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Ladies and gentlemen please settle down as the ceremony will begin shortly.

* wait till everyone has settled down

Announcing the arrival of the honourable En. Ismajamshir,

____________________ the Head of English Department Officer, Pejabat
Pendidikan Daerah Selatan, to the Launching of Highly Immersive
Programme (HIP).

A very good afternoon and a very warm welcome to the distinguish guests,
ladies and gentlemen to the Launching of Highly Immersive Programme or
as known as HIP.

To begin our programme today, let us sing our National Anthem, NegaraKu
and the state song, Negeri Kita.

Please rise to honour the National Anthem.


****Negeri Kita*****

All guests may be seated..thank you

We would like to once again welcome Encik Ismajamshir ______________, the

Head of English Officer in PPD Selatan, YDP PIBG, Encik Teoh Seang Hooi,
distinguish guests, principal, teachers, and beloved friends.


Next, I would like to call upon Ustaz Muhammad Ghazali bin Taib to lead the


Thank you Ustaz Muhammad Ghazali for the doa.

Distinguish guests, ladies and gentlemen,

For your information HIP is a programme introduced by the Ministry of Education

with the aim of improving English proficiency among students by providing
increased exposure to English.

Hence, it is hoped that there will be more activities conducted in English around the

So, the teachers here in this school together with PPD are very commited to provide
a suitable environment so that the programme would stand a chance of succeeding.

To enliven our day, we are going to watch an incredible performance.

Now let us enjoy a poem recitation by the talented 1 Alfa students.

*****Poem Recitation*****

What a beautiful performance.

Thank you to Navinah, Hedwig Paul and Valermathy.

Now, I would like to invite Pn. Hjh. Aini binti Mohamad Yacob, the Principal of
SMK Methodist to deliver her speech. Please welcome.

*****Speech from the Principal*****

Thank you Puan Hjh. Aini for the speech.

Next, I would like to invite Mr. Teoh Seang Hooi, the YDP PIBG of SMK Methodist
to give a few words.

*****Speech from the YDP PIBG*****

Thank you Mr. Teoh Seang Hooi for the speech.

We have now come to the main event. Without further ado, I would like to call upon
Encik Ismajamshir to deliver his speech and officiate this caremony. Please welcome.

****Speech from Encik Ismajamshir****

Thank you to Encik Ismajamshir for the speech.

Once again I would like to invite Encik Ismajamshir accompanied by the Principal,
Puan Hjh. Aini to launch the Highly Immersive Programme of Sekolah Menengah
Kebangsaan Methodist, Nibong Tebal.

With that, we are nearing to the end of our programme today.

It is our great pleasure to invite once again Encik Ismajamshir, the PPD officer to
receive a token of appreciation from the Principal, Puan Hjh. Aini binti Mohamad

Ladies and gentleman,

This concludes the launching of Highly Immersive Programme of SMK Methodist.

Thank you for attending and we look forward to seeing you again anytime soon.

Before we end, I would like to invite all the honourable guests and all PIBG
committee members to be on the stage for a photography session.

Thank you.