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BASTIEN PIANO Basics TECHNIC LEVEL 1 BY JAMES BASTIEN n an ton Contents "i tang Pang Mean Mg, sense Sa ' ; ee ne : Hebel ane aa ' 3 aw ed Pedaling Along ‘pedal a 4 2 2 ean warn BS 3 Misa x BOR Rw Sn an ‘ =» # wo ® arpeggios, hand crossing dent To reinforce the feeling of achievement, the teacher or student may put a when the page has been mastered. ISBN 0-8497 C Major Position 1 Practice Directions Each exercise may be played hands separately at frst. Play evenly with curved fingers. Tegato, Play slowly at first; play faster when 3 4. 5. Use different dynamics; play loud (f or soft (p) Use these same practice directions for the rest of the book. iF * iF *Continue this pattern up the keyboard on the white keys, WP2I6 Lise with page Gof Pano, Level Skipping Stones © *Continue this pattern up the keyboard on the white keys. *Mudskippers are fish that can breathe in and out of water se with page 7 of hao, Lael. W216