lotatitp, Lits.['on u.tttports wlth FirepotL,tr 5+ ot
vehiclcs irnd machine-guns at the inf:rntrv. 6 il:iug tl)e Slnotlttg tt tVixt./ Ititt.ton: tuh, ilt oppotLtiLt
cdil /tLloil( l)i/! to illdit !i(ltL'd Gtru re,trtts rs if rl,ey
BeJire ro//ing to hlt. 1,sv mal,uonintte t Prioriry nrger
u,erceiil,cr JuJittttt.l,taatnsor (ruit tc,tiil:. lJ,i: rth oil!t,
rypeJitr edch shooting tctrn. 7ha'litnsport
I'riorl4t htrgci t)tp( cnr
jt /tt: tto efJit att (itut .\,tt'c:.
a.ftts ltir,tllonriou,
be either Tiutk, InJmtrl,, Gun or tadnts.A tatn
cdtt only hdue one Priori4r tiro\ et)eu iJ'it ht: multip/e
lhe biil euns usually target Lhe mosr t1:rngerousop-
Your opS,ortentmust alloctte bit: .fi 0n thnt teril ta tenni ponenrs u,hile thc rillenen:rnd rnachine-gunnersL.'e;.
o.f tbe ['riority tdrget ,]Pe be.frc othcr t.l,Pc: C tryet, evervouc else'rheads clont.
subjilt ta the ustra/ rtr/e: about a//octtitg hit!. ,Lxtt://),
lf' hit: trc bcltg dllocared to botlt tbe thosen Prtorirt
uhich tearu oJ tLat type drc hit is nl ltaui appatcn|!
t/ug(t r,1,P(rtitr/ othar teants, hits tt//ocated ta tlt Prtorrr.t
t-),?.ilut:t ht tl:t hit: utlth tha brst Firepouer.

,! i
j, reeeer
rypluus'tB.r,asl'/rF; .- effiir*-*^ sy....-. )':Y'-:!:':1,:'f,
qrnffi FtPPa^Pl+a\:
' -' -
&LE --:
f f i ' -
*- & 'fS -F wc*\E-3'\' '/ --

?rF .
F" q j
" :iD F'FE,I^ER6
ry; &
- -.f.$.

-i f**-* ___#,u I
Musf ALLacATe j
. . 1 . - l : r :t r r ' r . . 1: : r _ r : . _ ' : .'...:t,:.

: . :r,i'l-lli'
,1. vlru vcaK.. ARtAauR
tsFoRe HilS cN A 6ERT44NPAN^ER
?#'TccN. :,.+-
THCSEilIH STRCN6TRARMAUP ''i --ft:;;i6;iniff+-

ItsE ttK)1 hlt HA5 TA GA AN THE TANK .


ANK 3HO!(JN6115
HE scoN2 Hll HAs Tc 60 io lHE
TEAv5 ^IT-1\ 16 /UOcv

HIT WEAKESTARMOURFIRST be thc hits u,itlt the highest Anti taul< rtttittg, et,en iJ'the)
\Whcn gir.ctrdte option oishortrine lttuc lou,er Flrapou.,errating:. ( /tits u'ith diffrcnt Anti-
irLrhick fronL armour
or rhinner side arnour, solclicrsLakerhc casiershot. htn/< rttiugs tra beitry a//ocdttd to At'nouret/ t.,ebic/es,the
hits u,itlt tbc /.ou,o Ant.i-tanle rntings nLltt be il/outed
If hits trc belng t// to khic/(!, tl:e1' nut bt
to ttil.<(tt u,ith tLe ltwa:t Armour rdtitg:, rtLbj.ct T0 d//
d/located to Llnnnourtd t,chicles hcJore ArntourerJ
rcblc/e:. tnrl Armowcd uhiclcs u,itlt iltc /ou,estArnour 7 r t i u t , . t ' 1 , ,. , l , o u ," l . , . r i ' r y / . r . . .

uting bcJoretLo:e uiLh bigher Arm.our ntirtgs, vb.jcct ro WHICHARMoURRATING

To UsE
all prauious ru/es tbout al/otat.lnc ltits. Ii a tank onh. givcs il gllnner ir plrrial shot :rr its u-eak
sicle:rrnour, Lhev'llsrill t:rke it or,er rhc thiclier fr.onr.
lf thc :hooring tetln tltt hit horlt the Front and .Side
ll rhe choicc, rroops direc rheir rnosr ellecrir.e
Ltrmour 0-l d tiilL (i( pdge 98), trcdt it ns hduing the
anti-tank u.capons against arnourccl vehiclcs savin::
t.ucdktr of tbc ru,o u.,hat d//octting hlt:. Hits LLU:t bc
thcjr small f ns fbr unprotccted r:lfgcrs.
?l/]ce.l dg.liult ttttns uith oull,tbt'it tptukc trtxour
lJ' Lits trc bairy, r llocttcd to both ArnouretL t,elticlcsnil sl,outing brlore tLel' 1p 6, tl/ocnted to ttdurs u,ith both
othel turns, hlt: t/ktcatu/ to tLe Arruourerl ychlcL's ntuit Frant aud Side unour shouing.


?LAlocNscoR1sA HlTIITH lls BIe 17 PDe6uN =
-: -aeja-a -
<A-)\G aqt a--:ca-E) (A\-l-r'\< 131r'\, .C ,,.-r r-a l3Ja1q ?5V v i,L\,s,A\-J -4\< lO'.

lh tstK:1 t5MM
ry" gT




10 THE

I'MM GUN .sA/r'\E
?ANZER lll N wtTH 7.5C/\4 KilKZb 6uN AND A TANLER lV a WllH 1.9C/^ KwK36 G1N,-SAM 6uN, DIFFRNT CHASsts. a



Disringuishing different marks or models of tanks liom Huge bunker-bustingguns havegreatdilTiculrvin hirring
:loneanother on the battlefield can sometimes be dimcuit moving targets,espccialll.when movilg themselves.
for your averagesoldier. However, even a ras'recruit can Hitsfr om d Bunher Bustr thdt m0ued cannot be a/louted
tell a giant Tiger tank flom a tiny Luchs reconnaissance to d uehicle unless it is Bogged Dou,r or Bailed Out.
tank, or tell that a Sherman tank rvith a long 76mn gun
lis better armed than one s'ith a short 75mm gun.
',.On .War
the Flames Of bdttlefetd 1,our troops are able
to distingrish between diferent marks or modals of tanks
their chasis are diferent from one another, or iJ theit
arc rhe,ame but rhey aouur a diflerenr Matn Cu't
eaclt other, or if they diJJr in major fttings lilee
:German Schirzen sbirting or dozer blades.
lou shoot at a ?ldtoon that contains Tanb teanu,
Jou m/ry state tltdt )10u wish to hit one Partirular mdrb
|r modeL 0I
or mqaeL tanle that is distinguishabh from the others
of ,t
in tlte platoon
'Afer rolling to hit, taleea second rollfor each hit scored

' If yu rol/ a 5 or 6, you can cboose which mark or

model oftank you dle shooting dt.
. Otherwise, the hits dre dllocdted ds normaL.
Euen when you do ger ro ehoo,e which marb or model
tank is hit, lour opponent still gets t0 choose which
hicle of that type was hit
used, the Gun Tdnh rule ouerrides all other rules
hit allocation excep, th0se regarding ualid targets,
alL of the hit allocation rules app$ to hou hitt
allocated uithin tanks of ench marb and model.
Now that your hits are allocated to the enemy teams, the EXcEEDS
next step is to determine the effects of your shooting. If your opponent's
Amour Sauero/l is greatiia
Like the roll to hit, the roll to sve can represent a tltan lour weapon'sAnti-tanh rating, their Armour
n u m b e r o f d i f f e r e n rr h i n g s .F o r e x m p l e . w h m a h e a v i l y Saue is successful. 7he shot has no efect hauing
armoured tank makes a successful save from a direct hit, harmlessly of the ranh's armour.
i r m a y b e r h a r r h e s h e l ls t r u c k r h e r a n k a r s u c h a n a c u r e
a n g l e t h a L i t b o u n c e d r i g h r o f l r h e r h i c k s t e e lp l a r i n g EQUALSANTI.TANKRATING
without penetrating. Likewise a burst ofre might have Ifyour opponentiArmour Saueroll exattly equals
passed between the soldiers ofan infanrry team withour weapon'sAnti-tanh rating theTfailed theirArmour
actually hirring anyone. Use your imaginarion when Abhough your shot didn't ?enetrate tl)e tank's armour,
thinking about what may have happened to your mini- might till haue some efert.
ature troops on the battle6eld! To detemine the efect ofthe hityou rnust tahe a
Rolling to saue is done in two ?a/ts: lett. Koll dnorb(r drc.
. .
loar o??onent rolls to saue their teamsfrom the worst If the roll equals or exceedsyour wealton's
efeets ofyur hin, rhen rating, the rrew panic and Bail Our.
. lf thel failed to saue their teaml loa roll to destroy . Ifthe roll is lower thdn ylur aea?oni Firepower rat
them, abhough unprotected tdrgett are dtstroyed the shot has no efect and the tanb continues in
ourright iftheyfail their saue, unharmed.


[f lour opplnenti Armour Saue roll is les than
For each hit on an enemy tank, your opponent rolls an
ueaponi Anti-tdnh rating theyfailed their Armour Sau;
ilmour save to see if their tank's armour stopped the
shot. Tb determine the efect ofthe hityu musttahe a
te"t. Rolt another die.
\Vhen a hit is scoredon an Armoured uehicle, tbe owning
, If the roll equals or exceedslour weapon's
player takes an Armour Saue. Tbey roll a die and add:
. rating, the tanb b Destroled.
7he uehicle'sAmour rating.
. Ifthe roll is lower than your weapon'sFirepower
. An additional +1 ifthe range between tlte team tltat
the shot failed to do signifcant damage to the
scored the hit and the team mabing the saue is ouer
but thecrea still Baik Out ofthe tanhfearingthat
nextshotmight do worse.

T-)t'l wtrr B BAtr-t Qu|.

The thickest rrlnour on a tank is at the fiont. Slnart \Yltcn rol/irt,a tl,cir rtnotrr Stue. tl,e af?aLtcl1t usc: tltcir
t r o o p s r v i l l o u r f l , r n k : r nc n e m l ' t r n k t o s h o o t i r s s i t l eo r rclricllt lrcilt .u'illout' )ltitlt if tlrc [.iitt of'Sighr ol'tbt
rear l'herc their shots rvill penetrarenorc casrL\l firirg ttttrtt is in.fiart o.ft /irtc t/.rtu,tt rcro:t of
Vlhen the :ltooting pltyar hits a ntteted rcLic/t', tbc.1,rull the Lul/ or turrtt (tL,ltichtrcrutts l:ir). Otheru'i:c tht Srlt
ttrttLour rdtin.g i., tr:ut-
. Ou a :cora oJ l+. the slnt hits tl). turrcT. I.fthc Jirins tettn is in tht.fiont or :itlt o.f both tl't l,rll
. trd tttrraf, tltcrt'ls no ircad to ro/l n:eL'u,l,ith tt, i,it.
Othertri:e, it hits tht hul/.
Hits oit tu'ret/es: Ltel,iclcst/uut,: l,it ilte ltull.

t5 JN FRCN 0F itE ?ART li lra tl|tt CR 13 F<Clr'iil ilgA?ANMOUNI.

i4NK ]s tN FR?NIcF BaTil

ils sftR,.fltrAr'i
--! --<<a- -o:T
a--- t\) : lnt ?AN-1ER
3l6HTFRA,v' cN T'tlRBAs
ANvI{HERE 4N( 4\t rrg 31N6 6 A33AUL7 GtN.ALL
3rc3 r'.Lenrr - F<aNTAR,I4oUR.

THe3U6 6, sC lr r,ta

le 6 aDR jlN cAN sspacfi]igr

)<aJ I-a LI\e C !'- - r -.
1t'etlf FRo[ tstND a - -
r<5 54C-
3--6 3,.: - ",-3


..,1+': .3
ANkS ftAvg Si,Ult-ARil]lCKNSSsCF {Q./|,CUR
CN'f 5ir ANDir.i
R9AR.SC$E aVENHtV SLt61tt tcKee ARu,)URaN lNE aEARC
-.a --e -aa.. ce:\_ aev:rQ!
c:,t\-ERBt-t\c ,j-- )c

DVrnicrs'Svss NF SAVs
Sofskinned vehicles like trucks md jeeps have no lnfantrymen rely upon whatever
armour at all. This makes them particularly vulnerable. they can find, or improvise, to protect theniiiT
\Yhen you hit an Unarmoured uehicle team (a Tanh or from the effects ofhits. Fortunarely, even an.l
Tians?lrt team with a Top armour rating of'-'), your apparently open battlefield has many places in
op?onent must take an Unarmoured Whicle Saue to seeif which troops can take temporary cover-dips
your shot causedany serious amage. The opposingplayer hollows, or denre patchesof undergrow rh-and
a r e t r a i n e dr o d o j u s r t h a t !
. Ifrhe re'ulr i, 5+, the uehiclc suruiues unltarmed apart For eaeh hit on an en(m)t lnfantry team, yur
some holes in the bodyuorb mutt tahe an Infantry Saue to seeifyour shot caused
. serious damage. Tlte opposing plal,er rolls a die.
Otheruise, the uehicle is automaticalty Dexroyed.
. Ifthe result is 3+, the team suruiues largely unha
GUN SHIELDS VEHICLES . Otberuise, unley the teem is in Bulletproof Couer,
there arent enough armoured selpropelled anti- is De*royed.
L a n k g u n s r o g o a r o u n d . s o l d i e r ss t a r t m o u n r i n g g u n s
on trucks to get mobiliry instead. V/hile these portee
mounts aren't armoured, at least the gun shield might
\Xlhile gunners can hit the dirt, they have to get up
oiwe <nme nrnrertinn

and move about to load and fire the gun, making

If an Unarmoured Tanh team uith a Gun Shield on its
m o r e v u l n e r a b l et h a n i n l m t r y .
weapon h bit by a weapon fring fom i.nfront of a line
When you hit an enemy Gun tedm, ylur o?ponent mus,
drawn across the gun shield, the uehicle does not ltaue
tabe a Gun Saue to see if your shot cause any ierioai.
a saue dt all. Instead, the shooting player must take a
damage. The opposing playr rolk a die. ".
Firepower Tx for each hit.
, Ifthe ruub is 5+, thry escape
uithout seriousinjury.
. If the roll equals or exceetls the weapon's FirEower
. Otherwise, unles tbe team is in Bulletproof Couea
rating, the uehicle is Destroled.
. is Drtroyed.
Otherwise, the Gun Shieltl protects the uehicle and
creu from harm.
If hit in any other fashion, the uehicle has its usual 5+ V/hen working their gun, gunners are forced to clump
Unarm oure d Veh i cle Sa oe togerher more rhan infantry. However, if rhey go ro
ground, they can spread out and take full advantage
SAVES cover, making them much less vulnerable.
Reconnaissancejeeps and motorcycles are small and
Any Gun teams that are Gone to Ground (tbdt is, did
their crews are trained to move stealthily and rake cover
ruoue and did not sltoot), euen if not Concealed, haue a
, , i . L k , , , . , 1 . ,c . "
3+ saue instead ofa 5- saue. This does not app to teans
Unarmoure uehicles that are Warrior, Independent, or
that are only Gone to Ground becausetltey are behind
Recce teams (including all Motorcycle Reconnaissance
Smohe Marker. Remember, hits must be allocated to
teams) saue o a roll of3+ instead ofthe usua/ 5+.
teams before teams thdt are Gone to Ground.
; t ,'.,

Manning a gun in the thick ofbattle is a hazardous job.
wepons are just so powerfi.rl that there is no
To offset the increased vulnerability of gun crews to
ofsurviving a hit from them. These heary guns
enemy fire, many guns have a bulletproof gun shield.
often mounted in tanks and selpropelled guns
to break through enemy defensive lines. Gun Shiel* prouide your Gun teams with Bulletproof
Couerfrom shotsfredfrom infontofa line drawn across
teams, Gun teams, ?assengers, anrJ IInarmoured
the front of the teami base. Shotsfrecl from behind this
automatically fail their Saues when hit by a
line hit the unprotected crew behind it.
Gun or a Bunber Buster. 7l1is does not
to Artillery Bombardments Geepage 121). Gun Shields r/o not prouide cluer to tellms mouing At the
D ou b le, nor fro m art i I lery bom bardments.

ofthe chiefadvantages ofinfantry is their ability to
Tioops in the opn are always targeted by enemy fire
the muimum use of any available cover Although
before those in cover.
nprotected infantry are vulnerable, infantry in trenches
\Y/hen1,ouare sbooting at d ?latoon that has some teams in
o r h e r b u l l e t p r o o f c o v e rc a n b e v e r y d i f f i c u l r r o k i l l .
BulletproofCouer and others that dre not, lour oPponnt
soft cover like trees and hedges conceals your
must allocate hits to the unproteed teams before allocar
making them harder to hit, it wont stop a bullet
ing hits to those in BulletproofCouer, subject to the usual
does nothing to protect them once hit.
rulesfor allocating hits. 7he exception to this is thdt a hit
Dug In Infantry or Gun team, or one in a Building
', Trench Linr, from a weapon with the Bunker Buster dttribute must
Gun Pir. or 'inilar bul/erproof
a/ways be a/located to a team in a Bui/ding before a tean
is in Bulletproof Couer.Likewise,an InJntry outside a Builing.
Gun team Concealed by a Building, stone uall,
age hedgerou, or similar bulletproof terrain is in MIXED FIREPOWER RATINCS
Couer. Tioops will always direct the fire of their heaviesr
the target lnfantry or Gun rcams are in Bul/aproof weapons againsr anv enemy thar are shehering behind
the couer mighT protect them, euen though they bulletproof cover.
their saue. To determine the efect ofthe Bulletproof If hits are being allocated to botlt teams in Bulletproof
, take a Flrepower Tist Couer dnd unprotected teams, hits allocated t0 the teams
If the roll equak or exceeds1,our weaponi Firepower in BulletproofCouer must be those with the bestFirepower
ratlng, ]our weapon b/ew through the couer and the rdtinq.
tdrget team is Destroyd. Iflnfantry or Gun tetms are the Prioritl Trget T1,pe(see
If the roll is lower than your ueaponi Firepower page 94), then the Allocating Firepower rule has prac-
rating, the couerprotects the team Jrom harm. adence, otherwise the Mixed Anti-tanh Rating rule (see
page 95) has precedence.

Timsport vehicles are not intended to fight. They might \ X / h i l er h e a r m o u r m a y p r o t e c r i r a n d
be armoured, but even then they know they dont stand creq even bullets and ricochets can
much chance in a fight, so they run whn shot ar. unprotected men from its exterior.

Iyou hit a Tnk rcam carrying Pa.'sengers,euery

TRANSPoRTS team carriedfu the Thnk team is abo hh b7.the
A r m o u r e d v e h i c l e s ,s u c h a s h a l f - r r a c k r .m a y c o n s i d e r
ueapon and your oPPo,nent must lahe a 5+
hanging around under fire as they do have a reasonable
Sauefor eacbof then instead..of their usuhl Infrintry
c h a n c eo f s u r u i v i n g .
Gun Saae.7hePmsengeri.are not in Bulletproofcouei
Armoured Transport teams roll sauesin the sarne wa1 tltat no Firepower Tstis needdto Destlqt them.
Armoured Thnk teams do. If you Destrol an Armoured 'lanb
If the team receires muhiple hits from the
Tiails?ort team, euery Passenger carried by the Transport
platoon's shooting each Pasenger team tabes one /tit
tel1m must pas a 5+ Passenger Saue or be Datroyed.
each hit on their uehicle.
Any suruiuing Passengerteams immediately Dismount
All suruiting Passengerrearus immediately
Under Fbe and their platoon is now Pinned Down
{Jnder Fire and their platoon is nou Pinned Doun (t
(vepage 104).
page I 04)
Ifany Armoured Tiansport tedms in a pktoon were BaiJed
Out or Destroyed, the platoon must tabe a Motiuation Test
at the end ofthe Shooting Step.
. If it passes,all Bailed Out Armouretl Tiansport teams
in the platoon immediately Remount (seepage 102),
ceasing to be Bailed Out.
. Otheruise, all Pasenger teams immediately Dismount
Under Fire and the platoln's Tianspot tedms are Sent
to the Rear.

\l/hen transport vehicles come urder re, the
drivers drop their cargos and high tail it to safety.
lYhen yu hit an Unarmouretl Tiansport team (uhether
or not you Dutroy it), euery Passenger canied by the
Transport team must pas a 5+ Pasenger Saue or be
Destroyed. If all of tbe Passengers in d Tiansport team
are Destroyed but the aehicle is not, the Transport Te/1mis
Sent to the Rear immediately.
lfanyTransporr teams in the platon were De,troyed.rhen
all suruiaing.Pasenger tedms mounted in Unarmoured
Transport teams immediately Dismount Under Fire
and all Unarmoured Tiansport teams in t/te platoon are
Destroyed and remouedfrom the table. Their platoon is
now Pinned Dou,n (seepage 104).


S o m er i m e sr r o o p sw i l l b e l o r c e d r o d i s m o u n r f r o m r h ei r
vehicles rhey come under heary fire.
lf its transport is De,troyed o, ,emoueo[ a a rcsu/r of
shooting, any suruiuing Pasenger teams must immedi,
ate$ Dismount, mouing up to 4"/10cm, but no closer to
the shooting teams as it does so.
IJ necesary Tiansport teams (other than Wrecks of
Armoured Transport teams) can be remouedfrst to crate
spactJar rhe Parengers to Dismount. Ifrhere is no room
for a Pa:senger tury to Dismount, t/ten the Passenger
ream is Destroycd.
are a thick. metal shell filled with flammable fuel immediate Motiuation 7st instead of placing a second
explosive ammmition and their crews like being marker
rnr,liveaboursmuch asthe next guy.Sowhen they . If the test is ?aved, theihot has no ffict
alaiound penetrate their tank, they usualiy jurp out . tf the ten is failed. rhe lcw decides rhar it\ too dan-
:fast.aspossible. After thefre sure the tank isnt going
geoat to Remount their uehicle and the rchicle is
b u r n r h e y ' l lg e t b a c k i n a n d c a r r y o n .
Flames Of War, we describe any armoured vehicle
t isnt operational, but at the same time isn't obvi- BAILED
sly destroyed. as bailed out A crew thar h bailed our of ir, tmk is understand-
covers wide range of situations. A tank may be ably neruous about getting back in again. It might yet
telywrecked, but becauseit's not burning neither explode, and even ifit doesnt, the enemy have its range
can tell what's happening, or the crew could still be a n d c o u l d e a r i l yp u t a n o r h e rr o u n d i n r o i r i f i r s h o w s
inside the tank, but stunned from the impct signs oflife again. However, once a brave crew has taken
bigh-velocity shells. Mostly, bailed out means tht a moment to establish that the vehicle is not going to
rew have abandoned their tank and are miting to blow up on them, they will get back in and continue
if it is going to explode, or whether it is safe to get to fight.
tn. During the Starting Step at the stdrt ofyour turn, roll a
a maiker to indicate that an Armoured uehicle has Motiuation Tstfor each Bailed Out Armoured uehicle.
Biled Out. Bailed Out uehicles may nzt nou or . Iftbe test is tuccessful, the creu Remounts their uehicle.
(including Shooting,fring Artillery Bombardments Remoue the Bailed Out marer. The uehicle can now
f.gbiing in Asaubs) until the tea Remountthe act as normal this turn.
' If you fail the Motiuation Test, the crew is still too
matt Dismount from a Bailed Out uehicleat shaben to fght, and you'll haue to tuait antil the start
siart of their next Mouement Step as normal, oflour next turn to roll again.

takes guts to keep fixing your vehicle under fire.
troops simply cut and run when the enemy starts
,ime d uehicle thar is alreay Bailed Out or Boged
woull be forced to Bail Out again (whether
or fom asauh or any other reason), tahe an

In F'kmes OJWar, a team is destroyed when, for lvhateyer A Destroled Armoured uehicle is not Terraii,
reason, it can no longer function. This docs not neces- but does haue sornesimilar efetts to Tetain.
sarilv mean that all its soldiers are dead. For example, De,r,o)ed Arryoured uehjcle,are \/s1u (,otng. leams
tank ctews often survive their tank getting knocked mn)t not end their Mouement on top of a
out. An irfantry tcarn rnay have been so terrorized Armoured uehicle.
bv an artillery bombardment that they have become
A Dutroyed Armaured uehic/e Conceals any team seen
psl.chologic:rl casualties and have lled to the rear areas
through it (ignoring the smobe p!um), and prouides
to recovr.'1hese guys will be back, but not befbre the
BulletprooJ Couer to tetms immedidtefi behind it in the.
Fkmes AJVarbatrie is long over. \X/hatever the damage,
tdme wd! as d Linaar Obstacle
the destroyed team is out ofaction for the duration of
Like teamsJcing each other acrossn wall in an assault;
the batde.
Iumr Iouchiqg rhe wnechcount as being in eontnct with
Retnoue all destroyd Infantry and Oun teams ancl
tellmt olt the atber side of the wrecb in dn assau/t (
Unannaured uehiclesfrom the tab/e.
page 148).

fhe abandoned rvrccksofdesrroyecl tanks litter the bat-
tlefield, often srill burning.
Leaue Destroyed Arruoured uehic/es on the table. Mark
them as Destroled by placing a plume of stnohe on the
mode/ representing smohe and fame from internal Jires.

,' l*q

if you doni mne ro kill the enemy with your WARRIoRSAND INDEPENDENTS
the weight of re may pin them down. For
Senior officers and arLi[ery ob.erverr are relatively in-
irnder suchintensefire, fomard progressii im-
conspicuous targets and can move about and take cover
, and evenshootingis difficult. Soldierskep
quite freely,even under heary 6re.
a profrle possible,only popping up occionally
Warrior teams and lndependent tedms (annlt be Pinned
a quick shot beforeducking back under coven
Down except while thel hauejoined a platoon.
pktoon that tabes at leattfte hits in a single Shooting
becomesPinned Down. Thesehits can be from any A Varrior team or Independent team that has joined a
platoon is Pinned Down ifthe platoon they hauejoined is
or combination ofsources, as long as allfue hits were
in ite same ShooringStrp. In addirion, /1platoon Pinned Doun, but ceasesto be Pinned Doun when they

tahesd singlehit fom an Artillery Bombardment leaue tbe platoon at the end olrhe Srep
ige page J2)) or Air Attach (seepage 177) also becomes
a Pinned Doun marher uith the Platoon Command the attack grinds to a halt, the men need to
to shou that a ptatoon is Pinned Doun. regather their wits and courage, and get moving again.
If yur platoon is Pinned Doun, you ma! attmpt to
WHILEPINNEDDOWN Rally Lt in the Starting Step at the star"t ofyour turn. Roll
either hit the dirt or retire when the incoming a Moriuation Testfor the platoon
gels too heary. On the otherhmd, umouredvehicles . If the test is successful, the platoon recoaers
fully and is
relatively unaffected by incoming fire.
imnediately ready to continue the baxle. Remoae the
end Gan teams and Unarmoured uehicles in a Pinned Down ryarkcr.
ned Down platoon may not moue rloset ToanJ (neml . Otheruise, the olatoon remaint Pinned Doun.
in Line lfsight, nor moueinto Line ofSight ofany
enem!tam.Armoureduehicles in a PinnedDown Since armoured vehicles ue unaffected by being pinned
may mouefreely. down, there is no need to record that a platoon consist-
ing soiely of armoured vehicles is pinned down.
troops can still shoot, but at reduced
from having to duck the enemies' bursts of fire
and Gun teams and Unarmoured uehicles in a
Down pktoon can still shoot, prouided thel do
moue. lYhile Pinned Down teams reduce their ROF
half shoun in the ROF \Y/hen Mouing Table on
91, or if they starred with ROF L add a t I penalry
tbe tcore to hit the target
uehicles (uhether Fu/ly-armoured or Open
do not reduce their ROF when Pinned Doun.
doun teams cannot fre Artillery Bombardment:
page 121) unles they are Armoured aehicles
The platoon commander is responsible for seeing rhar
their platoon carries out its part in the overall battle
plan. If the plaroon's command team is wipecl out, \fhen an attack stalls due to the loss of leaders. a

leaving a platoon leaderless,the platoon's advance stalls. oficer can go over and appoint a new leader to get rhe
It will 6ght on bravely, but it will fight where it stands. m o v in g r g r i n .

A platoon that does not ltaue a Plntoon Command tenm lfyour eompanl or 2iL Command ream does nor Join

cannot moue in tbe Mouemant Step but lts teams can sti/l anJl platoon in the Sbooting Step and does not shoot,

rotte on the spot, Dismount, or Dig In. may appoint any Thnle, Infantry or Gun team t/tat
zuithin Command Distance, and from a pldtoon in
Platoons can continue to fght and tahe Motiuation Tests
lan com?dnJ Qncluding atTached supporting
as norma/ without n Plntoon Commantl team.
that does nlt haue a Platoon Command team, as th
platoon\ new Plntoon Command team.
tVhen an olficer's tankgets stuckor Ifthe appointed tean is a Tanh team, it becomesthe
damaged, rheysimply
swap it with some lucklessjunior tank commander and Pldtoon Command team. If the tedm is ttn Infantl
carry on. Gun te/1m, re?ldcit tuith the origina/ Platoon Com
team if rlnr was an In1nrr1 team, or a spare ( ,
lf ane of your Command fank teams is Bogged Dowru or
Rife team otberwise
Bailed OuL you ma!, at the end ofdny Step in your turn,
tdbe ouer dilltlrer tdnk (aJter any Platoon Morale Checles Ihe new Platoon Command team is appointed at the
you need to tdke). Dtignate another Thnk team that is of the Shooting Step. netu Platoon Command
within Command Distance of the old Command team as can shoot this Stap, only the Company or 2iC Com
the neu Commdnd team. team is preuented frorn shooting while appointing a new.
command. team
Higher Command tedns may tnke ouer anl friendly tank.
Company and 2iC Command teamt mal take ouer any
tanh in their company ftncludiilg attached supporting
S c n i o ro f f i t e r . h a v e r h c a u r h o r i r y r o a p p o i n r c o m m a n d -
platoons). P/atoon Comrnand teams may only take ouer
ers for any platoon in the orce.
d tdnk om their own pktoon. Houeuer, noue can tnl<e
ouer a tanb from an Allied platoon (re page 70) A Higher Command team maj dppoint a new Platoon
Lorymand tary in tl'e snryc u q)/ os a Lompany
7heB oggedD oun or Bai led () ut tank remains in p /ay.How -
L-ommand tearn
euer,it is no Ionger the Command tank. Instead it becomes
part ofthe Platoon the taben-ouer tdnk ctme from. Howeuer, while a Company Command team
onQ appoint a Pktoon Commtnd team for their
Since the Command team takes their own crew with tLant
rcrydtry. a Highe, ( nmmnqd t(om ma1 aploinr a
ro crew !heir nt w rank. giuing rl,cir n/d rank t, thcjr ttcu
Platoon Command team to an! pldtoon in the force
tank's crew, both teams rtain theil oun Motiuation and
thel can Join.
Skill ratings and their own specia/ ru/es.Any special abili,
ties such as tlte German Tiger Ace skilLs (sre page 244)
nznsfer with the Command team to their new uehicle,
and the platoon applies its skills to the uehicle they gained
from the Command team.
Unless both ue/ticles are Recce teams (ee page 193),
neither uebicle is a Recce team aJter the transfer.

V/hen a commander is forced our of his vehicle, his
in{luence on the battle is temporarily curtailed.
While a Higher or Company Command Tanb team is
Bailed OuL it no longer alhas the platoon it is leading to
re-ro// failed Motiuation 7bsts.Howeuer, in the Sttrting
Step the Commanc/ Thnh team mdj attempt to Remount
their own tank frst (seepage I 02), then ifsucssful grant
the re-roll to the remainder ofthe platoon.

i are made up ofa gqoup ofsoldiers all ofwhom Platoon Morale Chech), roll a die.
t o g e e r t o d o t h e i r j o b . l l s e v e r a la r e k i l l e d o r . On a rol! of ++ you hillcd or seriously wounded e
the remining individual soldiers are lnable uarrior and the rcam is Desrroycd.
c o n t i n u e a l o n e ,. o c a r r y l h e * o u n d e d r o r h e r e r o r . Orherwise. the owning plaler Dntrols dnl orhff
nother tem.
friend$ Infantry team that is uithin Command
officers however. are a different marrer. Distance of the Wrrior tenm instead as the uarrior
r indinidual fate matters-a lot. There is a good ca/ls them ouer to form a n(w team. lf rhere are no
that an olficer will survive the destruction of suitable Infantry teams, the Varrior is Destroled.
r command team and their exoerience allows them
reform it from nearby soldiers and continu with WARRIoRGUNTEAMCASUALTIES
lr loD. Gunners need guns. Warriors are too hard-6ghting to
oic soldiers are similar. Unlike normal soldiers, they let something minor like the loss of the ir own gun stop
i s t o p j u s r b e c a u s er h e around em do. them. Iftheir own gun is knocked out, they run to the
s i m p l y g a r h e rm o r e r o l d i e r r L o g e r h ear n d c a r r yo n next gun in the unit and rak command ofit instead.
o n l l w a y t o s t o p r h e m i r L o a c r u a l l yk i l l r h e m . If you Destroy an eneml Warrior that is a Gun team by
sbooting or assault (but n7t /1sa resuh of afuiled Platoon
Morale Checkl, roll a die.
. On a roll of ++ you killcz{ or seriously wounded the
warrior and the team is Des*oyed.
ARRIORTANK TEAM CASUALTIES . Otherwise, replace dnJ/ other friendly Gun team
alucky shot kills or seriously wounds the warrior, equipped bith the samc ueapon that is within
loss of rheir tank won't stop them. They simply walk Comryand Diuance af rhe Warrior tcam with the
to anothr tank and take it over from its previous Warrior Gun tenry. tbe Lun rcam that rhe wqrrior
replaced is Des*oyed. If there are no suitable Gun
Destroy n (n(m! Warrior that is a Tanh team by teams, the Warrior is Destroyed.
or assauh (but nlt as d result ofa failed Platoon
,Check), roll a die
The leadership of senior oficers is more important than
On a roll of 1+ you hilled or seriously wounded the
their combat abiliry They ride in jeeps or haltracls to
warrior and the team is Destroyed.
get to where they are needed quickly. Fortunatell', there
Otheruise, the awning player ma1 designate any other isnt much ofa jeep that actually needs to keep working
fiendly Tanh team that is uithin Command Distance lor it to function. It can be riddled with trullet holes and
ofthe Warrior team for tbe warrior to take ouer as tlte
srillget the olcer ro where rheynced ro be.
rieu Warrior team. 7he tanh that the warrior tooh
If you Destrol an enenj Warrior that is a Tiansport
oer nou counts as Drnoyed to the platooil it came
team by shooting or assauh (but not as a rruh ofa failed
:; fom. If there are no suitable Tank teams, the Warrior
I-laroon Morale Chech). roll a di,
is Dectrcyed.
. On a roll of 4+ yu killed or seriously wounded the
the uarrior taes their own creu uith them to creu
warrior and the team is Dexroy,ed.
neu trznl?, the! retain their own Motiuation and
. Otheruise, the Warrior's uehic/e is riddled with bullet
ratiigs and their oun special rules. Unler the tanle
taleeouer is also a Recceteam, the Warior team is no ho/es, but is still driueable. The Warrior tedm contin-
a Recce team ifthey were before. aes on unharmed and is not Destroyed.

iors Iighting on foot still fight as part of a team
othef soldiers covering them and supplying exrra
.rd ammunition. V4rile most teams cease to
alter a few cualties, warrior is not so easily
As long as they arent actually disabled, they
g a t h e ra n e w t e a m t o r h e m r e l v e sa n d c a r r y o n
you Destroy dn enemJt Warrior that is an Infantry
by ,hooring or assault (but nor u a rcsult ofa failed
Sometimes ,vour weapons won't destroy the enemy EFFECT
oF SMoKE I.:..-
quickly enough to prevent them from wreaking havoc It takes more smoke. mmunition thn mos
on your own troops first. One way to protect yorir weapons have t produce a screen dense enoughir
troops in the meanwhile is to re smoke t the enemy and long-lasting enough to completely block vision.
to temporarily impair their vision. A tedm cdnnot tee llnother team at ouer'16"/40cm
Only weapont lisred as hauing the Smoke anribute in thei, all Lines of Sight betien tltem enter or pass
Arsenal uay firc smoke.Some weapon, can alsof re Smohc -\moke lyldrPeft-

Bombardmenrs (se(pag( IJb). Ifa/l Lines ofSight fon a Shooting or Sponing ream
dn enem! team pats through Smobe marhers, the
SHooT SMoKEFIRST teaw is both Conculed and Gone to Ground,
Smoke screens take time to develop. If you dont fire
ofall other consiclerationt, exce?t in Dtfensiue Fire
them at the ilrsr opportuniw, the enemy will shoor back
it only ConceaL ,seepage t 52).
while you are still waiting for your screen to form.
Ifany Line ofSighr from a 5hooting or Sporring rom
Weaponsshooting Smoke must shoot before other wedpont
the enemL team does not ?ts through a Smoke
in the sameplatoon.
rfu Smobe 5r,een ha, no efect.

FIRING SMOKE AMMUNITION A Smoke Screen is not a Trrain Feature

Smoke ammunition is used much like any other, except
thar when it hits it doesnt explode but gives off a dense
Smoke shell' donl burn for long so rhe smoke dr
cioud of white smoke instead.
away quite quickly. 'i/ithin a few minutes the target
Use tlte normal sbooting rules to deiermine the number of
be able to shoot again, so make sure you are ready
hit: scored. Unlike normal shloting, Theshooting player
ir hrppen'.
may choosewhicb teams out ofthe ualid targets uere bit
[n the Starting Step at th stdrt oflour next turn,
when Jiring smohe ammunition.
all Smake markers thnr you frcd.
For each hit scored, place tuo Smoke markers 2"/5cm
in diameter and 2"/5cm tall (balls of cotton wool worl<
well), one on either sitle of a /ine running betueen t/te
centre of the shooting mldel dnd the centre of the target
model, to form a 4"/ I )cm wide sneen directl, in front of
the rclected tdrget tedm. The hit has n0 other elct.

You can only lire smoke ar enemy reams.lVhile firing

smoke at friendly teams may seem like a good idea, the
likelihood ofconfusion airtl friendly casualtiesis too high
ro make it worthwhile.

are big solid objecr'. You canr 'ee rhrough The font of a Thnh team must be square up dgdinst a
but you may be able to see oYer them uall to sltoot through it. Tieat that wal/ as hauing an
'ding Opening through it tbdt is occupied by the tanlz. 7he tank
block Line ofSight through them. Tioops on one
of a Building are completely out of sight of any enemy can on$ shoot through this Apening. b carunot Rotdte
the other side, unlessofcourse they are positioned high its turret, so must mout to shoot through a diferent uall.
0 ree 7uer tht.0P,
\7hile troops cannot dig foxholes in a building, they
buildings provide exceptional . ^ , , - . ,h.., can knock loopholes in the walls to give them a better
atly restrict the visibility of those taking refuge field of fire.
ide-leaving large blind spots. Infantry teams that Dig In (seepage 51) while in a
'amsin Buildings only baue Line ofSight to tedmt outride Building do not createfoxhoLes. Instead thry Loophole the
they are square up against one or mlre Openings. The ualls, giuing them Line of Sight through all walk they
Field ofFire ofa team f;ring out dn Opening is euerything are square against as iJthey were at an Opening. As with
in Jiont of a line drawn along the wall that the Opening any Digging In, if the team moues, they lose the benefts
tn oJ'their Loopholes.

Infarutry team has a FieLl of Fire through any or all Enemy teams shooting at d team that has Loopholed a
the Openings it is square up agdinst, regardless of its wall also shoot as if there were Openings in a/l wa/ls that
Field of Firc. Gun ream, can onl), shnot out nn the team is square up agdinst.
ng in font oJ'them Loopboles cannot be used for an1 other purpose. You
one tel1m can baue Line oJ Sight through an cdnnot moue or asaub through them.
Opening unless tlte modelled Opening is wider than the
i base. For wider Openings, as man! teams dt can
It is almost impossible to distinguish rhe occupants of
completeb into the Opening together can use it at the
a dark building fron outsidc, so mosr shooring is at the
time, with an additional team using the reuaining
openings rather than a specic occupnr.
in the Opening ifthere is any.
Tam: with a [,ine of Sight to an Opening into a Building
A N K SS H O O T I N GF R O M B U I L D I N G haue Line oJSight to eur! team in the Bui/ding. Teamsin
a tank wants to shoot out of a building, it simply a Building aluays count as Concealed and in Bulletproof
ives out through a wall, swings its gun to the Front, Couer, euen to tedms in the same Bui/direg excePtdgainst
and back' into thc hole it jusrmadc. Defensiue Fire during assaults (seepage I 52).

SHooTIN6BUILDINGS BecauseoJ the damage it has done to the Building uthile
\X4rile buildings provide exceilenr prorecrion from mouing in. a ltnh ream .an b? '(n througlt aay a'a//
most weaponsi some guns irrc big enough to make the ofthe Bui/dirug it is in (but remains Concenled), euen
building a.leathtrap. One hit is likely to kill everyone there is no Opening mode/led in that wa//.
When a weapon with tbe Bunher Brcter attribute scores
t l)it oLt d tean in a Bui/ding, it rt/so scoresd hit ott
euery otl)er InJdntry or Gun team in the Building. IJ'the
Building has mubiple rolms, or tlte target platoon is oc-
cupying seueralBuildings, tbe shooting plqte may choose
wbich room dnd Building is hit b1 each shot.


Tanks nake a total mess of a building u,hen thcl'drive
through ir, smashing walls and bringing dorvn half of
rhe ceiling.
solitry hunters with telescopic sights on their PERFECTLY
are the .tuff ol- legend.. They usually work in A good sniper's hide is chosen so that the sniper will
r s . O n e s h o o r sw h i l e r h e o t h e r s p o L s .r e l l l n g r h e m i l renain invisible, even vi'hen they shoot.
w e r e h i g h , l o w l e t , o r r i g h r . T h e p a i r s p e n d sh o u r s Sniper teams arc Conrealed and Gone to Ground, euen
hidden, unable to moye, waiting for their prey to when they shoot. Tltry are also in BulletproofCouer.
i n L o r h e i r s i g h r s .T h e n . u i t h o n e s h o r r h e y b r i n g
A Sniper tearn maj not fre if there are any fiendly teams
enemy down
aithin 4"/1A{m, as the presenc ofthese troops will giae
ioers dontkill asmanysoldiers asa machine au), their hid?.
t h e p e r s o n a ln a r u r eo f r h e i r s h o o t i n g m a k e st h e m
more fearsome than an indiscriminate machine-gun. EXPERT
leader im rally his men to advmie into machine- S n i p e r sa r e e x c e l l e n st h o r s ,< h o o r i n gm y o n e u h o m o v e s ,
re, but even the act ofwaving yor men forward m a k i n g i r d i f f i c u l r t o L e e pu p e m o m e n t u m o f a r t a c k .
death in the face ofa skilled sniper
A Sniper may re-roll any failed Roll to Hh. Any platoon
Snipers haue the following characteristics.Snipers hit by a Sniper team is automatically Pinnetl Doun.
Indeperulent Infantry teams an always rated as
Vneran. Although Sniprrs are lndependent DRIVEN
thejt may not Join pktoons If the enemy discover rhe sniper's hide, a smart sniper
ilters are armed with a sniper rifle. realisesthe game's up and gets out.

bapon Range ROF Anti-tanh Firepouer If Sniper team is Destroled, the plaler tbat Destroyed
iper rife 16"/40cm I 0 4+ it rolk a die.
. On a score of4+, they knock out the sniper.
HIDE . Otherwise, the Sniper team slips auay and is placed
i p e r s s n e a ko u t j n t h e d a r k n e s sb e f o r ed a w n , m o r i n g
bacleinto your pool ofSnipers read.I t0 rturn later.
into their chosen hide. Once in position they
Sniper teams cannot be assaubed. Instead, ifa team that
it p*tiently for their prey.
can Charge int7 Coiltact is uithin 4"/l)cm ofan enemy
terrmJ tue neuer deployed at the start of the
Sniper team during the Araub Step (seepage 111), h
Instead, they are held of table in a Sniper Pool.
can attemPt t0 catch the Sniper. To tlo so, the player rolls
beforeyou Roll for Reserues
in the Starting a die:
)t7u mdj place any of your Sniper teams in any . On a scoreof4+, they hnocb lut the sftiper remouing
Fearurr in lour lwn Deployncnt Area or No
the team from the game.
Land such tbar rhr Sniper ream is not wirhin
. Otherwise, the Sniper team slips aaay and is placed
11cm of any enemy team.
bacb into your poo/ ofSnipers ready to return later.
TERNATEHIDES AttemPting to catth the Sniper does not Preuent the team
the tactical situation changes or a sniper's hide h
from tahing part in an asaub later in the Assau/t Step.
discovered, they will sneak offand occupy a previ-
reconnoitred alternative position.
tbe Mouement Steplou mdl attemPt to rem7ue a
r ream fom the rablc. To do thi', ro/1 a die
On a roll of4+, you can remoue the Sniper and put it
bach into your pool ofSnipers readl to beplaced again
in a future turn.
Otberwise,the Sniper c/tnnot moue safe/yat the
momentdnd remainswheretheyare.
from being rcmoued like rhis, oncc po:itioned a
tedm cdnnot moue for an! reailn. If they haue
mouefor an1 ruton, rhe), are Dcstro\el and remoued
the gawe
1,.* r:lrl,i::l:.-:r-.
iil : &i@:]:!;}1

Most tanks have a main gun nounted in

t h c i r r u r r e ra n L ln r r n c r o u . n r , rl,r i n e - g u n r .

A big rnain gun is important if a tank is
going to knock out orher tanks and shoot
up infantrv in frtied positions.
AMain ()un is any uehic/e,mountad weapon
other tlun the Whicle Mnchine-gurts listtd
on the Jllouittg pages, Somc tanks dre on/1
arruac/ u,ith ndc/tine-gtns dnd do not h/1rc
d Main (]tn.

Most nain guns:lre mounred in rotating
turrets allowing rirem to engage an), targer
they can see.Unlessotheru-iseindicated all
irain guns are tufret mounred.
Turrct-moutted guns harc nt ttLL-nund
Irie Id of Firc.

Expense, the rveight oF rhe gun, or Lhe
size of thc vehicle can lorcc :l ranK ro nave
its main gun mounted in the hull rvith a
limited field of hre.
A Hull-mountetl uedpoil hdt a lS},degree
Field of Fire either in fonr oJ a line dnuurt
atross thefront or to the rear oJ'a /inc drtu,n
atross the rear of the ucltic/e (destending on
ultere tbe gwt is utounted).

\ o m c r a r r k . , . u . l ra , r h e U S M J r r . d i r r r n
tank (Crant in British service),mount rnorc
thirn one main gun. This is uot as useful as
it mav seem, since the gunncrs rely on the
conmander to give them targets and he
c a n o n l l , d o o n e L h i n ga t a r i m e l
Whiclas witb multipla Main Guns tnal Jire
both guns at t/te sdryc tiruc, dt cither the
ttme pldtoan or difrreut flem)t p/dtoo\ts.
Vbet.fring multiple Main Guns, yu ma.1t
choosetu/tit'h Mnln Gun Jires dt iti ilormd/
ROE All other Main Guns haue ROF l.
Tanks do not havc ro fire all of their guns
at oncc- They mal're onll.sorne, onc or
even non of thcir rveapons.
Remenrbcr, if a tank uroycs rhe ROf of its
nain gun tlrops to 1. Since anr.other main
surs that fire alre:rdy har.e RC)F 1, they
must add + i to the score needed to hir.

everyrarmy has its own designs of
machine-guns, they are all essen-
the same.
machine-guns baue a range of
16"/40cm.a ROFof 3, an Anri-rankraring
2, and a Firepouer rating of 6.
main exceptions to this are the vanous
ryweight .50 cal (halinch) machine-
n . u s e db y s o m e c o u n rr i e . f o r t h e i r e x t r a
n power against aircraft and
r armoured vehicles.
ca/ uehicle machine-guns haue a range
16"/40cm, a ROF of 3, an Anti-tank
of4, and a Fircpoac, rntingof5.

of the advantages of mounting a
ine-gun on a vehicle is that they tend
provide good shooting platforns. As a
vehicle machine-guns do not reduce
r ROF when moving.
Vehicle nachinc-guns do not reduee their
when mouing or Pinned Doun


tank wont get the full benefit of irs
ine-guns if it is busy firing other
rs well.
one uehicle machine-gun canfre at its
ROF 3 at a time and only if the uehicle
isn'tfring its Main Gun. Under all other
uehi cle m ach i n e-gun s redu te
ROF to I
of a uehiclel machine-guns mutt sbt)ot
the same platoon that the Main Gun it
Most tanla mount machine-gun i
Machine-guns are mounred on vehicles in many dif-
ferent ways, each of which has its own advanrages and the fiont ofthe hull for extra repower

limitations. Zhefdd of fre of a Hull MG includesea-

Both the normal uehicle MG and the heaaier .50 cal MG rytthingin font of a line acrossthefont of the
can be mounted on uehiclesin the following uays.
A Hull MG cannot fre at the same time as a
MG) mounted Main Gun.
Many vehicles are 6tted with anti-aircrafr machine,guns
to protect the crews from stra{rng and dive-bombing HULL-REAR MG
aircraft. These are fired by the crerv from the open Some armoured cars mounted a machine,gun in t
hatches of their vehicles. Manning the anti-aircraft r e a ro f r h e h u l l r o . o v e r r h e i r u i r h d r a w a l i F n e c e s r a r y
machine-gun during an assault invites a grenade through TheJield of fre of a Hull-rear MG includes
the open hatch if the defensive fire isn't effecrive. behind a /ine acro,' the rear ofthe uehiclci hu/l
An A MG has an all-round Field of Fire and is a Self
defenceAnti-aircrafi ueapon (see?dge I 82) albuing it to
A turret-f-ront MG is mounted beside the main gun,
engage aircraf as uel/ as targets on the ground. Houeuer,
unlike a co-u MG the gunner must shift positions i
fring an ,4.4 MG leaues tlte uehicle more uulnerable.
t h e r a n k r o o p e r a r ei t .
[n asauhs a tank tltat Jired an AA MG in this or the
preuiousplaycri turq ha, a 7op armour rating of0. A Turret-Jiont MG has an all-round Field of Fire,
cannotfre at the same time ^ the uebicle'sMain Gun.
machine-guns can befrer/ at the same time
as otber mdchine-guns, but not at the sdme time as a
Main Gun, since the commander and gun crew cannot \While not very practical for long-range
do two things at once.
machine-gun mounted in the back of the turret i
perfecr for discouraging boarders in an sault.
Couial or co-a machine-guns are mounred beside the A Turret-rear MG ma! nlt thoot, it is purely defensiue
main gun and aim along the same uis. This allows a In assault combat, if a hit fom an Infantry or Gun
gunner to keep shooting at the enemy using the co-uial is allocated to a Tank team armed uith a Thrret-real
machine-gun while he waits fbr the loader to reload the MG, the team that scored the bit uust take another
marn gun. Test.
Co-axial machine-guns may fre llt the sarue time as the . If they pass the second Skill Test, the asaultirug team
Main Gan it is mounted with, but only haue ROF I { getspast the machine-gun t0 hit the tanh and the
the Main Gun fru. must tabe /1n Armour Saue as norma/.
. If theyfail the stcond Skill Tst,the
MG managed to keep the infantry dt bd! and protect
Some tmks have their machine-guns mounred in a
tank, and the asaubing team fails to scora bit.
small turret r cupola above the marn turret.
Bailed Out'lanh teams do not beneftfrom their Ti
Cupola machine-guns haue an a/l-round FieLl of 'ire.
rcar MG
They nay fre at the sam time as other machine-guns,
but not at the same time ds the tutet's Main Gun. TWINMG
twin MG is simply two machin-guns mounted side
MG side, doubling the effecrive firepower ofrhe mounting.
In the 1930's a number ofdesigners envisioned tanks
A Tuin MG functions as a standard uehicle MG but
battleships on land. Covered in guns, they would steam
ROF t u'heuf ringon itsown or ROF 2 ifthe uehicle
fomard into enemy formations to wreak serious havoc.
an1 other machine-guns at full ROE or its Main Gun
All ofthese extra weapons were mounted in deck turrets
placed on rhe top deck of the tank. "{he biggest of the
land battleships, the Soviet T:35 had four deck turrets
Some tank designs from the early i930's had
in addition ro irs main turretl
machine-gun turrets mounted side-by-side making
Guns and machine-guns mounted in Deck Turrets haue lethal against infanrry.
an all-round Field of l'ire, except where their otation is
Twin MG Turrets are Dec/e T|ryets. Both tuffets ctn
blocked by the uehicle\ superstructurc. Ignore the facing
at their full ROF 3 at the same time, either at ilte
of Dech Turrets when determining if a sltot hits the Front
platoon or eaclt al a dffirent enemy pktoon.
or Side armour.
... ,,4..:..
.:..:.,,::-.: ..-:
re preference for anv army is to use a combined MG TEAMS
ms attack, as often as not, the real work falls on the Mechanised troops can nove lots of ammunition and
Poor Bloody Infantrf. Linited to what they can carry heavier weapons in their vehicles. Some units use this
their backs, the perpetual trial of foor soldiers is to capability to give every team a light bipod-mounted
to solve their problems using only what they have squad machine-gun.
them. This gives them immelse repower when stationarv, but
s they cannot 6re their machine-guns while moving,
their rate of re drops dramatically when doing so. It is
the start of the Thentieth Century, infantry were all
often a good idea ro leave some teams halted to pin the
with simple bolt-action ri11es.
They are rypically
enemy with their full ROF while the rest of the platoon
to operate and only able to lay down a limited
advances into m assault.
t of re, although modern semi-automatic ri{les
MG teams haue a ROF of 3. If a MG tearu moues, its
make rifle teams surprisinglv flexible.
ROF is redured to I ds usual. Houeuer, unlihe other
teamshauea ROF of l. Becausetheir rate offre i:
teams, the slteer amount offre they can kich out giues
1, if a Rife team mouei or is Pinned Down, it
them ROF 2 when they are Pinned Doun.
+ | tu the uor, requiretl to hit a target.

A submachine-gun, or SN4G, is a smali, compact, auro-
more common is a combination ofrifles and light,
matic weapon designed for lightning-fast, close-range
mounted squad machine-guns like the German
engagenents. They sacrifice long range for rhe abilitv to
or the British Bren gun. ach squad combines
fire from the hip in assaults.
repower of an MG team with the flexibility of a
SMG teams only haue a range of ,1"/l2cm compared utith
team to form a pair of hybrid Rifle/MG teams
the 16"/10cm range ofRtfe teams. 7he aduantdge tbe.y
rearys haue a ROF of 2. Like orhcr rcaws, if
haue is that their ROF remains at 3, uhether they mouer)
Rife/MG ieam moues or is Pinned Down, its ROF is
or not. Howeuer, if thel are Pinned Down, their ROF
drops to 1.

The differences bemcen fufie, Rifle/MG, and N4G teams can be a bit confusing for new players. Historically, thc clistinc-
tion is the number of machine-guns carried by a squad of two teams. fufle squads have none, Rifle/MC squads have one
macbine-gun per squad, while MG teams have two machine-guns issued to each squad.

. If this was represented literaliy in Flames (lf 1War,it nould mean that Rifle/M(l squ:rds rvorld have one MG tearn and one
l, fufle tem. The problem with this is keeping track of the s-o
rypes of teanrs. F,very rime 1ou morrcd or shot rou rvoulcl
have ro look carefully at each team to nake sure rhar ,vou had the right type of rcam.

Needless ro say, it is nruch easier to simply average rhe wo rypes into Rilie/MG teams. Two Riflc/MG tef,ms are atnost rhe
same as one fufle ream and one M(l reanr, rvithout the extra hassle of keeping track of mo differcnt rypcs of team.

Tm Rmge ROF Anti-tmk Firepower Notes

fufle 16"/40cm I 2. 6
MG 16" l40cm 3 2 6 ROF 2 rvhen Pinne<i l)orvn
SMG 4"/10cm 3 1 6 Full RC)F rvhen movilg.
Assault fufle 8"/20cm 3 1 6 Full ROF when moving.
Light Mortu 16"/40cm 1 I 4+ Can fire over frientlly teams.
Flme-thrower 4"/10cm 2 - 6 Remove after shootirrg.
Boys anti-tmk rifle 16"/40cn I 4 5+ llnk Assault 3.
Bazooka 8"/20cm I 10 5+ 4.

-r,,i;. ::,,::l
i..;i::::*.: ,a,;,,
An assault rifle attempts to mrry the range
of a rille with the automatic fire of a sub-
m a c h i n e - g u n .l r u s e sa r l l l e n g r h b a r r e l .b u r
has a smaller and lighter cartridge rhn rifie
round, making fully-automatic fire possible.
,Assault Rife teams baue a RAF of 3 antl a
range of 8"/20cm. Like SMG teams, ryouemenl
doesn't afect the ROF ofAsauh R.ife teams, so
thel shoot at a ROF of j eaen if thE moue, but
drop ro ROF t if Pinned Down.


Inlantry have dilliculry knocking our dug-
in heary machine-guns with their rifles and
machine-guns, but cannot advance into their
hail of fire until they do. One answer is the
l i g h t m o r t a r . T h e s eg r e n a d el a u n c h e r sr h r o u
small bombs in a high arc aiming ro ger one
into the machine-gun pit and knock it out.
Ligbt Mortar teams haue a Firepower rating
of 4+ making them excellentfor knocking out
rcams i n B u lle rproof Couer.
Though tbey do not fre bombardmentl light
mortals dre considered to be lobbing their
rouns in a high tmjectory and so can fre ouer
Jiiendfu teams s an exception to the normal
I ine oJ Sigh rules.

E v e rr i n c e r h e f i r s r r a n k sr o l l e d a c r o : r t h e b a r -
tlefieLds of urope, atmies have been trying
to give their infanrry light anti-tank weapons
to destroy or disable rhem. The first versions
were anti-tank rilles, oversized rifles capable
of punching through the armour of a light
r a n k . { s r r m o u r g o t r h i c k e r .a r r e u i n v c n t i o n
came along,.the Bazooka, a rocket launcher
liring a high-explosive anti-tmk (HEAI)
r o u n d c a p a b l eo f k n o c k i n g o u t a n ; t a n k .
Ihe characteristics of infantrl ltntitanb
weapons /ihe anti unk rifles and bazooka:
uary grearly Jrum weapon to wupon. The
precise characteristics are giuen in their army's
Arsenal. Some infantl anti-tank ueapqn;Iihe
the Panzerfau:r arc additional equipment for
Rife or other teams. feans equipped with rhis
ryp( of wepon can either fre tbeir normal
weapons orrre rhe addirional weapon.

Although the basic infantry teams are the
' a m e i n e v e r y a r m y . r h e r ea r e a l s o n u m e r o u ,
weapons that are unique to each army. The
Arsenal for an army describes its weapons and
-packed guns are the infartry; own supporring MORTARS
s. They re small and light enough to operate Mortars are light enough to allow infanrry to carry their
ith the infantry in the front line, but too big and very own artillery wherever they go, giving them fast
to take part in close-quarters ghting in a L L u r a r ef i r e a s r e q u i r e d .T h e s i m p l i c i q o f o p c r a r i o r r
.lts. allows them to be fired as quickly as new rounds can
be dropped down the tube. Ofcoursc the guy thar has
VY MACHINE-GUNS to carry the base-plate may have other ideas about how
weapon common to almost every arm1. is fi light they really are. Lighter mortars like the US M2
, a tripod-mounted heary machine-gun, firing 60mm and M1 81rnm mortars can be used as direct-
rifle bullets. They have water-cooling jackets fire grenade launchers as well as firing bombardments.
quick-change barrels and plenty of mmunition so
Mortars lob their rounds in a high tmjactory and so can
can keeo uD m immense rate of 6re almost indefi-
fre ouer fiendQ tedms ds an excption to the norma/
ly. Even wherr under heavy fire, an HMG team can
shooting ru/es.
up a good rate of fire making them ideal defensive
\Yhen fring directly at a target rdther than fring an
Artillery Bambardment, mlrtar teams (wbether Gun
G teams baue a ROF oJ 6. Because of its bigh rate
teams or on self-prope//ed mountings ds Tdnh teams) haue
f re, an HMG tedm ,6re' wirh ROF 3 when linned a minimum range of 8"/20cm.
0r moutng,
Tbe characteristics ofmortirs uary grentbtJrom uedpon to
MAcHtNE-cuNs weapon and are giuen in their armyi Arsena/.
machine-guns are heavy machine-guns lightened
by dropping the warer-cooling for an air-cooled
BeFore the war manv countries developed giant anti,
ket. This makes them more suitable for close infantry
tank ri{les with calibres up to 20mm to overcome thc
pport, but reduces rheir abiliry to keep up a high
increasingly thick armour of the enemy tanks. \While
me of6re at long range
much smaller and more mobiie than a true anti-tank
teams haue a ROF of 5. With a /ower surtaiiled rate
'.fire gun, they are still cumbersome weapons barely able ro
than an HMG, an LMG teamfres uitb ROF 2
'n Pinned Down or mouing be carried by their crews. \W'ith the invenrion of the
recoillessgun, a new generation of hearf infanrrv anri-
tank weapons appeared using high-explosive anti-tank
(H,AT) rounds.
7he characteristics oflight anti+ank ueapons tnry grcatl1
from weapon to uea?on. 7beprecise c/taracteristicsofeach
weapon are giuen in tltair arml's Arsena/.

Rmge ROF Anti-tmk Firepower Notes
M1917 HMC 24" 160cm 6 2 6 ROF 3 when moving or Pinnecl l)own,
M1919 LMG 16"140cm 5 2 6 ROF 2 when moving or Pinnecl Down,

M2 60mm mortr 24" 160cm 2 I 3+ Minimum range 8"/20cm.
Firing bombardments 32"/80cm - I 6
8cm G\fl34 mortar 24" 160cm 2 2 3+ Smoke, Minimum range 8"/20cm.
Firing bombardments 10"/l00cm - 2 6 Srnoke bombardment

Ligbt Anti-tan b W'eapo ns

PTRD anti-tank rifle 76" l40cm 2 5 5+ Assault 3.
2.8cm sPzB41 AI rifle 16" l40cm 3 7 5+ No HE.
8.8cm R\X143(Pppchen) 76"140cm t 11 5+

i ..l,:r:
::,]..ll'., !,: l:
Guns have many roles. 1ley drop shells and rockets on ccurate, but given time they can be
enemy infanty and tanks miles awa1,,defend rhe skies destructive. As with anti-tank guns, each armi'3
against incoming aircraft, and punch holes in enemy lielded its own range of artillery pieces. Again,
rmour so their army can advmce. The range of di the rsenals give the fhll details. Below is a
lerent guns in use is vast. Every country has their orvn selection.
J c s i g n 'w i r h ( l r c i ro w r rc h a r a r, e r i s r i c s .
ANTI-TANKGUNs Heary mortars are just scaled up versions of their m
Anti-tank guns fire bigh-velociry armour piercing shots packed cousins. lVith calibres from 4.2" (107mrn)
directll' ar tanks. Most anti-tank guns can also firc cx- 160mm (6.3"), they pack a powerful punch for such
plosive, fi'agmenting rounds against infantry targers if simple an,.lcherp weapons.
necessary.Every army developed its own range of anti,
tanL guns as it sought to gain an edge on enemy armour. ROCKET
lhe table below shows fwo typical anti-tank guns. Each Rockct launchers were one of the secret weapons of
army's Arsenai describes their anti,tank guns. Red Army at the starr of \Zorld War Two. By the
of the war every army had their own version of t
ANTI-AIRCRAFT GUNS lighmeight weapons capable of delivering a stunn
Arti-aircraft guns are principally designed to shoot volume of iire and saturaring rhe target area with ex.:
down aircraft, but their high rate oflire and the velocity plosives. Each army's Arsenal describes their rockei]
of their shot makes them excellent, if rather large, anti, launchers.
tank guns. Once again, the Arsenal has the details of
ech army: anti-aircraft guns. GUN TEAMSCAN FIRI As RIFTES
Cunners are usually equipped with rilles and
occasional machine-gun for self-defcnce. If they a
The main function of artillery is bombarding the enemv
attacked by infantry and dont have time ro bring theii
from a distance. They rely on pounding an area for long
weapons to bear, or their weapon is not going to
enough to hit the enemy, rarher rhan specihcally trying
any effect against infantry, they leave the gun where it
to hit them with each shot. Artillerv bombardments are
is, pick up their rifles, and open fire.
explained in more detail on page 121.
Gun teams (including Man-pached Gun teams) can frt
GUNSAND HowITzERs as Rifle teams instead of shooting their mdin weapon.
Guns and howirzers are the most common form of arril- thel do this, thel hauc an alL-round Field ofl'ire, but
lery. These are convenrional guns lobbing heavier shells not rotdt( to fdce the tdlget tltey are shooting at.
than anti-tank guns over longer,ranges. They aren't as

Weapon Mobiliry Rmge ROF Anti-tmk Firepower Notes

Anti-tanh Guns
OQF 6 pdr gun Medium 24"160cn 3 10 4+ Gun shield,
7.5cm PaK40 gun Medium 32"/80cm 2 \2 3+ Gun shield.
Anti-aircraft Guns
20i 65 gun Light \6" l4ocm 4 5 5+ Arti-airrcraft, Turntable.
M2A1 l05mm howirzer Lrmobrle 24"160cm 1 9 2+ Breakthrough Gun,
Cun shield, Smoke.
Firing bombardments 72'7180cm , I 1+ Smoleebonbayd.ment,
Heauy Mortar
120-PM-38 mortar Light 56"1140cn - 3 3+
Roehet Laancher
l 5 t m N W 4 l r o . k e r l . r u n c h e Lr i g h r tr+'i l60cm J 4, Smokebombardment.

' ' I
following rules represent the battlefield perform- If uehiclesuith Improuised Armour Jil an Armour Saue
, ofweapons with unusual characteristics and super- dgdinst wedpons uith a Firepouer rating of 5+ or 6, rol/
the nornal shooting rules. The Arsenals list which another ie.
butes apply to prticular wapon or vehicle, . On a roll of 5+ the Improuised Armour sTlpped the
shot. Ignore the failed saue.
ARDLAYOUT . Otherwise, the rauhs ofthe failetl Armour Saue stand.
t a nk d e s i g n rh a v e. u c h a rr a u k w a r d i t rt e r n a li a y o u t
at it is dificult for the crew to fire on the move. In Improsed Armour hlls no eJectdgainst Flame-throwers,
e Archer, for example, the gun recoils into the driverk Artillery Bombardments, or Aircrafi. In asaubs, it only
ion, requiring them to vacate before ring. protects dgdinst hix fom Gun teams using the Thnks Hit
by Gun 7ams rule on page 157.
ted:.mscannot shoot any weapons witlt Awbuard
in their oun Shooting Step f they moue in the
Step. 7he1,mq/ still shootat AirnaJt in the
In order to pack rnore into small tanks, some tank de-
ry\ ShootingStep(see
page 18)).
signers reduced the crew to a minimum and severell.
limited rhe number of vision devices. Thus, the tanks
require the commander to operate as a somewhat
n they board their HMC . a r r i e r . the machine-
vision-impaired gunner as well.
nners mount their machine-gun on their carrier so
can iire the gun while mounted. Thnbs with Limited Vision add + I to Thescore required
to hit uhen shooting an1 weapon exce?t an A MG at
HMG team that started the turn a a Passenger in an
'MG targets tbdt are entirely behind a line drawn doss t/1e
Carrier may Jre the carrieri hull-moanted uehicle
ine-gun as an HMG tedm dt their full ROF of 6 f'ont ofthe tank's turret before they rotate their turret to
a range of21"/60cm as long as the uehicle does not Jce the target.
Haweuer when mouirug, the weapon is reduced to Tnks witb Limited Vision murt rotdte their turret ta

usual ROF 3 and 16"/10cm range oJ'a uehicle hull ?oint strdight ahedd when they moue.
G. \Yhile fring the machine-gun as an HMG team, it
tls the uehicla'sMdin Gun.
Some weapons come equipped only with armour-
HMG team that Jires cannot Dismount in t/te same
piercing ammunition, and have no high explosir.e
, except to escapet/rc destruction oftheir uehicle. ammunirion ar all, reducing their ellectivenessagainsr
infantry and rargets.
artillery has a long tradition of galloping the Hits f'om weapons uith No HE cannot be allacated to
'Crash [nfann"y or Gun teams. If onj Inftntry and Gun tetm:
s ro the fore. Within 30 secondsof the order
I' being given, the well-drilled crews have the are ualid targex, a/l ltits Jioln u)adpont with No HE are
ns unlimbered and are delivering re. Trading their ignored comp/ete/ydt the dltti-tdnk gun lns no tdrgets.
for mechanical gun tractors has changed the drill Gun tednx uith No HE ara not cornpletelyhelpbt against
litrle, but crash action renrains. InJntry teants though ds thal iln shaot ds Rifle teanr iJ

Gun tedm ruted ai Horse Artillerl that started its turn necerarl $ee page I l7).
untet/ may Unlimber dt th erud of its mouement,
s it moued At the Double. 7be Gun team remains
French tanks retain the one-man turret of their First
tl1 where ir , ndcd it' ryou(ry(nt. and the Tt'ausporr
World War forebears. Although this is sufflcient lbr
u(hile is Sent to thc Retr.
infantrl-sspps11, in tank-versus-tank ciashesthe con-
thel do this, they can shoot on the moue. Howeuer,
mander is faced with the impossible task of finding nerv
cannot fre Artiller1 Bombardments in the turn
targets,and loading and firing the sun, rvhile direcring
the as well.

ARMOUR An1 tank with a One-man Turret that maues ad* +l

ws not uncommon for tank crews to add their own t0 th score required to hit when shooting uith its Tltrret

armour made of sandbags, tank tracks Main Gun. Machine-guns anr/ Flame-thrawerc do nor

whatever they could find to the outside of their sufer this penalt1.

icle for additional protection against short-range In addition, a tdnk with a One-nan Tilrret may not Jtre
rtry anri-tank weapons. botb tbe turret Main Gun and the turret machine-gun in
WEAPoNS being fired. Although this creates a large cloud of
Some ransport vehicles come equipped with an on- and flfing debris behind the gun, it does allow it
board machine-gun, bur are only crewed by rhe driver, do away with the heary recoil-absorbing carriage
meaning the weapon can only be {ired when passengers most nillery.
are nounted in the vehicle. Recoilles guns neuer count as Concea/e if they
Vehicles with Passenger-fred ueapons can only shoot tltose in their last Shooting Step as the dux cloud giues
weapon, ifa Passengerrcaru is Mounred in tb( u(hi(b. A
single Pasenger team can fre al/ of a uehicle's Passenger, Becauseofthe dangerfrom flying debris,you canntfre
t'ired ueapons. Recoilless gun when any part ofafrierully team is
A team that Jires a Pasenger-fred weapln c&nnot behind and aithin 2"/5cm of.the Gun team
Dismount in th sllme turn, excpt to escdptbe destrur guns cnnnot fre from witbin Buildings.
tion of rheir whicle.
AMMo Most tanls were either fitted rvith oower traverse or
Many tanks are destroyed not by the eneny shell bur turreas that were light enough to be quickly swung
by their own ammunition being hit by white-hot frag- hand. Some designs suffered from heary turrers lacki
ments of armour and exploding. The chmces of this POWerlra\ erse.
rvere ninimised by providing a safe place for stowing Tanks with slou trauerse add +l ta the score requird..
ammunition within
the vehicle such as an armoured hit uben shooting any tuffet-mounte. weapon except
compartment or inside a water-filled jacket. AA MG at tnrgers rhat are enrire/1 bchind a line
I l f o n c d t o b a i l o u r . c r e w s o f r a n k s w i r h p r o r e tt e d acro$ tbe front ofthe tank's turret before thEt rot/tte
a n r m r r n i ( i o na r e l a r m o r e c o n F d e n r w h e n i t c o m e s r o turrer rolaet the rarger.
r e m o u n t i n g r h e i r v e h i c l eq u i c l r J y .
Tbnlcs uith Protected Ammo re-roll att faihd Mot-
Heary anti-aircraft guns are much more motrile
iualion lesrs ro Remount Bailed Out uehicle, in rhe
mounted on trucks, but they need ouuiggers a;rd
JrarringSrep tteepage l0)t.
biliserjacks to stop them from ripping over when
GUNS fire. addition of a gun shield makes them
P a r a t r o o p .n c c d l i g h r a r t i l l e r y .O n e s o l u t i o n i . r e r o i i - anti-tank weapons too. .. .
lcss guns.'Ihese weapons vent propellant gassesfrom Whicles uith Stabiliser Jacks bdc /1 .Gun Shield.for
the rear of the gun to counreract rhe recoil of the shell Main Gun and use the Gun Shields Pruct Vehiiles
(seepage 99): . .

.1! ::::


one platoon to shoot with OPPonent dllocdte: hits to leams within target pldtoon.
Hits must be allocated:
SEtEcTTHE TARGETPLATooNS . t0 ud/id tdrgts.
the enemyp/atoons to shoot dt . euenly acrossteams,
WHO WILLSHOOTEACHPLATooN . t0 operational uehicles before Balled Out or Bogged
which enemyplatoon each team wil/ shoot at Doun ones.
. to ttlrgets c/oseythan 16"/40cm before those beyand.
FIRESMOKEAMMUNITIoN . to louest Armour.first.
must befred before the rest oJ the pldtoon shoots.
Opplnent rolls a die and adds the Armour ating of
ualid targetuust be: Armoured uehicles and clmpars the resu/t ro tha Anti
1n Ltne 0f JtgnL ldnh Mting:
in Range, and
Roll is Resuh
in Field ofFire.
Greate/ No efect
ROTATETO FACETHE TARGET Equa/ Firepower test to Bail Out

hrn the weapon to face d team in the tllrget Platlon Less Firepower test to Destrol
atheraise Bai/ Out
I Targets at least halfhidden b1 terrain are Concealed Roll 5+ sauefor Unarmoured uehic/es,except3+ sauefor
Warrior, IndependeilL and Recceteams.
[nfantry and Man-packed Guns are a/uays
Concealed if they don't moue. Ro// 3+ sauefor [nfun*1 teans.

Tamsthat did not moua, shoot, or assau/t are Oone Roll 5+ sauefor Gun teams, un/essGorrc to Ground, then
to Ground. 3 + saue.


one die per point of ROF for each shooting taam. Roll Firepower Tststo Destroy Arnoured uehic/es,
Infantr.y teaml and Gun teams in Bulletproof Couer.
Ti:amsthat mouedreducetheir ROF by half.
Mark Dutroyt/ Armoured uehiclasas \Yrecles.
Remoue other Destroyed tearr,


required to hit based on easie,r tcary n hir in target
Platoons that take fue or more hits in a Shooting Step are
Pinned Down.

Add +1 to the scoreto hitfor each oftheJllowing: Pas a Motiuation Tstin the Starting Step to Rdlfi n
. Range is ouer 16"/40cm. PinnedDownplatoon.
. Target team is Concealed.
. Target team is Gone to Ground u,hile Concea/ed.
Passa Motiuation Tx in the Starting Stept0 Remountt
. Shooting weapon has ROF I and moued.
Bailed Out uehicle.

':. r
its destiiiitind ;;;;;;;',;i World
There the armis of Europe leamed the art of msed artillery fire to smh enemy defences and cut them
&om their reserves. Their technique w slow and methodical, but extremely deadly.

Select theAiming Point 6. Rollto RangelnontheTrget

Nominate the Spotting Tem 7. Position the Template

Check that the Trget isValid 8, Roll to HitTms Undet the Tmplate
a, ChecklineofSight 9. Roll Saves for Tems that were Hit
b. Check Rmge
10. Muk or Remove DestroyedTeams
c. CheckFieldofFire
I l. Pin Down all Platoons that were Hit
Rotate to Face the Tuget
Check if the Tirget is Concealed

Allocate Hits to Tems .. .. 133

aBombardment .......'.'. 123 Friendly Fire r33
theAimingPoint...... .,,. 124
Pin Down All Platoons that were Hit ....... r33
RottetoFaceTget.,........ 124 R o l l S a v e sf o r T e m s thatwere Hit.... '.. ... 134
FiringOvertoops andTrrain ........' 124 Amoured Vehicle Saves. . r34
Unrmoured Vehicle Saves r34
Infantry Saves r34
Gun Saves. t34
128 BulletproofCover ...... rJ)
AllGunsRepeat!. ....128 Psengers in Tiansports r35
to Rmge in on the Trget , . . . . 129 PsengersonTmls..,.. r35
.... f30 Smoke Bombadments. . r5()
Double-widthTemplats. ...... 130 Size ofa Smoke Screen . , . r36
DevtatingBombardments .... 130 Effect ofa Smoke Screen . r37
Wind Direction 137
md Smaller Batteries ... 131
Mixed Bombrdments. .. t3l R o c k e tL a u n c h e r s . . . . . . r38
to Hit Tms Under the Template . . . , . . 132 Air Obseryation Posts. . . r39
ArtillerySummary..... r40

weapons re the big guns of the army. Most ARTILLERY

must be able to seetheir enemy to shoot. Artillery Firing an artillery bombardment is verv specialised
iallows you to quickll. concntrate a lot of firepower task. It requires the right equipment and training, not
nlrvhere on the battlefield, wav beyond the range of to mention lirerallv tons of ammunitionl
I weapons. This is particularly useful for taking Only Artillery tedms can fre Artillerl Bombardments.
troublesome machine-guns and anti-tank guns. ArtiLLery teams ne those lhted in the Arsenals with a line
rdments saturate the target area with high-explo giuing chamcteristicsfor f ring Bombardments.
shells rather than hitting one specic target, making Some mortars and rocleetlaunchers caltnotfre direct/l it d
! especially useful against densely-packed enemy for- targtt and therefore onl haue a single /ine in the Arseruals
ations as all of them are hit at the same time. Being on that lists their chamcteristics for fring Bombardments.
receiving end of a bombardment is terrifting. Shells Theseare a/so Artillerl tedms-
ing everywhere tends to keep soldiers' heads
Light Mortar teamsare Infantry teamsancl cannotfre bom-
This makes an artillery bombardment the ideal
bardmentl their characterisrics are for normal shooting.
Artillery batteries fire their long-range bombardments T h e t i m e r e q u i r e dl o r a b a r r e r yr o c o o r d i n a t e
while other ffoops re engaging the enemy with direct b o m b a r d m e n r f o r c e si r r o i g n o r e a J lo r h e r L u g et s .
' ' ,- -"_, _, . h ^ , , " , *- " " " .
" " ' b' " ' Vhen a platoon fres an Artille: Bornbarlmeni,.
Arrillery team: fre Artillery Bombadments in tbe Auillery reamsconnotf re any orhcrwilllns rhir turn.
Sbooting Step dt the same time at other ueapons. theydo notfre in theArtillery Bombardmentthey
teams cannot fre Artillery Bombardments as shootat all.
DeJnsiue Fire during the Araub Step. Tbe enemy is Non-artillery teams caniotfre Bombardments, so are
already too close to your oun troopsfar a bombardment to conduct normal Shooting.
to be efectiae.


It takes a lot ofwork to prepare a bombardment, and it
tkes even more time to lire enough rounds to make the
bombardment effective. There is no way guns can fire
an artillery bombardment from the move.
TbJire a bombardment an Artil/ery team must either:
. spend the whole turn stationary, or
. Unlimber in tbe Mouement Step prouided the Gun
team remains where it started the turn asirle from

It is dificultto load and fire an artillery piece under
fire, and impossible to fire fast enough to maintain an
effective bombardment. Only selpropelled guns can
keep firing while under healy fire.
Only Armoured uehiclescan Jire Arti/lery Bombardments
uhen their platoon is Pinned Down. Other rypesof teams
cannot fire a bombardment whi/e Pinned Doun.

Organising and firing a bombardment is roo time con-
suming to allow an artillery battery to engage multiple
targets in a short space of time.
An Artillery platoon can only fre one Artillery Bombard-
ment peT Turn.


though the idea of shelling every suspicious bush, FIELDoF FIRE

k, or house makes perfect sense to the trooper at the Most artillery weapons have limired-traverse moundngs
line, it doesnt work out that way in the real world that restrict the targets they can cngage without com-
amount of ammunition needed would be massive, pletely realigning the guns, a rather time-consuming
if there were enough time to wait for endless o p e r at i o n .
ardments. Before the gunners will expend their An Artillerl team mdJ/ not fre in an Artillery
ious shells and sweat firing a bombudment, they Bombartlment where the Aiming Point ^ outsid( its Field
to be sure that there is a target worth the effort. oJ Fire (seepage 82).
Aiming Point of an Artillery Bombardment must
tbe centre of a specrfc eneml te/1m. Place a suitable RoTATE To FACETARGET
uith the enemy tearu to marl< the Aiming Point
Before they fire, all ofyour wepons must be brought to
t/te Bombardment
bear on the enemy, Your gunners traverse rheir weapons,
aim, and fire.
guns firing bombardments shoot at high angles of Afer determining your teami Fields of Fire, but before
ion to achieve longer ranges than normal shooting, rhey f,a ths Bomba,dment. rytat? )tour reams ro point
is still a limit to how far they can throw a shell. directly at the Aiming Point in the sl1me u/ry thdt
teams rotate to face their target in normal shooting (see
Artillery team ma1 not Jire in an Artillery
page 84).
where the Aiming Point is further than
Bombardment Range dud!
the rangefom the closat part oJ the Artlllery team
'luing gun batels) to tbe nearest part of the enemy Artilleryweapons lob their shells il an arc high overheacl.
It is this high trajectory that gives thern their longer
team (ucluding gun barrels) that is the Aiming Point.
range and allows them to shoot at a distani enemy not
the range seprately for each Arti[ely team in the
even visible to the artillery crews themselves.
ng platoon. This may result in some teams not firing
Artillerl teams can fre a Bombardment ouer inTerucning
the rest conduct the bombardment without them
troops or terrdin. 7he1 do not need a Line ofSigbt to the
INIMUM BOMBARDMENTRANGE Aiming Point as long as their Spotting team hu a Lirue
the enemy gets too close to your guns, ring a bom- of Sight.
t becomes impractical
Arti/lery reams that are morr than B /20cn Jion
Aiming Point can fre an Artillery Bombardment.
FIRINGoVERBUILD|NGS tree /ines) or Bocage Hedgerows within 4"/10cn
High obstacles such buildings are a hazard for artil- team. This preaents Artillery teams fom fring
lery crews. They need to have sufficient clearance to lob Bombardments from completel! within a \Yood.
theii shells over the buildings. One ofthe advantages of
mortrs is that their steep trajectory allows them to fire
over buildings more easily than other artillery pieces.
An Artillery teatn cannot fre an Artillery Bombardment
if the Line f Sight betueen the Artilkry team and the
Aiming Point pses througb a Building c/oser to ite team
than the height ofthe Building.
Motar teams are an exce?tion to this anrl may fre ouer
any Building more than 4"/10cm away fom them, no
madr ltow tatl the Building is.
Artil/ery teams.can neaerfre an Artillery Bombardment
fom uithin a Builing.

\X4ren positioning their weapons artillery crews ue
careful nor ro get roo close to inrerveniug trees. lI rhey
set up too close, their shells will hit the trees and blow
the barrery ro pieces!
An Artillery tamcdnnotfr dn Artillery Bombanlment
if the Line of Sight betweenthe Artillery team and the
Aiming Point pases rhrough trees (such as woodsor
In order to range the guns in on the aiming point, SPoTTING WITH COMPANY COMM^AND TE,AMS
someone has to spor the fall ofshot and report the nec- Experiencedofficerscan spot for any artillery under their
essarycorrections back to the gunners, command. They har.e lesstraining in directing bombard-
Euery rtillery Bombardment requires a SPotting team. ments though, so their bombardments rvill tend to be less
tedmsfring the bombard-
This can be one ofthe Artiller! accurate than that of a properly trained spotter.
menL the Platoon Command team or Staf team of the Company and Higher Command teamJ can dct as the
platoon fring the bombardment, any Company or Higher Spotting tedm for ary Artiller1 platoon under their
Command team, or a specialist Obseruer team. command, but can only Spotfor oneplatoon per turru.
A Spotting team c.ln only Spot for oreeArtillerl platoon IX/henacting as a Spotting team, they sufer an additiornl
and an Artillery platoon can only haue one Spatting tedm + I penahy t0 the scorc required to Range In due to their
Spotfor it eacb turn, uen iJ theyJail to Range In. lach of training.
Ihe Spotting team must haue a Line ofSight to the enemy
team tbat is the Aiming Paint, must not haue moued in
the Mouement Step, must not shoot in the Shooting Step
than t0 participate in this Artiller1 Bombardment,
and may not assaub in the Assault Step.


Observersdo not need to exposethemselvesmuch to do
their.job. They can continue to perform their task, even
under heary enemy iire. However, they still need rheir
radios, so if they abandon their unk, they can'r call for
Spotting teams can Spot uhile Pinned. Down, but not if
they are in a Bogged Down or Bailed Out uehicle.



Ardllery can fire much rrther than it cm see so it DISMOUNTING

makes sense to have the weapons placed well back, F R O MT A N K S
safely behind friendly lines, and send out small parties Sonetimesa goodobservationposts*.h
known as obsemer teams to seek out enemv targets in ", ".hr.iii
steeple is more important than armour protection
the front lines. Once the observers have found a target mobilitv. In rhat case,th observer will dismount
they use radios or telephone lines to communicate with a portable radio and snd their tmk away.
t h e i r a r r i l l e r y b a r r e r i e .r o b r i n g d e v a s r a r i n gf i r e d o u n
You may Dismount dn Obseruer Tn team that is
u p o n u n . u s p e c r i n ge n e m y t r o o p \ .
Balecl Out as an Obseruer Rife team. To do so,
Obseruer teams are Ind,ependent teams and are either the Tank team at the stat"t ofJoar Mouement Step or
Infantrl teams, such as Obseruer Rifle teams, or Tanb Deploling the team at the *art ofthe game, and replace
teams, such as an Obseruer Sherman tank. uith an Obseruer Rife team placed anyuhere under
An Obseruer team cdn act as th Spotting team for their area coueredby the Tanh team.
oun platoon ftom anywhere on thi batttrfelct. \Vhen a Bogged,Down (seepage 14) Obserr Tan
Dismounts, it imruediately ceaes being Bogged
M U T T I P L E O B S E R V E RT E A M S and is remoued.
Large artillery platoons often have two or more obseryer
Tanbteamsmay only Dismount if you haue
ceams. This allows them to have eyes all over the bat-
Obserur Rife team to replace it, otlterwise, it must
rle{ield to ensure that the enemy has nowhere to hide.
However, the artillew platoon can still only respond to
one cail for re t a time.
A p/atoon with mubiple Obseruer teams can on/1 use one
ofthem ns a Spotting team eac/t turn.


Staff teams are linked to each other by radio or tele-
phone lines so as to form an effective communications
network on the battlefield. This practice mens that
observer teams can call for fire from anv battery within
An Obseruer team from an At'tilleryr pktoon with a Staf
trdm mal act ds the Spotting team for another Artillery
platoon with a Staf team (aside from an Allied platoon,
seepage 70) in*ead of its oun platoon. Vhen
doing this they can xill only Spotfor onepktoon

Observers are trained to
make the best use of any
cover, even when on the
move . This allows them
to get right up close to
t h e e n e m y p o s i r i o n ss o
.-. .
they can watch rheir Ji
every move and report
it back ro rhe artillery ,

Obseruer tedms
tbeir trans?orts use the
Cautious Morement
on pase 193 lihe a

. :i,
A staffteam is an important component of large artillery ALt GUNSREPEAT!
platoons. The stafftean's job is to take the targett map
If the spotter successfullyranged the artillery in last
reference, radioed to them by the spotter, and convert it
turn, the stalf team can order ail of rhcir guns to repeat
to angles and elevations fbr rhe artillery weapons. Their
o n e r a . r l yr h e s a m ep l a . c .T h e r a r g c r
r l r cb o m b a r d m c u L
technical exprtise allows the staff to perform complex
coordinates for a repeat bombardment are exactlr'
calculations and communicate the resuks to th rest of
the same as the previous borrbardmenr, meaning ail
the artillery platoon quickly.
weapons can fire again quickly and ellctivelu
Mortar platoons and rocket batteries lack artillery stff
An Artillery platoon with a Staf team mal Re?ent dil
becaure their operarion doo not permit prolonged
Artillery Bombardment Jred in the preuious turn.
bombardments and sophisticared artillery tactics
Becausea RepeatedBombardment Rdnged In on a preuious
STAFF TEAMS tuln, it autlmatica@ Ranga In on the frst dttcmpt
,To do their job, a staFteam needs lots of maps, plorting this turn.
boards, charts and tables, not to mention radios and tele- The Repeated Bombardment must use tbe same SPatting
phones. A1l this equipment prevents thm from being team as the origtna/ Artillerl Bombardment, and it ntust
very mobile or eilective in combat. still meet the other raquiremantsfor a Spotting team ftee
Abhough they are an Infantry team, Staf teams are part page I 26).
.of theirArtillery platoon and moue slouly as if they uere Al/ Artillery teams that fred the original Bombardment
a Heault Gun team. A Sta team can shoot at a Rfu that still can mustfre in the RepeatedBombardment, and
team, but cannot function as a Statf team in the turn it n0 other teams may he added to the Bombardment.
doesso. Ihe RepeatedBombardment must use the same Tmpldta
A Staf team can fanction just dt well when it is mounted (spage 130) ds th ?rcuilus turn's Bambdrdment, un/ets
in its own T;zns?oft team it can uhen Dismounted (as there are insufrcient tueaPlnsstill friftg.
long as it is not Bailed Out or Bogged Down), but cannot Ihe Repeated Bombardruent is centred on the ongindl
.function at all when mounted in another TidnsPort tedm. Aiming Point, regardlex oJ uhether or not the enem)ttean
that was origina/|1, targeted is tti/l there or nlt.


. . r:a:],:
Having selectedthe aiming point, the artiller)-nusr ranec M O R T A R SR E - R O L LF I R S TA T T E M P T
rireir guns in before thev cirn lire the bomb:rrdmenr. Mortars arc closer to the scenc of rhe action
As rvith direct shooring, dre mosr dificult p:rrt of . r n J 6 r . n r L r , hr n o ( r a l i d l ) t l r r n g r r n ' . f l r i . r l l o r r " I

ranging the artillery in is finding dre enemv in rhe first then to range in quicker and deliver an efecrive bom-l
place. b r r d n r c r r .t r l n r o . irm m c J i a L c h .
A S?ltting tedm ma1 mdke three drtumptr to [lange ln an IJ an Artiller1 Bontbdrdruent is only bcing.fired b)' Mortar
Artilbl platoon ctcb ttu'n. tedtils, J,au rndy re+oll tha frst Jiled axempt to Range In.
. If any ro// ta Ranga In is succetsful, the Artil\ery ( itfiik on tfu re-rol/, you still hnt,e tu)o tnore Ran{ing
p/tttoon RangesIn on the Aiming Point, and cdLtnau) ln arr, ay" l4t n, not t,tnl. lhe ntortar, do uot grt o ,c-
f re the Borubardment. ralJ on their secondand third attcnpn.
. Othenuise ty'teArtil/cr1 tedm: Jire their ronging sltots
(counting as shooting), but haut no elfe on thc tffget. LOCATING AND HITTING THE TARGET
Ilanginr in an artillen' bombardmenr requires a similar
7hc score required for your Artillery to Rangc In depends
score ro rhaL ncccled to hiL Lhe target s'iLh normal shoor,
ot the enemli Ski// rating as thotun in tbe ScoreNeaded ins. ln both casesrhc trickiest part is actuallv locating thc
to Range [n tabh. terget as oppose<l ro actrially hirting ir once ir is locared.

Once rhc spotrer has locared rhc rarget, it is rhcn up to tire

skill of rhe gunners io delivcr a timely ancl concentrared

Score Needed to Hit bombarclnenr crr rhe rarger. Skiilnl gunners rvill havc
thc rouncls l,rncling cluickh'in a tighr pattern. (,onscriprs
on rhc other hand, rake tinrc to get on rargcr, ancl cvcn
dren splatter shclls across the landscapc.

Add +1 to the score to range in for each of

the following:
. Target team is Concealcd.
. Targct team is Gone to Ground while Concealed
. Spotting team is a Company or Higher
Command team.
Artillerv bombardments clifler tron norm:rl shooting in BOMBARDMENTS
thar the gunncrs are itttempting ro hit all targcts in an
i\{assedrocket launcirerscirn saturatea huge:rreanakinq
area centred on rhc target tean. lhe artillerv is rajning
a rormal artilierl bomb:rrdincnt look paltrv. The sheer
huge explosivepolver ciorvnupon the targct ancl the sur- .. , | .- . . ..- i.- ,; . Illk of r!!rtrd\\!) (J.h
rounding area.Anvonc close is likelv to suller.
Place the Artillu.y Ternplttc (a squtre nrasuring 6"/ I 5crn
A Deua:tating Bonbtrdnrcnt Tmphtt ts tt sLluarem(ds-
on ctch sirle) tentred orcr the Airning Point. Tlse sides -l-emplare
uring 12"/30rm on etch side. The side: of the
of tltc 1rnp/ate must be liLtad uStpointing tou,ards tbe
nusr be lined up pointing tou,ards the Bontbnrding
centre o.f' the Bombarding ohtoon. IJ seucra/ platoons
plntoa il.
are conbining to Jirt t Bortbardrncilt, b! usin{ tfu Hit
tem Vitl, Eurr.ything You'ut (lot rule on paga 240 jr

exdntp/e, cl)oos( ow of tbe Botnbardiug platoons ntd /ine

tbe 7tup/ate up witl, lt.
All of tha Artilhr_I, u)etl])oLuin a Bonbardnrur are Jlring
at tha sttlnc tdrget poiilT, so.yon onll'use one Ttmpldte, no
mllttff hou mailJ1wupl% tbe btttery hm.

Ifvou get enough guns f:iring, vort can cover a much
larger area. This is useftrl rvhen pounciing en ene[rv
platoon rh:rt is dispcrscclovet:t rvicleatea.
Doub/e tuithh Tanp/tte ls t rectangle rneauring
12"/30cm u)de by 6"/l5cn drcp. Align the Tuplate:o
thaT it h celttredoucr the Aiming Point utth one 6"/l 5cut
.squarc ten?lnte on ctth side oJ the /ire ntnnirtg bub to
th e Bom barding p latoon.
-*- .t

aa:; While Lhc dangcr arca ibr :r single rrtillerv shell is rnvthinr but scluert'(rnore ol r buttcrlly shapc il r!'irlin l. rhe Jng.f afer
foranarrillervbatrervisgenerellrconsiclcrccltobc.rsquarc.JhisreH('crsrhcrvllrhceimingpoinrsofrhe i n c l i r i c l u e lg u n s
ere spread our. and the dispersion of rhc indiviciu,rl shclls lancling u'ithin the tf,rgrr area. Vre use rhc slme size ternplrte
fr artillerv ofrll c.rllbrcs bccause, alrhough heevv artillerv lires huge shells. u.hile lighrer rveepons hre nrenv niorc. smallcr
shells, rhc ovcrall ecr is to create a similat-sized drnger area. eirher fl'orr r fu. big erplosions or lots ofsmaller ones.

Not all artiilery bombardments are created equal. A MIXED BoMBARDMENTS

bomb*dment by one or two small guns is unlikely to
S o m e a r L i l l c r y b a r r a l i o n sh a r e a h e a r y b a r r e r y
cause serious harm, while a massed bombardment by a
with a different t1pe of weapon, or flexible lire
dozen or more heary guns will smash almost my target
L h a La l l o w e db a r r e r i e sf r o m d i f l e r e n ru n i r s r o c o o r d
t o p u l p i n s h o r ro r d e r .
rheir fire. \X/hile r he effecrofthe heary weapons i

SINGLE-GUN by the lighter weapons, rhe mixed bombardment is itj

riore deadly than the light weapons alone.
G o o d l u c k h i t t i n g a n y r h i n g w i r h a b o m b a r d m e n ri f y o u
o n l y h a v eo n e w e a p o n f i r i n g l lVhen a n Art i llery Bombardment isf red by a com

(the Bombarding pkroon ha only one wcaponfring, you ofdifercnr Anillerl weapons use the uorst Sbill ratt

must use a standard Artillery Tmplate and add +l to the the lowest nti-tanh rating, dnd the uorst Fiepoxt)ti::
rating of all thc rypn of uilpon.
score required to hit an1 target in addition to re-rolling
successfulrolls To Hit. If at least one third of weapons fring haue a
Anti-tanb rating thaft the wlrst weapons, ad +1 to
Two-GUN BATTERIEs louest Anti-tank rating, asing this rating for the
Ifyou only have a lew werpons firing. rhereare nor Bom ba rdmen r.
going to be as many shells hitting the target and the IJ at least one third 0f tueapo$ fring haue a
casualties will be a lot less. Firepower rating than the uorst ueapons, improue
If the Bombarcling platoon has two weapons fring, you aorst Firepoaer r/lting bJt -1, using this ratingfor
must ue a standard. Artillery Template and re-roll success- who/e Bombardmmt.
ful rolk T Hit to confrm Tour bits.

Once you get suficient weapons firing, a bombardment
starts ro take full effect on the enemy.
Ifthe Bombardingplatoon has three tofre aeaponsfring,
use a standard Artillery Tmplate.

The more weapons you have firing, the more shells you
cm fire, the more explosives you deliver onto the targer
area, md therefore the mor likely you are ro dstroy
your rargel.
If the pldtloh h6 six to eight ueaporc fring
you may either re-rollfailed rolk Tb Hit, or ase a Double-
width Tenplate.

At a certain point the sheer number ofguns {iring allows
you ro spread your fire over a lrger area while retaining
maximum eflecriveness,
If the Bombarding platoon has nine to thirteen ueapou
fring, you may eitber use a Double-uidth Tenplate and
failed to hit rolls, or use.a Dettating Bombar-
ment femPlatc.

Gigantic bombardments are devsrating. Everything in
t h e e n r i r e a r e ai s p u l v e r i s e d .
lfthe Bonbarding planon hasfourteen or morc aeapou
fring usea Deuastating Blmbardment Template and re-
rollfailed to hit rolls.
Once thc guls are ranged in on the tarqet point, they Tlte scora to ltit t tartru wtder tn Arti//ery Bornbtrdrneut
ali open lire, saturaring the target area,bu t rhe results:rll i: trcttr ntlre thatt 6, proLided tuo or u10rc tutryoili
depenclon horv quicldv ancl lccuraleh'rhe qunners can e rinq.
shell rhe target. Experienced gunners,r devast:rt-
ing, concentrated bombardnrent, rvhile poorlv trained
conscripts scatter shellsinef]ctivelv over a wide area. Firing Platoon'.s Skill Score Needed to Hit
Ratltcr thnt rolliug onc die pet'point o.f R()F rcaru clo
when sbooting ttormdll, nuilt l+) the uuuber oJ tetnt:
at kdst pnrt tnder the Ten4t/ate, tnd roll thlt nunbl
oJ dice. Roll hits sapardtelyJr uch pktoon under tha
7he scoreuaeded to hit is ba:ad ot the bonbarding teani Add +1 to the score to hit i
Skil/ rating, rnodifed b.y the tbnc tahen to locdte and . The artillerv ranged in on the second attempt.
Rdnge ht ail tllr Titget ns derdiler/ iu tbe ScoreNeeded to
Add +2 to the score to hit if:
Hit tabh.
. The artillery ranged in on the third attempt.
. A :uccessJttlto bit roll wedns lt tetnl wrts hit by tLe
Bontbardnent. Add +1 to the score to hit ifi
. A Jhihd to hit ro// muru thtt th tilm wts htck.yand . Only one weapon is liring.

esctped ltarn Ji oru the Botnbardnent.


Although soldierscan be ordereclro man other l e:rpons,
a dcstrol'ed gun cannot bc rcplirccdu'ith a rruckl
Roll to hit each Tlpe of tearn (Tttul<, htJut.y, (hrt, artd
Tiurport tearns) in the pldtoon septre|1.

A bunch ofpoorlr-rrained conscripts trving ro qet artil-
lery on target isn't rhe most inprcssive sieht, but rvith
enough shells,close enough is goocl enough.
Conmanders orcler solcliers to rcplacc casualties in FRIENDLYFIRE
! ! e , r l , o f \l ! . l n r \ t o l < e e p
i m p , ' r r r r I \ \ c i l n o n \i r r . r . r i o n .
Artillerf is incliscriminare and evcryone ulcler
Yttr opponent d//ocatesltits to team: oJ tlte dppro!at
thc borrrbatdment, s'herher fiiend or foe, suffers.
t.1,peunder tbe Truplatcfrorn the pLntoon th unt ltlt,
Unlortunately this means that 1'our orvn troops may be
snbiect to tb following ru/es in order of prioritj'.
hit i{ thev are too close ro rhe enmy when the bom-
. Each tearn mry on/y be ttllocttted oue htt, L r a r d m . r ' r ' ,r c q u e . r e d l
. Unprotected tedtrtsruutt be dllocated hits before teams ( an1 f iod/J tettTtt dre under or pdrtidill unrJer the
in BrilletprooJ Coucr. Arti//er1, during dn Artillery Bombtdrwrut,
. Hits nttrst be dl/ocdted to opeiltiond/ t,ehic/es tntl Tott nust ro// to hit then exactly ts you would for enemy
other tedms (including Gone to Ground tcrtru:) before teams. If t Ji'iendhr team is unlucky ernugh to be hit
RoggedDown or Bdiled Out uehicles. during a bombtrdnenr the elTectsu)i// be exactfu the same
, Unannaured uehicles muit fu al/ocated hits bejre asJr tn enenLytean.l

Armoured whic/e:.
. Hits must be d//ocated to Arrtoured uehicles uith
lower'fop arnLour rttings beJorethose with higher lhp
nr?our Lttings.
. Hits mutt be al/ocatec/ to otl)er tedns before teams
thttt dre Gone to Ground.

Riding on a tank is danscrous uncler artillerv fire.
Do nat ro// to hit hlnn1' or Mau-pacl<erl (lutt tctnu
ridiilg oLtd tdnk sepirdtl] f oLil their tank. Inxedd, ifthe
Trnh tedm is hit, dll rearu ridlng on it are a/so hit.


Arrillerv fire on buildings is the same:rsanl.orher
those caught in the rlanger zole:rre at risk.
Check the tenmi positiarts in the Buildirtg to dctermine
wlich ones dre under tbe T2ntpkte of tn Artil/er1,
Bornbardment in thc strrte ua1 as if the.y uttrc out:idt
r/ c Butldi,K

With shells exploding and shrapnel flying o'ervu.he re. ( t p/tttoon talees one or nnrc /tits from an Arti/lery
it takes an exceptionally brave soldier to stick his heatl Bombtrdnent, it is tutomdtical/1 I'iuned Down (see
out of his hoie under an arrillerv bombardmerrr. ptge 101t.

hit mems that a shell has landed close enouqh to an 1,our bombardment hits an Unarmoured uebicle
F team to be dangerous. The roll to save deter- team (a Tank or Tlznsport team uitlt a Top armour
i f e . h e l l d i d a n y ' e ri o u ' d a n r a g e . rating of'-'), the opposingplnyer rolls a die.
. Ifthe result is 5+, the uehicle escapesunhdrmed.
VEHICLE . Otlterwise, the rehicle h dutornatically Destroled.
Most\' the shells falling everywhere explode near the
.nks, and shake up the crerv. Ifa shell does actually hit RECCE AND WARRIOR VEHICLE SAVES
tank it falls on the thin rop armour. Small jeeps and motorcycles are fast-moving targets
and tend to get our of the bombardment area ot into
Vheru you hit a tanh, the opposingplayer rolk a die and
hollows and out of danger quickly.
the uehiclel np drmour rdting. ComPare their result
wirh your weapon' Anri.tanb ratingfor Bombardmenrs. Unarmoured uehicles that are Vanior, Independent or
Recce teams (inc/uding all Motorcycle Reconnaissance
ANTI-TANK RATING teams) saue on a roll of3+ instead ofthe usual 5+.
Jtour oPP7nent'sArmour Saue ro/l is greater tban Tour
?apan's Anti-tdnb rdting flr bombardmenls, their INFANTRYSAVES
mour Saue is successful,and the shot has no efTect
Infantry caughr in the open have very little prorection
bounced harmless$ of the tank's armour
against the shells whistling down on rheir posirion.
Their onlv hope is to hir the dirt, and fast! Ifthe shelling
continues, they should nov out of the barrage as fst
your opponent's Armour Saue roll exactl\ equals yur
as possible.
Anti-tank rating for bombardme4ts, theyfailed
lnfantry in bulletproof cover is a diferent matter. Thev
their Armour Saue. Although yur shot didn't penetrate
are very hard to dig out.
tlte tank's arnnur, it might stil/ haue some efect.
determine the eect ofthe hitltou must take a Firepower \Yhen your bombardmtnt hits an Infantry team, the
opposing playr rolls a die.
Test.Roll another die.
. If tlte resuh is 3+ the tean escap$ uith no serious
Ifthe roll equals or exceedsyour weapon\ Firepower
rating, the creu Panic and Bail Out. tnJury.
. Otheruise, unles the team is in Bulletproof Couer, it
If the roll is louer than yur ueaponi FirePower rdting
the shot has no ffict and the tank continues in action is Destroyed.

THAN ANTI-TANK RATING Guns are even more endangeredbv artillery bombard-
yur lpplnent's Arour Sne roll is les than jour ments rhan infantry, as the guns and crews are less able
Anti-tank rating for bombardments rhey faikd to disperse ro avoid the falling shells. However, if the
Armour Saue guns are dug in, thev can be tough ro destrol as onlv a
To determine the ffict ofthe hit you must tahe a f^irepower direct hit will wipe out the v'hole crc'.
Test. Roll another die. When your bombardmerut hits a Oun tum, thc opposirug
. lf the roll equals or cxeecdsyou, weopuq\ Fircfaupr player rolk a dic.

. rdting, the tanb is Destroyad. . If the result is 5+ tl)e tedm escnPeswitb no serious
Ifthe roll is lower than your weaponi Firepouer lating tnJur!.
the shotfailed to do signifcant damdge to the uehicle . Otherwise, unler the team is in Bu//etproof Lourr, it
but the crew still Baih Out ofthe tank fearing tbat the is Destro.yed.
next shot might do uorse.
-When working their gun, gunners are forced to clump
vehicles have no protection from artillery. togther more than infantry. However, if thev.eo to

ir only hope of survival is that the exploding shells ground, they can spread out and take full advantage of
ill do only minor damage coveq making them much lessvulne rable.
Any Gun teams that are Gone to Ground ba"e a 3+ sauc
insteatl ofa 5+ saue. This does not apPbt to teams that are
onQ Gone to Grouid becausethel are behind Smoke.

When an artillery round wrecks
A bombardment renders cover that only protects liom
vehicle, the survivors leap out seeki
o n e d i r e c ti o n u : e l e : . .
c o v e ri n r h e l o l d s o F r h e g r o u n d .
Linear Obstaelcs lihe ull' or Bocage Hedgcrow:, and
IJ'its transport is Destrayed or remoued as a
Gun Shield: tlo not prouide Bulletproof Couer against
of a Bombardrunt, an)t suruiuing Pasenget team{
Bombardments, ahhough other Bulletproof Couer (in-
must immediatebt Dismount, mouing no closer to
tluding being Dug In ur in Entrenchmenrs) docs.
,hooting teams as it doe, so.
lf rhe u,gcr lnlantry or Gun teams are in BullrtprooJ
( oucr. take a fircpower 7ert. lf necesary. Transpon rcaru 1othe, than \Yreck:
Afmoured Tianspoft rdffis) can be remouedfrst to r
. lfthc roll equals or exceedslour wilpont l'ircpowet
spacefor the Pasengers to Dismotnt. Ifthere is no
rdting, jour weapon blew through the couer and the
for a Pasenger team to Dismount, then the
target tilm is De,rroyed.
ream is Dcttroled.
. If the roll is /ower than your ueaponi Firepouer
rating, the couerprotects the team from harm. PASSENGERS
l f r i d i n g i n a v e h i . l ei . u n s a f e . . l i n g i n rgo r h e o u r s i d e
IN TRANSPORTS r t a n k u n d c r 6 r e i . e u e nm o r e d a n g e r o u s .
Tiansports are not intended to fight. They get out of the lnlantry or Man-paehed Gun reams riding on a
b a t t l ew h e n ' h o t a r . must take a 5- Saut in,rcad of rheir usrc/ lnfantry
Gun Saue when hit. 7he Passengersare not in
Couer, so no Firepozuer Test is needed ro Destoy them
Armoured haltracks were conceived as a way of
All suruiuing teams immediateiy Dismount Under Fi
getting rroops safely through the artillery zone ancl into
and the platoon is now Pinned Doun (seepage 104)
combat. They won't stop under artillery fire while rhey
can still move.
Arruourerl Transport teams ro// sauesin the same ua! that
Armoured Tanb teams do. Houeuer, thel automatically
Remount (s page 102) immediately when Bailed Out
by an Artillery Bombardment.
[f you Destrol an Armoured Tiansport team, eur!
Passengercarried by the Tiansport tedm must past a 5+
PassengerSaue or be Destroyed. Any suruiuing Passenger
teams immediately Dismount Under Firc and the platoon
is nou Pinned Down (seepage 104).

T h e b e ' r r h i n g t o d o u n d e r a r r i l l e r y r e i r k e e p d r i v i n g
and pray that'you dont get hit.
lX/henS,ouhir an Unarmoured Transportteam twhethcr
or n,t Jrou Datroy it), euerl Passenger caffied by the
Trnnsport tedm must pas a 5+ PassengerSaue or be
De,rroyed. tfall ofrhr Passengersin a fran:port ream
are Destroyed but the uehicle h not, il1e Tiansport team is
Sent to tbe Rear immedintely. 7heplatoon is nou Pinned
Down tscepage l0+).
Suruiuing (Jnarmoured Transport teams still carrJing
Pasengers remain on table afer an artilleryt bombard-
ment, eren if other Tiansport teams in the platoon were
Dest royed.



smoke scren is created by firing shells filled with No REPEAT

icals that burn quickll', giving off clouds of dense Firing a smoke bombardment requires a diferent set
smoke . Enormous amounts of these shells must of computations than firing a normal bombardment.
fired onto a smll rea to create a smoke screen large Even when artillery fires a smoke bombardment on the
dense enough to provide complete concealment same targetJ the delay in bringing up more specialist
your troops. Impromptu smoke screensof the qpe . m o k e a m m u n i r i o na n d m i n o r c h a r r g ei' n w i n d s p e e d
down by a commander during a banle, whiie still a n d d i r e c r i o nm e a n n e w c a l c u l a r i o n s .
and quite effective, are nowhere near as dense Artillerl fring a Smohe Bomltardment may nlt use the
comolete and cannot be maintained indefinitelv. All Guns Repeat! rule to rePeata Preuious Bombardment.
weapons listed as hauing the Smobe Bombardmcnt Smohe Bombardments must be Ranged In dnew eueryturn
in their Arsena/ Iisting may fre a Smoke thel are fred, euen when the Aiming Point is the same.

tRINc SMoKEBoMBARDMENTS The shells generating the smoke dont burn for very long
ry follows the same process when {iring smoke as and the wind will biow the smoke away fairlv quickly.
firing normal ammunition, the only diflirence is In the Starting Step dt the start of1our next turn, remote
at smoke rounds cant hurt the target. all Smoke Screensthat you hauefred.
fring a \moke Bombardmcnr. ur( rh(
illery Bombardment rules to Range In using an enemy SIZEOF A SMOKESCREEN
as the Aiming Point as usual. If ary roll to Range
The size of the smoke scteen created by :r srnoke bom-
is successful,place a Smobe Screen. 7he Bombardment
bardment is directly related to the number of weapons
has no other efit.
firing the bombardment. This smoke screen is then
biown downwind of the target area.
bombardments require many shells and consid- When p/acing n Smohe Screen on tha tab/e, centrc the
able time to take full effect. Ifyou do not give them 6"/15cm square Artillery Tmplate on the target team,

, they will not be elTective in stopping the eneml but instead of'lining the sides up tuith the Jiring batterl
shooting the troops you are trying to screen. the Template sides are positioned parallel to the'ilind
Bombardmentsmust b( frcd ot the beginuing oJ'
,the Shooting Step before all other shooting, , Iftu,o ueapons arefring, the Smoke Soeen cot,ersthe
area ofthe Tmplate.

: ,':*-
. lfthrea to frr? uedponi nre Jirirtg, thc Sntoke Sueen Either p/a1cr cnn fnd out tullnt
miy be exteilded to clrer the drcd oJ thc llnp/ate atil utind direction it it dtry titne. If noi
anothar Tlrnplate dawnwind of and adjdrcnt to it. done so b<:.jorehnnd,a plr4,er ttust deter
. IJ six or n2ore Lueltponsare Jiring, tlte Smohe Screcn mine the Wind Direction whcn they fre the
ma1 be extended to corer t/t.trcd of thc'Ilntplate and .t'irst Sntoke Bornbardmeut af the gane.
anotltcr one or tuuo dounwind of it. Align tl,e Artl/lery Tmplate:o thdt it paints ta one
. Ifonl one wedpon x f.ring the smohedisperstsasfast as tha oJ'the sltort tabh edgn. 7he deJanding p/a1,er rolk a die
ueapon it, so therc is no Smoke Scrcanprcducad. and comparo it to tha Tlmplate to determine the Wind

7he Smoke Streen occupies a// of the Trmplares dnd is Direction. 7he dttaching pldler rud.y rc-rol/ tlte wind

2"/5cn bigL. Fi// aacb Artillary Templrte uith nire dirution, refecting tLeir abilit1 to cltoosethe timireg and

Smoke rutrkers 2"/5cn in diarueter and 2"/5u71 tall directioil oJ'th dtttcle. (tbey do, this ro// is.t'inal, eueu if
({nl/s of cottort wool tuorb u,e//) nr t sixgle /argt Stnoe lessJuourabk that the.first. Once deterwined, th| ^ tlie

ntrker 6"/l 5cm square and 2"/5cm td//. uind direttionfot tlte duration oJ'thc game.


thick blanket of snoke gcner:rredbr. :r bombard-
r ' t e r r it' J i l f i . L r l Lr . . . . r l t r u r r . l t .
A ten?n fdilnat set nnothcr tnm tt orff J6"/40cw if
all [.ines of Sigbt beturert tham pns througlt Smol<e
lf d// Line: of Sight flm d Shooring or S?ltting renru to
nn (nem! tenm (nter 0r ?st through Snohe mtrkers, the
tetru is both Cancealed dnr/ Gon.e to Ground, reo.drd/css
oft// other consideraont, iu Dejensiua liire uthare
it only ()onteils (scepage 152).
lJ any Llnc of Sight Jron a Shootlng or Spot/iilS ttluil to
the eneml tedm doe: not pd$ through a Stno/<eMtrlcer,
the Smo/eeScreen /tas no e1fct.
A Swoke Screen is nat a 7lryain Fedure.

Since smoke tends ro drift dou.nw.ind, one of the rnajor
factors to consider when frring a smoi<ebonb:rrclmcnt
is rvhich u,av thc rvincl is blorving.
Salvo rocket launchcrs [rre bombardmerts just like FIREIN THEsKY
.ny orhc artillerv, but l.ith one kcv c1ifircncc.Atier S:rlvo ro.ket launchets leave long smokc trails througlt
.ranging in as usual (usualh' by firing a singie rocliet at the skv rvhen thcr'llrc. Unfbrtun:rtelr', thc smoke trails
time, iust like ordinarr'',rrrillcr-v),thev fire all of thcir give a*,rv the u'e:rpons'position, allon ing cncnv artil-
rockers in one massiyesalvo. range in on the rouqh area.
If an ArtiL/cr1 Bonbardntenr is on/1 beirryfred b.yRoctt Itltcc t Smoha'lnil narl<er (a bt/l oJ cottan uool or
Launcbo tcnrus, it does not suffr a Ta I'lit penalt.y iJ thel' simi/ar) tc tha retr of each l?ocket Ltwtchtr tum that
Rangerl h lrt thair scond or third artumpt. Jires (includingJitilcd atterryts to Range h).
Sp|ttilry tuilis do nar recd a Lina oJ Sigltt to Rochct
BIGROCKET Launcher tctns marked Sma/ee'frai/to Rdugc Iu on
Rockets irre notoriouslr. difilcult to conrrol in lJight.
them as thc vnol<c trtils rise nboue nl/ terraln. Hou,euer,
.Withour any or-board quid:rnce svstcm the rockets of
if the Spottlng tedrn does not htuc a l.lre o.f SQht to tba
. Silork:i \X'ar ll coulcl not hope to m:rtch the accur:rcv of
Airuing Point, rh( t/lrget tanm counts as bcing (.1tntealed,
conventional artillery anclvcry big sah,oesrvould simpiv
becdusetLe vnokc docsn'tgiue th( rocl<ctIaunchcri
be spread acrossa u'ider arca.
precise locdtion.
If an Arti//er.y Bombardrnertt is bcing /irad b.y six to eigbt
l?atnouctl/:ruoka trttiL nrrkers on yotn RocbatLtuntl,er
Rocket Launcber tedmt, yotr must il!e d Doubic-u,idtlt
teams it TheStartlng Stcp o-f_yournaxt ilrrn.
Templatc ratl.ter tb*t re-rolllng.fibd rolk To IIit.
If du Artillery Bortbtrdment is bcing .ftrtd b_1,nine
t0 tl)irtccLt Rocleat Ltunther Tnnj,.yon rtt{sl us( d
Detasttting .Bornbardrxent Tetnpltta rtthcr lhau re
rolling.fikd roils To Hit
An Artillery Rorubtrdmcnr .fired by Jurtcan or morc
u'eopon:, tucsrr I)cunrtntiLlg Bonrbtrdruent Ibmpltte tnrl
rrrolls Jii led Hit ro ll:.
t, : '

Flying low over th front line, an Ame rican L4 SHOOTINC

or British Auster liaison aircraft operaring Even though they are.flying low an AOP is
as an ir obseryation posr (AOP) is the bane olGerman moving too fast nd high for anything but an
s o l d i e r s .A r y m o v e m c n r a r a l l i s i n s r a n r l ys p o r r e da n d aircraft gun ro hir,
radioed ba} to the field anillery, who respond in
An AOP canonlybes.bii.atusingthe rulesfor
their usual brutal fashion by pounding rhe rarger undl
Anti-aircraf fire on page 181 as rfit was an
a l l m o v e m e n r c e a s e sB. y D-Day. ererl American and
Self-defenceAnt -aircraJ:ueapons can shoot at an
British division had light aircraft operating as AOP's
euen ifnot attacbed by it. As uith all Anti-aircmf
giving them unequalled artillery observation capabiliry.
the AOP is shot at in its oun Shooting Step, not the
An Air Obseruati0n Post (AOP) is an Independ,ent Shooting Srep.
Obseraer team, but may neuerJoin dnothe Inde?endent
team 0r platoon. An AOP is not treated as an dircraf. FIGHTERINTERCEPTION
exceptf,r shooting at i dnd Fighter [nteTception. A O P p i l o r s r e l i e do n b e i n g i n c o n s p i c u o u sr o s u r y i v e
The AOP carries no uedpons and cannot s/toot, assaub, their defenceless light aircraft. Sometimes it
o, bc as,au/ted. and sometimes it didnt.

An AOP cannot operdte at night. (the mission usesthe lfyour opponenthasAir Support,thq canrollfor.
Dau,n rules (seepage 273), tbe AOP will moue on to tlte lnterception instead tfGrouad Attark ar rhc beginning
table it irsf rst daylight rurn. lf rhe nision a,es rb( Dush their own turn. IJ'they receiue their Fighter
rules (seepage 273), the AOP uill leaue tbe table iru i* rhc AOP is shur down and Detruyed.

f rsr night nrn. If the AOP player also has Air Support. thel ma3t
for Fighter Interception (a ifthe opponnt hdd rollet/
MoVINc AN AOP Ground Attacle) to stop tlt opponent's fgbter: before
The AOP flies low over the front looking for rhe enemy shoatduwn rhe AOI
and reporting their positions. Although slow compared
to fighter (or even bomber) aircraft, an AOP is still ex-
tremely fast compared to its earth-bound comptriots.
An AOP ioes not haue a,fuIouementDistance. Simply pldce
the AOP ahere yoa udnt it to be in the Mouement Step.
Aru OP may beplaced uithin 2"/5cm of an enemy team,
and enemy teams md! moue uithin 2"/5cm of an AOP

The main role of an AOP aircraft ts artillery observation,
using its mobiliry to iind targets and avoid enemv and-
aircraft fire. It flies low to avoid enemy ghter aircrafi,
making it more like a ground vehicle than an aircraft.
An AOP Obseruer team that can act as the Spotting
team for any Artillery platoon that has a Staffteam. An
AOP Spox like a ground uelticle, drauing Line of Sigltt to
and from the aircrart model, ignoring its fight stand.
Unllke other Obseruer teams, an AOP can Spotfor artil-
lery while mouing. When using theAll Gani Reput! sprcial
mle on page 128, an AOP can ruoue, but mtut still be in a
position n Spot tbe Aiming Pointfom the preuilut tum.
Due to the dificuhies in fying an aircrafi an locating
trgetsat the tdme time, the AOP airoaJt modeI (ignoring
the flight stand) must be witltin 16"/40cm of the Aiming
Paint. Line of Sightfrom anAOP is taleenfrom any part
ofthc a;reraf nodel.
Ihe AOP bn$tsfom its hei.ghtfu albuing it to re-roli the
thid anemprrc fungeIn rf irfaikd on rhatnmpr.
Selectan eneml team tls the aiming Point. Roll oile die per tedm under the template.

NOMINATE THE SPOTTING TEAM Firins Platoon'sSbill Score Needed

onc of thc wcaponsfring. the llaroon Loryryand ('onscript 5+
or Staf team, the Compdny or a Higher Command team Tiained 4+
o, an Obseruerteary as rhe Sputring tenm.
Wteran a
CHECKTHAT THE TARGETIS VALID Add + I to the score to hit if
l.arget mast be in Line ofSight, Range, and Field of Fire. . 7he artillerl ranged in on the secondattempt.

Add +2 to the requircd score to hit if

4 RoTATE To FCETHE TI.RCET . The artillerl, ranged in on the third dttempt
Turn the artillery to face the target ofits bombardment.
Add +l to rhe score to hit if:
. Only a singk wenpon is;firing.
Targets at least halfbidden by terrain are Concealed Artiller1 with 2+ weaponsfring alway hits on a 6.

Infantry and Man-packed Guns are aluals

Concealed if they don't moue.
Artillery hix the Top armour of Armoured uehicles.
Teamsthat did not moue, shoot, or assau/t dre Gone
Opponent rolls d die and adds their Top nrmour rating
to Ground.
and compares the result to the Arti//ery Anttdn rdtinK:
Roll is Resub
attempts t0 range |n.
Gredter Na effct
Equal Firerouer test to Bai! Out
Les Firepower test to Destrql
otherwise Bai/ Out

Rall 5 + sauefor Unarmoured rchicles, except3 + nre Jr

Add +l to the score to range infor each oftheJllowing: Warri0r, IndependenL and Recceteams.
. Targeted team is Concea/ed. Roll 3+ sauefor InJntr)l tetms.
. Trgeted team is Gane to Ground while Concealed. Roll 5+ saucfor (iun teams, tn/ess (lone to (]round, then
. Spottingteam is a Compary or Higher 3 + saue.
Command team. Roll Firepower Taststo Destroy Infantrlt tdmt, and Gun
Mortart ma! re-roll a failed frst axemPt to Range In. teams in Bu//etproof Couer.


'entre Marb Destroyed Armoured uehiclesas Wrechs.
the tm?ldte ouer the Aiming Point.
Remoueother Destroyed teams.


An1 bit ort a platoon f"om a Bombardment nenns tht
platoon is ?inned l)own.

, l.:if
iht'ri of machine-guns would b inr ihii inough to
witfi the most stubborn enemy, experience h repeatedly shown that well dug-in infantry in trenches
bunkers can withstand a heavy bombudment. In the end, the only way to take their position is to
up close and personal with bayonets md hand grenades.

Select the Assaulting Platoon 8. Pmh into Enemy Positions

Test for Tank Terror 9. H Assaulting Platoon $!'on

(ifso, Skip to ll)
Chrge into Contact
Opponent Conducts Defensive Fire 10. Opponent Tsts Motivation md eitherr
. Countrattacks, or
Roll to Hit with Assaulting Tms
. Breaks Off
Roll Saves for ArmouredVehiclq
11. Victor Consolidates
Mark or Remove Destroyed Tams
12. Return to I md Select the Nqt Platoon

theAssaultingPlatoon.. ..., 143 O t h e r T e m s d o n o t R o l l S a v e s. . , . . . ...... 159

TmkTerror .,.,. ,. ' . 143 UnrmouredVehicles..., ...... 159
InfmtryandGunTems. ...... f59
ItingandNon-saultingTems ....... 144
Psengers .... . .. ... f59
into Contact, .,., \45
PushintoEnemyPositions. ......, 160
The Most Direct Route . . ... ,. . 146
Charge\ThoYouShotAt . ..... 147 H theAssaultingPlatoonVon .,,........ f6f

intoTerrain. .....,.....148 OpponentTstsMotivation,...... 162

LinerObstacles .....148 C o u n t e r a t t c k i n g .... . , , .. ...... 163
AreaTerrain. .... '... f48 ChugingintoContact, ......, 163
ChrgingaBuilditg.... ...... f48 T a n k s A s s a u l t i n g i n t o T e r r a i n. . . . . , . , . . . 164
TmlrsinTerrain ,...,.149 Psengers Must Dismount, . ... 164
AssaultAlwaysContinues. ..,.. 149 NoDefensiveFire.... ........164
AbmdonedPositions,.,........ f50 FightinginCounterattacks. .... 164

ichPlatoonsareDefending .,.. f5f BreakingOff. ..........165

WhoCmDefensiveFire. ....., l5f CapturedifTooSlow.... ...... 165
DismountingtoBreakOff ...., f66
C o n d u c t s D e f e n s i v eF i r e . . . . . , . . . 152
CamotCounterattack.., ..,,.. 166
WhoCanBeHit.. ...........152
PinnedDownifBreakOff ..... 166
ShootingOver Infantry. , . . .. .. t52
OpponentVins. ..... f66
Tnksmd DefensiveFire ...., . 153
Break Off through theEnemy.. . ....... . f66
theAssault to Fall Back. . .... . . .. .. 154
VictorConsolidates.,... ...,,...167
FallingBack. ........ 154
ConsolidationMovement ...... 167
to HitwithAssaultingTems ., ......., 155 ...... 167
S c o r e N e e d e d t o H i t. . . . ...,.. 155 .,.,.. 168
Hits toDefendingTems.......... 156 VictorisPinnedDown ....,.,. f68

S a v e sf o r A r m o u r e d V e h i c l e s .. . . . . . . . . . 157 Wrriors mdlndependentTeams .......... 169

T n k sH i t b y I n f m t r y T a m s... . . . , . . . . . 157 AssaultSpecialRules.. .......... f69
TmkAssaultRatings....,,.... 157
AssaultSummary .,,.,,.l7A
TmksHitbyGunTems.,..... 157

: .
a .e


Four soldlers rrse ro their leet,

sun glinting o{f their bayonets, and charge towards the a lethal furry ofbayonett and
enemy positions. The decisive moment h come. While
Afar rhis terrifling onslaught. the
some of the fighting in an assault is hand-to-hand with
tests their willingnes to counterattach
bayonets and sharpened spades, much is simply close-
thcir own waue of bal,oncn and
quarters combat with submachine-guns and grenades.
the defendersbreab of and the
ln rhe Assault Stcp. 1ou launch a sericsofa,sau/rs. To hecp ?::::;::
things :inple,, eaeh asau/t i, foughr ;2 turn before rhe
Should rhe dcfender fght baeh. rhe asau/ting
nfft dstqulr bcgrns.
needs ro te,t rheir willingnes, in rurn. lf rhey are
In each axau/t, you selectone ofyur platoons to charge to cdrrl on, they counterttacb and the
?rocess conti
thc enemy. Earh a'saulr pit: one ofyour p/atoons again,r until one side or the othii breahs af.
one or more ofl,our opponenti platoons.
When you hauc rompleted one plnroon's a,aulR,
Your asaulting platoon charges into contact with the another platoon to Launch an Assauh and charge in
enem!, then the defenders conduct dejnsiue in an
ffirt ro pin rhe araulting platoon down and rr6p 11.

Your troops need to manoeuvre themselyes to within LEADERTESS

srriking disrance of rhe enemy to launch an assault. \ ( / i r h o u r s o m e o n er o l e a d r h e w a y i n r o r h e e n e m y
Select one of your platoons or a tilhnior team as the tion'. norhing happens.
Asaubing platoon. b must be ab/e to get into base- You may not selecta platoon without a P/aruon C,
to-bdse contact with an enemy team when it Charges team n the Assauhing platoon, abhough sucb a
into Contact kee page 145). cdn still Counterattack (ee page 163)

One of the easist ways ro stop the enemy from assault-
Infantry avoid assauldng tanks as they lack
i n g i " t o k e e p r h e i r h e a d sd o u n w i t h h e a v T r e .
that can penetrate these well,armoured beasts
You may int select a Pinned Doun pktoon containing
IJ anl AssaubingInfantrl team is within 6"/ t 5cm of
InfantrJ tedmt the Atsaubing platoon since thqt aren't
enemy Armourerl Tanb team, the p/atoon must take
allowed to moue closer to the eneny.
Motiuation test beJreit can assault.
A Pinned Down platoon containing only Armoured Tanle
. On a successful ro/1, j,our infantry get up
teams cdn be selected.
as the Asaubing p/atoon since being and
Pinnid Doun does not ffict Armoirid Tn k trn^.
. On afailed roll. thel do not launch rhe assault.
ring to remain w/tcre theJ are.
[gnore Boged Doun or Bai/ed Out Tnh teatns
Independent teams (but nlt Warrior teams)
,t:':::.::: determining if an Assaulting platoon needs ta take
'. t- Motiuation Tcsrto asrault.

a smrr olllcer rrie5 ro milimi\e the srrength SOFTSKINS CANNOT CHARGE
iheir assaulting force, somelimes they have to leave Charging *re enemy in a or unarmoured
behind. vehicle, or even a lightly armoured.transport, is good
,,,^., -L- f^.-'
of tbe lnlantry and Armoured Tank reams in rhe "^.k,,,,

platoon are Asaulting teams. asidcfrom those Unarmoured Tank teams and any 7ansport teams in the
are identifd as Non-assaubing teams. Asauhing platoon are N0n-assauhing teams.
assauhing player may declare any teams Jrom the An exceprion ro rhi, i, German armourecl halJ:1rn175
Platoon to be Non-asaulting teams that ran charge inro conracr uring rheir Mounted Asault
specia/ ra/p (tee pagc 24Jt.
the ordei to charge doesni reach some ofyour troops GUNS AND ROCKETSCNNOT CHARGE
time, they wont be involved in the assault. The domain ofgunners is shooting, not launching wild
thdt are Out oJ Command are Non-assaubing bayonet charges.
(]un teams (including Man-packed Gun teams), self-pro-
pelled armoured Rocket Launchers, and Stafteams in the
FARAWAY Asauhing platoon are Non-assaulring teams. Howeuer,
cm onlycharge so far Ifthe enemy is further awal', thel ma1 end up fghting the enem1, as the result of an
y can only watch the ght awaiting its outcome enemy assaub or Counterdttac/e.
ams more rhan 8"/20cn fon oll Defending teams are
-asauhing teams. 7he Souiet Qualitl of Quantttl ANTI-AIRcRAFT
ial ru-le(spage251) extendsthis to 12"/30cm ln Troops shooting at aircraft are too busy with that task
txlmmstances to launch an assault.
Teams in the Assaubing platoon that Conducted Anti-
SHOOT ON THE MOYE TO CHARGE aircraft Fire r/uring the enem)/ turn are Non-assau/tittg
order to assault, troops need to work their way into a te/tms. SeePage )81 for rules on shooting at aircraJi.
jump-offposition, close to the enemy. You cannot
rhi. while blzing awayllat our ar rheenemy. ASSAULT
that shootwith morethdn half 0f their ROF in the Heroic leaders dont sit back and watch while their troops
ng Stepare Non-asaubing teams,unles they haue attack, they get sruck in and lead from rhe fronr.
rule allowingthem to shootat theirfull ROF while In order to Join the Asaubing platlon as dn Asaulting
team, t Warrior tam milst Jlin it before it Charges into
Contact. Any Warrior team that Joins the Asauhing
AT THE DOUBLE platoon aJier it has Charged intl
Contact is a Non-
effort required to get your troops across the battle- asaubing team.
quickly means that there is simply not enough time
ft to organise an assault after moving at the double
ms that moued At the Double are No*assaulting


rks do not assault other tanks, they shoot them
stead, they charge down the infantry, hoping that the
tanks wont kill them rst
teams cdnnot Charge into Contact with Tank or
reams. They must Charge into Contdct with
or Gun teams instead.
T l r c . L s s . r r L ] r i lt qr i , o p s b r . , r k i n t o r r n u r r n r l c h , r r g eL h e
c n c n r r .b a l o n c r sg l i n t i n g . I l . a c i n gr c t o s st h c i n t c r l c n i n g l::ttrltitt,a rctlts o.f tl,c !!ttltiil,< [)lttt0ot/

. l i s r a n r c .t h c e l r r r g i n qs o l c l i e r s c c k L o g e t t o g r i p s u i r h (-,atrittoittt,rcLitry tttnts o.f' tlt( Lailnl(dl/n.Llu{

r h c c n c n r \ . r sf ; r s r . rpso s s i b l tco n r i n i r r i : ct h c r m , u n t o f plttoott, :tc prtgc 16.)) irttu cartt,tct u'jth tltt' ltcin.1, irt
lirt rho'rll<i: tlorr rhc Llefcnrlcrs. or (.ltirge
i n t h c s c c o n d tltL .ll/ou. i itu,:tcps. t,'o n-t ::,t tt/t; to\ tt I t! uLt 11
\ . \ , l r f r . l ,' r , ' . : " . 1 ' r . . r\ r . r . i ' r , . i i . . . r r , , , .


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gTr'Ri/N rsslrLi ts\,',ic./l\r.;
t -;trq-.-* tNTa at\T/a r',,ii! il5 ENtfl!

1. MoVE CLosEsT
rrhocver rhcr c;trr relch. it!t)i t !!! i tj l,i l 0t:tt r t aoil iiiat r! )t l)t(i)111t(t t]t. l'0t ttttrst

(.lototrtirrrr,itL,:;t,a) lttf,ii!!i.t ;ij;/i r .ri rij,,i'r,t.i i itt .i,:ri t,l t i tit< i 0i (.ailrtrattrriili iry,)
.\Iot,e t/,t.1::,ttrltittrl itr t)

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,.--''' \dt., ll.\.\-.

r !4r+ i+i ." . -s *# #q@4!+qf:1:!.{qd!++,;:;i;:Ttr@}l:ii; r j*;:;;+;;;! .i:

,::i:.-!1;ig;;:!ll:j;!;ir!i!-i;!i$t u-t:ijiGil;;i;i

a/l ol rhe teams fom the Asauhing (or 8"/21cm of a Defending team. Moue theseteams 4"ll)cm
platoon that un mou( inlo conrar towarA eirher anl rury rhar has already been contacred
enem)l trams haue done !o, mou( all remaining b! one 7flour teamt, o the nearest enem! team that has
(or Counterattacbing) teams that are uithin not been contacted bl one of1our tedmg


\While soldiers rvill hunt our enemy hiding
ioops want to ger into conra as fast as possible, bur behind
t at the cost of getting stuck on the way. They will buildings or in woods, there isnt much that they can do

vert slightly to avoid obstacles. about enemy oops up an impassablecliff.

Cbarging into Contact must tahe t/te sh0rtest, mon When Cbarging into Contdct, te.trns tglu)re enemy teams

rect oute in:o clntact tuit/i tbe team thel are chdrging. that thel cdnnzt reac/t due to terrain that is impassabh

medns that if there are no obstaclesbetween t/tem to them.

the enemy, the! mutt mou in a straight line totuards

enemy. If there is an obstac/e between tbem and the
Assaults are ali about closing with the enemy. Unlike
ry, Thel md! either moue straight towards the eneml
normal movernent where you must keep your distance,
the obac/e, or take the sbortett route around thc
vou can move ri*ht up to the enemy nhen assaulting.
to get to the enem)t.
Your Assauhing (or Counterattacking) teams mty mlue
may go around or through a friendly team t/tat has
witbin 2"/5cm o.f anemy teams u'hcn the-y Charge into
fnished its Charge into Contact if this will get
Contact, but mdJ not mlue oucr or tltrouglt dil enmy
closer to the team that tlsey are charging
teaffi nor end their mouement with their base ouerkp-
that contact an eneml team rotdte at tbe end of
Ping aryt othr teami ba;e. An Assaubing team md! not
r mouemnt so tltat they are square up against a con-
?ass throagh gapt betueen enemy teants lessthan its own
base uidth.
NoT NEEDTo - .. .: r
they get the order to '4='j
rge, soldiers don'r need to
told whar to do.
teams do not need
remain In Command when
into Corytlct


Sometimes a platoon intending to assaultwill need to
split iti re to engage several platoons at once.
When Charging into Cont/lct an Asaubing team t/tat
shot in the Shooting Step mutt charge a team thdt wds
uithin 8"/20cm of a team from tbe platoort thdt it shot
dt. If it cdnnot do this, it is a Non-assauhing team and
cannot Charge into Contact dt dll.


If rhere is a risk that your shooting rvill desrroythe only
enemy team wirhin 8"/20cm ofthe platoon that you want
to assarrhwith, mark the position of the destroyedtem in
the Shooting Stepto make it clearthat you can sdll assault
i'our intended target using the Assauking Abandoned
Positionsrule on page J50.

I r i s o b i i o u s h i n r l x r s s i l ' l ci L r r o u r r c r r r r sr o b c p J a c . - t l ( ) n c c r u r l s s . r i L L r i n qf c i l r r q c L s r o t l r e c ] o o r s r r n c ll i n , l o u :
i n p b l s i c r l c o r r r a c rl i t ] r a n c f ( - n l \ t e a r r , l e l e n r l i n ge u o f r b u i l c l i n q . r h c r c : r n t h r , r . i n g r c ; r r r c i c sn n c l l t t c n r p r
o b s t a c l cl i k e a \ \ , i 1 lol f h c c l e c .l n r l r i s c r s c c i o s cc n o r L g l r r o c 1 c . r tt l r c c n e l l \ ' 0 L l t .
l s . s i o o de n o L l g h . Itt.ftt;tr;.j, ilrtitr' tittt g tl,rou21, ()poti;t.,1,
A tctut iu iottn(t u'ilt t Litttrr ( )ht,rclc, tl,c \\''rcl: o.l'', 11;i11q1/tc,totttai, tittcriir< Ll,tci:cri n;. (.0ttr,,rLr!
I)tstrolad t.clticlc, ,tr Optrittg )tt ,t tsttilliit,4, r,t rtt.1 orLt, Builr!i;t,,1,: lstt Ttgt i)t.
Obsntk tbtt pb.ysic,rlllli(totri it.f n;tt Lti;t,g Stltccl /f'tlttrL i., n0 ! rl,t cltti,liit,4 rttit, t,t,,,rit titi
lostr lo ttit (t(r1.1't(ttL/tis t!rtnrl Ta1b( i)t (ait!ttat t( iTll Btril/iti3. ii (,lut,1ts jttto OrLltutf r itl, ti,L ;t',i,,,i
nt/.) en(n) tetrti intiucrllttcl.l, rt.ior! flt( obsttclt J) o;r tt. Oprli;t.g.. Lot!itf.t\ i! hrjlt! iil eiltt.i t( itl) riti itt,tiL:i
If tbLre istir cnougl, :p,tct ltLrurLtt tlv u1n) Ttiut tit(l r)t.i7t1 r(it1)t ittsirlL. ll tltct is to sptLc bc.;irlc tl,' Opt;tlt,,
tl.tcl-ittatr Obsttclr.for tlu,4t ttrlt tt,' rtltu tr, ltL pLttrl b r.n t j( a.t tt i t o rl tr i ; t tt rL.y [] t i ld i ; t,t..frrr i t t', r i t, i l i t.,,t i,r r
ph.1'sictllyitt totrch tt lrlt tltL t,tttirtl\ it i: :rill jtt ,ottttct rl,t i l,tr,{itt:< rrtt}t )ti)tttiir trt iltt ()ptiti;rg iit rr, oir.;t
tuitlt il,1 citt:irt.1,
.f) oilt Tlt. ath(r of'tl,t Ob,uiL.. Ilrilrlitt,q Lnli;tg lttto tl,t rlltl,tr,t.t ol ttr l)r tttti oi rl,t
;i//t'.tti't1, l,rrt :ttll nttLtrs 1t [7111c4itt toitrtrr tt tti, ri,i
AREATERRAIN i1(r!ia!l (i1 (ijl)) /:(tli) | i i tr | ll (.

i\hnr n pcs oi irrt-:rrerr ein a rc'rr odr-lLr'cl l irh rh inqs Likc Iln t.tti)t iIiil. n lJtilrli;t,:. is ttittblc to.0itrtt.t tii t,:tt'i)t)
L r e e sa n r l r o c l i so n L h e r r r l r i r t ] i n r i t l ' h e r c r c l n r s c r l r l r t . . J...
p o s i r i o n c t l .O n c c e g a i n .c l o s cc n o r L . gih: g o o d c n o u g l r . ftciit! !tr to;tttict i: t; tin.,t,t: it rr;;t1r:,t;rri t: it iti,i;:
) t i l r t o l i i , t a : t a 1 i i . t, . t 1 ) ; ! .
It' t tcrttit in lttt ltriitit i: ttttltlL to (0it!!t ,tit rit(t)i)
t.. l .'.1 .'/.'.. . l. t
bti;u itt contatt i.l )r i.t 15 ;/p51,1t ir utt gc/ tntll 1r triTl)ltl
2"/5cnt oJ tltc ltell), r(int.


*- *h
AssMLltNe iEAtN, :-
acNAals ltE av',r,r
Aa leRE i5 Na Rac,fi
8tr{EN ft,,#!! /\,i ..:;,1-
TH5 EN6Y. g+
.= I{

;,, ,,

s ?;;
TANKSIN TERRAIN Tank tean: cdrnnt Tnouup Jtairs, so thel do not ntd.
to mou( into Lontdct witb Infdntry teams on the upper
lf the eneny is trying to hide in terrain, 1.ourtanks have
leuelsofd Building to assault them, but do bdue to moue
to go in after them.
a.. , lo<en' pu:'iLIc.
7he norma/ ru/esJr lossing or Jtering Rough'[rrain
nplh, abik Charging intl Clntnct. Ttnb tetms nust
rnake the nppropritte Bogging Checks as required.
Sometimes vour leading rroops will lind themselves
Euen iJ the knk teain doesit actul)/lJ eltter 0r cror Rough
'lrraiu, sroppecl by obsraclcsbelore thev reach the cnerlr,, leaving
it muit makc d Bogging Check ds iJ entering or
t l t c m e r y ' s . l l o c n c n ) \ ' l i r er n . l c o u r t e r r t t a . l < . .
crossing the Rougb Tlrrdin tuhcn it Clnrges lnto Contdct
( ),t.t
tuitlt an eneml tearn in or dcrassRough Trrtin, unles it ) o u I a u , , c l , a q A , : a t r l t . r / c n . . : n r r lrtn n r i n t r e : ,e t e n
is also uithin 2"/1cn o.fdnothc e/ten), JnJnt.y or (;un iJ no ;vt,ltitt3 tnr ( ttttttt(rapi,i<ing r,tas a;tutlly
Iedrn that it not in or dcrossRough Ti,rrtin. mtl<c contact utith tn anam! teatn wLet Charging into,
Contact (becauseall ofyur tdnbs Bogged Down or ylut
TANKS CH,ARGING BUILDINGS inJantry got hung up ox barbed itttdnce). This
are not really designed for lighting in buiFup nedns thnt tlre deJanderswil/ still conduct Deferuiue Firc:l
,rreas,but ifthev have to, they cn airempr to bring rhe (seepdge 1 52)
building down around thc infantrv hiding in it.
Only Fully-arnoured Tanh teams (e epage 8) can assault
teams in Btri/dings. Other ucbic/es cannot assdu// teants
in Buildings dt the.y cdtulot enter Building. The ntles
for Thnbs Asvulting into appll to lxk
A:stulting (or Countartttdching) teams in Buildings.
Sinca Buildings are \/cr1 Dfficuh Going, thc Tnb team
will tteed to pass n Sbi/l 7L to duoid Bogging Doton.
Unlike lrtfantt l tetrr, Tt tenns tlo not need nt axisting
Opaning to assault into a B/ding. Instearl, tltcl treat a// 'a,r1
u,alls as Opcnings. h t// other respectslul/y,armoured
Tanh tnrns tssdtt/t ittto Buildings in the sdrte wnjt that 'i*
ln.fntry ream' do.

' ,'' . . :':..:'.t,
, :':l.i',a.
,i.orir shootirig.was so ..successfulthat it destroyed teams witltin 2"/5cm, the Asaubing teams cannot scoe
e n e m y t e m s r h a t y o u w e r c a b o u t t o a s s a u l r .r h e any hirs, bur rhe Dqfending plaroons musr srill tahe a
can still. tke place as . the assaulting pItoon Motiu/ltin Test to Counierattach (seepage 162).
fonn'ard and ocupiei the abmdoneili.nemy
.uripposed. Sometimes a similar thing will NO ENEMYCLosEENoUGHTO ASSAULT
when vo p l a L o o n sa . r a u l t s i d e b y s i d e . l f r h e If your shooting was spectacular or the enemy was
pltoon to assault th position pushes the nemy w i d e l y d i s p e r s e d .y o u r r r o o p s m a y b e a b l e r o s i m p l y
the seiond platoon to assault will be left with an walk in and take the enemy positions unopposed.
walk to victory. Ifn:one oflour Assauhing Teamscan get uithin 4"/ lAcm of
a team fom your platoon that was in a positiln to on ilrcry! rean by Cbarging into Contarr. the Assaulting
an Asauh at the start of the Sbooting Step is plaroon still makes its Chargc inro Contacr moue to
to Iaunch an A)taulr in the Assautt Step, but contnct the positions of the uanquished enemy. It sffirs
because the enem)/ teams tbat it would hue as- Defensiue Fire (seepage )52) as usual, and ifit doesn't
are no longer there,your platoon may still Launch Fall Bach from the Defensiue Fire, automaticalfu iYins
A*aub. the,$sauh dnd Clnsolidates (seepage 167).

of Chargtng into. Contact uit/t enemy teams,

Asauhirig tedms must Charge into Contatt with
missing eruemy teams as if the enem! teams uere still
they uere at the sttlrt ofthe Shooting Step.

lfyou plan to u5e fhe A"rulring Abandoned Posirions
rule; it can be helpful to mark the positions of the reams
ihat yot destroyedin rhe Shooting Step so rhat you can
rhen in rhe Assault Step.

t h e e n e m y p l a r o o n "y o u r v e r ei n r e n d i n g t o a s s a u l r r i l l YOU MUSTHAYEBEENABLETo ASSAULT
teams close enough to assault, you can continue TheAssaulting
assault as normal, even though you wont make you to just move at will after sitting srill and shooring
at their full rate. The assaulting teams rvould still have
t with any enemy teams.
't needed to fire at the reduced rate of llre for movins to be
at least on of )tour Assaulting reams is uithin t l0cry abls ro do rhi'. a. orhe.wiserheyare nor .ligibl. ,.. hrrge
an (nemj ream afcr rheir Charge into Lonract, rhe inco contact. In Flames OfWar vou can't just decide to
is conucted as normal. If there are n0 enem)/ take the Dositions after youve shot all ofthe enemyl
Generally anyone ner enough to know what is hap- Afier the Asaulting player Charges
pening will open re on the attacking troops before Contact, the defending plal,er conducts Defensiai
liring ba; oner. ready to see e cneml ofi. Those roo Fire againsr rhc Araulting platoon.
far away to distinguish friend from foe can only watch Only teams uithin 8"/20cm of an Araulting team'
andhope. thool tn D(len)tu ftrc.
Aqt enemy platoon that has teams within 8"/20cm of
an Asaubing tedm is a DeJnding platoon. A platoan FIREAT THEDOUBTE
does not need to be in contacf with the enemy to be a Tioops moving at the double are focused on reach
Defending platoon. rheir goal quickly and are not ready for combar.

L)etermine which platoons are Defending platoons afer A Defending team thdt moued At the Doable in i;
the Astauhing platoon has Charged into Contact. preuious Mouement 9ep canuot conducr DeJensiueFire.


No one wanfs to expose themselves fo fire unnecessarily, F l a m e - r h r o w earrseo f l e n r i v ew e a p o n T. h e yr a k e
'I1lose ro prepare and cannot react quickly when surprised.
so only troops being charged rvill open re. laced
wirh troops covering fire will just lie low. Tlams cannot shoot Flame-throuers in Defensiue Ft
Enemy teams tuitbin 8"/20cfl of Non-assauhing teams Infantry Flame-thrower t(ams can sti/l shoot as
are not being assaubed unless an Assaubing team is dlso teams kee page I 98).
uithin 8"/20cm.


The enemy won't take your chargc lying down. -Vhen
they see your soldiers bearing down on them, thcy will
redouble rheir 6re in an e{lort to stop your troops from
reaching rhem. After the attacking platoon has launched
their assault,the de{nders get one last chance to srop
your attack with their defnsive fire.
il1.'e.nrnycfrargingyou, bayonetsfixed, is ASSAULTING THROUGH SMOKE
s m e a s s h o o r i n gm y o r h e r e n e m y a
. s i d e A l r h o u g h a s w i r l i n g s m o k e s c r e e nh i d e s r h e e n e m y a r
d i r e c o n s e q u e n c e so [ l a i l i n g r o s h o o i r h e i r long range, they ue clerly visible silhouetted against
L I e p a l e s m o k e a s t h e y c h a r g ej n r o c o n r a c r .
ue Fire res tbe normal shooting procedure (in- As Defensiue Fire is condutte at pointblank range,
checking thar the teqm is a ua!id rarget, rolling Assaulling teams are on$ Concealed, but not Gone to
rolling saues.and rolling ro destroy. erc.) with th, Ground when srcn rhrough Smohe Marker:.


is nr: tirne to pick your targets whn the enmy is l f y o u a r e b e i n g c h a r g e d ,y o u n a r u r a l l y s h o o r a r r h e
troops chuging you.
lg, you just shoot what's in froni oiyou.
Assaulting teams tuithin 8':/2qcm /1/ udlid targti Hits from Defensiue Fire must be allocated to Asatilting
Defensiue Fire, so hin must be allocated ro Asauhing teams, and may not be allocated to Non-asauhing teams.
within 8"/20cm of theshootingtean. Aside Jiom this, bits are allacaterl using the normal
shaoting rules.
though they only have a short time to shoot No BUttETPRooFCoVER
weapons can pour on the lead when necessry Your troops have to leave the safety of their own posi-
tions to charge into contact with the enemv, rendering
mi.ihaoting in Defensiue Fire do not count ar mouing)
them more vulnerable to defensive fire.
ifrhel moued in their prcuious rurn, in*ead thcyfre
theirful/ ROF. Howeuer, a /eam liom a Pinned Down As Defensiue Fire is conductad on the Asaulting teams
still reducesrhrir ROF for being Pinned Down as thej charge, tltey neuer beneftfrom BulletproofCouer,
euen in terrain that giues Bulletlroof Coaer.
t h e d e f e n d e ri s i n r h e m i d d l e o F a w o o d o r r h e SHOoTINc oVER INFANTRY
,-bur.ftcking troops are going to be in clear view Awell laid out inlntry position is likely to have machine,
rhey charge acrossLhe l*L gap and inro the enemy. g t r n sa n d a n r i - r a n kg u n s : u p p o r r i n gr h e i n f a n t n .
Fire is conducted on theAsaulting teams where As with other shooting uehicles and Gun teamt can
are afer Cbarging into Contact, so thel onl] beneft shoot ouer Infantry (but not Caualrl teams, as can otlter
Concealwent theT occu?J at that point. In most cases Infantry teams shooting at ?ehiclcs (seepage 80).
means tht Assaulting teams will be in the open and.
Houeuer, an assauh in a uood or through a
streen would count as Concealedfor instance.

Tirnks have rurrers so thet' car engage close,in threats t point blanli range, anti-tank rvcapons are much:

fr-om the Hani<sin :r lvar. thar,rssault guos cannot. n r o r e( f I c L t i \ c . f l ' e i r r o t r r r d l.t i r h r r J c r . r n dr h e g u n n c r s

rvill target vision slits, tracks :rnd other vulnerable spots .
T A N K G U N S I N D E F E N S I V EF I R E m:rking tJrem much rnorc likelv ro penerrarethe tank.
Rapid-{irinq nachine-guns and turret,nounted rveapons L t . , l ' , u , c r h ( i , \ ; , 1 , , l r u a u t l o , n t 1 1, ! r r y s 1 1 r . \ a y s 5
are the rnost el}ctive n'e:rpons a tirnh hr for halting dgaln:t [)efensiue Fira, euen when tha mode/ isfacing tbe
inlntn assaults. s/tooting tetnt.
A: uel/ ds its machine-guus, i rehich cdn t{sa ltlt)l
tl{n'et-mounteal u)eapons ta shaot at InJantrl fearns in
Dafensirc Fire.
All hits irr Defeusiue Firc Ji'on other rchiclt-mourtted
u,edponstttmt bc a//octted to'lhulz team:. IJ'ou/y Irtfintr.y,
ttlils drc udid nrgets, t/toy hits trt oupL'tal1, igTlsrgal.

One of the rveahncsses of tank clesignjs that
hugc blind area closc ro rhe ranh makinq thtrn vulner,
ablc ro infntrr-att:rck. Tnks have to bc vcn, wary of,inro terrain occupicd bf inintrv as rhe enenlr,
can sneak up and blind ir wirh smokc grenacles,mucl,
or flour bonbs. bctbre rhe crcrv even knorv that thcr':rre
r r n J . ra r r a c k(.) r . r b l i n d e J r. h e r a r er i r r L r . r ldl re l . r r . . -
A DeJnding t,ehicle mal not l)eftntiu. Fie ar all iJ'it is
in conttct tuit/t tn assau/ting InJutrl' teatn thm Srcdked
Up on it.
t(t//t cLtn Steah Up on t uelticla ('rha
, did not nruua in tLe Mouament dnd Sbooting Steps,
. did not shoot in the Shooting.\tep, and
. strted its Lhargc into Contact Concea/ed by 7rrain.
FALL BACK FROM FIVE HITS Ifft'iendb tein: dre occupyittg tlte position d tnnt
Charging into a rvall ofbullets is not a u'inning proPos- nce to Frll []ack to, the Jiiendfi, 1nou Fa]/ Bdcb thc
ition. Ifthe dendert fire is heav,venough, the assault- :hortest distttttct raquired ta tnthe spd.( Jr the Falling
ing platoon will brcak o the ass:rult and fall back. Bacletearn, pushing dn-t iettnls in tlteir utt.y bd(P in turn.
Alrhorrgh throwing morc troops ar a problcn normallt Wbicles do not need to tabe Bogging Chet|: Jr Rough
just resultsin more casualtics,there are occasionsrvhcn u,hile fulling Bach. An1 nnks thdt Boggcd
exrra numbers ca;r make a diilcrence. Doun or uerc Btiled Out L!ithin )"/5cm o-f the tnem1,.
If the total number oJ ltits 14'otn Dc.fensiue Fire is t6ue eitLer rlrrng the Charge into Conttct or b1' Dtfer:iue
:or mor(, the Assduhing pldtoart is imrnedintely Pinned Fire still full Bul< unti/ the_'tdre ttor( Tltdrl 2"/ittrt Jnrn
Down nnd nnsT l"al/ Brb. Tbtir nssduLtis nau) outr. the enerLy ds the_11 ileuer got tltdt t/lit in thc first p/rtct.
If thc l;all [Jack nes a Bogled Dou,n t,tnk btL:b aur oJ
ihe Souiet ()tnlity oJ Quantity specldl rule (see
'page251) requires ten bits to the Rough Terrdin it Bogged Doun in, it is no /orgcr
forte inJaxt_y to Fall Bach
Boggtd Dou,rt.
tn s0m( ctrcumsttnct.


l'While intnrrv and opcn-ropped vchiclcs can be driven Somcrincs tire defnclers'lire molvs dorvn the assault-
ing rroops bef'orethcv eet close enough ro firht.
offbv a hail ofbullers, battle ranks just u,ecleon througir
anyrhing that doesn't knock ihcm out. [ftbere are no surutt'ing ssnultingtctms u.'ithin )"/itrt
of tn1, encn.y tearu nfier DeJinstuc I'ira, thr ssttrlritt,,q
IJ'aLl of'the Ardu/ting tums tre ,Fully-trnoured uehicles
(other than Recce tctms), the.y do not I'd// Bacb if tl,ey p/tttoou is I'inncd Dou,tt aud the nsdult otet'ictctt i.t tl,t
Ass,r.ultingp/,ttoott u,t: not lrtetl to I:ttl/ Ba,:k), uttlc:: it
taef.ue or ruorc hits .frorn Defens/ueIire.
utts Assau/tittgbrudonetl [ition: (:capary | 10).
Howeuer. if hrn or nora Armouretl uehic/es ( tthctltar
Open-toltperl or Fu//l,-drnoured) re Bdilad Out or
Dexroled b1 DeJen:it,c Firt, rfu pktoon nust Fd// Bilk.

Ifsoldiers are unable to close ruith the enemr', tho'rvill
hit dre dirt just outside of ercnaclcrange.
If au Asmlting platoan Falk'on DaJctt:iuc |--ire,
a/L teams tuithin 2"/5cm oJ an tneu.1, tcdrn lmtncdiatcly
moue b1 the rtost dirrct rlute until the.y tre mort thau
2"/5cm auay J|on tlte euon1, enditgJc)ng thc enemy.
Assault combat is quick, brutal, and confusing. Your
soldiers use anything that comes 16 !and-5a[62-
C ) n c e y o u h a v e d e L e r m i n e dw h i c h o f y o u r a s -
chine-guns, grenades, bayonets and even sharpened
sauldng teams can fight, you need to ro11to:see iftliil
spades-as they set about clearing the enemy posirion.
can score a hit. A successful roll shows that your
Roll to Hit with atl of the Thnk, Infanffy, and Gun teams beat the enemy to the punch. A nissed roll could be
thdt are in within 2"/5cm ofa Defending team that is in
d u d g r en a d eo r i a m m e d g u n . i n a b i l i r y r o f i n d r h e e n
rheir I ine ofSighr.
in the smoke and confusion,or the enemyprrying
Asaulting (or Counterattacking) tenms canfght through bayoner with their enuenching tool. Assaults ffe a cot
any friendQ team and do not need to haue a target uithin f u s i n gs w i r l o f e u e u r " w h e r e a n y r h i n gc a n h a p p e n .
their Field ofFire to be able to Roll to Hit as the! are close
Each team fghting in th arault rolk a Shill T$ to
enough to be able to auoid hitting their friends and to use
the enemy. There are no modifers to this rol/.
p ersond I ueap orusif necesary.
. lfsurets,ful. tht tcam has hir an enemy team.
Asaulting Gun teams will not be within 2"/5cm of the
. Otheruise, thelJile to score a telling blou and
enemy.during the initia/ assaub, but mal come uithin
no efct.
2"/5cm ofthe enem)rlls a resub ofa counierattack.
TrantPort teams and teams carriec/ as Passengers cannot
fght in an assault and do not Roll to Hit. An exception to
this is German armoured half-tracbs that can fght using
the Mounted Assauh special rule (seepage 243).

Assaulting into a building is a dificulr prospect as ir is
hard to bring nurnbers to bear on the enemr
Infantry an Gun teams can only fght into or out of a
Building through Openings they are touching. Only one
team can fight through an Opening unlex the Opening is
wider than a stand uidth, in uhich casendditiona/ teams
can fght alongside the frx until the Opening is full.
Teamsfghting tbrough an Opening or uithin a Building
must still be uithin 2"/5cm of the enem1,to fght.
teams do not need Openings into a Building to fght
as the! cdn make their oun.
is relatively easy for a brave soldier to keep the enemy TANKsASSiA.ULTING
f r o m a v a l u a b l ew e J p o n . a r l e a ' r u n r i l t h e y d i e l If the enemy is trying to hide in buildings, your tanks
h a v er o g o i n a f t e r r h e m .
llajer receiuing the hits allocates each hh to any of
tilms uirhin 2"/5cm and in Lin( oI Sighr 0f the Hits fron Fulfu-armoured Tank teams (and their Tnk
that caused the hit. Escorts)can be allocated to an1 team in a Buildinguithin
2"/5cm. Hits from other rypes of Tank teams cannot be
fo llowing restrictio ns appb :
allocated to teams in Buildings at all. Ignore any hits for
Hits mut be allocated euenfi across all of the eligible
uhich there is no ualid target. tts:to maximise tbe number of teams that
hau( hits dlloured to th(m.
Teams tbat are Bogged Down or Bailed. Out are onbr Tnks cant charge tanks, so.all of their hits must be
hit afer teams that are xill fghting. allocated to the guns and infantry thar are their targets.
Hits must be allocared to Tnh, Infantry. or Cun A hit Jiom a Tank ream or its lanh Escorrscannor be
teare (euen those that are Bogged Down or Bailed allocated to a uehicle. If only uehicles are auailable to
Out) before Transport trumt allocate the bit to, then ignore the hit.
Hits must be allocate/ to Armoured uehicles zuith
lower Top armour rating: before rhosewith higher l-op OUT OF REACH
armour rati ngs. ilhere isnt much that a soldier can do about enemy

all o.fthe hits fom an asaub before rolling to see troops up an impassable cliff.

efea ofthe bits A hit from an Assauhing (or Counterattacking) team

cannot be a//ocated to a tedm that the Axaultirug (or
fING MIXED PLATOONS Counterdttacbing) team cdnnot reach due to terrain thal
r i l l r e e e a c hs q u a dg i v e n * p e c i f i c
w e l l p l a n n e da s s a u l w is impassable to it.
about the target oftheir attack.
ralling to hit, you maL nominate a Priorhj target
for each Assaubing (or Counterattacking) team.
Priority target qtpe can be either Thnh, Infantry, ot
opponent must allocate hix from that Asaubing
to Defending teams of tbe Priority target type if
', although hits must still be dlloc(ted euenly aooss
of all rypa. Exacrlywhich teamsof rhat rypearehit
at your opp7nent'sdittretion, :ubject to the usual rules
allocating hits.


close quarters it is easy for a squad ro dash to the
oa nearby tem to save a valuable weapon
player being assaulted (or Counterattached) may
/tirs to reamsfom anl P/droon, just ds long a' the
being allocated the hit is close enough to be hit by
Asaubing (or Counterattacking) team


a l e w r r o o p sc a n l i g h r a t r t i m e i n t h e r e s r r i c t e d
of a building.
from a team fghting into a Building through an
must be allocated to teams in the Building.
from a teamf.ghting out of a Building through an
musr be allouted to tcaruswirbin 2'/5e m of rh,
ing. Hix from a teamfghting within a Building
same Building.

.-t '.11:::,

1:'+" .
-ff4rile a tank's armour is still a Tank-hunrers go lor rhe eiest targersrsr.
problem for infantry, a
big advantage of getting close to a tank is that you can lf hin are bcing allocmed n uehirles. they must
h i r i r w h e r e i r r e a l l yh u r r < .i u r h i n r o p a r m o u r . allocated to Unrmoure uehicles before
uehicles,and Armoured uelticles wirh rhe lowest A
When yu hit an Armoured uehicle uithan Infantry
rating before tbose uith higher Atmttur ratings, subject
team in an asaub, the ozuning pkyer taleesan Armour
all preuious ru/es about ailocating hits.
Saue using its Top armour rating. 7he owningplayer rolls
a die for each hit scoredon an Armoured uehicle and atls
the aehiclei Top armour rating to get their Armour Saue. TANK ASSUTTRATINGS
lnfantry rank hunrers use grenades and
RATINc C o c k r a i l l i r e b o m b s r a r h s a n r h ei r n o r m a l
( rhe Armour Saue cxceeds the lnfanrl ream's Tnk
All lnfunrry ancl Gun reamsltauean TanhAsault
A:saulr rating, their Sauc sueceededand the team uas
for useagainst Armoured uehicles.This is aluays 2,
unable to fnd any weaknessin rhe uchirlei armou, and
garclles of the normal.Anti-tank rating of th
their attack has no efect.
unles they haue special rules tbat cbange it.

If the Armour Saue matches the Infantry teami Tank
Specialist tank hunters seek out the most
As au b ra tin g ex act ty, t h eyfa i h d t h e Sa ue and th e i nfan try
foes, leaving the easier targets to regular soldiers.
manage to temporarif blind and immobilize the uehicle.
lfhits are allocarett to Arryoured uehic/esancl orher
Counr rhe rrew as hauing Bailed Out. although rhey a,e
the hits allocatetl to the Armoured uehicles must be
actually cowering in the bottom oftheir uebicle.
wirh rhc highest Tnh Asaulr ratings, with rhe hix
IS LESS THAN TANK ASSAULT RATTNC the lower Thnl<Asaub raiings must be allocated to t
If the Armour Saue is ley than the Infantry team's Tanh with the lowesrArmour raringt.
Assaub rating, thqt fdikd the Saue and the uehicle is
Infantry stalk tanks,but gunsjust keepshootingas
MAcHINE.GUNS as they can. Anything but the biggest and most
A tank has to keep its hatches open to fire anti-aircraft some gun is still deadlv at pointblank rmge.
machine-guns, leaving the tank vulnerable to assaulrs.
Gun teams tbat hit an Armoured uehiile in an
Any uehicle that fred an AA MG or .50 cal AA MG in can make it take its saues with its Sie drmour
tbeir preuious Shooting Step, at AirraJi in this Shootlng thdn its Top armour. Tb do this, the Gun team mus,
Step, or in Defensiue Fire treats their Top armour as 0 a ROF of 2 or more(ignoringan1 efectsof being
aben making.Armour Sas in assaubs.Howeuer, it does Down), or be a Man-packed Gun tedm (other tban
not become Open-topped as a resuh. mortart, nnd rhe uehicle ryusr bc in its Field of Fire.

*: :'.,i
.' ,r:{

If a Gun team doas tbis, thcse hits mu:t be a/locdted . ( the ro// equals or axceedsyour u.tapou': ltlrepou,er
to annourcd uehic/es uit/t
/awer Sida drmour rdting! rating, tbe tdnl? is Dettroyd.
before higher Side armour rdtings (rathrr than Top . I-fthe ra// is louter thtrt.your utettpon\ Firepou,cr rttittg
..armour ratings). the shot has no effcr. 7he tank i: uor Bailed ()ut, tud
contiuuesin actiott rnhdrrued.
( your opponent\ Armour Sat,e roll (using their Sida FIGHTING As INFANTRY
Armour rating) i: greater than lour weapon': norma/ (lunuers takcn frorr thc {lank, or crcs ing t cirpons too
Anti-tdnl? dting, their Armottr Saue is successfu/,and h e a w t o e n g r g ct r r g e r J\ l p , , i r r r b l a rrk. r r F ( . . . r rr o r ( . . 1
the shot has no ffict. to fight as riflemen rather than using their guns.
( tfu Gun tcaru is unabLe to or thc axaulting p/ai,er c/ect:
not to hit a uehiclc in tbc Sidc arrnotrr, it bits the Top
IJ -your opponenti Armonr Stuc ro// (using their Sidt
arnour ttith its Ttnk A:snuh rdting as uunl.
Aruour rating) exdctl-)tequd/!.)iour u(npln's nolfltd/
Anti-tdnh rting, thry Jild their Arttnur Sat,t.
deterrytinetha alJict of tba hit .),ottnust tal<ed f irepotter
7tst. Roll another dic.
' If the ro// equals or cxceeds.1our urcapau\ Fircpou'er
rating, the creutpanic ard Bail ()ut.
. If the roll is /ou(r tbdn.yaltr uc/ryoni l'irepoutcr rtttng
tlte shot hu no eftcct.

'If.your opponent! Arrtour Snue roll (using their Side
rating) is Less
than your uteapon'snorma/ nti-
tdrul<rating thay.failcd their Armour Sauc.
To determine the effectof tbe must taba d f irepouer
Tst.Roll anotlter die.
VEHIcLES Bul/ttp roof Lo uer tloet n ot grltlt t nre!Protaction
itt ttrt t:s,ttr/t. Assaultirg (or (,owtterattacking)
Unarmourecl vehicles lie perhaps thc most vulncrablc
tatms do not need to rutke a Firepouer Testagaiust
in an assault. One erenacie is sufFcjent to turn rhcr
retrns it Bu//etprooJ'(.ot'er.
inro flaming p1'rcs.
[iutrnouretl uehic/estlo not g ttLt)isdr( in dn rsJdu/t.
'l,hen hit rhel ,tre l)estrol,cd attd rernorcd P,ASSENGERS :
f'ort the
lthiclcs are de,rthrr,rpsin close-combirt.The assaulring I
fbrce simplv cuts dos,n the passengersand crerv at-,
rempring ro escapeLheir burning r.ehicle. :
Pt::attgers in t uehicle (uhether Armoured not) thdt is:
I I ' , r n , , h . . i ' r t n ' i p \ t r \ l , r c ( L\ u L r j r o n r a r i t l u n r a r r
l t ( , r u ) , . 1 j t ! . , t t , t c : . t u l ,t r / , , 1 , o D / t t m ) , d .
hundrecisof metres as'lv, but it is uselessagainst close-
range shots, qren,rtles. and b:rloner rhnLsts. Ar short lr's:r good ide:r to dismount from a vehicle q,eli away
r a n g ee v e n h i t i s l e t h a l . fiorn the enemv so that you can't be hit bv a surprise
,,,.rulu r l r i l . , t i l ln r , ' t r u r . rdr p .
fhare ara no stt,cs.for htJun'.y or (]ttn tetns hit in dn
t:ttu/t. /etrus trc Destro.ycdtrtd rernoter/f'orn the
P A S S E N G E R SR I D I N G o N T A N K S
Whilc en,rrmouretl haiflrrack nr:r\r prorecr its passen-
gcrs. tank riclers on rhe oursicle oi a tank are brLnched.
tosethcr rncl ror:rllr turprotectecl. lhev rvill be casily. is ofno r.:rlueonce things get dosr to
iviped out bv troops tttrcking thc tank.
gren:rcleralqe.'Ii'oops hiding in coveLcan generallv bc
d i . l " d e e . ir r i r l r . ' " - r e r r r J e. r. r r , li n . r . , ' n F r r r J . l ' . , . 1 r h e l r . e q , . 1 , 1, , y u t t t t 2 o t n 1 , t , , {t u q t , t t r l t r [ n t d if

fiiignenrs are even more clcacilvLhan in rirc open. Th? uhitl. tbc.ytra riding on is ltit ix trt assatr/t. euen if
r / , , . , 1 ' i , / ,. . u ' , 1 ' . t . . , ' , , / .

s rvirh shootinq, thc .lctails oi which rerrr hir rvhicir
telm .rre usuallr' uninportent. so aithouqh .rn .rssault
irirolves lors of clic rolls rou ck,n r elr"avs hrvc ro roll lir
each rcam separarelr'.

l l v o u r o p p o n c n r . r q r c c s .\ o L r c r n u s r r . r l l rr o l l r l l o i r h c
Jice lor a platoons lssrult rt once lncl sinrplr lcavcxrrLr
opponcnt ro:lliocillc rhr- hirs o cligible reams reqarciless
o i w h i c h e x a c rr e a m r c o r e d t h c h i r .

ln sone caseshotocr. tll<inq ir slnLr .rn11resolr'inq thc

rssarrlt one teilm rt i tirre rrakes conrpliclrrc.l sitrurions
mrrch sirnpler Lhan rhcv rir|eir.rf first glancc.

Having disposccloi rhc cncnl imncdiatclr ir rrnr ol t Builr/.irtg trrrr.t.l.f tlul cLoost to. inutuliarel occtrp.t,tl,c
therl. r'our rssaultinq reanrs can nou, slarn f-orl'arci po:ltiou of,ut c)tt)t.) t(.1il lt I)t:tro.1,s
lu trt tssttrlt.
acrossobsr:rcicsancl irto buiklirrqs ro fiqht the cncmr" If'rhrrc i; lnsrr.fticit/ sp, rltt rntt T0 0..t1), rl.r
in thcir orvn positions.
lo:iriott, tlta.1ntt.1,:LutT tht' tt'ans itt tl,c Bttrltlitt,4tiltlt
An ls:tu.ltit3 TtLx TlttI u,tts itt t'otTtttt ttitl, tiL rrttrtt), /o ntttk( rPnL(. If tl,trt i: still ittiuft'tilirt :,r'tc,'. tl,L tctrtt
]'l tcdn trior t Lirrc,tr Obsttclt' py yltrplt,qftrt O|tuitt,4 iu ittust I)ctTro), ina)11.
t(dt't! ro t1lt/.( I btg titotr/t :prtLc.

E* lHE AsslrrriN-i taN(

).31?C3 DrcS\rI\;
/ ;Tfs- TEAirAaRcssFRc,r r...

lN. --lNK ras r':Re4t'

aKen A Bc'att$ ae.:<
aas,L- ag 1N94\:?', a:
ll PrSEa a'/a? -ia ra)aa

..../NDlr.lgNCCar? l3'ira
D1RAYE2 5 ?CStTlolt.
iE At^,',

...AflD ltl\\tDlAaLv ?Liaiiaa r<CU.'t frE C?a\)tN3

7C CaCt)?\ lE DESTRa\D aAlt,',-<?A-<trlcN.

Your men have done their best, rearing into the enemy /[ the nnly I n(ryJ r?aq) rhar are within
and ripping rhem part. If they have killed or captured 1"/10cnt of dn Axauhing team are Tdnk
everyone in the vicinity, rhey have n'on rhe assault. lf or teams, and the only Assaulting (or
not, the enemv mal. counterattack trying to regain rheir Countrdttacking) Teamswithin 4"/1)cm of any
POSluOnS. tedms /lre Thnk taatns,1ou haue won the assauh.
Ytu haue won the dssault if, aJier all hits haue been
d/locdted, sates mdt/e, dnd an1 teamspushing into enemy WINNING ASSAULTSIN BUIIDINGS
positions haue done so,you haue: Infantrv cannot see through solid walls, so it is entirely

. p o s ' i b l c l r o ro p p o . i r r g' o l d i e r s r o b c o n d i l e r c r r r' i d e r o f

ilo enem)/ tetms within 4"/J0cm oJ'ary Assaulting
a wall and unabie to 6ght.
teams, or
. Musure the distance t0 t/te eneml teams through an
the onl! neml tams within1"/I)crLoJ'anyAssaulting
Opcning u /,e,t qtrasuringto,et ifyou hauc won an a,sault
tetms arc Bni/ed Out or Bogged Down Tank teams or
in a Buildiry. AIa,u,e rhe di,nnct ra Ful/y-a,noured
nansPort tdms.
Tnk tcams in a t,nighr /ine,r' rhct enn drite sta,ghr
Once yatt haue uton, -yau must Conso/idate ywr position rhrough y all'.
ftee page 167).
If you haue not u)on, Jou opp7nent will test their
Motiuatian to Counterattac/t dnd the lighting clntinuer
bacb and forth unti/ one side is destroled or runs dudl.


Since tanks can't assaulrtanks, rvhen vour tani< platoon
assaults a platoon of mixed tanks and infanrry, rhe
assaultis over once all of the infantr,v are wiped our.

Having sunived the initial onslaught, rhe defnders TANKsMUSTBRE.K

look to 6ght back, throwing hand grenadesand 6ghting 1fi/hile a rcal rank may scare infnrry', rhe inlantrv terrifi
those attackers that have reachecltheir positions. thc unprotcctcd cren'sof guns mounted on trucks.
Ifyou haue not won the assault, tha Defending phyer rolk A DeJuding pldtoor thdt hn {lnarrnoured litnl< tatns
a single die. They then comltare the score ofthis die tuith tuithin 1"/ 1)cm oJ'in tneml team nal ilot (:a uiltenttdcb.
the Motiuatiox mting of each DeJending platoan. It nust .Braak Ofi instead.
. IJ'the scoreis at least as high as the De.fenrlingplatoon's
Motiuntilil rting, thdt p/dtaon wa1 chooseto either
Onlv srrong leaders and heroic warriors hang rcund
C)ountemtatcleor Brcal< Ofi
lvhen the grenacles start fl\'ing. (lbsen'ers and
.. lf the scorc is less than the DeJndirtg platoon's r-ehiclesget out of the war as fast as thel can.
Motiuatlon rating, that platoon must Breal< Oft.
Indepandent teanzs(but not Wrrior Trams) tnust Brettk
RE-RoLLS OJJ rather thdn (:ounterdtTacle,imnediately leauitg dn1,
Some troops have a reputation for stubbornness,refirsing platoon that thel hil Joined.
ro give gtound unless the). absolutelv har.e ro.
Ifa special rule giuesa re-roll to Motiuation TlsTs,work out
which platoons passedon the origindl roll, then reroll the
die and app[, the outcowe to dtty plataons tfficted fu the
rule tbatfailed the origina/ ra/1.


If the enemy is so unsuccesslirlthar rhey' do not score
any hits at all, ).our soldiers have norhing to fear.
lf none of the Assaulting (o CounterntTdcleing) tedns
scareda hit (whether or ftlt it dctual\, Destro.yedt tearn),
a!/ of the Defending platoons automdticdlll, pass tl;eir
Motiudtion Tbststa (:ounternttach or Breth O.fJand cdn
simp/y choosewhich to do.


Even if tanks just rumble around rvithout actuallv
causing anv damage, thev still scareinfntni
If any Assau/ting (ar Col{ntrdtttckirug) tean is du
Armotrred Tnh tadm, tll DeJendiug pldtoons ntutt tnk
Their Motiuation'list to CaLntrdttdcl< or Ilreak O.ff. et,en
ifnone ofthem actually suJJired bitj. Thls ls not tl
additional test,.ju:t d reqr!irelnent to ttbe the te:t u.,heilter
or not tht enemJlscoreddny bits.

Once the defenders are over the initial shock of the IGNoREPINNEDDowN
assault they are going to fight back viciously. If your Once the general melee begins. rhe attacking
assault doesnt destroy the defenders outrighr or force enemy troops msk the fire that was keeping the d*.,
them to run, your opponcnt will usually attempt m im- fenders pinned down, allowing them to counteratt;ck.
m e d i a r ec o u n r e r a t t a c kt o r e g a i nr h e i r p o s i t i o n s . Tlams from Pinied Down. ?/atoz% ma1
(any ol thc DeJnding plaroont pd"ed rh(ir Motiuation Counterattacb, ignoring the effea ofbeing Pinned
fe,r, an/ choseto Counre,attack rarher than Brcab Ofi whi I( Cou n r(rat Ia(ki ng.
both sides change roles.
TheAsaulting (or Counterdttacbing) plataon (or p/atoons No CoUNTERATTACK
if they are Clunteratt/lcking) now become Defending The assault is so confused, with friendly and enemy m
platoons and the Defending platoon or platoons become rlwhere, that oops not involved in the initial
C ounterattac Li ilg p ldto ons. cannorrake palr in on-goingcounrerarra!ki.

7he platoons tb/1t are n|tu Counterdttdcbing now Non.asaulting ream) (te( page I+4) may not

haue their turn to dssdub the platoons that preuiously into Contact wheft Coanterattdcking, abhough tley
assaubed tbem. fght if any eneml teamt come closeenough.

\7hile coordinating a large-scale assault is dilcult, Once the fighting srarts, the role ofguns and mac
everyone who is attacked will 6ght back. guns is over. Ali they can do now is watch andwait.

Iftbe drfender ha: more tbdn one platoon engaged in the Gun teams and Stafteams cltnnot mou t0 Cou
assaub, an1 Defendingplatoons that Counterattacb do so s0 mutt rendin where they.are, abhough they can fght
slmubaneousfu. dqJ (4(ry)/ drc clos( (nougr.

CHARGINGINTo CoNTACT If you are occupying a building when a tank dri
The enemy is upon your platoon. Now rhe rest of your down the street, it might be wiser to wait for it to com-!
platoon must charge into the Fray, provided of course, r o y o u r a r h e r r h a n x i n g b a r o n e r r a n d c h a r g i n gd o w n
that they are close enough to know whatt happening. f h e s t r e e fa t l t .
Any teams in the Counterattacking ?/dtoon uitbin Infantrl ream, in Bulletp,oof eouer do not need
8"/20cm of a Defending team thnt are not already in Charge into Contact if they Counterattac. They
c7ntdct wilh a Defending tedm m7ue as if thel uere remain where they are and still Roll to hit against
Cbarging into Contact. kams t/tat are more t/tan teams uithin 2"/5cm.
8"/20cm fom all Defentling teams cdnnot Charge into
Conract and remain zuherethey are.
Counterattucking te.ims ma! only charge teams from
?ldtlons tlrat are or haue been inuolued in the asaub (the
Defending platoons and any that haue preuiousfi, Bioben
Ofi). Counterattacbing teams cannot moae within
2"/5tm ofteams from other enemy platoons not inuo/ued
in the avaalt.
You ma1 elect to haue teams becomeNon-assaulting teams
iystead o{ into Contact.

ir:::'ll i:
Although rhe models may not be moving, an1'team rhat C)nce battle is joined, the 6ght srvirls on until one sicle
staysstill for long in an:rssaultis a cleadone. ot the other is victorious.
.Ibnh teams ntust still tdbe Boging Checksfor Charging Afer Cbnrglng into Conttct, tlta saquutct o.f etattt: .ft
inta Contdct uith troops in Rough Tirrain (seepdg,eI I ), 11couiltafttttitl? l: the :ttne tl,e origitt,t/ tss,irlt. IJ
as the.ytla when Charglng into (:oflt.lct, euert i.f it st'trted th( eultt(/tttdcPittg :idc ht:nt uott. rl,eu tltc arjorittrl
the Counterattach iil coiltnct witb the euern1,. tttacLer: u'il/ coruttffnttorl<, tud so frtl,.

Sitting in a tmck while the enemv is throrving grenades
is not much fun. lioops prefer to jump out of their
vehicles and srorm into thc enenrv.
Iiansport teams must eitber Brea ()fi, or their Ptsscugcrs
mutt Diwount (seepdge 17) ta Comteratttck. Tltey do
this at the sttrt of their Cltarge itto Coilt/tct tnorctneilt
as if this wds the Mouement Step.
An exception to this ^ tbtt ?assengers in (jermtut
half-trachs using the Mountetl Assault special rula (see
page 213) can remain Mounted to Jight.

In an assault, troops are alreacly too heavilv engagecl in
ebb and flow ofthe combat to pick out the eneml'
with so many fi'iends close by.
In a Counterattack, a DeJnding platoon does not get
any Defensiue Fire at the Counterdttaching troops ds
Sometimes discretion is the better part of valour and PLAToONS
running away to live and seek revenge later is the best l r i s e n t i r e l yp o s s i b l el o r a b r a v ep l a t o o n t o
choice. Of course, a ferocious attack may leave you no '::l
back while another trreaks oFand flees the ght:
c h o i c e i f y o u r s o l d i e r sl o r e r h e i r n e r v ea n d r u n a n p v a y . Each platoon Breaks Of separately. 7be
Ifa platoon Breaks Ofi any or all teans in the Defending (or Counterattachinf platoon does not tpin atil
plat7on thdt are uithin I "/2qcm ofanArauhingteam ma1 Defendingplatoons ha.Broken Of or beenDes*ye
mlue up to a full moue ana1,from tlte Axauhing teams.
7amsdo not haue t0 moae theirfull moue when Breahing IF Too SLow
Ofi but any mouement they make must be, as mucl) /1s SomeLimes rroops 6nd themselues rrapped wi
posible, directly away from the Assaubing platoon. nowhere to run. Maybe they have their baclc to a
The mouement may illt take the tedm closerthan 1 "/ I )cm or an impassable cliff. ln that case, ther is nothing
to dn! enem! team in Line of Sight, nor closer to any do bur surrender.
enemj team already ruithin 4"/10cm and in Line of At the end of their BreabOf mouemenLan1
Sight. Ignore enemy teams that are Bogged Down, Bailed teams that remain tuitbin 4"/10m and in Line of
OuL or that moued At the Double. of a n A'sau lri ng ream (asidc Jro m a n A ssau I r i ng Tt
A platoon that is Breahing Off ignom ltn)t mouement or Bogged Doun or Bailed Out Thnb team) are
restrictions due to being Pinned Down. dtdl Capturill qnd Destroyed.
Teamthat are Breaking (4 must ott(mPt to rcmain In Only Assaulting (or Counterattaching) teams can
Command or return to being In Command at the end of Breahing Of teams. Other enemy teams can block
tbis mlaement. Any teams that moue of the tabb while mouemenL but cdnnot Capture thew.
Breaking Of are Datroled.
TANKS AND GUNS IN ROUGH TERRAIN It's too late to pack up'a gun and get it away on
The hazards ofdificult going dont end when it breaks enemy get wirhin grenade range. The only option
off, it still risks bogging down md getting captured. is to keep firing, hoping to drive the enemy off. If
If a Defending
uehicle or Gun team starts its Break Of fails, they must abandon the gun and run for it.
mluement in Rough 7rrain (as opposed to in contact A Gun team within 2"/5cm oJ an Asauhing team
with a team in Rough Terrain), or croxes Roagh 7rrain could Capture it mal not moue to Break Of and is au
while Breahing Ofi it must mahe a Bogging Checb a mdticdlll Captured and Destroyed. Aryt remaining
normal for mouing in Rough Terrain. teams must Brea/? Of as nornal or be Captured.

C*t cirn
tankk weapon is its gun. \{&ile the rhreat of this is
Leaving the light concedes victory to vour opponent.
enough to make infantry and guls surrender, an enemy
Ifa// ofthe Defendingplatoons Break Off the Asaubing
n k p r o r e c r e db l a r m o u r p l a t e i s l i k c l y r o b e l e " i m .
(or Countetulttdcking) platoons win the dssauh and
ssedby anorher tank.
'If Consolidate (seepage 167).
the only Axaubing (or Clounterattacleing) teams that
within 4"/ I 1cn of a Defending Tank team are Tank
the Defending Tanle team is not cdptured dul to
is not Destroyed. Tank teams dont have to retrear in order to break of
combat. Being virtuallv unstoppable, tanks can simply
drivc through infantrv positions when they break off.
Thnk teams in a platoon that passed their Motiuation
ioops in transports usualiy fight dismounted, bur are
7stto Couilteratlllcle, but choseto BreaL Of instead may
iometimes caught by surprise still in their vehicies.
moue in any direction uhen thel Bretk Off They may
ting, whether ro counterattack or break off
euen moue:traight through t/te enemy platoons they tuere
usually the top prioriry
Jighting in the assau/t, but they cannot end their mouament
Infantry teams carried as Pdsengers md! Dismount dt
within 2"/5cm of an enemy InfantTlt or Gun tedm.
the stttrt of their Breah Of mouement at if this was th
Iftbe platoon faihd the Motiuation Testand wdsforced to
t Step. Gun teams carried ds Passengersmd! nlt
Breah Ofi, it ruust moue dud! f'om the enemy ts norna/
mount as Prt of their Breale Of mouernent. Tams
rather than pnsing through them.
not Moant uehicleswhile Breal<ing Ofi

Once a platoon starts running, it lvon'r stop until the
enemy stops chasing it.
Sometimes when a platoon Brea/es Of while other
ng pldtalns Counte%ttncb, the Arau/ting (or
Cuuarerattarking) platoott tan ettd uyt baclt u ithit
"/1)cmoftheplaroonthat BroheO/f. Ifthis happenl the
that Brohe Of ualt not chooseto Cotnterdttack,
but must Break Olfagain.
Once the assau/t is ouer, tbe platoon catchesits breath dnd
is ab/e to fght as normal against other enemJ,?/dtoons
later in the Assaub Step.

.Breaking offfrom an assault is fraught rvith clanger and
i s a n a d m i ' . i o n o f d e f e a r .A p l a r o o n r e q u i r e sr i r r r cr o
ly reorganise its defences after breaking off.

4 platoon that Breaks Olf is immedldtel Pinnad Down,

unles it took no hits in the entire assdu/t, other than f'oxt
Defensiue Fire

After the hmmering of machine-guns, the crack of CONSOLIDATING

grenades and the shouts and screamsofthe troops locked Tmls have to take c*e when saulting trooli
in combat, the sudden silence at its end is shocking. in rough terrain as eyen after dearing the enemf,
t e g a n .i L e n d s . a n d r h e v i c r o r . . e t
As fart a, the assaulb they could srill be defeated b]' the terrin itself.
r b o u t r e g r o u p i n gr o d e l e n d t h e i r n e w p o s i t i o n ' . Tbe normal rules for crasing or entering Roilgll
If the Asauhing (or Counteratt,lcbing) platoon won the appl! to mou(mt while Consolidaring, so uehicl$
assault, they nou Conso/idate. Gun tedms must make the appropriate Bogging

After the helter-skelter of an assault, your platoon will DEFENDINGTEAMSRETREAT
need to reorganise itself to prepare for the next assault The defeated enmy are in no oosition to inrerfere
or to organise a counterattack. If the disorganised your reorganisation. If your troops get too close
remnants ofthe defeated enemy are in the way, they are them, they simply melt back further, hoping to
rimply bru.hed aside. a n o r h e rt h r a s h i n g .
You may moue any or all suruiuing teamsfom the uictori- If the Consolidation mouemnt ens uitb an
ous Assaubing (or Counterattacking) platoon, including team uithin 2"/5cm of a Defcnding team, if it can
Non-asaubing tellms, up to 4"/l0cm in any direction. Dcfending rean mutr moue tlle minimun di,tance nrccs
Platoons can Consolidate in an1 direction, euen if they sar! to ds to be more than 2"/5cmfrom your C,
are Pinned Dawn. team. Tams must take an1 Bogging Cbcks necessdrJl
This mouement mal tabeAsaulting (or Counterattaching) this mouement.
teams, but not Non-/lssllubing teams, within 2"/5cm of If the Defending ledm cannlt moue more than 2
DeJnding teams. Howerer, n0 team cdn moua within from the Assauhing team, or B7gs Down within 2
2"/5cm of an! tedm fom a platoon that uas not d of, the Defening team,'it h Captured and De*royed.
Defending platoon.
CoMMANDANDCoNsoLIDATIoN Tnls are more concerned by an enemy tank's gun th
Yy'ith their job done, any tems lefr behind run to catch its tracks. Even if they cannot fall back far enough
up with the platoon to consolidate their gains. break clean away, thy still aren't going to surrender
All teams that moue while Consolidating must remain In a n o r h e r r an k .
Command, or attemPt to return to being In Command, ( thc only Consolidaring tearus that are within 2
at the end of their Consolidation mouement. ofa Defending Tanl< team are Tanh or Tiansport
P/atoons that do not haue a Command team cannot mou the Defending Tank team is not cdptured and so is
uhile Consolidating. Destroyed.

,,.. -

Having survived intense close-range combat, surviving
5 o m e h o wc h a s e do l l r h e e n e m y . r r o o p sq u i c k l y
transports and *reir passengersrejoin their platoon.
t and set up a defensive position to srop any
ng attacks. Any Bailed Out Armoured I)ansport teams in the
Assau/ting (or Counterattacking) or Defending platoons
teams mlry Dismount /1t the stdrt oJ tbeir
Remount their Bniled Out uehic/es(seeRemounting Bailed
dation mouement as if this was the Mouement
Out Whicles on page 102) aJter Consoliation is com-
mouiitg up to 4"/1)cm as they do so. Teamsmay not
pleted. An1 Dismounted Passengersremaln Dismounted.
ant uebiclswhile Consolidating

takes time to regain control of a platoon afier a vic-
assault. The atacking rroops are scattered and
ised, vulnerable to a counterartack
uictorious platoon is immediately Piruned Down after
Conslidates, unless it tooh no hits in the entire araub
T ihdn Jrom Defensiue Fire)
Some o{ficers take the heroic approach of leading WARRIORSMAY ASSA,ULTATONE
from the frolt, fighting at the head of tbejr soldiers in The lead-fron-the-front rype of fire eater takes
ever,vfight. Others prefer a more consideted approach evcry opportunitv to leacltheir troops into battle.
planning the battle fr-on the reaL rvhere they can see A Warrior tcim cn Chdrgr ittto Contact ott its ou'n
everl.dring and issuethe appropriare otders. lJ it ls not already part ofd platoott, it cdn Join d ?lntoon
! I tn!tt(l'nu A,'ault tlong witlt it.
Independent teams have their owr t:rsks to perform,
leaving the cut and thrust ofclose combat to otlters.
Independcnt te/tms tiltxlt Chtu'ge inta Conttct tt dL
ntd must Break O/f'ot the earliest opporntnity, imnedi'
arely leauing arry platoon that they hdd Joircd.


A nurnber ofunits havc unusual equipment and traittiug TANKASSAULT

allorving then to perform better in assaulrs.The f'ollorv- Sone of rhe anri-tank grenades issued in \florld $(ar.
ine special mlcs reflect this. Each :rrmy's Arscnal indi- Tlvo rverealmost;rs.langerous to the troops using rhem
catesrvhich of rheir teams usc tbese specialrules. as to the tanlis tho' attackecl. A good example of this is
thc British Hancl, No. 74', commonlv known
TANK,ASSAULT asthe'Sticky Bomb'.
hile most troops have basic ttaining in combating If a team with the Iuprouised Thnk Arault ttttribute rolls.
ranks, they have Iittle experienceand errenlwcr rveapons a I when rol/ing to hit iru tn assault combat, tlre teant
to make the theorr. a tealitv. F-lov'ever,sone troops are scorestu'rnan got/'and is Destroled. .
specilicirllv rrailed ancl practised in tankunring and
A teatn armerJ with Improuisel Thnk Assau/t weaponi
have spcci:rlisecl :rnti-tank grenadesrnaking them dcadly
ntn.l. h,fore rul/jqg to hit. tl,u,,.t ]tol to It). 1l'em iJ the
in closc combar against tanks.
t.lrget dos not justif)t the risk inaolued. In this case, tbe
Teamswith a Thnl<Asdult rating listed use this mting in
'tnh ,r, ,rrrrr, to its rtornu/ Tank Asnttlt rdtirug of 2.
llssdu/t coTnbdt, e.g. Assau/t 3 has an Tnk Assdtrh
nng aJ'J. has no efect on their normdl nti-tdnk
rating used iu shooting.
THE ATTACKINGPLTooN Gun teams with ROF 2 or more ant/ Man-paced Gun
one platoon to assau/t teams (other than mortars) can use their normal Anti-
tanle rating against Side Armour rating instedd. In this
Must pats d Motiutlti7n Test to assau/t Thnh teams
case,a Firepower Tst is required to Bail Out or Destroy

CHARGEINTo CoNTACT rhe tdrget.

ndrest team 4"/I)cm to clntdct enem! tedm. 7 MARKoRREMoYE DESTRoYEDTEAMS

remaining teams 4"/l)cm to contact nm)t tedms.
Mark Destroyed Armoured uehicles as \X/recks.
al! teams within 8"/20cm of the enemy 4"/l0cm
Remoue other Destroyed teams.
nearestunengageden(mJ or anJ contattcd enemy.
Iams can aduance into position ofDestroyed enemy team
Defendingteans uithin 8"/20cm of the Asaulting acrossLinear Obstacle or into Building.
conduct Defensiue Fire.
Fire usesnorma/ sbooting ?rocdure except: 9 HAs SSAULTING
Full ROF euen if ruoued, but not iJ'Pinned Dotun, Assaulting platoon wins if no Defending teams left uithin
Tanh use Side armour Jr Armour Sauet 1"/ 10cw.
. Ignore Bogged Doun and Bailed Out enemy uehitles
Asaubing ?latoon tabes 5 hits or two Titnh teams
Out or Destroyetlfroru Defensiue 'ire, itfalk back and TldntPort tedms.
2"/5cm away f'om the enemy. IJ uon, Victor Conso/idates.


Asaubing teams (apartfront Tiansport teams) wit/tin Opponent mabes Motiuation Te:t usittg thc sdme die roll
"/5cm of Lhe enemy roll a 5kill lesr ro bit
Jr a// Defending pldtoons.
. Ifpass, chooseto Counterattack, or Breah Ofi
. If.fril, must Breah Olf.
If no tedms were hit, pass Motiuation Testdutomnti.dlb
unless assdulting Thnk teams.

AILOCATE HITS TO TARGET TEAMS Defending platoons becomc Asaulting pltrtoons and
Charge into Contact without teceiulrry DeJensiuelire.
al/ocates hits to teams in tdrget p/dtoln
2"/5cm. Hits must be al/ocated.
euenl! acrcss teamr.
Gun tearnsleJi uithin 2"/5cm ofthe eruemyare Destroyed.
to operational uehiclesfrst. A// other tellms mou to get nt leatt 4"/l)cm awal Jront
to ot/1er targett beJreTransport teams enem1.An1 teams left uithin 4"/ I)cm of assauhing teans
to /owestArnour frst. are Destroyed.
Breabing O/fplatoons are Pinned l)otun.
Nr saaeJbr Unarmoured uehic/es,Infantry, or Gun teams 13 VICToR CoNSoLIDATES
assaults and no Firel>ower Tlst to Destrl)t them Moue uictorious teams up to 4 "/ | 1cm to L)onsolidate.Push
n Armoured uebiclesare hit, t/te opponent rolk a clie any Defending teans within 2"/5cm awd1. Consolidatirug
adds the Top armour rdtiilg dnd. ri-pnr", the resu/t p/atoon: are Pinned Down
the TankAsaub ruting (normafu'2):
"-h*j.o.d ."rdi.;q;;;; ;. *iJ;--;;;;;;;" *"aJ"fiil;; *..-b",*;
of valou. You can never be sue when this is going to happen. some particulady stubborn, brare, or
aps foolardy troops fight on long after others would bave given up, *hil" others br."L md run at the
sign oftrouble.

r72 C o m p m y M o r a l eC h e c l s . .. . ..... 175

Chec& at the End of the Shooting Step. . . . 172 WhentoCheck.. ....175
Checft at the End ofthe Assault Step . , , . . 172 C h e c k i n gC o m p m y M o r a l e ,... 175
Checking Platoon Momle. 173 More PlatoonsDsrroycd thm Still Fighring. . 175
More Tems Destroyed thm Still Fighting .
173 MorethanOneCompany. ..... 176
md Independent Tem L74 SoleSurvivinglnfmtryTeartr. ..... 176


the'.bullets flying and your buddies diopping \X/hi le ligh r i ng. soldiershave no idea ofthei r losse..Once
+d you, ir can takr m iron will t stndrough. t h e y s r o p a n d l e u n r h e s i t u a r i o n ,r h e y m a y b r e a k .
musylnake'aPlataon Morale Chechfor a platoon at You must mahe a PLltoon Morale Checkfor a pktoon at
end ofa ShootingStepif rhe end ofan Asauh Srep if
the plaroon ha, morr teams Desnoyed than sti!/ . the pldtoon has more tedlns Destroled than still
fghting, and fghting, and
it had nams D$troyd. or forced. to Bail Out during . it had teams De*royed or forced to Bail Out during
the Shooting Step. the Asau/t Step.

:PL{TooNMoRALECHcxlrrrn Asslulrs
D o n o r m a k e l l a r o o n M o r a l e C h c c k s u n r i l r h e e n d o f r h e A . s a u l r 5 t e p . T h i s c h e c k i . s e p a r a r ef r o m t h e M o r i v a t i o r T e s t "
and.only occurs after all assaults are over. Your plaroons could be reduced to having more
:h"r,t1" ",:.^?unrerattack
th"" iilll ghri.g in an assault,continue lighting, d even win rhe sault, only to abandon the field when the
ng ends and they reliseihe extnt oftheir losses.
:li, ,ii i.:.. i.

Out. It malt not

anything still f.ghting but it alsodoeiie
Though the nerve ofyour soldiers plays a large part in
hauean;'thi ng Dewoled.
whether they fight or flee, ultimately it comes down to
Howeuer,bauing d te/1mBailed Out is.still
the discipline oftheir training and a bit ofluck
trlger for ChecbiugPlatoonMorale if you
\'Y/henyou need to make a Platoon Morale Check roll a
moredeadrhan ti/l fghring.
Motiuation Tstfor that platoon.
A platoon can hve more tems destroyed than
Ulou pds Ih( Moriudtion Tert. the platoon grirs ils 6ghting (i.e.rhe number of tanks destrcyed
teeth dnd continua f.ghting.
t h e n u m b e r o f r a n k ss t i l l c a p a b l eo f f i g h r i n g r .a n d
. If you fail the Motiuation 7bst, the entire platoon is rerurn to having more rem' Gghting rhan
remouedfrom the table and is considered Destoyer{ again as bailed out irews remont their vehicles,
Leau the urecbs of Destroyed Armouretl uehicles in place creasing the number of tairks capable of fighring.
when a platoonfails its Plnxtlon Morale Check. If any of
its Armouret/ uehiclesare Bailed Out or Bogged Doun, ICNORE TRANSPORTTEAMS
leaue tltem in place as Destroye Wrechs as welL Trucks and gun trairorsare not intended ro 6ght.
the inntry and gunnels.dnt expect them to

MORI TEAMSDE5TROYED around once they have droppe{ off their psenge
Even armoured infantry half-tracks usually only
THAN STILLFIGHTING against light opposition. gainst.ilrti.tank weapons,
There is always a point in the battle when an officer ot half-racla are just too vulnerable.
NCO takes stock of what's left of his fighting force and
Ignare Transport tearul ulsether they are De*ro1,ed
d c . i d e r w h e r h e ro r n o f t o g o o n .
still operational, wben determining whether a
ltas more teams Destroyed than still fghting.
Bogged down and bailed out vehicles are not destroved,
but rhey are also not capable offighting. They are neirher
a source of encouragementJ nor a sollrce of discourage-
m e n r l i k c a d e s t r o v e dt a n k .
\Y/hcn tleciding whrrhtr a p/aroon has morc tedml
De*royed than xillf.ghting, do not count Bogged Down
or Bailtd Out teams as either Des*oyed or as capable oJ
Jighting. Thelt do not come into the equation at ill.
A pktoon does not need to tae a Platoon Morale Chech
if it dnesn't haue any Destroyd. teams, euen if euer! tedm

ni1bi* _

metimes it is sensible to send rroops to safety in the Senior ofilcers can use their authority to steady the
:ear, rather than keep them unnecessarilv exposed to nerves of a jumpy platoon and keep it lighrinq, but
danger. \Mith them gone, the remaining troops know should tbey fail, they can easilv be srvepr arvay in the
they no longer have their support. ensuing rout.
Tamsthat are remouedfrom the table but not Destroyecl Wrrior teams dnd Independent teams that ltarc joittat:/ t
are ignored in P/atoou Mom/e Checks. do not couilt Pllttoon are Destroled if theplatoon fails a Platoort A,[on/c
as Destroyed, but neitber arc the.yon the table to carrib- Checl<.Warrior trtd lru/apenrlent tean nust still nabe a
.ute to the plataon!
fghting strength. P/atoox Morale Check for the platoan the.y htue Joined,
iJ thel are tbe onll tedms leJt iu tlte platoon dt the end oJ
\X4rile arrrition from prelininary bomb?rdnenrs and
other misl'ortuncs is demoralising, thc soldiers' spirits
inevitably risc once the chance to fighr back arrives.
In certain tnisions it is posible for a force to incur castt-
ahies befare the;first turil af the gdme. Any teams remoued
or Dexro|,ed before the Jirst turn oJ the game lrcuer couilt
as Destroyed when determining utltetlter a p/atoon hat
ffiore tedtils Destroyed thdn still Jigltting. They are cotn-
.pletely ignored in Pktoon Moralc Checks.

Soldiers care nore abour their olvn than anv officcr that
ioins then in their oosirion.
Ignore Warrior teams that dre not parTndncntj part oJ'
the platoon dnd Inde?endent teims wlten deterrnining if
platoon ltas rwe tednts Dexroyed than still
\Yhether fulf operutioual or f)esn'oyd, neither the
Warrior teants nor the Indepnrlant teans tre countad.


On the other hand, ifthey are alreadva bit shakr',rhe loss
ofa visiting offrcer can serveils a potenr reminder that it
could easilyhave been them that took the buller.
being ignoretl. in tletenninirtg if the platoon ltu
.more tenms l)estroyd thdn still
fghting, rt Wrdrrior or
lndependent team that uas Destroyed or Bai/ed Out uill
trigger a Pldtoon Mordle Check in a platoon thdt it has
Joined iJ that p/atoon ah'eady has more teams Destroled
\When a senior officer is on the field, it is theii
Confusion reigns on the battlefield and often forces
condence in victory that matteis. If they air
are only aware of what is happening immediately
willing to continue sacricing a company to win,
beside them. So when a platoon retreats, neighbouring
r r o o p sh a \ e n o c h o i c eb u r r o f i g h t o n . l f r h e l o s s e s
platoons ma;i see that as the whole situation devolving
roo heary for the oficr. t siomach, they will order
and lollow suit.
T h i . c o u l d c o m e f r o m L h ef e e l i n gr h a t t h e i r f l a n k sh a v e
If a Higher Command team is on the table, thel tae
been left roo exposed by the retreat of their felloiv
Motiuation Testfor a Company Morale Cbeck, nat
platoons. Or perhaps they mistake the retreat for an
Corupanl (-ommand or 2iC Command tram.
order to withdraw. Regardless, once you start losing
plaroons, the chmces of your company flling apart MORE PLATOONSDESTROYED
i n c r e a s ee<x p o n e n ti a l l y .
You must mabe a Compary Morale Che& in the Starting
Losses are an unfortunate reality of war, but it's
Step at the stat of ereyt one of your lurns tlldt llur
those losses begin to pile up thar the spirit ofan at
campany has m0re pldtlons desnoled than still Jigbting.
can break.


The key figure in holding the company together in a Even though they may be bloody and battered, a.
crisis is the company commander. \*4rile the com- commmder wont count a unit out of the fight
mander stands rm, the company fights. One slip, one they have nothing lefr. Even a small cadre of
hesitation, however, and the company's faith is lost. are enough to rebuild the unit again after the battle.
\'X/henyou need ro ryake a Company Morale Check roll a A plaroon is Destroyed uhen rhc last suruiuing rcau
.\4otiuation lest for the Conpany Corymand team. the table ^ Dettroled. If the only teams leJt in the

' are Varrior or Independent tdns that haue Joine

If yu pass th Motiuation Test, yur commander's
the plaroon i' De:troyed at rhe end of e Sep when
leadersbip holds the company together.
Warrior and Ind.epenent teams leaue the platoon (ha
. Ifyoufail, your shatteredforces retreatfrom thefeld of
suraiued a Platoon Morale Chetk).
battle and the game is ouer. You haue lost the battle.
[t doesnl matter hoa wea or battered a platoore is,
Command teans neuer r*roll failed CompdnJ Morale
long as it still has one tel1m on the table, it ii still a
Checlesunless specifcal$ alloued to by a special rule. tioning platoon.
If you are required to make a Companl Morale Check
and the Company Command tqam has alreadl been
Destroyd, not 0n tbe tab/e, tbe 2iC Command team
maj, tahe the..Carupany Morale Chech instead. If
both are De*royil or not on the table, the


a platoon is our ofbarrle. it will srart lo recover
If you are fielding more than one company in your
s t r e n g r h a s s r m g g l e r sa n d l i g h r l y w o u n d e d s o l d i e r s
force, the other companies, seeing one falling back,
ro the colours
decide that things must be worse rhm they thought and
rhat are nor Desnoycd, but nor on the rablc
retreft too.
dn! reason (surh platoons that haue been sent ro
The game end. when anl clmpanl in a
rtulr 0f arc heU in reserue)are simply ignored when force fails in
Company Morale Check, regardles of how manl other
hing our ifyour companl h uore p/atoons De,rroyed
companies are srill fghting.
xill fghting,

spects ansporr units to fight, but their loss
long marches on loot or shortages of food and
nition in the future
Transport Platoons wben working out wherhcr a
/tas more pktoons Destroyed than stillfghting.
are ignoredin ComparyMorale Chrcbs.

things, like the losssyour force suffers in the lead
to battle, just cant be helped. You jusr hve ro mke
new plm and fighr on.
ptatoons remouec/ or Destroyed before the frst turn
the game n(ucr count as Destroycd when detcrmining
compdnj has more pldtoons Destoled ilran
fghting. They drc complrtebr ignored in Companjt

the Man' and other key teams are vital
to any force, one individual simply cant make up
the loss ofan entire platoon
Warrior and Independent teams uhen determin-
whether your compan)t has more platoons Datroyd
rtill fghring.

a single squad can still be somewhat effective under WARRIoRS

right circumstarices, but when a platoon is reduced Heroic soidiers are fmous specically because rhev
just a single tem, the survivors haye to weigh up how 6ght on when orhers leave rhe fight.
they can achieve against the high probability of
[f the sole suruiuing Infantry tearu is d tVarrior taam, it
ing casualties.
does not need to take a Motiuation 7st. It cart a/ways
a platoon has been reduced by casuabies to no more
fght on alone.
a single Infantrl team and an1 nuuber ofTiansport
it must make a sole suruiuor Motiuation Tst at
start of each of your Starting Steps before maing
wpanl Morale Chechl
If rhey pass the Motiuation Tut, they continue to fght
andfunction as normal.
Ifthey fail tbe test, the team fees fom the table an
the platoon is De*royed.
tedm tltdtpa$es i^ Motiuation Testcan uoluntarilL leaae
Supponl-wel .,,.... 178 Roll to Hit Teams Under the Template . . . . . . 185
AirSupportPool '..'.178 AllocateHitstoTems ... ' ..... '. f86
forAirSupport. '...179 Pin DownAll Platoons thtwere Hit ....'.. 187
GroundAttack. ...... 179
Roll Saves for Teams that were Hit. . . . . ., ., . 187
F i g h t e r l n t e r c e p t i o n. . . ...','. 179
ArmouredVehicleSaves.. ..,... 187
t h e T a r g e t m d P l a c e A i r c r a f t. . ' . . . . . . 180 UnarmouredVehicleSaves,.... 187
Anti-aircraftFire ........ l8l InfmtrySaves ...'...188
WhocmShoot ...,..181 GunSaves. ....,,,,..188
NumberofDicetoRoll.. .....' 182 BulletproofCover....., .... ' . f88
RolltoHit ..........183 PsengersinTrmsports.. .,... 189
RolltoDstrov ,,....193 P s e n g e r s o n T a n k s. . . . . ..... 189

to Rmge In on the Trget. ' . ' . 184 Aircraft Return to Be to Reum. ..... .. . .. f89

theTmplate. .... ....... 185 AirSupportSummry... ........ 190

Flames Of V/ar, aircrah come in wo mrin types: PRIoRITY

-attack aircraft and 6ghters. Ground-attack Your mission has been accorded the highest prioriry at
bomb, rocket, or strafe the enemy on the headquarters. All availabie air support wi)l support vou.
. Figha.t. protect your troops by shooting down rX/ith an Air Support leuel of Priority Air Support
aircraft. l?hen you have air support, both wpes ltaue seuendice in yur Air Support Pool.
aircraft operate with your company, sttpporting it ort
ground and protecting it fiom enemy aircrafi

air force isnt directll' under the armyt control. You Despite your efforts your mission has been allocated a
make requests for air support, but it's entirely up to lower priority by thc air force. lt doesn't have enough
air force whether you get it or not. Since there are aircraft to support vou fulll'.
enough aircraft to go around, the amounr of air i'Yith an Air Sttpport leueI of Limited Air SupPort
pport you get depends on vour Priority in the overall
hauafue dice in your Air Support Pool.
you are organising your company for a battle, yu
an c/tooseto haueAir Support ifyour Inte/ligence Briefng
it. There are three leuelsoJAir Support
Prioritl Air Support,
Your air force has lew rcsourcesto support your nissiott.
Limited Air Support, and Either the aircraft are committed elsen'here or are simpil
Sporadic Air Support., not available.
leuel ofir Support you haue deterrnines the number an Air Support leuel of Sporaclic Air Support yu
dice in the Air 5uppon Pnolyou ut( t t(qucsr Cround' haue three dice in your ir Support Pool.
Aireraft and Fightet Intercqil0n

force onl.1 eaer has one Air Support Pool s/tdred acros
of its companies. IJ multiple companies are playing on
side, take the best leuel ofAir Support as the leuel ofAir NO AIR SUPPORT
for the entire force Many battles are fought wirhout air support, eirhcr by
choice or simply because none is available
If you baue no Air SuPpolL you haue no dice in yout
Air Suppurt Pool and can neuer recciuesupport froru
a ircrarli.

':,.,.i !

Air support requires considerable coordination and

p l a n n i n g . E v e n t h e b e s ra i r s u p p o r Lc o u l d r a k ea n h o u r
Your fighren arrempr ro intercepr rhe enemy
or more ro organise.
aircrafrbeorethey reachLhebanlefield.
All requestsfor Ground Atnck Aircraf and Fighter
Each time yur opponeftt receites Groun-attarh
Interception happen at the beginning. of the turn in the
yu ma! attempt t0 inr4rcept bis plan. If you decide
9arring Srep.
do so. roll all of the dire in your Air Support ?ool.
die roll of 6 is a successresuhing in rhe eneml Ai
GROUNDAfiACK being chated ofor shot down so thdt lour oppon(n
Ifyou h:ve air supporr. rhe air lorce will arrempt ro no Ground-attachAircrart tbis turn.
send ground-attack aircraft to support you when you
or not)lor Fighter
r e q u e s tt h e m ,
pemanenrly rrmouesone diefom your Air Support
Ifyou choose to request Groun-attack Aircrafi, rolt all of alrhough your pool cannor be redured below one die.
the diee in Tour Air Support Pool. A die roll of5+ on anjt
There is no need to put fghter aireafi on the table as
of the dice results in a Flight of Ground-attack Aircrart
air combat takesplnce many miles awa1.
arriuing this lurn to support lour operation| You only
receiueone Flight no matter bow many dice roll 5+. FIGHTER
Euery reque:t IsucressJuI or not tfor Grou nd-a nack A iruaji Some air forces did not provide ground-attack
permanently remouesone die from Tour Air Support Poo/, to their army, attacking the enemy air force insteqd.
abhough your pool cannot be reduced below one die. Some Air Support is Fighter Interception Only, in
caseir cannot be u.ed lor Ground Attack.
The air support that you receive will be a flight ofone to
three ground-artack aircraft.
Ground-attack Aircrafi atiae t0 tupport Jtou, roll
on tbe Hou Many Airnaf Table to daermine how strong
the Flight is.
Once your aircraft havc arrived over thc battlefield, the 7l,e AircraJt may be pLace/ auyu,bere thdt its flight stdnrl
next step is ro notninate thc target tlrat thcr. u'ill attack. canf t on the ta.blq but ma.ynot be S,lacedso that it'sJllght
It is inporrant to pick your targets c:rrelirlly as irircrirft startd ouerlap: drtlt tein, d Linetr Obttatlc 0r tuood. or
cannot saflyattack close ro vour own troops. ls or a Building.

Selectatty enem! tenln ds th( tdrut renru. I'ltce an Alrtrtf die on thc./light ttnild ta lildirttc th(
Strangth oJ tbe FlQLt.
Aircraft nove incredibly first ancl can not'e antrvhere
on the table rvithout hinclr:rnce.Their biggest conccms
are sctting up an accurate:lttack on the targer lvhile
minimising incomins anti-aircr:rft lirc and making sure
thev dont accidcntalJl'bonrb rhc wrong side.
PLtce the Aircuf so Thd.t it is witbin 4"/10cnt of and
t/utdr^ th tdrg tetm (ignoring the fight strmd)

4*-tl !ti;,,..,



Facing anti-aircraft fire is one of the worst experiences Anri-aircraf w(ap7nt must hauc a Lint
a pilot will ever face. No marter how skilful the pilot is, Sight and be within Rangeto shlot at Air;aft::.
the need to keep straight and true during an attack run Anlt teamsthat shootat Aircrafi can't mott At
m e a n sr h a r s u r v i v a li s p r e r q m u c h p u r e l u c k - y o u c a r i t Doub/e. Dig ln. Sltoor or Astault in their next rurn
take evasive ction, vou just have to hope you dont get
An1 weapons (uthcr than Sel-t'-defenceAnti-aircraf
hi r .
.po.ns)that sboot atAirsafi cannot cont/uct Defnsiue
Anri-aireraf Firc is conducred by rhe opposing player if.asaulted later in thb t:n.
aJier a1/ other 'hoorirtg is complae, but before the Airraf
makes their attack. It dos not matter that the Anti- I.INEOF SIGHTTO IRCMFT
aircraJi weapons are fring out of turn. Aircraft dive steeply at th targer,. or mke low-
strang run direcrly over rheir rarger,making
WHo cAN SHooT almost impossible ro spor ir tim m engage if they a
Shooting at aircraft requires a special mti-aircraft concealed by rall trees or buildin.
mounting to allow the wepon ro shoot at high angles The Line ofSight and Range to Aircraf are measurerl
and rotate rapidly to rrack fast-moving aircraft. the Aircrafimodel (ignoring the fight *and).
Onll weapons wirh the Anri-aircra.1fr. Heauy Anti- Smohe Ma,hers bloch Line of Sighr to Airlaf , euen if th
aircraJi, or Self-defence Anti-aircrafi attribute can fre at Aircraf is within 16"/40cm, Hoaeaer, iftheAnti
Aircraf. Antaircraft weapons that are still being toued weapon is Jr enough auay, from the Smobe Mailhers
b1 or carried as Passengers in Transport uebicles cannot nay be ablc ro seeouer them, jut libe anJ other terrain.
s/toor ar Airrraf.

a r e e a \ y t o e n g a 8 ea t l o n g r a n g ea : i n t e r v e n i n g \7hile heavy anti-aircraft guns like the famous German

n does not get in the way are very effective against heary bombers (and tanks
-aircrafi weaponsfring at Airtraf canfre 8"/20cm for rhat matter), rhey are not as useful against ft-flying
than their normal Range characteristic
Heauy Anti-aircraft wdPoni onbt r0ll 0ne die when fring
at Aircraf regardles of their ROF mting.

Some tanls have anti-aircraft machine-guns mounted
for protection against ir attacis. These weapons are
usually 6red b1, the vehicle commander, requiring them
to watch the skies for incoming aircraft rather than
performing their own job. If the platoon isn't under
attack, the commander focuses on their main rask
rather than worrying about providing anti-ircrfr coYr
UMBEROF DICE TO ROLL for other platoons.
selected their target, the nti-aircraft guns open Self-defence Anti-airclart weapons, such as all AA MG,
The rate offire (ROF) rating of a weapon reflects ma1 onfu Anti-airnaft Fire if one of the platoon's
ft the weapon can shoot teams would be under theTemplate (spage 185).
ueapons roll one dicefor eachpoint ofROF Self-defenceAnti-aircraft weapons only roll one die when
haue ulten f.ring at Aircraii fring at Aircraf regardles of their ROF mting.
is not alfected by an1 mouement that the fring tJnlihe other Anti-aircraft weapou fring dt Airrnf, Se/f
may haue made in its last turn. deJi:nceAnti-aircraft tua?ons cttn moue At the Double,
; tfthefringteam is a Pinned Down unarmoured Dig In, Shoot or Assauh in their next turn.
cle, Infantry team, or Gun te,tm it reduces hs ROF by
shoun in the ROF when Pinned Down table.
As with all shooting rn Flames O/ lZzr, each platoon
completes its anri-irircrali re before the next begins
You must decide blw mdny tedtfli in t p/atoort ctpab/e of
Antr-aircraf Firc wi// fre bejorc rolling ttt1, dice ta h t
Jor that platoon.
You may udit until one platoon's Anti-aircnf Flra has
been rrolae before decitling how many teams to Jire Jiom
the next ?llttoon


I ,::::;:.rt
Unlikc ground rargets, aircraft h:rve no cover and frv Heavily-armourcd grourd-amack aircraft like the
stratagems available to m:rke thernselves hardcr to Soriet Tl-2 and rhe German Hs129 are
hit. However, a good gun crew rvill react quicker anci knorvn as Tanks' because of their comparative
estimate rhe lead and range better than a poor onc inr-ulnerabilio ro anti-ircrafi fire. Only large-calibre
uiving themsclvesa nuch bettcr chancc o{:bringing thc anti-aircrfi guns have much chance of bringing down
aircraft down. a ll),ing rank.

Ro// a .lbi// 7x uith each dic usirtg thc ScoreNdd to Add rl to the score nctded Jr Firapouer Testsagainst
Hit lhble. An-y succcssfu/rull :coresa ltit on the Ajrct'drt. Aircmft rated as Flying'lbnLs in their Arsena/ entry. This
Tltet'edre no rnodiJ)ers to this ro//. ruilo it impossible Jr n ueapon uith lirepower 6 to
,/'"ut ,{ot, 't ., t/rinS fa',/?.

FiringTimt Skill Score Needed to Hit

Hitting an aircraft isn't alwals enough to stop it from
making its attack. Once the pilot is conmirted ro his
dive, little short of blowing the wing oif can acruallv
Ro// d };ireqtower ksr Jr each hitfroru Anti-dinmJi Fire.
. Iftfu Firepotuer Tst is successfu/, reduct the
of the Flight 4, onc. If tha Strength rf'the Flight is
rerJuced to zro, r(moN( thc Aircraf.
. Otherwise, thc uts insulJ)cicnt to ttop the
llying at high speed 6nd ir difficulr ro locate SAFETY.DISTANCE
As the enmy ue alened by rhe firsr pass,pilots Troops on Lhe ground aren t I\een on being bombed by
Lo losre their rargersimply leavethe battleeld. e i r h e r s i d e . I f a f r i e n d l y a i r c r a f t g e r s r o o c l o s e .r h e y ' l l
is in position you masr Range ln bn the warn it offwith fiags and coloured smoke.
ce the Aircmf
tean. You on0 gd one tlltempt to Range ln Ifanyfriendly teams are rlithin 16"/40cn ofthe Aircraf
model (ignoring the fight stand) uhen the! attem?t to
FROM AIRCRAFT Range In; the Aircrafi aborts t/leir anack and leaae the
and fox}oles mighr provide good concealment bat rlef eld.
rroops on e ground. brrr rrails of flarrenedcrops
bm earrhrhrown up by diggingjusr makeroops ORIGINAL DESTROYED
obvious ro aircrafi Ifyour ground troops' shooting resulied in the destruc-

are only Conaledto Aiicrart if they are in or tion of your aircraft's target, they will continue their

21/5im:of treelines,BocageHtdgerou!,.uoodsor attack if they seemore targets in the area, othemis they

or entire/y couered b1 Smoke Marbers fom a will abort the mission.

Bombardment If ryow AircraJt's original target is no longer there for

aft! reason,lou may selectany othel enem! team within
lN oN rHrllncsr 4'/lAcm ofrhe aircrafi model (ignoring the fight stand)
s i n g l eb i g g e s Lf a c t o r i n d e t e r m i n i n g i I a p l a t o o n i s as lour target ledm inttedd.
is irs experience If there are no otber enemy teams uithin 4"/1)cm of the
haue no diJfculty locating targex t/tat are nor Aircrafi, thry abort tlteir attack and leaue the battlefeld.
and automatically Range In on them
score required lor Aircraj to Rangc ln on a targil
is Concaaled is 'hown by rhe Scorc Needed rc Range
on ConrealedTargets Table. lhere are no modifers ro
rheir single Range ln axmpt fails. rhe Aircraf could

fnd rhe target and lraue rhe bartlefeld

Air attacks di-er lrom normal shooting in that the 1ll tir attack:. whether by bo'qb,, rockets,
aircraft are plasrering an area with bombs and rockets or macltine-guzu o cannon, rue the Arti//ery
strang evervrhing they can see. As a result evervthing Tmp/ate to determine which team.s thty can hit.
around rhe target rem is likely to bc hir as well. Plate the Arti/lery Tempkte (a srludre measuring6"/ 15c
on each side) c?ntrd diectb ouer the target team uitli
the sidcspntn/lcl ro rhe table edge,.

\flith bomb blastsand builets saturaring the areaaround THREE-AIRCRAFT FLIGHTS

the rarger' it is larsclv a natter ofluck rvhcther anr-par- Sarurirrins rhe rirrgerwith bombs and bullets delivered
ticular soldier is hir or nor. o' tnrec:rircrafi mai<eshits norc likel'
Rttther tLdn rolling ortc tlir S,at'poiut oJ ROF d: tcanr lo If tLa Srrength o.[ the Fllghr i: thrce rtraf, re-roll all
nonna//y, coltnt up the nuruber f tetrns tr /ea:t pttt\, rol/: /o ltit t//ig(t! unrler rhc tcnl?ldte.
under the'lbrnplate, dud ro/l that nurrber oJ'dict. Roll
hits separatelyfor each pktoort under tlr MULTIPLE TARGET TYPES
As each ircraJi wcdpon /tas t 7b Hit uumber iu place oJ Tnks. infanrn.. and .eiuns.are not intercbangeable,so
itr ROF chdactef istic, the score recluired to ltit dtpnds I o \ \ e \ L oo n e ( J - l u r b r r r . r J cg o o d l r o r n r r r o r h e r .
o n r h e u e a p o t r l t l ' e n , ' , r , , r ,n ' / u : t t ' g . Roll to hit each'|.i,peoJ term (7hnle,hrfuntry,,Gun
. A successfu/to bit rcl/ nrcdfls t/1d.ta team was hit b1, teins) ln thc ?lntlon lepdnteu.
ilte dtr dttdck.
. Afiiled to hlt roll means that the reau was lucle1and
IJ the AircraJl hnue more Tltail one uredlott,1ou must choase
uhich the AircraJi tre using before nllirg arry dite.

A single aircralt simplr. cannot deliver enough ordnance
to be fullv ellecrive.
( tha Strengthof the Flight is d singLeaircrrt, re-roll all
suc9elfu!y/4 to hh rargets
yQ 11mpkry

Commanders can order soldiers from one team to
r e p l a . cc r ' u a l t i e . i n r t t o t h c t r , ' k e e p i n ) p o rt a n l \ v e r P o t t . Vhen making a bornbing run, pilots just plasrcr an area
in acrion. centred on the target.
Yoar opponent allocates hits to teams oJ the lryProPridte Chec the tearus'positions in tfu Building to tlettrrtine
xy?e under tbe Timplate Jrom the platoon that uas hit, uth ic h on esare urtder t h e [emp /ate of ail Ai Attn ck in th e
subject t0 the fo//owing ru/es in order ofprioriry. sdwe ual as if they were outside the Building.
. Eacb teatn may on! be allocated one hit.
. Llnprotected reams must be aLlocatedbits before teanu
in Bulletpraof Corcr.
,, Lluarmoured uehicles mzst be allocated hhs before
Armoured uehicles.
. Hits must be aLlocated t0 oPedtiondl uehicles and
other tedms (inc/uding Cone to Ground teams) beJre
Boggad Dotun or Bai/ed Out t,ehicles.
. Hits must be dllocated to Armoured uehiths uith
. ktwer armour MTings b(for those tuith highar annour
raTings. (/se Top or Side drmour dependlng ou the tlpe
afweapon being used (seenext pdge).
' Hitt must be al/octtad to other tcdms before tetn:
that are Gone to Oraund.

.If an aircraft hits rheir r:rnk, anv troops riding on it are
in for a Lot of pain.
nor ro/l to hit tnfdntry or Mnn-pached Gun teams
iing on .t tanl? sepante l.lfrom their tdnk. Instead, if the
team is hit, all te,tns riding on it are dho hit.


Air attacks cause considerable confusion amongst their IJ a platoon tahes one or more hits fom lrn
trgets as men scatter for cover. Even if little actual attdck, it is automatically Pinned Dow*
d a m a g ei . d o n e . i r c a n r a k e r i m e r o r e o r g a n i . er h e u n i r
b e f o r e i t c a n a d v a n t ea g a i n .

hit on a team indicares rhar the bomb landed close LEssTHANANTI-TANKRATING

enough to be dangerous. The roll to save tells wherher lf yur opponenr',Armour Saua scu,e i, les than
or rot ir crually desrroyed the ream. Aircrafi Anti-tdnb rating, they failed rheir
ARMoURID VEHICIE SAYES To determine the efect ofthe hityu must tdke a Fl
Armoured vehicles are rvell protected from most erial Test. Ro// anorher dic.
weapns. Ir takes a lucky hir by a bomb or a heaw . lf thc roll equals or exeeedsyout
cannon to knock out a tank.
rerinK. rh( ranh i' Destroyed.
ANDRocKETs . IJ'the roll is lower than your weapon's Firepouer
Bombs and rockers are nor parricularly accurate. Mosdy the shot Jiled to do signifcant damage to t/te
they rely on shock and blast to danage vehicles rather but the creu still Baik Out ofthe tanb.
than penetrating their armour direcdy.
\Yhen lour Aircraf hhs an Armoured uehicle with UNARMoUREDVHICLEsVEs
Bombs or Rockets, the opposing playr rolJs a die and Unarmoured vehicles are totally unorotected
adds the uehiclei Top armour rating to get their Armour 'only
aircraft weapons. Their hope of suryival is thar
Sauescore. bullets and shrapnel rvill only do minor damage.


WhenTour Aircrart hits an Llnarmourer/uehic/e(one
Aircraft strang with guns have to get in close ro hit and with a lop armourrariqgof -'t. rheoTpu,ing
penetrare their target. This requires a llat approach'on a die.

the deck, rather rhan divilg frorn abovc, so shots havc . If the rasub is 5+, the uehicle is damaged, but
to penctrare the side of a tank to hurt it. Jully Janctiona/.
\Y/hen your Alrcraf hits an Armauretl uehicle with . ()theruise, the uehicle ^ dutomatically Destroyed.
Cdnnon or Machine-guu\ /ie auning p/ayr ro/h a die
and adds the uehicle'sSide armour rating to get their REccEANDWARRIoRVEHICLE
Armour Saue score. Small jeeps and motorcycles are fasr-moving rargers
hard for aircraft to hit.
ANTI-TANKRATING Unarmoured uehit'/es that are Warrior, Independent
If yur opponent'sArmour Snue score is greater thdn the (including a// Motorqtcle Rec
Recce teanr
AircraJi's Anti+ank rating, their Armour Saue is success-
teams) saue on a roll af3+ instead ofthe atul 5+.
ful, anct the shot has no efect hauirug bounced harmlerl,
of,the tank's armour.


[f your opponent\ Armour Saue score exact/y equals yur
Aircraf's Anti-tank rating, theyfailed their Armour Saue.i
Although your shot didn't penetrdte the tank's armour, it
might still haue some efict.
determine the efect of the hityou mutt ta/?ea Firepoaer
Ti'st. Ro// anorhcr die.
. Ifthe rol/ equa/s or exceedsyour uedpon's Fire?ouer
rllting, the Uew panic antl Bail Out.
. If the roll is lower tltan lour weapoil'sFie?oae
the shot has no efect and the tdnk continues in

Just as there are a huge vriety of vehicles md ground weapons in World'$9'ar II, there is an abundance
different aircraft in te skies. This presents some of the more common attack aircrafi.

Aircraft Weapon To Hit Anti-tank Firepower Notes

Typhoon Cannon 3+ 8 5+
Rockets 3+ 6 3+

Ju 87D Stuka

Il-2 Shturmovik Cannon 3+ 9 5+

Bombs 4+ 5 1+
Rockets 3+ 6 3+

P47 Thunderbolt MG 2+ 6 5+
Bombs 4+ 5 1+


nfantry in the open are very vulnerable to strafing attacked by aircraft diving from above, gun
ircraft, but once they get into cover, they can be hard shields provide no protection.
to dig out When your AircraJt hits a Gun team, the opposingpla.yar
$hen your Aircrafi bits an Infantry tearu,the opposing rolls a die.
rolls a die. . IJ'tbe resu/t is 5+, the team escapaswitlt no seous
If the resub is 3+, the tdm escdpeswith no serious tnJL{rI
lnJuf!. . Otherwise, unless tbe teatn is in Bu/letprooJ Couer, it
Othernise, unles the team ls in Bulletproof Couer, it is Destrrryad.
is Desroycd.
'4ren working their gun, gunners are forced to clump
\^1 :i::i together more than infantrv, if thel' go to

v '.1:.,,:..
ground, thev can spread our ancl take full advantage of
cover, making them much lessvulnerable.
Any Gun teamt thdt re Gone to Ground htue t -3+ saue

f-l ':l:::..:: instead ofd 5+ sdue. This does not dPply t0 tcdlils t/111tdr
onQ Gone to Ground becdtrsethel dre behind Snolcr.

. :. COVER
To get anv real protection fiom an acrial bombardment
you need a deep hole or a good fortified position.
Linear Obstacles libe walk or Bocage Hedgerows, and
Gun Shields do flot Prluide Bulletproof Couer against
Aircrafi, dlthougb other Bulletproof Couer, (including
being Dug In or in En*enchments) does.
If the target Infaxtrl or Gun teams are in Bulletproof
Couer, tabe a Firepower Tbst.
. Ifthe roll equah or exceedslour weaponi Firepou,er
ftlting, lour ueapon blew through the couer and the
tdrget tam is Destroled..
. If the roll is lower than lour weaPon" Firepouer

t.:: ,,::i:]]:?
The best thing to do under air attack is keep driving and lf riding in a vehicle is unsafe,
pray tht you don't get hit. Air attaclc are over so fast, t o r h e o u r s i d eo F a r a n k u n d e r 6 r e i s
and there is little extra safety to the rear, so drivers crry more dangerous
on Forwardonce rhe arrack is over.
lnfanrry o, Man-pd(ked Gun tearys riding on
a tank must tahe a 5+ Saue insteadaaf ibcir
Infantry or Gun Sau.ewhen hit, 7he PassengeTs.ttr
Armoured velicles like half-tracks just hope the aircraft
in Bulletproof Couer,s .no Firepower Tet il ryeidei
d o e t nr s c o r ea d i r e c r h i r !
Desnoy them. All :uruiuing Passcngerteams
Armoared Tiansport te/lmt roll sauesin tbe same way tltat Ditnount Undt:lt:e ad |he platqon it nqw
Armoured Tanb teams do. Hoiueuer, they automancally Doun (seepage104).
Remounr (seepage t02) immediarely when Bailed Oir
hy an Air Artarb,
If you Destroy an Armoured Tiansport team, eterl
Passenger carried b7 the liansport team must
?ass a 5+
Pasenger Saue or be Drtrojtett. An1 suruiuing Pasenger
teams immeiatelT Dzsmount Under Fire and the platoon
is now Pinned Down (seepage 104).

One ofthe last places you want to be under air attack is
crammed in a vehicle, hoping a bomb doesn't hit you.
On the other hand, ifyou survive, the danger is gone
and you may as well cury on as go back.
\Yhen you hit an Unarmoured Tansport team (ubether
0r not Jou D5tyol it), eueryt Passenger carried b|t the
Transport tedm must pas a 5+ Pasenger Saue or be
Datroyed. If al/ of the Pasengers in a Transport team
are Destroyed but the uhicle is not, the Tantport team is
Sent to the Rear immediatefu. 7heplatoon is nou Pinned
Donn (seepage 104).
Suruiuing Unarmoured Transport teams sti/l carr4ing
Paxengers remain on tabb aJler an air attack, euen if
other Tiansport teams in the platoon were Destroyed.

l f r h e i r v e h i c l ei s d e s c r o y e dr.h e s u r v i v i n gp a s s e n g e rgse L
out and hit the dirt as ft as possible.
lf its transp7n i, Desrrol,ed or remoued as a resulr of air
attack, dnJ suruiuing Passenger tellms must immediately
Dismount, moting no closer to the sltooting teams as it
does so.
If necesary, Transport teams (other than \Yrecks of
Armoured TTansporttems) can be remouedfrst to create
spacefor tbe Pasengers to Dismount. If there is no room
for a Pasenger team to Dismount, then the Passenger
tcam is Desrroyed.

After they have made their attack, all ircrafr rturn to

base to rearm for the nexr srrike.
Remoue rhe Aireraf from the table afer ir has made
Air SupportLeueldetermines
Air SupportPool. Range In atomaticdlbt on a target in the open.
Priority Air Support giues 7 dice. Rollonceto Range In on a Coneea/cdnrgil ( wifhin 2 /5(ry
Limited Air Support giues 5 r/.ice. oftrees, Bocage, uoods, or Buildings, or in smohe).
Sporadic Air Supporr giues 3 dire.
Trset Tam'sShill Score Needed
Conscript 2+
Trained 3+
all ofthe dice in the Air Support Pool.
Aircrafi abort ifany friendly tedms uithin 1 6"/4)cm
Ground-attach Aircraf arriue on any roll of5+.
Each attemPt reduces Air Support Pool by one die 3 RoLL TO HIT
successful.roll for Numbcr ofAircraf receiued: Roll against Aircrafti To Hit rating.
Re-roll ifappropriate for the number ofAircraf.

Number of Aircrali Effect

Re-roll hits
2 No re-rolls
3 Re-ro// misses
may ,ol/ rhe dire in thcir Air Support Pool. Bombs and Rochets hit Top armour. Cannon and
Fighter Interception cancels Ground-attnc h Alrcrdrt Machine-guns hit Side armour. Opponent rolls a die and
on dryt roll of 6. adds tbeir armlur rating and compares the resub to tht
Each attempt reducesAir Support Pool b1 one die Anti-tanh rating:


^A.IRCRAFT Greater No efrct
an! enem! team at the tdrget, Equa/ Fircpowcr tett to Bail Out
AircraJi model uithin 4"/1)cm oftarget team Ley FirePouer test to Dastrql
otherwise Bail Out

Ro/l 5+ saucfor Unarmotued uehicles,axcept3+ saueJr

THE SHooTING STEP Wdrrior, Indpendcnt, and Reccetednts.
r all other shooting is completed: Roll 3+ saueJr Infantry tedmt.
Roll 5+ sauefor Gun teams, unless Gotte to Ground, then
3+ saue,
i-aircraJi weapoxs increase range by 8"/20cm uben
Ro/l Firepower Tesx to Destroy [nJantrl tedms, and Gun
at Aircrafi.
teams in Bu/letproof Couer.
Anti-aircrart weaponsroll a die to bit Jr eachROF:
an d Self- d efen ce An ti - a i rc raf weaponsonfi rol/ 5 MARK oR REMoVEDESTRoYEDTEAMS
ie Marb Datroyd Armoured uehiclesas \Vrecks.
Remoue other Destroyer/ teams.


Any hit on d pldtoon b1 air attack medns the pl/ltoln L
Pinned Down.

Firepower Test to Destroy Aircrafi tbat were hit. Add 7 AIRCRAFTRETURNTO BSETO REARM
to rhe Firepowerifthe airlaft are FlyingTanks. Sbow'souet the A the


inch rioiini3ian scuts, hree-

cavalry man-packed and tank-mounted fame-throwers' tmk escort infantry and even
trains. Each of these fills a niche tht no other troops cm.

C a v a l r y. ...... 202
Reconnaissance Pltoons. , ..... 193 Advmce at the Gallop. . . ..,, . . 202
CautiousMovement .... ...... 193 ShootingomHorseback. .,... 2O2
R e v e a l i n g A m b u s h e s. . , . ...,,. 193 C a v a l r y C m n o t T a kCe o v e r. . , . . . . . . . . . 2O3
R e c o n n a i s s a n cDee p l o y m e n t . , , . . . ...... 193 CavalryandBuildings.. ....... 203
Disengage! .......,.. 194 C a v a h yC a n n o t A s s a u l t n k s , . . , . . . . . . 2 0 3
EvesmdEars. .....,.195 RideThemDown ,.,.203
DismomtingCavalry..,. ..... 2O4
MotorrycleReconnaissance. .... 196 RemountingCavalry....,.,... 2O4
DismountingMotorcycles. ..... 196 ArmouredTrains...,..,,,,....,,2O5
RemountingMotorcycles ...,,. 197 PlacingRailwaylines.., ....., 206
A r m o u r e d T i a iDn eployment,,......... 206
..... f99 ArmouredTrainMovement. ...,207
TnkFlme-throwers...... .... 199 Shooting with Armoured Trains . . . . . . . . . 210
InfmtryFlame-throwers. ...... 199 S h o o t i n g a t A r m o u r e d T r a i. n. ,s, , . . . . . . 2 1 1
A r m o u r e d T r a i ni ns A s s a u l t s... . . , . , . . . . 212
DemolishingRailwaylines,... 212
EsrtsuenotTems. .,..200

According to m old rmy 'Time
srying, spent on reconnaissmce is seldom wted'.
ignore this hud-lernt lesson ar their own peril. with inadequate reconnaismce my force, no
matter how powerfrrl, is nrlnerable to a surprise attack from a better informed enemy.

The purpose of reconnaissmce units is reconnaissance Well before the start of any battle the rrcce troops
u d e v e r y s o l d i e r i n r h e p l a r o o n i . r r a i n e d i n L h ea r r o f working their way fomard, searching out the enem;r
stealth and observarion.
Afer all Deplolment, bur before rbe game begins
All teams in a ReconnaissancePlatoon are Recceteams. speciJed in the mission), Recce teams Deploled on
table may moue as rf it was t/teir Mouement Step wirh
fol low i ng rest ri cri on, :
Reconnaissancejeepsand motorcycles are small and their
. Ifa Recceteam is out af.Line ofsight ofan
crews are trained ro move stealthily and take cover.
team, it mal not m|ue into Line of Sight whlle lt
IJnarmoured Recce uehiclessaue on /1 ro/l of3+ instead within 16"/40e m olrhe rcam.
ofthe usual 5+.
. If it is alreay in Line of Sight of an enem;y tean
within 16"/10m, it may not moue closer to it while
Cluuous MoVEMENT still in Line ofSight.
Recce troops are trained to make the best use of any t In an1 c4se,the Reccetedm ma! not moue
concealment, even lvhen on the move.
8"/20cm of any enem)tteam,whetber in Line of
Recceand Obseruer teams dre always Gone to Ground, or not.
unles they moue At the Double, carry Pasengers that are
Ignore enemy Indepenent and Warrior teams
not Recceteams, shoot, or asauh.

One of the main roles of reconnaissance troops in an is carrying Pasengers tltat /1re not Rcce teams, it may noi
advance is to ensure that the enemy doesni spring any make a ReconnaissanceDeployment Moue at all.
nasry surprises on rhe main body ofthe force.
Ifboth players ltaue Recce teams, tbey ahernate selecting
In addition to the normal restrictions on Ambush place- platoon aith Recceteams and doing their Reconnai
ment (seePage 266), teamsplaced from Ambush must be Deployment Moues with that platoon. The mission
more tban 8"/20cm from all eneml Reccetellms that are scenario will say which player selects a platoon
in Line ofSight (apartfrlm Recce teams that are Bogged
Down, Bailed Ou4 or moued At the Double).

.. .:i
Recce troops are far too fast on their feet to be much
:cce troops are often lightly armed and armoured,
bothered by slow-firing rillemen or ponderous big guns.
they are armoured at alll Yet the nature of their job
til&ren Weaponsthat only one shot (either becausethel haue
that they operate close to the enemy.
recce troops use their speed and training to ROF I or becausethey moued) do notfre before the Recce
incoming fire before serious damage is done. tedms dttempt to Disengage. Thej must wait and fre at
rhc teams in theirfnal posirion.
tcams rudJ art(mPI to Disengage when fred on in
enemlt Shaoting Step as long as they did not moue
the Double, shoot, an Artillerl, Bombardment or
Rec troops might be eluive but they rnt avoid every
nti-aircraf Fie, or assauh in their preuioas turn
fight, especiallyifoverrm by a concerted enemy advance.
*ish d Recce team to Disengage, you must declare
A pktoon ma1 only llttempt to Disengage once in any
intention to d0 t0 at the point an enemY platoon
Sbooting Step. A platoon does not haue to attempt t0
but before any dice are rolled Tb Hit. If yu do so,
Disengage from the frst enemlt p/atoon that shoots at
ach team shooting at the p/atoon then fres one shot dt
it. Instead it may tahe fre from one platoon and then
platoon in its current position.
Disengagefrom another later iJ you want.
resoluingthe efects ofthese shots, tbe Recce team has
clldnce to get duay. Make a Sblll Tlst for the platoon to REORGANISINC
if thel can escape before the ful! wei.ght of the enemy's Recce troops need a little time to get their bearings,
hits them. check and report on any damage sustained, regain for-
[f successfuLany or all Recceteams in the platoon tbat mation and receive new orders after disengaging.
dre nlt Bogged Doun or Bailed Out may immediatef Recce teams that Disengaged must Reorganisa until the
Disengage and moue up tu rheir normal mouement end oftheir next turn. \Yhile Reorganising the! ma! nlt:
away from the enemy tedms shloting dt them. An! . Moue,
moaemnt they mahe mutt tdl?e them furtber from ' Dig In,
the shooting teams. Tbamscannot moueAt the Double
. Assault,
when disengaging. Any Recce tedms that choose not
to Disengage and all non-recce teams remain ahere . Conduct Ant-aircraf Fire, or
thel were. . Tizbean Objectiue.
Ifunsuccessful, the Recce teams do not Disengage and Rcorgdnising tdmi arc treated as if they moted in their
remain in their origlnnl position. Moueruent Step, reducing their ROF when shooting.
the Recce teams haue Disengaged, all remaining Other teams in the platoon that did nlt D^etrgdge
shots are at the platoon in its new position. If the continue to operate as normal.
whole platoon managed to get out ofRange, Line ofSight,
Field of Fire of the enem1, the remaining shots auto- Place a Reorganising marker with teams

mtss that Diseneaged to remind you ofrheir

status ln your tu{n.
On thc bartleilelds of \brld Y/ar lI, the art of canou- In the dark of night recce troops need to get closer in
llagc can render evcn the largest u'e:rpons :rlnost irvis, order to hnd rhe enemv-
ible. One ofthe most viral jobs ofrecce rroops is to seek A Reccetum ntt(mpting to Reuea/ an enem! p/dtoon dt
out eDem)r hiding places-t:rnks hiclden in haystacks or night cannot do so lJ'the nearest team Jiom tlte enemy
soldiers lving in long grass.C)nce these arc discovcrcd, platoon isJ:urthrr atuay than the distance tlte p/atoon can
rhe recce trooper lorvershis binoculars and reachesfirr seerc//ed on rhe Night \,'isibilit1 Tdble (seepage 272).
the r:rclio to tell the rest of the f'orce s'here to look.
A Raccetedm that did nat moue, dnd is uot Pinned Dotun,
Bogged Down, ar B/ed Out, Lnd! dtterupt to Reued/ att
enanJ /)ldtaon within 16"/10crn dnd Line oJ'Sight thar
ls Gont ta Ground.
hnntedlatefi bafore the rest of thtir pLatoon shoots,
ro// a Sbl// Tstfor each tum ttenptiug to Reueal trt
neml P/aT|ail.
. ( the Skill Ttst is ptssed, a// tuxu fron t/te Reuealed
eil(mJ plntoon in Line of Sight of tedrns Jiom the
Ret,ealing platoon da nat clunt as Gone to Orouud
Jr the rertainder aftLe Shooting Step.
, Otheruise, the tedm cottld not .find the enuny dnd
thry remdin Gone to (,round.
Each Reccetedm can dttem?t to Reueal a dffirent eruer4,
platoon. Dec/are ahich ercm! p/ttoon each tean wi//
dttempt to Reuea/ before rolling to seeiJ'it uas Rercaled.
A team thn attempts to Reuea/.an enem.y?l.atoon does lnt
count ds hduiilg shot, b cnnnot sholt, asnu/t, or Spot
/ ' t o t t A r r i / / t t ) B o m b . t , d n t t , rt h i i r r r , ' t .

lVhile recce troops are
clever :rnd observant, they 51ill
can't make a smoke screen go au,ay,
A Reccetaam using EJet and Ears on an enem1,platoon
does not preuent that enemy platoon from being both
Conrca/ed and Gone to Ground becauseit is seen through
Smok.eMarkers (seepage 107).

and jeep-momted infantry are ft-moving troops always in the forefront of the advmce. Their
is their greatest set they race fomrd, dismounting to occupy fomrd positions or to launch
on the enemy.

tE RECONN,AISSANCE team Dismounts it is replad with a normal RiJte/MG

team. Euen f they do not mouefurther, the Dismounted
quickly learn to use their speed and small
teams are considered to haue moued.
to survlYe.
\Yhen a Boged Down (seepage 44) Motorcycle Rccon'
sti// on their urhicles, Motorcycle Reconnaissance
naissance team Dismounttit immediately ceasesbeing
are Recce Tank teams. \Yhile Dismounted, thel
Bogged Down.
to be Rerce reams. Ifrhe plaroon was Reorganking,
continues to Reorganiseajler Dismounting. Motorcycle Reconnaissance teamt ma! only Dismount
ifyou haue appropriate Infanny and Man-packed Gun
teams for the dismounted soldiers to replace them with,
otherwise, the! musTst(t! on their uehicles.
scouts fight mounted against light opposi-
but when things gt tough, they dismount and STARTING DISMOUNTED
ish the fieht on foot, while the drivers take their Sometimes motorcyclists are called on to defend their
to the rear. gains, requiring them to start the fight dismounted.
platoln m4t Dismount all of its Motorcycle You may staft the game with al/ of the Motorcycle
:onnaissanceteams and Srnd their rchicles to tlte Rear Reconnaissanceteams in d platoon Dismounted by re-
the start of your Mouement SteP. If theJ do so, replace placing each team with tlte equiualent Infantry team.
?ach Motorclcle Reconnaissancetetlm with the equiualent They may Rewount later in the gdme as if thel had sent
[nfantry or Man-pacbed Gun team placed their uehicles to the rear.
untler the area couered by the Motorcycle
sance team at the staft of their mouemenL e.g.
a Motorcycle Reconnahsllnce Motorcycle RiJle/MG


" .Hl:l
MoToRcYctEs SoLoMoToRcYcLEs i
S o m c r r m i e s s e ( m o t o r c \ Ll e t r o p 5 a s t h c l o g i c a l s u c -
Once the enemy have been overcome, 1rcu may need to
cessorsof light horse-mounred infntry. Following this;
bring your motorcycles forward again ro conrinue rhe
mode1, thev give every soldier his own motorrycle. :
A platoon SomeMotorclc/e Reconndlssdncetedmsare Solo Motorclcle'.
that has Dismounted ix Motorcycle
reaas. 7he.yda 'tot hauc a dcdicnrcd driuer and :itnpll
Reconnaissancetedms md! bring them foruard again at
aba'u:lotrrhci, motorcyclr, whtn thcy Diitnounr,,o aral
the start ofyour Mouement Step prouided thdt no team
not Reruownt alier Dismounting. .
in the platoon is:
. within 16"/10cm of any enemy team uithin Llne of
Sight, unles Conrealed blt Tntin froru it, or
. uithin 4"/1)cm of an1, enem)t tedm, or
. uithin 8"/20cm of any enemy Recce tedm thdt h in
Line ofSight (apartfrom Reccetaams thdt are Bogged
Down, Bailed Out, or moued at the Double).
If they do so, replace eaclt Djsmouuted Motorrycle
Reconnaissanceteam ttith the equiua/ent uehic/r placd
sa thdt it coters the tdm it is replacing dt the stdrt of
their motement.
Once Remounted in this way, the Motorcyc/e Recou-
naissance teamt can rnoue as normal. If there is insufi-
cient spacefor a/l oft/te Motorcycle Reconnaissanceteams'
uehicles,tdke the normal. mouamentfor each tedm ds it is
placed, using your mouemel to maka anough space.
7he Motorc)tcle Reconnaissance tedmt are trdtd ns
mouing, euen tf they do no moue dfer Remounting, so
if a Motorrycle Reconnaissanceteam is p/aced in Rough
Terrain, it must tdbe a Bogittg Check uhether it mot,es
or not.
Motorcyc/e Reconnaissnnceteams that Remounted ma1
not shoot in the Shooting Step. They may houeuer moue
in either the Shooting or the Asault Step if they haue a
special rule such asAuanti or Stormoopers (seepage 24 1)
that allows them to do so.

work like fire hoses,only instead of water they spray burning fuel, They me terrifring weapons
face, md mmy men who are willing to risk a bullet will tun teil md run rather drm burn.

s a t u r a t er h e r a r g e la r e ai n { l a m i n g f u e l . ONE-USE
y don't need to see their targets. Thefll hit anyway Flame-throwers cant carry enough fuel for sustained
l o n g a s t h e o p e r a t o ri s c o m p e r e n r operations, so they get in, flme and get out again.
normal ueapons, a Flame-tbrower needs an un Teams uith Flame-throwers only carrl' enough fuel for
Shill Tsr to hiT the target one turn of shooting u,ith t/teir Fkme-tlJrouers.
Fu$,-armoured uehicles haue an! protection
Flame-throuers. If any other type of uehicle or
Stow DowN To FLAME
is hit, it is automaticall1 D*troyed, ercn if it is in A flame-thrower h a very limited range, so a llame-

Couer. rhrower rank h ro be rer; clo.e to its targetto starr

flaming. They can dash up to the target at speed, bur
Fu /[y-a rmo u red uehic le hit by a Flame+hrower does
must then stop or move very slowly to flame it. Once
tabe an Armour Saue. [nstead, tahe a Firepouer Test
firing, the smoke and flame of their own flame-thrower
the Flame-thrower.
hides the target naking it impossible to re other
[f it passu, then the uehicle is Bailed Out weaPons.
Otberuise, aside Jiom a littk coughing ft, the cretu A F/ame-throuer team cannot fre if the tean moued
are fne bat the Tank team and any Thnk Escortsit has more than 6"/l5cm this turn.
md! not conduct DeJensiueFire thh turn.
A uehiclefring a Flame-thrower may not;fire any other
ry hit by a Flame-thrower automdticdlbl Pins Doun type of ueapon at the sdme time.
whob target pktoon
ING ON THE MOVE No sane soldier would re a flae-thrower over fiiendly
arne-throwers drench their target in burning fuel, troops, spraying burning fuel all over them.
them s ccurate moving as stationarl
Flnme-throwers can neuer sltoot ouerfiendQ teams.
do not reduce their ROF when mouing.

1i:iiTilii:r.r,:.! :.:lii:::
Designed to break the deadlock of World \7ar One FTAME-THROWERS
trench wufare, flame-throwers re the perfefi wepon Back-pack flame-throwers corisist of i
for suppressing bunkers ,allowing your assault troops to h e a r y f u e l r a n k . a t a n k o f c o m p r e s s e da i r
c l o s ew i r h m d d e r r r o y r h e m . propel the fuel, and hose connecting the tanli
FJame-throwers are particu/drb efectiue against all types to a flame gun carried by the soldier. Inlmrry flame-
of Bunkeri (seepage 217). A hit lry a Flame-thrower uill Lhrowersonl; have luel lor a lew secondsofflame
auromarically pas rhe Firepower Test rc Pin Dawn a the opertor takes thir valuable weapon back to re
Nest or Pillbox and will Destroy a Nest with a successful f o r r h e n e x Lm i s s i o n .
Fircpower Tst,bur cannor Desnoy a Pillbox. lnfantry |-lane-throw(r t(ams are remoucdfon play
A Tarret Bunber hit by a Flame+hrower does not tabe t7on /1sthe! hne fred. They are not c7tmted ds
an Armour Saue. Instead, tahe a Firepouer Testfor tbe but no longer count aspart oftbe platoon.
. Ifit pases, then the Turret Bunker is Bailed Out SHOOTINGAS A RIFLETEAM
A flame-thrower operator is escoited by riflemen to
. Otherwise, the Bunker may not conduct Defensiue
them alive long enough to get close enough to Ilame.
Fire this turn.
An Infanrry Flame+hrower team may shoot and fght
a Rife team until it sho|ts its Flme-throuer.
Mounting flme-throwers in tanks gives them much
greater fuel capacity making them more effective, while
rhe armour ensures that the flame-thrower suruives long
enough to get close and do its terrible work.

Flame-thrower fuel, and the vapour left behind in the
tanks, is obviously extremely flammable. Unfortunately,
that means that when a fme-thrower tank is hit, it
tends to burn very
Re-rollfailed Firepower Testsuhen rolling to Bail Out or
Destroy a Flame-thrower tank.

Being full of volatile gass, empry {rel tanla are even
more explosive than full ones and flame-thrower tanks
are too valuable to waste on jusl one mission. Flarne-
tmks rarely hang around the battlefield after they fire.
You may remoue a Flame-throuer tanh from play at the
stdrt of lour Mouement Step once it has fred. Thel are
not counted as Datroyed, but no longer count as Parf of
the platoon.

I F r h e r h o u g h r o F a n e n e m y g u n p e n e r r a t i n gt h e m a n d
s e r r i n gt h e i r f u e l a l i g h t g i v e sa f l m e - t a n l i crew nighr-
m a r e s .t h e i d e a o f c l o s i n gw i r h i n l a n r r y e q u i p p e d w i r h
anti-tmk weapons is even worse. Only the red Army's
tankers ue brave enough to do so, and only because
they arerit brave enough to refuse the order to do sol
Flame-thrower tanhs mal not Charge intl Contdct dnd
must Breab Of rather than Counterattack if asaulted
eepage 165).
Souiet Flame-throuer tanhs are an exce?tion to this and
may Charge into C7ntact and Counterattd(k ds nomal,
ii:: ij:'

::: Tnks can be very vulneratrle to infantry at close quarters. Some armies attached infmtry to tmk platoons
close escorts. Their role is to keep enemy infmtry off the tanks and sist them in close-quarters fighting.
TANKEscoRTsARENoT TEAMS A Tanb tean uith Tdn/<Escorts tan shoot u)ith i n*th
The task ofescort infantrv is kccpine rhe tanks alire. lfsome
are killed, the others sprcird out to cover their charges. Ink Escorts shoot ds iJ thel d( sepltrnte tean: J)'ou
their Tank tearns dnd ma1, shoot dt d dlJrent pLttoon
7hnle Escorts drc not tenms irt thdr own right. They'are
an additioil to a lhnk teatt th giues it extra capabili- f)tru that u,hich rbeir Thnk tedn is engagitg. 7he7
:ltoot as the dppropriate type aflnfann.l tuam (so Scn,iet
ties. Tnk Escorts cannot be Destrol,ed whlle theit' tanle -lhnb
Ttnl<odesantnibi SMG Esnrtt thoot as tn SXIG
sut'uiuesand cannlt suruie tha los of their tdnle.
'Ibtb team). but alwdys lnue a ROF of I ruith rto pendlty for
A'lank team aith Eicorts cireLtot cnry tearut s
th( tdnks marrment.
Passengarsusing the Riding on Tnks rule on pdgt 17.
If dssdu/ting lilfdntr.)) teattr Sxedl< tip on d Taule te,nn

TANKEscoRTsSHooTING (seeptge l5-3) that has Ttnk [storts, the Ttnk ]:storts
can ttnduct DeJnsiucJ:ite. despite the ldnle tcdn Lcing
Infntrr. trained as tank escorts can shoor iiom rheir
unnb/c to DeJeusluef ira witL an1 of it:.)u)il u)et:?.)n!.
percheson rhe tank, providcd it moves'.

J-4 .'



..: ilr
cseortsare onlv flcsh and bloocl. E,noughfirepower
F,scorrirrlanrrr clon'riust protecr their tank. thei'actively
fiom thc dcfcnders rvill cause rhern to hrns back until
hunt our the enernt,rt closc qri,rrtcrstoo.
'lhuk 'lttth '[ Lhe tanks har.esofLcrecltirc cnernv up,
teams u,ith EscorrsRol/ Hit tt'ltl, irir
'lrnL lJ tl,c ntrl ttuubcr of hits.fion Dcfarsiut Firt is -fiue or
erLo]'tt ts ure/l ns th( tctn ixelJ',4iritt,! tLeut itt,0 'Jitttb
t)tojt', rut_t Lscorts ou A:strt/titrg Tiuth tetnts nay
Ro/k to Hit itt rtsstu/ts itt iltost cicum:tttLCJ.Euett tL,l:at
ttor Ro!l n Hit utril tl,t !/,tto0il Coilltfitrdckt.
the Thuk tearn is BoggeciDou,n or Bti/ed. Out, the Tdnl<
| . ; , ' , 1 5 4 1 ,' r t l l R n l / r u l l i l s 4 1 1 , . . 1 , 1 ' . , .
A hit f'otn d Tattk Escort canttot bc ,tl/ocated rt t uchic/e.
( only uehiclts tr( nunlLtbl( Ta illout the hit to, thet
igure thc hit.

One of the roles oi cscort inirntry is to clear cnemr. our
of buildings and other placesin:rccessiblero the ranks.
Asnu/ting tetns uith Thnh Lscor:st'an e/cct ,tot to
Charge into Coiltdct or to ltdlt it: Churee inta Cantdct
bafore enteng, crossing, or rut,ing ix llough lirraiu. If
tlte.ydo this, thal do rtor wed to ttthe d Roggirg ChtrhJr
tsaubing n Team iu Rough ferrdiu, but tlte.y can onll
Rall to Hir u,ith their'lltnb Escorts, not ulth thc Tdl)k
til1ns the escortsiTe 7il.

mounted evlry may seem m machronism in the age of tan*s md blitzkrieg, but they still have a role
las developed ue like the Ardennes md Rsssiat Pripyat Mshes where their mobility is far greater thm
-bound trucks.


speed of a avalry charge means that cavalry may Shooting from horseback is very dificult. Cavalrymen
r more ground in a shorter time . can fire at point-blank range with some effect, but at
platoon with Mounted Caualry teams ma)/ attemPt to longer ranges must halt to allow their light machine-
at thc Gallop at ilte start of the Shooting Srep guns to dismount temporarily to shoot.
ofshooting.Roll a 5ki/l Tst
for rheplatoon. Mountecl Caualrlt teams alwa1s shoot as if they moued but

lfthe test is sucressful,the Caualry teams in rhc planon may not sltoot at al/ un/es they remain stationary or the
may moue anotber 4"/1)cm, range k 4"/1)cm or /es.

Othera^e the ?ktoon cnnot moue this step. Man-packed Gun teams Mounted as Caualry cannot
shoot unti/ thel Dismount.
normdl rules dppb for thls mouement. Teamscannot
at thc Gallop iJ rhcy moued At rhe Double.
a platoon attempts t0 Aduanc dt the GalloP, Caualry Cavalrymen on their horses don't have the luxury of
ieams in the platoon mdy nlt shoot, or use other special hugging the ground when the shooting starts, so it is
that allow mouement instead of shooting, euen if it impossible for supporting troops to attempt to shoot
ils to make its Adudnce at the Gallop moue. It can still over them.
or usetlte StormtrooPert special rul (seepage 24 1)
Caualry teams shooting at uehiclcscdn shoot ouer Infantry
in the turn
tedms that did not moue. Tbams cannot shoot orcr
Mounted Caua/r1 un/essthe sltoqting tedms are 0n higher
groun and able to seeouer the cdua/rl.


CAVALRYCANNoT TAK CoVER Mounted Caualrl teams cannot Charge into C0ntdct
a team in a Building, and hits from Mounted
Soldiers mounted on a horses sit tall above the sur,
tdms cailnlt be allocated to teams in Buildings. If the
rounding terrain making it impossibie ro take cover
only teams auailable to allocate hits to are in Buildings,:
from enemy fire. If they intend to defend a position,
then ignore the hits
they dismount and send rheir horses ro safery {irst.
A/though Caualry teams are Infantry tedmt, the! cannot
be Conaled in the Open (seepage 89)
Cavalry have no way of hurting tanks. Sabres,
Mounted Caualry teams are nerer in Bulletproof Couer.
a n d g r e n a d e sj u s r w o n ' r d o a n y r h i n g .
Tbeycannot Dig In while Mounted. They must Dismount
and Send their horset to the Rear J;st. Caualry cannot use the Sneaking Up on Tanks rule.
A hitfrom a Caualry team cannot be allocated to a Fully;-
oN THRoUGH armoured Tanb team (seepage B) unlesi it /tas Paxengeri:
Cavalry cannot simply hit the dirt to avoid heary fire 7he hit cannot harm the Tanb team, but wi/l Destroj'
like infantry. Instead their best bet is to ride hard and Parengers. If only Fully-armoured Tan teams
fast through the fire. Passengersare auailable to allocate tbe hit to, then ignofi.
A platoon uith all of its Infantry teams Mounted as the hit.
Caualry re-rolk failed Motiuation T*s to Ra/17 Jrom
bcing Pinned Down. RIDETHEM DOWN
Breaking off when fighdng cavalry cm be r
CAVATRYND BUIIDINGS business. It's very hard to outrun a horsel
Cavalry dont fare well in toms. Even if you could InJntry and Gun teamt that Beab Odre Datroj,ed if ,
convince a horse to walk into a building, you couldnt end their Break Of mouement ulthln B"/20cm and in
ride it inside! They either have to dismount and ght on ofSight ofan asaulting Caualry team, unless they are:
foot, or simply avoid the buildings. . in a Building
Mounted Caualry teams cailnot enter a Building. They . in RoughTerrain,or
mutt Dismount f.rst and Send their horsesto the Rear.
. behind a Linur Obstaile

EVLRY start oJ trtetr lvlouement Jt(p that

no tuam in the platoon it:
ile they are modelled as being mounted on their
. within 16"/40cm of any enemy team uithin
cavalry operates mounted infantry They
t and dismount as the tactical situation demmds, Line ol Sighr. unles Concealed by Trrain lron
keeping their horses handy. is ofvital im-
to the individual cavalrymen, but is normal . nithin 4"/10cm of any enem! tedm, or
behaviour and of little concern to vou s rhe . wirhin B"/20cu olany enemy Rerce tcam that is in
commander. All that matters to you is that Line ofSight (apartfron Recce teams that are Bogged
r cavalry have their horss with them. For all pracd- Down, Bailed Out, or moued at the Double).
purposes they are still mounted.
If they do so, rep/ace each Dismoanted Caualry team
imes though, 1ou need to order your cavalry to with the equiualent Mounted Caualry team placed so
their horses to the rear ard fight on as infantry. that it couersthe tel1m it is replacing dt th stdrt oftheir
p/atoons ma1 Dismount and Send their horses
t/,e Rear ar the 'tan of you, Mouemenr Srp. lf rhty Once Remounted in this wd!, the Caualry tdms cdn
do so, replace each Caualry team aith the equiualent moue as normal. If there is insuficient spacefor all of the
mounted Infantry or Man-pached Gun team placed Caualr! teaml take the norma/ mouementfor each team
under the area couered b1 the Caualry team at as it is replaced, using your mouemeilt to make enouglt
*art of their mouemcnt, e.g. when a Caualry Rifle/MG spacefor the horses.
Di,mounts ir is rcp/aced with a normal lnfanr,y
The Caualrl tellms are treated ds mouing, euen tf thq, do
team. Euen f theJ do not moue further, the
not moue aJier Remounting.
tearus are considered to haue moued
Caualrl teams that Remountec/ ma1 not shoot in the
Caualry platoon may elect either to only Disrnount its
Shooting Step nor asaub in the Axauh Step. Thel ma1
packed Gun tedml or to Dismount al/ of its teams.
howeuer moue in cither step using specia/ rules suclt as
may not Di,mounr somcof its lnfanrry teamstnd lenur
Aduance at the Ga//op or Stormtroopers.
teams may only Disuount if',tou haue appr|priate
y and Man-packed Gun teamsfor the dismounted
ro rep/are them with, otherwi:e. thel musr ttal on

Cavalry are alwat s readi' to dismounr if rhe tacrical
calls for it
ma! start t/1egame uith all of the Caualr.y teams in
Plaloon Di:mounrcd by "apln;rt each ream with thc
ualent [nJntry team. They may Remount ]ater in the
as ifthey had sent their horsesto the redr.

aving chased o1Tthe enemy, cavalry dismount and set
a defensive position to stop arrv foilowinq attacks.
tedms md! L)ismount tlt the stdrt of theil
mouement as if this uns tbe Mouament
mouing up to 4"/1)cm as theJldo so. Caualrl teams
llnay not Remount zuhila Conso/idating

aving sent your cavalryt horses to the rear, there are
when you need rhcm brought lorward again,
as to pursue a defeared foe.
ualry p/aroons rhqt hnue Di:ryountrd nud \lcnt thrir
horses to tlte Rear may Bring the horsesForward again at

':l::i lr:*
..i.lii.i:.'ili' -

Despite seeming outdated, in a wtr dominated by tanks, armoured trains perforrned well in
Emope where roadi were few md poor, md distmces to be covered were imense,
Armoured trains cosr a lortune to build and operare. The Infantry Platoon o?erates as d seprlxft:pltuo;
and lhey havea set way of doing rhings ro muimire its oun Platoon Commantl team. Tieat he
effic.iency. Tiain and the Infant11.?laton as two sepdlate
The main oarts ofany ArnouretlTiainare the Locomotiue, *ihen calculating the nuber of platoons held in
niliery Cars. lnfanrry Cars land rhe Infanrry l'/atoons oi Reserue(seepages266 .and 268), but both arr
they carrl, and Supporting Titnk Platoons. togetheras a singleplntoonfrom Reserues.
The Locomotiue qnd each Car or Wagon in an Armoured
Train are separate Tank reams. with the wlto/e Armoured
Many armoured rains have supporting tanks
Train operating as a single platoon.
to them, mounted either on flat cars or on their
An Armoured Train must tl/uqts opffar( in the order railcars, These tmks can dismount in a matter of
shown in rhe lntclligcnrc Briefng. It rannot uncoup/e
minute or so to deal with attacks cin the train.
cdrs oy cbange their order, but it may trauel in either
Supporting Thnb Platoons oplrate lls sepdftzte
direction and may enter the table facing either direction.
uitlt their own Command teams. Tieat tbe Armou

CARS Tiain and the Supporting Tanh Pktoons as
platoons when calculating tl:e number of platoons
The main function of an armoured train is to provide
in Ambush or Reserues(ee pages 266 and 268), but
healy fire support for orher rroops using its ardllery
arriue together as a single Ttlatoon from Reserues.
cars. Jhese can range from cars mounting multiple
healy artillery pieces to tank-hunter cars mounring tank 7he tanks of Supporting Tank Platoons deploy euenll
turrets, and evel unarmed artillery stalfcars to improve each end ofthc train and moue with tfis,4y-our"7 V
the performance ofother artillery cars. as part ofit. They mayieaue the nain at the end of
Mouement Step, mouing up to an additional 4"/1
The Artillery Cars of an Armoured Tiain are diaided
in /1n! directiln. 7he tanhs may also kaue the trtlin
into Artillery Batteries, usually of one Artillerl Car per
Counterattacle iJ it is asaulted. In this case, simpf
battery, aithougb some haue nu/tiple cars in a battery.
the uehic/esfrom their current positions.
CARS Once the tanbs of a Sup?orting Thni.bPlatoon haue
Like the muines of a battleship, many armoured rains therrain, rhel ma1not rejoin it.
carry an inntry platoon in a specially-equipped assaulr
car for its own prorection and to clear obstacles from the
track. The infantry platoon travels safe under the thick
armour ofthe infantry caq only dismounting when they
are needed. ...
An Armoured Tiain with an Infantrl, Car always Deplo.ys
u,ith its Infanir:y Platoon as Pasengers in the Infantry
Car. 77e Infantry Car is a Tank team, but can Mount dnd
Dismount its Infantry Platoon as if it is a Tidnsport team.
It is not Sent to the Rear when the infantry Dismount
and operatesas a Thnk tenm for all other ?urposet.


Withour railwal. lines, there cln be no :rrrroured trains. A r m o u r e d t r a i n s c a n o n l ! ' n r o u e a l o n q r a i l r v a r . l i r e s ,s o
S i n ; r m o . r g . r n r i r r gt r h l . . J r r i L h r . < r r . ' e k . l . r i J r . a . l y thcir deplovment options ere usuallv r.ery lirnitecl.
for an arnourec{ rrain to use, r'e use the fllorving rules n Arrnourad lhin that ruotLld norrnalfi be Dcp/o.1vd.
to place the tracks befbre the garne begins, on tha trb/e is hdd $the ttble until the stat of iTsJirst
Iftbe ttbla hds becn sct up taith Rnihral Lines, use thesc Moucrnent Step, u,hen it rtour onto the tnb/e. In tl,e tuut
for tLe Artnaured Othertti:a, dt t/re stdrt oJ'tlre att Artnourcc/Trdin nu)L)$anto the tab/e, it dtL,tys mot,c:
gdne beJoreany Objectiuas or lortiJctttions tre p/actd ort Jr enougl, to bring the fltir( trnin dnd its Sup?orting
the table, the pla1ers p/acc d Rtilu,aJ, Liue u J//ows: Tnb Pldtooru onto the table.
1. T/:e p/a1,tr tuith ty'te Arntotn'ed Ti'ain cl.toasestu,o Arnoured'lntin uti/l marc on J)'om tha point trLcre
o??otite tdble tdg$. tlu Rai/ua1 Linc u'os:esthe p/ayeri Dep/alrneut Aret, or
'lhc if it does not c/oso, nt tLe ?aint tl)e Rni/uay Lirte lo:sc; t
.2. opposirtgplayer pichs a poirtt on otte oJ'tl,e cho:en
table edg*. table edge tlot:t ro tfu plny?r's I)eploltnent Aru.

lhe Armoured Tiuiu p/a1,er litkr d Point ail thc Arnoured'lrains cannot he he/d in Anbush (:cc
oppasite table edge. p4e 266), the.ytrt sinply roo big and obuious, bur thq,

.1. 'Ihe Anuourcd lidhplrtler ntry be ht:ld iu Res(rue:(:r:cpdgc 268).

tLan plttces a Rd.ilwaj, Lint
running in t strdight /ina bcttreen t/tesetwo points.
I/te line cuts through woods,Jtelds, dud othcr.fldt ground.
'Riuers The kc-v to the successoi lrrloured trair)s is their op-
or straants are ttssutnadto ba crossadwith n/uerts
or hridges. An1 bnildings in tha utt1, sbould bc rnoxed erational rnobilio'.'Iher. c,rn move r:rpidlv to trouble
'Ihe spots ancl delivcr elective support rvhen Lhev arrive. [n
asida h1, rfig minimum r/istattca nccessrtrl. Rdi/tto1
Line i: r/iuerted b1 tbe mi.uitwrnt distancc uecessaryto a countrv rvith it nroclern ro:rds,this is essenri:rl.

go dround hllls (euan gantle gradients tre droidcd bJ, Arrnourerl liujtr tLtn anly noue on Rai/u,a1 l,ints. If
Rallway Lines. tbc Locottotiue is not Bogged [)onn, Bailed Out, or

If both platers hn,e Arnoure d'litirts. both pldca Rdiltttry l)astroyd. in rmaured T;11i/ more u]) to I6"/10tm

Lines, sttrting with the dtntching p/a1er. EtcL pld1eri foruttd or bukurtd along tha Rdilud1 Line cach tunt.

Arnourcd Tinin tnust rentdin an it: ou,n trtck.

:ie c=:+i:*-*;i.





ARMaUREDlRAiNs ./N aNLf ilV cN RAiLil,/y LINs. AN AR,1^OI-]RED



L i k e a b a t t l e s h i pa r s c r 1 , : l n : r r n o u r e d r r a i n i s n c l e r A tr:rin can push asidc rhe l,reck ofany tanli, no ntatter .
brokel into cemponent parrs. [,ither the rvhole train is lrou big o h.r' r.
hghling, or it is not. Moue arry u,rack on tLe Rdilutal Linc b1 tht ynd//tt:
IJ trt.y put oJ au Arnouret/ Train /ett,cs tbe table, thc dittnnLe ,etcttdr! Jr the Arrnot.tred Trtin to past. :
u,ho/c Annouret/ Tiuirt is cotsidcrct/ to hn,c /eft tLe ntble
rttd cinnot retLtru.

9?pcRtN3ANKPLAlooNs,144v ,r4cv6AN


*4'o'Bi A<,lrcirRrrRAr\s IRE
.__tr \ a 1 N t 5 R 5 \i e N ' l l
-.A\s.e tR.:<-1.
+ rE:\ .

,-* *=
u.. : ': i+.:: " . ,
.- :.

.1di lita ENt,rf) iE4,ri13 ANi tipEaKS

!t:s#*$ -;---.,-::r;:--.:-;-:::,:-:-,:. -:]:: r:;r:.:r:.-!--:;;-.;;:- '-!;:{i.*rr;r+*,-...--;J"

M o V I N G T H R o U G H O T H E RT E A M 5
irrtclrpts ro block rhcir ()i Lorifsc. fhr\'rrc.r otl,(,to;tit i: ;not.'Ll t:itlc b.1tl,c uppo:ltt,1 7'1,1.1,
l i t t l ! - r n o r c rc l u c r r r n f( r r r n r r f r i r n r l l r r r n k l
tttllttiit3 jt.; Ltt;iLttt-lricitt{.
lttotrttrl littit:;it,t,,,tt u t o i t , t l , r o t t , < 1 , - l ) . i c l t l l . tt,L , t i t t : .
, 1 t t 1 , . fi)L t t l l l , r t t : t t o ; t T l t r t r , t L I t t i t i r i ; t t o , t , t i l : l , L t ; i t , ' l : t
htfrt rl,t titiii,tiit lti)\.

1.,6 ':- .-,.:;:.-

'!1 *-

is nor,herc for ranks to clrivc rhrouqh:rl:rlnourrd
tr.rin. ancl intanrrr are not firolish cnough to move
between the n,agons,riskinq gettinq crushcd if thc rr:rin
shoulcl tn,rve-
Tcdrns ctnnot notc through ut Arinouret/ fi'aitt uulc:s
tha Locoruotiuc ln: been Destroyad. Outt the Lotottotiua
is I)cstro_yad,it ntd othcr Destrol,alt ttrs in the trtirt
bttotte Wr.1,Dtfrcult (hing. Arruoured Tr,ziu: cttnnot
rnat,e throu.qh otlttr Artnourct/ l)tlu:, ct,crt u,heu tLe
otber Arruouretl Ti'din is Destrot,ed.

!t: W
. r. , :i:
Some trains use the infantry platoon to crerv the
By comparison with a tank moving across counrry, a
nachine-guns. \While this sves on mnpowel it does
train provides a relatively smooth ride.
'ArmouredTrainsdo mean that the train can't re its machine-guns once the
not sufer an1penahl,for shooting
infntry dismounr.
on the! retain theirfull ROF uhen shooting
qhile mouing.Each wedpln on an Armoured Train can Each Passenger-Jired Tidin MG requires an lxfantry or
Man-packed Gun team Mounted in an Infantry Car to
dt a dierent target fom the |ther uedpons.
frc it. Ihe team does not neetl to be in the same Infantrl
Alrnost all guns (aside fom machine-guns) on an
Car as the Train MG, and eaclt team can Jire an1 fiain
fiain are mounted in Dech Turrets (see
MG in the train (although only one 1J'ain MG per tearu
1 13). As such, their Field ofFire is restricted by the
at anl oile trme).
suPerstructare and other turrets of the Artil/ery Car thel
are mounted on, and possibly by other cars in the train ARTILLERY BOMBARDMENTS FROM TRAINS
The predictable movement of a train allows it to fire a
bombardment on the move. The huge stocks of rcady
train's machine-guns are usually crewed by separate
ammunition ailow it to do so at a ve11'high tate of fire.
m a c h i n e - g u ns e c r i o n ' .l e a v i n gr h e g u n c r e w r F r e et o 6 r e
Armoured Il'ains cdn Jirc Artillerl BombardmerLts while
owl gurN.
mouing. When an Armoured Train fre: an Artillerl
The cars of an Armoured Tiain fre all of their Iain
Bombanlment, count eacL wedpon fring as two
G's at ROF 2, ercn ahen other ueapons are fring,
uedpoils fring.
when other weapons are fring an Artillerl
A// of the Arti/lery Batteries in an Annoured Train cdn
combine to Jire a single bombardment instead oJ /iring as
7he Field of Fire of a Tiain MG mounted on the side
'of sePardtebatteries.
a car includes euerything to the side of a line drawn
the side of the car. 7he Field of Fire of a Ti'ain MG
mounted on the end ofa ,a, ine/ude' eueryrl,ingto tL,
ofa line drazun alos the end ofthe car
No onc is going to risk taking a shot
Arnoured trains are remarkably tough unless hit wirh
that might hit their own train, but the
heav,v-calibreguns. Even if the locomotive is disabled
enem1. doesn't care
irnd the train halted. the gun cars n'ii1 still lieht on. -"
ln tl,e ,au,c tt,tl rl,tt teamsrn,tuot shootthrnugh
Arruoured Trdins are shot t iil the stme wry ts dnl
any otlter 4,pe of lriendly team, Friendly Teams
pldtoon oftanbs. ('rt car is Destrqted, it ceasesto fttnction
ctnuot s/toot through an Armoured Train.
along with a/l o.f its uedPoill but does not otLeruise
htnder tlse train. Tbe Armoured'liain rnoues utitb tl:e Enemy teams can shoot through an Armoured'Iiain, but
Destroyed cdr stil/ in place. teant, n! lea't hall oLscuredby rhe Artoured lrain tin-
clurling Destroyed tars) are Concett/ed.
-ffhile some gunncrs just shoot at whatever part of the

tr:lin they are looking at, smart gunners pick out the
most dangerous c:rrs:rnd target them first.
7ha Gun Thnk ruk (seepage 96) can be ttsed ta diitin-
guish betuteendiffirent tJpes oJ'car and the Locomotiue.

one part of the train that is trulv critical is the loco-
notive. \(/ithout it, nothing moves!
If the Locomotiue is Boggad Doun, Bailtd Out. or
Destroyed, the Armaured'll'tit cannot mote.
If tLe Locomotiue cin stil/ mouc rL,hen thc rtnoured
Ttuin fails a Platoon Morale Cbeck, the whole Armourecl
Tialn is remorcdJtom the tdble as it steatnso.f, drdgging
it: wrcchad cars uith it. I.f it cnnnot moue, the u,hole
ArtnouredTiuin b Destrol,ei ia placa if itfaik a Platoon
Morab Check.

'rii,:,. '
An.uounrp TRAINSIN AssAUtTs Any lnJntr1 Platoon or Supparting Thnk Platoon is t
sepdratcplatoott Ji'orn the Arnoutd 7min. If thc Jnfdnt.1,
Armoured trains are clifculr to assaultrvith mrchine-
Pldtoon is still wountarl ir thc InJantry Ctr u,hen tl.,e
guns bristiing lrom every apcrrure. lhese f:rrsomc
InJantry Car ls l)estrc1,edin an tsstrtlt, tLe uhole lnJtntr.y
beasts are not rvorried bv nere infntrymcn and can 'li
Pldtoon u,i// ba Dasn'oyd. Infirtry ttnl Supporting nL
ignore them at rvill.
I)/rttoons cnt [)isntount to (.out1terdtttu'h lJ tltcl tre
Armouretl T)zins cdntLot Charge into Clntdct tild (to not
moue u h en Counte rd ttd ck it g.
If any part oJ't:, .i;tnoartd lnin i: asdulted, dn.ypdrt
ofthe train uithin 16"/40cm oftn Araultirtg teant cdn
Defe nsiue Fire at tedms ry to 16"/40cn du,al.
If tlte Lot:onotiut can sti/l mot,e when an Armoure d 7i'nin
Bredb: O./JJrow an ustult, thc trniz may ntoue through
or patt dil.y eileml tedrts u,ithaut bindrante, and thc
train doesnat need to be more than 1"/l)crrt.from eneru1,
tearu: Jr the asnu/t to end. If the [.ocontotite uutnot
rtoue uhen tlte trdin Branl<s Ofl, dn.t-ptt oJ' the tain
ulthin "1"/1)cru of tbe As:nubing Pktoon is cd?tucd
and Dcstroyed.

RaihvaYlines are renarkablv harc:L ro dcsrror,.especiallr' On/y tht I.oLorto/irc ttettls n rtl:r, r Boq (:l,Ltl? u,lrcn
as thc train carriessparc rails :urd rvooclensiccpcrsor ties tro::ln3 rhutrgcr/ Rtilun.t' Littt:. bu it docs:o uhtuurr
to allon'irs track repir team to repair minor c1:rmage. tltr tuiu rtttlts tl)(.|n1)/ngd t4'tjo)1,0i iJ'tltefizin lttr^
Ihe only ua1 to dtntgc a Railu,al [.inc dtu.irrl a gdruc thr turr stntdrlliug t durt,rgetl :ctrion oJ'Railua.y Linc.
is Jr a Pionecr tctw to pLdre cltt.rgt: on tlr trtch:. Ihq1, ( a trtin Bogr [.)otlu, ott/.1,tltt Loconotiuc is con:ir/crcd
do this in the same Lut.1,tl,at tl,c.yGd.p tn Obsnclc (stt Boggu/ Dou'rt.
pagc 225). IJ'the1, srlccced, the section oJ Rdi/ruay Linc
adjncent to the tenw becones Drfin/t Going to trdins.

rireiid ;i;;;,'; !;il'r;; ;i;;";;;;; t""l;i", t'-a j". oranti-tank
ue o&en the only thing that cm halt the bold strokes of a Blitzkrieg advmce. 'Vhen combined with
wetts ofbarbed wire and carefully networked trenches they sway the tides ofwu in favour ofthe defender.
defeat such meures pioneers creep fomud, mder the cover of immense artillery bombudments, determined
open a path for the soldiers behind them. Once the way is cler the troops leading the sault dash through the
seeking to smash a hole in the enemy defelces, opening the way once more for sweeping adruces

tifiations. ..,.......214 BbedVireEntmglements. ...... 227

FortifiedDefences...,., ......214 StreetBarricades ,,......228
Entrenchments. ,.,,.,,,215 GappingStreetBricades. ..... 228
' Tienchl-ins ........215 Minefields. ....229
GunPits. .,....,,...216 GappingMinefields..... ...... 229
Tnkpits ,..,.. ..,., 216
BoobyTraps ........... 230
PlacingBoobyTraps.... ...... 230
ShootingwithBmkers.. ...,.. 218 TiippingBoobyTraps... ...... 23O
ShootingatBunkers.,... ...,. 219 GappingBoobyTraps.. . ..... 23O
fusaultingBunkers.,.... ..... 221
. ..... 222 Anti-tankObstacles.... .........231
F i r i n g S m o k ea t B u n k e r s .
G a p p i n g A n t i - t m kO b s t a c l e. s. . . . . . . . . . 231
....... 223
DemolitionCariers. ,,..232
C r o s s i n g O b s t a c l.e. .s. . ...... 223
fusaultingAcrossOtrstacles .... 224 C o n t r o l l i n g T e a m.s. ,. . . . .,... 232
BorgwdBIV .......232
Obstacls ....., 225
Goliath. ......r. ....232
InfmtrymdPioneers... ...... 225 Switchto RemoteControl .. .. . . 233
Bulldozers ........., 226
226 Bunkersmd Fortifiations Summary .... . . . 234
Mine Flailsmd Rollers. . . .....
AssaultBridges ,...., 226

u e t h r e e m a i n q p e s o f o r r i l i . a r i o r r . :Entrench- All of them har-e the ellect of liniting the enemrls

nts, Bunkers, and Obstacles. mobilitr', and hopefully, channelling them into the
killing zones of vour weapons. Thev can be Barbed
MENTS Barricades, Minefields, Booby Tiaps, and Anti-
renchments are trench lines and gun pits of the type tank Obstacles.
associaredu ith World War One . They can be Trench
Gun Pits, and Tank Pits. FoRTIFIEDDEFENCES
Fortifications are deployed as either Area Defences or as
part of Fortified Platoons (seepage 262).
are heavily protected positions for machine
and anti-tank guns. They muimise the efective-
of the limited number of weapons available to the
Area defnces are fbrtifications (usually obstacles) used
e by making them very difficult to knock out,
to create a continuous barrier across the barrleiield.
specially at long range. They can be Pillboxes, Nests,
slowing down and channelling the enemls advance.
o r Turre ts.

Fortilied platoons occupy strongpoints. These heavih
are barriert lo movemenl. They can be
forrified positions are di{ficulr to overrun, and doninate
barriers like srreet barricades and anti-tank
the ground around them with fire.
,ditches, or more sophisticated and dangerous obstacles
like minefields.
Given rime, troops connect their foxholes into a con- out of, or across tltem, but cnn moue Ar the
tinuous trench line, allorving them to move about their Double along Tiench Lines. Caualrl cannot
position saf fron enemv rc. Meanu'hile the gunners enter Tiench Lines.
dig pits for their guns to get then below ground along Tienclt Lines are Slou Goingfor Fully-tracked uehicles,
rvith the crew. Even tankers denied rheir mobility and Dfficuh Goingfor I'{a/f-tacketl uehicles
and ImpassabIe':
ordered to fight as bunkers drive their tanks into pits so to al/ otber uehic/esattd Gun teaus.
only the turrets are visible.
Thereare three basic typesofEntrenchments; ASSAULTING ENTRENCHMENTS
. Infantry assaulting other infantry in a trench will jump.:
Trench Lines,
into the trench and fight them there. A tank cant get,
. Gun Plts, and
into a trench, bur that doesni stop it from getting at
. '[bnk Pits.
the troops inside. The tank can use its tracks to try
Lines are Wor/d War [-style *enches designeclbotlt and collap'e rhe rrench on rop of rhem. or simpll'
asJring positions and as protected mor(ment routes. Gun park across the trench and machine-gun along it while
Pits are protected positians for macbine-guns, iilti-tdnk the commander tosses a few hand grenades in for
guns, and artillul. Thn/ePits are protected fghting posi- good mea.rrre.
tions for tanhs, mdking them into improuised bunl<ers. An! tetm that can crossan Entrenchment can assauh.
Entrencbments are not Ieatures. rroop, in tl'e l-tttr, cchmcqt.

Trenches have to be narrow to protect their occupalts
lrerrche. mav \eenr obroietc in thc ag< of blitukrieg
lron artillery re, so they do not prove much of an
and mechanised warfare, but they still have their place.
obsracleto tanks or troops on foot.
Against opposition lacking in tanks, thel-are as effective
Entrenchments are Slow Gaing. IJ'the1,dvs potlsirrrS;n a ' e r c r . u l r i l s r g a i r r s rr n o b i l e l o r c e r .t h e y a l l o u i n l a n t r ; '
Rough 7rrain, teams need to tabe Bogging Checksfor the l I n d n o e u v ru
c n d c rt o r . t .
terrain around tbetn as usual.
Trenrh Lines come in B"/20cm laugsections. Thesecan be
Infantry and Mnn-packed Gun teanu are not hindered broben up ittto vniller stctiots to mdke it easier to build
by Entranchments, but cannot moue At the Double into,
1ou, trcnch ,1,r, 'n drount/ rhe rerrain.
7nms entirely within Tiench Lines are Concealed and
in Bulletproof Couer. Because Tiencb Lines are dug in a
zigng pattern, tlte Concea/ment and Bulletproof Couer
euen applies uhen shot /1t b)i trooPs in tbe same
oJ'Trench Line. Ti,oopsspending their entire turn in a
Trench Line wlthout shooting are Gane to Ground in the
opponentl next turn, euen iJ tltey moud.
j temrs truA TRNCHL]NE.AP.
,/eN lF MOVE.


TRaa cAN MavE aurcKLy ANDsAFELy AL,N6 TReN&t LtNEs (EVEN,rHEr AAvtNGfi THe.

While lbxholes provide prorccrion for rhc gun crc\\.,
thev do nothing to hi<lethc huge mass oftheir weapon.
Digging a gun pit allorvsthem ro lou,er thc gunlsprohlc,
making it much easierto concc:rl.
Gun Pits are node/led as a raisu/ parapet dround a Gun
team. Once p/aced in a (kn Pit, a ()un tetnt ctnnot
moue or rotnte, and is not Rotdted t0 Jace lts tdrget
uhen shooting. Guu Pits prouide the oct'uptnts tuitlt
Concealm ent an d B u lletp rooJ C ot er.

A tank pit involves cligging a big hole and drivins a tank
into it so that it is'irull down', dcep enough thar onlv
the turrer is visibLe.
A'lhnk team in a lbnk Pit tannot moue or rotntc tlteir
hu]/, but mal rotdte their turrets ls nornal. C)xh, shg
turret mdtters when detennining tbe tdnle'sJcittg Jr
deciding wbether shots hit tbe.front or sidc drnour, and
all shots hit thc tuffet. A Tnk team iu d TanL Pit is
Concealed, so it can beneJitftom ()oing to Cround.
in Thnb Pits cannot shoot huLL-nounted ued.pons,
s0 a turrtless tank cannot beplaced in a Thnh Pit.

" ",,
Bunkers maximise the effectivenessofthe limited number DEFITADE
of weapons available to the defnce by making them Bunkers are ofien placed in defilade so that
very dificult to knock out, especiallv at long range. the enemy can't engage them until they are in
There are three basic ,tpes of bunleer: r h e h u n k c r ' s l i l l i n g z o n c . i r h c n a r r r r a lr e r r a i n
. Nests, provide a de{ilade psition, concrere walls cn be cn
. s r r u c r e di n \ l e d d .
?illboxes, and
. Some Bunkers are modelled with Deflade Walls.
are not part ofthe Bunber Theyare Impassable and
Nests dre rooJd foxholes 0r well-protected
fghting pits. Line oJ Sight, ?reuenting the enemy
Thel prouide gooct protection, but are uulnerab/e to fom eilglging
Bunber from t/tat direction.
accurate c/ose-rangefre.
Pillboxes are much more substantial conttructions in concrete M O V I N G P A S TB U N K E R S
and xeel. Gunfre wi/l not harm them and on$ closeaxault A concretebunkerwill defeaieventank tracks,and
or d huge bunlcer-bustinggun can knock tbem out. d r i v i n go r c rJ m . r L l r i n e - gnuen' ri s r i s k 1 .
Turrets are made by mounting a redundant tdn/? turret Friendly and enemy teamsface the sante /imitation:
on an underground bureber containing ammunition and mluing nedr or pmt a Buner as they would if it were
accommodation Jr the creu. lhey combine the uehicle (seepnge 38). Tams can neuer be placed or en
ofa tank with the defensiue strength ofa bunker. thir mouement oil top ofa Bunber
rX/bere the rules refer Bunkers (whether intact or Destroyed) are Slow Going.
to Bun/<ers, they couer a// Nasts,
?illboxei dnd Turrets. tbey are in Rough Terrain, teams need to tahe any Bogt
Bunkers are not Terrain Features. CheckJr thdt terrain when croxing the Bunher
Bunkers are Impasable to all uehicles other than
TEAMS tracleerl and Half-trackid uehicles, and to Gun
Bunkers are designed to fight on, even if the enemy sur- other thdn Man-packed Gun teams.
rounds or bypassesthern.
Bunkers are Inrlependent teams, but can neuerfoix arher TAKING CoVER BEHIND A BUNKER
pbroont or l2s/6;na/ by \Yra,riorream,. A big blo.k ol Loncrete is a good thing ro lride belrind
when someonc is shooting at you, and unlike a tank, it
SKILL AND MOTIVATION TESTS won't drive olf leavins vou strancled.
A bunker's crew are safr inside than running awa1.,so Bunbers (whether intdct or [)ettq)ed) btoch Line of
they tend ro fight to the end. On the other hand, they through than and prouide Concealmertt
for teams bt
are manned by second-line troops lacking in combat them in the sam( w4, as buildings or ualls.
experience, making them less prdficient in conbat.
A Bunker automatica//1, paset ill Mltiuatiou Tstsit i:
required to take. Ifa Bunleer nee& to tabe a Sleil/ 7st, it
doessa as Tiained, succeedingon a 1+.


Keeping a bunker under fire so rhat assault teams can
ger up and knock it out is a good idea. One problem is
that the crer are well protected, and they know ir. The
instant the fire ceases,they are back into crion again.
Unlike other Independent teams, Bunkers clo not
automaticalb cease to be Pinned Down at the end
of a Step Instead, wlten Pinned Down, thE rewain
Pinned Doun until their next Starting Step, when they
/lutomaticallJ Ralll.
Vhen Bailed OuL Turret bunkers also automaticalll
Remount in their next Starting Step.



liNe BUNKERS iffi ;ffii'ii. iii'iM'sui.'kEni

The walls of bunkers are so thick that only fire ar the
from being unusually well protected, weapons in
firing slits can have an effect.
ope rate the sme way as normal guns.
Drazu Line ofSight and measure Range to andfrom an1
nkers use the normal shooting and artillery bombard'
part of a Nest an all-round Field of Fire. Draw Line
of Sight and measure Range to antl from the Firing SIit
of other Nests.
n most bunkers the weapons have firing slits that allow Draw Line ofSight and measure Range to andfrom an1
ihem to shoor out. Quite often the side facing the Firing Slit ofa Pillbox.
h a . n o f i r i n g s l i t s . o r . i n g L h ee n e m l t o e r r t e ra Drau Line of Sight and measureRange to and from any
ng zone to deal with them part of the turret of n Ttrret Bunleer, ignoring the base
either haue an all-round Field of Fire or a dnd concrete mounting.
t9}-degree Field of Fire fom each Firing Slit In no casecan Line of Sight be drawn 0r Mnge measured
Nestshaue a single Firing Slit uith a L9}-degree Jrom protrudlng gun barrek, Deflade Walls or the like.
of Fire. Others lihe Tbbrub Pits, Normandy
KttK Nats, and Flak Nestsbaue an all-round Firing
Some bunkers are built to house coastal-defence artil-
SIit ging them an all.-round Field of Fire (ahere not
ited by a Deflade \X/all\. This is noted in the Nest's lery or rocketJauncher batteries, and are designed to

uhereapplicable allow the weapons in them to fire bombardme nrs.

haue one or more Firing Slits as shown on the Bunkers ablr tofre an Artillery Bombardment haue a Sleill

giuing them a I 81-degree Field of Fire fom each mting of Trdined when fring Artillerl Bombardments.

Firing Slit.
Tsrretshauean all-round Field ofFire
Hits close to a nest will force the
Bunkers are almost invulnerable to the fire of most
weapons. The best that most troops can do is to suppress to duck, reducing rheir rte of fire
g o o d ' q u a r e h i r u i l l k i l l r h e c r e w .d e s L r o y -
one allowing their assault groups to get close enough to
ing the bunker
knock it out. Even this is difficult as bunkers are well
camouflaged and hard to hit. Even then, only hits near ( a zueapon hits a NesL roll a FirEower Test
the firing slit have any effect. . A sucressful Firepouer Tst will Pin Down the Nest
A tean nust ba able to draw a Line ofSight to and be . Otherwise the Nest is unharmed.
uithin 16"/40 cm of the Firing Slit of a Nest or Pillbox, If a weapon Pins Doun a Nest, imnediately roll a
or ary) part of.t Turret to be able to shoot dt it. Fircpower I-e,r.
. If the second Firepouer Te* is successful, the Nest
D$r rny(d.
A b u n k c r \ f i r i n g s l i t i ' a ' m : l l r a r g e rr e q u i r i n g p r e c i s e
shooting. Firing fiom the halt is usually much more ef- . A failed second Firepower Test leas the Nest Pin
lctive than firing on the move for such a diiicult shot. Doun, but otherwise orhar*"d.

Teamssbooting at Bunhers roll the same number of tlice as

thel would in shooting dt dryt lther tdrget (seepage 91).
Better built ancl designed rhan nests, pillboxes are in

S C O R T O H I T vulnerable to normal weapons, but the crew an still

forced to take cover by accurate fire at the firing slits.
Shooting at a bunker is quite different.[rom shooting at
a tank. The target is small and precise, but isnt moving Ifa weapon hits a Pillbox, roll a Firepower 7)st.
about or trying to hide. -What's needed is skilful and . A successfulFirepower Test uill Pin Down the
accurate shooring. . Afailecl Firepouer Test lraues the Pillbox unharmerJ.
Unlibe norma/ shooting, tedrrs ro/l a Shill Test to hit a
Bunker. The Skill Testis not motlifed in an1 way. KNOCKINCOUT TURRETS ],:
Tank turrets do not hare firing slits- The only way tq
NO SPECIAL RULES put them out ofaction is to penearate their armour. -.ll
Shooting at bunkers is quite different from engagingother
If a weapon hits a Tilret, the ouning playr must tai
rypes of targets. It requires precision shooting, making an Armoured Whicle Sdue (seepage 97) and the
tricks like stabilisers and vollev firing unhelpful.
pld!(r a Firepltuer Tlst as :if it was dn Armoured uehicli:
Tedms cannot use special rules libe Stabilisers or Vollel As t Titrret hds no hul/, ahether shats hit the Front
t;ire uhen shooting at Bunkers, unles speciJica/17stated Side Armour is determined salelj, b1 the turretfacing.
in their rules.
.:ts,1: Ir

st6+r ra lHe FtRtN3u7s aF
.i, ,. '-


thev scaReA HlT.

Sone guns arc so big that thev can smash throtLgh the
s'alls of ir brnkcr or fip I turrct fron its mounting. One
hit from thcse bunker busters:rntl itt all over.
Any hh bt, a uetpon 1ak/ ds n Runber Buster rtutuntttti
ca//y Destroys an.y tJPe 01 Builker tritltaut FirtTou,tr
Tex baing ncaded.


Bunkers:rre irnmune to :rrtillerv and air attacks because
the chancesofa dirccr hit are so srnall, :rnd nothirs less
v'ill hurt them.
Artil/ery' Bombardnknts dtld Ai Sttpport Lrtnnot ltnrltl
a Bunhcr at a//. Burtktrs urnal bc v:tl n tl,t Airttin!
Point .for an Artil/er.l, Banbtrdruut .)r Tlt( Tni,< ttt)l

for Air Support.

A3 v\/in,]ANyBUNKER,

-,4 ALLOTHZR Src1S t1

... . I|E 'ID AR,r''CR.



g.-- ::*..: s


Becausebrnkers are almost immune to shooring, the B u t t k r r sh a r < o p c n l i r i n g . l i r s [ o r r h e i r

besrway to destrol. a bunker is to assaultit s'ith demoli- weapons, allowing a skilful soldier ro

tion charges.Once the assaultream reachesthe bunker, post a demolition charge, finishing offthe

its destruction is almost certain. bunker. Tirrrer bunkers:rre rrickier silce the
weapons and view slits are protected by armoured
BunhersJight it an asvu/t itt the same ua1 as Gun tedms
witb the Jollowing changes.
Wlteu a Nest or Pillbox is hit in an asault it is automati-
D E F E N S I V EF I R E ca//1 De'rro1td.
Bunkers are usually l:rid orLt in a mutually supporting When a firrret is hit in an Asauh, the owning player
network. \ffith each bunker covering the others, they rolls dn Armourec{ Whide Saue (seepage 97) treating the
are difficult to assault unless all are pinned down at the Bunker as hauing a Arntour rating of 1. If thel
same time. the saue, the Turret ruill be Bai/ed Out or Destroyd as
Bunkers conduct Deferuiue Fira as normtl. whtru it was an Arrnoured uehic/e.
uithin 8"/20cm of an Assaulting team (seepdge 152).
In addition, when one Bunker h dsaulted, euerl other TANKSASSAUITING
Bunher within 16"/40crL can conduct Defensiue Fire Bunkers are simply too srrongly built for a tank ro have

dgdinlt dn! Astdulting tedms uithin any impact on rhem in m assault.

I 6"/10cm of it.
Hix from Tank teams cannot be allocated to Bunkers in
Once your troops reach the bunker thev piace an explo,
sive charge on rhe gun slit to 6nish it off. BUNKERs
All tedms h contact with a Nest utith an a/l-round Field There is nowhere safer than behind the concrere walls
oJ Fire or d Turret cdn Roll to Hit, but on/1 taatns iru o f r b r r n k e r *. o r h c c r e r r r e n d r o g h Lu n r J f h e r r h d n
contdct with n Slit ofPillboxes or other Nests,and rrrrning

only one par Firing Slit, can Roll to Hit. Any hits from 4 Buttkt, ruill nlway, pass rhs Moriuarion Tsr ro
temJ attemptiilg to hit a Bttnher must be a//ocated to the Counteftlttack (seepage 162), ercn if the rex of the
Bunber, Pioneer tenns cl1n rrro// failed Skill Tst: to hb Defending p ldtoons Break Ofr
a Bunber in an dssaub.

troops in a bunkef will not sit passively by rvhile the
nemy attempts to blow thern up.
Corntrrottoching, a Bunber rol/s one ie
!. On a scoreof 4 +, lt hits an enemy team within 2 "/5cm
. of and in the Field of Fire of its Firing SIit or Tilnet.
: On an! other roll, the enemy is un/